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Turkina Keshik Wave 5 Clan Invasion
« on: 26 October 2022, 01:42:08 »
Turkina Keshik Year of Peace and Wave 5:

Following the death of the Ilkhan, the invasion of the inner sphere takes a one year hiatus.  Steel Viper forces take this opportunity to begin several trial against the Jade Falcons due to long standing animosity and rivalry between clans.  The new ilKhan Ulric Kerensky further fans this grudge by ordering the Vipers and the Falcons to partner in the renewed invasion.  Both sides exhausted themselves in trials to invade and control worlds in the invasion cooridor, weakening the Falcons so much that they didnt recover their strength spent on these trials until Tukyyiad began.  The Falcons only had the strength to claim 2 additional worlds after the year of peace during wave 5 as a result.

During this track, banked honor can be spent freely due to the lengthy duration the year of peace takes.

Track 1:  The Trial of Peace.  Steel vipers began their first trial over the genetic legacy of the very Khan of Jade Falcon himself.  Khan Elias Crichell showed that despite his advanced age he was still an apt tactician, as he leads an orbital drop with Keshik forces almost on top of Viper positions that were assaulting the Jade Falcon landing zone, intending to beat the numerically superior Vipers by trapping them between the Keshik and Omega galaxy.

Track cost: 0
Option: Fight with strict honor (+1 honor point)
Option Warden: Preliminary smoke barrage (-1 honor).  Place a 7 hex heavy smoke area anywhere on the battlefield to aid the combat drop.
Option Crusader: Preliminary challenges (-1 honor).  Declare your challenge target before turn 1 starts.  If multiple players choose this option, roll to determine who declares the first challenge.
Map: outskirts of landing zone.  The Falcon forces must deploy via combat drop.  The Viper forces begin deployed on the map.
Objectives: Defeat the 3rd Rattler Heavy Mech star.  +1 Honor.  Earn 1 honor per 50 tons of mechs killed if holding the field (up from 100 tons per normal).
Forces: 1/ 2 Thor C, 2/ 3 BattleCobra B, 1/ 3 Crossbow B, 1/ 2 Loki Prime, 1/ 2 Timberwolf Prime (22,114 BV).  The Khan underbid, intending to shame the Vipers.  The enemy has 120% the players BV, so should outnumber the players slightly--adjust skills to match 120% of the players BV.  The clan forces will abide by honor duel rules as long as all combatants are honorable.  They will all break honor as soon as 1 player breaks honor.  The clan Viper forces have no special abilities/tactics or unit abilities.

Track 2: Political maneuvering.  With the return back to the homeworlds and lull in the invasion, warriors have an opportunity to issue personal challenges for rank, technicians, or possessions that had to be put on hold during the invasion.  Each player has several options for trials.

Rank: Players may take a new trial of position.  This allows them to earn a new rank, which in turn grants much honor to those that rank highly.  Since a trial of position is a formal trial, players area provided a free heavy omnimech for this trial that does not cost points to buy or maintain.
Trials of position involve a pair of warriors facing off against 3 enemies each.  Each enemy destroyed increases your rank, starting with a medium omnimech of regular quality, a veteran heavy omnimech, and elite assault omnimech.  A player can earn a higher rank by engaging the other trialmates targets, initiating a grand melee in which all clan mechs are active and free to target either trial mech.  By defeating 4 or more mechs in this way a legendary rank can be achieved.

Technicians: Players may make a trial over technicans and scientists within the clan.  While not worth honor per say, winning the right to a specialist team allows a warrior to create a custom omnimech configuration instead of the tried and tested standard omniconfigs.  A player may only have a single custom omniconfig.

Possession: Players may make a trial to acquire and use unique mechs not normally available to the Turkina Keshik.  This allows a player to use a mech only found in a different faction for example, or to use a second line mech in the frontline Turkina Keshik.  If a player wanted to use a Kodiak, this is the trial required.

Track cost: 2
Option: Fight with strict honor (+1 honor point)
Option Warden:  Careful planning.  (-1 honor).  The player knows the enemy opposition before selecting mech and variant for the trial, though the player's weight class is still fixed.
Option Crusader:  Unrelenting violence (+1 honor).  The player and all enemies start with +1 pilot hit due to unaugmented trials pre match or prior combats, such as the infantry stage of a trial of position.
Map: Circle of Equals or equivalent
Objectives: Defeat the enemy forces as generated by the trial.  +4 honor per new rank earned.  Honor for holding the field, 1 point per 50 tons defeated.
Forces:  Trial of position forces include a regular medium, veteran heavy, and elite assault clan mech.  Trial of technicians requires beating a warrior with a custom omni configuration chosen by the GM using a mech at least as heavy as the player design.
Trial of possession requires defeating a mech of an equal heavier weight class than the one bid, which the player loses if they lose the fight--they can not repair it.

Note:  In the interest of speed for group play, multiple trials will be played at once.  Trials of position, for example, are normally done 2 at a time on the same map in the lore.

Track 3++: Bloodname Tournament.
Track cost: 2
Option: Fight with strict honor (+1 honor point)
Option Warden: Sibkin bond.  +1 personal honor each time you play as opfor (as one of the players Sibkin) against another player and win.
Option Crusader:  Independant Allegiance: +1 honor for defeating another player character with your own player character in the tournament.
Map: 2 mapsheets or 1 neoprene, chosen by defender.
Objectives: Progress as far down the bloodname tournament as possible.  Honor for holding the field after a match, 1 point per 50 tons defeated.
Forces: 32 seeded participants, though only the matches involving players will matter.  Players may be tasked to face other players, or to play opfor as needed.  Each match is a 1v1 duel.  Contestants will roll off.  The winner declares the challenge and sets the weight class limit as the attacker.  The loser picks the location (maps) of the battle.
The winner of the tournament gains the honor of becoming one of the bloodnamed members of the Clan.