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Double-Blind and C3 Spotting
« on: 09 November 2022, 19:00:50 »
Total Warfare p. 131 & Battlemech Manual pg 110, say that a C3 spotter does not need to have Line of Sight in order to provide the Range Modifier improvement.

The rules for Double-Blind in Tactical Operations: Advanced Rules (pg 188-192) have rules for a unit being able to "spot" or "see" the other units, however it doesn't seem to make any consideration in how this affects C3 spotting from outside Line of Sight. 

I could be wrong on this, as I'm mostly skimming the material trying to find where it might be, but how is this be processed?

Is it:
A) Once a unit is "spotted" its location is known to all other units and proceed as normal according to Total Warfare rules.


B) In order to provide "C3 spotting", the spotting unit must be able to "spot" the unit either visually or via sensors in order to provide the Range Modifier bonus of C3.
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