Author Topic: Strategic Battleforce (SBF) urban damage absorption error  (Read 804 times)


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Found a potential issue in the Strategic Battleforce rules, wanted to double-check here.

In the PDF of the third corrected printing of IOps: Battleforce, page 216, under "Attacking Formations in an Urban Hex", this passage seems to be in error or left over from some earlier version of the rules:
Damage is likewise reduced when in an urban hex. Whether the attack comes from another Formation in the same hex or from an artillery or aerospace attack, damage is reduced by the value listed in the Damage Absorption columns of the Strategic BattleForce Urban Table. For example, a Unit in a Light urban hex would take full damage while an Infantry Unit in a Hardened hex would reduce damage by 4.
The damage absorption values mentioned don't line up with those in the table on the previous page, and they don't seem compatible with the rules in the immediately following section, "Attacking Units Inside Buildings". The latter suggests that damage absorption only happens if units are inside the buildings; if this isn't the case, and damage is absorbed for any unit in an urban hex, entering buildings is purely a disadvantage, as the damage absorption is the same but you're attacked as if you're immobile.

Is this a simple matter of the quoted section needing to be deleted, or is there more to it?