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Author Topic: H:RW Rules Question  (Read 774 times)


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H:RW Rules Question
« on: 21 July 2011, 16:22:41 »
In the rules section of the RW book it talks about the periphery states acquiring access to advanced TH/SLDF tech.  What I was wondering was did this also apply to naval technology.  We know that during Case Amber the TC fought against Vincents, Barons and Congress class ships- the Vincent and Congress carried Ferro-Carbide armor and the Baron had improved Ferro-Aluminum. I am assuming the Concordat either captured some of these ships or would have been able to salvage samples from the wreckage in the Tentativa system- does the TC get access to these technologies- if so when- does this follow the dates for Ferro-Fibrous armor that is given in the book?

Also did the TC manage to acquire any other SLDF Naval technologies during the war- such as Naval Gauss Rifles or Lithium-Fusion Batteries?