Author Topic: Certain Bloodhouse founders  (Read 716 times)


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Certain Bloodhouse founders
« on: 21 January 2024, 08:35:55 »

When Alexandr Kerensky and the bulk of the SLDF left the Inner Sphere there were some members of the Eridani Light Horse  with their families among them (source: short story Conflicts of Interests mentionend 15 MechWarriors and their dependants).

My question is, was at least one of them or one of their descendants a Founder of the Clans`bloodhouse, when Nicholas Kerensky created them?

Same question for the Northwind Highlanders (there quite a number of people of Scottish heritages among the Founders).
In FM: Crusader Clan there is nice info that Star Adder Star Colonel McLeod Connery of the 73rd Adder Cavaliers Cluster is looking forward to prove his and his Clusters mettle against the Highlanders. This Cluster is especially proud of its Scottish heritage (unusual for a Clan unit).
Could it be he is of Northwind Highlander stock?

Thank you fór your answers in advance.
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