Author Topic: Blood Spirit/Snow Raven Mechs-For-WarShips Deal  (Read 391 times)


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Blood Spirit/Snow Raven Mechs-For-WarShips Deal
« on: 09 February 2024, 15:04:04 »
I’d like to get some clarification on something if I could.

FM:CC first outlined the deal made between Clans Blood Spirit and Snow Raven, where the Spirits would trade some of their WarShips to the Ravens for some of the Ravens’ second-line Mechs. FM:WC states the terms of that deal more specifically: the Ravens traded a Galaxy’s worth of ‘Mechs for three of the Spirits’ WarShips.

The Spirit entry claims in one place that Omicron Galaxy was formed from the final shipment in 3010, but I think that was intended to state Omega Galaxy, as Omicron was formed over a century prior according to its fluff, and Omega’s fluff confirms its origin and date of formation.

To clarify, are the terms in FM:WC correct? Because some of the text in the history section of the Spirits seems to vaguely imply more than just a single Galaxy, but every specific entry I can find says that it was just a single Galaxy’s worth, which became Omega Galaxy.
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