Author Topic: Have the Clans and Inner Sphere standardised their ammo?  (Read 3956 times)


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Or given the 90+years of coexistence and the long term presence of clan tech weaponry/mechs in Inner Sphere orders of battle, has any Inner Sphere manufacturers started to make ammunition that will fit in Clan weaponry?

I have a bit of an interest in the way Clan Tech is being integrated into the Inner Sphere as domestic production ramps up, direct sales from the likes of the Sea Foxes becomes practical and good old fashioned raiding/battlefield salvage becomes more common in the IlClan era. But, weaponry is no good without ammunition and to my mind that is a major stumbling block to buying clan missile and ballistic weaponry, particularly for a mercenary.

It does seems like it should vary from weapon to weapon, but it seems reasonable that an Inner Sphere and Clan SRM would be identical in all but calibre and the same should be broadly be true Gauss Rifle ammo. Steak SRMs and Autocannon rounds might be different, but surely someone has figured this out after so long?