Author Topic: Drone BV, and weather they are worth while  (Read 239 times)


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Drone BV, and weather they are worth while
« on: 08 April 2024, 23:20:23 »
Relevant pages Tactical_Operations_Advanced_Units_and_Equipment_6thP : p 117/118 drone rules, p193 drone os bv discounts, p 198 drone skill bv calculations

hello, I am currently confused on the bv calculations for drone units and their usefulness

here is the bv calculations as I currently understand it

1. all weapons on a drone are costed .8 bv
2. drones receive a .95 cost overall
3. drone skills are determined by their controller. they pay for the bv as that skill level but when in game they add a +1 to both

if my above calculations are correct then for a effective 4/5 skill mech you pay the same as a 3/4 1.32 bv, you must pay for a controller witch is a minimum 92 bv (3/4 hi-scout drone carrier 458 bv /5 drones) and get a .8 on weapons and .95 bv at the end (since most drones bring a small cockpit witch is the same as the drone discount and does not stack it can easily be ignored)

overall coming out to Much more bv than a standard piloted mech while being substantially worse needing to worry about ecm and the controller being destroyed

so my questions are thus

A. am I correct about drones bv?
      B. if so is there something I am missing or are drones always a waste and cannot be used when bv is the balancing factor

thanks for the help