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Author Topic: Questions regarding the Perseus  (Read 901 times)


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Questions regarding the Perseus
« on: 30 July 2011, 03:11:35 »

I've got a general question relating to production of the Perseus. I definitely am not after production numbers or hard data, I'm interested in opinion on the following.

Firstly, the Perseus is often described as the "omni-Orion", and also as a "mainstay" in FWL units. Obviously in the 3067+ era (up until that unpleasantness) it was being produced in some strength. My question is, do you think the original Orion would have continued to be produced in strength, including the newer varients, once the Perseus entered full production? Or would Orion production have tended to be run down? While TRO 3050 (Upgraded) indicates a renaissance in Orion production in the 3050s, it doesn't give any real perspective from its in-game 3071 viewpoint. Like I said, I'm just looking for indicative statements here.

Secondly, and I know these are probably reaching, but looking at the Perseus Prime and subsequent configs, the LRMs are mounted in the left arm - somewhat counterintuitive compared to the placement in the art & mini, but then again consider the Crusader ... Anyway, with that, the Perseus makes an excellent Battle Armour taxi, able to use virtually all its weapons while carrying passengers.

a) Any idea whether that was intentional?

b) Are Perseuses, and fellow FWL omni designs such as the Firestarter-O, likely to be the primary BA taxis, or are vehicles more common for this purpose?

Many thanks,

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