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Author Topic: BEST general purpose I.S. Battle Armor around the FedCom Civil war era?  (Read 1595 times)


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On the contrary, the Longinus has extra firepower. Yes, you're limited to moving one MP unless you fire or eject it, but you do have an option for extra firepower with the suit. If you cannot make use of it, you still got a suit that is equivalent to other general purpose combat suits (no LRR but David Gauss has a bit more range so it sorta balances out), if you can make use of the SRM, you have a superior suit.
Other GP suits do not have this option, and thus aren't quite as good.

Fa Shih is a good suit but at 7 armor it is vulnerable to the quite common large laser which is a mark against it as a general purpose combat suit. Not a major issue (could be worse, like the Fenris), but it is there. (Also under standard rules mines are out of question so this reduces the value of Fa Shih, but admittedly this isn't really a fault of the suit.)

EDIT Personally i don't regard "GP" here as meaning solo combatant but just denoting a suit that isn't really specialized. Naturally BA work in conjunction with other units.
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I consider the Infiltrator MK II general purpose.  It doesn't have the firepower of the Longinus or the armor.  But it has stealth armor and if you aren't hit all that often, that pays for itself.  The Magshot reaches out to 9 hexes at all times.

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Its why I said IS Std or clone w/o transport, Longinus w/ transport . . .

Its also why I wish we had a Longinus that duplicated the Asura- give it some RLs which can reach farther.
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I would go Longinus as the best as well for Inner Sphere suits around that time's a better Inner Sphere Standard, as it has the same armor, mobility (once the SRM pack is fired and dropped), and mounts an AP weapon in the LA...

Personally though, as the small laser is the only 200 kg weapon I can think of that takes up only 1 slot, I'd have personally done some things different with the design...

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