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Author Topic: Battletech Release Schedule (Updated on 10/11/2015)  (Read 25818 times)


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Battletech Release Schedule (Updated on 10/11/2015)
« on: 18 July 2011, 19:21:59 »
BattleTech Release Dates for Distribution

Please view the Coming Soon Folder under the Battletech Category in the Web Store for online Release Dates.

For the first few weeks of being a new release on the web store, the new releases will be in this category New Releases.

NOTE: Web Only Releases will vary when they get released depending on how busy the mold room is.

In 2015 there will be four Distribution Releases, one each quarter of 5 total Mechs. Four from 3145 ERA and one Non-3145 release.

December 2014
Distribution ReleasesAvailable on IWM online Store
20-5107Malice MAL-XTTRO 3145100 Tons$16.95
20-5108King Crab KGC-009TRO 3145100 Tons$16.95
20-5109Shockwave SKW-2FTRO 308550 Tons$12.50
20-5110 Carronade CRN-7MTRO 314570 Tons$13.95

1st Quarter 2015

Distribution Releases
20-5111Night Stalker NSR-K3TRO 314540 Tons$11.50
20-5112Agrotera AGT-1ATRO 314550 Tons$12.50
20-5114Zeus-X ZEU-X4 TRO 314580 Tons$14.95
20-5115Ostwar OWR-3M / 2MTRO 308565 Tons$13.50
Web Only Releases
BT-302Gürteltier MBT (Standard)TRO 3085100 Tons$11.95Available on IWM online Store

2nd Quarter 2015

Distribution ReleasesAvailable on IWM online Store
20-5113Havoc HVC-P6TRO 314535 Tons$10.50
20-5116Stalker II STK-9ATRO 314585 Tons$15.50
20-5117Kodiak II (Standard)TRO 3145100 Tons$16.95
20-5118Tomahawk II PrimeTRO 3145100 Tons$16.95
20-5119Cave Lion (Standard)Era Digest: Dark Age75 Tons$14.50
Web Only ReleasesAvailable on IWM online Store
BT-305Thor II PrimeTRO 314570 Tons$13.95

3rd Quarter 2015

Distribution Releases
20-5120Cataphract CTF-0XXTRO Succession Wars 170 Tons$14.25
20-5127Flashman FLS-8K ResculptTRO 3050U75 Tons$14.50
20-5128Highlander HGN-732 ResculptTRO 3050U90 Tons$16.25

4th Quarter 2015

Distribution Releases
20-5121Lu Wei Bing LN-4BTRO 314585 Tons$15.50
20-5122Tenshi TN-10-O PrimeTRO 314595 Tons$16.50
20-5123Wendigo PrimeTRO 314550 Tons$12.50
20-5124Quasimodo QSM-3DTRO 314555 Tons$12.95

1st Quarter 2016

Distribution Releases
20-5125Thunder Fox TFT-A9TRO 308555 Tons
20-5126Gùn GN-2O PrimeTRO 314520 Tons
20-5129Calliope CAL-1MAFTRO 314540 Tons
20-5130Kheper KHP-7RTRO 314555 Tons
*Note: Will be Archiving the original sculpts of the Flashman and Highlander from Distribution.
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