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Author Topic: Bulk vehicles deals?  (Read 1320 times)


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Bulk vehicles deals?
« on: 29 March 2012, 11:48:40 »
In the game universe, vehicles are still produced widely, are affordable, and deployed in homogeneous formations.  When I finish school this summer and start working, expanding my vehicle force is something I've been considering.  As a result, I was wondering if maybe some sort of deal would be possible off the IWM website -- maybe something to get vehicles as miniatures more turnover -- and similar to the 'mech deals.

What I was thinking was that for orders of vehicles that come two to a blister, they could be offered as companies with a choice of up to three types.  Three types of vehicles, each as a lance, offered as a company.

I don't know how realistic that is for IWM to achieve or even how big of a discount could be offered.  I'm going to buy a few companies worth of vehicles over time regardless, but I just thought I'd punt that as maybe a way to move more metal.