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Author Topic: GC '22 Stuff?  (Read 564 times)


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GC '22 Stuff?
« on: 11 July 2022, 18:34:21 »
Hey Speck, any idea when we'll hear about what IWM has planned for Gen Con?   ???  We're down to 24 days out, and I've seen you mention "Lance Pack" (which is The Usual), but that's all.   :-\

Time to get the Hype Train rolling!  :excited:

To me, Repros are 100% Wrong, and there's NO  room for me to give ground on this subject. I'm not just an Immovable Object on this, I'm THE Immovable Object. 3D Prints are just 3D Repros.

Something to bear in Mind. Defending the BT IP is Frowned upon here.

Remember: Humor is NOT Tolerated here. Have a Nice Day!

Hey! Can't a guy get any Privacy around here!