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Author Topic: Optimizing the Clan Invasion KS designs for variant configs/metal releases..  (Read 1377 times)


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Greetings MechWarriors,

With CGL having mentioned that the KS designs will be shared with IWM (no specific timeline at this point) and Speck pointing out
the rising cost of both development (design/moulding) and materials (pewter) for metal minis, I've been thinking about how the new designs could be optimized for variant configurations/metal releases.

Please note that these are my personal thoughts/observations. I'm not claiming any foreknowledge/insight in the future release schedule/design process of either CGL or IWM. Just my proverbial 5 cents..

I'll start with the Stormcrow, since we'll get the B / TC variant in the near future.

The new design sports a couple of flat, demi-hexagonal areas behind the canopy :

IMHO, these would allow for small cover plates to be added to represent various side torso weapon loadouts.
Examples : SRM6 for A-config, MPL for C-config, 2SRM2/NARC for D-config, 2ERSL for E-config, etc.

Looking at arm loadouts, the A- and D-configurations could share a single RA design/cast (LRM20).
D-config LA (LRM20) would be a flip/mirror of RA.
A-config LA (4MPL) could be obtained by mirroring/flipping TC-config RA design.
(note : no CAD experience, so not 100% sure that this is feasible)

4 side torso cover plates (2x SRM6, 1x NARC, 1x 2SRM2) and 3 arms (LA-LRM20, RA-LRM20 and LA-4MPL) would allow for either
A- or D-config to be built.

All feedback/constructive criticism is appreciated.

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The Man 'o War/Gargoyle :

The new design has the center torso small laser situated between two armor ridges.

By keeping the SL as a separate insert, alternate inserts could be used to represent other configurations.

Examples : plain insert for B-config, insert with ERSL/MPL for D-config.

Arm loadouts for the these configurations would require 4 designs/casts (one of which is a mirror/flip).
B-config RA : Gauss Rifle.
B-config LA : LRM10/SRM4.
D-config RA/LA : ERLL/MPL.

2 center torso inserts and 4 arms would allow for either B- or D-configuration to be built.

EDIT : the new GDL ForcePack appears to have a Gargoyle C in it. If this cast were to be shared with IWM,
it would allow for torso-sharing with B-config.

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The Arctic Cheetah / Hankyu :

The new design has the RT flamer situated in a protruding housing.

By keeping these housings as separate parts, a flip/mirror version of the LT housing (no visible weapon) could be made.

A- and B-configurations would then only require new arms.

Between these two loadouts, the A-config would require the least sculpting :
(shoulder pods with 6 missile ports, different barrel/nozzle on lower arm weapon casings)

B-config would require a little more redesign :
RA : LB2XAC/FL (no actuator)
("plain" shoulder pods, additional weapon casing on LA, redesigned lower RA).

3 side torso housings (1 LT, 2 RT) and 4 arms would allow for either A- or B-configurations to be built.

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The Blackhawk / Nova :

Easiest configurations would be the ones that only have arm-mounted weapons.

Of these, the E-, F- and H-configs would require the least sculpting/redesign :
E (RA : ATM12) and F (RA : HAG20) could share LA (3ERML) cast.
H (RA : 5HML, LA : 5HML) would require a mirror/flip cast for the 2nd arm.

The new design also has distinct side torso housings. By keeping these separate,
versions for further configurations could be made.

The S-config for example (RA : 3MPL, LA : 3MPL, RT : 2MG, LT : 2 MG) would require
2 new arms (flip/mirror), 2 side torsos (flip/mirror) and a CT AMS bit (which could go
on top of the circular area of the center torso).

Note : if we were to consider that ERML and MPL are visually identical, the E- / F-config
LA cast could be re-used for S-configuration arms.

Note : keeping side torsos and pelvis separate would also simplify conversion to the
old-school version (no pelvis, legs "between" center torso and arms).
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If you're Lucky, and Mike Noe/IWM is in a Good Mood and feeling Nice, they'll release at least one variant (compared to the plastics from China/CGL), with extra arms/bits, then release the arms/bits for sale individually shortly after.  They'd be Insane to releases minis for EVERY Variant of even ONE Clan 'Mech, much less multiple Clan 'Mechs.   :o

But you're Probably on the right track, comparing how easy it is to make Y variant from X production mini.   :thumbsup:

Someone on FB recently posted something like 12 different sculpts of the Catapult, including the Plastech and plastic sculpts.  But that's been since 1984, from RP, IWM, and at least 3 different plastic sculpt manufacturers.  And in the meantime, some Mod Artists are out there, making the 10th Unique Variant of some Clan OmniMech design or other!  So you mention the Mad Cat Prime, and they have the Prime through TC Versions that THEY have Modded/sculpted together!   :o
To me, Repros are 100% Wrong, and there's NO  room for me to give ground on this subject. I'm not just an Immovable Object on this, I'm THE Immovable Object. 3D Prints are just 3D Repros.

Something to bear in Mind. Defending the BT IP is Frowned upon here.

Remember: Humor is NOT Tolerated here. Have a Nice Day!

Hey! Can't a guy get any Privacy around here!

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Take this a different way . . . the Executioner, Gargoyle, Stormcrow, and Nova shared arms before.  Can they do so again?  Maybe.

If you look closely at the Gargoyle C in the GDL lance pack it LOOKS like it uses the same arms as the Stormcrow B from the premium mini set.  Further, if they took the Garg-C/SCrow-B and dropped IIRC 1 Med Laser from the cast, and instead had it as a single addition it could count as a arm for the . . . Gargoyle G? whatever has a LB-20X and HMLs.  Or have 2 Med Lasers as options and it would also count as the arm for the Stormcrow TC.

SO . . . to run that around again with 2 casts (UAC/20 arm & Med Laser arm) you could provide for the Stormcrow B, Gargoyle C, Stormcrow K (MHL & GR), and half of the SCrow-TC (need GR), SCrow-G (need HAG) & Garg G (needs LB-20X & APGR) . . . with a bit of planning it could also be used for the Nova S & R.

Heck, a GR arm for the Garg B could be used on the SCrow-TC probably.

IF they decided to create a upper arm and various gun attachments you could cover a LOT of the Nova/Gargoyle/Stormcrow configs.  I am sure we can get a Bear to chime in with Executioner links.
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The Kit Fox / Uller :

The Prime configuration holds a ERLL/SPL in the LA. A slight redesign/different barrels could yield a LPL/MPL setup. Flipping/mirroring this cast would allow for W-config build.

If we were to consider that ERML and MPL have the same visual appearance, A- and F-configurations could share a LA
cast. Once again, slight redesign/different barrels of Prime LA could work. New RA (GR for A-config, HAG20 for F-config)
would be required.
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The Summoner / Thor :

The M-configuration would allow for Prime arms to be used. New LT SSRM6/ERSL
would be the only redesign required.

If we were to consider that SRM6 and SSRM6 have the same visual appearance,
the A- and C-configurations could share their LT missile pod.

4 new (lower, if 2-part) arms would be required (RA : LPL, LA : GR for A-config,
RA : ERLL/ERSL, LA : UAC20 for C-config).

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