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Author Topic: Thank you IWM for half of my birthday gift...  (Read 1485 times)


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Thank you IWM for half of my birthday gift...
« on: 18 August 2012, 14:56:53 »
...I was warned by some that your shipping is steep and the prices of the miniatures is high.  I disagree with those who have said this, these are high quality and the shipping is fair for the speed with which I received them.


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Re: Thank you IWM for half of my birthday gift...
« Reply #1 on: 25 August 2012, 20:26:36 »
Some years back IWM had a "Build your own lance/star" option available via phone or fax. You printed the proper form, selected your mechs and they sent the appropriate minis plus hex bases.  My dear mother (who knows zip about battletech) ordered 2 stars from those lists for a holiday gift. As the date approached Melissa (IWM's self-proclaimed Office Wench) called her at work to inform her that a few of those selections were currently unavailable, and since Mom knew nothing about the game she checked my purchase history and made suggestions for alternatives.  I liked that. Being nice to my Mom scores lots of points. When I opened the gifts I noticed that one set was missing the hex bases, but I didn't mind, I got lots of mechs!  Mom did mind enough to call though, and within a few days I received 2 blisters of hex bases (8 total) to make up for the 5 missing bases.

I really appreciate that kind of customer service and I'm happy to support a company that goes that far. 
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