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Author Topic: 2014 Tournament Write up  (Read 2575 times)


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2014 Tournament Write up
« on: 10 June 2014, 08:06:15 »
Here is how the 2014 tournament went down for me.

First off, it was probably my shabbiest show for prize support painting. I have had a bunch of poop hit a wide variety of fans, some worse than others. My fault for not getting things done previously, but the time i had set aside disappeared on me. I promise not to procrastinate like this next year. Who knew a couple of weeks would disappear like that. My apologies guys.

This was an odd format designed to get people to play different armies. There were supposed to be 4 900 point armies of different factions, 5 orders per round, 2 of which combined to make an 1800 pt situational alliance army in the last round for 7 orders.

The fan based falcon's prey upgrades pieces and previous prize mechs for the last 2 years were made available to be used as playing pieces by anyone in this tournament. If you do not know what i am talking about, you will probably not know what i am referencing on some of the builds. It's good, fan-made units with a serious attempt at keeping them balanced but desirable for play. So many years after the last release, we were hungry for more units to spice up the game. Here’s a link:

I was a little late getting to the tournament, since i had to borrow a car for the trip. I made it in enough time to play, but i got a bye for an odd number of players. Easy win, i'll take it. The battle master called that we would finish the round with the second player completing all his actions. This really threw folks for a loop as we usually finish on the order when time is called. Nothing bad, but it changed the game dynamic alot, especially when announced during the battlemaster calling time.

We had a lunch break and almost everyone went to arbys. Poor arbys. We met zombie cosplayers going out the door. I wished we had gotten there sooner, lunch with zombies would have rocked.

The 2nd round i played victor. This was the all new units battle. I had a sea fox army that consisted of:

'Raging bull' warhammer iic with rick vewas and coolant pod.

'Medic' bushwacker with ian murchinson and mechanical repair.

'guppylips' (marrow) wulfen with travis sonoma and harjel 3

2 clan sea fox long toms

Clan sea fox kite

Sea fox faction pride: 1/300 heal or deal a click of damage to a sea fox unit. It does not stack on one unit, must be used on 3 different units.

Victor played a comstar army the consisted of (to the best of my memory)

'aegis' imperator with bill smith and coolant pod i think as the gear

2 x wh mjolnirs, gs pilots recruited to comstar with decoy gears

2 comstar skadi swift vtols

1 comstar paladin defense system

Several comstar grey death scout battle armor

Comstar faction pride that grants c3i 1/450

The imperator had me scared. It has point defense and hardened armor. We started the artillery war early. I waited for his mechs to get a little heat and tried to run the wulfen down behind them. They could take a shot, but would overheat and be exposed to my warhammer without the surety of that great stacked-up point defense. He took a shot with a mjolnir that generated heat effects, and proceeded cautiously afterwards. The rest was just finessing the sea fox dials with the faction pride and playing arty. His skadi swifts got a few hits in, but my mechs were hard targets for the vtols. I won with 4 vcs, since i met my mission card of never making a firing formation. It was tighter than it sounds, and his point defense wall kept me wary of the inevitable assault. It was a good game.

The next game was against matthew. He played a rasalhague army consisting of:

'unity' gladiator with ragnar magnusson (aggresive stance for rd) can't recall gear

2 x rd padillas

1 x rd huitzipuctli

Rd srm team

Various rd infantry, can't remember them all. Thunderbirds, clan battle armor, and sylphs come to mind.

Rd faction pride- formations for +1 damage or +2 to attack per member.

I played a clan jade falcon army consisting of:

4 x falcons prey upgrades shadowhawk iics, with 2/2/0 pilots from fpu that give faction abilities, and risc overchargers

4 x cjf clan battle armor (12 move)

Cjf shamash

True grit (not free , so started 30 under on vc 2)

I played perfect day and he played a mission, can't recall which.

This game's deciding factor really came down to a rule nuance, which i very much dislike as a palyer that can sympathize. Matthew played a piece of new terrain that became abrupt elevated. He ran his mech into the middle of it. The idea was to keep my mechs from dfa-ing, which i found out when i attempted an mdfa. He was certain that the mech has to place its whole dial on the terrain to be in it. I asked the battlemaster and nearby players chimed in, and by the rulebook it was determined that the center dot was all that had to be on the terrain. I had a plan to swing around and attack his vehicle formation in case things didn't work out with letting my mechs on the terrain, so it wasn't like this was a complete all or nothing game decision. But this way was a much bigger deal. My shadowhawks took out his main mech, and the rest of the game was just shuffling about between various units. I kept my shadowhawks out doing damage and if they were in danger i pulled them back.

Matt had a good strategy. This was my strongest army of the day with perfect day backing it up imho.

The fourth round (third for me) was against rick harris.

Rick played sea fox, and i played rasalhague. I deviated from my usual strategy of running 'requiem' marauder recruited to rd with camo and gobs of infantry. I instead ran some of our newer mechs to give them a try. I remebered quickly why i hate the rd paradigm on mechs.

My army was:

'Snabbt bara' gargoyle with david omid pilot and camoflauge. Pilot ability is if 4 or more damage is dealt from a single source it gains +2 attack and +2 damage with -2 defense for one round. It was never an issue.

'stalking bear' shadowhawk iic with wilhelm white and woodlands retrofit (jj + camo) pilot grants 1 less heat on a roll like lowell steiner and an improved hand to hand ability like jasek kelswa steiner. I didn't really anticipate that the 8 move on the mech would keep that out of play so effectively.

4 x rd elementals

2 x rd vet wraith ba

2 x rd elite wraith ba

4 x rd cba (vanguard)

Cjf shamash

True grit (not free, 30 points under)

Rick played for sea fox:

'raging bull' warhammer iic with rick vewas and coolant pod (i think that was the gear)

‘mako’ Saber cat with semi kalasa and improved targeting.

Csf morrigan with common pilot, don't recall gear.

3 x csf gun nests

Csf sylph

Csf skadi

Csf nacon armored scout

Sea fox faction pride to heal or deal damage.

I played tornadoes, which got cancelled by caverns.

Rick and i brutally metagamed against each others arnies before we even started. Our mechs were effectively industrial grade ice junk.

Rick ran into my deployment zone one round before i got into his. During my turn we were tied for vc3, then he pulled ahead on his turn. This was ultimately what decided the game.

I ran forwards and back with my shadowhawk. Rick ran his units in between the 4 pieces of terrain, arranging placement so less of my infantry could base him. He destroyed my shadowhawk and i captured his morrigan. At the end he had vc 1 and 3, and i had vc 2. Good and somewhat painful game ;-) like i said, oh how we needed some mechs to have firepower.

The final round i played against kirk. My last army was never meant to take on him. It consisted of my jade falcon army and a wolf army i had not played.

Vengeance solitaire with phelan ward
Marrow wulfen with samuel wolf
Grey hunter wulfen with gwin fetladrel
 cw griffin with ava ward
Stiletto griffin with katrina steiner

All mechs equipped with c3i. By the rules, you were able to bring in a unit to sub for the true grit. I chose the cjf towed thunder launcher to help prime my wolves.

Kirk played a variation of his trademark army. It was the dragon's fury/ spirit cat situational alliance.

2 vet cnc nova cats with agg stnc pilots and hyperlsr

Kaze loki with agg stnce and hyperlaser

2 df maxim and df di schmitt drops

2 merc kelswa and wh kelswa drops

Br sprint with towed guass rifle

3 x merc snipers

Merc zhan with 3 kaze battle armor

Atv squads

Other stuff that didn't scare me as much

Merc contract cards for dragon's fury and spirit cats

Dragon's fury - spirit cat situational alliance

Kirk played a piece of abrupt elevated to give his nova cats line of sight for their hyperlasers. His mechs stayed close enough to his sniper artillery to get +4 or +6 to his attack value for the artillery. Kirk got initiative and infiltrated a drop on my mechs with the towed guass rifle. He based my unprimed wolves with an atv squad, which kept them tied up enough to get hit by 2 artillery pogs for 4 damage. Effectively neutered my ttl and a pair of mechs at the get go. I was faced with either running into the Nova cats with hyperlasers, which were going off pretty nicely, or staying back for the atillery barrage. I decided to just go for my mission card and scrap the rest, as i was just plain outbuilt. I charged my shadowhawks with overchargers and eventually got my morale blow mission. Phelan got zellbreigin to go off against a nova cat, and we agreed to call it with phelan and the solitaire on my vc 2 and the rest scrapped. Then we waited for the other matches to end.

It was a long tournament. We went from 11:30-8:30. It was a frikkin mechwarrior marathon. But i had fun, and it was good to play.

The final outcomes are as follows, along with prize support choices. We had 10 participants. Alot of local yokels had some problems come up, and apparently holding the event a little earlier in the month of june caused several scheduling conflicts with our military brethen. We'll have it a bit later in the month next time.

Bill- fellowship- wolf cauldron-borne

1) Rick- clan hell's horses bowman iic
2) Kirk- je from vegas atlas
3) Travis- je from vegas atlas
4) Bill- steiner madcat iie
5) Matt- nova cat black lanner
6) Andrew- patlabor display mech
7) John- rasalhague stone rhino
8 ) Scott- grav tank kit
9) Victor- comstar mwo atlas
10) Leon-republic lynx (paulson games, mechafront)
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Re: 2014 Tournament Write up
« Reply #1 on: 10 June 2014, 10:27:59 »
cool read! any pictures of the tournament?
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Re: 2014 Tournament Write up
« Reply #2 on: 10 June 2014, 22:09:37 »
i think that victor took some pictures on the last round. I don't have any though.


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Re: 2014 Tournament Write up
« Reply #3 on: 11 June 2014, 00:25:59 »
they can get posted thatd be pretty cool, I haven't seen any recent ones of any tournament style play for MechWarrior.
Truth is treason in an empire of lies.

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