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Title: Alexia Wolf- what ride?
Post by: Colt Ward on 21 September 2021, 12:25:06
One of the MWDA mechs that sits on my desk as a show figure is the MWDA's Stormhammer Rifleman 8D . . . one of first mechs I really liked that I pulled, the color scheme just looks great.  I have a few BT minis that I am going to try to paint up as specific people- Trenton Marik w/ a new KS Rifleman, a Hellbringer M as saKhan Marco Hall, already have a Natasha Kerensky in her Widowmaker, and I figured I would try my hand at doing the Stormhammer scheme, even if the logo does not appeal as much, b/c I just like the colors.

But it will not be Jasek in his Templar III (though I just saw AoD gives him a med mech?  we never saw him in that?), and AoD has a Stormhammers assault mechwarrior with a Hauptman and Hellstar, though it also has the Ursa, Thunderfox, and Blade.  The one Clan warrior- a 'Wolf'- pilots a Clan Omni, a Kit Fox . . .

AFAIK, Alexia Wolf's mech never gets spelled out.  Alexia Wolf was charismatic enough that when the freeborn left Arc Royal she brought another Wolf freeborn (and his mech?) and a disabled Kell Hound mechwarrior who turned tanker if no one else in the fiction.  But with what was available to the Republic in that Prefecture, from Hastati/Principes/Triarii/Standing Guard, what would the Tharkan Striker's CO & Jasek's SO run?
Title: Re: Alexia Wolf- what ride?
Post by: five_corparty on 21 September 2021, 20:44:48
man, I don't even REMEMBER her- did she die?

-smh- I have no idea on her ride, tho, but it'd be a fun easter egg to discover down the road!
Title: Re: Alexia Wolf- what ride?
Post by: Colt Ward on 21 September 2021, 21:28:55
Not that we know- Tamara Duke who piloted a Wolfhound and thought she was special did die on Skye I think.  But Alexia was there with him till the end of the MWDA boosk he appeared in.  No mention of her in Bonfire- but to be fair nothing beyond the unit name was mentioned- or in the novella of his death.

She was a freebirth, so the whole thing would not have repulsed her . . . I figure if there is a future Kelswa-Steiner, she is the source.

As a regimental commander, she can have her pick of rides- and there are some fun ones in MWDA, but the question is what?  Warhammer IIC 4, one of the flagship mechs of the game?  A Mad Cat MK II E, something appropriate for a commander?  Go to the Stormhammers (supposed) Republic roots and give her a Lament- it would look awesome in that blue & gray scheme.  Or old school Wolf- a Gargoyle to keep her in a Omni like the other Warden Wolf she brought over.
Title: Re: Alexia Wolf- what ride?
Post by: IAMCLANWOLF on 04 October 2021, 18:04:01
Funny, I was just researching this earlier today and noticed your post. I would love to know the answer as well. Seems like Blood of the Isle might have the answer?