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Author Topic: half-baked Christmas-special-themed scenario  (Read 1465 times)


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half-baked Christmas-special-themed scenario
« on: 12 December 2016, 17:09:41 »
I ran a three-way heavily specialized scenario for some friends the other night that I thought I would share. Sides are "Team Santa," "Team Grinch," and "Team Abominable." Playing field is a standard 3 x 3 map, all white, but with Drop Zone Commander buildings lining the sides and also lining the sides of a roughly 1 x 1 square in the middle. In the exact center is a large Lemax tree with lights, battery pack conveniently under one of the buildings. On the two sides of the center park area facing the deployment zones is hindering terrain (I used GF9's Winter Small Pine Woods). Team Santa was all red, of course ... in our first game, all Dragon's Fury. Their goal was to deliver presents to eight different buildings, pulling up beside them or landing on the roof and marking them with doll house scale wreaths ... and to take out Grinch units. Team Grinch, all green, all Davion, deployed on the second turn, with it's goal of taking presents that had been delivered (and killing Santas, of course). Team Abominable arrived on turn three in the form of two Nova Cat Marauder IICs, rolling to determine which map edge to come in on and also which side to attack (by rights, should have sided with the Grinches, I know, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of having a spoiler force). Starting on turn 5, Team Grinch rolled to see if they would have a change of heart ... it took a couple of turns, but they did, allying with Team Santa just in time to return the stolen presents. I changed VC3 to a pure competition to see how many units each team could muster in the center of the board around the tree ... in a circle, of course. It was a trippy game, but kind of funny to watch, especially since it worked out for the Grinch to change sides at a dramatically appropriate moment. My wife and daughter want to play it after seeing the board, so I'm going to refine a few things and run it again this weekend ...

Has anyone else tried to run a game with Christmas "elements" of some sort?