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Author Topic: MechWarrior must haves?  (Read 118 times)


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MechWarrior must haves?
« on: 23 June 2022, 01:44:26 »
So I've been getting the itch to actually play MWDA/AoD again, and as such have decided to rebuild my collection using Noble Knight or similar sites. I've decided I'm going to collect the Swordsworn(by virtue of actually still having a Swordsworn Warhammer IIC lying around) and Highlanders(by virtue of being the Highlanders). While I'm mostly going to be getting things by the criteria of "What's cheap to pick up", are there any units for those two factions that are must-haves, and worth shelling out some extra cash for?
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Re: MechWarrior must haves?
« Reply #1 on: 23 June 2022, 10:14:25 »
Here's what I consider to be the 'go to' units for each. Particularly desirable units are marked with an asterisk:

Srm team
Fenrir ba
*Sniper artillery
*Balac Strike VTOL
Romain Tesarek (Warhammer IIC)
Gray Death Battle Armor
Fulcrum Heavy Hover Tank
MHI Defense AA Tank
*Arrow IV Artillery Tank
Phoenix Hawk
Sun Cobra
Cardinal Transport
Hasek Mechanized Combat Vehicle
Paladin Defense System
*Towed Gauss Rifle
DI Multipurpose Light VTOL
*Hadur Fast Support Vehicle
Dasher II
Mars Assault Tank

M1 Marksman Tank
DI Schmitt Tank
SRM Team
Maxim Mk2 Transport
Long Tom Artillery
 Joel Nguyen (Zeus)
Malcolm McPherson (Thumper Artillery)
Crow Scout Helicopter
Eriabee Childs (Atlas)
*Regulator II Hovertank
Donar Assault Helicopter
Shun Transport VTOL
Mars Assault Tank
Behemoth II Tank
Melicien Tetro (Longbow)
Rotem Fridberg (Kodiak)
Sniper Team
Elemental Battle Armor
Paladin Defense System
*Kelswa Assault Tank
Kava Graves (Thor)
Dock Steward (Warhammer IIC)
*Towed Gauss Rifle
Hadur Fast Support Vehicle
R10 Mechanized ICV
*Battlemaster 'Caber'
*Countess Tara Campbell
Mars Assault Tank
Atlas 'Solitude'
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