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Author Topic: MWDA Units that have Battletech TRO entries  (Read 2053 times)


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MWDA Units that have Battletech TRO entries
« on: 02 February 2011, 23:15:11 »
The attached spreadsheet (Open Office format) list the units in MWDA and the corresponding TRO that has information on the unit. It is matched by name of the unit and also the sculpt. In most cases I chose the latest TRO as that will most likely have stats and art that are closer to the Dark Age version. For example the Condor Hover Tank that, while existed in previous TROs, have art that most closely match the Dark Age version in TRO 3085. Another example is the Hatchetman. TRO 3085 again has art that more closely match the sculpt in the Clix game.

I did not use the MWDA Records Sheets as a reference for a few reasons:
1. It is not a TRO.
2. With the release of TRO 3075 and 3085, some of its entries are now showing up in a proper TRO.
3. It predates the Total Warfare ruleset and may have inaccurate stats.

Thanks to for the MWDA listing and unit numbers.

I am sure that are errors or omissions, so please feel free to reply with any corrections/additions and I will update the spreadsheet accordingly. I especially need help with mapping the infantry featured in TRO 3085 to the ones in MWDA game.

Also is someone is willing to format it for display in a post, please feel free to do so.
Angeles Arcanos