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Author Topic: Cost Calculators, Dials, SEC, Templates and a few requests.....  (Read 1511 times)


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I was wondering if this stuff would benefit anyone.
I have updated a few pdfs from the MWAOD and added a few tweeks to them. I have made a MWS7 SEC and added the purple se to it. I've also made a template of the Hex map sheet so that anyone with a good pdf editor can make their own custom MW hex terrain.
I will probably be adding on to it with some custom terrain later on. I was working on a  card stock Colosseum in MWAOD scale so that will be up when it is complete.

Btw, I might be willing to make a few templates of the (MWAD and S7) terrain map sheets if anyone posts a descent pic of them for me.

Also, a list of the missing Dossiers from all the sets would be nice. I made a dossier of Yulri Wolf from the DA files. I'm missing his 'Mech's serial # and would appreciate it if someone would kindly post it.

Anyways, PM me for the link.
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