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Author Topic: UPDATED: MechWarrior Senario Handbook v2.1  (Read 427 times)


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UPDATED: MechWarrior Senario Handbook v2.1
« on: 19 December 2020, 21:35:04 »

I have made a revision to my MechWarrior Scenario Handbook.  The last version published was v1.2a approximately 10 years ago.  Shortly after that was published, all of the links that pointed at the WizKids website were broken when they temporarily shut down (and then reopened without supporting MechWarrior any longer).  This version has either removed or redirected links to make it useful again.  Plus I fixed an omission from the earlier version - adding the text for Wolf's Dragoons scenario cards (that came in the Wolf Spiders set).

I tried to upload it as an attachment, but it doesn't allow attachments over 1mb.  Copies can be found at:
  • Facebook MechWarrior Clix Players group
  • Boardgamegeek -- approval pending
  • Warrenborn -- once I can flag down the webmaster to replace the previous version