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Author Topic: Favourite For Fun Army Build  (Read 3257 times)


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Favourite For Fun Army Build
« on: 29 January 2011, 22:19:07 »
What did you like to play just for fun?  Or just to mess with other player's heads?

My all VTOL Liao army (Yasha, Hawk Moths) did surprisingly well in battle.

My fave army to field was the "as many Spirit Cat MinerMods" as I could fit into the point total.  (That piece was my signature--fielded 1 in almost every army just for the shock value.)  I have 9 of them...was never able to find a 10th to make a full binary.
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #1 on: 30 January 2011, 00:26:29 »
I used to include the Dragons Fury Elite Peasant Company in any DF army I buit. Why? Becuse of several reasons; they were in the first ever DA booster I opened, and at six points, they were an easy way to squeeze those last few points in your force.

But mainly becuse I found "elite peasants" to be innately funny.
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #2 on: 30 January 2011, 03:14:36 »
About two dozen House Kurita Scout ATVs.  It would be more, but last time I played it, it was all I had.  I think I can field 30+ now.

Add in HK Solitaires to fit the points.
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #3 on: 30 January 2011, 03:38:58 »
When my gaming group played all the time we would do bigger games because we liked to bring a bunch of the big mechs. Our usual games were 2100 to 3000.

One time it was just two of us and I brought a Jade Falcon and Nova Cat army all equipped with Alpha Strike. He was not ready for it and it worked very well, mainly because he was having a bad rolling day.

Another time I brought the House Kurita FP that allows VTOLs to ram. I had about 20 hover craft pissing people off.

One of my favorites was 3000 points of construction mechs, with duststorm. It was actually quite funny when I had all my opponents mechs surrounded, with more waiting to take their place.
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #4 on: 30 January 2011, 10:50:14 »
We also play large games consisting of 90% mech's and use our own set of rules. I have played with 6 mad cat mk IV's all different factions cause it is my 2nd favorite mech of all time. Also I stormed the field with 5 atlas's (hammerfall, headmaster, sugar rush, Bjorn, Solitude) which was a blast.
but my all time favorite was when i used my 3 Daishi's in a battle against 2 Ares and because of some lucky rolls i won that one.
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #5 on: 02 February 2011, 18:47:28 »
Some of my favorite fun armies (was awesome in competition, too) featured the Alpha Strike Blackhawk from the Spirit Cats faction.  What my opponents rarely saw coming was the dozen or so CBAs and Hoverbikes that swarmed their mechs after the Alpha Striker went on vacation with his shut down mech serving as live bait.

Once that got to be a bit predictable, AoD brought Assault Orders into the Game and the fun really got started.  Fielding nothing but light mechs that can shoot through walls from a long way off while using abilities like PPC Cap, Pulse, and TSEMP, and still be able to Jump or Run away with speeds that deny pursuit makes Clan Nova Cat and the Spirit Cats an irresistable force that never admits to defeat.

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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #6 on: 12 February 2011, 13:28:35 »
we would play a lot of 600 point games.

i would always bring shone roshak and black rose with malvina hazon for a total of 599 points.
it's pretty funny to see the look on your opponets face when you beer can his mech
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #7 on: 12 February 2011, 14:54:03 »
12 Liao Anubis with 12 sand wei pilots. gear is decoy, IT, and other random cheap things.

The green locust swarm that moved from one water pool to another.


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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #8 on: 12 February 2011, 18:26:15 »
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #9 on: 16 February 2011, 04:09:20 »
I had 2 favorite armies that were both Mech-centric and both operated under a very tightly-woven team framework.


VOLTRON (409 points + 41 points of whatever)
* Liao Shockwave - ID: CA107 - Points: 183 - Rank: Veteran
* Dragon's Fury Janina Lukic (Locust)  -ID: CA113 - Points: 109 - Rank: Unique; Veteran
* Dragon's Fury Shin Yoshida (Locust) - ID: CA139 - Points: 117 - Rank: Unique; Elite

Voltron's Features:
* Entirely constructed from the Counter Assault expansion.
* The Shockwave is the perfect "body" with point defense, ECM and decoy.
* The Locusts make great "arms" taking advantage of the combo of their evade PLUS the body's 22 defense (24 total).
* The Locusts hide the body from major attacks.
* If the Locusts enter close combat (NOT desirable), at least the "arms" can work together.
* The Locusts are super fast and can be anywhere they need to be, even if the "body" has to run.
* A Locust "arm" can do the "Shoot the Fist" maneuver by charging a target all the way across the board.


JUNKIONS (450 or 600 or 750 or 900, etc. etc.  Totally scalable)
* Bannson's Raiders Hatchetman - ID: AOD104 - Points: 133 - Class: Medium
---- GEAR: Mechanical Repair - ID: AOD-G-010 - Points 17 - Class: Medium

Features of the Junkions:
* Named after the old 80's Transformers Autobot allies made from junk.
* "It's not hard to knock 'em down.  It's getting them to STAY down that's the trick"
* "Come on and listen to me, it's time for us to join in the fight.  It's time to let your babies grow up to be cowboys, it's time to let the bedbugs bite."  -- (Wow... It's frightening that I did that completely by memory.)
* At 150 points each, you can efficiently stack them into any size of build and completely order efficient.
* They can absorb even a pretty vicious alpha strike and still be fully repaired the next turn -- demoralizing to any enemy!
* The major downfall is that the army is pretty much a one-trick pony -- a highly-mobile jack of all trades and master of none.


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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #10 on: 21 February 2011, 23:01:39 »
I've built more than a few fun armies that proved to be quite competitive on the tournament level.

Here's one from House Davion, a lance of light mechs for 600 points.

4x AN058 Havoc 104 pts. (House Davion)
4x AOD-G-001 Pulse (Light 23 pts.)
4x DOM-P-038 Graduate Certificate - Hero Training Institute (Light S:1 A:1 D:1 10 pts. Not Applicable)

4x D-013 Purifier Battle Armor 13 pts. (Swordsworn)

That's just four Havocs and four Purifiers that can do a lot of damage real fast.  Okay, I like energy weapons and these Havocs can jump 12 inches, 6+ on assault orders with 10" range, and Energy damage of 4.  The Purifiers can jump 10 inches, add formation bonus at hard to hit targets, and make a Capture Team a serious threat on their own.

So it's 600 points on the nose with a formation of infantry that can move almost as fast as the mechs and support them in a variety of ways.  This army was built for Speed and Damage value, "go slow, you die!" 

Generally, I like making battle groups that are Faction Pure or at least consistant with House Alliance.  Having a Davion Team that fights like Spirit Cats is just a fun Faction bonus.

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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #11 on: 04 March 2011, 00:38:05 »
Oh the days of bringing the CHEESE :D .......   
Nothing quite like bringing 2 DF maxims loaded with the overpowered DF DI Schmidt. (600 pts, games to assure 4 turns) add a Big baddy like Erin Johnston or Andre Crawford and round out with infantry.
(Maybe the LE with Command.) or another maxim with a tank destroyer in it.

even more amusing is bringing 6 DF Tank Destroyers (which infiltrate half way across the board)
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Re: Favourite For Fun Army Build
« Reply #12 on: 05 March 2011, 17:20:49 »
even more amusing is bringing 6 DF Tank Destroyers (which infiltrate half way across the board)

It was just exactly that kind of abuse of the infiltrate rule that forced the game designers to revise the rule and even invoke a first turn immunity for all units that occupy their initial deployment zone.

For a brief time, the only counter a player had to such an army was to place long B3 Blocking Terrain within three inches of his own deploment zone, which doesn't give you much room to maneuver.  As a side note, if player one had Charge Monkeys and Speed Freaks, and player two chose to run the deep infiltraters army, the results were often unbalanced in the other direction and it was the infiltrating units that were in trouble.

Yes, Game Balance was a serious issue back then, when first strike armies could end a game with a single attack.  I used to build armies that could win in five turns and then dared the campers and turtles to find ways to avoid the inevitable fate.

One of my favorite Spirit Cat armies was the Alpha Strike Firing Squad that proved fairly invincible using the Dark Age Base and Break rules.  It finally retired when AoD rules brought Friendly Fire and Assault Orders to the Game.

"Alpha Strike Firing Squad"  300 points Army

1x D102 Black Hawk 147 pts. (Spirit Cats)
9x D021 Clan Battle Armor 17 pts. (Spirit Cats)

Add in two Hindering, one Water and one Blocking Terrain and your favorite Planetary Condition cards (Perfect Day, Hooray for the Underdogs, Monsoon, Tornado) and that's all you need. 

Making a bigger army with more points is easy, but this is the skin-and-bones that did most of the fighting and winning.

"Spirit Cats are just pirates basically." --- Quote from Herb