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Author Topic: Wizkids Product List  (Read 5112 times)


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Wizkids Product List
« on: 21 March 2016, 21:38:22 »
Does anyone know of a detailed list of products that wiz kids released? I know the general wiki exists but I am not sure it is inclusive and it is lacking some details such as how many boosters per case in each set. What about supplemental products such as starters for new players or accessories.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Wizkids Product List
« Reply #1 on: 21 March 2016, 21:45:15 »
Here's what I've got:

Dark AgeStarter2002-08-21$19.95
Dark AgeBooster2002-08-21$9.95
Fire For EffectBooster2003-02-26$9.95sold out
Death From AboveWZK2202Booster2003-05-28$9.95sold out
Faction dicedice2003-08$4.95six sets of three dice; sold out
MechWarrior Premier EditionWZK23032003-08$39.952 Starters + 2 Uniques
Liao IncursionWZK2203Booster2003-08-20$9.95sold out
CounterassaultWZK2204Booster2004-01-07$9.99sold out
Technology of DestructionWZK2807book2004-02-11$21.95
Falcon's PreyWZK2205Booster2004-08-25$9.99
Age of DestructionWZK2101Starter2005-01-19$29.99
Age of DestructionWZK2206Booster2005-01-19$9.99
DominationWZK2304Value Pack2006-01-25$29.99
Vanguard: Call to ArmsWZK2216Tournament Kit2006-05-31n/anot for resale
Clan Jade Falcon BattleForce2006
Republic of the Sphere BattleForce2006
War College2006-07-15
Ares BattleForce2006-09-14
Wolf StrikeWZK2219Booster2006-09-27$14.99
PoseidonWZK2305Action Pack2006-11-08$24.99
Phantom WarWZK2323Battleforce2006-12-15$29.99
House DavionWZK2307Action Pack2007-05-02$29.99originally scheduled for April
Champions, Volume 1WZK2309Action Pack2007-06-13$29.99top four finishers in 2006 MW Fellowship Championship
Champions, Volume 2WZK2311Action Pack2007-07-18$29.99
Solaris VII, Light-ClassWZK2313Action Pack2007-08-08$29.99
Solaris VII, Medium-ClassWZK2315Action Pack2007-08-08$29.99
Solaris VII, Heavy-ClassWZK2317Action Pack2007-08-08$29.99
Solaris VII, Assault-ClassWZK2319Action Pack2007-08-08$29.99
Undead Action PackWZK2321Action Pack2007-10-10$24.99
Wolf's Dragoons Wolf Spiders Action PackWZK2328Action Pack2007-12-05$24.99
Wolf's Dragoons Gamma Regiment Action PackWZK2325Action Pack2007-12-05$34.99
Solaris VII 2007 GenCon Champions Pack2008 1st half
Solaris VII Campaign Action PackAction Pack2008-08
Nikol Brahepre-order MW4: Mercenaries
Collin Yukinovpre-order MechAssault
FFE Artillery Tokens
Counterassault artillery tokens
Aurora DropShip


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Re: Wizkids Product List
« Reply #2 on: 21 March 2016, 22:01:46 »
If I'm remembering correctly, it was 48 boosters per case. I probably have an empty case somewhere in storage.


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Re: Wizkids Product List
« Reply #3 on: 22 March 2016, 10:02:58 »
Looks like you're missing some other mail-ins. I know Janella Lakewood was from the novel Ghost War and the original One Eyed Jack Farrell in his Jupiter was from some magazine. I want to say Phuong Trahn and her Ursa were another mail-in or some kind of unusual acquisition method, but I can't remember or find any notes in my stuff.

If I'm remembering correctly, it was 48 boosters per case. I probably have an empty case somewhere in storage.
Yeah 48 boosters sounds correct to me.


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Re: Wizkids Product List
« Reply #4 on: 22 March 2016, 17:11:03 »
Thanks everyone. This is the kind of stuff I was looking for.


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Re: Wizkids Product List
« Reply #5 on: 08 January 2018, 20:16:50 »
I know it is some serious thread necromancy, but i wanna say thank you guys. This has helped me out a fair bit in my research for Sarna.