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Title: Mechwarrior Destiny - 3151 Tech
Post by: Talpini on 09 December 2020, 07:11:40
I'm preparing a Mechwarrior Destiny campaign set in 3151 with five mechwarriors riding in post-3025 tech. I'm wondering if anyone has converted IS mechs to the rolepaying system. Seems straightforward enough, except maybe for XL engines.

Anyone done this yet?
Title: Re: Mechwarrior Destiny - 3151 Tech
Post by: Mendou on 16 December 2020, 10:37:02
I haven't done any advanced tech yet, but I have converted the WLF-1 Wolfhound:

WLF-1 Wolfhound

Weight: Light
Tonnage: 35 t, 1 Hardware Point
Movement: 3
Heat Dissipation: 2

Tags: Easy to Maintain - Laser Boat - Good Reputation - Lyran Commonwealth - Full-Head Ejection System

Head: 3
Torso: 5
R/L Arm: 4
R/L Leg: 5

Head: 1
Torso: 4
R/L Arm: 2
R/L Leg: 3

Group                   Damage  Type    Heat    Location   Pointblank   Short   Medium  Long
Punch/Kick              1/2     ---     ---     ---        OK           ---     ---     ---
Primary: Large Laser    3       E       HH      RA         OK           OK      -2      -4
3 Medium Lasers         5       E       HH      T          OK           OK      -2      ---
Medium Laser (Rear)     2       E       H       T(R)       OK           OK      -2      ---

Everything was pretty straightforward, save for Punch/Kick damage--the formula mentioned rounding up, but the examples round to the nearest whole number instead; I followed the lead of the preexisting 'Mech stats.

As for XL Engines, I don't see how they'd change anything in the conversion process--they don't appear to affect the Clan 'Mechs in the back of the book, at least. . . .