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Author Topic: Star Wars RP recruitment  (Read 1694 times)


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Star Wars RP recruitment
« on: 30 August 2017, 17:22:25 »
for those interested, Myself, Lord_Harlock, and GBScientist  are in the process of getting a Star Wars RP game going on the Space battle's forum. since interest in non-BT games has waned a bit here, we moved it there in hopes of getting a wider audience.

but it seems fair to offer an invite here as well, since i know some of you have enjoyed the old games we ran.
the recruitment thread on spacebattles is found here.
the setting is the canon setting, set immediately after The Force Awakens. we are using legends material to fill in the gaps in the canon, and will be largely ignoring the upcoming film (at least until we have more info on it.. odds are this game will become a separate continuity)

each player gets to build a fleet, using a point buy system we've devised to reflect the setting's conditions. the play area is basically about a third of the galaxy, and we've set up a bunch of different storylines and plot hooks to start with, and you are welcome to come up with your own as well. given the large playable area and different options, the more players we can get, the better the game will become.