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Author Topic: Map Editor Single-Hex buildings  (Read 191 times)


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Map Editor Single-Hex buildings
« on: 08 September 2021, 21:32:43 »
Is there a way to place a row of identical single-hex buildings next to each other without automatically converting to a multi-hex building?

Hovering over the building tool produces instructions to:

"ALT-click to set to single-hex mode"

Attempting to Alt-click on the map itself activates the eyedropper tool - attempting to Alt-click anywhere else within the tools menu also fails to make a difference?

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Re: Map Editor Single-Hex buildings
« Reply #1 on: 09 September 2021, 05:50:34 »
You 'ALT-click' over the 'building' icon on the terrain picker (as with the other tooltip hints to e.g. change building height or type, which are also carried out over that icon) rather than the map.

Alternatively, you can manually set the building's 'Exits' value to '0', which will make it a building with no exits to other hexes ... i.e. a single-hex building.
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