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Author Topic: Here's a little visual tweak for folks who like the old "shadowed" unit look  (Read 427 times)


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Here's something I've been meaning to do for a while.  As the new awesome-looking icons for the neoclassical-looking 'Mechs have been introduced into Megamek, the older "shadowed" look of earlier units, like this...

has been replaced in many (but not all!) cases with units that lack the shadow outline, like this...

For players who miss the old look, or who would like a more uniform style where all the 'Mechs have the same shadows, I've gone through and used the Megamek Unit Filter in GIMP to add the shadow outline to all the 'Mech images in the game.  It took a bit to figure out how to do this without erasing the colors for those 'Mechs that have colored images, but once I figured that out it was just a couple hours of work.

Anyway, here is the file.

To use it, just DL it and put it in YOURMEGAMEKFOLDER/data/images/units/mechs/.  If you'd like to back up your existing mech images, change the name of your mechs_atlas file before doing this!

(Note that all of this is unofficial; I'm not a dev, just a layperson.)


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Very cool!