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Title: Rejoin game after internet disconnect?
Post by: Felderburg on 29 September 2020, 00:51:53
I was playing a game of MegaMek with some friends, and my internet had a momentary interruption that disconnected me from the game. I was able to rejoin the server, but I was "Felderburg.2," and the original "Felderburg" was no longer active, despite being listed as connected. The host was able to kick the "Felderburg" user, but we weren't sure what commands to use to replace the old "Felderburg" user with my current "Felderburg.2" connection. We were able to replace it with a bot, but obviously that's not what we wanted.

How does a player who got disconnected from a game rejoin it?
Title: Re: Rejoin game after internet disconnect?
Post by: Iceweb on 29 September 2020, 17:12:01
I only remember the basics right now, but I'm pretty sure the three commands you need are

/who (might be whois)?  to tell which integer each player is

/kick  to kick off the ghost that got disconnected  you need to feed the integer from /who to kick to get the right person/ghost.  Looks like this was figured out. 

/who again to make sure the integers are the same after the kick

/replaceplayer  which will replace a player with another.  There is also a menu command in the dropdowns (the second menu?)  which can do this and might be able to link by name, but I forget if this can only replace a ghost with a bot.  I also don't remember all the arguments to /replaceplayer but I think for a human you just need to give the integer(s).  The rest of the arguments are to set up the bot personalities, when using a bot from the command line. 

***I think*** my memory is fuzzy but I think I have some of it right. 

I recommend using /help replaceplayer in the command line to get MM to tell you how exactly it works.

Hope this was enough to get you started. 
Title: Re: Rejoin game after internet disconnect?
Post by: Felderburg on 02 October 2020, 15:14:56
Thanks! I also posted in MegaMekNet forums and they said that after kicking the first ghost player, the real person should disconnect and reconnect. But we'll have to see if just commands work too!