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Author Topic: Standardized Infantry Transport Tonnage  (Read 380 times)

Dapper Apples

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Standardized Infantry Transport Tonnage
« on: 29 August 2021, 00:32:15 »
I've noticed megamek's infantry tonnage doesn't always reflect Total War pg. 213, often when it comes to SRM or LRM platoons which have less troopers.  For example, a megamek SRM jump platoon is only 3 tons instead of the standardized 4, and so I could load two platoons into a heavy APC (a 6 ton infantry bay).

Megamek does have the correct behavior for Battle Armor, at 1 ton per trooper.


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Re: Standardized Infantry Transport Tonnage
« Reply #1 on: 12 September 2021, 11:56:20 »
Part of the issue is that the TW platoons were created prior to the introduction of the TechManual conventional infantry construction rules, and don't necessarily follow them. Per TM, there is absolutely no reason for the SRM and LRM platoons to have fewer troopers, but because they do, the lower weight is correct (calculated per TM construction rules, which is what Megamek uses). BA have the explicit "1 ton of transport capacity per trooper" rule, but CI don't.

As another example, the TW stats for a Flamer platoon are actually completely impossible to replicate either in Megamek or using the TM construction rules. They have range like they use one Flamer support weapon per squad, but move like they use two Support Weapons per squad.


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Re: Standardized Infantry Transport Tonnage
« Reply #2 on: 29 September 2021, 20:31:13 »
I added alternate BA weights from TacOps to MM 5 years ago, so you don't have to always use the 1 ton per trooper.