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Author Topic: A Link to the Past  (Read 3453 times)


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A Link to the Past
« on: 27 April 2014, 13:02:37 »
A Link to the Past

Every once in a while I go looking for something that I did a while back, but both sites that I normally post to have had issues and it makes searching for stuff a little bit on the hard side... So what I figured I do was to create a page that links back to all my other pages... Kind of a collective works sort of thing...

For anything with missing pictures, I'm hoping to get the pictures back up, and links to them reestablished... But one thing at a time  ;)

Also, I attempted to do oldest first, but they get moved around a bit as stuff gets resurrected.

23rd Arcturan OOP Griffin

Non-Canon Savannah Master

Non-Canon 349th Dragoon BLS-2N Ballista custom unit

Non-Canon 349th Dragoon Boomerang

17th Galedon Panther

Sung's Cuirassier Vindicator

Samual "Shorty" Sneede's Franken'Mech

Non-Canon 349th Dragoon Scorpion

Non-Canon 349th Dragoon ROG-1G Rogue custom unit

Non-Canon 349th Dragoon Crab <Updated>

17th Galedon Wasp LAM

23rd Arcturan OOP Phoenix Hawk

6th Crucis Lancers - Black Knight

23rd Arcturan OOP Phoenix Hawk (2 of 3)

Non-Canon 256th Support Group RFL-3X Rifleman <Updated>

9th Marik Militia Banshee

Non-Canon Stormbringer Independent Recon Savannah Masters

Master and Servant

23rd Arcturan OOP Phoenix Hawk (3 of 3) The Last Lancemember

23rd Arcturan Guards OOP BD Falcon

Custom MAD-4M Marauder / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

Custom VPR-2L Viper Attack Helo / Non-Canon 256th Support

Custom ANH-1R Annihilator / Non-canon 349th Dragoons

WHR-6R WarHammer / 23rd Arcturan Guards

HGN-733 Highlander / Non-Canon Stormbringer - 349th Dragoon

GHR-5H Grasshopper / Non-canon 349th Dragoons (Bigger Pictur

Everything above this line is from Lords of the Battlefield. Below it, depends on which site you are viewing from

LOTB/BVT Ranger-D / 10th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT

AS7-D Atlas / Steiner - 23rd Arcturan Guards

Charity Auction AWS-9Q Awesome in 23rd Arcturan Guards

Custom SHD-3J ShadowHawk/Non-canon 349th Dragoons

SDR-5V Spider / 23rd Arcturan Guards (Group shot added)

Personality: SkyWarp

BT-066 Scout ATV / Non-Canon Stormbringer (Revised/updated)

Meet Mac

Custom GOL-1M Goliath / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

ARC-2K Archer / 17th Galedon Regulars

CRB-20 Crab / 23rd Acrturan Guards

Custom LGB-FA Longbow / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

TDR-5SS Thunderbolt/23rd Arcturan Guards

RFL-3N Rifleman / 23rd Arcturan Guards

Custom MAD-3M Marauder / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

Custom Re-Imaged RFL-3N Rifleman / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

CDA-2A Cicada / 9th Marik Militia

Clan DS - Omega Galaxy / Custom Mad Dog II

CN9-AL Centurion / 23rd Arcturan Guards

Custom SHD-2K Shadow Hawk / 17th Galedon Regulars

Ibex SUV / Custom Cherry Blossom paint scheme

Custom Ferret Light Scout VTOL / 1st Davion Guards RCT

TDR-5SS Thunderbolt/23rd Arcturan Guards - V2.0

CGR-1A1 Charger / 17th Galedon Regulars

STK-3H Stalker / 3rd Lyran Guards

VLK-QF Valkyrie / 1st Davion Guards RCT

PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk (Unseen) / 9th Marik Militia

HNT-151 Hornet / Robinson Battle Academy

AWS-8T Awesome / 9th Marik Militia

CP-10-Z Cyclops / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

HCT-3F Hatchetman / 23rd Arcturan Guards

LNC-25-02 Lancelot / 1st Proserpina Hussars

Custom MAD-3D Marauder / Non-Canon 349th Dragoons

KSC-3I Koschei / Kamakura's Hussars

Custom LCT-1S Locust / 23rd Arcturan Guards

BLR-1G BattleMaster / 1st Davion Guards RCT

Custom ARC-2R Archer "Hou Yi" / Kamakura's Hussars

CPLT-C1 Catapult / 1st Davion Guards RCT

Sakhara Military Academy

Albion Military Academy

Fond memories of a forgotten foe

Cazaril Collection - The 23rd Arcturan Guards

UM-60R UrbanMech / 1st Proserpina Hussars

Note: On several of the older posts, you may notice that they have been edited recently... The original post got corrupted somehow, and I reposted it from a copy stored elsewhere.


Edit: Also, if anyone is interest, here is a link to a copy of this list at Lords of the Battlefield. Below all the "=" signs, the links go to different pages, with additional comments.
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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #1 on: 27 April 2014, 13:57:31 »
Outstanding! Your 349th is one of my favorite unit schemes, canon or not. Love seeing them again. And your whites are incredible, of course.


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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #2 on: 27 April 2014, 15:57:38 »
very nice O0 O0 O0
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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #3 on: 29 April 2014, 00:18:30 »
Thanks for posting this. I really liked seeing the Archer mod, and there was some great advice on how to fabricate some missiles that looked appropriate. Seeing your skills grow over time like this is great, as well as the great reposes and bashes you do with unseen.


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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #4 on: 29 April 2014, 07:28:20 »
Awesome! O0


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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #5 on: 02 May 2014, 20:58:24 »
some of those I never saw and they are just gorgeous

Thank you Hikage
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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #6 on: 02 May 2014, 20:58:25 »
Good te see all this great stuff in one place.  O0


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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #7 on: 24 June 2020, 14:03:19 »
A great gallery my friend!  Don't mind bringing it back up for more people to see.
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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #8 on: 24 June 2020, 15:19:46 »
Very nice. :thumbsup:
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Re: A Link to the Past
« Reply #9 on: 24 June 2020, 16:02:52 »
Beautiful work! :thumbsup: