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Author Topic: VTOL Blades  (Read 668 times)


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VTOL Blades
« on: 02 November 2019, 22:26:28 »
I know this has been talked about before, but after searching 25 pages of the forum I feel validated in bringing this topic up again. 

How do you mount VTOL blades without them falling off?  I would like to keep the ones that are given in the sprue, instead of using plastic disks or something of that nature.  My though was to drill through the VTOL blade completely, then paint everything up.  It can slide on and off, the only issue being that the mini can't be picked up by the blades. 

Otherwise I suppose magnets would work, but are magnets out there that are that small?  If so, could anyone recommend some?

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!


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Re: VTOL Blades
« Reply #1 on: 02 November 2019, 23:43:48 »
All my VTOL blades are mounted the same way: superglue. Never had issues with.

As for magnets, yes, they come small enough. Check Hobby Lobby or dedicated hobby stores. They might carry some or be able to order some in.


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Re: VTOL Blades
« Reply #2 on: 03 November 2019, 01:58:58 »
I have quite a few done up with magnet such as my warriors and two karnovs. But I started just making circles of lexan and mounts them like the blades are spinning.
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Re: VTOL Blades
« Reply #3 on: 03 November 2019, 14:35:02 »
i magnetized the rotors on my mantis attack helicopters using 2mm (diameter) x 1mm (height) neodym magnets.
makes transporting them safe and easy.

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