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Author Topic: "Now you know it's not the suit that matters but the pilot inside."  (Read 701 times)


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Wolf's Dragoon Gargoyle K kitbash and Clan Wolf Sojourner.

While I was working on the axe during the kitbash of the Gargoyle K, I decided to half the spare Ti Tsang axe and that pretty much determined the theme of the finished mech.
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Love the Gargoyle! The helm spike speaks of EVAs to me  :thumbsup:

And good work on the Soujourner, but that is one ugly mini. Just as well I don't Wolf often.
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I just want to say, the pilot is probably a descendant of a certain Wolf's Dragoons Zeta Battalion pilot.


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That Garg is glorious. Incredible job.

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Haha, nice Char's Zaku II.


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Very nice. :thumbsup:
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