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Author Topic: Unit/Scheme of the Month: Clans Coyote, Fire Mandrill, and Snow Raven  (Read 1192 times)


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Greetings all! :)  Hope June is off to a good start for everyone.

Thanks to the few who posted last month.  Guess those types of camo schemes aren't used all that much.

This month we get back on to unit schemes with Clans Coyote, Fire Mandrill, and Snow Raven.  The Coyotes and Ravens have some pretty typical Clan schemes, but the Fire Mandrills stand out with there tendency towards much brighter colors.  Please do share anything you may have!

I don't have any examples myself, so a sample of each from the CamoSpecs team:

A Coyote Delta Galaxy Thor by Savage Coyote, a Fire Mandrill Cauldron-Born A by Psycho, and a Snow Raven Sabutai Omnifighter by Fanjoy

Next month we venture on back to the Periphery States N - Z.  August we head to that crazy fun place known as the Capellan Confederation. :crazy:

Have a great month everyone and thanks to all who post! :thumbsup:
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Unit/Scheme of the Month Master Index


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Clan Coyote, Alpha Galaxy

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Only a few units painted as part of these clans.
The Coyotes got two mechs.
A Mandrill painted in Omicron colors. (Miniature is slightly modified. I can't stand the original pose.)
And a Rabid Coyote as part of the Lambda galaxy.

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And the Snow Raven were lucky - a few smaller elements.

There is a point of Gorgon ProtoMechs for the Delta galaxy and a point of Elementals for the Beta galaxy (although only three were taken pictures from. The missing two were added later).

No elements available for Fire Mandrills. Their paint schemes were too ... bold to be picked up so far.


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Lupus B and a Osteon C in Coyote colors