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Author Topic: Unit/Scheme of the Month: Night, Mountain, and Exotic Camouflage  (Read 1133 times)


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Greetings all and a good May to you.  Apologies for the delay this month.  I got busy with other projects and forgot to get this up sooner.

First off, big thanks to all the Lyran fans who posted last month.  That was a great showing. :thumbsup:

This month we are back to camouflage schemes: night, mountain, and exotic.  Exotic can be quite a number of things from what you see on Camospecs.  So, let's get the parade of minis going! 8)

For myself, I've got one company of tanks done in a mountain forest camo.  Or at least my attempt at it.  I tried to get creative with it, and I'm still not sure if I like it.  Practice, practice, practice...

Next month it's back to Clan territory for Clans Coyote, Fire Mandrill, and Snow Raven.  July will take us to the Periphery for states N - Z.

Have a great remainder of the month everyone, and thank you to those who post and view!
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Okay, CAV, but I painted this Assassin as per WW2 RAF night bomber camo, eg. Lancasters ...

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Exotic style Hellstar

dirty harry

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I have to admit not my type of work, so only a single example: a Wolf's Dragoon's Bandit in Gamma regiment colors.
It is so dark, it must be a perfect nightfight camo...