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Author Topic: Unit/Scheme of the Month: Plains, Swamp, and Dazzle Camouflage (+ Solaris VII !)  (Read 1751 times)


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Hello all and happy October!  Apologies for the very late start and hope the month has been a good one so far.  Big thank yous out to everyone who posted their homebrews last month!  That was a great show.  Makes me happy to see some of the passion out there for home units.  Well done all! 8) :thumbsup: :clap:

This month we cross the last of the camouflage types of the list (at least by the CamoSpecs list): Plains, Swamp, and Dazzle.  And to keep with the Halloween theme of the month, if you have any minis meant for Solaris VII, bring those on as well.  And as always, we do not discriminate here.  All mini types are welcome! :D

For myself, I have two entries this month.  First, a hovertank company in my take on swamp camo.  Four Drillson Heavy Hover Tanks, four Saracen Medium Hover Tanks, and four J. Edgar Light Hover Tanks.  The second is my Solaris VII Salamander.  A very long time ago in my early days of Battletech, I thought I read something about a Mechwarrior running around the Solaris VII arenas, fighting in a bright orange Salamander.  I could be totally wrong (it was many years ago), but I painted this Salamander for that.  It was also my first time working with orange, and it shows in my opinion. :-\

Next month we make our last visit with the Clans, touching on three that didn't fair so well: Clans Widowmaker, Burrock, and the ever mysterious Wolverine/Minnesota Tribe.  Not sure what December is going to bring yet.  It will be the last stop for this bus, as we will have hit all the stopping points (so to speak).

Enjoy the rest of the month all and hope you have a fun Halloween! :laughing_skull:

Start the mini parade! :beer:
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Not so much camo related minis, but at least a few Solaris VII specialists.

First of all we have a Colossus. This Solaris VII mech is painted as part of the Overlord stable.

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On the other hand we have two members of the Zelazni mech stable.


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Plains Manticore

Solaris Blue Fist Stable Flashfire

Restless Souls Stable Bombard

Zelazni Stable Flashfire

Zellbrigan Stables Wraith 2X
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So this was my attempt at a striped/banded dazzle camo, for an Oosik lance.  I used a masking process that was bonkers and I'll likely never repeat it, but the bands came out pretty clean.  In the end, not my best work, but I am solidly happy with it.

Also, the colors were a total pain to photograph, so I just did my best.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I love dazzle camouflage. German warships in Norway from 1942 onward are my favourite camouflage. I'm so excited to see more examples in this thread.

10mm scale dazzle camouflage that I posted last year:

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Actually looked up dazzle camouflage in response to this thread and it's fascinating? I did not know about this camouflage at all.

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Actually looked up dazzle camouflage in response to this thread and it's fascinating? I did not know about this camouflage at all.

Google WW1 ship dazzle camouflage for pictures

For such an unusual concept it worked, until better optics, rangefinders and radar became available.


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I suspect radar was a bigger factor than better optics...


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