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Author Topic: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side  (Read 1272 times)


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Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
« on: 18 December 2021, 00:19:49 »
Republic Report 3087: The following account and personnel dossier has been correlated from the captured archives of ComStar/Word of Blake and intercepted or encrypted Second SLDF records of the member states. Clan records are consolidated from their Loremasters Reports or Watch accounts to their Khans, some seized, some shared willingly, in the wake of their integration to Inner Sphere powers.

It is now known that the Blakists had far more than the six WarShips listed in the field update filed by General Travena to the assembled leaders just before that fateful Fourth Conference. Also revealing is how forcefully the Nova Cats hid their vulnerabilities, especially after the loss of so much materiel in their escape from their homeworlds and the Rasalhague Trial in short order. Given both side’s secretive nature it is no wonder that we are only uncovering such information now.

Records from the sundered Federated Commonwealth show how much either side distrusted the other, and how the buildup before their “Civil” War was heading towards an obvious conclusion in retrospect. The continued attempts at policing the Inner Sphere by ComStar was doomed even at this point in time, and their past excursions showed just how disparate their own stated strength and actual abilities were.

The Clans, ever distasteful of Black Naval combat, nonetheless showed willingness to use their most powerful of weapons when pushed. That willingness, of course, only increased the precipitous fall of the industry that built up to support these military machines.

The high-water mark in the 3060s and the rebirth of WarShips was short, and though few WarShip battles were “officially” known, the years saw many skirmishes that may have slipped notice of the wider public. The machines of war concentrated in the hands of those who were least likely to use them responsibly is easy to armchair admiral now. One such battle, detailed here, took place at what is now known as Saint Koral, though in the early 3060's it wasn't known by that name.

Battle of St. Korral: 3061
Despite the conclusion of the Great Refusal, the Exodus Road has seen an increase in naval traffic, and it was only a matter of time before opposing forces stumbled across each other. One such encounter, above a then unnamed star system in the Periphery is detailed as follows, excluding any non-Aerospace units and Jumpships or Dropships that were non-participants in the fighting:

I have created the following as possible opposing sides for a few WarShip battles I want to run with friends. The ~BV is 250k or 125k, without adding in aerospace or skills. The larger ~250ks are stand alone, the ~125ks would have to be joined by or fight another 125k. I've attempted to stay away from customizing too much, but to meet the BV criteria or not make them unwieldy, I may have replaced bays (to add Aerospace bays). Not an egregious change, but necessary. If you're a purist, there's usually a cargo tender that can be switched out, but it will throw off the BV if you're not careful.

Each of the 9 below posts is a possible match that I felt works in the system. Mixing and matching is possible, to an extent. Please feel free to add or question my picks. No nukes!
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
« Reply #1 on: 18 December 2021, 00:22:58 »
Task Force 80 is a Deep Periphery Explorer Corps mission to investigate the Coreward Operations Area. The presence of so many Clan convoys to and from Clan-held worlds required the Explorer Corps to increase WarShip protection, which was so visibly lacking in the Invasion years. With losses mounting from Operations SERPENT and BULLDOG, many previously derelict hulls were pressed into service; upgraded DropShips, part of Explorer Corps expansion efforts, were launched from Terra-Titan yards up until their loss. The increase in unmarked or suspected Blakist traffic keeps the force projection need for ships and experienced spacers high.

Explorer Corps Task Force 80 Level IV-chi

Monsoon-class Battleship “Agincourt
     Dictator (Command)-class “Pelano”, Excalibur (PW)-class “Onux”, Achilles-class “Iustus Occiditis
     Blessed Ilyusha Level III-pi: Aerospace x36 + 2 Union (3056) CV-class “Prav” “Yav” + Leopard (3054) CV-class “Nav
Vincent Mk39-class Corvette “Permanence of Light
Pinto-class Corvette “L'Insurgente Ètoiles
     Avenger (3048)-class “Charleston
80-zed Level III-pi: Aerospace x36, + 80-able Level II-tau: Space Marines x216, 80-baker Level II-tau: Space Marines x216
Star Lord-class JumpShip “Feduc IV
     Spider Sanity Level III-pi: Aerospace x36 + Vengeance (3056)-class “Mar’s Diamonds
     Ghosts of Jupiter Level II-tau: Space Marines x216 + Intruder (3056)-class “Amphion”, Fury (3056)-class “Ochre
     Aqueduct-class “Derrie” + 2 Manatee (Cargo)-class “Obispo” “Sonoma

Tracker-class Surveillance-Corvette “Teddington” + Trojan (Danais)-class “Briseis
     NightLurkers Level II-tau: Tornado P12 PA(L) x18 + IS Standard BA x18 + Seeker (3054)-class “Zethus
Quetzalcoatl-Scout-class JumpShip “Mirth
Venganza DeMoctez demi-Level III-pi: Aerospace x18

An Earth-native, Precentor XV-theta Neil Argylle has been thoroughly audited by ROM, and no questions of his loyalties have ever been raised against his impeccable record. At Tukayyid, the Precentor coordinated the movement of the Eighth and Ninth Armies and remained on station to adjust the Ninth's Divisions as needed. He then spent time at both the Columbus and Lyuten Stations, with the other ComStar admiralty developed at the halting of the Clan Invasion. The ancient Monsoon-class under his command has yet to be tried in battle, but his training regimen has brought together his forces with amazing efficiency.

Demi-Precentor VIII-Delta/Xi Thomas Jareth is a ROM Valkyrie, an exclusive branch of the Guard's secret/special forces. He graduated from the Sandhurst RMC just prior to the Clan Invasion and faced the Clan Wolf forces on Tukayyid with the 9th Army "Warriors of Peace" 34th Division IV-xi. Though Brzo fell to the Wolves, the Adept survived, and while he was shot out of two AeroSpace fighters, he did down nine of his own, plus three 'Mech kills. After the battle, he was recommended for Valkyrie training and Level III command, colloquially the "Spiders from Mars."

As commander of The Ghosts of Jupiter II-tau, Adept IX-iota Lee Reiza has known no home other than space. The Marines under his command are required to constantly train to keep their combat edge and counteract the loss of muscle mass and bone structure well known to spacefarers. His Joggers, as they are affectionately known, can often be found either on the gravdeck of their assigned JumpShip "Feduc IV" or training for the centuries-lost task of defending their own or taking from another their berth. The Trafalgar Scenario is well known to the space marines, and theoretical missions are unlikely to stay that way for long.

[***OP Caulis, your rise in command and position in the task force aerodefenders is admirable, but the loss of the Monsoon…Blake's Will…do not allow the chance to cripple the heretics go unrealized…***]

The Q-Scout JumpShip Mirth has seen work in Explorer Corp for over a century, reassigned to Task Force 80 given its vulnerability to the roving Clan WarShips throughout the so-called "Exodus Road." Her captain is, to use the parlance, a salty old sailor.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
« Reply #2 on: 18 December 2021, 00:25:15 »
Forces among Steel Viper-held worlds are behaving belligerently, as are Lyran units in a possible bid to repeat the fate of the Jaguars. Though Omega Galaxy stands ready to properly respond to these threats, the Wolves will have to wait.

Verdun Eyes Naval Assault Star: Omega Galaxy Naval Support / 20th Falcon Regulars “The Cobbe Cluster”
Aegis-class Heavy Cruiser “Daniel Mattlov
     O20RA Binary Alpha Wings 1/2: Aerospace x20 (Clan20)
     O20RC Trinary Charlie Wing 1/2/3: Aerospace x30 (Clan10+SLDF20) + 2 Union-CV C-class “Sage Axe” “Rahonavi
     O20RD Trinary Delta Striders 1/2/3: Elementals x75 + Confederate C-class “Cassowarie
     O20RE: Binary Echo Infantry: Space Marines x250 + Czar-class “Foghorn
Peregrine-class Corvette “Red Plover
     O20RCOM Binary Command Star: Aero x10 (Omni10)

Hunter-class Scout JumpShip “Varmint
     O20RB Trinary Bravo Wings 1/2/3: Aerospace x30 (Clan30) + Charybdis-class “Peartridge
Invader-class JumpShip “Kusari
   Behemoth C-class “Dodo Blight”, 2 Mule C-class “Camilla” “Chocobo

Star Admiral Sherise von Jankmon has only recently gained full flag command. The Trial of Refusal against the previous Naval Star Commander, Star Admiral Iyn Malthus, ended with his death: a rare occurrence in the Warship-subcaste. While the nature of the rivalry is not well documented, it seems to have hinged on the outcome of the Great Refusal and the Smoke Jaguar destruction. Given her quick rise, the Star Admiral appears to enjoy the patronage of the Khans and sibmate Galaxy Commander Jared Von Jankmon; she and saKhan Clees are in particularly frequent contact. The Aegis under her command was raised from Boneyard Murmansk in deep Strana Mechty orbit shortly after the Wolf Refusal and was allotted to transport whatever Omega Galaxy forces were available to the Inner Sphere. The Great Refusal delayed troop movements, but the Star Admiral has made it clear that her Naval Star will not await another attack. She has repeatedly sent preemptive directives to the Khans, only to be rebuffed so far.

The Twentieth Regulars are permanently attached to the Naval Star. As such, like Clusters are routinely left off ready reports and organization tables, and their commanders typically forgotten among the Touman. Star Colonel Piotr Qwabe, though, has not taken such standards as anything other than an affront. Then a Star Captain, he repeatedly challenged superiors as too weak to strike the Wolves during the Refusal. While his berating of the 73rd Striker and even Iota Galaxy command earned him little comradery, it did lead to his rise in rank. He earned his current posting as Galaxy Commander Gran Newclay took over Iota post-Coventry. Newclay, a pre-Tukayyid Falcon exemplar, and well-known conservative is practiced enough to withstand any challenges from the exasperating Star Colonel. The transfer to Omega was quick and protestations against the assignment were unheeded.

Peregrine-class Corvettes are a rare sight; most were lost or mothballed until the success of Star Commodore Ry Thastus. The Star Commodore began with Alpha Galaxy, successfully, if not traditionally, fighting throughout REVIVAL and Tukayyid as a dropship Star Captain. His strong views of Falcon superiority and unorthodox tactics with what are nominally support forces earned him his shot at a Bloodname and warship command. The loss of Snow Raven support meant that no new hulls could be arranged post-REVIVAL, but the Red Plover required little refitting to make her combatworthy. The Star Commodore faced Lyran raids and has promised to redeem the 73rd Striker and their honor by destroying the Blue Star lucrewarriors that took the Fredasa "Olive Cyclone" years ago.

Star Captains Lia and Marke, commanders of the Hunter-class JumpShip "Varmint" and Trinary Bravo, respectively, seem to be inseparable. Despite her transport vocation, their shared creche still binds them. Regardless, the two find their tribulations following their Trials of Position a shared theme in the universe.

Treated as little better than a Freebirth, Star Commander Leon is nearing a solhama posting. His only saving grace is that there are few experienced zero-g troopers in the Clan, and his Star is still extensively used in pirate and Dark Caste search and destruction.  While he still wishes to find his end in service to the Clan, he is gaining a belief that his fate may yet be unrealized.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Brothers, the transfer is upon us. The fleet is expected to be showcased in the Word's induction into the Star League, and vanguard in the upcoming battles against Blake's vat-borne foes. None can stop Blake's Will; though we are beset on all sides by enemies, we shall do our duty as stewards of the Truth. By His Hand, we rise.

Riga I-class Frigate “Plum Imp” + Taanach/Aner Level II-pi x2: Hive Aerospace x12
     Assault Triumph-class “Blake’s Sagacity” + Sacred Cryptic Level II-pi: Aerospace (Shiva) x6
     Colossus CV-class “Honorifics” + Tarnished Denial Level III-pi: Aerospace x36, Ingratiated Succor Level III-pi: Aerospace x36
     Mechantadors Level II-iota: Achileus BA x36, Adepticatus Level II-iota: Longinus BA x36,
Invader-class Jumpship "Sisyphea" + Hannibal-class “Truthyness” + Condor (3054)-class “Rassembl” + Jumbo-class “Anosía
     Oblatri Demi II-iota: Nighthawk PA(L) x18, Blind Absolution II-tau: Space Marines x216

Eclipse Sequence Squadron
Lola III-class Destroyer “Sedes Cruentae
2 Vigilant-class Corvettes “Maius Sanctus” “Junius Odio
Bonaventure-class Corvette “Aspiration
Zechetinu-class Corvette “Bastille” + Merlin-class “Purity’s Vigor
Magellan-class JumpShip “Peccatum” + Hamilcar-class “Modality
Vicariates Level III-pi: Aerospace x36, Nova Byzant Level II-tau: Space Marines x216

Pulled from the long-forgotten Periphery, the Riga-class "Plum Imp" under Precentor IX-theta Newat Heinburg has now been sent forth from the Free World's-shared shipyards of Loyalty. During ODYSSEUS, the Precentor led the non-standard jump to the trailing Lunar Lagrange point, catching the Terran defenses unawares and successfully depositing ground forces that eventually took the Cradle of Humanity from the Word's lost brothers and sisters. Now sent on a shake-down cruise of the Coreward area, the benefit of a trek through Clan occupation holdings cannot be denied. Precentor Heinburg has passed the necessary ROM analyses and has no disobediences, as one would expect from someone in charge of such a large benediction. However, he and Demi Tyla do not see eye to eye, and he resents her overt presence in the battle group. The Precentor's True-Believer views give him the middle-ground needed to command a crew as large as that found on the Plum but earn him few ideological allies.

A Toyama through and through, Precentor II-theta Semi Azaz desires nothing but to burn unbelievers from their hides. She sees heretics and the unfaithful everywhere, and her squadron's ROM detachment has no lack of work, especially with Internal Obedience Commisar-Inquierie (Demi-P) Adept XXI-Rho/Omicron Carolann Tyla given such wide-ranging access. Now, given a charge in protecting and observing the WoBS Plum Imp while she finishes final assessments, the Eclipse Squadron will be a shining beacon to prove wrong the Word's detractors and of the might found in Blake's Name. The Cruentae is a tightly-run ship and can handle any issues presented as it tours the stars with the latest artifact of His Hand.

Adept XV-delta/xi Almayer Pierrie taught at his alma mater-the Holy Order of Sandhurst- and is expected to resume his position at the newly rebuilt Aphros Academy upon the transfer of the Plum Imp to Eclipse Squadron. A veteran of the Smoke Jaguar Tukayyid campaign and then facing the Falcons with Third Army's "The Trademan's Pal" 322nd Division III-pi, Adept Pierrie has known only life to Blake and could not abide changes brought on by the hated Focht and Mori. With a chance to return to Terran life, the Adept looks forward to the end of his time in the darkness.

[***…Agent, the Blakist plan is forming before our eyes. Your fighter's trails can no longer be traced. The breadcrumbs stopped before, but this time it feels different. Their bandwidth continues to increase and your time with the fanatics is over. Exfiltrate and report before the boogeymen find their leak…***]
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Now berthed above Avon, the Sublime Naval Star stands ready to defend the new Star League from predation by former comrades.

Sublime Naval Binary / 5th Nova Cat AeroSpace Cluster “Critical Magnitude”
York-class Destroyer/Carrier “Phillip Drummond” + Lee CV-class “Red River
     First/Second/Third Fighter Trinary: Aerospace x90 (Omni30+Clan30+SLDF30)
     Elemental Trinary: Salamander x25, Elemental (Space) x25, Sylph x25 + Sassinand-class “Starsphynx
Fredassa-class Corvette “Apt Sight” + First Binary Aerospace x20 (Clan20)
     Mule (SLPW)-class “Encaustic Fable
Fredassa-class Corvette “Soul Triumph” + Second Binary Aerospace x20 (Clan20)
      Pentagon-class “Micron
Infantry Binary Felis: Space Marines x250

Carrack-class Transport “Toxic Path” + Gazelle-class “Jhaakri”+ Elemental Star: Elemental x25
     Infantry Binary: Space Marines x250 + Lion-class “Garden Grove
Merchant-class JumpShip “Portia
     2 Mule C-class “Salerio” “Salanio

Sibmate to former saKhan Benjamin Garr, Star Admiral Manfred Fokker has finally earned command. He most recently served as First Officer aboard the True Vision, escort to Nova Cat Keshik as the Khans observed the opening waves of REVIVAL. During the WarShip exile to the Homeworlds, Star Captain Fokker sucessfully earned the right of a command of his own. Refit of the old Riga-class SLS David Peterson by the Star Adders took longer than expected, mostly due to the disruptions of the Smoke Jaguars and their maneuverings with Homeworld Clans, finally culminating in their Annihilation and Nova Cat Abjurement. Though these actions took place after the token Trial of Possession for the Drummond, the Star Admiral has found solace in the Rites of Vision.

Star Commodore Lera Barvros, in contrast to the Admiral, has no patience for the slow pace normally found in the Clan Black Naval arm. Her Fredassa “Apt Sight” has no lack of use, often finding pirate/Dark Caste bandits in the undemarcated, unmapped and uncivilized systems between Clan and Inner Sphere systems. Her destruction of an antiquated Leviathan-class JumpShip, dilapidated, though still able to launch DropShips and attack her Raider, earned her veneer, but thus far no chance at higher command.

First Fighter Star Captain Walla is of the Atwater line, though success of his house has meant there have been few openings for the limited number of heritages. With almost no Trials of Bloodright being held for nearly the last generation of 5 years, he is now facing warriors of an age that can have significant physical advantages on him. His codex speaks for itself with distinction at Tukayyid and actions through BULLDOG and the Homecoming. Though his skills in combat have not diminished, the nature of combat and the Trial means that it is only a matter of time before he is relegated to a solhama posting if he cannot distinguish himself, even in a Clan that values wisdom like the Nova Cats.

The Charlie Elemental Star of Star Commander Eli had seen little combat in the Inner Sphere until the forces of the Star League found them on Jeanette. Then part of the Nova Cat Lancers, the Star was pooled with the Second Dieron Regulars and attacked the Seventh Garrison Cluster of the Smoke Jaguars on Kabah. Overzealousness, a feud with the Bondsman Liaison, and a disastrous attack on the Jaguar 333rd Striker Trinary led to his reassignment out of the Lancers and posting to the black. He will have to earn his way back into the good graces or wait out the notice of new Nova Cat allies if he wishes to feel ground beneath him again.

Merchant Captain Ton, of the Portia, desires only to join his fellows among the bountiful worlds of the Inner Sphere. Given the expectations, even the reports sent to those left behind could not do the Inner Sphere Edens justice. Despite the loss of so many at Tukayyid and in the inauguration of the Star League, his spirit and that his fellow Merchants could not be dampened.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Having not participated in the Wars of Possession following the Jaguar Annihilation, the Steel Vipers instead quietly prepared for retribution against our misguided foes; the Serpentarius Naval Star leads the preparation in taking from our enemies that which they have not earned. The losses on Tukayyid required more forces to be brought from Clan space, as has the continued sabotage by the misguided populations under Steel Viper control. The vision of the Khans, however, has finally allowed the forces to amass for the proper action against our foes. The staging area close to Tukayyid will allow the strike to proceed.

Serpentarius Naval Star
Whirlwind-class Destroyer “Horned Blighter”
2 Vincent Mk. 42-class Corvettes “Striking Boa”, “Rattling Wyrm
Comitatus (4DS)-class JumpShip “Garterstrike
     Noruff-class “Seen Viper”, 2 Pentagon-class “Medussian” “Moccas”, Union-CV C-class “Hot Asp
Odyssey-class JumpShip “Fallen Timbers
     Union-C (Cargo)-class “Dagface”, 2 Mule-C-class “Modsnake” “Mallo”, Vulture (Cargo)-class “Wenceslaus

164th Phalanx
2 Aerospace Binaries: Adders Golf/Hotel/Mike/Oscar: Aerospace x20 (Clan20)
2 Aerospace Binaries: Adders Kilo/Lima/Papa/Romeo: Aerospace x20 (SLDF20)
Infantry Trinary: Viper Foxtrot/Tango/Whiskey: Space Marines x375

Beta Galaxy 234th Battle Cluster “The Astral Kraits”
B234BCCOM Command Binary: Aerospace x10 (Omni10) + Carrier-class “Wollunqua
Alpha/Charlie Trinaries: Aerospace x30 (Omni10+Clan10+SLDF10) + Titan C-class “Chrysopelea
Beta/Delta Trinaries: Aerospace x30 (Omni10+Clan10+SLDF10) + Miraborg-class “Dunno
Echo Trinary: Elemental (Space) x75 + Sassinand-class “Venin’s Tomb

Carrack Merchant-class Transport-JumpShip “Red Milking
Invader-class JumpShip “Serpenza

Star Admiral Briq Lankenau, Snow Raven abthaka taken just prior to REVIVAL, has travelled the Exodus Road nearly a dozen times in the same number of years. Though the Naval Star accompanied the Khans and Alpha Galaxy as Reserve Clan in the Invasion and earned honor in the return to the Inner Sphere, the lack of Spheroid targets in the rear areas ensured the naval forces found few foes. The Smoke Jaguar dishonor at Edo Bay then confirmed the WarShips would see little use beyond transports. As the Vipers suffered the poor efforts of the Ghost Bears and their insurgency woes increased, contempt grew. As the Star then returned after the Grand Kurultai as full participants in the Invasion, they served only as escort of Beta Galaxy at Orkney and Tukayyid. The Horned Blighter then spent time at Masters Shipyard above New Kent, and now stands ready to serve the NEW REVIVAL.

Sister unit to the malcontent 233rd Battle, the 234th is equally unhappy with their posting to the Exodus Road. Star Colonel Miran Tamm has led the Cluster since Tukayyid when Beta Galaxy was cut out of the bidding in favor of the secondline Zeta and Tyr Cochraine claimed command of the 126th Striker. The insult to the ComGuards and later landing Clans did not seem to have its intended effect in her eye, and she has watched the sustained losses cost the Steel Vipers growth of their Inner Sphere Holdings.

Star Captain Nagi Grimani found no solace in the stars after being shunned following Tukayyid. Then posted to the 94th Battle Cluster and Gamma Galaxy, her injury, the near destruction of the Cluster in the Devil’s Bath, and her support of Khan Breen led to her relegation to the Exodus Road. Her leadership of Echo Trinary has led only to tedium, and idleness only to seething anger.

Notwithstanding a truebirth, Star Captain Eith has been subject to many of the foibles common to Steel Viper washouts, consigned to the black navy subcaste and subsequently left to his own devices aboard the Carrack-Merchant CSV Red Milking.

Relegated to the infantry after a failed Trial of Position, Star Commander Weq fought multiple Trials of Refusal to see the hallowed Inner Sphere, though through dropship viewports in the oft-neglected space marine subcaste. He is unlikely to ever succeed in anything noteworthy.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Note: take it easy on me as my crashcourse in Japanese was google, so if I messed up, I apologize and am happy to fix anything that is not in line with my best intentions.

Originally planned when Archon-Prince Victor Steiner-Davion ruled the Federated Commonwealth, the STAR/DRAGON exercise was meant to test the Black Naval arm of each of the nation’s respective forces against each other in simulated combat. Despite Katherine Steiner’s takeover of the Sun’s worlds, the nature of high-level negotiations and costs already bore, not to mention the infamous Kuritan fear of losing face, meant that the operation went ahead regardless of the grumblings from more politically charged individuals. With captured Jaguar warships in BULLDOG, the chance to assess if the Clan’s technological advantage has closed could not be ignored. An uncharted system was chosen to host the wargame and the sides began their preparations.

Draconis Combine 第一竜星作戦 (Dai-ichi Ryusei Sakusen) / FedCom Joint Exercise (Operation Star-Dragon One)
Congress-class Frigate “Snow Leopard” + Fighter Star “Invader/ Shinryakusha” Aerospace x10 (Clan10)
     Broadsword-class “Bright Darkness” + Confederate C-class “Cutting Claw

Dai-nana Rengō Kantai (Combined Fleet 7)
Inazuma-class Corvette “Hanaakari” + Overlord A3A-class “Niwakaame” + Air Group Flight “Hoshiakari-reidā”: Aerospace x6
     182nd Free-Floating Aero-Wing: Aerospace x36 + Okinawa-class “Shiokaze” + Union CV (3055)-class “Tachikaze
Chimeisho-class JumpShip “Mikuma
     Rose-class “Suma Maru” + DEST Team: 6888th Battlesuit Platoon: Kage BA x12
     510th Marine Infantry Battalion: Space Marine x252 + Nagumo-class “Ataka Maru
     301st Marine Infantry Company: Space Marine x56, 3rd Battlesuit Platoon: Raiden BA x12

Cho-sho Haruto Inoue has fought in every major Combine action since he graduated the AII and Wisdom of the Dragon in the mid-3030s. He served the Ryuken-go during the War of 3039 and the counter attacks throughout the OROCHI offense. The quick movements required gave the burgeoning aerocommander a fluid battlefield outlook mirroring that of the Kaneri. When he partook in the Defense of Luthien as an attack dropship group captain and the First Sword of Light’s Dragonkind Wing slowed the Jaguar landing, he ended any discussion of frontal attacks on the superior technology of the invaders, envisioning pinpoint strikes where the Clans were vulnerable. The defense by the Mechwarriors on the Tairakan Plains proved to be aided by the constant aerospace attacks, followed by the reinforcements able to be transferred across the planet and drive off the Invader Felines. His command of a new warship is a deserved reward for his long service to the Dragon, despite his uncertainty of the wargames’ usefulness.

401st Federation Independent Naval Force
Fox-class Corvette “Inexorable” + 133rd Aero Naval Wing: Aerospace x20 + Excalibur (PW)- class “Sir Kay” + Claymore-class “Leeloo
     47th F-C Special Operations CMC: XCT Space Marines x84 + 4th Sneak Platoon: Infiltrator MkII x16 + Intruder-class “Eureka
     6250th Independent Aero Regiment: Aerospace x42 + Vengeance (3056)-class “Mona
     248th F-C BAP: Cavalier x16 + Achilles-class “Tona
Invader-class JumpShip “Jaqobim” + Monarch-class “Latigre Blues
     478th Alliance Heavy AIB: Space Marine x258 + 189th F-C BAC: IS Standard BA x64 + Condor (3054)-class “Derelicte

Despite (or as she believes: due to) her birth and long military career along the Draconis March with the 12th Deneb, Vice Admiral Tig Arene has been dispatched to STARDRAGON with the Draconis Combine. Interestingly, she does not whole-heartedly agree with the xenophobia readily apparent in other Federated (especially DracMarch) commanders. Her training of the nominally independent aerowings into a naval regiment has been slow, as has the learning curve required to instruct her marine detachments in the skills needed to invade and/or defend from a hostile vessel. According to DMI reports, while the lack of confidence in higher command that permeates the DLC is sporadic among her officers, her loyalty to the state is unquestioned. The large number of “observers” her flotilla is holding is likely to exacerbate the tempers she is sure to see flare in her time alongside the Kuritan admiralty.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
« Reply #7 on: 18 December 2021, 00:47:38 »
The Hell’s Horses have bayed enough to get scraps from the Wolves. They should be careful they do not put their neck out too far.

Ghost Bear Omicron Galaxy 47th Provisional Garrison Cluster
Congress-class Frigate “Marvelous Maul
     Carrier-class “Reinsdyr” + 68th Fighter Binary Alpha: Aerospace x20 (Omni10+Clan10)
     Sassanid-class “Glacial Dog” + Elemental Support Trinary Charlie: Elemental x75
Nightwing Surveillance Corvette “Malvern Hill
Invader-class Jumpship “Karelians “+ Pueblo-class Watch Surveillance Ship “Stones River” + Marine Point: Space Marine x25
     Union CV C-class x2 “Kalaallit”, “Noreg” + 362nd Fighter Binary Bravo: Aerospace x20 (Clan20)

Though supporting the Khans publicly (as possible), Star Admiral Eddie Gilmour has reservations about the relocation and founding of the Dominion. That the Khans have their prerogatives in protecting the Family at all costs is not at issue; her opinion is simply that she feels the change too swift. A newly minted Star Captain at the outset of REVIVAL she joined the aerospace fighters of the Night Howlers (Beta Galaxy) throughout the campaign. With the forced peace of Tuakyyid, she voluntarily tested down to the black naval caste and fought her way to command the CGB “Marvelous Maul,” knowing the Spheroids would eventually regain their ability to produce the huge craft. The assignment to Omicron Galaxy with sibmate Galaxy Commander Kedric Gilmour satiated her for a time but transporting the touman from the homeworlds required nearly four years and much desolate back and forth. Given time to ruminate on the track of the Bears: from leading Crusaders defending the Grand Council vote, to the gains in the Invasion, to the heartbreaking loss to the chalcas ComGuards, the Star Admiral now sees only uncertainty where she once felt surety.

Star Captain Lyl has commanded a rare Star League-era Pueblo for the last 11 years. While most look down on her Watch duties under Loremaster Laurie Tseng, she has no such reservations. Situation reports of the Hell’s Horses and their disposition is lacking, so she and Nova Captain Anyte of the Malvern Hill are dispatched. Her duties to the Clan seem simple enough to her.

After forces were contracted to Wolf commanders, Clan Hell’s Horses Clusters were given three Wolf worlds as a base of operations, part of the renewed push for Terra. That the Drive for Terra was put on hold during the Annihilation of the Jaguars will only give our enemies the time needed to share the realities of having a Corridor. The Ghost Bears lurk quietly, let us see what they hold.

Hell’s Horses Gamma Galaxy 99th Mechanized Calvary “Trespasser Cluster”
Volga-class Transport “Mount Othrys” + Pegasi Binary: Aerospace x20 (Clan10+SLDF10) + Equulei Star: Space Marine x125
     Overlord C (Tank)-class "Canterless", Triumph-class "Rochefort"
     Titan-class “Ladakh” + Trinary Delta: Aerospace x30 (Omni10+Clan20)
     Fortress-class “Chaise Chasm” + Elemental Binary Gamma: Elemental x50
Vincent Mk 42-class Corvette “Hackamore
Merchant-class JumpShip "Grenfilet"+ Union C (Cargo)-class “Mare Sorrell
     Union C (Tank)-class “Mingghans” + Binary Epsilon: Infantry x250

Star Commodore Mitch Weissenborn is, oddly enough, not of the Hell’s Horses Kriztian bloodline, but an abthaka Ghost Bear and of Sergio Weissenborn stock, taken in the Trial of Possession for Industriplex Alpha on the planet Niles. As with most Bears at the time, he was a Crusader, and though the Ghost Bears soon went another way, he instead found the rise of Khan Fletcher a personal boon. He now yearns for retribution against his former Clan, whose turn to Warden validated his capture those years ago.

Star Colonel Aldebaran Houan has led the 99th Mechanized after he was a Star Captain in the 11th Mech in REVIVAL Trials and the loss to both the Ghost Bears and Diamond Sharks. While he earned glory for himself despite the disappointing outcome, Star Colonel James Cobb was unwilling to burden himself with the loss, working with Galaxy Commander Nobel DeLaurel to “promote” Houan.

Despite a ristar status and a helblood (of only Iler gene-mother and father lineage), Nova Captain Deacon Iler is now a part of the 99th, less than prestigious. He cares little for the “dishonor” and is happy to find himself in the Inner Sphere.

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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Note: much like my Japanesse, my German is non-existent. Please let me know if I have created an issue.

The Lyran state has been slow to develop domestic Warship production . Though Hanse Davion authorized the buildup of several Suns shipyards, work on Alarion or New Kyoto was second priority at best. Luckily, Newtown Square, long a Rim Worlds base of operations, held solutions. The RWR Navy hid several hulls deep in the system, as were several Lyran vessels lost in MAILED FIST or the many wars against or on behalf of the Periphery. Skunkworks and backroom deals, along with blacksite projects, all not unknown to the Lyran state, allowed the Navy to bring the relics to an old Rim Worlds Republic Outpost facility nearby. The death of Prince Hanse did not reveal the full breadth of the projects to Prince Victor, obsessed as he was with ‘Mech production and the holding of Marik’s son. With the rise of Katrina Steiner to the Archonship, though, more of the secrets held deep in the Alliance were revealed. As the Alliance is able to build the often ComStar-blockaded engines piecemeal, so too are some lesser manufacturers able to refit and repair the derelicts, with notable inclusions Blackstone (Inarcs), THI (Charhar) and Grumman (Melissa). A circuitous route along the Kuritan border is needed to avoid the questionably loyal Arc-Royals and their exiled Clanner cohorts, the Terran Corridor and its instability, and other less than welcome eyes among ComStar. A Command Directive ordered the Fleet through Clan Wolf territory and while the area has not seen much fighting lately, the movement is still not advisable in the eyes of the fleet commanders.

MI/LIC Operation BREZEL - PROJECT grünen Magischen - Lyran Interceptor Fleet Vacuum Tiger “Abfangflotte vakuumtiger”
Commonwealth II-class Light Cruiser “Tamar
9222nd Alliance CMC: Space Marines x91 + 4667th F-C BAP: IS Standard x16
     121st Alliance Fighter Regiment: Aerospace x60 + Titan-class “Bremen” + Vengeance-class “Prince Adalbert
     Leopard CV-class “Vultur” + Tiger Fleet Command Squadron: Aerospace x6
     Hercules-class “Oldenburg” + 401st Alliance SMB: Space Marine x301
     Gazelle (3055)-class “Leichter Lauf” + Buccaneer-class “Comercia II
Carson-class Destroyer “Foniás
331st Independent Reinforced Fleet Wing: Aerospace x24
Mako-class Corvette “Gordian
2003rd Alliance BAP: Gray Death Scout x16

Leutnant-Kommodore Apone Greer graduated Pandora College of Military Sciences top of his class. His career quickly evolved along expected paths, and his assignment to the Second Royal ensured his close contact with the family holding Semier Data Tron on Tharkad. His assignment with the state’s intelligence apparatus began in the War of 3039 when he was assigned to transport Lohengrin agents to the Rashalgue border and has culminated in his assignment to Project Green Magic.

Kaptain Ivana Kozlov, late of the 41st Avalon Hussars, was able to fight her way back the unit’s JumpShips on the planet Planting after the ground forces fought the Wolf Clan’s Beta Galaxy to a standstill. Their saKhan’s loss of face when he called down more warriors from the on-station fleet was little solace, and Kozlov then swore a reckoning. She sees little difference in the Exiled offshoot now taking up residence in the Alliance and has vocalized her displeasure that there are still Lyran worlds under occupation loudly and often. Her prickly reputation has followed her throughout her career through Transport Command and Strategies and Tactics Division. She has been tapped to bring the long-dead Mako-class “Nerva” to bear against Lyran enemies.

Kaptain Torran Doons, a scion of the Donegal conglomerate Nashan Diversified, made his way through the Nagelring in the interbellum between the War of ‘39 and the Clan Invasion. He is a veteran of the Twelfth Donegal and one of the first battles of the Clan Invasion, on Trell I. Holding off incoming Jade Falcons, the Kaptain was promoted to Brigade Support Fleet, eventually moving Lyran units out of the Federated Suns worlds under siege in the Marik-Liao Invasion of 3057. The rebuild of the old RWS Fonias is a suitable posting for the Kaptain, though the gremlins found in old Republic code requires a careful hand and give the engineering crews fits. “Die große Sauge,” or The Big Suck is the less than affectionate name for the fleet, especially spread among the crew of the Fonias.

As he has for the last 15 years, Hauptmann-Kommandant Brady Zellner leads the 401st Space Marine Battalion among the stars.
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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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The Turmae is a self-styled remnant of the fallen Jaguar Clan. Collected from across the Homeworlds, the forces were either unable to link with the Mistweavers of Hang Mehta before the return to Huntress or were too late to assist Brendon Corbett on Tranquil.

With the chaos of the Annihilation and Great Refusal, MSKC-2 was not the center of attention, and a chance encounter with the Streaking Mist alerted the lost warriors to the state of the old Widowmaker Ulsan yard and sorely needed transports, not to mention the disposition of Star Colonel Paul Moon. The disparate forces were able to quickly mobilize the Baron-class CWM Pismo to protect their charges. They now stalk the Exodus Road in search of their fellows or a target of their retribution.

Smoke Jaguar Remnants “The Turmae”
Essex II-class Destroyer “Musaeus” + Alpha Aero Star: Aerospace x10 (Omni10)
Baron-class Destroyer “Pismo” + Bravo Aero Star: Aerospace x10 (Clan10) + Delta Elemental Star: Elemental x25
Monolith-class JumpShip “Dungannon
     2 Broadsword-class “Alaris Ruin” “Hendrix”, Confederate C-class “Shrieking Renegade
     Infantry Binary: Infantry x250 + Gazelle-class “Corona V
     Charlie Aero Star: Aerospace x10 (SLDF10) + Union-CV C-class “Duke-les-Pins
     Behemoth C-class “Pathfinder”, 3 Mule C-class “Shade’s Reverb” “Sun Shadow” “Stalker Transit

Star Colonel Nik Von Suk has no interest in a fruitless death. Some loss of material to The Jaguar was unavoidable, but he hopes to lead the forces he has collected to a glory worthy of those he protects. The Star Colonel and Star Commodore Spyte Dimitrov have worked well so far but must decide where their fate lies. If Wayside V is to be that nexus, a great many things must be undertaken.

Star Commodore Juliette Stiles, on the other hand, feels naught but the need for vengeance. Against those who destroyed her Clan, who snubbed the requests for solidarity, and those who ignored the call of the jaguar’s spirit. Those unwilling or unable to save the Clan shall fall.

Alpha Galaxy Commander Rik Myers has called for support to punish the former Jaguars that have absconded with irreplaceable artifacts, the Pismo not the least among them. Obtaining the independent WarShip CGS Wonderton to bolster the 9th Hussar and the detached Seeker Stars split among the Homeworlds was a feat in and of itself. They now attempt to intercept the fleeing bandits.

Clan Goliath Scorpion Gamma Galaxy 9th Scorpion Hussar Cluster “The Lonesome Hurricane”
Kimagure-class Pursuit Cruiser “Wonderton” + Elemental Star: Elemental (space) x25
     Overlord-class “Antares
     Aero Trinary: Aerospace x30 (Omni8, Clan10, SLDF12) + Titan SL-class “Wandering Morning
Tramp-class JumpShip “Durchani
     Infantry Binary: Infantry x250 + Lion-class “Kota
     Black Eagle-class “Solifuge
Scout-class JumpShip “Love Drive
     Vampire-class “Blackout

The Wonderton is a largely refurbished Kimagure-class Cruiser that was scheduled for the Snow Raven Conqueror Program before a Trial of Refusal ended the plans. The Goliath Scorpions left the hull in their charge, though, as enough resources were not available pre-REVIVAL to make use. Eventually aerospace pilot, now Star Commodore, Jys Ben-Shimon undertook a Seeker Quest during the post-Invasion lull, when her success and return with honor earned her the right to top out the laid-up Kimagure. Her vision foresaw the need for heightened readiness, as the increase in Trials for former Clan possessions bore out. While Ben-Shimon’s continued use of necrosia has not dulled her abilities, XO Star Captain Ford Ismalia is fully prepared to take command if the time comes.

Rarely constituted as a full unit, the Ninth Hussar has been under Star Colonel Wil Yeh since the ascension of Galaxy Commander Shaum Djerassi to Gamma command. Many of the vessels are used as personal Seeker ferries as they search the exposed lands of the Invader and Abjured Clans while the remainder of the unit defended Marshall, still able to answer the call to reign-in the Jaguars.

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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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The End. Feel free to give your input. If I need to edit or add more, I may here.  Thanks, all.


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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Interesting matchups
WOB are they using any of the [url-]Hive[/url] Drone Fighters?
"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed:And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"


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Re: Battle of St. Koral - Choose Your Side
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Interesting matchups
WOB are they using any of the [url-]Hive[/url] Drone Fighters?

They have 12. Plus 6 They seemed like fun (I've never used the drone rules), but much more seemed excessive. Could go a bit less. But what the hell.