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Title: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 10 June 2016, 00:46:25
Cavalli’s Cavaliere

A Cavalli has fought in every war that has touched the Free Worlds League, which made it even more disappointing for Felix Cavalli’s father when he vanished from the family’s Andurien estate as a 14-year-old in 3050 and joined the Interstellar Merchant Navy.
The young Cavalli had excelled in every aspect of his family’s mechwarrior training and seemed destined to one day take over the family Marauder. His father, Gustav, had secretly fostered the idea his young scion might one day further the Andurien cause and even help shake off the yoke of Atreus and quickly disowned him after word reached him his heir was now a common spacer.

Cavalli’s spacing career was quickly cut short in FRR space when his employers discovered he was underage and marooned him. But it was there that his mercenary career began – once more concealing his age and drawing on half a decade’s constant training he was easily able to talk his way into an astech position with the Glory Warriors as the Clan Invasion commenced. Seven years spent bouncing between merc units along the Clan border saw the young Andurien rack up the kind of experience some warriors didn’t see in three decades in the military.

Tired of seeing his comrades thrown away for a few kilometres of blackened earth he washed up on Solaris in 3056 and enjoyed a relatively lacklustre year fighting in the lower grades before receiving word his father had died and, despite previously disowning him, had left him his estate and the family mech.
Tired of eking out an existence in the blood pits, Cavalli began recruiting a mercenary unit.

Operational history

Cavalli’s Cavaliere were initially an understrength company but quickly found work as part Operation Guerrero in late 3057. While inexperienced, the Cavaliere assisted in destroying the 3rd NAIS Cadre on Oliver and spent several months sub-contracting for larger mercenary units.
They also briefly worked for the Styk Commonality as the Chaos March formed, before deciding it was time for a change. In mid-3058 the unit accepted a contract with the Magistracy of Canopus to assist against ongoing Marian aggression. After six months of defensive operations against Marian raiders on Thraxa, the Cavaliere were jumping back to Canopus when they experienced a bizarre misjump that effectively marooned them in the middle of nowhere for almost a year.
Those Cavaliere who were marooned in the distant periphery are relatively close lipped about the whole adventure, only revealing that they were eventually rescued by an Interstellar Operations jumpship that chanced upon the forgotten system.
What is obvious, however, is that a great deal of the Cavaliere are natives of that deep periphery world, including most of the unit’s infantry and at least one mechwarrior.
Since returning to the Inner Sphere in mid-3060, the Cavaliere have worked exclusively in the Chaos March – including assisting Lindon’s Battalion on Caph, fighting Capellan forces on Epsilon Indi and assisting Hamal gain its independence from the Federated Suns.
In early 3062 the unit accepted a retainer from the Styk Commonality.


A substantial inheritance from his father and then a later compensation payment from the Magistracy has allowed the Cavaliere to grow to a full mech company. Salvage taken from Marian raiders (and before that the FedCom) has given them a full two lances of armour with APC support for the unit’s infantry.
While the unit is still burdened with a substantial amount of 3025 era technology, this has so far served them admirably in the Chaos March.
An interesting note is how damaged many of the unit’s machines were after returning from their misjump, suggesting they saw substantial combat on what is believed to be a forgotten or even uncharted world.

Command lance

Marauder MAD-5M
   Force Commander Felix Cavalli

Anvil ANV-3M
CPT   Capri Francesca Palma

Victor VTR-9B
   Travis Banerjee

Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
   Stefan Hostigos

Fire lance

Caesar CES-3R
LT   Joe Paige
Merlin MLN-1A
Lineholder KW1-LH2
   Asha Akouayn
Archer ARC-4M
   Eugen Cannavaro

Pursuit lance

Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
LT Aurora Weathers
Locust LCT-3M
   Jorge Calosso
Raven RVN-3L
   Ling Hoan

Armoured lance

Gladius Medium Hover Tank (Standard)
   Mostafa Mirza

Gladius Medium Hover Tank (Standard) #2
   Kellyn Herdman

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade)
   Ipatia Siranosian

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade) #2
   James Timbrell

Savannah Master Hovercraft (Standard)
   Amber Mori

Heavy Hover APC (Standard)
   Tosya Ivaneev

Heavy Hover APC (Standard) #2
   Neema Baya

Maxim (I) Heavy Hover Transport (Standard)

Infantry company
   Cpt Aubrey Ito-Hostigos

Foot Infantry platoon
   Lt Alex Zarco

Foot Infantry platoon #2
   LT Rich Reisenauer
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 10 June 2016, 07:47:26
Interesting background you have there. Makes me wonder about that mysterious world. At any rate, the concept is fun and I can't wait to see where you go with it!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 10 June 2016, 10:12:22
Thanks! More to come on said world.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Sharpnel on 10 June 2016, 11:39:03
I noticed that the PHawk has no pilot listed.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Sir Chaos on 10 June 2016, 14:19:15
I noticed that the PHawk has no pilot listed.

It does. There´s just an extra line break insert. But that lance only seems to have three mechs.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Dave Talley on 10 June 2016, 14:36:00
noting 2 folks with the Hostigos surname, no Kalvin around?
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 10 June 2016, 18:20:41
The Ph-Hawk does have a pilot. But yep, the lance is shy a fourth member

And, I'm glad you got the reference, Dave!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 10 June 2016, 20:17:57
Hostigos, that was from the book about alternate timeline.
Interesting to find out about that world. O0
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Dave Talley on 10 June 2016, 21:40:51
apparently its back in print, its no longer on Project Gutenberg

here is the wiki

and a website for the follow on stories
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 10 June 2016, 21:48:50
I've been desperately trying to track it down for years. Lent my copy to a friend maybe 10'years ago but we lost touch after both of us got out of the army.

In terms of inspiration - this unit stumbled on a scenario that is more When in the Course - another Beam short story with similar theme, etc. Except explorer stumble on medieval era world fighting it out over gunpowder.
More to be revealed shortly
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Dave Talley on 10 June 2016, 22:47:50
when I googled it, there were several on ebay and amazon
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 June 2016, 01:27:13
Post contact report prepared for Precentor Zwick, following encounter on Lontano

While conducting a series of deep space surveys in the area of space known as the Canopus Ruins, the Word of Blake ship Onslow, disguised as an Interstellar Expeditions vessel came across the IND-221-A2 system, knowns to its inhabitants as Lontano.
Settled in the late 2530s by author Terrance Deakin, a British radical who advocated what was generally considered a misogynistic, racist and generally ridiculous manifesto, Lontano slipped from star charts (apart from our own) in the mid 2500s.
Located just Corewood of Helvetica (another missing world), Lontano has regressed to almost medieval era technology, apart from a smattering of Age of War technology, which is lovingly worship by natives even as it decays.
Deakin petitioned Terran Hegemony authorities to establish a colony based around his warped teachings and was eventually given his leave in the 2520s, establishing Lontano with a core of his faithful.

By 2543 a Magistracy of Canopus exploration survey chanced upon the colony which had devolved into a tyrannical dictatorship. Ignoring the posturing of Deakin, the MoC government annexed the world, hung the “great leader” and his henchman and instituted a Canopus style government.
With the outbreak of the succession wars, the MoC pulled back resources from many of its colonies, presumably abandoning Lontano, which quickly slipped from the star charts.
Over the next 250 odd years the planet regressed dramatically. It’s believed the settlers soon fell into civil war, which climaxed in a series of short nuclear and conventional engagements. While some victims of Succession Wars managed to plunge themselves into all out nuclear winter, it appears Lontano simply managed to kill off its best and brightest. All the technicians, scientists, and machinists appear to have died out, effectively leaving society to regress to a dark age level as their grand reminders of their once high tech society crumbled and decayed around them.
Comstar’s Explorer corps kept tabs on the planet over the years, but it was not until the Onslow detected radio and fusion output in 3060 - along with the damaged remains of two Jumpships - that we decided to explore.

On world, our party found a small group of mercenaries (who had allied with one planetary faction) in the process of finishing off a pirate band (who had allied with another).
After restoring order, a small post was established in the hope we can bring the Word to the unbelievers of Lontano (their main beliefs effectively revolve around the deifying of Star League era relics and it’s expected they will be easily assimilated) as well as offering us an additional supply point in the Deep Periphery.
The offworlders were sworn to secrecy and forced to sign a series of non-disclosure clauses before we rendered aid and assisting in the repairs to one of their ancient jumpships. While our cover story of being an IE team was flimsy, we think they believed it.
Life on Lontano is confined to one large continent about the size of North America on Terra. However, it’s only sparsely populated with most settlements centered around a large river delta and plains area in the continent’s south. Further north the climate quickly turns too cold to effectively support life.
The original colony was centered on the southern most tip and originally named Deakinsville. Four other settlements hug the nearby coastline, while smaller settlements were scattered along the nearby temperate plains and forests. Now, these five settlements are rival city states which each control their surrounding lands under feudalistic trappings.
The barren plains are home to barbarian tribes (original settlers who rejected Deakin and fled into the wilderness) that have regressed effectively to the Stone Age but carry out regular raids on their more civilised counterparts. Interestingly, all five major settlements (no one city state has ever managed to decisively beat another because all were built to withstand relatively modern weapons, including tanks and Battlemechs) were built with fusion reactors to provide power. None of the reactors can manage more than a trickle of power that does little more than power a handful of cooling units, meat freezers or water pumps. The Duchy of Tyros is best known for its electric lights that periodically flicker on throughout its temple district, causing waves of religious fervour.

Natives lack the ability to maintain or repair these wonders and as such believe they’re gifts from the old gods who marooned them on the world.
What made our visit so curious was the discovery that the Confederation of Kas (who control the southernmost tip, including the original colony’s landing site) had allied itself with a pirate band know as the Bloody Brotherhood prior to our arrival. The Brotherhood had fled justice following a string of violent raids across Marian and Canopus space and managed to make their way to Lontano before their ancient jumpship gave out. Once on world they carried out a murderous campaign of violence before deciding to settle in Kas, where they were able to use the colony’s old but still usable repair facilities. These pirates could have easily set themselves up as planetary rulers had a mercenary unit known as Cavelli's Cavalierebnot accidently misjumped into the system. After landing (and initially avoiding contact with locals), Cavalli and his men assisted the Duchy of Frac beat back the pirates, even pressuring the Duke into his first ever alliance with several neighbouring kingdoms in an effort to combat the new threat together. By the time of our arrival the Brotherhood had been destroyed, with some parts impressed into the mercenaries, and the world was well on its way to reunification under Frac control.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 June 2016, 01:33:04
Command lance

Marauder MAD-5M
Force Commander Felix Cavalli blends experience on the Clan front, the arenas of Solaris and corporate infighting with a traditional FWL noble upbringing. He's adept at moving in high society but just as home in the company of his troops. His experiences in the Deep Periphery has left him shaken and determined to stay in the Inner Sphere - mainly because after announcing his departure the young daughter of the Duke of Frac (who Cavalli effectively crowned king of Lontano) responded that she was pregnant with his child. Cavalli quickly beat a hasty retreat to the Dropship.

Anvil ANV-3M
CPT  Capri Francesca Palma is the unit XO and a childhood friend of Cavalli. Their families have been interlinked for generations and it was highly likely the pair would have even been married in yet another inter-house joining if Felix had not disgraced himself. Back on Andurien, Palma was forced to endure the endless round of parties, dresses and match making opportunities until she eventually broke down and told her parents her one true desire - to become a mechwarrior. A graduate of Princefield, her family were less than pleased when she ran off to join Cavalli.

Victor VTR-9B
Travis Banerjee is Cavalli's elderly retainer. Originally natives of the Regulan Fiefs, the Banerjees have served the Cavalli family for generations and as Felix grew, it was Travis that watched over him. He was secretly pleased when his young charge struck out on his own and was the first to approach him on Solaris when the young noble let it know he was forming his own unit.

Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
Stefan Hostigos is another native of Lontano and the youngest son of one of the planet's most powerful noblemen. As a child he discovered a simulator hidden deep inside his father's palace - a trickle of power from the city's reactor kept it ticking over. He trained almost daily, until the arrival of Cavalli and his men and presented himself as a replacement mechwarrior. At the controls of a former pirate Shadow Hawk he leaves much to be desired, but he's fearless and a dab hand with a blade. A romance quickly blossomed with the commander of the unit's infantry and the pair married in a traditional Duchy ceremony.

Fire lance

Caesar CES-3R
LT Joe Paige is clearly a FedSuns defector but remains tight lipped about his origins. He simply showed up, with his pristine mech and asked for a job as they entered the Chaos March and is probably the unit's most talented mechwarrior. Several months after joining the unit he married Amber, the Savannah Master pilot.

Merlin MLN-1A
Evelyn is a warrior woman born, although only recently introduced to Battlemechs. A native of Lontano's barbarian nomads she cut a deal with Cavalli as he attempted to unite forces against the Brotherhood - I'll bring my clan to fight for you, but you teach me how to command one of your giant metal men. Many of her clan now serve as the unit's infantry and she brought her two wives with her: Layla has turned into a talented combat medic, while Taya is pregnant with the couple's second child and runs the unit's creche.

Lineholder KW1-LH2
 Asha Akouayn was captured by Cavalli during their time on Lontano. A former pirate who had grown tired of the constant bloodshed and life of crime she was ready to break with the Brotherhood when her Lineholder was shot out from under her and readily swapped sides.Akouayn was actually born a slave in the Deep Periphery and spent years as a slaver's concubine before slitting his throat and escaping. Coldly competent and stand-offish, she barely speaks with her comrades and only seems to live for combat.

Archer ARC-4M
Eugen Cannavaro and Felix Cavalli's father were lancemates in the old Defenders of Andurien. A native of Promised Land, Eugen is short, squat and resembles a Hobgoblin due to his homeworld's unusually heavy pressure. He's also bitter that he's not leading the fire lance. Or leading his own merc company. And that his wife left him.
He's known for dropping his LRMs just a little to close for his lancemates' comfort.

Pursuit lance

Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
LT Aurora Weathers - A native of Canopus, Weathers worked closely with the Cavalliere during their initial months fighting Marian raiders. Keen to see more of the universe she decided to branch out and joined them as they returned to the Inner Sphere. Cavalli is aware she's obviously an agent for MoC intelligence determined to find out what actually happened during their misjump, but he prefers his spies to be obvious. It doesn't hurt that she's heartbreakingly beautiful.

Locust LCT-3M
Jorge Calosso is a giant, a native of Kendall where gravity generally breeds seven foot tall, heavy set humans. Jovial and always read with a joke, Jorge brought his wife and two young daughters with him when he signed up recently. His wife Krystal is a talented tech and has been well received by the unit's tech pool.
It's a constant joke among his lance that no one knows how Jorge is able to fit inside his Locust's tiny cockpit.

Raven RVN-3L
 Ling Hoan is the newest member, but is no stranger to the military. Hoan spent 30 years in the CCAF's Home Guard, bouncing from unit to unit until deciding to go freelance in the wake of the Chaos March collapse. He's driving a Raven, captured from pro-CapCon troops on Epsilon Indi.

Cpt Aubrey Ito-Hostigos commands the attached infantry company - a tough as nails former hand to hand instructor with the FWL military, she's served as a merc in the Chaos March since 3057 and hooked up with Cavalliere just before they headed to Canopus space.
While Locato is a patriarchal society, she impressed the warriors of the Hostigos clan with her skill in close combat. She married Stefan Hostigos, the duke's youngest son, prior to the unit returning to the Inner Sphere.

Mostafa Mirza - a career merc who has mostly made his living working corporate security jobs. He and his crew of vehicle operators signed up on Solaris, keen to finally see some action.

Amber Mori pilots the unit's sole Savannah Master. An excellent scout - both at the controls of her hovercraft or on foot, she's saved the unit several times by sniffing out ambushes or alternative routes.
A native of Caph, she was fighting for one of the numerous ethnic militias in the wake of the planet's collapse of government. A berth with the Cavalleri seemed ideal after that hell hole.
She's recently married lieutenant Paige.
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Cavalli’s Cavaliere
MRBC Update 15-06-62

Force strength:

The Cavaliere boast just shy of a full mech company, supported by an armoured lance and a full foot infantry company equipped with hover APCs.
This infantry company appears to be heavily drawn from deep periphery sources as well as boasting several known pirates. As such, this element is know for its take no prisoners approach, close quarters ability and irregular operations.

The unit lacks any form of aerospace air support but is trained in working with close air support.
Force Commander Cavalli has tried to recruit air support several times since arriving in the Chaos March with success.

The Cavaliere are blessed with a good corps of trained technicians, mainly recruited off Solaris. Using his stable contacts, Cavalli was able to lure away several high level techs. Interestingly, their platoon of astechs seem to be mainly drawn from the Deep periphery, including several that apparently don't speak English or any other recognised language. While this has been an issue with outsiders, it appears numerous unit members are able to communicate with them.
Lieutenant Adolfo-Gustav Haigh is a former senior tech with the Lynch Stable. He was rumoured to be on a six figure contract according to the Solaris Tattler, but for unknown reasons gave it all up for life as a merc. His predilection for high stakes poker and Four Card Drax is well known however.

In contrary to their small size, Cavalli's unit boast a Union class dropship and a Fortress. Both are ancient, barely space worthy vessels apparently salvaged in the periphery.
The origin of the Fortress, Spada, is unknown but it bore numerous scars when it appeared With the mercenaries several years ago. Much of the ship's weapons have been deactivated due to age, disrepair and a lack of crew.

The Union, the Damnthing, is well known for its membership among the Bloody Brotherhood pirate band. In better repair but still aged, it's understood this dropper was taken as a prize.

Insignia and colour:
The Cavaliere paint their mechs in maroon and grey in a checkerboard patterns, reminisce of a knight's surcoat. This led to some confusion on epsilon Indi when they faced the Lannendorf Lancers.
Cavaliere also typically use a golden trim for effect, picking out mech cockpits.
These colour reflect the Cavalli family crest.

The unit's insignia is a dark grey horse with a golden mane, rampant and set on a triangular maroon shield.
This is actually the crest of the Cavalli family. An interesting irony, seeing as the young commander spent much of his adult life estranged from his family.

Until recently the Cavaliere avoided having a uniform, instead relying on whatever kit each member had brought with them from their last posting. However, in 3062 the unit embraced a dress uniform consisting of tight fitting pants in a slate grey and a Marik style jacket (also in grey). The uniform is completed by tall jack boots, maroon kepi
and maroon piping for jacket and pants.

This uniform is only worn on parade and for formal occasions.

Officers typically carry a basket hilt cavalry sword and wear a Sam Browne leather scabbard with plated brass mouthpiece for service wear.

The Cavaliere lack a field uniform, instead wearing whatever they have. The infantry company is particularly terrifying and mix matched, complete with grisly trophies, plumed hats and swords, daggers, axes and pikes, along side standard fatigues and modern body armour.
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Post by: snakespinner on 12 June 2016, 19:17:25
I have a copy of Lord Kalvan of otherwhen and also a sequel the Great Kings War by Roland Green.
If you want them you there all yours.
I think you live in Sydney.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: E. Icaza on 16 June 2016, 22:54:35
I've never read the "Lord Kalvan" books, but look forward to hearing more about this unit!
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August 29, 3062
The Great White Plains, Hamal,
The Chaos March

With a shudder Force Commander Felix Cavalli heaved his Marauder’s rear hatch open, exposing himself to the full effect of the icy winds.
Even encased in a heavy duty FWL issue parka, a scarf pulled tight around his face and bulky googles the biting cold child him to the bone as he scrambled a good 11m down to the chin.
His command lance had parked less than half an hour ago but already the four machines were partially covered by thick white snow.
“Good natural camouflage, at least,” the young mercenary leader mused as he reached the ground, his boots crunching against the snow.
“Whazzat, sair?” a gruff voice said.
From the darkness a hulking figure moved forward. Wrapped so heavily in equipment, armour and clothing Sergeant Garth looked almost like a small bear raised on its hind legs.
Apart from the sleek AX-22 Autorifle slung over his shoulder.
“Just thinking that if the snow doesn’t cover our tracks after that last raid, nothing will Sergeant.”
The big native of Lontano grunted and shifted his rifle.
The pair rushed through the driving snow until they reached the far bubble tent. All the way Cavalli cursed himself for agreeing to this meeting rather than just returning to the Dropships and boosting.
“I’ll leave you ‘er, zur. Check de other sentries,” Garth muttered. And with a final nod vanished into the night.
Damn people probably enjoy this weather
Pushing aside the heavy plastic curtain into the tent was trading one world for another - while outside was freezing and cold, inside heat and sense of dozens of bodies packed in too close was almost overwhelming.
At least 40 people - locals and mercenaries alike - sat crossed legged or squatted in long rows facings three huge fires that turned the entire tent hazy with their smoke.
Serving girls, almost nude apart from jewellery and shifting, silken veils and shashes, moved above dispensing food and the sickly sweet fermented milk the locals seemed to relish.
Handing off his gear so that he was now wearing nothing more than his Cooling Suit Cavalli entered the tent’s main floor and was assaulted by the wail of sound from some sort of automated music maker, accompanied by several men on drums.
“The lord would like a word with you, Commander,” a soft voice beckoned.

After extending their contract with the desert nomads of Hamal, the Cavaliere the spent the first half of 3062 fighting FedSuns forces on that icy world.
In mid-June the unit departure Hamal for the Styk Commonality after accepting a generous defensive contract to help push back encroaching CapCon forces.
Earlier that year, Chancellor Liao had installed his own troops as “peacekeepers” and effectively taken over Styk’s Tao Mechworks without firing a shot. However the Commonality was determined to push his forces offworld.
Facing a well funded and highly effective pro-Liao insurgency, the planetary government was already hard pressed when in August 3062 elements of Warrior House Lu Sann and Kamakura’s Hussars. Fortunately, the planetary government had recently hired mercenary unit Lindon’s Battalion, and several weeks later the Cavaliere.
Cavalli and his unit would drop directly into combat on June 15 - the situation had turned dire in the four weeks it took them to leave their last duty station and arrive at Styk’s Nadir jump point.
Delighted to once again see Lindon’s Battalion (after working with them on Caph) the Cavaliere begun a hard burn for atmosphere.
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Unit briefing:
June 15, 3062
Dropship Damnthing
Nadir jump point, Styk
Styk Commonality

Cavalli: “Alright people, Goddamit, shut up and listen in. We are now burning for Styk where we will assist throwing off Capellan invaders, like the gallant knights we are.”

General groans and jeers.

Cavalli: “Yeah, i know. I know. We’re vectoring for the a placed called Fire Island down south on the Burtnik continent. The Cappies have thrown up a big push there. Looks like the native militia has packed it in and our good friends from Lindon’s Battalion are desperate for support. That would be us. We’ll wait until we see the ground truth, but at this stage it looks like the Command and Fire lances coming down right on top of the situation and Weathers - your guys will secure our six.

“Now, one thing to note is that the latest intel report has Warrior House Lu Sann also on world-“

Groans and a sudden yelling.

Cavalli: “I know, i know, i know. Ok, keep it together people. Yes, our employers didn’t mention we’d be facing a Warrior House in addition to Cappie regulars… but it’s a pay day. Anyone who wants to sit out this contract can remain on the dropships without pay for the duration.
“Any questions?”

June 17, 3062
Little Creek, Fire Island
Styk Commonality

“Zero Alpha, this is One Hammer. Dammit, guys I need support here!”
“You need to hold Hammer, support it en route.”
“C’mon lads, if that support doesn’t get here right now we’re dead. My board’s lit up like Luthien at New Year’s and Morrow and Lee and gone. Hurry the hell up-“
“Hammer, this is Knight Six. We’re inbound, hold tight.”
“Who the hell is this?! Buddy, you had sure as hell better be coming in hot because these Cappies are now letting up.”
“Hammer, Knight Six - we’re the Cavaliere and you had better believe we’re coming in hot!”
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Attacker: elements of Kamakura’s Hussars 1st battalion and pro-Liao irregulars

Defender: players + additional elements of Lindon's Battalion

+ 400 Surprise! (The Defender rolls Initiative with a –4 modifier for the first 5 turns.)
+ 100 Heavy rain
+ 200 Off field support: The Cavaliere' Fortress class dropship is parked offmap and can utilise its Long Tom. However, the unit only has five rounds for the cannon. It has a regular gunnery skill.

Turn the tide. Destroy/Cripple at least 75% of the Attacker’s force. [400]
Cut off the head. Destroy/Cripple the enemy commander’s unit. [150]

The following rules are in effect for this track:

Use the Commander rules for the Attacker (p. 13). Forced Withdrawal
Both sides operate under Forced Withdrawal rules (see p. 258, TW).

The Salvage rule (p. 13) applies only if the Turn the tide objective is achieved.


Hussars' 1st battalion, Alpha company Battle lance
THR-1LThunder - Sang-wei Aiden Lee *
HUR-W0-R4L Huron Warrior
CTF-3L Cataphract
VND-3L Vindicator

Po tank
Po tank
x2 Mechanised infantry squads

Elements of Lindon's Battalion (Hammer lance)
NGS-5T Nightsky
SPR-5F Spector

Both Lindon's Battalion mechs have been damaged. As such they take 15 points of damage randomly determined across their front three torso locations and 10 scattered randomly across their rear.

The Cavaliere brought their command lance.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 18 June 2016, 21:50:04
As first fights go, this was a doozy.
The Lindon's Battalion pair started well ahead of us and right in the teeth of the Cappie advance.
I positioned Felix's lance along ridge line off to the west, hoping we'd be able to flank the Cappies as they raced after the bait....err... Our friends.

By the time the Nightsky and Spector were in range they'd been chewed up nastily and I dropped two rounds from the Long Tom to break up their pursuers.
Amazingly, both shots were on target and took out an infantry squad and charred the Cataphract a bit.

Then the shooting started. Capri and the CO put all the laser hurt down on the Huron Warrior but in exchange thenThunder let loose back.
Capri's Anvil went down as did the Warrior.

And our Shadow Hawk decided now was the time to jump forward and drop into the middle of opposing tank formation.

The Cappies had effective found themselves in an L-shaped shooting gallery and another exchange of gunfire saw my Marauder blow the Huron Warrior to tiny pieces, while the pair of Lindon's Battalion mechs leapt forward to assist the Sh-Hawk. All three tore up the armoured lance.

In typical Capellan fashion, the lance the charges desperate to get to grips with us.
Unfortunately, that giant arse AC/20 on that Thunder ripped the heart out of our Anvil and even knocked the pilot around as she rode the machine to the ground.

But it was all pretty much over after that - the Cappies lost the Vindy as well and three tanks were knocked out.
They wisely retreated after that.

My Mercs lost both the Anvil and the Shadow Hawk (late in the game I dropped some more Long Tom round in on the fleeing Liao lance, missed and chewed up my own mech!)

Based on the objectives - we managed to salvage a pair of Brutus assault tanks, a Po and bits of the Vindicator
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Dropping the Arty on your own Shadow Hawk, that is what I'm famous for.
Are you trying to copy my style. :D O0
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If you're not taking casualties from your own artillery you're not advancing fast enough!
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Dropping the Arty on your own Shadow Hawk, that is what I'm famous for.
Are you trying to copy my style. :D O0

Suddenly I don't feel so alone..  but I've hit a Phoenix Hawk in my own ammo depot that was being over run..  Long Delays for the Long Tom to arrive..  Still barely functioning Phoenix Hawk that had driven off or destroyed most of an attacking the Recon Lance. 
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Suddenly I don't feel so alone..  but I've hit a Phoenix Hawk in my own ammo depot that was being over run..  Long Delays for the Long Tom to arrive..  Still barely functioning Phoenix Hawk that had driven off or destroyed most of an attacking the Recon Lance. 

Oh yeah, I've got history in this regard. In another campaign years ago my RAF Purifier spotter squad called in some danger close Arrow IV. It missed but incidentally still hit another enemy unit. That was right next door to them. Killed both the enemy squad and my Purifiers - who had actually called the shot in on themselves
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Personal log -  Felix Cavalli,
June 28, 3062

Just got orders to pull back to the capital - apparently the Cappies are making a major push there out of the Tao MeckWorks they're already occupying.
Hopefully the orders are legit this time - conflicting orders seem to come and go almost hourly. The Styk high command is a joke - chaotic, self serving and almost certainly infiltrated by Liao moles.
Lindon's Battalion is holding the Warrior House to the east, guess we're got to go save Lorelei.
Only Fire Lance is back there - hopefully they don't run into too much trouble.

Damn. There's not much else to say. Hours before we could make our way back to Lorelei those Hussars hit the city hard. Fire Lance under Joe Paige was about all they had defending the northside. I got one garbled comm call fro Paige as they took up position - at least one lance, all brand new Cappie designs, coming in hard.

And then I got further word.
Evelyn's dead - one of those damn Huron Warriors puts a gauss slug through her cockpit. Joe's Ceaser is gone - the same bastard managed to shoot him out of it.
Asha and Eugene managed to see off the rest of the Cappies but they're both in bad shape.
I don't know how I'm going to break it to Evelyn's wives. Damn.
We'll get our pay back.


So, this was a bloody lance on lance tangle in heavy urban. Like i said, i lost two mechs - including one pilot. In return we destroyed two Liao mechs (Eugen even stomped on one pilot!) and left a Men Shen crippled (busted gyro and missing a leg).
The bastard Huron Warrior pilot was insanely good and under Forced Withdrawal fled after blowing up the Caesar- the pair opedn up on each other and pretty much ruined each other, but I got the worst of it.

This was... bloody. Technically we won, but I'm going to be struggling to repair and re-arm. And I'm down two mechs!
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One of my friends is a huge Huron Warrior fan. He'd be proud of that guy.
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One of my friends is a huge Huron Warrior fan. He'd be proud of that guy.

Nasty piece of kit.

After he killed the Merlin pilot I was pretty determined to waste him. And lost the Casear because of it. Instead of playing it safe I went all out and got myself shot to pieces.
Don't let your emotions intrude on the battlefield, kids!

Meanwhile, I played through another scenario. A follow on - Archer and Lineholders fleeing the city with Cappies hot on their heels and run into Felix's lance.
Actually worked out damn well for us this time
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A bit of friend... Or maybe foe?
Some of you guys may have seen Barton's Boozefighters over in my Republic era Heist campaign.
Anyway, here they are.

MRBC Report - JUNE-3062
Barton's Boozefighters

The mercenary unit known as Barton's Boozefighters (technically registered as Barton's Broncos with the MRBC) is closely linked to three prominent families from Australia in the Lyran Alliance's Bucklands Theatre.
The Duggan, Barton and Kerr families can all trace their ancestry back to Australia's original settlers who emigrated to the far flung world from Terra's sparsely populated Australia continent during the early Star League.

The scions of all three families passed through recruit training and were initially assigned to the Australia-based 11th Lyran Regulars before being transferred to the 15th Regulars just in time for the 4th Succession War where they saw action against the Draconis Combine. Newly blooded and full of fire, Hauptmanns Brenton Duggan,  Andrew Barton and Marisa Kerr decided to muster out for mercenary service along with a cadre of their former comrades. The original charter decided unit command would be voted on and rotated through the various three founding families. All three managed to enlist several Australian relatives and by 3031 with now Major Duggan at their head, Brenton's Broncos boasted a full combined arms battalion.

The Broncos spent the next years working exclusively for the Lyran half of the FedCom or Steiner space based companies. In 3039, FedCom command transferred the unit to Davion space as part of the massive assault on The Dragon.
In support of the Six FedCom RCT the Broncos burnt in for Ancha during the early war of '39, but a Shin Legion Slayer had other plans. Following a brutal fight the last remaining Kuritan fighter rammed the Bronco Union class dropship Bucking Stallion, destroying the bridge and sending the ship plummeting to the surface. Major Duggan and most of 1st company was killed while Captain Marisa Kerr suffered critical injuries that would prevent her from ever using a mech again.

Shattered in the subsequent 18th Dieron Regulars counter attack the Broncos retreated and a new leadership vote was held. Andrew Barton was voted into command and after the unit's contracted lapsed, the newly christened Barton's Broncos headed for House Marik space.
Under Barton the unit shrank to a company as several long term members left due to the Broncos' new direction. The unit developed a reputation for effective but brutal counter insurgency work in the FWL and Confederation.
Old members were replaced with new merc more suited to the new direction but the unit soon gained a reputation for drunken off duty incidents, poor discipline and low morales that saw others dub them "Boozefighters" rather than Broncos.

In 3057 Barton survived a heart attack and elected to retire and hand command over to his son Brett. While this shocked the remaining "old guard" who had expected a vote, the move was not challenged. Later that year Lieutenant Adam Duggan's Awesome was destroyed as by a misguided friendly artillery strike.
Since then, all opposition to the Barton rule  has effectively disappeared.

The Boozefighters boast a full company of battlemechs, supported by a mixed company of light armour, towed artillery and infantry.
1st company includes a heavy/assault command lance, a light pursuit lance and mixed Security lance commanded by Brenton Duggan's 23-year-old son Frank. Only one when his father died he had shown no desire to supplant Barton, and the CO is very keen to keep him on side.

The 2nd company is commanded by Jayne Kerr-Barton, a cousin of the CO.

SUPPORT: Never a rich unit, the Boozefighters can barely maintain their equipment and many mechwarriors pull double duty as techs. Original unit member Marisa Kerr's daughter Hazel is the talented chief tech but she is forced to work with bare bones resources.

TRANSPORT: The Boozefighters were unable to save the wrecked Stallion and now rely solely on the ancient and poorly maintained Erskineville King, an Overlord class dropper that has been crudely modified to support combined ops.

The unit insignia didn't help things during their transition in names: it depicts a bucking bronco with rider in silhouette against a tan background. The rider is wearing a broad brimmed hat and is wildly waving around a bottle in one hand.

The Boozefighters typically paint their machines in a dark tan with black highlights. Many however just sport an olive drab scheme, with plenty of primer.
Rust is a common issue with many machines.


Major Brett Barton is a formidable warrior and decent tactician. A born and raised merc he learnt everything he knew as a self confessed "merc brat". As such he has nothing but scorn for the "pretty boy academy grads".
While his Stalker is made for stand off work he prefers the shock and awe of charging at his enemies.
Always keen on the heavy drinking, hard charging culture of the Boozefighters, a replacement arm following a bad ejection during a pirate hunting operation in Taurian space in 3054 saw him develop a painkiller addiction as he learned to live with his prosthetic.

Lieutenant Frank Duggan commands the security lance from the cockpit of his Warhammer and displays much of the competence and leadership ability of his father. While Brenton was reserved and a little frosty, Frank is a good ole boy who fits in well with the leadership and other mercs. He has however been making increased inquiries into the exact nature of the friendly fire incident that killed his brother and he's quickly beginning to suspect his CO.

Captain Adrianna King is the Boozefighters' XO and serves as the Command Lance number two in her Grasshopper. A former Crucis Lancer she was cashiered for I know reasons after the war of '39 and spent several years as a bounty hunter and bodyguard for rich celebs, while making a sideline as a glamour model for several various merc oriented Tri-vid shows before being hired by the Boozefighters.
When her looks started to fade she invested heavily in cosmetic surgery. But it became apparent her modelling career was over - and those surgeries were expensive, requiring her to go merc.
Barton is besotted with her and she knows how to play him.
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And we know how well it worked out for all involved. Though I love the theme naming
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March 3074 update - Word of Blake Mercenary Liaison Command

Since accepting employment with us in early 3066 the Boozefighters have expanded to a full combined arms battalion with attached aerospace support. Colonel Barton has  made extensive use of our Credit opportunities to purchase a platoon of battle armour and has borrowed several sizeable sums from Word lenders.

The Boozefighters initially enjoyed a string of successes for us: putting down insurrections, counter insurgency work and pirate hunting across the Protectorate and it seemed they may have finally turned a corner after years of bad reputation, contract breaches and defeats.
In late 3073 High Command shifted the Boozefighters from Terra to the Circinus Federation where they took up cadre and training duty for the new units we're training there. Following their arrival in the periphery the unit appears to have fallen back on its old habits of poor discipline.

Worryingly, 1st company's commander Captain Frank Duggan deserted as the unit readied for its shift out of the Protectorate. He was last spotted outbound for Federated Suns space.
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And we know how well it worked out for all involved. Though I love the theme naming

Rather! Yeah, I decided to go back and fill out the Boozefighters' history as I drew up Cavalli and co. So I'll do updates for both here. It's kinda like the good and the bad. Just need an ugly now...
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When we last left our intrepid crew from the Cavaliere they were knee deep in the muck with the Cappies.

The shattered remains of the fire lance (Arccher and Lineholder) were still trapped in the capital Lorelai and the command lance was moving to relieve them.
The CapCon have made a major push for the capital and have thrown a full battalion of the Hussars at the defenders.
Felix and his lance (minus the still recovering XO) start well outside the city and push forward, while the Archer and Lineholder started things in the city.
Both mechs have not been repaired since their last clash and are low on ammo.

The Capellans are advancing two lances of mixed mediums and heavy mechs, supported by a mechanised infantry platoon with towed Thumpers.

A mixed company of Styk militia is holding the bag - they're mostly dug in.
And to cap it all off, I've designated six hexes that will get periodically shelled by off map Long Toms.

And.... It went pretty well. Cavalli and co smashed three Cappie mechs and only the Victor suffered any real damage.
The command lance rushed forward, linked up with our stragglers and got them the hell out of dodge.
Unfortunately for the Styk militia... We left them for the Cappies. The contract on Styk is over and the Capellans have successfully taken over
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Dropship Damnthing

"And I'm telling you, I don't give a damn if we don't have clearance to boost - we're going!" Cavalli all but screamed into the bridge com link.
Around him the Union class dropper's bridge crew scurried frantically with final preperation work.
"Who the hell is this? You must be the only bastard still at your post anyway."
The mercenary leader was about to launch into a tirade at the starport tower officer when the line suddenly broke into static.
With a muttered curse in Italian he dropped the mic.

Next to him Captain Fran Molloy sighed. "I'm feeling that could have gone better."

Her commander was engrossed in the main viewer however. It was pulling in images from the main Styk news network.
Three senior members of the Styk planetary council were being led down the steps of government house. All three had been shackled together and looked well worn.
Capellan infantrymen in Han inspired, full face helmets and wielding rifles shoved and corralled the group forward.

"I'd say our contract is null and void, based on those pics," Felixstowe said, nodding towards the screen.
"We need to get out of here."

Outside there was a series of loud explosions.
"We really need to get out - get ready to boost."

Molloy rushed forward.
"Force Commander! We've just secured comms with a Kym Caine off the merchant jump ship Portland. She's willing to take us out of the system if we make a hard burn"
But Felix ignored her - on the main news screen, the camera was zoomed in on an empty flagpole in the city square. Suddenly, the green Capellan flag surged to the top of the poll and extended with a slight flutter.
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Definately time to exit dodge 'fore them pond scum crappies come a-gunnin' fer ya !!!  [run away]
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So with tech conclusion of the Styk contract, I ended up with the following additions.

No pilot:
MLN-1A Merlin (head destroyed)

WHM-6L Warhammer (missing arm and leg)
VND-3L Vindicator (cockpit destroyed, almost no other damage)
HEL-3D Helios (pretty much just spare parts)

X2 Brutus tanks

With the Merlin pilot dead and the Ceaser totally destroyed I'm down half of the fire lance.
Unsure how to group my three new salvaged mechs together or if I shoudk just sell them?

I'm going to spend some supply points and hire a new mechwarrior. While LT Paige will have to take over a new machine with the loss of his ride.

If I have the points I might even go on a spending spree and try for a whole new lance, bring us up to four mech lances.
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I say sell the Vindicator and Helios, and keep the Warhammer as a replacement for the Caesar. Maybe see if you can get the Warhammer upgraded to -7M or -7S; neither would be an equal replacement for the Caesar, but both would still be improvements over the -6L.
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Yeah, it was a shame about the Ceaser - a Hot Hammer isn't a respectable trade.
The Helios is a wreck and not worth repairing. I'd figured on just selling it
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Yeah, it was a shame about the Ceaser - a Hot Hammer isn't a respectable trade.
The Helios is a wreck and not worth repairing. I'd figured on just selling it

On the other hand, if you have the funds, also keep the Vindicator, and see if you can get three more cheap-ish mechs.

Merlin, Vindicator and two more jumpers (Whitworth, Catapult, Enforcer or something like that) make a jump-capable medium/heavy lance, while Archer, Lineholder, Warhammer plus X make a new fire lance.
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That is kinda what I was thinking about.
That would expand us to a full company plus command lance
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With the salvage and a bit of a hiring spree I was able to re-equip the Fire Lance and expand to a slightly under strength Pursuit Lance. Asha, our former Lineholder pilot did very well - both in holding it together after the first fight and then the pursuit through the city.
So she's moved up to the Merlin and now commands her own lance.

Eugen Cannavaro is far from pleased and once again getting passed over for promotion...

Fire lance
LT   Joe Paige - WHM-6L Warhammer
SGT Eugen Cannavaro - Archer ARC-4M
MW Rufus Le Marquid - BNC-3M Banshee
MW Sueellen Tores - Lineholder KW1-LH2

Pursuit lance
LT Asha Akouayn - Merlin MLN-1A
MW Bobby (Roberto) Singh - Lynx LNX-9Q
MW Georgia Calosso - VND-3L Vindicator
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New recruits!

Rufus Le Marquid is a veteran's veteran. War of '39? Saw action with the 3rd Davion Guards. Clan War? Yep. On exchange with the 3rd Lyran on the border. Bulldog? Oh hell yeah - 1st FedSuns Armoured Cav. Even brought home a commendation.
He's seen more combat than most jocks will even dream of. So retirement on Le Blanc didn't sit well and he jumped at the chance when an old buddy lured him into  merc work in the Chaos March.
He's brought an ancient Banshee out of retirement.

Bobby (Roberto) Singh - brought a Cicada with him from his last posting in the 1st Regulan Hussars. A veteran of The FWL's contribution to Operation Bulldog, he's a talented warrior.
However his attitude and big mouth has seen him demoted numerous times and eventually busted out of the service following a public brawl with an Atrean officer.
Shortly after washing up on Outreach he managed to win a pristine Lynx in a high stakes game of Four Card Drax and traded up.

Sueellen Tores is a native of Tarus but left that world at age four with her mercenary parents. For the next 20 years she grew up as a "merc brat" as her parents moved from unit to unit.
Her family were slain holding off Clan Wolf in the FRR and she wandered for several years before arriving in the Chaos March. Broke and dispossessed she was working as a bar tender when the Cavaliere arrived on Outreach in late 3062 following the Styk contract.
Felix saw her talent and signed her.

Georgia Calosso is the 17 year old daughter of Jorge, the Locust pilot in the pursuit lance. Eager and obviously talented at the controls of a mech her proudest day was the day the unit allowed her to actually pilot one.
Tall and graceful with a lustrous mane of dark hair she's already breaking hearts.
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The Cavaliere are off to Saiph to work a short term contract for the Saiph Triumvirate. The Triumvirate need some help cleaning up insurgents on Saiph.

Saiph: Intelligence summary August 3062

Saiph is a sparsely inhabited, temperate planet. Heavily forested mountain ranges cover 90% of Saiph's landmass and produce numerous freshwater lakes and rivers. The heavily forested, mountainous terrain of the world has discouraged development, and the planet's population rely primarily on mining, subsistence farming, livestock herding and hunting to provide the necessities of life. Two small cities and a few small communities are scattered among the mountain ranges, along with the planet's two small spaceports.

Lacking much in the way of heavy industry and a high quantity of undulating mountain formations, thick rainforest and jungle Saiph has never boasted a high population.
What population it ha, however had led to numerous ethic troubles and revolutionary movements.

Settled originally from migrants mainly from Terra's Malay and Indonesian populations, Capellan annexation saw a considerable injection of Chinese extraction settlers and a English/Welsh/Scots settlers from the Chesterton region.
The FedSuns invasion of 3028 saw those Anglo communities appointed to positions of power because Davion overlords favoured "less Capellan influences".
This created considerable friction, which boiled over in 3058.

Current threats:
While there's consistently pro-Liao sentiment (and many rebel groups claim Capellan backing) the only active Capellan group is relatively toothless after being effectively eliminated by the Canned Heat in late 3059.

Up to eight armies are currently working against government forces, ranging from platoon sized units of insurgents up to multiple regiments worth of fighters and vehicles.
Only four actively threaten the government's control on the capital.
Thankfully, all of the various insurgents and militias work against each other as much as they work against the government.

The Southern Peoples' Liberation Army claims to speak for the people who live in the capital's surrounding Southern Highlands and Southern Tablelands regions. It claims it's purely fighting a defensive war against government invasion. And it claims to be a stabilising force in the region.
In reality, it's a savage autocracy run by militia deserters, criminals and off world pirates who teamed up and seized the region as their own personal fief.

The SPLA carry out regular raids against the capital and surrounds: raping and pillaging.
The Liberation Army also controls all roads leading to the capital: demanding tribute and frequently just seizing whatever they like.
Major Linus Xiang is a militia defector who is probably the brains behind the Army but he rarely leaves their highlands stronghold.

The Septimius Coalition holds the Septimius Peninsula and raids both the Southern Highlands and capital areas indiscriminately.
Boasting only a few companies of infantry, its troops however are canny jungle fighters and all attempts to attack the peninsula have met with disaster.
Membership is confined to the ethnic Malay population of the Septimius region, making it hard to get any intelligence assets inside the movement.

Freedom for Saiph claims to be a planetary wide insurgency striving for independence but is little more than a couple platoons of insurgenat and some urban street gangs with a slick PR pitch.
The remains of the old Capellan insurgency FfS is a shadow of its former self but still receives a trickle of arms, equipment and cash.
They've carried out numerous bombing against government and militia targets but also operate an effective political wing that is actively on its ways to becoming a legitimate part of Saiph's Planetary Council.
The politician wing publicly disallow all knowledge of the violent attacks however.

Saiph Citizens Alliance was originally nominally pro-Capellan but in recent years appears to have received an injection of arms and funds. This change in rhetoric coincided with a change in message and leadership after government forces received a tip off about the whereabouts of one Jing O'Shea (O'Shea was captured and hung last year). Since then the group appears to be calling for the rise of proto-Hegemony like state and has stepped up its tempo of attacks, complete with a new standard of training and equipment.
Where previously this group would periodically shell the local spaceport and then fade away they've recently handed the SPLA a series of bloody noses before turning around and carving a sizeable portion out of former government territory.
Based out the agricultural district to the capital's west the SCA appears to be attracting real support from the native population.
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MISSION: Beachhead

Pursuit lance,  Cavalli’s Cavaliere + armoured lance
The attacker divides its force in half. One portion enter the track from the designated home edge at the start of the battle.
The remaining portion enters from the same edge of any turn between 5 and 10 as long as at least one operational attacker remains.

DEFENDER: Elements of the SPLA who have occupied a ruined village just outside Saiph's capital. They are deployed no further than four hexes from their home edge.

Track cost +400
+100 complicated weather (heavy rain)
+ Sensor interference

Hammer! - Cripple or destroy 50 per cent of the opponent's force (+300)
SALVAGE: Only if hammer is achieved

Elements of the Southern Peoples' Liberation Army have pushed forward out of the highlands region to take up a position only a few kilometres from the capital. Saiph intelligence believe they intend to strike directly at the capital.
The Cavaliere pursuit lance, along with armoured elements are dispatched to eliminate them.
The armoured company of the SPLA (along with a Guillotine) didn't expect the mercs to cross a deep river under the cover of a heavy rainstorm.
After half of their tanks were brewing up and the Guillotine went down with a shattered gyro the rebels started popping their hatches and surrendering.
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This is how the unit now looks. You'll notice a couple of promotions. Unfortunately, one of the Gladius hover tanks was lost during the opening Saiph mission

Command lance

Marauder MAD-5M
Force Commander Felix Cavalli

Anvil ANV-3M
CPT   Capri Francesca Palma

Victor VTR-9B
M/SGT Travis Banerjee

Shadow Hawk SHD-2H
MW Stefan Hostigos

1st company - Captain Aurora Weathers

Recon lance

Aurora Weathers - Phoenix Hawk PXH-1
MW Jorge Calosso - Locust LCT-3M
MW Ling Hoan - Raven RVN-3L

Fire lance
LT  Joe Paige - WHM-6L Warhammer
SGT Eugen Cannavaro - Archer ARC-4M
MW Rufus Le Marquid - BNC-3M Banshee
MW Sueellen Tores - Lineholder KW1-LH2

Pursuit lance
LT Asha Akouayn - Merlin MLN-1A
MW Bobby (Roberto) Singh - Lynx LNX-9Q
MW Georgia Calosso - VND-3L Vindicator

2nd company

Cpt Aubrey Ito-Hostigos
(Headquarters squad)

Foot Infantry platoon
   Lt Alex Zarco

Foot Infantry platoon #2
   LT Rich Reisenauer

Heavy Hover APC (Standard)
   Tosya Ivaneev

Heavy Hover APC (Standard) #2
   Neema Baya

Maxim (I) Heavy Hover Transport (Standard)

Armoured lance
Gladius Medium Hover Tank (Standard)
LT Mostafa Mirza

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade)
   Ipatia Siranosian

Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade) #2
   James Timbrell

Savannah Master Hovercraft (Standard)
   Amber Mori
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Do you keep the Guillotine as salvage, if you have a gyro for it.
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100 per cent salvage on this contract as it pays so poorly and employer wants a rush job.

Also, Snakespinner! Really sorry - I've not been dodging your call. Just busy with work, you seem to call every time I'm flat chat
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I know the feeling, work is killing me at the moment. [cheers]
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"CHARLIE-six, roger that. Acorn out."

Rufus Le Marquid listened to his lance commander communicate with the CO as he peered into the gloom trying to pick out the rapidly departing command lance.
While it made perfect sense for the command lance to set up a counter ambush out in the jungle as Marquid and the rest of Fire Lance escorted the convoy.
It did leave him feeling just a little naked.

"Alright Acorns. Let's move out," Paige's voice crackled through the comms.
Around Marquid, engines growled to life as seven long haul trucks and a hulking tanker rolled forward. But he left his Banshee still as the convoy - and his three lance mates moved forward.
The former Federated Suns warrior was tail end Charlie. The last man in line.

Finally as the last truck - a scarred and battered six wheel rig hauling close to four tonnes of coal - passed out the compound's gates Marquid shoved his control yoke forward.

When the Banshee moved the world around him felt it. He could see workmen in bright high visibility tunics turn and stare and he knew for a fact windows were rattling and groaning in protest as the 95 tonne mech strutted forward.
Spotting two Canned Heat tanks positioned near the centre of the compound's concrete grinder - a Patton and a Scorpion - Marquid offered them a cocky wave of his left arm.
"That's right guys, sit back here behind your walls," he muttered, just low enough that the com link pick ups wouldn't register it.

As the gigantic machine stepped from the compound proper he caught a final glimpse of the convoy as it turned the first corner and deeper into the jungle.
"I'm getting too old for this shit."

Corporal Neema Baya flicked out her long frizzy hair and craned her neck to catch her reflection in the glass window of the bar she was seated outside.
With the same critical eye she used to run down the checklist in her Heavy Hover APC she noticed the half dozen contrasting arm rings and fresh looking long red dress she'd bought at the South Market last week. Minimal makeup but just enough to set off her ebony skin. Hair: perfect.
Now she just needed her damn date to turn up!

She'd meet Juan two days ago and fallen head over heels. Obviously, if she had lied to Corporal Timbrell to get him to switch shifts. And then snuck off base despite the curfew.
Well the riots weren't going to stop her from seeing Juan and having a little fun.
Neema was Outreach born and bred but hoped a couple years of mercenary service would save her enough cash to enter Outreach University.
But she was still determined to have a little fun during those years.

Just then she saw Juan walking down the street towards here.
She was so distracted as she rose to greet him she never heard the high pitch whine of  the sonic stunner right behind her.

Unrest after mercenary's body found

There have been ugly scenes today as off world mercenaries in the employ of the Saiph Triumvirate clashed with legitimate protesters following a week of unrest across the capital.
A mercenary Battlemech opened fire on protesters - injuring five - after clashes outside the main Mercenary compound.
Earlier groups of mercenaries had instigated brawls in several residential neighbourhoods - attacking civilians and threatening several merchants.
Following these ugly incidents protesters descend on the mercenary compound to demand justice.

The violence comes after a female mercenary was found dead a short distance outside the city two days ago.
It's understood the  woman - a 20-year-old armoured personnel carrier driver - was sexually assaulted before being shot twice in the back of the head.
Police sources have told this publication they suspect the she may have been killed by one of her own following a domestic argument inside the merc unit, making this recent violence even more reprehensible.

- Saiph Planetary Telegraph

HEADLINES: Saiph InterWeb Network

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Is Liao the answer? New Canton sure isn't

The Word of Blake and Saiph: Ten reasons we should look to Terra

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Lady Shu strips off at County Po garden party and shows off her racy new look

BREAKING: Blast kills two merc astechs, four civilians in downtown pub bombing

Lady Shu: 'I'm voting out of the Triumvirate!'
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 07 July 2016, 23:43:37
So the convoy mission went well - roll out and protect a convoy of coal trucks as they head towards the capital.
I used the Hidden Unit rules to drop the command lance out in counter ambush while Fire Lance played bait.
And we did damn well! We only lost the Sh-Hawk (pilot knocked out but machine ok)

Survivors are:
Marauder MAD-5M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Felix Cavalli [3/3]
Kills : 2

Anvil ANV-3M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot :  Capri Francesca Palma [4/5]
Kills : 0

Victor VTR-9B (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Travis Banerjee [2/3] ( 3 hit(s) )
Kills : 2

Shadow Hawk SHD-2H (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot :  Stefan Hostigos [4/5] ( 5 hit(s)   )
Kills : 0

Warhammer WHM-6L (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Joe Paige [2/3]
Kills : 1

Archer ARC-4M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Eugen Cannavaro [4/4] ( 1 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

Banshee BNC-3M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Rufus Le Marqui [4/4]
Kills : 1

Lineholder KW1-LH2 (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Pilot : Sueellen Tores [4/5]
Kills : 1

Coolant Truck 135-K (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Keisha Tichawonna [4/5]
Kills : 0

Flatbed Truck (Standard) (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Bai-luo Zhou [4/5]
Kills : 0

Flatbed Truck (Standard) #2 (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Jake Salajov [4/5]
Kills : 0

Flatbed Truck (Standard) #3 (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Timotheus Stenissen [4/5]
Kills : 0

Iveco Burro II Super Heavy Cargo Truck (Standard) (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Ameena bin Rahman [5/5]
Kills : 0

Von Luckner Heavy Tank VNL-K70 #2 (CapCon)
Driver : Eileen bin Fawwaz [4/5]
Kills : 0

Blackjack BJ-3 #2 (CapCon)
Pilot : Oscar Dvorak [4/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

MechWarrior Zhen Juan Hang (CapCon)
Gunnery Skill : Zhen Juan Hang [4]
Kills : 0

Graveyard contains:
Raven RVN-3L (CapCon)
Pilot : Valerius Hahn [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Warhammer WHM-6L (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Cataphract CTF-3D (CapCon)
Pilot : Rebekka Samarjian [4/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Marauder MAD-5M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Bulldog Medium Tank (Standard) (CapCon)
Driver : Theron Pattakos [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Lineholder KW1-LH2 (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Po Heavy Tank (Standard) (CapCon)
Driver : Olga Stevic [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Victor VTR-9B (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Von Luckner Heavy Tank VNL-K70 (CapCon)
Driver : Harmeni Pane [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Victor VTR-9B (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Iveco Burro II Super Heavy Cargo Truck (Standard) #2 (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Willow Byrne [5/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Blackjack BJ-3 (CapCon)

Blackjack BJ-3 (CapCon)
Pilot : Valien Alonso [4/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 1
Destroyed by Marauder MAD-5M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

The following utterly destroyed units are not available for salvage:
Warhammer WHM-6Rb (CapCon)
Pilot : Zhen Juan Hang [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Banshee BNC-3M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 08 July 2016, 02:11:34
Is that Warhammer a royal variant.
Good battle.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 July 2016, 05:55:36
Is that Warhammer a royal variant.
Good battle.

Huh. Random MegaMek roll I guess? Sadly destroyed and can't be salvaged
MG ammo went boom
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 08 July 2016, 18:35:18
WHM-6Rb, the b at the end signifies SL royal variant.
Interesting that MM has those in the lists.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 July 2016, 19:35:54
“Merc baby killers go home! Merc  baby killers-“
“It’s nice to be loved, eh?” Felix Cavalli mused out loud over his Marauder’s commlink.
Two lances of his mercenary company were strung out in a staggered column as they approached their main base on Hui’s outskirts.
Surrounding that base looked to be several hundred protesters chanting slogans and hoisting placards – all of the rhetoric directed at the mercs.
As the mercenary leader’s  75 tonne machine took another step forward an object arched out from the crowd. Instantly the Marauder’s targeting system whirred to life and began tracking the bottle.
Watching the bottle – flame and oily dark smoke pouring from one end – Cavalli barked into his commlink.
“Hold fire! No one fires! Hold fire!”
The Molotov cocktail struck his Marauder  high up on its rounded side and instantly exploded, spreading flames across the mech’s torso.
Instantly Felix’s cockpit lit up red and alarms rang out as his heat briefly surged before returning back to normal.
“Merc baby killers go home!”

Cavalli’s Cavaliere have enjoyed success on Saiph – in just a month they have succeeded in opening up the highways around the capital and pushing bandit forces back considerably.
Rebel activity has dropped considerably since their joint offensive into the Highlands region with the native Canned Heat unit.
However, they have been facing an orchestrated campaign of resistance, including riots and even sniper attacks and bombings. This in direct threat has actually claimed more mercenary lives than combat operations.
Impressed with their performance however, Count Lado Balatine renewed the Cavaliere’s contract and transferred them to New Canton for defensive operations.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 July 2016, 20:23:25
The Word of Blake is funding Count Balatine

TECHNO-cultists the Word of Blake has provided billions in cash and technology to Saiph Triumvirate’s leader Count Lado Balatine.
Large sums of cash have been transferred into both the Count’s personal accounts and the accounts for companies including TransFlex, New Development Corporation and Ventuere Cranes – all indirectly owned by the Count or members of his families.
How else do you think Balatine afforded to expand the spaceport, redevelop all that outer city land, dredge the harbour or hire all those new mercs?
The question remains –what does the Word of Blake want with New Canton?
-   Unfiled report by freelance journalist Asher Mokbel

Activist and journalist murdered in double shooting

Prominent activist and journalist Asher Mokbel is among two people slain in a downtown shooting tonight.
Mokbel, 33, was gunned down after getting off the Smith St Maglev line about 9pm. An unidentified man was also shot dead a short distance away.
It’s believed the second victim may have disturbed Mokbel’s killer and been shot in return.
The activist was shot once in the back of the head and a further time in the back, police sources have confirmed.
Mokbel , best known for her series attacking the New Cantonese government and advocacy for refugees, was a prominent activist.
It is understood she was working on another piece, highly critical of the government, when she was murdered.
Detective Senior Sergeant Pitor Vilkonov of the New Canton Federal Police said there were no suspects at this stage.

- New Canton Post-Dispatch
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deathknight69 on 13 July 2016, 17:15:16
Nice, Great sitrep and storyline. Way to go Nav_Alpha !!!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 18 July 2016, 19:00:06
High command knew we needed a break - a break from the brutal winter campaign on the northwest coastline. A war of ambushes and burnt out ranches, and endless cold, mud and sea air that was seasoned with continuous frustration and then sudden spikes of pure terror.
The Liao insurgents would slip in by small boat over the beaches and raid. And we'd counter raid. And then they'd fade back to their island holdfasts we didn't have the power to take out.
We were tired and command finally pulled us out to garrison a small fort in the Oakes District - no sea air, mud or wet there, must be the only place on New Canton!
Then the Harloc Raiders came.
- excerpt from PBI: An infantryman's look at the lead up to the Jihad, by Captain James Jamieson, Stalwart Support (retired)
Solaris Free Press 3087
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 18 July 2016, 19:10:25
I played through this scenario last week but didn't get the chance to post it!

Upon arriving at New Canton' Nadir jump point the Cavaliere received an urgent comm signal from the planet - Liao insurgents who were stuck in a bloody stalemate with on world forces had got some serious help in the guise of the Liao mercs turned house troops - the Harloc Raiders. Additionally, a smaller mercenary command called Bartin's Boozefighters had been retained by Liao.
And these new troops were spearheading a big offensive that had broken out of the northern coastal region aimed directly at the capital of Merrick City.
The Balantine Guard had suffered a serious blow after being hammered by the Raiders and several battalions of green militia were now in all out retreat. Veteran mercenary infantry Stalwart Support were the only real resistance but were being hammered.

The Cavaliere were ordered to perform a hot drop on a Stalwart Support position in the Oakes District - a heavily forested nature reserve.

Cavalli and his command and fire lance dropped directly in the same of a Raider company, while Pursuit and Recon dropped in on the left flank.
Rushed into battle command and fire had not had the time to repair any of the previous battle's damage and were running short on ammo.

Facing them was a Harloc Raider heavy mech lance, a light/medium lance an augmented armoured lance - three Pos, a Devestator and two squads of Fa Shi. Cappies also had two Sniper launchers.

And we won... It was bloody. the CO's Marauder is a mess - gyro gone, one arm missing and he punched out.
The Victor is destroyed - artillery hit turned it into scrap.
Shadow Hawk was once again a victim of bad piloting rolls and got badly banged up.

But the salvage.... oh the salvage: TMP-3G Tempest, MR-5M Cerberus and a VND-5L Vindicator.

I'm thinking of putting the CO in the Tempest as it's still very mobile? Or the Cerb?
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Stormrider on 19 July 2016, 01:13:01
The Cerb, definitely the Cerb !!!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 19 July 2016, 02:34:18
The Cerb is a better command mech.
Also once the Gauss ammo is gone the Tempest is a brawler.
The Cerb has the erppc if the CO wants to stay out of it.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 19 July 2016, 09:54:24

Some allies! These guys have also been hired by the New Cantonese as part of their defensive campaign.

The Jotunns' Bastards Mercenary Collective

Formed from a collection of shattered mercenary commands in the late 2990s the  Jotunns' Bastards maintain an eclectic command and staffing style.
New recruits are required to purchase their spot in the unit - with most new members deferring the "dues" to be taken from their salary in a series of payments throughout their probationary period.
These dues are based on a sliding scale determined by the recruit's experience, possession of equipment and other variables.

A complex system of points and dues determine a soldier's eligibility for command positions, new equipment and even seating position in the mess.
Points are acquired from kills,  experience, time in grade and even direct purchase.

Once a full member, each unit member can vote on nearly every decision - ranging from election of officers to contract choices and even combat orders.
This equality extends from the CO down to astechs, as long as they're full members.
New employees spend anywhere between three months to a year on probation before they're accepted by a vote.
Corporal Hal Glitzkin holds the record for longest probationary period of five years and one month. Still an astech, he somehow managed to annoy almost every other unit member and has repeatedly been stripped of his accumulated points.

While this sense of Liberty is popular to mercenaries it has resulted in some poor battlefield performance. On Spica in 3025 one lance after another voted to not engage the enemy, leading to a critical defeat for their Capellan paymasters.

Initially starting with a surplus of dispossessed mechwarriors (this would be repeated following the Bastards string of Clan Border contracts in the mid to late 3050s) the unit  places a great emphasis on getting dispossessed warriors back on their feet. Unless owning a mech on arrival recruits will spend a year or two with the Bastards' infantry or tank elements while they work up enough points to buy into the mech ranks.
It's not unknown for teams of soldiers to pool their resources to get a mech assignment - resulting in three or four warriors rotating through the cockpit.

The Bastards boast a full Battlemech company plus an independent command lance.
This is supplemented by a full armoured company (two hover tank lances and lance of assault tanks with attached mobile artillery) and an infantry company.
While the mech company is rated as veteran, the support elements are a real hodgepodge - most members see it as just marking time until they get their points up. A handful of dedicated tankers and footsloggers round out these units but they've never been able to develop any special abilities.

The mech company's core is its command lance and assault lance - all veteran Bastards who have a large wealth of points and as such can sway most of their comrades.
The recon lance is an obvious weak point however - every mech is shared between three and six pilots, meaning none have developed a real rapport and typically act alone.
The fire lance tries to remain aloof but suffers from two experienced warriors who control a major voting bloc. Their green lieutenant appears to have been voted in purely for them to exploit.

The Bastards boast an efficient tech corps under Lieutenant Angella Rizzo, a former Wolf's Dragoon tech who split from that command after learning of their Clan origins.
Experienced techs do most of the actual work while prospective members and full members building up their points perform the astech grunt work.
Most prospects prefer to apprentice with a combat unit, knowing kills can help them work off their debt quicker. But the more in the know embrace a tech role knowing it's a lot safer and easier.

The Bastards do not posses their own transport, forcing them to rely entirely on their employers. They do however have several good contacts among independent captains since arriving in the Chaos March in 3059.

Harkening to their namesakes - the Giants of Norse mythology - Jotunns' Bastards paint their machines in electric blue with ice blue/white highlights.
Their insignia depicts the Norse fire giant Surtr sitting cross legged, a massive great sword laying across his lap.
The black Titan appears to be sitting on an icy landscape, picked out in dark blue.

Office holders typically paint their position - Commander, Treasurer, Sergeant at Arms, etc - under the unit patch in gothic black lettering on their machines.

Commander Gillian LeSabre has run the Bastards for 15 years, since joining just prior to the Clan Invasion. A canny fighter who possess the ability to fight down and dirty, the former FRR Kapten is also a skilled negotiator and administrator who has mastered the art of getting the various power blocs inside the unit to work together.
She's become increasingly frustrated with having to work with those blocs however and there's rumour she would like to see the end of the whole system.
She pilots a modern Charger, purchased during the Bastards tenure in Kuritan space during operation Bulldog.

Captain Ansel Leroux was once a mechwarrior in the FWL but made the mistake of backing the wrong Marik during the 3030s civil war. Dispossessed he joined the Bastards as a crewman in a Manticore, but despite racking up enough points, choose to stay with the armoured company. Now commanding the entire armour company, he's realised his voice means much more than it would have as a simple mechwarrior.
He's a harsh disciplinary and has personally executed several crewmen for being drunk on duty, talking back and other infractions.
He thinks it's high time a tanker ran the unit.

Karen Wei is just a mechwarrior in fire lance driving a Hunchback but is one of the unit's most powerful people. A career Bastard she has is well know for "leasing out" her points to more junior members to allow them to easily make full member or buy equipment. Provided they can pay back her high interest loans.
Wei controls a powerful voting bloc that can get you elected or kick you back to infantry depending on how mouth you've sucked up to her.
Wei really runs the Fire Lance, everyone knows that - apart from her LT who doesn't appear to realise she got him voted in. He's also heavily in debt to her.
She's nominally allied with the commander. For now.

Lieutenant Angella Rizzo served throughout the Crucis March Militia as a tech before joining the Dragoons in the early 3040s. When they revealed their origins she fled in horror and was quickly snapped up by the Bastards. A short time ago the chief tech was also elected as unit treasurer, a thankless task doing the books that she's actually thrived at.
Her only issue is her tech pool's occasional "stop work" vote that occasionally gets in the way of critical work.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 21 July 2016, 20:52:52
Following a series of fruitless skirmishes between Capellan insurgents and their regular support and New Canton mercenaries, authorities made the decision to launch a major offensive.

The entire Stalwart Support regiment, a full regiment of New Cantonese militia and elements of Jotunns' Bastards and Cavalli’s Cavaliere pushed forward in three columns through the Oakes region and into the contested Northwest Coastline.
Densely wooded, cross-crossed with delta rivers feeding into the sea and generally cold and wet, the area had become the playground of Liao insurgents who knew they could easily strike and then fall back to their island holdouts.

Moving in three columns the attackers proceeded to drop off company sized units of infantry, each equipped with a platoon of heavy mortars or in several cases Sniper batteries, every 20km or so.
Within three days the New Cantonese had created a series of inter-connecting fire bases and forced insurgents back.

Cavalli’s Cavaliere and the Jotunns' scored a major victory after trapping a full company of insurgent mechs and vehicles near the Fuc-How Rapids. Rushing to assist their comrades, a Harloc Raider company was forced to run the gauntlet of heavy artillery and even swarms of Conventional Fighters. After repeatedly being bloodied, Zhong-Shao Cho made the decision to fall back and after learning they'd been abandoned by the regulars, the remaining insurgents surrendered - in what would be the first case of a several mass surrenders during the campaign.

The only sour note would come from a case of treachery - believed to be the result of a sizeable Capellan bribe.
 - Military Matters: 3063 Review
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 21 July 2016, 20:54:28
Black Horse Base, North Coast Region
New Canton

"Remind me again why we're doing this, Jorge?"
The giant native of Maxwell chuckled at his lance mate's gripe.
"You mean bribing our lance commander... Can't think why, unless you'd prefer pulling weekend duty again?"
Beside him Ling Hoan let out a chuckle.
The Locust pilot towered over his diminutive Capellan companion - but that wasn't saying much, the high gravity native towered over everyone in the unit.
Easily hoisting the woven straw basket of native fruits, Jorge Calosso reached forward and grabbed the Command and Control bunker's door.
"Anyway, the captain will appreciate this stuff. I hear they don't get stuff like this out in Canopus-"
All idle chattered stopped as his eyes adjusted to the dim light in bunker.
Captain Aurora Weathers law sprawled in the middle of the room - one hand was partially caught up in a tangle of wires and cords and she'd brought down an assortment of computer gear when she fell.
A nimbus of bright red blood fanned out around her head, staining her white blonde hair.

Standing over her was Roberto Singh. The Lynx pilot's eyes flicked from the body, to Calosso to the 9mm TK Pistol sitting on the desk to his right.
"Bobby.... What the-"
Calosso broke off as the door behind him flew open. Stepping to one side the big Locust pilot drew his sidearm and covered Singh, but quickly flicked his eyes toward the open door.
Eugene Cannavaro stood in the doorway a 10mm Eagle auto pistol drawn in one hand while the other clutched a balled up towel.
Everything seemed to happen at once - from the corner of his eye Calosso saw Singh dive forward and begin clawing for this pistol. Without thinking Calosso turned and fired.
The first round took off the top of the Lynx pilot's head in a splatter of gore.
At the same time, another shot rang out - two thunderclaps in such a confined space left Calosso's ears ringing.
As Singh crumpled to the floor, Calosso twisted, desperately bringing his pistol up and around.
Hoan was already falling, a bright red splotch staining his green fatigue shirt.
While Hoan was short and lean, the Archer pilot was small and squat - with seemingly no neck, his heavy browed skull seemed to sit in among bullish shoulders.
"You weren't supposed to be here, Jorge. No one was," He said, almost sadly.
Both men fired at the same time - but while Calosso's aim was off, the other man's wasn't.

Pain... So much pain. Outside Calosso could hear the distant thunder grumble of combat. Slowly, carefully despite the ice pick pain in his shoulders he pulled himself arm over arm toward the command panel.
Eugene had fled. Calosso didn't know how long he'd Been out. He'd woke me to explosions somewhere outside.
Finally reaching the commlink, he stretched out for it - fighting off a new sudden wave of pain.
"All units, we've been betrayed-"
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 25 July 2016, 01:15:36
Thanks to Kojak for this scenario!

   CBT: Use a combination of Light Urban and Flatlands maps.


Two months and the Capellan revolution is about bust.
Badly battered the Harloc Raiders have withdrawn back to their dropships as the insurgents give ground or outright surrender.
Caught out, the Raiders' commander lance has been cone erred in some rathole town.
Felix and his men are sent in to clean up.

While, technically neutral observers a Level II of Word of Blake Militia have moved to support them as a blocking force. While not committed to battle the six mechs do the Word ensure no Capellan forces will escort.

     The Defender consists of the Harloc Raiders' command lance.
At least two must be stealth-armored 'Mechs. The Raiders are considered Veteran.
Sang-shao Wu Kang Kuo is an elite warrior and pilots a stealth equipped Pillager
The Defender may deploy anywhere on the Light Urban maps.

Track Cost: 400 WP
Optional Bonuses (all bonuses cumulative):
+ 150 Minefield: The Defender may pre-designate 2D6 minefields before deployment.
+150 Bodyguards: Half the Defenders may increase their skills to Elite.

Victory Bonuses (bonuses not cumulative):
   +325 Partial Victory: Complete two objectives.
   +550 Total Victory: Complete all objectives.

1. Get your man. Kill was Sang-shao Wu Kang Kuo.
2. More salvage. Render at least one stealth-armored ‘Mech salvageable.
3. Wipe ‘em out. Destroy all defending forces.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 25 July 2016, 01:27:35
So, that was that...

I took the command and fire lances against the Harloc Raider command lance, which had holed up in a village. Wu Kang's stealth Pillager was most deadly - long range sniping and then shifting targets. But we cut down the two Stealth Thunders pretty quickly

I'd put Paige in the captured Cereberus and Travis in the Tempest to replace his ruined Victor.
Sadly Paige managed to lose his brand new mech taking out one Thunder. Both total loses.
Felix ended up going after the Pillager solo, which proved preeety dicey. Lost a leg and an arm but managed to stand up, shakily on his remaining arm and damaged leg.
As the Pillager trundled back he put an LBX round right down the cockpit
Sang-shao Wu Kang Kuo is dead and the Harloc Raiders are lifting off world
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 26 July 2016, 19:00:16
Contract: IND-5889-11-COR
EMPLOYER: Basantapur Fine Metals
LOCATION: Colorado
UNIT TYPE: Any combat
UNIT SIZE: Company
PAY: Good
TRANSPORT: Half costs to Colorado
COMMAND: Integrated, with liaison

Colorado is the largest source of terrestrial-based germanium in the Federated Suns and has long provided jump core materials used across the nation. Basantapur Fine Metals remains the number one supplier of germanium but fears forced nationalization or possible damage as the FedCom Civil War heats up and has banded together with several smaller mining firms to hire mercenaries to provide security for various facilities and resources.

SITUATION: Situated in the heart of the Crucis March, Colorado is yet another high pressure point and the Colorado militia has fractured along pro-Victor and pro-Archon-Princess lines. Already there have been several bloody skirmishes around the capital Denver and Basantapur fears its facilities could be damaged or annexed as part of the combat.

OBJECTIVE: The hired unit will provide basic security to the major Basantapur facility at Apache, on the Yuma continent and corporate headquarters on the nearby continent of Montrose. Security will also be required to rotate through several facilities belonging to other smaller mining companies across Yuma and Montrose.
It is expected the hired unit will also safeguard and escort various shipments of rare metals.

CONTRACT: The employer will cover half of the transport from the Chaos March to Colorado and half the costs of supporting the hired unit. Salvage rights are up for negotiation, however Basantapur is seeking to create its own mech-equipped corporate security force and will bargain hard for all captured materials.
Field command will rest with the unit commander, however the unit will fall in overall command of the company's director of security Kyle Branton. A liaison officer will also be assigned to the unit.

Centuries of strip mining have turned the once pristine arctic world into an ecological disaster. 
Most of Colorado is cold (never reaching above 20 degrees centigrade) and mainly made up of icy tundra and windswept flat lands.
The main continent of Montrose boasts several impressive mountain ranges and is connected to the neighboring  Yuma continent by a wide isthmus. Yuma is criss-crossed with strip mining operations and several large open pit mines. As such, it's generally considered a complete ecological failure.
Corporate interests on Montrose have gone a long way to rectifying some of the damage done there in recent years, but the continent is also badly ravaged.
Several shanty towns and small cities dot its southern coastline but the main population is situated in the capital of Denver, which is a sprawling ugly scar along the south western coastline. Pre-fab, cheap buildings abound apart from the inner city and corporate enclaves and the biggest collection of people live in "Mine Town" - a stretch of cheap houses, gambling dens, bars, brothels and other places of vice catering to miners.

The Chaffee and Lincoln continents are home to much smaller populations as the mines there have mostly petered out.

Despite its location in the heart of Federated Suns space, Colorado has a frontier, Wild West feel to it.

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 26 July 2016, 19:42:54
Behind the scenes:

The split of the Colorado militia could almost be seen as a metaphor for the greater FedCom Civil War raging around it - a staunch Lyran nationalist appointed to lead the unit to ensure its loyalty, clamp downs on pro-Davion sentiment descending into shots fired and all out war.

Leutnant-General Reiner Stauss was appointed head of the Colorado militia in 3062 by the Archon herself, who sensed a need to position loyal commanders across the FedSuns. A career officer Stauss is now Social General - he attended the Naglering on a scholarship - but is very much the prim Lyran soldier. Strauss, a veteran of the 4th Succession War, the War of 3039 and the Clan conflict was due to retire when he was called back into service.
Unfortunately, his rabid pro-Lyran sentiments and a series of crackdowns on dissenters saw the militia fracture.
He and his forces still hold the capital but furious with Basantapur's slow output of precious germanium has started taking convoys "into protective custody" and marching them straight to waiting dropships.

Major (not Kommandant, Major!) Chelsea Kelly served under Strauss during the Clan War and as a native of Colorado was handpicked by him to accompany him back.
Previously loyal to Katherine Steiner-Davion, she grew increasingly hostile as the Civil War raged on but it was the death of her former fiancee Captain Fabius Larsen on Kathil that pushed her to outright insolence. Her mentor and commander came down hard on her and several other dissenters, prompting a large scale mutiny.
Lacking the troops to directly take her former commander down, Kelly has pulled her forces into the rocky hills above Apache on Yuma.

Prior to the Civil War, the Colorado militia boasted a battalion of Battlemechs, with an attached infantry regiment (light infantry with some air mobile capabilities) and a battalion of heavy armour and artillery).
Previously the unit had been much smaller and mainly made up of reservists, but Strauss overhauled the entire outfit, brought in several other recently retired officers and NCOs and even petitioned to Archon Princess for several new mechs.

Now, while much of the armour and support forces remain reservists, the battlemech element has expanded to a full battalion and the infantry has developed its alpine and cold weather effectiveness.

The pro-Steiner faction possess a slight advantage in numbers (all up, a reinforced company of mechs, about a battalion of infantry and most of the armoured troops) but cedes the advantage in training and loyalty.
Kelly managed to rally a mech company and an infantry battalion to her side and knows she can count on her subordinates, while many of Strauss' men stayed with him purely out of not wanting to rock the boat.

Curiously, a full infantry battalion and a handful of armoured crews and even some mechwarriors decided to stay neutral and have pulled back to their training facility in the northern tundra.
At least a full lance of mechwarriors however rejected both sides and struck out for themselves as bandits - they have raided several Basantapur convoys but both sides of the conflict have refused to do anything to stop them.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 27 July 2016, 02:44:40
If the Lyrans are requisitioning convoys you will probably end up fighting them and the bandits.
Looks like a fun campaign apart from the salvage. O0
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 27 July 2016, 20:01:21
Three scenarios in as part of the Colorado campaign - and i'd dub them "the good, the bad and the ugly".

First up: the bad.
Fire lance was escorting a convoy of ore containers and mining trucks from the major mine to our employer's primary processing station. As they reached a bridge over a frozen river, Davion troops struck from ambush - firing mainly on the bridge.
That little display of fire power left the Lineholder and one truck stranded on the far side, while the Warhammer, Banshee and most of the trucks were on the other.
In the end we lost two trucks, the Warhammer was victim to an ammo explosion (a total write off) and the Lineholder was gutted and left sprawled out on the ice.
We did manage to down an ancient Blackjack and hole a Sentry, but over all... this was a total loss.
And Joe Paige managed to lose his third bloody mech! First the Caeser, then the brand new Cerebrus and now the Warhammer!

Some deadly shooting from a Davion Rakshasa all around!

The next mission was another classic convoy job - but this time I took the Command lance and some armoured support. We had a brief run in with two Davion scouts (Fireball and a Wasp). Some shots were fired and they fled under Forced Withdrawal.
We took no damage and got the convoy home.

Lastly... the ugly.

Sick of convoys getting ambushed and constant Davion activity, Felix let it be known that a large shipment was being moved. Certain both sides had ears inside the company, his guess was rewarded with large scale troop movement as he rolled out.

But instead of another bunch of ore trucks, the ambushing Davions found Command lance, the Gladius and two Pegasus hovertanks.
As battle was joined in an icy valley, new MAD alerts went off - a full lance of bandits, former Militia warriors who went rogue entered the fray.

This quickly turned into a three way fight, with the Davion light company stuck in the middle of the two forces.
As the battle progressed, Felix reached out to the Davion commander - offering to let the remains of their force retreat un-attacked, if both sides turned on the bandits.
And so it went, the bandits were destroyed and less than half of the Davion company limped away.
Also! I was very glad to kill that damn Davion Rakshasa this time around!

Here's the remains left on the battlefield:
Graveyard contains:
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade) (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Driver : Ipatia [4/5]
Kills : 1
Destroyed by Drillson Heavy Hover Tank (Standard) #2 (Renagade Davions)

Condor Heavy Hover Tank (Standard) (Renagade Davions)
Driver : Ilinian Holzer [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 Upgrade) (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Rakshasa MDG-1A (Renagade Davions)
Pilot : Olivier Armand [4/5] ( 6 hit(s)   )
Kills : 0
Destroyed by pilot error.

Centurion CN9-AH (Bandits)
Pilot : Zenawi Kamzee [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Drillson Heavy Hover Tank (Standard) #2 (Renagade Davions)

Nightsky NGS-4S (Bandits)
Pilot : Melchior Hodyl [4/5] ( 3 hit(s) )
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Marauder MAD-5M (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Centurion CN9-AH #2 (Bandits)
Pilot : Isabela Rodríguez [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Lynx LNX-9Q (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Rifleman RFL-3N (Bandits)
Pilot : Arzik Arikan [4/5] ( 6 hit(s)   )
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Gladius Medium Hover Tank (Standard) (Cavalli's Cavaliere)
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 27 July 2016, 20:12:00
Colorado Mountain News - December 20, 3063

Militia CO denounces 'Davion rebels'

Leutnant-General Reiner Stauss today issued a fiery diatribe, denouncing his former comrade Major Chelsea Kelly and caling for rogue elements of the Colorado Militia to lay down their arms.
"For the good of the planet and your own sake, I'm calling on all loyal soldiers to come in peacefully -  I respect all of you, but should i face you across a battlefield in the coming storm, I will cut you down," he said, via a planet-wide recording.
The militia general is reportedly planning a major offensive and it's believed he means to strike out from Denver and deep across into the Yuma continent.

Personal message - Force Commander Felix Cavalli.
By now you've guessed it was me in the Gallowglas during the last engagement.
While this is highly unusual, I'm reaching out to you to say thanks.
Thanks for allowing my men to walk away from what was obviously going to be a bloody engagement.
And thanks for helping us take down those bandits. I guess, what I'm trying to say is thankyou for looking above petty politics and a contract and working together to take down a greater threat.

I wish more people on this planet could do that.

Unfortunately, next time we see each other it will probably in similar circumstances. I'd much rather it was around the mess and I'd buy you a drink.
I could also implore you to join us and help take Strauss down, but from everything I've heard you're an honourable man with a contract, so i won't bother.
Until then.

Major Chelsea Kelly, AFFS

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 01 August 2016, 20:32:01
Well, the Colorado contract is done - the fourth scenario saw the Cavaliere defending a sprawling Basantapur Fine Metals complex as a company of Steiner troops took on a pair of pro-Davion troops.
Both sides decided the huge ore refinery looked like good cover and tried to incorporate it into their little feud.

We were having none of it.

Command lance and the reformed pursuit lance, along with infantry and the Savannah Master had the three objective buildings secured and were covering the surrounds when the Steiner troops decided to rush a mixed lance of light armour in. Pursuit lance did a great job of killing all four tanks and then sallying forward to push the two sides off our front lawn.

All up, we did well but it unfortunately came at the cost of Ling, the Raven pilot. A Steiner Bushwacker put a full burst of LBX rounds into his cockpit.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 01 August 2016, 20:42:49
Contract: IND-1190-11-FEDSU
EMPLOYER: Federated Suns
UNIT TYPE: Any combat
UNIT SIZE: Company
PAY: Poor
SALVAGE RIGHTS: Special, see below
COMMAND: Independent

Since the start of the Civil War production levels at the Gulkana plant of Yeffters Weapons have dropped significantly. The plant is currently suffering from near constant stop work sessions and wildcat strikes as workers vent resistance to the rightful Archon-Princess.
High Command is seeking a small mercenary outfit to slip into Gulkana via a pirate point and strike at the plant in an effort to remind workers and management of their need for a strong government.
Emphasis will be put on knocking out non essential facilities in the plant, including worker housing, commissaries and office facilities.
High Command would prefer none of the manufacturing facilities were damaged.

While only a moderate fee will be provided, the hired force may help its self to Yeffters equipment and ammunition. The primary plant manufacturers a variety of autocannons and specialist munitions at its Kanpur site.

Additionally, any hired units would need to operate as a deniable asset.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 01 August 2016, 20:53:39

GAME SETUP: The defender will place four medium sized buildings in the centre of the battlefield. The attacker may commit up to 50 per cent of its force.

ATTACKER: Rakshasa MDG-1A, Tempest TMP-3G, Merlin MLN-1A, Lineholder KW1-LH2, Savannah Master (standard)
The attacker enters half its force from its home edge. The remainder arrive from an adjacent edge 1D6+1 turns later
All attacker pilots receives one hit as s result of a hard 2G burn to reach the planet after slipping in via a Pirate Point.

DEFENDER: The defender places its entire force inside the complex. At least 25 per cent must deploy within five hexes of the target buildings.
Enforcer ENF-4R, Enforcer ENF-4R, Cestus CTS-6Y, Nightstar NSR-9J, Infantry mechanised platoon, infantry foot platoon, infantry foot platoon.

+75 "they're shooting back!" Place two additional buildings within five hexes of the target buildings.
Both are fortresses with weapons turrets. Each turret mounts an AC/5, two medium lasers and two machine guns.
Gunnery skill = 5.
+100 mines! The defender deploys a minefield.

Find and kill: Locate and scan each target building, before destroying them.
Seek and destroy: Find and and destroy/cripple the attacker
Rough them up: destroy 50 per cent of the defenders

Salvage: Salvage applies if Rough them Up is completed.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 03 August 2016, 19:13:19
Trivid recording: MercTalk, Outreach Public Broadcasting

Scene opens on the show's set - it's very tacky. The background props are clunky, cheap and plastic looking, the show's name is lit up in harsh lights and the two over-stuffed lounges are about three years out of date.
The host is a beautiful woman with dark skin and her black hair done up in an elaborate series of rolls and waves. She's wearing a bright red power suit.
Facing her is a tall man with sandy blonde hair cut in a brush cut. He's wearing the slate grey and maroon dress uniform of the Cavaliere.


A boom mic is hastily pulled out of shot.

Host: "Welcome back to MercTalk, I'm your host Angelina Lima and with me now is Lieutenant Joe Paige of Cavalli’s Cavaliere, who have just recently made such a splash in the so-called Chaos March."

Paige: "Pleasure to be here Angelina."

Host: "Now, Joe. The Cavaliere have just returned, having played part in the ongoing FedCom Civil War. Does this mean your unit has picked a side?""

Paige: "I'd not say that at all, Angelina. In fact, I'd just say we're mercenaries."

Audience applause. It's clearly a laugh track.
Paige looks around nervously.

Host: "And Joe, you've recently admitted to the public that you're a former members of he Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth. Why'd you hide that and how does this Civil War make you feel?"

Paige: "That's right, Angelina. I spent 10 years as an officer with the AFFC and my last posting was on Sarna. I decided to get away from all of that following Sarna's fall. Frankly, it's a sensitive area.
"In relation to the Civil War, I guess you could say that I'm now looking at it purely as a mercenary - that means, there's profit to be made and we'll keep on doing that."

Again, canned applause. Paige looks almost distressed now as he looks around wide eyed.

Host: "Great, great. That's great. Now, your unit is back on Outreach - and I understand your CO, Felix Cavalli has just got married!"

The screen behind the pair shifts to a 2D shot of a man with dark curly hair and a short clipped beard in a similar uniform to Paige. He and an attractive woman in her mid-20s with long brown hair are jointly holding a cavalry sabre over a giant wedding cake, ready to cut it.
The woman is wearing an elaborate wedding dress in ivory and the pair are both smiling.

Host: "That's Force Commander Cavalli and his new bride Captain Kym Caine, owner-operator of the merchant Jumpship Portland."

Paige: "That's right, we're all very happy for the boss and Kym. We'll be taking a few months off here on Outreach."

Host: "Great, that's great, just great. Now, will there be any difficult issues - a married couple working together?"

Paige: "Well, Captain Caine is still an independent trader. She's not actually employed by the Cavaliere-"

Host: "That's great, just great. Great. And next up, we speak with Doctor Mathias Zootman about the ongoing situation in the Capellan March."

Cut to music.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 04 August 2016, 19:59:01
The Gulkana raid went off without a hitch - our jumpers went over the wall while I led the other half of the strike team through the main gate. The security force was small and inexperienced and quickly worked out they were outmatched. I made sure Travis broadcast over his external speakers what we were doing and most of the workers got out before we tore up the admin and barracks section.
This was not a clean job - I didn't feel great "punishing" workers purely because they pissed off Katherine Steiner. But we got paid.
And now for a serious couple months of rest.
- journal entry, Felix Cavalli
March 20, 3064

WolfNet report - August 5, 3064
Positive ID has been established for Subject One. Background checks and facial recognition software has established the mercenary broker calling himself Gustav Shiro is one Precentor Hiram Limdon of the Word of Blake. Limdon has been approaching several smaller mercenary outfits struggling to find work on Outreach and offering them short term contracts in the Chaos March. Most appear to be objective raids against corporate targets, but some appear to be more extensive insurgency operations.
We believe the Word is attempting to further destabilise the region and is making use of deniable assets under the guise of a broker working for various corporate backers.

WolfNet report - August 7, 3064
Limdon, using his Shiro identity, has approached Cavalli’s Cavaliere about a contract - curiously, the target does not appear to be in the Chaos March.
The Cavaliere have worked exclusively with mercenary agent and broker Reyda Johnston for the past three years, however Limdon has reportedly offered the unit very favourable terms.

WolfNet report - August 8, 3064
Have confirmed the Cavaliere's target - Bennet III in the FedSuns. Very curious. Limdon has sold it as a purely corporate gig - one company has learned Johnston Industries is establishing a small complex on Bennet for research purposes. They want it razed.
What is the Word's motivation for this?

Look, I'll admit it. I took this job because I was bored. Four months of downtime had been getting to all of us. The honeymoon is over, baby.
We're off to blow some stuff up
journal entry, Felix Cavalli
August 10, 3064
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 14 August 2016, 20:22:48
Sooooo.... It's been a big week. I did my last Cavaliere's post on the Thursday. On the Monday I got a call from my mother's work to say she had not shown up.
I drove out there and unfortunately found her dead.

All around its been one of the hardest weeks ever. Between dealing with her death, I've been handling all the funeral arrangements, cleaning up her house (and repairing the glass door I smashed to gain entry) and we've inherited her two cats!
My wife has been amazing and all my friends and family have also been great.... But tough week.

Anyway, before all this happened I did manage to play through the Bennet III contract - Pursuit lance attacked a power plant as a distraction and to knock out the primary power source for the objective.
They tangled with some 4th Donegal Guards but got off easily.

Command lance easily destroyed the half finished factory complex and bloodied the hired goons defending. They were falling back with the armoured lance when they chanced upon a Avalon Hussars lance.
The fighting was going our way when a mech lance of Donegal GuArds  supported by a double flight of Yellow Jacket VTOLs and Cavalry (infantry) choppers turned up.
Three way slugging match saw all of us get out (minus a pair of hovercraft) and smack both forces around.

 The unit will be sitting tight on Outreach for a bit as I deal with RL stuff - but don't worry, they're still around. My next step was to have members of the far flung periphery planet that started this whole crazy unit reach out.
You may remember Felix left something and someone behind all those years ago
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Dave Talley on 14 August 2016, 23:07:49
my condolences dude,
real life takes precedence, we can wait
a  buddy just buried his dad, granted he was 93
my mom is in the hospital in tulsa but my bro and his family are local
and my sis is up for the duration so all I need is to wait on diagnosis
and visit if its critical

good luck
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 15 August 2016, 02:45:03
Sorry to hear about your mother.
RL can be a very painful and uncomfortable experience sometimes.
Thoughts are with you, and take your time and sort out your problems.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 15 August 2016, 02:50:27
Thanks guys, means a lot. And yeh, I'm coping. Doing ok and keeping busy
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Sir Chaos on 15 August 2016, 06:14:04
My condolences as well.

And, please, take all the time you need for yourself. You´re the first priority now. We can wait.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 17 August 2016, 02:18:41
My condolances mate. Do take care, and take your time. Don't feel like you need to do anything for us right now
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 18 August 2016, 19:47:02
Thanks guys, means a lot. With a bit of time up my sleeve today, I got in another MM game.

In  late 3065, Cavalli’s Cavaliere are hired by the Pro-Free Skye governor of Eaton - a dry, arid world in the Isle of Skye. While Free Skye has thrown some limited resources at helping the world throw off the Steiner yoke, the on world insurgency still needs outside help.
Especially since Tharkad has thrown a light battle group from the 3rd Donegal Guards at it to suppress the uprising.

After grounding the Cavaliere were tasked with harrasing the recently arrived Guards - while the Loyalist troops had taken the major port city of Newcastle and were incircling the capital, there was still hope.

First up, Felix and his men were tasked with stopping a convoy of munitions bound for a forward operating base. It came off without a hitch (almost). Command lance and the vehicle lance ambushed the convoy and its lance escort.
And we got some sweet salvage.... Travis' Tempest was downed but is repairable.

Blitzkrieg BTZ-3F (Donegal Guards)
Pilot : Pedro Rodríguez [4/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 1
Destroyed by Gladius (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Night Hawk NTK-2Q (Donegal Guards)
Pilot : Håkon Stabler [4/5] ( 1 hit(s) )
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Rakshasa MDG-1A (Cavalli's Cavaliere)

Wolfhound WLF-2 (Donegal Guards)
Pilot : Atheer Musa [4/5] ( 6 hit(s)   )
Kills : 0
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: DOC_Agren on 18 August 2016, 19:56:14
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 20 September 2016, 00:08:45
And... we're back!
Thanks for all the kind words.

Bryant Evening News
March, 17 3066

And for those of you just joining us, Bryant is under attack. Late this evening Aerospace fighters struck the planetary capital Brein. Laser guided bombs and Arrow IV missiles hit the Viscount's palace, the main police headquarters and several Bryant Regulars barracks and command facilities.
The attacks follow a series of strikes carried out by what appeared to be small special forces units over the past few days.
Bryant is officially at war.

So, I'm taking my other unit - Barton's Boozefighters (they're featured back a page or two) in as part of the Word of Blake invasion of Bryant.
Operating as the third company of Jacob's Juggenauts as the mercs take part in the attack, the Boozefighters are charging hard as part of the Word's attack.

The Boozefighter's security lance (Warhammer, Archer, Phoenix Hawk, Firestarter) along with three Juggenaut Von Luckners were tasked with smashing through Regulars' lines in the south and taking a strategic bridge and its adjacent town.
They encountered a demi company of mechs.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 20 September 2016, 20:45:13
"Zero Charlie, we are taking a hell of a lot of fire from up ahead."
What the hell are they defending Lieutenant Brenton Duggan mused as his Warhammer stepped forward across the four lane bridge.
In the distance he could see a flicker of tracers as his lancemate engaged the enemy.

Backed by three of the Juggenaut tanks, his lance had easily smashed through the demi company of renegade troops deployed around the tiny little village.
The only opposition had started when they'd pushed across the river. But he couldn't work out why.
Suddenly, a concrete bunker at the edge of the bridge lit up as tracers began flying at him. As the line of tracers slammed into his Warhammer, the whole machine rocked.
Illuminated by the hiss and crack of shots, Duggan easily spotted the gunners and let off a long squeeze from his torso mounted machine gun.
The shooting stopped.

"Lead, you'd better see this."

Half an hour later the Lieutenant had dismounted and was striding across the muddy field to the collection of ramshackle buildings.
Three of his mechs stood looming over the buildings like giant metal totems. Closer, a Juggernaut Von Luckner sat idling - it had crashed through a chain link fence and now its crew stood or sat atop the heavy tank, sidearms and light SMGs drawn.
Passing the tank, Duggan let out a hiss of shock - his subordinate had warned him but he was totally unprepared for... this.
Dozens of skeletal thin men and women stood, clad in rotting rags, stood or wandered around the camp.
A handful had mobbed one of his mechwarriors, desperately pulling at his cooling vest, begging for food.

"What  kind of hell hole is this?"

THE VOICE OF TRUTH - March 19, 3066

"Heroic mercenaries in the employ of the Word of Blake today uncovered shocking evidence of the years of abuse and totalitarian Bryant regime, after liberating a prison camp.
With this latest victory, the Word is one step closer to finally freeing the world of Bryant from its years of corrupt rule and finally bringing it into the light.
Fighting continues around the capital, with elements of the Ninth Division and Burr's Black Cobras today smashing through the lines of the Bryant Regulars-"
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 20 September 2016, 21:03:51
Meanwhile, on the other half of the Inner Sphere Cavalli’s Cavaliere have finished up their contract in the Isle of Skye and as the Civil War draws to a close have accepted a contract with the ARDC as Morgan Kell and his Hounds head to Tharkad.
The garrison contract will give them a chance to repair, train and rearm.

Arc Royal Inquirer

The arrival of Cavalli’s Cavaliere has brought a little bit of colour to Arc Royal after several dreary months. While only a small time unit, the Cavaliere have been making off battlefield headlines of late and the planet is abuzz with their actions.

Since their triumph over Loyalist forces on Eaton in the Isle of SKye (and Force Commander Cavalli's elevation to a knighthood on that planet) the unit and its commander has racked up a colourful reputation across the Lyran Alliance.
Most recently was the departure of Cavalli's wife, freelance Jumpship captain Kym Caine, accusing the mercenary of infidelity.

Prior to that incident (which was heard well across the spaceport, by all accounts), Cavalli had been reunited with his long lost twin sons - Moses and Octavian. The Inquirer understands they were the product of a relationship the young mercenary had with a woman on a distant periphery world in 3058.

While the exotic mother disappeared soon afterwards, we understand the new arrivals caused some serious tension in the Cavalli-Caine household.
Force Commander Cavalli has most recently been linked to premier Outreach hiring agent Reyda Johnston.

Both 10-year-old boys are now taking part in formal mechwarrior apprenticeship programs in the Cavaliere, under the watchful eye of Weapons Master Jorge Calosso.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 20 September 2016, 21:19:40
So, this is how the unit looks as of mid/late 3066. And they'll look much like this going into the Jihad.

Command lance


Battle lance


Pursuit lance

+ Panther
+ Wolfhound

Armoured lance

Savannah Master

Infantry company (four platoons)

Aero lance
+ Centurion ASF
+ Centurion ASF

+ indicates a new addition to the unit

New additions:
Jinpachi Nezu is a ronin.
His unit, the 22nd Benjamin Regulars were crushed on Marduk by Davion raiders as part of the Sandoval's unauthorised attack into the DC.
It's defeat and his refusal to commit ritual suicide left him an outcast and saw him cast out of the DCMS. He bears a Japanese name and looks almost pure blood Japanese (the hulking man maintains a full beard in addition to his samurai topknot) but the Nezu clan are Rasulgahian stock and keep their Lutheran traditions - as such, Nezu refused to commit seppeku with his other remaining comrades.
Almost 200 years ago, Ragnar Ingramssen changed his name to Nezu and set his clan on the way of Bushido.
Jinpachi Nezu tried to adhere to that path as much as he could but his refusal to die by his own hands has set him on a bitter path.
Somehow he managed to smuggle his Panther out of the Combine and now offers himself as a mercenary.

Connor McBride - a former Skye Guardsman who was committed to the Free Skye cause until repeated defeats saw him disenchanted with the bloodshed and waste.
A veteran of the rebellion on Hesperus II (where he accounted for three Grey Death Legion mechs) he now offers himself as a merc.
He is a top notch tech and as a dispossessed warrior made ends meet as a grease monkey. He's been assigned the unit's salvages Wolfhound.

Mira Fowler-Jenkins and Morgan Jenkins are a husband and wife team of Eagle pilots hailing from the Davion Outback who both served as part of the Islamabad CrMM during the early FedCom Civil War.
Following their unit's destruction at the hands of Victor's rebels the pair deserted and turned merc.
Mira is by far the superior aerospace fighter but Morgan is an excellent scrounger and  tech who regularly assists the technical staff.
However the pair are infamous for their loud and public domestic arguments and break ups. They're also well know for their equally loud and occasionally public ... Err... Reunions.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 21 September 2016, 01:54:19
A mercenary playing up behind his wife's back.
That would never happen(unless he got caught). :D
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 21 September 2016, 02:41:31
Next you'll suggest Mercs gamble and drink!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Sir Chaos on 21 September 2016, 14:09:16
An affair in 3058, and the resulting twins are 10 years old in 3066? That was one serious quick pregnancy, lasting minus 24 months...

And proper German for the Wolfhound´s name would be "Der Hund".
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 21 September 2016, 15:41:58
Ah, you're right! That should have been eight, not 10.
And the damn auto correct changed the German!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 22 September 2016, 17:34:54
Could be worse.

I once read a really, really bad novel where two of the characters were introduced as twins. The very next paragraph states that there's three years age gap between them
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 22 September 2016, 21:44:12
Once again showing the importance of an editor. (Irony: I am one, professionally)
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 23 September 2016, 01:28:00
Once again showing the importance of an editor. (Irony: I am one, professionally)

The book in question had never been near one. I didn't pay a cent for it, and I still feel ripped off.

Also, very OT
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 23 September 2016, 08:05:40
Always the best, yeah?
Sounds like your were reading Gor or soemthing similar. THERE was a series that made me wonder if blinding myself was an option...
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 23 September 2016, 20:13:42
I thought you were automatically blinded if you read the Gor series.
That was bad.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Sir Chaos on 24 September 2016, 10:01:10
I thought you were automatically blinded if you read the Gor series.
That was bad.

I only read one of those. Might be the reason why I need to wear glasses.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 October 2016, 18:44:22
Deployment as of October 6, 3067

In the past decade Cavalli’s Cavaliere have gone from strength to strength. After scratching out a meaner existence fighting for various petty Chaos March powers they entered the FedCom Civil War as free agents in the mid 60s.
This more high risk playing field (the Cavaliere suffered several casualties) allowed them to expand considerably as well as upgrading much of their equipment.
A string of successes during the Civil War fighting for both sides means the unit now boasts a full Battlemech company, backed by a short armour lance, a light infantry company for security and aerospace support.

In June Felix Cavalli signed a contract with Cyclops Incorporated on Skye and currently garrison it's New Aberdeen facility. The Cavaliere are particularly popular in Skye space (ironically most of the unit hails from the FWL) following its work across the Arc Royal Defence Cordon and work for pro-Skye Separatists on nearby Eaton.

Most recently Force Commander Felix Cavalli and a small cadre of troops departed for Outreach. The trip is threefold: Supplies are to be picked up, long term unit member is heading to Harlech to retire and of course, Cavalli needs to finalise his divorce.

OFFICERS: Force Commander  Felix Cavalli has matured from the firebrand he once was. Some say a failed marriage and the reunion with his long lost children (who are now mechwarrior apprentices) matured him. Others surmise he's just seen so much combat in the past decade.
Either way, he leads a tight ship - although his personal life has provided plenty of fodder in recent years.

Captain Capri Francesca Palma has developed into an excellent XO and staff officer in the past few years. While her CO struggles with the paperwork, she excels. Unfortunately, those skills never translated into the cockpit and she typically hangs back in combat.

Lieutenant Josef Paige is undoubtably the unit's best warrior - he has however rode three separate mechs into the ground during his career with the Cavaliere.
His marriage to armoured lance commander Amber Paige has produced three children and he often operates as a father figure for many unit members in need of guidance.

Mira Fowler-Jenkins leads the aerospace lance which consists of herself and her husband. Both provide close tactical support and cover from their Eagle fighters.
Unfortunately their relationship has gotten exceptionally strained of late. Outside of the cockpit they hardly speak - apart to yell abuse at each other.

Tactics: Cavalli's tactics typically revolve around jumping attacks and fast moving cavalry style assaults.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Felix Cavalli journal entry - Oct 6, 3067
We're burning in for Outreach - I can't believe it's been almost two years. Well. The Civil War is finally over and some level or normality might return to the Inner Sphere. Maybe.
I've got Rufus and Georgia Calosso with me. He's retiring and she's having some issues with her Vindy's coolant seal. Gustav couldn't fix the damn thing, so we'll get some Dragoon techs to look at it at massively inflated prices and tell us they can't fix it.
I brought my mech along just out of habit - it's not like we're going to need them!
Not with three mechs and two vehicles (we're going to sell off the ancient Harrassers and upgrade them) but I guess you never know...
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 October 2016, 21:08:06
So a question: obviously as the Jihad approaches, a small portion of the Cavaliere is going to caught on Outreach and will fight through some tracks there.
The rest of the unit is on Skye, which gets hit about three months later.

Should I have Felix and co arrive back on skye in time for the Blakist attack? Or fight out the two mini campaigns with the unit broken up.
Outreach tracks would have access to three mechs, two tanks.
While skye would have the rest of the resources but would suffer an initiative penalty as its missing its CO.

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Post by: Deadborder on 09 October 2016, 21:20:21
I like splitting them, simply because it's a 'fun' time to be on Outreach
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 09 October 2016, 21:36:00
Yeah, I was thinking something similar. Felix and his lancemates save a Blackwell VP and then find themselves trying to help out all the while the Goons are basically "shoot first! Shoot again!"
Meanwhile, back at the ranch the rest of the unit goes head to head with the Sirian Lancers/Word.

Come to think of it - was it ever clarified if it was purely Blakists (posing as the FWL) attacking Skye or if the Sirians were actually duped into attacking?
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Post by: truetanker on 09 October 2016, 22:40:11
Would you rather fight my Epithymía Thanátou from the Whispers of Blake?

Check your PM...

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Hung over and packing less than half a load of ammo and we're rolling out. Gre-eeeeat. Rogue mercs are throwing themselves at the Dragoons. We were on hand when that Blackwell VP got on the comm screaming for help. Unfortunately we happened to have just finished Rufus' retirement party and didn't get a chance to reload.
Also, most of us are spewing our guys out or holding our heads. Hell, I think one of the harasser crews is still drunk...
- Felix Cavalli personal journal, October 10 3067

So, that was brutal.... Ran the Another Day Another C-Bill track, using the nasty departure rules that saw us roll out wth next to no Ammo
A nasty slugfest amid the towering skyscrapers saw us ambushed by a Dark Panzer Jäger mech lance, backed by a reinforced armour lance.
We got hit by half the force on front, while the rest of the jaegers tried to flankmua.
Quickly, the mechs got bogged down in a close range slugfest... but the Cav's tow harassers boxed in the hover limo carrying our VP and whisked him away.
The two Blackwell Badgers ended up sacrificing themselves as part of the breakout.
We won... but lost one mech.

Rufus Le Marquid bought it during the fight with Panzer Jagers. Thirty years in the saddle, he comes back to Outreach to retire and dies in a side mission the day after his retirement party. People are saying the Word is responsible for this whole thing. Bastards.
We salvaged a Thunderbolt and an LRM Carrier but that was some bitter pill to swallow.
Blackwell is again footing the bill - we're going to puppy walk the head honcho and some of their equipment out to the main Blackwell compound out in the badlands.

Later: Son of a- ok, looks like trouble follows us. Looks like some independent mercs looking to score an easy payday are inbound.
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Would you rather fight my Epithymía Thanátou from the Whispers of Blake?

Check your PM...


That THING... that is horrid
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Post by: truetanker on 11 October 2016, 13:49:32
That THING... that is horrid

Why? You chicken to go against them... ;D

You could always replace the TAU Infantry, all variants, for Standard G-class Tornados. ( Being mostly G-13's with a Squad or two of G-17's. ) As always I prefer a more custom Squad layout: 2 David, 1 each per Level I. ( Tho a strike would have 2 GL, using Inferno Grenades, +1 each. )

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Post by: Deadborder on 12 October 2016, 01:36:33
Rufus Le Marquid bought it during the fight with Panzer Jagers. Thirty years in the saddle, he comes back to Outreach to retire and dies in a side mission the day after his retirement party.

And to think. He made it past three days from retirement...
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 October 2016, 06:35:48
And to think. He made it past three days from retirement...

I know, right!
Actually - jokes aside it was a rough moment losing the old Banshee pilot. I'd always imagined him as a bit of a character and it's just not going to be the same without him
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"Knight one, I make three - no, make that four, MAD scans moving out of the rocks at us,"
Felix Cavalli could barely hear his lancemate's warning over the harsh hiss of static squeling over his neurohelmet's headphones.
The Dark Panzer Jeager had managed to clip his cockpit with a full burst of laser fire, slagging the whole thing around him.

Not to mention the gaping hole over his left torso or the ER Large Laser that flickered between operational and offline.
"Alright, I see them Georgia. You push forward with the convoy. I'll see if I can draw them off," he said/

She started to protest but he cut her off.

"Do it. That convoy is more important than me getting out of here."

Even as he uttered those words he was grimly reading off the alphanumeric codes flooding his scanners.
Archer, Warhammer, Crusader, Hunchback.
All older designs by the looks. But even jackals could pull down a wounded and battle weary lion.

There was a high pitched whine as one of the blowers in the convoy lifted off. Glancing out through his cracked cockpit glass Felix could see the Cavaliere Harasser keeping pace with the pair of hover APCs.
A beat up truck followed behind. All of the vehicles were battered, paint scratched back to bare metal and sacks and luggage strapped willy-nilly to their sides.

A Blackwell VP, a half a dozen techs, some civilians and whatever poor mercs who got caught in the middle of this, he mused.

As the gaggle of vehicles shot forward he turned to face the approaching lance.
But then - he saw them, just the barest sensor reading off into the distance.

And then there it was again - two readings. Each with WLF-DGOON-HME_GRD traced around them.
Maybe help was at hand?

So, we managed to just pull out another win. A full lance of rogue mercs seeking to capture the convoy faced off our Cavaliere pair and luckily a Dragoon Home Guard Uller and Hoplite happened to happen upon us.

It was a classic chase scenario and we managed to keep the convoy just away from the pursuing mercs.

With the Dragoons now stomping the utter hell out of everyone, the Cavaliere surrendered and rode it out - thankfully with Blackwell vouching for them - and are preparing to return to Skye where the rest of the unit remains.
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"Mercs pay respect to fallen comrades"
December 19, 3067, Skye Post-Dispatch

 Cavalli's Cavaliere formally announced a chance in insignia as part of a short ceremony in honour of fellow mercenaries lost fighting the Word of Blake on Outreach earlier this year.
Elements of the Cavaliere, including CO Felix Cavalli, only recently returned to Skye after fighting on Outreach against rogue mercenaries in the Word's employ. Following that brutal clash most of the Allied Mercenary Command lifted for Terra as some sort of retaliatory strike.
However, Force Commander Cavalli declined to go with them, instead shepherding an unlikely gaggle of survivors to Skye.
Those survivors include Candace, a Lieutenant in the recently destroyed Battle Magic mech-tech outfit (rumoured to be a former Clanner), a group of dispossessed vehicle crews and well know Harlech hiring agent Reyda Johnston.
Today, Cavalli announced the Cavaliere would officially change its stallion rampant insignia to a Knight chess piece - grey on maroon - in honour of Lindon's Battalion, which was destroyed on Terra.
"This is about honouring fallen friends - including the men and women of Lindon's Battalion who we had served with on several occasions and counted as true comrades in arms," he told the service.
"It's also about committing to the coming fight and showing we're ready and willing.
"This is not over."
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 25 October 2016, 20:13:51
4th February, 3068

With everything going down the toilet across the Inner Sphere i knew it was just a matter of time before we got dropped into it.
A couple weeks back I evacuated all our dependents to one of Cyclops' smaller sites out in the boonies. Seems the Lyrans had a similar idea - a 4th Skye Rangers armoured battalion and elements of a light infantry battalion rolled into our position the next day.
Yesterday we got word from command that our contract with Cyclops was officially being superseded by the Duke - report in with Lyran high command and wait out.
Then the sky light up like Sian on Chinese New Year - a serious battle was going on in the upper atmosphere.

I checked in with one of the Lyran tankers who claimed the Sirian Lancers were burning in hard. Marik? Here! Yeah.. sure.
We're saddling up for action - looks like the "Sirians" are landing nearby and we're officially under the command of Lyran high command now.

I ran through a  probe scenario, followed by the Skye is Falling Track.

Command lance, backed by an assault lance of Skye Rangers. Heavy damage all around but we salvaged an almost intact Awesome.
I'm also loving this new Thunderbolt salvaged off Outreach.
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Shaky camera swings around showing a quick, blurred scene in a mechbay: two children, ages about 10 with dark hair and tiny, tailored grey coveralls sit before a giant hulking man missing an arm who appears to be lecturing them, a female tech stands before a mech's giant foot reading from a datapad, warning klaxons blare.

The camera moves around to settle on a short, stocky man with dark curly hair and a well manicured beard.
"We're shipping out for the Free Worlds League at the head of a Lyran invasion fleet. Not how I imagined returning to the League after all these years. Either way - that Sirian attack has got the Duke very pissed and he's ready to make them pay."

Off screen the klaxons have stopped and someone can be heard playing a violin. There's muffled laughter and a baby's wail briefly drowns out the music.

"We're leaving all our dependants here on Skye, along with an infantry platoon. But not all of us are coming. Capri has decided to depart the unit. She can't come at fighting the League and she's worried about her family back on Andurian. Travis will accompany her back.
"That means we're reorganising into two mech lances and Joe will step into the XO role."

Behind the speaker a tall woman with classically Germanic blonde features in a Lyran uniform steps into the bay.

"Here comes the brass. Word is we're going in for Thermopolis with the 4th Rangers and the Skye Jaegers."
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Reminds me of the newsfeed from Starship Troopers... just insert Arachnids!

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 01 November 2016, 18:40:39

Scene cuts to a sea of green: close to 100 soldiers sit crossed legged or kneel. It's obviously inside a dropship - there's bare steel bulkheads about. A giant Lyran mailed fist has been painted on the far bulk head.
A tall, heavy set man who could be straight off a Lyran recruiting poster is standing before the gathered crowd: his eyes are icy blue and his blonde crew cut is starting to streak with silver.
His close fitting uniform is littered with dozens of decorations.

Reporter's voice:
And we're back, this is Gordo Tallisq in bound for Thermopolis with Task Force Crusader. Colonel Steve Pitcher is having a bull session with his Skye Jaegers. Let's have another look.

The blonde Colonel is speaking into a mic, grinning.
"And then I said, that's not a wienerschnitzel, Hauptmann!"

Thunderous laughter from troops.

"But seriously, it's great to be rolling into the League - but what's my battalion actually gunna do when it gets dirtside?"

There's a thunder as more than 100 pairs of boots hit the deck. "KICK SOME LEAGUER ARSE, SIR!"

The Colonel shakes his head sadly. "Bullshit, sound off like you gotta pair - you lads sound like you're straight off Sian."


Scene changes as the camera comes around a bulkhead corner. This corridor is older looking - rust stains much of the wall and roof.

"A key element of the task force burning into League space is a battalion sized contingent of mercenaries. Now, rather than the stereotypical money grubbing guns for hire, these mercs are true helpers of Skye."

Camera shows a gathering inside what appears to be a converted hanger. A hulking woman with long red hair and a chest and muscular pair of arms covered in a fine web of intricate tattoos is doing press ups in one corner. A small man with an giant moustache is tinkering with a mymor bundle and in the centre a bearded man plays cards an ebony skinned giant who's right arm is replaced  by a bionic claw.

"Now, we can see elements of Cavalli’s Cavaliere  and the 51st Armoured Blitzkreig - Kommondant Cavalli, can you confirm your mercenary commands will be striking Thermpolis' southern continent?"
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LIC intelligence briefing - Thermopolis

- it would be impossible to discuss Thermopolis without mentioning the Hells Gates Hot Springs National Park on the Petros northern continent. The sprawling national park includes hundreds of naturally fed hot springs and mud baths, all of it protected by interstellar law.
South west of the park is Thermopolis' capital (sharing the planet's name), set out on a series of terrace-liked hills overlooking Wide Bay and the Aegen Sea. The capital is the primary port of commerce for Petros, handling iron ore and other minerals mined in the far north and lumber and foodstuffs  from the southern Saronic continent.
The city and bay is also home to a large commercial fishing operation - the Aegen Spearfish and the smaller Nixos are considered deliicies across the FWL-Lyran border region.
Most of Petros is arid, flat and warm, with little annual rainfall and almost year around hot conditions.
This combined with the hot springs, makes Thermopolis the centre of a major tourism hot spot.

The southern Saronic continent is much greeners and home to nine tenths of the planets agriculture production. Missick serves as the continental capital and is surrounded by think jungle and large swaths of farming land -
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A little after action report!

"WAR Comes to Thermopolis! Clashes near Zariah Hot Springs, Saronic Coast as Lyran invadera arrives!"

There have been numerous reports of clashes between the 5th Fusiliers of Oriente and invading Lyans early this morning, with dozens of dropships landing across the southern continent.
Reports from the Zariah Hot Springs near Missick point to a running battle amid the boiling water and mud pools as off world mercenaries battled elements of the Fusiliers.

So, pursuit lance faced off a Marik scout lance (backed by some Vedette tanks). And we won.

Winner is: TEAM #1

Cavalli's Cavliere: 4507 BV remaining (from 5415 initially) 0 BV fled
FWL: 1146 BV remaining (from 4986 initially) 820 BV fled

Survivors are:
Lynx LNX-9Q (Cavalli's Cavliere)
Pilot : Asha Akouayn [4/3]
Kills : 0

Vindicator VND-3L (Cavalli's Cavliere)
Pilot : Georgia Calosso [4/5]
Kills : 0

Panther PNT-10K (Cavalli's Cavliere)
Pilot : Jinpachi Nezu [3/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 1

Wolfhound WLF-2 (Cavalli's Cavliere)
Pilot : Connor McBride [4/5]
Kills : 0

MechWarrior Bayani Chikuda (FWL)
Gunnery Skill : Bayani Chikuda [4]
Kills : 0

MechWarrior Dónall Barnstaple (FWL)
Gunnery Skill : Dónall Barnstaple [4] ( 3 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

MechWarrior Zakaria Nilu (FWL)
Gunnery Skill : Zakaria Nilu [4] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

The following units are in retreat:
Apollo APL-1M (FWL)
Pilot : Jesús Herrera [4/5]
Kills : 0

Vedette Medium Tank (LB-X) (FWL)
Driver : Jardar Banfi [4/5]
Kills : 0

Vedette Medium Tank (LB-X) #2 (FWL)
Driver : Soo-Jin Sykora [4/5]
Kills : 0

Graveyard contains:
Hermes HER-1A (FWL)
Pilot : Dónall Barnstaple [4/5] ( 3 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

Wraith TR1 (FWL)
Pilot : Zakaria Nilu [4/5] ( 2 hit(s) )
Kills : 0

The following utterly destroyed units are not available for salvage:
Hammer HMR-3M (FWL)
Pilot : Bayani Chikuda [4/5]
Kills : 0
Destroyed by Panther PNT-10K (Cavalli's Cavliere)
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When you mentioned small man with giant moustache I was a bit under the weather from Melbourne cup celebrations.
I thought you had written Giant moustache with small man. ::)
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That would be a giant 'stash!

You win anything?
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Yes $10 each way on almandine.
Paid for my state of drunkenness. :D
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 02 November 2016, 20:12:48
I managed to get nada in the sweep. One of the guys who works for me cleaned up about $2500 by getting a trifecta though. We pretty much forced him to stand drinks at the pub...
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Post by: snakespinner on 03 November 2016, 00:47:05
Hopefully you still have him there buying more drinks. :D
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"Jaeger lead, I said map reference four-five, not four-four, Idiota! Cease fire dammit!"
Felix Cavalli was staring at the sky through a shattered cockpit, watching oily dark smoke spiraling from his Thunderbolt's torso.
Lyran artillery had crumped down almost on top of his advancing unit, breaking the back of the Marik mechs holding the ridgeline. It had also sprayed shrapnel back at him and his command lance.
"Ah, um sorry about that Knight One. Shifting fire."

There were several more thumps but the horrific freight train sound of "danger close" artillery had lifted.
Felix's view of the clear blue sky was suddenly blotted out as his XO's Awesome leaned over.
"You ok, boss? Looks like that last one came down pretty much on you."

Another win for the Cavaliere! Albeit a nasty one.
A heavy lance of Oriente Fussiliers, supported by a full armoured company were holding the last ridgeline outside the provincial capital.
Executing a nice little flanking effort, we enveloped the group, supported by our two Centurion Aerospace fighters.
The Lyrans had also laid on some Long Toms.

That's when it got a bit interesting...  Pursuit lance moved up one side, dodging geysers of boiling mud and water, occasionally staggering through some pipping hot springs. Command took the other and ran straight into a heavy/assault lance.
As the shooting commenced, the two fighters dropped in and dropped several HE bombs and a full load of rockets, destroying three Main Gauches and leaving a Manticore pretty messed up.
Felix and co looked like they'd just about pushed the Mariks off the hill when the Lyran arty dropped in - and managed to miss all their assigned targets. Instead of hitting the mech lance, it all came down on the tanks... apart from a couple rounds that pretty much dropped on Felix, ripping out his gyro and knocking him back down the hill.

With their armoured units all but gone (pursuit lance pounced and messed up the remainders) the mech lance (minus a Perseus) fled the scene.

With that obstacle knocked over, the bulk of the Skye Jaegers are moving up close behind, intending to take the city.
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Lieutenant Colonel Makus Halas-Smyth was watching his career burn. Well, technically he was watching Bravo Company, 2nd battalion - HIS battalion - of 346th Heavy Tank Regiment, 5th Fusiliers of Oriente, burn.
Tasked with holding Missick while the Fusiliers' mechs pushed out to counter a Lyran attack, his unit had seemingly dissolved in less than an hour.
First aerospace fighters - Elssies and even a pair of red and grey Centurions dropped cluster and inferno bombs across the city, knocking out vital Comms and resupply spots.
Then a Mercenary lance of medium and light mechs are burst through his lines as Lyran infantry burst out of hidden spots and overran his perimeter.

To Halas-Smyth's front, Bravo company had been caught and gutted by the mercs and were now merrily burning.

"Everyone out!"
The colonel started waving his staff out the door - he'd set up his headquarters in an elementary school, trusting its high walls and stout buildings - but a fighter had scored a direct hit.
Now glass littered the floor, crunching under booted feet, and half the equipment seemed to be out of order.
"Everyone out, gather in the church across the street," he yelled.
Outside he could hear the crump of approaching mech feet. His staff had scattered.
With a sigh the battalion commander sunk to his knees, hard shards of glass cutting through his thin uniform pants.
The mechs were closer. There were screams, a rattle of small arms and then the high pitched hum of heavy laser weapons.

He clawed his service pistol from its holster. Outside, the gunfire was petering off. An explosion rocked the building.
The pistol barrel tasted of oil and metal. It was almost a relief to pull the trigger.

Sooo... we've won! Three linked scenarios and Thermopolis is officially flying a new Lyran mailed fist
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May 20, 3068 -Felix Cavalli's journal.

Clean up jobs are the worst.
We're burning in for McAffe. For a month now the 9th Regulan Hussars have been holding out - first bloodying the 4th Lyran Regulars and now going toe to toe with the 7th Donegal and some mercs.
But by the time we got here they were broken and fleeing. Our job will be to hotdrop on a place called Marggraf's Harbor and flush out any hold outs.
Apparently this is the site of an ancient battle involving Snord's Irregulars - somehow I don't think anyone is going to write up the history books our capture of the town and shooting up some die hard hold out Regulans.
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After action report presented to Lyran High Command, May 20, 3068

After moving into the township of Marggraf's Harbor, elements of Cavalli's Cavaliere (see cross reference, COMMAND LANCE + INFANTRY ASSETS) radioed their desire to accept the surrender of remaining military forces or political government.
After moving to the town square, the lance made contact and accepted the surrender of the town's mayor Josef Bangle. While overseeing the disarmament of several militiamen and constabulary officers, infantry elements of said Mercenary unit received organic weapons fire from several rooftops and surrounding windows.
Three mercenary infantrymen were KIA, another two WIA. Civilian/Marik POW causalities ran to six KIA, two WIA, including Mayor Bangle.

As Mercenary infantry engaged in house to house fighting around the square, the Cavaliere CO received word of mechs on the move around the docks. His lance moved to engage as infantry continued encircle the enemy and clear buildings.
Approximately 15 minutes later, Mercenary mechs made contact with two remaining Regulan mechs - a Grand Titan and a Cerberus. Combat commenced.

During the following half hour, the Grand Titan was destroyed by total engine destruction, while the Cerberus managed to escape. One Mercenary Awesome was crippled.

All up, mercenaries accounted for 17 KIA infantry, 6 POWs, one Assault mech.

And that's it - not even a thank you. Just an acknowledgment that the funds had been transferred to the company account. We're dogged up as ready to boost in an hour after spending a grand total of 29 hours dirtside.
Hell, I didn't even see another Lyran! We're being shuttled back to Giausar to guard supply depots - it seems the Marik eagle has found its talons and is finally striking back.
Unfortunately - we'll sit out the counter attack NOT collecting combat pay as we guard the supply lines back in Lyran space.
The only good news is that our dependants and support forces are moving closer to us - they're all bound for Arcadia. While that's still a jump away fro Giausar and our new duty station, its better than all the way back on Skye - we were starting to have some morale problems with folks missing their families, hell I was even stating to miss the twins.
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Unfortunately - we'll sit out the counter attack NOT collecting combat pay as we guard the supply lines back in Lyran space.

Somehow I doubt that...  ;)

"Here, we don´t need to go looking for trouble. Troubles comes looking for us." Zack Allen, Babylon 5
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September 3, 3068
Even fighting the Clans didn't leave me feeling like this.
Two days ago FWL forces started hard burning in from a pirate point.
The Lyran Colonel running our sector (we were tasked with guarding a supply dump/refit station) declared he was "heading back to an importance conference" and left us holding the basket.
I rallied the mechanics, quartermaster staff and gaggle of riflemen left and we put up a plucky defence. A lance of mediums and a Marik tank company got the business end of that.

Seems that made us target number one. I heard the Knights of the Inner Sphere and some mercs were kicking the hell out of the One Eyed Jacks up north. Meanwhile, the 20th Militia dropped whole scale on us.

The fighters struck first - many of them carrying smart bombs and Arrow IV guided missiles. In a couple minutes most of the base was a smoking ruin.
Mira managed to get airborne and take down at least one Marik fighter before she was forced to punch out. Her husband, Morgan, didn't even get off the deck.

As the smoke cleared we got word of a big push - ground forces were now rolling forward and I made the decision to meet them. I couldn't get any word out of Lyran high command and as we saddled up a convoy of beat up Lyran tanks raced past - their Hauptmann said the whole front had collapsed. He said the militia had broken and the Jack were barely holding on.

About an hour later we met the Marik Militia at a river junction - Paige and her hovertank lance tagged a heavy lance as it waded across and my Command lance pounced. I threw pursuit out to one side to ensure we weren't flanked.
And that's when the rest of the FWL company turned up - a heavy assault lance and a mixed medium/light one.

Initially it was all our way - I headcapped an Orion as it forded the river and Joe took out an older model Marauder while our Harrassers laid in the missiles.
Their Tempest also went down.

Pursuit initially held their own but it wasn't Long before the bastards got the Wolfhound. As we turned to meet them a hunchback poured a full AC/20 burst into Stefan's cockpit.
With two Mechwarriors dead, two mechs crippled and another missing a leg I made the call.
 I radioed the Marik commander and asked for terms.
They've got us in a camp and confiscated  all our equipment. The war - and probably my unit - is over.

September 15, 3068
Almost two weeks surrounded by razors wire and always covered by the guard towers. We get no word from outside but we've all gathered the planet fell.
The food is awful. They're keeping us in threadbare tents out here on the steppes.
It's a mix of mercs and Lyran regulars - no sign of that godddamn Colonel though!
Strangest is the Blakists. This is a FWL run camp (Marik Militia guards) but there's a good dozen Word of Blake types who run the interrogations and such.

September 16, 3068
They've moved us. Civilian buses came for us this morning and took JUST the mercs. We're now in a much nicer compound. None of it bodes well...

That was strange. I just had a meeting with a Marik officer - no names, no ranks but he laid it out very quickly. Seems Marshall Brett and his disowned Marik wife want to secede and they're after mercs to make it stick.
The choice was: months of this and sit out the rest of the war (and forfeit our equipment) or sign on for a nice defensive contract.
They're even letting us get word to our dependants deeper in Lyran space.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 15 November 2016, 22:18:44
So that was rough!
Butcher's bill ran to two mechwarriors dead, two aerospace fighters destroyed, one pilot killed, one vehicle destroyed, total crew kill.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 15 November 2016, 23:43:43
Wow. That was nasty. The surrender was the right call though, as it sounds like things were not going to get better quickly.

Here's hoping the new contract goes well.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 16 November 2016, 09:12:26
Yeah... wow. I knew I was going  to get it - I mean, I saw the FWL bot roll up the units with rather some good skill rolls.
But to take it so bad... yeah, still a little stunned.

Totally got flanked and then stupidly attacked the centre with my heavies - leaving the lighter mechs to face what turned out to be the main thrust of heavies and assaults
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Intelligence summary prepared for Alys Marik Rousset-Marik, Feb-07-3070


Your Grace,

As discussed, please find the latest intelligence summary on the Mercenary units known as Cavalli's Cavaliere and Barton's Boozefighters. The histories of both units are attached as an additional file as they're in the public record.
Below is essentially a summary of the past two years.

Cavalli's Cavaliere were defeated in detail by Marshall Brett's forces in late 3068 and after a brief period of internment accepted a contract personally presented by Photon Brett-Marik. While this may seem like typical Mercenary behaviour, Felix Cavalli prevailed on his new employer not to send his unit back to fight the nation they had just served.
Instead, the Cavaliere were shifted to the periphery border of the Duchy - taking up station on Maxwell in 3069. From there the Demi company regularly rotated across the border, quashing smuggling operations, bandits and a series of suspiciously well equipped raiding parties from the Circinus Federation and apparently unaffiliated pirates.

Force Commander Cavalli submitted several reports to Duchy High Command alleging the Word of Blake were behind the "up-gunned raiders". During one particularly nasty attack on Maxwell in September 3069, Cavalli was badly wounded - losing his left hand and suffering considerable shrapnel injury when a suicide bomber rushed into his command post. That attack and the subsequent appearance of several dropships worth of still unknown Raiders triggered a brutal slugfest across the northern continent.
Despite the temporary loss of their commander, BattleROM and gun cam footage show Cavalli's Cavaliere rallying and desperately repulsing a company sized raider unit in an effort to keep them out of the main population zones.

In early 3070, we intercepted a communique from Lyran intelligence to the mercenaries. Initial fears of some sort of betrayal proved unfounded however - it was in fact a job offer.
Since their surrender in 68, the Cavaliere had been forced to leave their dependants in Lyran space - despite several attempts by Duchy High Command to facilitate an immigration.
It appears the Lyran blocked all attempts purely gain leverage over the unit and in early 70 they played that trump card, contracting Cavalli's Cavaliere for a classified operation on Donegal. Cavalli's Cavaliere is now listed as "wanted" for breach of contract in the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey, however authorities did not attempt apprehend them during their exit.

Force strength: Reduced to barely a Demi company in the wake of their defeat during OPERATION BROKEN FIST, the Cavaliere managed to hire two new mechwarriors in FWL space and bulk out their hover tank lance. Additionally, while watched closely in Lyran custody, the remaining dependants have managed to add two squads of battle armour to their roster.
Cavalli's Cavaliere now consists of two mech lances, a hover tank lance, reinforced infantry company and two BA squads. It still lacks aerospace support since it's defeat.

Suggestions: while Cavalli's Cavaliere appear near perfect for your Grace's proposed operation, their departure for Lyran space effectively counts them out. They bear further watching.

Barton's Boozefighters: for the purpose of this document, I shall refer to the unit as the Boozefighters despite their official registration as Barton's Broncos.
Their official history is also attached in a seperate document and I shall now deal purely with their past few years and how it impacts on the ongoing war with the Word of Blake.
Initially hired in 3066 by the Word of Blake, the Boozefighters have provided years of faithful service. Participating in the WoB assault on Bryant that same year, the unit worked closely with Burr's Black Cobras to smash the Bryant Refulars' lines and while command and discipline effectively broke down as the mercenaries sacked population areas and the Regulars' rear areas, the Word retained the unit.

Garrison on several planets on the newly forming Blake Protectorate saw the Boozefighters bulk out to a light battalion before the Jihad broke out. In 3068 the Boozefighters were dispatched to Dieron, the Kuritan powerhouse as part of massive assault. Acting as Helmut's Hermits' unofficially fourth battalion, Barton and his men mainly served as rear area security and counter insurgency forces
By 3069 the had gathered a horrific reputation for inflicting civilian casualties and "high impact interrogation techniques". Impressed with their efforts, the Blakists transferred the Boozefighters off world.

We believe Barton's men were shifted to the Circinus Federation to act as a cadre for that semi-legitimate nation's forces, along with carrying out raids into FWL territory.

Force structure: flush With Blakist money and technology the Boozefighters now sport a full three mech companies along with a reinforced mixed armoured, artillery and infantry company. The unit also includes light aerospace support.
Third company is perhaps most interesting. Under the command of newly minted Captain Frank Duggan it includes a high percentage of Combine salvage.
His C3 equipped command lance, led from his Hatamato-Chi has become a formidable sight.
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April, 3070
"The Tower"

"The interrogation proceeds well, Precentor,"
Precentor Ernst Regan - commander of the Word of Blake's 18th Division and Governor General of Donegal almost leapt out of skin as the oddly deep voice buzzed behind him.
He spun, his long white robe whistling on the stark steel floor. He hated that voice.
Almost as he hated its owner.

She stood before him, her simple Adept's red robe hiding what he knew was a fit and lithe frame, almost a head taller than him with high, tight breasts.
Spectre Precentor Delta Charlotte Logan was certainly beautiful enough, complete with mocha dark skin and oddly, a shock of white-gold hair cut boyishly short.

But there was something... unworldly about her. If you looked close enough (Regan had never dared) her vermillion eyes showed the faint lines of augmented technology, suggesting some sort of implant. And that voice...

"It does indeed Precentor Logan, although again I must state that there is no need for your... people to be here," he said, irritation visibly rising.
Logan appeared to not be listening to him - instead looking through the one way mirror to where the prisoner was strapped to a chair. To Regan's annoyance these "Hands of the Master" had taken over the interrogation and now proceeded with apparent gusto.

Smoothing his thinning dark hair back Regan continued. "After all, it was MY forces that caught this one, not your newly arrived Level II."

Upon arriving on Donegal, Regan had found chaos - open rebellion in the provinces, worker strikes and stop works and demonstrations in the cities. On his way to government house there had been two seperate sniper attack alone!
That had prompted him to call for support from Terra to root out the insurgency. He'd expected a Light of Mankind team, not these things.

Logan rolled her head around - even her movements seemed artificial - to look at him. Her eyes seemed to flicker between colours as they settled on him.
"Would that be the same forces that gunned down close to 100 protesters this morning? Or the ones who decided levelling a village is just recourse after taking a few rounds from an ancient bolt action rifle?"

Regan was ready to deliver a response when his companion suddenly rolled her head back and reached for her forehead. Sweeping her hair back the Precentor exposed a small steel protrusion that looked like a bolt just inside her hairline.
The woman's lips moved but Regan knew she was not speaking to him.

Impatiently the Word of Blake commander peered in at the interrogation, recoiling when blood splattered up at the mirror.
Finally Logan turned to him - her eyes now shined a ghostly blue.
"Mercenaries are coming, the resistance has called for aid. But do not worry little frail, we will take care of them."
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Monsters. The Bogey man. Things from Hell. You hear these rumours, but you never know it - never believe it - until you see them.
The Word of Blake is into some evil shit.
The whole Donegal thing was a stuff up from the get go - Lyran intelligence pressuring us into taking the op - slip through the Word blockade (which includes a bloody Warship!) and link up with a contact in the resistance on world.
Then extract some bigwig.

With the IFF codes the Lyrans had somehow stolen we burned in, all in the Damnthing. Two mech lances and our new Bandits, loaded with new Battle Armour. I'd hired on two new boys in League space and we figured we might actually pull it odd.

No... They were waiting. The LZ was a trap that we barely made it out of and I ordered the dropper to head for the alternative.
That left us walking across the badlands trying to find the RV point with our contact. After a good 10 hours of fight and fade with some Wob Militia goons we managed to lose ourselves in the mix of mountains and badlands.
When we found the resistance contact he told us it was a change of plans. We spent the next three days in a cave while the Toaster lovers marched back and forth overhead.
They were good folks the Lyran resistance - a couple retired Donegal Jaegers and some militia. Eventually, we got the word - our VIPs had gone to ground about a day's march north.

We lost or Blakie pursuers by using a series of ravines and canyons carved by a dried up river ans broke out onto the open plain. Our lads' Goblin had rolled down a ravine and was stuck solid - the infantry spent a good hour dragging the battered tank back up the hill.
Oddly, none of these guys were Loki or Lyran intel - they were just friggin media types caught out here.

As we got the Goblin on the move we picked up the MADSCANS - a reinforced company. I got the Bandits and their cargo to shoehorn the Goblin as it stumbled along while the mechs set up in a series of low hills.

And when the Word came - we punished them. Into the kill zone they charged and we let rip - but it didn't matter. We were facing mechs like i had never seen before, it was like the bloody Clan invasion all over again.
I watched one mech - carrying some hideous looking BA - take my Gauss slug, then three PPCs. Missing an arm and most of its torso it kept running.
Hell, one of our new blokes, Elton, kicked off the whole head of one. He left the pilot naked to the elements and the hunched over thing just lit him up with its lasers and ran forward.
And the infantry... monsters. Some sporting third arms, others that took laser blasts to the face and kept on running.

After Jinpachi Nezu exploded his Panther and took one of those strange new mechs with him to hell I thought that despite the loss, we might actually get out. the Goblin and our VIPs looked about safe. We'd forced those bastards back - but then they just got mean then.

One of the new guys Roscho was driving my old Rak, he'd been battered by the two heaviests Blake mechs - meanwhile, we'd stopped them cold in the centre and were screening the VIP's escape.
Roscho's LRMs went off and he got punched out.
That big swayback bastard mached straight over to him and put its guns right on the fella, still in his ejection seat.

And this strange buzzing voice - vaguely feminine, but like a computer comes over the comm.
"You have something of mine, I have something of yours. Power down now mercs and hand me my prize"
I told her to go to hell and she just stepped on Ros. He was still linked into the comms via his ejection seat link and his screams will haunt me.

After that i went a bit mad - i just let everything go into that mech. Somehow the bitch didn't drop, she pulled back.

All up, we jagged three of those strange new mechs and a Nexus and an upgraded Ostroc, along with a squad of BA and some of those freakshow infantry.
Two of their mechs and some infantry managed to fall back.

We're down three mechs and two pilots. Elton had to leave his Ph-Hawk on the field and punched out as those damn horror types swarmed him after he lost a leg.
With the cash the Lyrans are paying, we can get him a new one.

We quickly met with the resistance types and burned out. A couple of them, including a couple mech jocks wanted to come with us.

So, now either we run past this warship and get to the pirate point and get home. Or this is it.

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A good fight with the MD is when some of you survive, Escaping that is just sheer luck for a small merc unit. O0
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New mercs for a new age
Peabody Discussion Hour, 25 March, 3071

Hans-Martin Martin: "- take for example this most recent bunch, this Cavalli’s Cavaliere. They've spent the past six months guarding and escorting merchants along the Lyran/FWL border. And then, get this, they actually helped the ruling families on Enzesfled as these Democracy Now bastards run wild"

Sir Reginald Schulz: "Yes, but that doesn't take away from the fact that most money warriors are serving the Word of Blake and tearing the Inner Sphere apart."

Martin: "Be that as it may - and I'm quoting directly from sources on Galatea now - these Cavaliere returned from anti-Blakist operations in the Donegal region, recruited heavily on the Mercenary's Star and then moved on. And then just this month, when the Schneider and Von Kluss families found themselves besieged by Ashely and his goons, these men selflessly put themselves in harm's way."

Marissa Wu: "Now back to Democracy Now-"


Use Coastal terrain (see p. 263, TW). The Attacker designates one edge as the objective.
Attacker The Attacker consists of elements of the Democratic People’s Army which equal up to 75% of the Defender’s total deployed force, use any Mercenary or Militia RAT, and have Regular experience. The Attacker enters from the designated objective edge.

Defender (Player)
The Defender consists of 10% of the player’s total force. In addition, the Defender includes two transport-type vehicles appropriate for the setting, with Green experience. These vehicles are carrying the escaping noble family members. All of the Defender’s units enter on the map edge opposite the objective.


 Track Cost: 300 Options +150 Light Fog: Use the Light Fog rules. (see p. 57, TO) +150 Bad Intel: Add one additional unit to the Attacker’s force. This unit has Veteran experience.

OBJECTIVES Survival! At least one of the transports exits off the objective edge. [100] No witnesses… All hostile forces are destroyed or forced to withdraw. [200] Quarterback Sack. The Defender must destroy the fastest 50% of the Attacker forces by the end of Turn 10. [200]

SPECIAL RULES The following rules are in effect for this track.
Forced Withdrawal All defending forces must use the Forced Withdrawal rules (see p. 258, TW).

If both transports escape, the noble family is so grateful they bestow a gift of 1,000 SP upon the player unit. These points may only be used towards purchasing new units and/or recruiting new personnel. The points must be spent before the next track begins.

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"Big Bird is away, say again, Big Bird is away!"
Cavalli let out a sigh of relief - and then catching a flicker in the corner of his HUD, spun his Thunderbolt and spat a Gauss round into a skulking Scorpion tank.
The giant slug slammed into the vehicle's fender and sent it spinning away.
"Rook, this is Knight Lead. Hold off on the pick up for the rest of us - I spy some tasty salvage," Cavalli said.
Eyeing the twin palls of dark smoke rising in the distance he grinned.
"And I don't think these Democ Now pukes are going to stop us."

The unit has managed to expand, following their success on Enzesfeld and earlier recruitment of several dispossessed rebels from Donegal.
Bloodying the Democracy Now hired thugs, Cavalli managed to salvage a CRD-7W Crusader (turns out, these DM types were packing some serious gear!), two Galleons and a Scorpion light tank.
By rescuing the two carloads of nobles we came away with the 100 SP reward we can use to hire some new troops and buy some equipment.
New recruits:
Peder Hammarskjöld is a long term LCAF officer, who retired as a Kommodant  at the close of the Civil War. An ardent Steiner loyalist he was disappointed to see the fall of Katherine and spent several months pottering around his place of discharge, Donegal, after the war.
Bored, he was lured back to work with the Donegal Jaegers in a consultancy role when suddenly the Jihad broke out.
With the Jaegers shattered he and a small band of former Lyran soldiers took to the Outlands to fight an insurgency and After assisting the Cavaliere he decided the merc life could be for him.
He will lead the new Fire lance from the captured Crusader.

Lottie Hausermann was a problem child - a trait that followed her for life. Born on Donegal to middle class shopkeepers she racked up a string of juvenile offences and was eventually offered the choice - enlist for two years or face a year of jail. She chose the military and what followed was a less than stellar record. Forced to go back through basic following a string of insubordinate actions, she was then effectively rushed through Advanced Infantry Training  because her instructors were sick of "that wise arse" and then found herself assigned to the Donegal Militia's motor pool. Bored (she'd been told she would get to shoot stuff, not stand around a mechanic bay) she went AWOL, was subsequently caught, busted in rank and was on the verge of being cashiered (via a trip to the stockade).
While awaiting the results of her disciplinary meeting she happened across a drowning child -'Hausermann's heroic efforts were broadcast all over the planet after it emerged the child belonged to a senior Steiner government official. Her one request - make me a Mechwarrior.
Hausermann didn't finish her training - the Word of Blake dropped in mid way through (she was also on report in the Guard House at the time).
But her efforts to assist Cavalli and his unit impressed the, enough to sign her up.

Lucius Black is a merc's merc - he's served hitches with units such as the Kell Hounds right through to one lance cannon fodder in Taurian space over his 30 year career.
A native of New Avalon, he's not seen that world in a decade or more but now nurses a deep hatred for the Word of Blake and would only sign on with a unit that has no Blakist history.
The cigar chomping, rough talking image is a bit of an act and he can frequently be found reading obscure Terran literature in his off hours and is equally willing to supervise the unit's crèche. He and Hammarskjöld have started a relationship.
It's also rumoured Black's son is a Blakist, furthering his hatred for the "Toaster lovers"

Conal Blair never set out to be a Mercenary, instead the native of Enzesfeld did what generations of his family had done before him - served their lords. The eldest son of Count Adler Schneider's personal valet, he was gifted with entrance to a minor Mechwarrior Academy and later returned to a position in the Schneider House Guard. His Dervish was shot out from him during the Democracy Now attack and he only survived because the Cavaliers heard his radio for help and returned. It was a hard choice to give up his oath to House Schneider but Blair feels a debt of gratitude to Cavalli.

Jenna St George has revealed almost nothing about her background, save that she's originally a native of the FedSuns' Outback. She sufficiently impressed on the range at the controls of her Hunchback to secure a job, despite her refusal to speak about her past.
This suggests she's a deserter - but from where is still unknown.
Beautiful, with honey blonde hair and dark brown eyes, she also sports several nasty scars to her arms and torso.

Electra Riva-Singh was a talented test pilot for Kali-Yama on Kalidasa until recently, when her deeply conservative parents announced they had arranged a marriage for her and that she should cease her work immiedatly.
Fleeing her birthworld she washed up on the Mercenary's Star almost by accident.
Naive and wide world after a sheltered upbringing she approaches the merc life with a curiosity that borders on conducting a science experiment. Her TBT-7M Trebuchet was donated to her by kindly superiors at Kali-Yama as a leaving gift and she has decorated its cockpit with trinkets, including stuffed animals, toys, wall hangings and even incense holders she uses when not in combat.

Saladin - surely not his real name, but certainly the only one he answers to - is a mystery.
Rumour has it he is a native of the half barbarian periphery world of Astrokaszy.
It's suspected he's a former member of the Order of the Faithful, while other whisper he was perhaps an Arkab legionnaire or a member of the secretive sect of assassins in Kuritian space.
He is a talented tanker, infantryman and expert at close in, knife work and hand to hand.
He now leads the newly minted armour lance. But also frequently accompanies Cavalli as close personal protection, his long scimitar always at his belt.
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Black and Hammarskjold are in a relationship. Interesting.
Starting to rebuild to a good size again. O0
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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After getting our arses repeatedly kicked...

Will post a full TO&E soonish
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Post by: Deadborder on 02 December 2016, 16:14:59
You've got some very interesting new chracters there. I can't wait to see what happens next.
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TO&E - March 3071
Command lance
Thunderbolt TDR-7SE - Felix Cavalli
Awesome AWS-9M - Joe Paige
Bandersnatch BNDR-01A - Suelen Tores
Merlin MLN-1A - Conal Blair

Pursuit lance
Lynx LNX-9Q - Asha Akouayn
Vindicator VND-3L - Georgia Calosso
Wolfhound WLF-2 - Lucuis Black
Phoenix Hawk PXH-3S - Elton Moss

Fire lance
Crusader CRD-7W - Peder Hammarskjold
Hunchback HBK-5M - Jenna St George
Trebuchet TBT-7M - Electra Reva-Singh
Lineholder KW1-LH2 - Lottie Hausermann

Armoured company
Cpt Amber Mori-Paige

Alpha lance
Savannah Master Hovercraft Amber Mori-Paige
Gladius Medium Hover Tank Jakob Hertz
Harasser Missile Platform (LRM) Benvenuto DiCenta
Harasser Missile Platform (LRM) Jarmila Ondra

Bravo lance
IS Standard Battle Armor [Laser] - Lt Candace
IS Standard Battle Armor [MG]

Bandit Hovercraft A Bogna Rzeznyk
Bandit Hovercraft D Toshiko Mori

Charlie lance
Galleon Light Tank GAL-102 - Lt Saladin
Galleon Light Tank GAL-100   Milan Goei
Scorpion Light Tank (Standard) Chim Soulie
Scorpion Light Tank (Standard) Herbert Kishita

Infantry company - Cpt Aubrey Ito-Hostigos
Foot infantry platoon
Foot infantry platoon
Maxim Hover APC
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What type of weapons do your Infantry have?

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 December 2016, 21:28:05
Purely automatic rifles MGs. I was thinking maybe they include a heavy weapons squad (with light SRMs) but so far these guys haven't seen actual combat. They're kinda there purely for fluff.
You may remember that most of them are from the Deep periphery and are all wild barbarians carrying battle axes and swords - later taught how to wield rifles and other small arms. I imagine they all clad in furs over their armour and hacking off their enemy's head after shooting him...
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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So .52 and .11 per trooper...

And we have 17.64 round up to 18 points per Platoon, range 1 or 3 hexes. M-16/AK-47 with Long Axes for close quarters. 4.41 per Squad action.

1 MP and Armor Divisor of 1, to reflect Heavy Fur Armor.... blue clay facepaint = +1 Morale check.


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I like the moral bonus!
Title: ~
Post by: truetanker on 06 December 2016, 20:37:38
I can make interesting units to say the least... need more?


Aubrey Ito-Hostigos ~ .18 Nakjima Laser Pistol and .34 Shredder Heavy Needler Rifle = .52 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Peder Hammarskjöld ~ .20 TK-Enforcer Auto-Pistol and .44 TK-Assualt Rifle = .64 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Lottie Hausermann ~ .20 TK-Enforcer Auto-Pistol and .44 TK-Assualt Rifle = .64 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Lucius Black ~ dual .27 Hawk Eagle Auto-Pistols = .54 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Conal Blair ~ .20 NeedlerPistol and .33 Gunther MP-20 SMG = .53 round up 1 damage, range 0 ( same hex only ).
Jenna St George ~ .21 Vibro-blade and .33 Gunther MP-20 SMG = .54 round up 1 damage, range 0 ( same hex only ).
Electra Riva-Singh ~ .07 Stunstick and .52 Auto-Rifle / AX-22 = .59 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Saladin ~ .07 Scimitar and .52 Auto-Rifle / AX-22 = .59 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).

Felix Cavalli ~ .26 Blazer Laser Pistol and .25 Pulse Laser Rifle = .51 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ) -1 to hit... ( fluff idea... )

I can do these all day.... just ask.

Your friendly Purveyor of Evilness.

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Intelligence summary prepared for Alys Marik Rousset-Marik, Nov-21-3070

Your Grace,

Following your recent request for a follow up SIT-REP on the Mercenary unit known as Barton's Boozefighters, I've pulled together the following. Again, your Grace, I must stress that we are being forced to rely on an large volume of unverified data. Much of this has been pulled from my sources within the Blakist Protectorate and while they have my complete trust, I can be unsure how much the Blakists have tampered with.

"****** Barton, my company are getting cut to ribbons! The attack has failed, the attack has failed and we're sitting out here getting squeezed by bloody Death Commandos!"
"Hauber, watch that tower - someone put some fire into that building on our three, its crawling with them!"
"Barton?! Barton?! Where the hell are you?"

The attached recording was supposedly intercepted in Sian in mid-September. Based on voice analysis, I believe that was Barton's Boozefighter's third company commander Frank Duggan (younger son of the late unit founder)
Mercenary elements under the guise of the Dragon's Breath attacked the port city of Beilin ahead of the main Blakist assault on Sian on September 13. We believe the Boozefighters were among the assorted merc forces supporting the now defunct Dragon's Breath.
However the assault was repulsed with high casualties - the Breath were destroyed utterly - and we believe the Boozefighters were significantly bloodied.

A grab bag company managed to push FORWARD rather than fall back into the Canopian killzone and managed to push their way north to link up with the Blakist main LZ. I suspect Duggan led this push, unsupported by his CO.
Gun cam footage shows Colonel Barton's command lance fleeing the outskirts of the city as the assault collapses.

A 3D images shows a Hatamato-Chi painted Black and Tan but heavily marked by soot and burn scars. Half its head has been squashed in and one elaborate horn has been torn off. The big mech twists as it stalks down a city street
On either side buildings have been bombed and blasted apart, leaving twisted remains of shopfronts and gutted office blocks.
The tan mech pauses and the pours PPC Fire Down the street - artificial lightning twisting as it shoots at an unseen target.
The camera tilts up to show several dropships hovering over the scene - mechs and egg like canisters fall rapidly from the droppers.
As does, dark soot.

Your Grace, we have a positive match on this mech. It's Frank Duggan. Much of the Boozefighters are now using captured Kuritian equipment from their two years on Dieron for the Word.
These images were shot on the edge of the Forbidden City. We believe the Boozefighters joined the main Blakist attack there after fighting their way Free.

Interestingly, despite apparently leaving half his command to fend for itself Colonel Xxx Barton has retained command. But for how long is the question.
The Boozefighters dropped onto Sian with a full Battlemech battalion, a mixed armoured/infantry company, some Battle Armour and two flights of aerospace fighters. They left with a reinforced mech company, and a scratch company of infantry with a handful of tanks attached.
Already they have snapped up the remaining few Dragon's Breath mechwarriors and a few independent troops who got out alive, but the unit faces a real challenge at rebuilding.
We believe they're bound for the Protectorate for rearming.
However, the chance at suborning them or slipping an agent in is now prime. My advisement is to act as soon as possible. 
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I can make interesting units to say the least... need more?


Aubrey Ito-Hostigos ~ .18 Nakjima Laser Pistol and .34 Shredder Heavy Needler Rifle = .52 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Peder Hammarskjöld ~ .20 TK-Enforcer Auto-Pistol and .44 TK-Assualt Rifle = .64 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Lottie Hausermann ~ .20 TK-Enforcer Auto-Pistol and .44 TK-Assualt Rifle = .64 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Lucius Black ~ dual .27 Hawk Eagle Auto-Pistols = .54 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Conal Blair ~ .20 NeedlerPistol and .33 Gunther MP-20 SMG = .53 round up 1 damage, range 0 ( same hex only ).
Jenna St George ~ .21 Vibro-blade and .33 Gunther MP-20 SMG = .54 round up 1 damage, range 0 ( same hex only ).
Electra Riva-Singh ~ .07 Stunstick and .52 Auto-Rifle / AX-22 = .59 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).
Saladin ~ .07 Scimitar and .52 Auto-Rifle / AX-22 = .59 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ).

Felix Cavalli ~ .26 Blazer Laser Pistol and .25 Pulse Laser Rifle = .51 round up 1 damage, range 1 ( 3 hexes ) -1 to hit... ( fluff idea... )

I can do these all day.... just ask.

Your friendly Purveyor of Evilness.


Love that Black is rocking the double auto pistols! Love this - so cool!
Only thing I'd say though - Felix is a Marik nobleman who has spent most of his life in Lyran space. I always saw him as a M&G auto pistol kinda man over a Blazer
Title: Re: ~
Post by: truetanker on 06 December 2016, 22:49:19
Only thing I'd say though - Felix is a Marik nobleman who has spent most of his life in Lyran space. I always saw him as a M&G auto pistol kinda man over a Blazer

A Noble man with money...

But if I went the M&G route: is a .17 in that case you'd lose the 1 damage... but if you went Sternsnacht Python @ .28 and pulse you'd get a better deal.

But if you need some more random right ups I can...

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I dig the Python... it's got bite!
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Free Worlds League Atlas - Savannah

A hot, dry ball heavily blasted by its too near sun, Savannah received some much needed terraforming ahead of its settlement by the FWL in 2409 and while this improved conditions to tolerable ranges, Savannah's vast alkaline seas and dry expanses were still less that hospitable.

An old joke is that a visitor who goes from his climate controlled dropship, to his climate controlled car or public transport, to a climate controlled office, to a climate controlled hotel and then eventually back to his climate controlled ship via a climate controlled car got the full Savannah experience - by avoiding going outside like most locals do.

Even today, the planet is forced to rely on most of its foodstuffs from nearby Remulac as its agriculture and fishing efforts remain limited.
Much of the planetary population is gathered in the twin cities of Atlanta and Augusta. Originally settled seperately on the far ends of the Barron Bay - Savannah's deepest harbour, the two cities merged more than a century ago after years of sprawl across the hardback separating them.
Augusta remains the official capital and Atlanta the more chic, centre of commerce and trade but the two have effectively merged (apart from local council zoning regulations, causing nightmares for construction efforts that bridge the two zones).

A dozen other major cities dot Savannah's single supercontinent Georgia - all connected to each other by high speed rail links and multi-lane highways.
Santa Fe in the far north is probably the only city not built on the desert floor, instead the holiday hotspot clings to the sides of the Great Smoke Mountains, taking advantage of the cooler climate.
Most locals prefer these high speed links, but visitors are encouraged to see the majestic desert and rock formations by taking a VTOL craft.

Atlanta's eastern outskirts is also home to the sprawling Technicron plant. The massive facility produces Awesomes and Quickdraws for the FWL at a tremendous rate.
The interstellar manufacturer was first drawn to Savannah based on its strategic location and open land, but Savannah quickly cashed in on the opportunity and offered favourable tax conditions, low interest loans and even government assistance to any company wishing to base itself out of Savannah.
Since the mid-2800s, Savannah has become known as the FWL's start up capital as hundreds of tech companies and other businesses took advantage.
Savannah's retainment of high technology bases throughout the succession wars has been attributed to this.
Savannah's easy going approach, high tech base and it's favourable tax laws has also seen it become a hot spot for Tri-Vid entertainment production, complete with the rise of Savannah-noir films.

The planet's rulers could afford to be generous to attract investors - titanium, gold, and plutonium deposits dot the mountain ranges and Savannah runs an extensive asteroid mining operation.

Savannah is governed by a ruling council, elected from members of the Planetary Senate and Advisory Council in a complex process every six years.
The Senate and Council are mostly elected, while a certain percentage of seats are reserved for heads of major businesses and several prominent families.
Voting for these institutions seems to occur sporadically and most natives of Savannah will tell you they've never voted - but never really thought about it because they were too busy running a business or trying to get their screenplay made.

Militarily, Savannah relies on a militia organisation that makes use of Battlemechs, tanks and armour. Large quantities of VTOLs and fixed wing conventional fighters make up a big part of this unit, mostly due to the terrain.
Much of this force is staffed by what are effectively offworld mercenaries - usually former FWL regulars lured away by larger than usual pay cheques.
They make considerable use of Technicron equipment.

3071 update: determined to keep military equipment rolling out of Savannah, the Word dispatched a considerable garrison in 3070. A full Level III now supplements the militia (who have been extensively screened and purged) and the WoB has effectively superseded the ruling council.
Precentor Norris Anderson - a former Free Worlds officer who defected to the Word "governs" the planet, dealing with any dissent harshly.
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Talk about a productive year! For the past few months We've been protecting merchant convoys and corporate interests along the Lyran/Duchy of TA border, with the occasional short term planetary garrison.
The Inner Sphere appears to have gone to hell in the past year - hell, the Blakists seem just about on the verge of their objective of uniting the universe under their "Blessed" rule. Tharkad, New Avalon are occupied, the Dracs are too busy fighting themselves and the so called Free Worlds League has thrown in with the Blakists.
It's grim
- journal of Felix Cavalli, May, 3071

I swear the new boys are trying to kill me through stress! I've been drilling the company hard for the past month while we rest up here on the old Merc's Star (it still feels... wrong that Outreach is gone) and they're starting to pull together.
That's despite a dozen busted vehicles, more replacement parts than you can count and even one friendly fire incident...
But I swear that if Saladin gives me one more of THOSE looks I'll drop him. That damn sword of his not withstanding.
Between that and our Battle Armour still getting their shit together...
Candace does a great job fixing up their banged up armour and is a hell of a suit jockey but I dunno if she really has the command bearing - ex-Clanner or not.
Word around the traps is that Reyda has found us a new gig - and it's fighting Blakists!
She and the CO have been VERY tight since we rescued her off Outreach. She's great with his kids, seems to really like him and she's a damn fine agent and broker for us.
Hopefully he doesn't stuff this up like he did last time!
- journal of  Amber Mori-Paige
August 4, 3071

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Voice one: ok, so back to it. This officially signifies the hiring of Cavalli's Cavaliere by a body that will continue to remain anonymous. A standard planetary assault contract with discretion given to the hired unit.

Voice two: right. We're all sorted then. The only thing I'm curious about is this clause that states a liaison officer will be with us the whole time.

Voice one: Colonel Cavalli, this was all explained to your Ms Johnston earlier. We require a liaison to be attached your unit prior and during the attack. And if you do agree to the supplementary garrison and security contract afterwards, we expect they will stay attached.

Voice two: a planet desperate to kick off the Toaster Lovers AND secede from the Free Worlds League is hardly in a position to dictate terms, is it though?
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Kyle LaCroix
Age: 41 (born 3030)
Homeworld: Augustine
Position/rank: Force Commander, League Central Coordination And Command / Major Free Savannah Alliance

The LaCroix family have almost no history of military service, instead almost all of their number have taken up the family business on Augustine - grape growing. LaCroix Wines are well know across the League and the family had enjoyed considerable wealth and prestige over the past 100 years.
Kyle LaCroix bucked that trend. At 17 he enlisted in the FWLM over the objections of his family. Determined to be a Mechwarrior he aced the initial testing and seemed on the fast track until Neurohelmet testing discovered a brain anomaly - one of his upper ventricles was enlarged and prevented proper feedback. Additionally, military doctors recommended surgery and a medical discharge.
Somehow talking his way out of both those things, LaCroix instead joined the Army's infantry corps and quickly distinguished himself.
Paratroop School, special forces training, promotion, Officer Candidate School and transfer to the elite Eagle Corps followed and LaCroix served as part of the assault on the Sarna March and later Operation Bulldog.

In 3066 disaster struck - his brain defect finally caught up with him and the extremely fit Captain collapsed during a training exercise. A series of operations followed and LaCroix found himself recovering and effectively semi-retired on his homeworld of Augustine. Declared unfit for active duty, he watched in horror as the Jihad kicked off and his beloved homeland staggered into the conflict - all the while confined to a reservist job riding a desk.
He was approached in 3068 by Alys Marik's people who unofficially asked him to assist their resistance - passing on intelligence, etc. LaCroix had fostered both a hate for the Blakists,  but also for Atreus - the people who effectively tied him to a desk job - and eagerly accepted.
In 3071 he stopped just passively working with the resistance and defected.
Alys Marik was initially unsure what to do with the now diminished former officer, but she had bankrolled and supported an uprising on Savannah and surrounding worlds, seeking to disrupt the Blakists' clutch on the region and decided to personally appointed LaCroix as her liaison to the hired mercenaries leading the attack.
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Excerpt from Jihad: Mistakes and military blunders - New Earth Publishing, 3089

The success enjoyed by Duchess Alys Rousset-Marik when her rebel forces struck Hamilton in September 3071 can be directly attributed to the brutal tactics employed by the Word of Blake on that world just two months earlier. While nominally loyal to the Atreus government (and by an extension, its Blakist overlords) Hamilton had struggled with a small insurgency for decades, based around ethnic identity and clashing landright claims.
This boiled over in early 3071 when several provinces went into open revolt -the collaborator government appealed for help.
In June Blake employed mercenaries Barton's Boozefighters and elements of the FWL based 20th Division burned in for the system, bypassing the capital to land outside the rebel held Kazan City.
An initial assault by the Boozefighters with limited Word support saw the rebels hold strong.
After clearing their casualties out of the tight, narrow Streets, the Blakists pulled back and then unleashed a chemical attack in the city.

Rebel positions were then easily overrun, but the civilian casualties numbered in the tens of thousands. An alarmingly high rate of birth defects continue in the region until this day.

Ironically, while these drastic measures broke the back of the rebellion the action so sickened the planetary militia it began to fracture - triggering a brutal and quick purge of its membership by Word and government forces.

In September, Rouset-Marik's forces had little trouble with the now diminished militia forces.

- from Their Blood Stains This Ground: Hamilton's martyrs.
The text of this book was suppressed by Republic censors in 3101.

Ali Singh-Mohammed let out a shriek of pure joy, thrusting his autorifle in the air he triggered a long burst. Around him, his fellow fighters were doing the same.
In the distance, past the charred and shattered hulks of Kazan City's building a, the Word mechs were pulling back.
Ali could see they were Leaving several downed machines.
Prince Farzor had been right - the worshippers of false gods had no fight in them.
Around him, his men celebrated. Wild whoops and sporadic gunfire aimed at the sky surrounds him.
"Tell the captain we have prisoners - the infidels abandoned many of their men."
As the last of the mechs fell back behind a screen of hills - Ali had noticed they were mostly painted tan and black, suggesting their were mercs taking the Word's coin, not actual Blakist - hush descends on the position.

Then the first shell landed.
There was a dull explosion and then Instead of the booming secondary blast there was a low hiss and smoke began billowing from crater.
Ali saw several more dirty grey flowers explode to his front.
"Ali, they're dropping a smokescreen as they flee! It's a smokescreen!" One of his men yelled, shouldering his weapon.

But Ali knew the truth. In seconds troops were dropping to the ground, clawing at their throats.
Next to him, the soldier who had yelled about the smokescreen suddenly crumpled - his weapon clattering to the ground.
Through tear streamed eyes and a pounding head, Ali rolled the young man over only to find his dark features already blotchy and red.
Struggling to his feet Ali was dimly aware he couldn't breath.
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We just killed an entire city. No excuses. Nothing else to be said.
We knew the rebels were dug in lie tics - I took two lances through the northern approach and sent my recon lance around to flank. Barton's command lance and the bulk of our armour and infantry came in from the west.
We brushed aside a lance of older rebel mechs and were pushing their armour back slowly - every house seemed to be riddled with rebel infantry and every rooftop had an SRM team.
Barton's Word attachment ran straight into a big scale ambush - command detonated mines, suicide bombers and houses filled with gunmen. I ward they lost a full
level II of Chevaliers in that death trap.
After three hours we'd linked up and established a loose perimeter but no one was moving.
That's when we got the call to gather the wounded and fall back.

At first I just thought they were shelling the enemy positions, the. I saw the gas. They just kept firing - and not just on the enemy. Everywhere.
Afterward we supported a Word infantry push: squad armed with man portable flamers who just cleared out building after building, regardless of who was inside.
- journal of Captain Francis Duggan, Barton's Boozefighters

All points fugitive warning - Word of Blake Protectorate, September 29, 3071
Be advised, one Francs "Frank" Duggan has deserted from his Protectorate posting. Formerly a captain in a WoB affiliated Mercenary command, Duggan deserted his post as the unit was shifted off world from Terra.
WoB authorities urges any law enforcement to use extreme caution In apprehending the deserter.

So, I ran a little Blakist counter insurgency. And after taking a real pounding going in, it got me thinking - how would the Word actually take care of a revolting city? Poisonous gas is probably the likeliest outcome.
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My, that's some familiar fluff on an otherwise undeveloped planet...

But yes, it's the logical end of an insurgency under the Word's hand. They're such nice guys. Hopefully things will go a bit better for all involved next time
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Well, yeah... you may have inspired me here a little. Was originally keen on Hamilton purely because I wanted to have a play through the Rousset-Marik attack but then remembered your QLF write up and did some reading. Hope you don't mind.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 19 December 2016, 17:13:36
Not at all. I picked it initially because it was a FWL planet that wound up as a part of the Republic and then back again and because it had no substantial fluff on it otherwise. I'm glad that you chose to run with it!
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I got a few ideas.... >:D

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I got a few ideas.... >:D


Oh no....
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Last message in my sigbar pertaining to you....

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The September coup - LinkNet Wiki entry
Savannah's planetary Senate andadvisory council  has effectively been co-opted by 3071 by a Blakist puppet organ that did little more than rubber stamp any demands from Atreus.
While technically still serving the FWL government, planetary leaders had little autonomy and easily went along with increasingly harsh demands from their overlords - including cracking down on civil liberties and mass arrests.

With funding and prompting from the pro-Alys Marik resistance, a small cadre of officials and Military officers began hatching an insurrection. After discreet approaches to several mercenaries came back in the positive, they opened talks with like minded figures on several neighbouring worlds.

On September 13, 3071 the plotters struck. Determined to keep neutral militia officers (who were only nominally loyal to Atreus since the '68 interruption) on side, Major General Antonia Greene had invited senior commanders to a secret briefing at the Santa Fe Military Reserve. Once there, officers were informed a take over was now occurring and they would be detained until further notice.
At 0700, as the meeting commenced, militia special forces seized several key targets across the Atlanta-Augusta sprawl: the main government run Tri-Vid station, the Janos Marik Memorial Hospital and main Planetary Police Command compound.
A battalion of armour and infantry loyal to the plotters then closed the downtown streets around the planetary government building. As they formed a cordon, Councillor  Adielle Swerringen took to the air announcing Savannah had severed its ties to the Free Worlds League and she was now "planetary governor".

Rebel forces then assaulted the government buildings and arrested most of the senate and advisory council. Seven government ministers were slain during the attack.

So far, OPERATION SEVERANCE had proceeded without a hitch. One militia Major tried to March his combined arms battalion on the government buildings in an effort to end the coup but found himself detained by his own men. Similar incidents occurred across the planet as militia commands turned on themselves, but for the most part the leaderless militia stayed put.

At 0830, Mercenary forces jumped in system - a full fighter squadron swept WoB and militia fighters from the zenith jump point and escorted in several shuttles worth of mercenary infantrymen who assaulted the Olympus class recharge station. The station fell after a brutal six hour fight.

Meanwhile, two dropships of Mercenary forces had descended from a closer Pirate Point and dropped just outside the capital under the guise of regularly scheduled merchantmen.
After forming up, this combined arms battalion appeared to march on the capital - but they really took up a position in the badlands outside the Word of Blake HPG and garrison at Fort Loudon.

Reacting to the unfolding chaos in the capital, Word commander Precentor Norris Anderson sallied forth - and ran straight into a Mercenary ambush.
Mercenaries - mostly drawn from Cavalli's Cavaliere easily dispatched the two Level IIs of Blakist forces and then wheeled on the capital.
With the arrival of more Battlemech, resistance effectively stopped.

It's done. They're dead.
When the Wobbies came boiling out of their compound we were waiting, dug in across two hills. After we opened up I sent Fire lance and Saladin's tanks rolling around their flanks. About a company of Word mechs, some tanks and BA wandered in. And they didn't stand a chance.

Oh they fought back. Elton will never walk again and his Ph-Hawk is gone. We've made an agreement with the local government to take care of his treatment until he can be transported to his homeworld. And we took care of his pension and severance.
Everyone was banged up. Especially me. That bastard Precentor in his Legacy put a burst of AC fire through my cockpit - one shell shattered the command consul right in front of me and a bit of shrapnel tore off the top of my left shoulder. More artificial parts and the stitches are aching. I'm beginning to feel like one of those bloody bionic Master's Hands were fighting! I guess I'm more widely travelled than most Leaugers but it still gives me the creeps!

I took care of Anderson personally. Despite the wound I was able to close and keep putting gauss slugs into his Legacy. When it keeled over I put one last round through his cockpit before passing out.

Savannah is free from the Blakists. For now. Lord knows how they'll stay that way - I don't see Atreus buying it for long.

December 3071
And just like that, we've officially passed the "Broadsword Enema". We had a discreet feeler put out by someone asking about our experience in planetary assaults and experience against the Word. Oddly, now after weeks of background checks we got an advance and orders to meet in an uninhabited system in Lyran space, where we'll be further transported.
Strange - the bank transfer is Lyran, but the cash looks like it's coming from ComStar.
Either way, they want us to fight Wobbies.
We used the extended rest on Savannah to purchase a full lance straight off the line at Technicron - another two Awesomes and a pair of Quickdraws, combined with close to a full lance of Blakist salvage and another lance of tanks we picked up. That has beefed us up (although we are lacking pilots for most of it)
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I think by this point Cavalli is about as machine as some of the Toasters he's fighting
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 09 January 2017, 17:40:42
Pretty much. He's had two incidents of having to burn "edge" after taking cockpit hits, which I've translated to critical damage resulting in the need for prosthetics
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Post by: truetanker on 10 January 2017, 14:43:51
If you need I can come up with some " Cyberwear " for him to try out...  O:-)

Might improve on his charming good looks... as a FWL anti-Cyborg poster boy!

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 10 January 2017, 18:05:19
When I hear TT wanting to design some Cyberware for you, I just get the thought that it would not be pleasant.
Your commander will probably end up looking like an MD but with extra firepower. ;D
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 10 January 2017, 20:09:52
If you need I can come up with some " Cyberwear " for him to try out...  O:-)

Might improve on his charming good looks... as a FWL anti-Cyborg poster boy!


Oh God... dare I say yes? Sure! Why not!

I fluffed it as losing his left hand back in 3068 facing pirates/WOB stand ins and then much of his left shoulder facing the Word on Savannah
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 15 January 2017, 20:52:20
Well at least he getting it all on the Left Arm... ;D
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 15 January 2017, 22:05:58
Oh God... dare I say yes? Sure! Why not!

You asked for it...

Type IV Improved Advanced Prosthesis, Left Arm
Enhancements : Sternsnacht Python Auto-Pistol ( 12 round clip ), Lockpick, Latex PlastiFlesh Sheathing

Stolen or more likely ripped off a dead Manei Domini soldier that probable didn't need it any more. Felix tries to conceal the medical scars on his back and front torso, preferring elbow length shirts. It becomes a surprise to many when they see the barrel of his concealed Python, as not many would see such a powerful weapon up close. The lockpick allows him to sneak around and gather information without having to stash his equipment incase of discovery.

Hope you like.

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 16 January 2017, 01:30:56
I like it! The guys are off to Donegal next - so a dead MD would work easily.

That said - he's only missing a hand at this point, so he might need some more wounds before needing the whole arm
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Post by: Sir Chaos on 16 January 2017, 09:45:47
Stolen or more likely ripped off a dead Manei Domini soldier that probable didn't need it any more.

Using salvage to rebuild? Can´t go wrong with honored tradition, I say!
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Post by: snakespinner on 17 January 2017, 00:12:19
Mercs now salvaging Manei Domini.
TT has really been busy starting all the latest trends. ;D :D O0
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Post by: truetanker on 17 January 2017, 14:23:12

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"Tomorrow we shall drop onto the enemy and do battle - but we also begin the fight back against the darkness that has engulfed the Inner Sphere. Tomorrow we begin to take back our destiny!"
- message beamed to all ships taking part on OPERATION TYCHO (Attack on Donegal) from Precentor Martial Victor Steiner-Davion, 31st January 3072

"A Clan Warship - an actual Clan. Freaking. Warship. And the Ulric Kerensky at that! We're inbound for Donegal as part of the Wolf-in-Exile/ComGuard/Lyran counter attack, along with about a regiment of various mercs they have pulled together. We were all gathered at some uncharted star system just a jump from the target (turns out ComStar has ALL kinds of uncharted spots stashed away and not even the Lyrans knew about them... although, oddly the Word didn't appear to either) when we got shuttled across to the Ulric for a war council.

The Colonel did damn well - he might be a total pants man and a bit of a drinker, but he's actually good at this stuff - coralling all the various mercs. With Joe actually running the unit while the boss was at conference, I got to come across with the Colonel as his aide and meet the Wolves' Loremaster (Daphne Vickers is running their contingent), the whole gaggle of Lyran staffers and even Victor Davion. It was pretty cool!

Once the Wolves stopped growling and the Lyrans stopped strutting like peacocks, the plan was nutted out: The 6th Lyran Guards will handle the advance assault and set up beachheads, along with most of the mercs, while the Wolves' Naval Star and ComGuards will clear the system. Slight problem - the Robes have a Essex-class warship in system.

Oh, and a special gig for the Cavaliere - Vic Davion was so impressed with word of our fierce infantry contingent, we're going to assault and take the Zenith jump point Olympus recharge station while the Wolves/ComGuards and Word duke it out.

- diary entry, Amber Mori-Paige
31st January, 3072
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Lights flicker, an alarm klaxon blares.

Voice one: Precentor, we are losing oxygen across decks four and five, there's a breach on the grav deck and that last hit opened up one of our bays.
Precentor? Precentor!?

Voice two (positive match as Precentor XI Colin Ulr, commander of Righteous Honor) : It's as Blake wills it, Thomas.

Voice three: Vampires! Vampires! That Cameron has got more fish in the water!

Voice one: Sir, we're in serious trouble here. What do you want to do?

Ulr: Re-open that channel with Elgios on the surface.

Voice three: Brace for impact!

THUMP! There is a tremendous crash and then a deep groaning of metal.

Voice four (It's oddly grating and inhuman: Ulr, what is your status.

Ulr: Precentor, we're hulled and leaking oxygen. The unbelievers have beaten us. In a minute I will order the ship abandoned but continue to fight on my own for as long as I can. They will be upon you shortly.
I'm sorry, I've failed.

Voice four: Understood, the peace of Blake be upon you.

Transmission ends

Voice three: Incoming! Incoming!

Ulr: XO, give the abandon ship order. I will remain behind and delay these Wolf bastards as long as possible. Everyone out.

Voice one: With all due respect, sir. We'd like to stay.

- Black box records from WBS Righteous Honor, above Donegal, 1st February 3072

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To quote Wizzo the Clown, "Now I got this to worry about"
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 31 January 2017, 04:13:02
So I actually had to play the space battle out twice. First time, the bit tried to ram my warship with the Essex. Stuffed it and ends up just stuck in dead space getting shot at by everyone!

Second time around the Shadows' fighters ripped up the Wolf fighters but we had the advantage and the Cameron managed to provide fire support.
For some reason, I managed to stuff up the thrust of ALL the ComGuard fighters and their two Leopard CVs and they just sorta puttered along.
Eventually the two warships met and while the Wolf Cameron suffered horrific damage she tore threw the Essex and left her for dead. Eventually killed by structural collapse.

The Word got away with a couple Strigas and a battle taxi.
From a warship, a star of Clan fighters, two Level IIs of Comguards and two Leopard CVs, we came out with a bit over half of that.

The Essex's supporting Union PWS were the real killers!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 31 January 2017, 19:53:21
I have never seen a hotdrop go so utterly wrong in my entire career.
While the fighter screen managed to punch a hole through the Word'd blockade and clear the way, the Robes didn't let up - fighters and Surface to Air missiles hammered us the whole way down and blew the whole assault force well off target.
I heard the Lyrans got down easy enough, but we were ripped apart - I saw at least two Droppers blown up after they kicked my T-Bolt out of the ship.

When we landed we quickly realised we were in the wrong spot. Not even close to our DZ - and I could only link up the Command Lance with Fire and some of our BA. We couldn't raise Recon and the infantry and armour seemed to have come down a good 100 klicks away and were now fighting for their lives against the 18th.

Somehow we had been dropped into the ComGuards' rear - all the roads were fouled up and we were in the middle of bridging units, an engineering battalion and other rear area and supply forces. Meanwhile, someone was fighting a nasty little artillery battle nearby, occasionally dropping short rounds right on top of us.
I knew we needed to advance and after a half hour or so i managed to find where the hell we were and organise a fighting force- elements of the 118th Division's Divisional Recon element had become mixed in with the support staff and we moved forward.

We hit some scattered opposition from the Word's Militia troops but managed to brush it aside before linking up with the rear of the Wolf in Exile forces.
But they'd had an even harder time. Turns out the 50th Division had been pulling back as part of a ploy - and as soon as the Clanners moved in, they pounced. Whole Trianries had been reduced to a couple of battered mechs, many missing limbs and wandering around with no armour.

That's when we got the word - high command wanted us to move forward and take out the Donegal HPG - just outside Marsdenville. The Wolves were in no shape, so I volunteered my scratch force (Adept Johansen from the recon troops was keen as mustard, the poor dumb bastard) and we advanced forward through the dense forest.

Half way there we got assistance from an unusual source - the WiE Loremaster Daphne Vickers and a Star from her Command Keshik (why can't these Clanners use normal bloody names?!) would take the left flank.

And that was it - we enveloped the HPG compound (just a giant spire-like building for the actual dish, some outbuildings and a low wall sitting up on a hill) and smashed through those Shadows.
I'd say three Level IIIs of them were dug in around the hill, giving us the slight numbers advantage, but they made us pay for every step of the way.
We'd finally managed to get a hold of that ComGuard arty and worked it up and down the hill, as we charged in danger close.

I felt a tad guilty levelling the whole Word compound with artillery, but it certainly worked.

My condolences to the ComGuard troops - they gave a good account of themelves, but the Shadows seemed fixed or obsessed on their light scout vehicles. That did of course give us the ability to pour on the fire, while the Wolves skirted around and then took them in the rear.

All up, the Shadows pulled out maybe a lance of mechs - meanwhile, we were hurting. My T-Bolt was missing an arm and most of us were down to just shreds of armour. The Wolves fared a little better. But the ComGuards... yeah, i think maybe a handful of them survived that bloodbath.

- statement given by Colonel Felix Cavalli to Coalition command following the battle of Hill 258
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 01 February 2017, 18:58:50
Marsdenville South, Donegal 4th February 3072

Hauptmann Hans Schneider flinched as a ricochet clanged off the building directly in front of him.
"Damn it, someone get a base of fire down this street!"
Around him, a platoon of his elite Alpine troops crouched among the ruins of a former terrace house as tracers flashed past.
The day before his unit - attached to the 6th Lyran Guards' 333rd Light Infantry has slipped past the Blakist pickets and entered Donegal's capital. Schneider's troops were trained especially for work in high alpine ranges in Tharkad's arctic reaches, but also made decent recon troops.

Schneider was now regretting that decision. He was down maybe 30 effectives, pinned down amid the twisted, ruined buildings as the Robes surrounded them.

Around them the gunfire suddenly slackened, leaving an odd stillness.

"Sir! Mercenary recon elements are on their way," he radioman shouted, his voice still raised to carry over the wave of gunshots and explosions.

"Excellent Otto - now we might actually get out of here alive."

Journal entry of Lieutenant Asha Akouayn, Cavalli’s Cavaliere 

Detached command and all that comes with it, eh? Wonder if that includes writing letters to the families of the dead kids you accumulate?
With the Colonel and most of the Cavaliere out on the other side of the city with the Wolves and the ComGuards, we fell under Lyran command as they bump into the 18th Word Militia Division. They've been steadily squeezing the Robes for the past few days but one of their recon elements got cut off and pinned down on the outskirts of the city. We got tasked with linking back up with them.

My lance and our hovers faced a mixed Level II as pushed through the shattered streets - those Lyran PBIs were being hammered and we quickly tried to break through. Georgia Calosso bought it when a Kintaro punched in her cockpit.
She had just turned 22.
Her father Jorge is back with out non-combatants off world. I have no idea what I'm going to tell him.

One thing i can tell him is that we burned that Kintaro down - along with all of his comrades.
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Post by: truetanker on 05 February 2017, 18:16:03
How much longer do I have to wait for Felix to go full 'Borg?  O:-)

I do just happen to have a Clan Cluster ready for battle circa 3050. 2 Broadswords, a Union-C, a Sassanid, a Confederate and a pair of Carriers. You can swap the Confederate for a Lion Wolf Dragoons variant. I got a nice Tank Star with a Rouge Artillery Support Point! Also Included is a pair of Jumpers.

2 Odyssey:
7 Droppers:
35 Omni
20 Aero
75 Toads
10 Tanks
2 Artillery Tanks

( If you just so happen to need a OpFor to play with.  O:-)
In case you want to run a clan force against the Word, can upgrade to the timeline as needed. )  >:D
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 February 2017, 18:19:27
Very soon, I expect! Somehow he's managed to come through going toe to toe with Robes without losing any more limbs!

I like the look of those Clanners.
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How soon do you need them?

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Marco Steiner Memorial Bridge
10th of February, 3072

Leutnant Axl Kruger let out a long sigh as he eased his vehicle into gear. Glancing across at the passenger in his front seat he nodded: "Ready to roll, ma'am".
Leutnant Colonel Renee Voss-Smyth was a pretty, compact blonde who had quickly risen to command a light infantry battalion in the 6th Lyran Guards based on her famous name and family connections. But since taking command, she'd shown ability and a willingness to listen and learn.
"Right, top. Let's roll," she said, barely glancing up from the personal computer sitting in her lap.

Kruger accelerated, around him the rest of the command element rolled forward.
At the height of the FedCom Civil War as the 6th Guards had faced off against rogue forces he'd thrown himself on a grenade and saved his platoon. That act of valour - and his amazing survival  - had been him promoted from the ranks of the NCOs and to Leutnant.

Oddly, the only position that seemingly qualified him for was driving the CO around.

After an hour on the road, the light battalion's vehicles approached the objective - the Marco Steiner Bridge, where a Level III of ComGuards had found themselves encircled and pinned down by the Blakists. While the 18th Division seemed to be rapidly falling back beneath the Lyrans, they were still dangerous and in this case had managed to pin down a large contingent of ComGuard infantry and armour.

Above Kruger, there was a high pitched whine as the vehicle's gunner shifted his turret with its .50 Cal MG to track potential targets. Ahead, Kruger could see the dilipatated bridge. It was blackened and bits of its arch missing.
Beyond it, muzzle flashes and streaks of light flickered in the dusk light as the Blakists poured fire into the allies.

"Top," Colonel Voss-Smyth said. She's shed her green forage cap and pulled on her conical Lyran issue helmet. The metal contraption hid most of her features in the dim light, but Kruger could see an errant strand of bright blonde hair peaking out.
"Top, I don't think the Robes are on the ropes like ole Victor Davion promised."
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 February 2017, 20:11:39
Just played through the final assault on Marsdenville - a joint Cavaliere/ComGuard attack on a beefed up Level II of 50th Shadows dug in among the ruins.
And it was blooooody. Cavalli managed to score two head shots with his Gauss (Archangel in the first round and later a Marauder II) but we suffered baly.

We lost Lieutenant Candace and her IS Standard BA squad - they'd been shot to hell as they cleared a high rise building of Demon and Phalanx BA. Down to three troopers they finally cleared the building, when a ComGuard Cerberus decided to help and smashed a fist into the building, collapsing the whole hex. Yeah... only our guys were in there. Ultimate friendly fire.

We also lost a Fire lance mechwarrior.  Lottie Hausermann's Lineholder was destroyed as a Blakist Seraph and the Marauder poured fire into it. She stuffed up the ejection and got splattered all over the cockpit.

Everyone else was down to the bone - lots of missing limbs, no armour.

Write up to come.
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Post by: truetanker on 05 February 2017, 20:17:26

What's a Heats Shot?

How much clantech power do you want? All classic, some uppers and a downer or two to square it all out? Mind if I run my TT-Toads? I'll sprout it as a PM first, of course.

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 February 2017, 20:49:39
Head shot, sorry. Corrected.

Don't mind - I was thinking they might be some Coalition allies later on as we roll into the Protectorate?
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I fought in the Clan War. And what I just experienced was some of the most brutal fighting I've ever seen.
We pushed through charred buildings and toppled skyscrapers - some the victim of Blakist bombardments years ago, others from the recent fighting.
The whole way we were in contact - snipers, ambushes, mechs or tanks hiding in shattered buildings. I checked in with our PBI - not one man or woman has not been wounded at least once in three days of bloody street fighting.
Block by block we pushed the Shadows back, linked in with a Comguard Level III on our left flank and a big gal on our right before the Lyrans caught up.

On the 11th we got word the Blakists' 18th Division had crumbled - their supposed allies in the Shadows had left them high and dry to concentrate on the Comguard and Wolf forces and let them be encircled. Hell, rumour has it the Shadows even started firing on the 18th when it all turned to shit - we got word the 18th's CO was fragged personally by the 50th's XO.

Meanwhile, the 50th dug in and kept fighting. We spent three days grinding forward - high command thought they'd try and minimise civilian casualties by restricting artillery, but that left us just blowing down buildings close in - often grenading homes and cellars because it was the only option.

As we hit the inner west suburbs we were rushed in to assist a ComGuardt Level II as they bumped up against some seriously dug in MD. those Cyber bastards had a full Level II of assault mechs - almost all Celestials, backed by a couple Demon tanks.
Every house and office seemed to have BA dug in.

So we ground through them - Candace bought it digging out their BA. Her squad were clearing a building room by room when a ComGuard mech tried to help - first he pumped two Gauss rounds into the structure and then punched a big fist in.
Stupid bastard managed to bring the whole tower down and killed all of our guys inside.

That wasn't the only death - Lottie put up a hell of a fight but was just torn apart.

Word is coming down that the Precentor Martial is going to declare Donegal pacified. I'm not so sure - there's at least two Level IIIs still falling back out of the city, burning down everything on the way out - and that includes buildings and farm land.

As for us, we got orders to start a flanking run to try and catch any retreating Robes. Mercs always get the dirty jobs.

The only good news is the salvage - in two weeks, we have collected some seven Blakist machines.

- journal of Felix Cavalli
14 Feb, 3072
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 07 February 2017, 20:02:40
Yesterday, the Coalition declared operations against the Word of Blake on Donegal as officially over.
Blakist forces have been defeated by a coalition of Lyran, ComGuard and Clan Wolf in Exile forces after two weeks of bloody combat.
Unfortunately, this has caused massive amounts of damage to Donegal - including to civilians and infrastructure.
But, we can officially announce Donegal is free!

- Lyran Ministry for Defence press release, Feb 15 3072

Officially, combat operations are over. Yeah... but there's still plenty of Blakists.
There's at least two battalions of Shadows and plenty of abandoned regular Militia.
We're stationed on the edge of the city in what used to be a print press - a huge warehouse, except someone has rocketed the roof off.
So, we all get to sleep in the rain and occasionally dodge Blakist sniper fire.

I'm pushing a mixed patrol out to curtail some Blakists - a Level II is falling back right past a munitions plant and we are going to stop them. Asha has gathered a ready force.

Getting killed after combat operations are officially over is a hell of a way to go....

- Felix Cavalli
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Oily black smoke drifts across the scene: blackened and twisted buildings are clustered around - many missing roofs, caved in windows.
Amid the scene of destruction stands a Thunderbolt. It's grey and maroon paint job is scored and scratched in some places but the insignia of a red rook chess piece in grey shines bright on its torso.

At the mech's feet several infantrymen cluster -they all wear odd medlies of armour, leather and fur. One grim faced fighter hoists a light machine gun like it's a toy cap gun - he appears to have a string of dirty looking human teeth strung around his neck.
Next to him another one - apparently a woman, although it's hard to tell under the mound of furs, cloth and equipment - pulls off her combat helmet to reveal a Mohawk and tattooed scalp.

With a pop, the Thunderbolt's cockpit opens like a clamshell. Without bothering with a ladder, a figure begins to clamber down using improvised handholds
He lands in a crouch and grins at the infantrymen towering over him.

The mechwarrior is short and stocky with short dark hair cropped to stubble on the back and sides. His hair and short beard are slightly streaked with grey - especially at the temples and around the mouth - and while heavily built he's starting to develop a bit of a belly under his cooling vest.

Most notable is his left hand. From the wrist down it's a steel replacement, complete with skeletal style fingers.

A long barrelled Python auto loader hands from a leather holster at his belt.

"Snaga, let's get these streets cleared and look for any civilians," he says.

The big infantryman with the teeth collections grins. "Si, Colonel Cavalli. We check."
Hooting orders in a guttural tongue, he polices up the unit and they move out.

As Cavalli strides forward, real and metal thumbs stuck in his webbing belt, there's movement ahead.
A patch of rubble shifts, forming into a crouching, hooded and cloaked form. Even with the movement, the figure almost totally blends in even as it raises a rifle to its shoulder.

Cavalli sees the gunman and begins to claw at his pistol as the first shot rings out - raising his mechanical hand, Cavalli stumbles back as the round smashes into the metal hand and carries it away.
Still reeling he manages to draw the pistol and attempts to aim as the Blakist fires again. There's as spray of blood as Cavalli crumples to the ground.

The Blakist begins to move - but is interrupted by a furious howl - the big infantryman is back, a machete raised in both hands overhead. There's a meaty but oddly metallic thud as the blade lops off an arm.
The screaming soldier brings the blade down again and again.

- drone footage captured in Marsdenville South, Donegal
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Post by: Deadborder on 07 February 2017, 23:16:51
Did Felix finally run out of edge?
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 February 2017, 05:27:24
Had to come up with some way to give him this damn arm TrueTanker cooked up!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 08 February 2017, 19:24:39
Who, me? All I did was give an arm to a friend in need. Or is that a hand? Blah! I can't remember all these trivialized details!  O:-)

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 February 2017, 23:45:46
Ha! Thanks TT!

So the new assault lance pretty much sat in reserve during the whole Donegal campaign. Here they are:

Attached are the last batch of bios for our new hirelings. Not sure why these weren't included with Cavalli's others - maybe because they're his newest members.
Everything checks out and they look ready to go - can you imagine the mercs call this the "Broadsword Enema"?!
Demi Precentor Sean Francis
(Mercenary personnel files declassified in the wake of the recapture of Donegal)

The product of an obscure commune that preached freedom from government, religion and traditional gender roles on the FWL world of Home Antje Vermer seems the last person to join the military, but inexplicably enlisted at 18.
A former Lieutenant Senior Grade with the 10th Marik Militia, she was lured into the corporate security sector in 3067, taking up a position with the Savannah Militia. After the 3071 coupe she saw the writing on the wall and signed with Cavalli - bringing her family with her. She leads the Cavaliere's new Assault lance in her new Awesome.

Homer Ebbs is a sharp contrast to his lance commander - a veteran from a long line of FWL soldiers. He followed Vermer from the 10th to Savannah and served as her faithful  2IC. Ebbs is also Vermer's secondary husband. While Vermer left the commune at a young age, she still holds many of its tenants and maintains a rather unorthodox personal life.
Ebbs rarely speaks in public and despite his bulk seemingly recedes into the background in social situations.
Ebbs drives at QuickDraw and is usually his commander's backstop.

Angela Edith is not your typical Mercenary mechwarrior - In fact she wasn't even a mechwarrior until recently. A native of Lesalles, Edith drove a Forestrymech in the planet's sprawling forests. With the CCAF tied up amid the Jihad, Lesalles was easy picking for pirates who repeatedly ravages the planet. It was during one such attack in 3070 that Edith stuck back - repeatedly striking at the pirates in her unarmed Forestrymech. After that, life on Lesalles seemed rather unexciting.

Dexter Liu started his career with the 1st Marik Militia but was busted out after six years when his part in a black market ring was exposed.
Stints in corporate security, including several years with Irian's high profile detachment eventually saw him wash up on Savannah as a rest pilot for Technicron.
He's highly skilled at the controls of his QuickDraw, often getting more speed out of it then the manuals recommend - meaning it spends plenty of time in the repair bay.

Dr Tobias Katz is Antje Vermer's primary husband and was considered one of Savannah's top trauma surgeons.
He was initially hesitant about his unusual living arrangements but has taken to it with gusto and the union has produced one child - five-year-old Bruce.
Serving as a doctor attached to a Mercenary unit is certainly a come down from a six figure pay cheque at Janos Marik Memorial, but the Atreus trained medico is coming to terms with it - in fact he's writing a book about his experience and is hoping it will be a best seller.
A slight oddity in the FWL - he's never shown any prejudice toward prosthetics and cybernetics and in fact appears to be a leading expert in the usually anti-cybernetic League.
When not working on one of the Cavaliere, "Doc" can be found taking care of Bruce or polishing his novel.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 February 2017, 23:51:26
All up, the campaign cost the Cavaliere - two pilots, three mechs, an entire squad of IS standard BA and two Scorpion tank set with their crews.

We gained the following salvage:

Raijin II RJN-200-A
GUR-4G Gurkha
ARC-8M Archer
B1-HND Bloodhound
Hussar HSR-500-D
Marauder II MAD-4S
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Post by: snakespinner on 09 February 2017, 02:05:43
3 mechs down 6 up. Good exchange.
Broadsword Enema, oh the images that conjures up. :D
Hopefully TT won't see it, I could just imagine his plans for a unit with that name.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 09 February 2017, 02:36:47
We lost two pilots though! Not a great trade
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 09 February 2017, 07:19:22
That Archer and Marauder II are good finds though.

Question; since you're playing this in MegaMek, what are you using for portraits of the unit's members?
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 09 February 2017, 08:03:31
That Archer and Marauder II are good finds though.

Question; since you're playing this in MegaMek, what are you using for portraits of the unit's members?

I'm thinking Felix will drive the Mad II.

I'm not using anything actually. Have you got some super terrific Lego portraits? Because I would use them
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Post by: truetanker on 09 February 2017, 19:32:08
Hopefully TT won't see it, I could just imagine his plans for a unit with that name.

I see what you did there...

Hope that Cluster works out Nav_Alpha, if not I can recreate " Broadsword Enema " for you....

Maybe a sub-unit from Whispers of Blake>  O:-).

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Post by: truetanker on 09 February 2017, 19:33:30
Double post.

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 09 February 2017, 20:08:33
Urgh. I used about half of the Whispers the first time the Cav went to Donegal in the recon run. That thing was bloody nasty!
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Deadborder on 10 February 2017, 07:28:09
I'm thinking Felix will drive the Mad II.

I'm not using anything actually. Have you got some super terrific Lego portraits? Because I would use them

Give me a few days and I'll see what I can do...
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Do tell...

Which units of Whispers are left?

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 14 February 2017, 19:28:43
I'll try and drag out the files - fairly certain they only lost about half their mechs
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 14 February 2017, 19:43:53
Which dropper? or did you run all of them? Any chance the Tanks, Aero and BA / Infantry got used?


( For those who want a complete TO&E of Whispers of Blake, PM me... I am NOT releasing to the Public as of this time... they'll ruin your canon unit in a heartbeat! It's the evil in me that created this madness. Blame Herb, he started it.  O:-) )
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 14 February 2017, 20:37:55
Which dropper? or did you run all of them? Any chance the Tanks, Aero and BA / Infantry got used?


( For those who want a complete TO&E of Whispers of Blake, PM me... I am NOT releasing to the Public as of this time... they'll ruin your canon unit in a heartbeat! It's the evil in me that created this madness. Blame Herb, he started it.  O:-) )

I took on the Celestials and some of their tanks. No droppers.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 14 February 2017, 21:08:44
Ah! So the Pónos Férnei then.

Excellent... >:D

Did you use the Galleon-105's?  O:-)

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 14 February 2017, 21:31:54
That's them! Yep.  They don't like arty..
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 15 February 2017, 21:00:36

I was in an induced coma for a week. And then it was another three or so days before I realised those Shadows making noises around me were people and I could talk to them.
It was another couple days before I discovered... the thing.

Cold, unfeeling, lifeless the thing had replaced my left arm from the shoulder down.
Sure, it looks real - the skin tone is even correctly matched. But I know it's not mine.
Dr Katz is very keen to tell me what a good job he did - but it's still a piece of Blakist metal where my arm used to be.
I do not know if it's worse or supposed to be better that it's hacked from the bastard Robe who damn near shot my arm off?

After another week we boosted - the good doctor seemed to think I might even heal faster in space. Onboard our new ship. That's something more to get my head around.
As per our contract, we captured the Ramses at the jump point so it's technically ours. Oddly, the ComGuards and Lyrans didn't even put up a fight.
Our own jumpship, eh?

Back to the Mercenary's Star. I still can't get in the sims, so I figured Gustav can take over my Thunderbolt to replace his now lost Merlin. That leaves me with the Marauder II - a Blakist arm for a Blakist mech, eh?

When we get to Galatea we're going to start a training company and hopefully turn it into the nucleus of a second company of mechs. Moses and Octavius are ready to start real training (I can't believe I have 15 year old twins!) and I think Asha will do well running a training command.

But first I've got to learn how to use this damn arm!
- journal of Felix Cavalli
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 15 February 2017, 21:03:55
Independent ships review - 3072 edition, Galtea Free Press

The Invader class Jumpship Ramses has now clocked up almost 200 years servicing the interstellar space lanes. By 3072, it's cratered and battered hull and grimy interior - along with decades of dubious maintenance has left it almost in its last legs.

Originally christened The Augustine, she became the Ramses after limping into port above Vega in 2997 in desperate need of a refit. Purchased by New Egypt Ltd, a small merchant firm, the newly named Ramses plyed Kurtian space as an independent trader until the Clan War. Narrowly escaping the Smoke Jaguars above Turtle Bay she was sold and resold until falling into the hands of Tooheys Traders in 3057. TT is actually owned by Chaos March crime lord  Dylan Bangus through a series of cut outs.

 Bangus now operates an extensive empire across the Blakist Protectorate (he likes to play both sides of the fence) and enjoyed having several jump ships at his beck and call - although he apparently didn't care to pay for their upkeep.

The Ramses was seized by Blakist troops after it was caught running contraband into Milton.
Bangus is unaware the ship has been liberated but will certainly find out soon.

At the time of its capture by mercenaries over Donegal, It was carrying the Union-class Hobart and its two Transgressor fighters. The Hobart, a Blakist ship, had been attached to the Ramses in anticipation of a return trip to the Protectorate.

Captain Axl Larsen found himself the master of the Ramses following the liberation of Donegal. Formerly the first mate, he comes from a long line of spacers - all of them FRR navy (and Lyran before that) however, and his family was extremely disappointed when he picked a merchant career. An excellent navigator, but Larsen's true skills lie in somehow coaxing life out of the Ramses' ailing and damaged systems time and time again. The ship's previous captain was slain by Blakists over Donegal - prompting Larsen and his crew to assist Mercenary boarders.
Axl is glad to be free of Bangus' influence but still treats his Mercenary owners like their meddlesome children while onboard his ship

Meredith Schmidt commands the attached Union-class dropper. She's a 27 year veteran of the Lyran Navy and doesn't chafe like Larsen does under the new regime. While she's always shipshape on the bridge, Schmidt is a terror while on liberty and is know for her drunken brawls, jail stints and debauchs.
She was formerly the captain of the Nile Queen - the Ramses' usual attached dropship.   But a choice verbal dressing down of the Blakist prize crew saw her confined to the Ramses' brig while the Nile Queen was used to shuttle supplies back and forth from the surface.
The Nile Queen was destroyed during the horrific space battle over Donegal and the loss of her entire crew has inspired an intense hate for Robes in Schmidt.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 15 February 2017, 21:06:58
So we are off to work for Alys Rousset-Marik - the duchess of Augustine and killer of Blakists supreme, herself!

I hear the Colonel was pretty taken with the idea the duchess' people sought him out in some Galaport bar and said she'd personally been interested in the unit.
More like they just wanted some one with a hate on for Robes and a jumpship, but yeah...

We're being contracted to strike numerous targets across the FWL side of the Word Protectorate - everything from raids and supply runs to potential extraction jobs.
Cavalli is going to leave a small training detachment here to finish up work and even try and scurry up some new recruits. The dependants will be housed on Augustine (yeah, we have to run the blockade before we even start the campaign) and 1st company, my hover lance and some of the infantry will carry out the actual attacks.
Most of my company is too slow for this work and we don't have transport for all the footsloggers, so it's mechs, hovers and some BA for the actual work.

It'll be a shame to leave Asha and the pursuit lance behind but it makes sense as she hires on some blood and gets our younger generation into shape.

Strange thing about the hiring efforts though. We got some replacement vehicle crews and even an ex-ComGuard mech jock who followed us from Donegal for Fire Lance.
We've got the mechs but we've been unable to fill out the pursuit lance.
But there's bugger all here on Galatea. Plenty of independent mercs but none hiring on - it's like someone has scooped up a heap of them and put them on retainer to just wait around.
I don't like it
- Amber Mori-Paige
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Post by: snakespinner on 17 February 2017, 02:49:02
Good to have your own transport. O0
Tooheys Traders, I know them, they have a Stag's head for an emblem. :D
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 17 February 2017, 17:32:25
They do indeed. And dealing with them leaves a bad taste in your mouth...

(For non-Australians,Tooheys is a brand of beer here. Rather cheap and nasty beer)
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Benji will take the place vacated by Lottie in the Fire lance. He will be driving the. Welty captured Blakist Archer and is a veteran warrior warrior.

Benji Sukumaran is a former ComGuard mechwarrior who departed the Order in early 3072 following years of disappointment and disillusion.
Born on the Terran continent of Australia, Sukumaran was the youngest child of two ComStar Adepts and from an early age was encouraged to join the Order.
His two older sisters both took their vows as soon as they came of age but Benji rebelled and spent his teenage years travelling Terra, working as a tracker, tour guide, adventure sport instructor and occasional bodyguard across some of the planet's few remaining wild areas, including the Amazon, the Australian outback, the Russian steppes and even the arctic circle.
At age 19, the Word of Blake came and conquered Terra. Sukumaran was initially neutral until he witnessed violent crackdowns on civil liberties first hand in Prague.
Later he would learn his parents had perished in a "re-education" camp.
While he fled off world by smuggling himself out, his sisters readily joined with the Blakists.

Eager to retake his homeworld, Sukumaran made his way into the Lyran Alliance and joined ComStar, eagerly volunteering for the ComGuards.
Assigned to the 198th Division, Acolyte Sukumaran saw action during OPERATION BULLDOG and later against the Jade Falcons during the FedCom Civil War - but his constant railing against higher ups who he claimed refused to take the Blakist threat seriously eventually saw him reassigned to the 12th Army's 116th Division.
The outing as the very Primus as a Blakist in 3068 almost saw him quit, but the chance of striking back kept him with the ComGuards - finally finally getting his chance on Donegal where he accounted for four Robes, including a Shadow, in his Kintaro.

Seeking to keep up the fight rather than return to Arc Royal for R&R, he deserted after Donegal and signed with the Cavaliere.

Big, dark skinned and quick with a joke or to buy a round, inside the former Acolyte burns with his own personal vendetta.
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We're also rounding out our aero contingent - but 2nd Flight will remain on Galatea as part of the training element.

Lena Goldsmith was born on Robinson, the FedSuns' hub of the Jewish faith to a devout family with a long service of service to the FedSuns. Picked as fighter pilot material early on, she was part of the initial intake of the 3rd Robinson Rangers fighter wing and soon become a vocal and ardent Katherine loyalist. Even the defeat on New Avalon didn't dampen that support - but the subsequent invasion by the Word of Blake did see her quietly slip away with her SPR-7D Sparrowhawk, reckoning the rest of the Steiner-Davion brood had it coming.
An excellent pilot, she's also a massive diva and treats her wingman and techs like her own personal property.

Boris Jackenzo doesn't speak about his background. Or how he got his SYD-Z1. Occasionally, he'll let slip (in his thick Russian accent) that he was born on Epslion Indi and that he fought on that world during the Chaos March skirmishes.
Oddly, he fits the description of Nicholas Kiev a former Lieutenant in the Epslion Indi Protectorate Militia's fighter detachment who was officially classed as MIA in 3071 during a routine training exercise. Kiev had taken part in numerous anti pirate and counter insurgency operations since his homeworld joined the Protectorate in 3068 but had repeatedly been reprimanded for his outspoken comments about their Blakist "overlords".
He's Goldsmith's wingman.

Eryn Calosso is the 18-year-old daughter of the unit's master at arms and former Locust pilot Jorge and his wife (senior tech) Krystal. Determined to avenge her sister Georgia's death and kill as many Blakists as possible, she's a decent but green pilot.
Like her sister, Eryn is a blonde Amazonian beauty courtesy of her Kendall genetics and seemed determined to horrify her parents by getting an inordinate amount of tattoos and piercings as soon as she came of age on Galatea's infamous strip.
But she's also a master with a verity of bladed weapons - ranging from throwing knives to the katana - courtesy of her tutelage under first her father and later the enigmatic tank commander Saladin.
She pilots one of the newly captured Transgressors in 1st Flight as Mira Fowler-Jenkins' wingman.

Mira Fowler-Jenkins Commands the Cavaliere's aero contingent. She's a changed woman since her husband's death.
That union conceived a child just weeks before her husband was killed fighting the Lyrans in 3068 and she's spent the past few years tending to young Henry.
Reserved and shy, Fowler rarely speaks now but has proved she's still as formidable as ever at the controls of her Transgressor.
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You do know Felix can now probable win a arm-wrestling contest with an Elemental left handedly...

But otherwise, how goes it...

I do have a 3040-era pirate unit with concealed employers. Nothing too fancy, Vector Motors is the name.

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We're hitting Saiph in the Protectorate Next - so the Canned Heat Mercenary battalion and Protectorate Militia are our next opponents
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Saiph once formed the junior partner in its titular Chaos March protostate, but resentment against New Canton's interference (as well as a growing Pro-Liao insurgency) saw it secede and join the growing Blakist Protectorate in 3067.
That year saw the rise of the Saiph Citizens Alliance - formerly an insurgency group, the SCA used growing discontent with New Canton to turn legitimate and pick in several parliamentary seats. A series of scandals rocked the tottering Saiphense government and saw them defeated in a landslide.

The newly elected SCA took no time inviting the Blakists in to "assist them in making the planet safer". Within months, the Word had taken over planetary defence, communications and foreign policy.

The planet's defences are maintained jointly by the Saiph Protectorate Militia and the Canned Heat indigenous Mercenary command.
Formed amid the fires of the Chaos March, the Heat has benefitted  greatly from, Blakist training, supply and leadership.
A mech battalion, backed by a conventional battalion, the Heat is key to the planet's defence, including a garrison at the sprawling Sitwell Corporation's industrialmech plant and several outlying forward operating bases.

The Protectorate Militia division has concentrated mainly on anti-insurgency and security operations since it was formed and relies heavily on infantry and vehicles, with only two Demi companies worth of Battlemechs.
Interestingly, the Militia has recently acquired a battalion of security troops on exchange from the Liberty Protectorate Militia. Specialists in intelligence gathering, interrogation and counter insurgency, this unit has had a string of successes against rebel forces and seems to excel at obtaining intelligence from captured insurgents via creative interrogation techniques.

Opposition: Saiph's government is engaged in operations against two rebel groups - one backed by us and the other by House Liao.
The group we support is nominally the remains of the former government in exile and consists of elements of the former militia, a handful of Canned Heat deserters and volunteers.
The insurgency consists of little more than three Battlemechs, about a company of irregular infantry and some older tanks ill suited for these kinds of operations.

The Capellans backed unit is rumoured to number several companies worth of infantry and a handful of older battle armour. They apparently lack mech support but seem to posses several artillery pieces they've used to shell the capital and Blakist positions.
So far, we have had little success with reaching out to the Capellans in an effort to cooperate.

Objective: Mercenary forces will infiltrate Saiph (suggested landing sites are attached, including the Greater Mao Basin region) and carry out attacks against on world forces, primarily harassing and rendering the Canned Heat Mercenary unit combat ineffective.
Our hope is that by taking the Heat out of the fight or at least reducing its overall effectiveness, Saiph's defences will be degraded, pacing the way for further operations.


We came down on Saiph and managed to hide the ships in this big, broad basin filled with dense jungle.
It appears orbital watch is not the Protectorate Militia's primary concern and we easily managed to avoid detection.
While the Colonel was keen to link up with any on world resistance, we quickly got word they had been delayed and were out of position.
Rather than sit around - he decided to go hunting.
There was a Canned Heat manned fire base on the lip of the basin so we started making all kinds of noise - sent our fighters up, easily got noticed marching mechs along ridge lines, etc.
Pretty soon, the defenders were out in force looking for us - that's when we struck.

We left Fire Lance with the droppers and the Colonel reorganised us - I'd take all the non-jumpers and advance straight down the highway towards the base. He and the remaining jumping mechs went bush.

I can't imagine the Canned Heat jocks' faces when they saw three Awesomes and a Bandersnatch charging down the road towards them! Well they started to sight their arty on us, drag around field guns and they were even scrambling a lance of tanks when from the jungle one of their patrols staggered right into us - this poor scout lance suddenly found itself right in our guns, while their own comrades started dropping shells on them!

And that's when Felix and his jumpers came sailing over the compound's walls.
It was pretty one sided - half the scout lance was down in minutes, but one damn Nightsky turned out to have the devil's own luck. It was leaping among us, hacking with its odd shaped axe. Angela Edith went toe to toe - and the damn medium damn near ripped her apart.

Meanwhile, the colonel's lance had destroyed half the base, a whole lance of heavy armour and he'd downed a Banshee - the 95 tonner came boiling out of the mechbays and ran straight into his MAD-II.

I offered the Nightsky jock the chance to power down - we'd holed it a dozen times and it was now facing all four of us.
She surrendered - and then amazingly made us an offer to change sides.

Things kept getting better as we secured the base - the Banshee was driven by the Heat's XO for mech operations, a Captain Richard McCormick. We grabbed the two prisoners, threw the two captured mechs on a prime mover (the Banshee's missing a leg and we weren't letting the turncoat pilot her machine just yet) and rigged the compound to blow.

The Heat must have lost close to a company of armour and artillery, two mechs and another two totally destroyed. And worst of all - some valuable personnel.
I think the Word is going to know we were here!
- Captain Joe Paige
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How's the Arm doing? And what's keeping you from really using it? Need some more Whisper action? I can make a leg or another part...

TT  O:-)
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How's the Arm doing? And what's keeping you from really using it? Need some more Whisper action? I can make a leg or another part...

TT  O:-)

How do you mean "really using it"?
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Circle of Equals... what else?  8)

No... I jest, what I mean is who or what is going to feel Felix's cold steel fist.

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Circle of Equals... what else?  8)

No... I jest, what I mean is who or what is going to feel Felix's cold steel fist.


Ha! Purely from a storytelling perspective I actually have a little idea for later - what happens when Felix is betrayed? And what happens when the betrayer forgets what lurks in that metal arm?

That said - if he ever punches out, I pity the infantrymen who try and capture himself...
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Does it ever stop raining on Saiph?
- journal entry, Major Joe Paige, May 3072

The Robes' quisling mercs the Canned Heat have been bloodied a second time, by elements of Alys Marik's brave resistance!
Using the heavy rain and thick jungles to their advantage, a lance each of Battlemechs and hovercraft from the  Cavalli’s Cavaliere struck at a Heat column moving along Highway 6.

Rising from the dense jungle and even appearing from a nearby river, the Cavaliere destroyed two mechs and forced a lance of tanks to surrender. Two more Canned Heat tanks were seen fleeing into the jungle.

These canny jungle fighters travel light and  paused on,y long enough to sabotage or destroy the surrended tanks before vanishing back into the driving rain.

While, we are loathe to give our occupiers any intelligence, we understand the victorious unit was from the mercenary's Fire Lance.

As always, maintain the fight!

Propaganda message played on repeat via pirate satellite, Saiph.

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Sitwell Corporation today - a primer
Despite its dubious beginnings (amid allegations of fraud, theft and corporate intrigue) Sitwell has grown to be one of the success stories of the former Chaos March.
Benefitting from extensive funds injections from the Word of Blake since Saiph joined the Protectorate in 3067 and a major upgrade of facilities in 3070, Sitwell has gone from strength to strength.

Located approximately 48km west of Saiph's capital, the main plant is accessible by a hover rail, recently installed by the Word of Blake government. Previously, most of the plant's workforce lived on site in worker housing.
Additionally, while the plant can drawn power from several on site diesel generators, most of the energy is supplied from the SouthWest Fusion Generator in the capital. Y the means of an underground pipeline.

Ten metres wide, this concrete pipeline only breaks the surface in two spots (one inside the city limits and one some 25km out from the Sitwell facility) before reaching its destination
Previously, this pipeline was notorious unreliable but the Word invested significant monies in hardening and upgrading the line as well as diverting its path so it was better concealed and protected.

More than 2000 employees commute to the Sitwell complex every day, in fee shifts, seven days a week as work continues around the clock. Another two hundred or so live on site in barracks style housing.
Most of these are security or vital firefighting crews.

Job applications can be sent HERE or candidates can peruse our vacancies HERE.
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Audio intercepted by Word of Blake Protectorate Militia 2nd Security Battalion

Voice one (female, husky but still obviously young. Possible Capellan/Sarna March accent):
Zero Alpha this is Mockingbird, come in Zero Alpha. Over.

Voice two: (bored sounding, older male. Possible Taurian or FedSuns Outback - but he's tried to lose it)
Come in Mockingbird, I read you loud and clear. Send SITREP. Over.

Voice one: Zero, this is Mockingbird. Have reached LOC. Say again, Mockingbird is in position.

Voice two: Rodger that Mockingbird. Can you give us an eyes? Over.

Voice one: zero, Mockingbird. Put me into Sunray. Out.

Voice two: Mockingbird, that's a no. I've got Sunray Minor here. Over

Voice three (male and gruff. Again, probably FedSuns accent. Maybe Crucis March)
Mockingbird, this is Sunray Minor. Please give your report, over

Voice two (almost interrupting over the top): Get off the Comms, Paigey. I want the organ grinder, not the monkey. Put the Colonel on. Over.

Long pause

(Note: during this time, we were able to triangulate the initial broadcaster's location to just outside the wire at Junction Station Two - the site where the power line to the Sitwell Complex breaks ground)

Voice four (this one is very deep and male): Mockingbird, this is Sunray Actual. Report

Voice one: Sunray, Mockingbird. I'm at the LOC. I can see maybe 15-20 PBIs walking around. No sign of any heavy equipment or vehicles.
There's probably another couple inside the buildings. Over.

Voice four: Good work Mockingbird. Fall back and be ready for us. Sunray, out.

Note: after this radio interception, Canned Heat's Major Bob Smith scrambled a company of his mechs under his XO Captain Shella Handley, plus his personal command lance and set out for Junction 2. Precentor Hau insisted on sending elements of his Protectorate Militia's security battalion along.
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Those Protectorate Militia boys are really going to have to look at how they gather electronic intelligence - shame it's too late to save the Canned Heat.
Our little ruse worked - drawing off the Heat's command element to the junction station and right into our waiting arms.

We hit them just outside the compound and then fell BACK into the compound, brushing aside the infantry and armour.
Meanwhile, pre-sighted artillery from our rebel friends started dropping on the Canned Heat unit's strung out through the jungle. They had little else to do but come in after us.

Fire lance and command lance took the brunt of it while Assault looped around and blocked a secondary push.
Stray arty rounds were now dropping all around us inside the compound - who knew that place would go up so fast?

We quickly managed to carve up one of the Heat's lance but Riva-Singh was forced to punch out of her Treb after getting cornered.
I didn't see Angela Edith buy it - Assault was on the other end of the compound. Apparently, an SRM Carrier packing infernos caught her point blank. Not a good way to go, poor kid.

I knew we needed to end this and when I saw the Canned Heat's CO in his Guillotine I knew how. He fought damn well - Bob Smith didn't get to lead the Heat by being stupid and the Word had given him one of those fancy 6WB Guillotine.
We stalked each other amid the burning buildings and he gave as good as he got - one of my ER PPCs was off line and he'd holed my torso armour but in the end imshit him out of that fancy machine. He looked less than pleased when his ejection seat landed right at Conan Blair's feet.
With their CO captured, one of their lances totally wrecked, along about the same and half their vehicles imobloised, the Heat pulled back into a defensive laager around the pipeline.

We didn't care - we weren't there for it. Instead, we gathered up our salvage and pulled back into the jungle and pouring rain.
We'd come and got what we wanted - their CO captured, their armour battalion gutted and four of their lances either taken out of action or confined to the repair bays for months, the Canned Heat are a spent force for now.

As Fowler and her aerospace flight ran interference, our droppers came in low and picked us up. We're down with Saiph - the resistance wants us to shift towards the Marik end of the Protectorate for our next missions.
- Felix Cavalli

So, all up the Saiph campaign cost us two mechs - the Trenchbucket and the Awesome.
We gained a 6WB Guillotine that is more spare parts, a headcapped BLR-3M Battlemaster, a One legged BNC-5S Banshee. And a Nightsky NGS-5S with a defecting pilot, former Canned Heat warrior Raita Mbugua.

I genuinely thought we were going to lose that one - two mechs down and while the Canned Heat were bloodied, they weren't going down. It was good timing stumbling into the CO and managing to take him down quickly
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It's strange - I'm sitting in a cabin as we depart Saiph. But I'm not a prisoner. Down in the hold, Major Smith and three of my former comrades are in a similar situation. Except they're officially POW and will be handed over to the Marik Resistance when we get to the next stop.
As mercs who sides with Blake, the Lord only know what's in store for them.

I guess I'm lucky. But I can't describe my feelings. Saiph was effectively my prison for the past six years. Growing up on Solaris as the daughter of a gladiator you don't see half of the evil that occurs in the Inner Sphere. I know now I was in a gilded cage, but it was a better cage than Saiph.

When dad was accused of cheating and dragged us all into the Chaos March to go merc I thought it was an adventure - although I was still pissed about leaving the Black Hills and all my friends. And our money

When he died in '67 I thought it nothing to finally take over his Nightsky as he'd always wanted. Little did I know I'd find myself stuck on that hellhole.

I think Colonel Cavalli and his unit just saw me as an opportunistic deserter, they have not learned to trust me yet.
What they don't know is that I owe them everything for getting me of Saiph

- Raita Mbugua
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a banshee :-)
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I got some new units available to have fun with...

Just tell me when...

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a banshee :-)

And apart from a missing leg and a trashed PPC it's almost pristine!

TT! Hit me! Unleash hell

I got some new units available to have fun with...

Just tell me when...

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so keep your eyes out for banshees legs
online access to parts shops and salvage yards helps
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The Rotten, Harden's Howling Wolves and other scum of the Periphery: a MRBC Primer 3072

The following is an update from the MercNet Database for Wanted and Renegade Commands.
Interested parties should be advised the below are considered armed and extremely dangerous. The crimes for which they stand accused may be only a hint of the lengths they will go to defend themselves.
Extreme caution is advised for any who attempt to apprehend or interfere with these forces:

The Memphis Kings (mech company/green/wanted)
Charged with severe breaches of faith (three counts) and attacks against civilians (three counts), larceny and acts of piracy.

Bounty: 5,000 C-Bills per warrior, 10,000 C-Bills per officers/NCO, 25,000 C-Bills for Major Greeson Presley (dead or alive)
Last confirmed whereabouts: Memphis

Calling themselves the Memphis Kings, this dubious former mercenary unit appears to be made up of the remains of the shattered Longdale's Lancers who folded under extreme debt in 3067. One Greeson Presley, a former Taurian asteroid miner turned Mechwarrior and several other former members washed up on the Davion Outback world of Memphis in 3071, offering their services to the world for quote "anti-pirate and counter insurgency operations". The Christian fundamentalist fathers of Memphis were less than impressed with their planet's name being taken in vain, but repeat pirate attacks had made them desperate.

After several early failures to bring the pirates to heel, the Kings retaliated by simply firing on the town they believed the raiders were hiding in. This attack caused the death of several hundred townsfolk.

Now outlawed, the Kings fled and carried out a series of resource gathering attacks along the edge of the newly christened Filvelt Coalition. None brought them much gain. The Kings were repeatedly defeated and suffered losses against defending militia.

Rumour has them being absorbed by the larger Rotten pirate band in recent months.

The Rotten (combined arms battalion/veteran/wanted)
Charged with:
Slavery (9 counts), Crimes Against Humanity (2 counts);Attacks Against Civilians (9 counts);War Crimes (5 counts); Acts of Piracy (10 counts)

Bounty: 100,00 C-Bills (Bonnie Raynor), 50,000 C-bills (per officer), 25,000 C-bills (per non-officers). Last known whereabouts: Tortuga Prime

The Rotten, while small have emerged as a major threat along the FedSuns/Coalition/Taurian borders since emerging at the outset of the Jihad. Bonnie Raynor - aka "The Rotten" has cut a swath across the region, striking civilians targets and military alike and worst of all - taking large numbers of slaves for sale on Tortuga Prime and Pirates' Haven.
Well equipped to act as regular pirates, the Rotten seem particularly adept at slave trading - complete with special built slave pens on board all of their Dropships.

The origin of this band is still unknown, but it's believed Raynor was born on Tortuga Prime to washed up mercs turned small time pirates and spent the previous three decades working her way up until she commands her own band.
They've recently expanded, probably have absorbing several smaller commands.

Tavern talk on Tortuga Prime has it the Rotton are intent on plundering the half forgotten worlds of the Outworlds Wastes and surrounds for slaves, which could see the Taurian/Outback region breath a collective sigh of relief.

***** NOTE: After a lengthy absence, the Rotten returned to Tortuga Prime flush with slaves in mid-3072. They used this new wealth to purchase two full lances of upgraded Brigands. Raynor put these new machines under the command of her newly acquired lieutenant Frank Duggan.

Harden's Howling Wolves: Finding your scum and killing them - for money

Never a storied unit, Harden's Howling Wolves have spent most of their lives under the radar. Formed from a mix of FedSuns and even some defecting Kuritians in the wake of the War of 3039, the Wolves spent the next few years garrisoning various worlds along the Lyran/Marik border before moving to the Sarna March.

Lacking any upgraded equipment, they sat out the Clan War and aftermath and their brief attempt to work the Chaos March market saw them roundly defeated. By 3066, the Wolves (under the founder's son Wilson Harden) has moved to the easier market of the Periphery.

Security work and boring garrison eventually left them heavily in debt, until while sitting on Laconis the Wolves accidentally stumbled on a pirate camp during a routine patrol.
The pirates were in an even worse state than the Wolves and were easily defeated - but Wilson Harden was later overjoyed to be paid in cash for the pirates' heads (considerably more than the garrison was paying)
Since then, they have plied the trade as professional bounty hunters and have set their eye on Rotten.

Force Strength:

The Howling Wolves boast a full Battlemech company, with fighter support and a mixed company of armour and infantry mainly used to security work and labour.

Support: Much of the bounty hunting profits go into repair and maintaining the unit's equipment and they field a solid tech crew. Harden has only managed to secure one upgraded machine, however. His Salamander.
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The Deimos Bunker aka DMS Plant 0008X remains one of Pollux's key attractions for tourists interested in the history of the Jihad. Originally nothing more than a power station and surrounding support buildings used to provide power to a nearby quarry, the Word seized the facility in 3070 and declared the entire area off limits.

Over the next two years a monumental amount of funding and resources were allocated to the site that was still officially just a power plant.
Soon after Pollux's occupation, the Word overseers began rounding up large amounts of dissenters, political prisoners and members of the press, opposition government and labour unions. 
From 3071 increasing number of these were shipped to Deimos as forced labour - digging out an extensive tunnel/factory/prison complex under the power plant that would later be dubbed The Maze.

Living conditions were atrocious and the survival rate was low, forcing Blakist to imprison an increasing number of Pollux natives.

It was not until after the Jihad that it was revealed that the Deimos site had been used for the manufacture of capital weapons.

Only a fraction of the original tunnels remain, but the power plant and several above ground facades have been preserved. The memorial to those killed in The Maze is a must see.

- MUST SEE! Republic Tourism Guide, New Home Press, 3099
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 05 March 2017, 18:31:15

attached is the mission pack for Pollux. I'm sure you probably know all the particulars about the planet and its defenses, but I'll do a quick run down for you.
First up - this mission is a pure recon op. Burn in, drop on that power plant and do a good scan. And get the hell out - the Resistance needs that data.

We know the Words are doing something there- they're pumping tens of millions into it and all the rumours point to forced labour and slaves being pumped into that hell hole. We just want to know what the hell is going on in there.

The only intel we have so far is something or someone called "Banshee". We intercepted a transmission saying "Banshee" or possible a "Banshee unit" was being deployed to the site. Your guess is as good as mine - the rest of the damn message seemed to be messed up Latin.

In terms of defenses - there's elements of four seperate Protectorate Militia Divisions on planet. The Robes rotate in a battalion or so in every six months or so. That keeps our infiltrators out and stops the militia from getting too friendly with the locals.
We think the current crop from Wing and New Earth in addition to Pollux natives. These are some hard buggers - they're skilled counter insurgency types and have plenty of experience.

Plus, the objective has a pretty decent security element - supplemented by this "Banshee".

One thing, I should mention is the on world resistance. Officially, we don't condone or have anything to do with these guys. Their methods are a little... confronting.
It's a small resistance made up of some pretty bitter types determined to keep hammering the Word. We set up a secure message system with one of their leaders, a Colonel Kovacs.
He's the real deal - ex-Dark Shadows, ex-Eagle Corps and recently retired when the Word killed his family and burnt his farm.
Since then, he's been... different. This war is personal for him.

Look, he's probably not even monitoring the channel. But my only advice is... be careful.

- Albatross
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May 17, 3072 - Pollux International Spaceport
Audio recording captured by resistance probe

A Achilles-class dropship sits on the pad, steam pouring from its exhaust ports. The main hatches are open and down but no one has exited.
At a safe distance, a line of people stand. One is a short dumply individual wearing the hooded, white robes and gold sigil of a Word of Blake Precentor. He's flanked by two Militia Guardsmen in body armour.
A half a dozen Word of Blake technicians are clustered behind the Precentor.

Suddenly a figure appears at the top of the ship's ramp - the camera zooms in on a tall, lithe woman. She too is wearing long flowing Blakist robes, but without any insignia and in red.
As she reaches the gathered party, she throws back her hood to reveal mocha dark skin and oddly golden, almost white hair.
Her eyes glow oddly.

Women: (Her voice is deep and almost buzzing, like a garbled transmission from far away) The Peace of Blake be with you, Precentor Galvin.

Galvin: (There's an element of... awe. Or maybe fear in his voice) Spectre Precentor Delta Logan, it's good to meet you. However, we're very busy and need to return to our work.

Logan: Understood, Precentor. Your work at Demios Base is exactly why I was dispatched here. There are concerns about its security that I'm here to tend to.

Galvin: Wait, a secon-

Logan cuts him off by raising both hands. Her robe's sleeves fall down past her elbows, revealing both arms are metal prostetics.

There's a collective gasp from the technicians.

Behind Logan there comes the sounds of crashing bootsteps and from the dropship's hold march a double line of troopers.
Each of them are grotesquely large and bulky - pectorals and shoulders bulge against body armour and clothes in a most unnatural way. All have shucked their full face helmets to show off faces straight from nightmares - chrome and plastic google-like discs replace their eyes and many sport mouths full of overgrown fangs that protrude of their lips.

Logan: Precentor, may I present my Banshees who will now take over security at your site.

Galvin: (He's visibly shocked and looks a little green now) I can assure you Precentor, Demios Base, nor Pollux is not without its own defenses.


So, we had trouble breaking into Pollux. We slipped into the system - the Ramses came in at a pirate point and we anticipate she'll be able to stay out of sight behind a asteroid patch.
The Blakists however, scrambled fighters as soon as we broke atmo - a lot of fighters. A lot more fighters than we were supposed to have on planet.
The Spada took some serious damage and last I saw was descending - smoke and flame pouring from its hull as a couple of Lucifers followed it down.

I was on board the Damnthing with Command Lance and our BA platoon. We caught a garbled signal from the other dropper - they were down (although that could mean a lot of different things!) a good 300km south of our objective.

We managed to shake our Blakist fighters and come down at the LZ.

But we're a long way from home and out of contact with more than half the unit. Things could be better.

- Felix Cavalli

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 March 2017, 19:30:51
AFTER ACTION REPORT - Protectorate Militia, May 15 3072

The following is pieced together from guncam footage taken from Lieutenant Yang's Crockett and verbal reports from the crew of Demon M009.
A Level II under the command of Paris Welles was on patrol in the vicinity of the ruined Allied LAM facility when they encountered a lance of the recently arrived raiders.

Captain Welles radioed the situation in, but soon afterwards we lost contact with the Level II because of the high metallic content in the region.
From witness reports, we understand the Level II split into two parts - Captain's Welles' Sentinel and the paired Demon tanks moved through the bombed out remains of a series of warehouses and flanked the lance, while Yang's Crockett, the squad of Longinius Battle Armour suits and a Gurkha assaulted the resistance raiders head on.

A Marauder II and an Awesome met this assault head on - we also glimpsed a pair of Bandits among the merc forces, suggesting a possible Allied Mercenary Command link.

At this point, we lost contact with the Level II. One Demon fled the scene - its crew suggest they only retreated after their unit's total defeat, although this is now a subject for a disciplinary hearing.

Recovery and salvage efforts later found Lieutenant Yang - injured and suffering from exposure and a mercenary Bandit. We suspect the vehicle was destroyed by the mercenary after it was crippled by our forces.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 08 March 2017, 19:34:36
Just after finished off that Level II of Robes, we finally got word from the Damnthing. She's damaged but ok - but now in the tender mercies of the local resistance cell.

This Colonel Kovacs says he's managed to hide the dropship from the Word but wants to have a meet before he's going to reveal the location. That's right, we're being held to ransom by our own damn allies.

 - Felix Cavalli

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Wonder if these " Banshees " is a signal for me to make more pain?

OP; Flash Gordon is a GO!

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With Banshees wasn't it OP Flesh Gordon. ::)
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Let's just say, they may come up sooner than you think snakespinner....

And those Banshees may be a twist on my Tau Omegas, which I won't release until you've all grown up a bit. But I can give you guys an official tease:

Platoon Size: 6         
2 MP                         
Armor Divisor: 3       
39 potential damage

Only 264 BV2 for a 2/2 with network...  >:D

Now about these Banshees...  O:-)

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 14 March 2017, 08:32:40

the image is grainy and short through with occasional bursts of static. It's also askew, suggesting the Dropship is not sitting flush against the ground.

It shows a brown landscape, stubby rock formations crop up very so often but for the most part it's featureless.
A minute passes before suddenly a patch of red-brown ground shifts and rises - it's a person who had been carefully concealed. Shaking dust from his torso, the figure rises to its knees.
Now, the camera can now pick up the extensive camouflage the man was wearing - a full smock in swirling reds and browns, cloth strips partially obscuring his face and face paint twisting his features.
His AX-22 assault rifle has also been carefully concealed with cloth and bits of twig and leaf litter.

Slowly, he raises his left hand - the right still holding his rifle's pistol grip, the barrel never wavering - and makes a forward gesture.

Out of the dead ground emerge a collection of figures - each clad in a variety of outfits and carrying a medley of weapons.
Two appear to be wearing cast off odds and sods from Word of Blake Militia - complete with full face helmets and scratched vambraces.
Another looks about 16 - still too young to shave - and wearing a bulky FWL Military style parka over blue jeans. But he carries the double barrel shotgun with obvious ease and skill.

In the middle a very tall man wearing a long brown leather duster over FWL fatigues is the obvious leader. He carries only a sleek auto-feed Neddler pistol and uses a series of hand signals to spread the troop out in a skirmish line.
They quickly advance on the Dropship.

Finally, I got to meet the infamous Colonel Kovacs. His men still hold the Spada and finally agreed to a meeting.
I was surprised, I assume he wanted a lift off world and would hold our ship until he got away.
No. He wants us to strike our objective - and help him free the prisoners down there. He says it's some sort of Word of Blake hellhole where they're forcing slave labour into the tunnels.

I agreed. What else was I going to do? Paige was just about ready to kill him on the spot - his wife and her lance are still on board the Spada.

At 0430 we hit the Demios Complex. I'll take our 10 mechs, one Bandit with its squad of BA and assault the complex. Kovacs showed us a disused tunnel dug as part of the extensive digging project there. It's been disused for about six months because of cave ins, but with the right explosives we can blow a hole and force our way into the Maglev tunnels leading to the facility. Then we pop up and attack the facility.
Meanwhile, Kovacs and his men will rush past us and hit the complex in a hope to Free the prisoners.

There's just too many problems with this plan. We are relying a lot on this guy (who is literally holding half my people hostage!), we don't know if we even have the right tunnel and we don't know what we are fading.
- Felix Cavalli
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After action report put together for Precentor Colin Galvin


As discussed previously, while clean up measures are still ongoing, we can confirm the following:
At approximately 0500, a collapse was detached in Maglev Primary Tunnel 4. Emergency protocols were put into place automatically and power was cut to the tunnel and  surrounds - that included several security measures for the Deimos Facility.
Shortly afterwards, a detachment from Precentor Logan's "Banshees" detected movement just outside the wire and an extra Level II was scrambled.

A brief firefight ensued as approximately a company of Battlemechs assaulted security elements. A mixed armour and Battlemech Level II then arrived at the scene of the breach and engaged the enemy, who by this point had pushed in toward the main buildings.
A savage duel between an attacking Crusader and two of our Gurkhas and a Zhukov saw the attacking Crusader destroyed. Unfortunately, the Mechwarrior ejected and was picked up by an attacking Archer. While both our mechs and the tank were later destroyed, this triggered a retreat by one attacking lance (with the ejected mechwarrior).

A Demi Company of attackers, led by a Marauder II managed to hold open the breach long enough for a large force of infantry to move into the facility. Several platoons were dispatched as blocking elements, while others descended into the workers' barracks and work areas underground.
It was about this point we detected a general uprising among the workers and began liquidation operations.

Precentor Logan's troops performed admirably - in close combat outside the main building, we believe a single platoon destroyed at least one attacking vehicle and an entire squad of Battle Armour. Manning their guns to the last, most of our defenders were unfortunately killed as the attackers advanced.

Despite our best efforts, we estimated more than 1000 prisoners managed to escape (we have subsequently recaptured or eliminated several hundreds) and we managed to destroy significant amounts of enemy infantry.

Our security troops succeeded in knocking out an enemy Crusader (the pilot managed to eject and made pick up with his comrades) and destroying a Quickdraw. One of the Banshee squads intercepted the pilot and he was slain trying to escape.

Toward the end of the action, we intercepted the following transmission:

Voice one (laboured, heavy breathing):
Cavalli! Get the hell out, you've done all you can and we're not getting back out.

Voice two:
You still have our ship, Colonel. I'm lot leaving you to die only to get stuck here on this dirt ball too.

Voice one (there's a sound of firing in the distance)
Dammit, merc. My people won't trouble you. Just tell them. Tell them-
There's a sudden intense series of explosions.

Voice one: Hauber, on the right! another one of those damn cyborg freaks!

More firing. Someone is screaming.

Voice one: Merc, get out. Your ship is prepped and we'll hand it over. Just get out and tell them what's going on here.

As these attackers retreated, we managed to re-engage several security measures earlier knocked out by the power outage. Minefields and automated defences came back online, trapping the bulk of the attacking infantry inside to be destroyed at will.
The Battlemechs managed to escape however - one Awesome even picked up an arm shot off a Word Dragon Fire earlier and used it much like a broom to clear its way through the mines.

Two Dropships were detected boosting for orbit a short time later.
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ATTN: Strategic Military Directorate, Sian
FROM: Sang-Shao Nickoslav Ivanonnich, Corey Home Guard
CC: Lucy Westin, External Relations liaison, Hollis incorporated
June 11, 3072

Honoured directors,

I wish to update you on the recent Word of Blake sponsored attack on Corey. Three days ago our long range scanners detected two to three dropships burning in from the Zenith jump point. Lacking dedicated aerospace fighters the Home Guard were forced to dig in and await attack.

Planetary command alerted all the relevant agencies and placed the Hollis Incorporated security forces on high alert.
Three days later, the attackers made planetfall about 350km north of Valasha. I scrambled several companies of recon troops which made fleeting contact with the attackers.

One scout platoon managed to ID the attackers as Barton's Boozefighters, mercenaries in the Word of Blake's employ who were last spotted on Saiph.
Following intermittent contact the mercenaries vanished and then executed a suborbital burn for Valasha. Hotdropping on the outskirts of the city, these Boozefighters made a direct push toward the Hollis facility.

Amid the city, the mercenaries met a determined effort by my Home Guardsmen who held their positions. Massed fire from vehicles and dug in infantry almost stopped the mercenaries near the Chancellor Barbara Liao Metro Beidge.
However, the Mercenary Battlemechs were able to Ford the Hui River and smash through buildings on the opposite side, inflicting considerable damage and loss of life.

Outflanked, I was forced to call in artillery and even an an air strike by the 401st Conventional Bomber Group. Boxed in and taking casualties the mercs rushed back across the river, leaving several of their comrades for dead.

The attackers retreated back to their dropships and left the planet within the next few hours. We estimate the raising party was made up of a reinforce Mech company and a mixed armoured/BA company.
During the brief fight they suffered the loss of several vehicles and two Battlemechs, including a Victor.

While the target of the attack seems to have been the Hollis plant, the mercenaries never got particularly close to the facility and Hollis sustained no damage.

- directors, this is one of several recon raids originating from the Protectorate. Similar attacks have hit Phact and Lesalles.
We suspect the Word is probing our defenses ahead of an offensive.
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Good looking update there Nav!

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Acubens, June 17 3072

Captain Fargo Hambelton let out a pure animal snarl as the command bunker's radio dissolved into static again.
"One problem with getting us to defend a power plant, eh Skipper? The damn place shorts out all our electronic," the radio tech said with a grin.
Fargo glared at the young woman - she was dressed in the same black fatigues, trimmed in red as he and the rest of his Hsien Hotheads company. And she wore a giant shiteating grin.

Bravo Company, 2nd battalion - aka The Firewalkers - of Hsien Hotheads had been shifted to Acubens three weeks ago as part of the Hotheads' contract to rotate through various Protectorate worlds. So far, all they'd seen had been the Texicon Power Station, which provided energy for most of the Acubens' primary continent and the drop port.
But that made a break from training Protectorate Militia and chasing down Liao insurgents in Hsien. Not to mention seeing the CO carry on as the new duke.

"Y'know sergeant, you're right. It strikes me that Raiders could be landing just outside our gates and we wouldn't know a blessed thing," the captain shot back.
"Come to think of it-"

His quip was cut off by a deafening explosion and then the sudden scream of alarms across the complex.
More explosions followed and the radio suddenly burst back into life.
"This is Firewalker Four, we have Mechs pouring in from the forest! Say again, we have-

After their success on Pollux, the Cavaliere embarked on one more raid before heading back to Augustine for refit and rest. Dropping under the cover of a seasonal meteor shower, they easily evaded Acubens' long ranges scanners and crept through the extensive Drakwalk Forest Reserve to the sprawling Texicon power station. The fission generator provided energy to much of the main population centres, Alys' Resistance hoped its destruction would render citizens angry with with Blakist overlords.

Cavalli and his men found a light company of Hsien Hotheads - mercs rotated in to supplement the Acubens Protectorate Militia - along with two lances of militia tanks.
Striking from two flanks, Cavalli managed to draw off several Hothead mechs while sending the remains of Fire Lance into the complex. Targeting several tanks of natural gas, Fire Lance caused major damage to the plant.

Cavalli and his remaining troops then broke contact having destroyed three tanks, a Hothead Stinger and a War Dog. The raiding mercs suffered no significant damage.

Within hours of the continent-wide blackout, citizens were rioting against Word of Blake "incompetence" and Militia troops came down hard - firing on several crowds and arresting hundreds.
Low level riots and acts of sabotage would continue for another three months and while they tied up Blakist rescources, never really had the desired effect of enacting large scale rebellion.
The Blakists techs had the power plant partially online in three days and back up and running within in four weeks.
- Blood and Fury - Free Worlds Press, 3086

Back to Augustine for some R&R. We are down to eight effective mechs and we're still down in the armour and BA departments. We'll do some recruiting locally, but we are still going to be light handed.
I'm thinking I might need to reach out to our second company on Galatea and get them moving. Although with HPG traffic either out or flowing slowly, it'll be more than a month before I get word to them.

-Felix Cavalli
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So much for R&R. The Duchess personally came to us to ask us to burn out on a special mission.
Seems one of her former assets got himself captured. He was a Captain in the FWL Legionnaire on Atreus and when the Blakists took over he grew more and more disgruntled. Eventually he started passing the resistance intel until he got caught about a year ago. Someone he managed to slip away under s false name and made his way to Irian.
But his cover was blown and now he's locked up. If they crack him he has the potential to give up a lot of people on Irian and Atreus. We need to either extract him or kill him.

There's just like three Protectorate Militia Divisions and a bagful of mercs waiting in Irian...
- Felix Cavalli

Rhys Sarum-Smith wrinkled his nose at the cold, clean and antiseptic smell of Kirin River.
An entire planet and it seems lifeless, he mused as he stood patiently on the moveable sidewalk that took him on a direct route from the sprawling glass and chrome Word of Blake compound to the Irian Protectorate Militia barracks.
Everything was moving walkways, high tech displays and climate controlled malls that seem to go on for kilometres.
After just over a decade with the Word of Blake's elite Light of Mankind, Sarum-Smith's superiors had determined he needed a rest.
He didn't dispute that - but a tour with ROM teaching Protectorate Militia "advanced interrogation techniques" wasn't his idea of R&R.
At least call it torture, he thought grimly.

Kill a rogue dictator and trigger a war between two Houses, infiltrate a factory world and help seize the supposedly unconquerable factory. And this is the thanks you get?

But his latest job was interesting. A former FWL Legionnaire. He'd crack, Sarum-Smith thought.
They always do.
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Commando unit Force 101 remains a shadowy unit not officially acknowledged by the Marik Resistance's organisers or even Devlin Stone. Half truths, rumours and even pro-Blakist propaganda points to its involvement in a dozen operations across the Word of Blake Protectorate and Marik space between 3071 and 3080.
Unlike other units, such as Stone's Trackers Force 101 was never publicly embraced by Stone following the Jihad's end.
Instead, they continue to live on only in myth and legend.

It's thought the core group was probably made up of Eagle Corps elements - including many Eyrine Defense Force troopers - who refused to side with Corinne Marik and her collaborator regime, rumours also abound of other elements inside the unit including former ComGuards and possible even Fury Team members who joined as the Jihad progressed.

Always a dedicated infantry/special forces unit, Force 101 made use of a variety of unusual and special weapons and preferred irregular tactics compared to their more conventional comrades in the Coalition.
One report puts them on Irian in 3072, operating in conjunction with Alys Marik's conventional forces.
Despite facing considerable opposition, several squads of Force 101 infiltrated a maximum security Irian complex and freed a captured operative.

According to Word of Blake reports, about a dozen commandos used recoiless rifles, light machine guns and sniper rifles to hold off four or five their number of Militia troops in the urban wastes outside Kirin River.
Several commandos sold themselves dearly, fighting to the last as the Word shifted Battlemech and tank assets to the choke point and whittled out the infantrymen.

- Jihad: Secret Soldiers and Ghosts.
Galatea Entertainment special program, 3101

So we got our man. This son of a bitch better be worth it, because we lost a lot of people back there.
After burning in, using stolen IFF codes, we linked up with elements of the Irian  partisan league who gave us the location of our captured operative.
The WoBBIes were holding him in the most secure  spot on the planet - the IrTech facility at the base of the Soapstone Mountains. Yep, the sprawling, high tech and highly defended mech factory.

After consulting with the special forces infantry Alys had sent along we started a campaign to draw the defenders out - hitting minor targets around Port Kirin until the Protectorate Militia scrambled.
The we struck. Three nights ago we mounted an assault on on minor entrances - it's a combined refuelling station/Maglev junction with a Mech sized underground entrance.
IrTech Security actually proved tougher than the quislings in the Militia and fought damn hard to keep us out. We lost the Gladius and the Harrasser to combined turret fire and dug in infantry before we could crack that gate.

 The boys from Force 101 descended into the depths to grab our man while we set up ambushes and played cat and mouse in the tunnels with the security troops.

Blacked out tunnels, BA popping up from no where, Mechs stalking through the factory. It was Hell.
SueEllen bought it - last I saw of her, her Bandersnatch was blazing away with both ACs at a Gulliotine and and Albatross in a side tunnel.
Once we got the word our objective was secure we all had to hightail it - inside the factory we were being squeezed by probably two companies. Outside Fire Lance and our infantry were holding maybe another company at bay but casualties were mounting.

The Commandoes took over the rear guard and we hustled the objective outside just as our droppers landed.
Both ships took some serious hits as they came down in the middle of the battlefield and we were damn lucky to escape.
- Major Joe Paige
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I build the guy a brand-new, well slightly used, arm and he hasn't even used it yet...  ^-^

Good write up there Nav! Can't wait to see what you're gonna write about next.

What's the damage?

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Down to seven mechs, four tanks and one hover. All the BA is gone and regularly infantry have taken a few casualties.
In terms of replacements, I've got two salvaged mechs and a whole captured mech and pilot who will be joining us.

Im going to have get some lucky recruitment rolls on Augustine.

Meanwhile, second company is recruiting back on Galatea. They're now at two lances, plus an Armoured Lance.
Of course, how many of them make it out.... (it's fast approaching October 3072... y'know, when the Robes come a calling on Galatea)
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TT that arm is being used for more important things, lifting all the beers he's drinking. :D
You really need to bring your units together and start a rebuilding and training program.
Doing the attack on Irian, I was surprised anyone survived. Nice work. O0
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It also makes a hell of a beer opener. And we'll, let's just say the missus loves it...
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It also makes a hell of a beer opener. And we'll, let's just say the missus loves it...
Damm that has some neat attachments   O0
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I thought that the vibrating attachment was secret and not to be mentioned. :D >:D O0
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Rhys Sarum-Smith leaned back in his chair, the recliner whirring as it adjusted to his new position - like everything about Irian it seemed determined to make everything easy on people.
He'd been staring at the message for almost an hour now.

Since the attack on Irian over a month ago, he'd been desperate to strike back at the rebels. And now, with one simple message he'd finally gotten the opportunity.

Reaching forward - the damn chair shifted and moved again - he picked up his personal comm and dialed a number.

"It's me. Yes. Yes. Activate the agent," he said.

And with that it was done. An important asset would be compromised and probably lost but it was worth it.
Because he was about to bring down Alys Marik.

In-bound for Berenson, August 19 3072

The Colonel is madly planning his wedding, so I'm leading this op. A month of refit and rest has just about got us up to strength again with a full gaps we're still filling.
We'll drop in, smash this munitions depot, meet up some of these on-world partisans and get the hell out.
And then it's back to Augustine to see the CO get hiched.
- Joe Paige

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It was a trap. We reached the RV for our contacts and found them dead. Not just dead... butchered. Whoever had done it had had fun and taken their time.
I'd say the bodies were a week old - our last supposed contact with these guys was just three days before contact.
That meant we'd been played the whole time.

We saddled up to get the hell out when we ran into a Protectorate Militia patrol - three mechs and three tanks against our eight mechs.
I figured we'd smash through them and get Back to the dropper - but that's when those cyborgs struck

Three Celestials burst from cover and came charging in on our rear. Meanwhile, arty had zeroed in on us and began to drop shells.

I screamed for air support to take down the artillery (two Sniper tubes set up in the ridge line) and we wheeled back to hit the Celestials. A Deva, a Grigori and a Malak we later ID'd them as.
All three were in dark grey  with red trim and I can assure you all three were piloted by elite cyborgs.

We barely got out - all our mechs were battered but Benji had holed that Malik with his new Battlemaster's light gauss and I managed to keep the other two off us, so we could break contact.

We didn't lose anyone. Somehow.
But the whole thing was a setup - we've been betrayed by someone inside either the unit or the Duchess' resistance.
We're burning for Augustine now. Where I hope we get to the bottom of this.
- Joe Paige

Channel 7 Augustine News - Live recording August 29

Kyle Rodgers: And now we go LIVE to Melissa Koch at The Eagle Club, where the nuptials of famed Mercenary commander Felix Cavalli and his beautiful bride Reyda Johnston has just concluded.

The image shifts from the bald and portly anchor to a woman in her early 20s wearing a long gown and holding a microphone.
Behind her there's the hustle and bustle of guests taking their seats, talking and circulating.

Koch: that's right Kyle, we are Told Colonel Cavalli and his bride will make a speech any moment now.

The camera zooms past her to the crowd.

Koch: gathered here today are some of the cream of Augustine's upper class, along with representives from the Free FWL military and Mercenary commands.

The camera zooms in on Alys Roussett-Marik. She's forgone military dress for formal wear and is wearing a plunging gown in Marik Purple, with her brown hair pulled up into an eloborate combination.
She's speaking with a tall black man in the grey and maroon of the Cavalliere.

Rodgers: now, I understand the Colonel's um... err Cavaliers ran into some trouble recently on Berenson?

Koch: sorry, Kyle. It's looking like the bride and groom are arriving.

Camera pans to gathered crowd as the couple arrives, all smiles.

He's in the maroon and grey of his unit, chased with silver decorations and a ceremonial sword.
Her white dress is eloboratly worked and expensive. Her veil is thrown back to show off her blonde curls.

The chatter and laughter stops short as the smiling pair take their places.

Cavalli: I would like to thank everyone again for coming today for our very special day.
Unfortunately, we are missing some dear friends and family who couldn't make it from Galatea. But none the less, we are so happy to have you all

He turns to his wife. Johnston has taken a glass of sparkling wine and smiles at her new husband.

Johnston: thank you all.

She raises her glass.

I only would like to say a few things.

As she talks, Duchess Alys Marik walks into the frame so she stands in front of the couple.

Johnston's eyes seem to change and she spins toward the Marik.


There's Chaos. The camera seems to have been knocked askew and the reporter is now kneeling.
The camera shifts - people are running about and from further back there are several booming explosions, dust and smoke blocks,the view.

The bride now has a gun - a sleek auto feed needler pointed  at Marik. Two security trooper  lay dead at her feet.

There's another large explosion.

The camera is still rolling but the sound seems to be off. Cavalli is trying to get in between Johnston and the duchess, but his bride turns on him and fires.

At least one needle now sticks out of his side, but the rest seem to have bounced off his left shoulder and arm with a shower of sparks, although they shredded his jacket.

Johnston turns the gun back on Alys. And opens fire at the same instant Cavalli jerks his arm back up. The hand bends down at an alarming angle as the barrel of a weapon pops Free.

Sound returns just in time for the rapid gunfire and the picture dissolves into static.
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Well they found the Toaster agent.
That's going to hurt the Colonel badly. O0
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Well that was unexpected
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Guess the bride missed the upgraded arm?
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Hmmmm... did I do that?  ::)

Wonderful chaos and a beautiful write up there Nav!

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AMC recording - Nov01-3072-AUGUSTINE-FWL

VOICE ONE: could you state your name for the record?

BARRETT: My name is  Teige Barrett, I'm a lieutenant in Cavalli's Cavalliere. Mauler lance, second company.

VOICE ONE: And could you tell us a little about yourself Lieutenant?

BARRETT: sure. I was born on Samantha in Taurian space but have been an independent Mercenary for more than 10 years, like my father and grandfather. Most recently, i spent three years in Gordon's Armoured Cavalry, 1st battalion. Before that I've worked across Taurian, Cappie, St Ives and FedRat space. I've also pulled stints as a bounty hunter and even spent two years dragooned into the CCAF's Home Guard.
Oh yeah, and I pilot a Whammy.

*** as this happens an image forms.***

It shows a 2d shot of a man leaning against a mech's massive leg. He's short and heavily built with dark hair cut short and a close cropped beard. A large golden ring hangs from one earlobe and there's a hint of lurid tattoos peaking out from under his cooling vest's collar.
The armour plate behind him is decorated in a garish mural showing a nude, red headed woman cradling a laser rifle and flipping the bird. Only scant strips of tartan and the bulky rifle hide her modesty

VOICE ONE: right. Lieutenant, as you know we are still desperate to pull together an accounting of events from Galatea. Your testimony will be most helpful.

BARRETT: Well, I can only give you the view of one 'jock on the ground. But I can assure you it was hell.

VOICE ONE: Please elaborate Lieutenant.

BARRETT:  well, a lot of people have heard about this Highlanders ruse the Word used, right? We hadn't heard a thing.
First we knew was dozens of fighters and dropships pulling a high speed, low pass over the Galatea City centre.

* EDITOR'S NOTE: witness reports appear to back rumours the Word masqueraded as the long lost Northwind Highlanders to approach Galatea before attacking***

My lance was on stand down while the Captain, Asuka had taken her lance and a Demi lance of new hires in tanks out for a shakedown on the range. We had another lance of prospective recruits bunking in with us when the whole compound shook from a low flyer.
Then the explosions started and I got everyone to warm up there rides ricky-tick.
ECM was partially jamming most channels but I got through to the CO - her two lances were moving through the city towards us - but it was utter chaos.

When I went outside I could see the Mechs hanging in the sky or dropping towards us on plasma.

VOICE ONE: they were hotdropping INTO the city?

BARRETT: wild, eh? These guys were straight up suicidal or crazy good. Both I'd say.

There seemed to be running gun fights everywhere. By this point I'd set up a perimeter and pushed out a couple streets. We gathered up any non-combatants and just as an after thought I decided to push out some scouts to check the way to the spaceport was clear.
I didn't want to run, but figured it was worth having options open.
I got Kylie in her Wasp and Trev in his Jenner - both from the prospective lance to cross the river and take a look.

That's when they hit us.

VOICE ONE: are you able to ID your attackers.

BARRETT: at that point it was just a merc outfit - Bullard's Armoured Cav. A lance of heavies came jumping in over the buildings to our front just as some Word ASFs came in low and strafed the hell out of the compound using infernos and cluster bombs.
Everything was on fire as we advanced my lance and started sniping through the wreckage.
About the same time, Asuka and her mechs and armour arrived. It would have gone pretty much all in our favour at this point but just as she reached us another lance of heavy Armoured Cavalry backed up by a lance of tanks burst from nowhere and ripped into them.

VOICE ONE: you've mentioned Mercenary attackers at this point. Did you face Word troops? Shadow Division troops?

BARRETT: yeah, ok! I'm getting to it dammit.
So around now, Kylie radios in as she comes charging down the street. She's run straight into a full Level II of Shadows. Mechs, BA and these damn fast tanks with some sort of stealthy armour.
Her Wasp was all shot up but she managed to get back.

VOICE ONE: they got her lancemate? Trev?

BARRETT: nah, bastard ran at the sight of the Shadows. He left poor Kylie for dead and  ran off.
So Kylie tells us the Shadows are holding the main bridge across the river to the spaceport.
We're struggling to hold these mercs back at this point - two tanks brewing up and Asuka's Lynx is missing an arm. So she orders my lance to break contact and fall back to the west.
See, I've got the unit CO's two kids in my lance. I figured she wanted them out safely.

As we fall back we run straight into the Shadows. 47th Shadow Div is what we are hearing. I dunno, all I know is suddenly we are facing down three zombie machines that won't go down.
We played hide and seek with them as we moved toward the river.
Desperate for help I'd radioed the puke running the prospective lance - he was mid way through telling me he was on my six when his radio cut out.

Later we learned his 2ic put her Dervish's SRM launcher up against his cockpit and turned him into mince.
It was Everyman for himself it seems.

VOICE ONE:  your unit took extensive causalities reaching the spaceport?

BARRETT: you could say that. The next couple of hours saw the CO fighting a rearguard - it doesn't sound much but a one armed Lynx and a Wolfhound will hold off most things.
My lance barrelled forward, pushing through Shadows, Word regulars, Pro Word mercs and general mercs shooting up whatever the hell they wanted.
Our provisional lance had pretty much shattered - the rogue Dervish was flayed by the captain and staggered away, Milsom's Wolverine was incinerated by an Archangel and only Kylie had caught up with us.

We managed to ask our way to an alternative bridge across the river when another couple of Shadow mechs and some of those ghoulish looking BA suits jumped us.

We started trying to get our more damaged machines across as I charged the two mechs - another Archangel and a Grigori. My lance number four Godric came with me.
Lord love him. That kid was keen and he went down swinging. But he still died.
Another one of our guys, the Bloodhound pilot - I need got his name - had a bad ejection and sorta splattered against a building.

I didn't see it because he'd managed to ford the river when a Gurkha popped up from no where and gave him the full business.

VOICE ONE: so you then managed to cross over to the drop port and escape?

BARRETT: hell no. We had most of the unit over when they realised the other side was crawling with Blakists. They'd been sitting over there picking off stragglers who escaped the main fighting.
Meanwhile, I was still facing down these two Celestials and readying myself to meet my maker.

The Captain called the dropper and ordered them to punch through the Blakist cordon over the port and meet us outside town.
Moses Cavalli and I were pretty much the only ones left on our side of the bridge, so we started working our way down river hoping we could cross further down.
Meanwhile, most of our guys went into the river and waded downstream to the new LZ

It all sounds very easy, but it was another two hours of run and gun before we reconnected with the rest of the unit and boarded that dropship.

Somehow we managed to burn out of the system. Seeing that independent freighter waiting for us at the jumpoint was the sweetest sight I've ever seen.

So, I ran the Burning Bridges Chaos track... and it was interesting. Probably the best but was the lance running under the pandemonium rules. One went rogue and declared for the Word, another decided to get the hell out of there. The poor tank lance was also playing under these rules but mostly never got to do anything about it
Two died in the second turn. The other two elected to hold tight and take care of themselves under the pandemonium rules - but both got smoked by enemy fire in the same turn!
A rather fun game. Shame about the two mechwarriors we lost however.

Teige Barrett formerly served as a mechwarior in 1st battalion, Gordon's Armoured Cavalry and before that had spent close to a decade in half a dozen smaller commands along the Taurian, FedSuns and Liao border regions. He's also pulled stints As a bounty hunter - independently and with the likes of Harden's Howling Wolves.

He has faced pirates, Davion raiders, Taurians and their defecting countrymen and even spent some time assisting the CapCon retake the St Ives Compact.
For generations the Barretts have served as mercs' mercs - never staying too long with one unit, frequently moving the length of the Inner Sphere seeking adventure and money. Barrett's father was one such journeyman, who eventually settled on Samantha after meeting a local girl and served out his days with the TDF.

He handed the mantle of the wandering merc onto Teige, who took the family Warhammer and headed for the Hiring Hall at 18.
His Warhammer has been lovingly handed down through the years and bears many scars and jury-rigged parts. Originally a Star League era WHM-6Rb, it was downgraded some 200 years ago. Rumour has it, that a Barrett actually piloted it during the invasion of Terra but refused to follow the SLDF into exile.

Barrett was able to scrounge the required parts during the Cavalry's action on Brusett to upgrade 'Heartbreaker' back to its original glory, complete with an Artemis IV system and advanced Heatsinks.

Ironically, while he finally fulfilled his forefathers' quest to restore the mech to its lost advantage, the raid was unsanctioned and the unit fell into disgrace.

Unhappy at the poor supply situation and lack of action, he resigned his commission and headed to Galatea in late 3071.
A string of short contracts with minor merc units over the next year saw him yearning for a new - possibly long term -  home.
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So, this is essentially what the Cavaliere will look like at the end of 3072. They have one more mission to carry our for the Free World Resistance before that contract finishes up.

1st Company

Command lance
Marauder II MAD-4S Felix Cavalli
Awesome AWS-9M Joe Paige
Thunderbolt TDR-7SE Conal Blair
Nightsky NGS-5S Raita Mbugua

Fire lance
Archer ARC-8M Peder Hammarskjold
Dervish DV-1S Electra Reva-Singh
Hunchback HBK-5M Jenna St George

Battle lance
Awesome AWS-9M Antje Vermer
Quickdraw QKD-5M Homer Ebbs
BattleMaster BLR-5M Benji Sukumaran
Banshee BNC-5S Dexter Liu"

2nd company

Hunter lance   
Lynx LNX-9Q Asha Akouayn
Wolfhound WLF-2 Lucuis Black
Hussar HSR-500-D Fabiola Álvarez
Wasp WSP-1D Kylie-Leeza Smith

Mauler lance
Warhammer WHM-6Rb Teige Barrett
Vindicator VND-3L Octavian Cavalli
Marauder MAD-5M Moses Cavali

Dragoon lance
Komodo KIM-3C Brandon Kwayera
Spider SDR-C Hui-Chi Fujihara
Venom SDR-9KC Satoru Suzuki
Daikyu DAI-02 Yasmin Keyes

Armoured company - Captain Amber Mori-Paige

Alpha lance
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Savannah Master Hovercraft   
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Bravo lance
Zhukov Heavy Tank (WoB) - Saladin
Brutus Assault Tank
Brutus Assault Tank
Zhukov Heavy Tank (Standard)

Infantry Company - Cpt Aubrey Ito-Hostigos

Alpha Element
Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)
Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry platoon (wheeled)
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry platoon (wheeled)

Bravo Element
Heavy Hover APC + Longinus Battle Armor model [David]
Heavy Hover APC + Gray Death Standard Suit model [Laser]
Heavy Hover APC + Gray Death Standard Suit model [Laser]

* a couple of notes:
1st and 2nd company are now reunited and we have shuffled a few people areound. Salvage has also beefed up 1st compay (B-Master and Banshee).

** armour company is Noam slightly abbreviated after repeatedly getting smashed. It's no wonder made up almost entereliy by Blakist salvage

*** our infantry have changed. Previously we had a couple BA squads and a reinforced leg company. Recruiting heavily from Augustine and cross training many of the foot infantry in suits has given us a full platoon of BA.
The remaining infantry have no upgraded to mechanised troops with artillery support.
They'll mostly hang back and conduct rear area security
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Rhys Sarum-Smith hefted the carton of equipment and took a look around the small, sterile office.
And this is it, he thought.
A head popped around the corner without warning.

"You off then, Precentor?"
Precentor, that was a joke. After the debacle trying to kill or capture that Marik bitch he'd received orders to report to the 30th Division on Coventry.

He was still a Demi-Precentor, but now he's was to command a Level II. No more Light of Mankind, no more ROM.

"That's right, I'm off," he said with a curt nod to the young, fresh faced Adept taking over his office

Sarum-Smith shifted the carton and turned towards the door.
I may be down, but I'll be back. Cavalli's' Cavaliere and Alys Marik, I'll find all of you and have my revenge.

The Colonel took it tough. Of course he did, how the hell else was he supposed to?
For a month he drank and brooded and locked himself away from the world. And then one day he was fine - I think the Duchess had a lot to do with it.

I don't know what she said or did, but they've spent a lot of time together and he's snapped out of his funk.
Which was great, because at one point he did try and take his Marauder II out drunk to go and "kill some toasters". Thank God he couldn't even start the machine up in that state.

He's now,refocused. Which is good because we have a mission. The Duchess' resistance is undertaking a large raid in force on New Home - deep in the Protectorate.
We'll be teamed with the Commando Force 101 lads again, the Legion of the Rising Sun and others.
Word is, ComStar troops are helping as well.
Our job is pretty simple - we're to burn in and smash through a Protectorate Militia held spaceport. We hold the ground and operate as a rear guard while a special forces detachment frees some prisoners. Word is there's several very important POWs in there - we get them out over anyone else.
There's hope this will trigger a full on rebellion on New Home. Heard that before...

- Joe Paige

(Released to the public by Sphere Intelligence Service under Freedom of Information Act 3119)

Voice one:

Ok, REDACTED thanks for that. That explains almost all our questions about REDACTED and why he's REDACTED.
Now, moving on. Hook Force - made up of elements of the ComGuard 1st Army will drop directly on Findler at 2300. On world resistance claims it's ready to instigate large scale revolts across the capital.

Regardless, your objectives are listed in your hand outs: C&C, Communications and military targets only.
We are staying away from political targets - it's surmised the government is pretty much a Blakist puppet and the resistance Thinks taking him out will actually do more harm than good.

Next up, Cross Force will deploy here at REDACTED. With Mercenary elements and the commandos taking the Mann Spaceport by 2330. LeCroix and his 101 boys will then push down the 69 and assault objectives X, Y and Z, with Krusher elements running security.

Colonel Cavalli, you have the LZ - you will need to keep it clear for us or this whole thing is a bust. Just a reminder guys - you're holding the black door. Without it... well it's a long friggin walk home.

Cross Force will also be assisted by a lance of mechs and some infantry elements from Kanae Force.

Voice two: sorry, but that leaves us very undermanned.

Voice one: yep. You're losing some of your guys. Kanae Force will drop on Mann and this LZ just north east and then push north to strike along the Great Spine Mountains. Your slightly depleted Force will hit a string of secondary targets and keep the Blakists off balance while the other groups carry out their objectives.
Honestly, this is a Mech only job REDACTED - so any problems you can take up with the -

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Drink driving a Marauder is so common in MWO.
He should have gone for a light mech, it gives new meaning to the word legless. :D O0
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I'll be interested to see what emotional impact recent events have had on Felix. Probably a lot of anger, but what happened is going to hurt on so many levels.
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I'll be interested to see what emotional impact recent events have had on Felix. Probably a lot of anger, but what happened is going to hurt on so many levels.

I'm thinking he's a changed man - he's spent decades as a soldier, but it's never been personal before.
There's a lot of hate for the Blakists now.
That may translate to suicidal recklessness or further destructive behaviour
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With such an emotional issue involved, he could become suicidal or a cold blooded killing machine.
An interesting call for you to make on his future. O0
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Teige Barrett's eyes watered seconds after he popped his Warhammer's cockpit hatch. Thick dark smoke obscured the horizon, almost blotting out rising sun.

That smoke was pouring from close to two lances of burning vehicles - Blakist vehicles - strewn along the highway leading into the spaceport's northern approach and surrounding fields.
If the Mechwarrior squinted in the dim light- not that he wanted to - he could just make out the crumpled bodies tossed in among the brewing up vehicles.
The Word had thrown a light battalion of infantry and vehicles at his approach to the spaceport but quickly found themselves in a brutal crossfire from his Mauler Lancer and dug in Cavaliere Battle Armour and Commando troops.

To the east a similar scene was laid out - the Word's Protectorate Militia had thrown a lance of heavies and assaults, only to be stopped by the Colonel's Command Lance.
"Mauler One, this is Knight Minor. Roll back, they've stopped coming," his radio crackled.

POW partial interview transcript - November, 3072

VOICE ONE: It was madness after that. The Militia started pulling back although some of the officers were screaming at us to get back in there and fight. My squad was down to seven of us and if I'd told them to fight I reckon they'd have shot me on the spot and legged it anyway.
So we just started to try and work our way down to the river - I saw a lot of our guys doing that, Protectorate Militia Regulars and our security troops.

We got about 100m when those damn Commandos surrounded us and told us to surrender.
When they got us back into the spaceport, we were dropped out on the apron and told to wait while a couple of ghastly looking mercs guarded us.

That's when he arrived. This Marauder II rolled up - i know because there's a couple in the Protectorate Militia. It was painted in the same maroon and grey as all the other Merc mech... but different.
He had painted these giant Blakist broadswords down the torso of the Marauder, but both were shattered and one of them was impaling a robed figure.
And when he got our it was even worse - one arm had been replaced by a metal replacement, it looked like chrome bones.

He marched straight up to us prisoners - there were maybe 10 Protectorate Militia regulars and half again in security troops. He was gripping a stubby looking little SMG in his good hand and barked at the regulars to come with him.
He herded them all into one of the service shacks nearby. That's when i heard the shooting - one long burst and then another and another.

What? What is that? Get that the hell away from me!

- the above transcript was never released

Cavalli’s Cavaliere, with the help of a Legion of the Rising Sun lance and elements of the Task Force 101 commandos, managed to defend the spaceport from repeated Word probes.
First an armoured lance with a Dragon Fire in support. As it got pushed out, a light armoured push from the other side, supported by two light mechs.

That was turned back by Mauler Lance. Only for the Word to hit us with artillery and a thick covering of smoke as they shoved a second mixed company of armour and infantry, with the surviving light mech.

The Blakists also tried a lance of heavies and tanks which got stopped cold.

All up, we lost two BA troopers and a Heavy Hover APC. So, it was actually a rather good result.
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The arm of Justice has spoken!

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The chrome arm of justice. ::)
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Shifting, early morning scene is lit by repeated flashes and explosions. Occasional tracer or pulses of green and red laser light zip across the screen.
It's a city, seen from the top down but much of it is obscured by oily dark smoke.

The camera pans back and forth before zooming in on a rubble choked street. Figures run across the ground, lit up by gunfire and occasional explosions.

VOICE ONE: We are now hovering above Findler's capital district in the NEWS@FIVE chopper, where you can see the fighting is now into its six hour. Rebel forces, along with invading ComGuard marauders, took Protectorate Militia troops by surprise late last night and have continued to push them out of the city.

The camera pulls back - the ground troops appear to be charging at a central building. Many are firing from the hip as they advance.
The building is a broad, slab sided one in white stone, flanked by massive pillars. Gun nests are nesttled among the pillars, the snouts of machine guns and rifles poking out.
Parked next to the main steps is a wheeled APC, smoke and flame pouring from its open hatches.

VOICE ONE: Rebel troops have so far been unable to the capital building, despite repeated assaults. They have however seized much of the industrial and docks and pretty much cut the city in half, with Mech and heavy armoured support from the ComGuards.

The camera spins to show an Orion - its off white colour scheme is marred by soot and smoke but the ComGuard logo, alongside a pair of dice and a 91st is clearly visible.

VOICE ONE: ComGuard troops are now approaching the gov-

VOICE TWO: Rise up! Rise up, New Home! The hour of our salvation is at hand! Fight the oppressors, fight them with everything you have! Stand with me and we can-

The signal is suddenly cut out by a high pitch hum and the picture flickers and is replaced by a holding graphic.


STONE'S HEROES - S01,E06 - Deliverance (Mini-series released by Fletcher Productions, 3097)

SARGE: Drop 'im, Peaker. Watch that geezer on the roof.

DR ROCK: On your six, sarge. C'mon lads, hustle, hustle.

The "footage" is shown POV style in a dark green to suggest night vision googles. Helmeted, heavily armoured figures can been see moving across a compound.
There's a sudden flicker of gun fire - it appears white hot in the green haze.

A Protectorate Militia troops steps from around a corner. His armour is heavily stylised, with Broadswords molded into the metal. He raises a wicked looking Needler rifle.

BLAKIST: Halt, you heretic scum!

SARGE: Do 'im!

There's a sudden flicker of gunfire and the Blakist crumples.

The scene shifts. Now shot from above in colour, half a dozen commandos spring from cover to cover as they move across a rain soaked prison yard. There's the occasional flash of gunfire.

Two approach a shack and kick it in.

The scene shifts again - back to night vision. The figure is stepping down narrow stone steps. We repeat the earlier gunfight - another Blakist is taken down.
The POV steps towards a flimsy door, a hand reaches out and rips it open.

Inside, it's dirty and unkept. Dirt floor, garbage strewn about.
A grimy figure staggers into the frame - thick long hair hangs into his eyes, partially obscuring rhuemy eyes and blackened skin. A long, tangled beard hangs down to his chest.

DONNER: Stop! Hold fire! I'm a friend!

EIGHT-BALL: What the hell, Sarge? Who or what is that?

DONNER: My name is Fritz Donner! I'm a POW!


While operations against the former government forces continue throughout the Spina Mountains, Markham Metro Province and the Le Marquis Province, the new New Home Provisional Government officially announced the planet free of the Word of Blake Protectorate. Several hours after the formal ceremony, most of the on-world ComGuards and Marik forces lifted for orbit, leaving only a skeleton force behind.

It's believed the Protectorate Militia can only muster a battalion or so of troops and are now holding out around a rump government-in-exile at Patros, at the foot of the Spina. President LeChieffe has made several statements from Patros conedming the rebels, but so far Baron Shienze has remained silient and his whereabouts remains unknown.

Several missives have already been sent to the government-in-exile. It's unknown if they have called for additional Blakist forces.
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The Republic of the Sphere: What works and what doesn't (political science recommended reading list, Australian National University, Terra. 3086)

- case in point is the short lived overturn of the Word of Blake on New Home in 3072. A festering anti-Blakist group has gathered arms and equipment since as early as 3068, with tacit support from the planet's ruling noble but it took the smuggling in of Devlin Stone's Kittery Manifesto and additional operatives throughout 3072 to actually achieve a change in government.

With support from Alys Marik's Resistance and ComStar, the rebels staged a general uprising in November 12 3072. Rebel forces seized key positions across the capital of Findler, while others staged a large-scale uprising at the main spaceport some 700km away. Similar uprisings occurred on Arbergeiht and to a lesser extent on Goldwynn but did little more than tie down security forces.

Backed by Marik's forces and ComGuards, the rebels pushed the government out of the capital over the next 48 hours and had seized most of the primary continent within another day.
Remaining Word of Blake forces and the remnant of the government managed to flee first to the spa town of Patros and then across the Narrow Sea to Goldwynn's New Delphi.

This is where the rebels effectively lost control. The government in exile in Delphi reflected the democratically elected, noble-endorsed rulers appointed in 3066. Conservative, distantly related to nobility and Catholic President LeChieffe, Prime Minister Burr and Minister of the Interior Hadley reflected most of the planet's middle class population's sensibilities.
While these officials had sided with the Blakists, their rule had brought stability and prosperity for many New Home citizens.

In contrast to this was the mostly Blue Collar rebels, mainly drawn from New Home's steel mills, farmlands and Findler's industrial base. Neglected for years and most exposed to the Blakists' excesses in putting down labour disputes and strikes, it's little wonder these groups flocked to Stone's banner. They were further enflamed by Word of Stone's rising on Kittery and sought to raise a pan-Protectorate uprising based around socialist, egalitarian values.

However, the anti-establishment, anti-nobility and socialist message of the Kittery Manifesto alienated many, leading to the eventual return to Blakist rule.
Ironically, these same fence sitters suffered horrific causalities when the Word returned, resulting in a massive surge in anti-Blakist fighters post 3073.

In January 3073, with help sent directly from Terra, the government in exile was able to strike back. Lieutenant Colonel Agnes Merrick has emerged as the Blakist hero from November's defeat after managing to salvage the bulk of the Protectorate Militia and facilitate a rear guard action that allowed the government to flee across the sea.

She led a Battlemech and armour assault directly on the capital from her holdfast in the Spina Mountains, punching through rebel forces before eventually besieging the ruined Star League castle at Old Johnsberg. Stopping just short of the fortifications she unleashed artillery delivered chemical weapons on the defenders.

Totally unprepared for the gas attack, the bulk of the rebel forces (who had been massing for counterattack) died in droves.
Just outside Findler Colonel Merrick once again found herself stalled by rebel forces and resorted to chemical weapons.

This time, conventional fighters were used to bomb several "military targets" across the city. Resistance crumbled after this and the former government returned to power late that night for an emergency midnight session of Congress - however, reprisals continued for another month as Terran-dispatched special forces teams sought out and eliminated rebel cells.

Colonel Merrick was recognised for her loyalty and determination and promoted to head of public security on Epslion Erandai later that year. It had been whispered that she wasn't safe from reprisals after her liberal use of chemical weapons - other sources however suggest the newly returned New Home government were equally terrified of her.

Following New Home's fall to the Coalition in 3078, rumours of remaining caches of chemical and biological weapons and even nuclear arms would abound. None were found, suggesting the entire stockpile was used in 3073.
Almost the entire pro-Blakist government in exile would be later found guilty of crimes against humanity by the Coalition and hung in 3081
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That's a nice touch.
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In late 3077, Clan-Wolf-in-Exile's Beta Galaxy tore through Saiph's Protectorate Militia. While considered a veteran formation with extensive experience fighting insurgents and even the occasional pirates or off-world Raiders, the Militia crumbled after 10 days of blitzkrieg tactics from the Wolf forces, reminiscent of the original Clan War.
The Exiles were also able to call on irregular support in the form of both commando troops dispatched from Alys Marik's network and on-world insurgents.

While the Word of Blake was keen to lump the entire Saiph opposition in with the "insurgency", in truth opposition was made up of numerous, myriad groups only united in their fight against the Word.
The largest group of insurgents have their roots in the Chaos March era pro-Liao rebellion against Saiph's New Canton appointed government. Initially well funded and well equipped, the Liao insurgency enjoyed some success but had been pushed into the Wu Bo Feng Highlands by the late-60s when the Word of Blake took power.

The second largest group (post 3068) would have to be the remnant of the old New Canton appointed government. With a handful of mercenaries, loyalist troops and farmers, this opposition lacked the numbers of the Liaoists but access to several hidden caches of weapons and equipment that sustained their struggle.
By 3072 however, the two groups realised they needed to work together - chiefly because Sian had either written off the Saiph insurgency or simply decided to concentrate on threats closer to home.
This didn't eventuate into an easy working relationship and the two groups maintained seperate chains of command and objectives but had actively stopped shooting at each other.

While these two groups united, dozens of other ethic, religious and nationalistic militia groups remained - many siding with the Word of Blake, while others maintained their struggle against the WoB and each other. However, none of these groups bar the United Freedom Party and Ky Cao's "Holy Army" could ever produce more than a battalion and ever really influenced proceedings.

The year 3072 was remembered mostly as a year of peace and prosperity on Saiph - by mid-July, the insurgents had been beaten into their jungle or mountain holdfasts and the Word carried out several major infrastructure projects. Indigenous Mercenary battalion Canned Heat had earlier been handed a bloody nose and spent much of the year repairing, with active security handed over the the Militia and newly arrived Barton's Boozefighters.
The Boozefighters were once considered a reputable merc outfit but defeat and dubious undertakings had seen them shrink to two reinforced companies of desperate men, more than willing to use overwhelming force on protesters or insurgents.

Through late 3072, they patrolled and rebuilt as the insurgency stayed quiet
- a notable exceptions are the September offensive, which overran the Hue Spaceport - but all of this would be for naught in 3073.

In early March, WolfNet decided to assist the insurgency (and probably facilitated the truce among the two main elements) and dispatched a small team of operatives.
Escorting the team (callsign Long Fang) and a shipment of arms and equipment was the recently reformed Black Widow Company.
Barton's Boozefighters never knew what hit them.

- except from Against the Word! Televised on Foot Fall by Special Broadcasting TriVid, 3079.

The jungle burned. Brett Barton frantically spun his Vanquisher around, hazy black smoke reduced his visibility to virtually hill and several couple of seconds his massive machine would bounce off a tree, splintering the towering forms as he ran headlong from the battle.
Two lances just... gone.
He'd taken his Boozefighters' command lance and met up with the second company's Fire lance for a routine patrol.
And ran straight into... the Black friggin Widows!
Glancing back he saw two of the black and red mechs pursuing him.

He knew Hauber had managed to get free - his Sunder was missing an arm but had knocked down that damn Uzeil and fled. Maybe Keller in her QuickDraw too.
Either way, it had been a disaster.

Suddenly his command crackled. A woman's voice - deep and rich but very feminine.
"Run little Blakist quisling, run. Because the Widow has come for you."

Barton charged his mech forward, desperate to escape the charnel house.

So I ran through the Saiph track in Wolf and Blake - the sourcebook never mentions what mercs the new Widows face and the timeframe worked perfectly for my Boozefighters... who were slaughtered.
Three mechs escaped out of eight and two of them were fit for the scrap heap.
Me thinks the Word are less than pleased with Barton and his men after yet another failure... maybe a change in leadership is in order?
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We finally pulled the Colonel aside and sat him down - me, Joe Paige, Lou Black and the new kid Taige. We brought a couple bottles of Glengarry Black and cornered him in his office and told him - we can't keep throwing ourselves at the Blakists like this.

After the wedding and the attack on New Home the unit is worn out and battered and while the Colonel is hurting, a private vendetta isn't going to help that. He finally saw sense and agreed to look at jobs doing anything but Blakist fighting for a while.
Pretty quick we signed on with the independent planet Megrez on the FWL/Lyran border.
Seems they're stuck with a bunch of Lyran freebooters who have decided that border conflict is still going on.
This sort of low intensity cattle rustling is probably just what we need

March, 3073
Jorge Calosso

The FWL-Lyran border region suffered greatly during the Jihad and while the obvious culprit is clearly the Word of Blake, the machinations of petty lords on either side of the border cannot be discounted.
Chief among them were Count Oslo Willhiem von Schleicher, a wealthy Bolan noble who had the ear of Duke Alder Umayr and was a key architect of the 3067/68 invasion.
Von Schleicher's considerable landholdings suffered greatly during the Marik counter offensive and he spent several year petitioning the Duke's court and even the newly freed Tharkad for a renewal of hostilities.

Denied, he dispatched a band of his personal retainers, supplemented by mercenaries (all under the banner of the 1st Herzberg Defenders) and conquered the planet of Megrez. There were plans to expand the unauthorised invasion, but the green troops were soon bogged down in counter insurgency.
In May 3073, two months after they arrived the Defenders were assaulted by Marik mercenaries.

- excerpt from 1000 Facts you didn't Know about the Jihad! (Skye Printing, 3111)
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Need more weird combat options, just ask!

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Need more weird combat options, just ask!


These guys are going to Be a real hodge podge- maybe a mech company, tank battalion and infantry regiment of mixed Lyran and Marik. Mostly older, some salvage, etc
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So older as in 3060 tech?

I can make the Marik force easily but the incorporating Steiner... yikes!

PM forthcoming.

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Oh! I like what you've sent me! Good mix of older "surplus" tech and decent stuff. I like the Manteuffel company too!

I've worked up a backstory and I'm figuring a company of older militia/household retainer mechs and then maybe a demi company of mercs who are former Lyran regulars gone rogue/turned merc after getting booted out, etc
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Who? Me... O:-)

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Ulf Mountains, Megrez, Lyran occupied territory

The Colonel is back, there's no denying. The Lyrans had this place sewn up pretty tight but he dropped some of our footsloggers in discreetly. They took the fort overlooking one of the big logistics hubs - we quickly had the planetary food supply cut off.
So, there was little the Lyrans could do but attack us - over the mountains.
- Joe Paige

Setup: Mountain terrain, The Defender will place/designate 4 Medium buildings (any
height) near the center of the battlefield.

Attacker (Lyrans)
The Attacker enters half of their force from their home edge
at the start of the track. The remainder of the force enters from
an edge perpendicular to the home edge during the Movement
Phase of Turn 1D6+1; this result is rolled before the beginning of
the track and is kept secret from the Defender.

The Defender places their entire force anywhere on the
battlefield. At least 25% must be within 3 hexes of the designated
buildings. Secretly designate one of these buildings as headquarters
before the start of the track.

+75 Inspired Opponent: Increase the Attacker’s Skill level by
one (e.g., from Regular to Veteran, etc.).
+75 - Fire for effect! Defender has two Sniper pieces with 10 rounds each

Identify and destroy. Locate (using Scanning, p. 14) and
destroy the headquarters building.  [200]
Seek and destroy! Destroy/Cripple the Commander. This
objective only applies if the player is the Defender. [200]
Rough up the place. Destroy/Cripple 50% of the opponent’s
force. [400]


Well, that was something else! Dad made it more than obvious where he was - building light fortifications and marching his troops around - and the Lyrans came on charging.
Of course, they sent a second company through a mountain pass thinking to flank us - but found us dug in and ready to fight.
It helps when the whole planet hates the Lyrans and were happy to keep us alert of their every step.

The main thrust was stopped cold by Dad's 1st company - using Thunder LRMs and hit and run tactics, they were drawn in to the trap - artillery and dug in mechs.
It was over in minutes - complete with the enemy commander knocked down with a bum gyro.

The other thrust hit us and the Captain initially had us fall back. But with three mechs down and two tanks burning they quickly got the idea.

The Lyrans boosted the next day - without their equipment, which we handed over to the locals. Maybe they can defend themselves next time?
Moses Cavalli
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13 February, 3074 - INN report
Picture shifts to focus on a short, squat man with blonde hair and a week of stubble in a tanker's smock and LCAF field jacket.
He's leaning against a metal bulkhead, tapping away at a noteputer.
This is Sergeant Rolf O'Connor, a tank commander in the 7th Donegal Guards.
Tomorrow his RCT will lead part of the assault on Coventry's capital.

The picture shifts again - this time it's a close in shot of a man's head encased in a bulky helmet. It's a Marine Combat Suit - the visor pushed up onto his head.
Reporter: This is Captain Leon Douglas, he leads an elite Mi6 team from House Davion. Aka The Stealthy Foxes. His team of specialist experts will take part in the anticipated spaceborn action tomorrow.

Reporter: This is Star Captain Hannah Pryde of Clan Jade Falcon.
Picture shows a lean, woman with a wolffish grin and a blonde Mohawk. The symbol of her clan has been tattooed on the shaved left hand side of her skull.
Reporter: Star Captain Pryde's forces have been designated as shock troops that will be tasked with destroying Blakist strongpoints after the initial engagement is joined.

Another shot - it shows a busy dropship bay. In the centre a group is huddled around a holotable. A short stocky man with close cropped black hair and a beard is leading the discussion - the camera briefly settles on the chrome, skeletal prosthetic that sticks out from his left sleeve.
Around him gather four young men and a woman - two vaguely resemble the older man, although with darker features.

Reporter: this is Mercenary Colonel Felix Cavalli and some of his newest Mechwarrior apprentices. Their unit is one of several Mercenary commands attached to the assault.

The picture shifts to the reporter standing in the Mechbay. Behind him, techs are working on an Awesome, it's torso pulled open to expose wiring and mymor muscles.
Reporter: What do all of these myriad elements - from different states and even the Clans - have in common? They're all united in their actions against the Word of Blake.

- Journal of Teige Barrett

It's been a lean year. We spent 3073 working small time gigs across the FWL/Lyran border and Steiner space - mostly small time garrison work, petty nobles wanting to settle petty scores amid the Chaos of the Jihad.
By November we were just about broke - we have a lot of mouths to feed and a lot of pricey machines, so small time work left us just about redlined.
In November we landed on Noisel hoping for a break - and we got it in spades.

It wasn't long before we were approached by... I dunno, do we call it a Coalition? Stone'a people? Anyway, the money was Lyran, but it was a joint op.
Coventry. Seized in 68 by the Word, its been churning out war machines for them since.
Not for much longer though.

Best of all - while on Noisel, I was nosing out for some contacts when I was approached by someone who was very keen to assure me he wasn't from Blackstone Battlemechs (ha!) but most certainly had some work for us.
It's a little side job - they want us to divert to a small, sideline facility and grab a computer core.
That's right, we will get paid double to kick some Blakist arse.
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So, we are back! I've had four weeks holiday in Europe - but all the while, I was cooking up new ways for the Cavalliere to get into trouble!

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Need an OpFor to play with?


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Need an OpFor to play with?



Hmm... why not. They'll be facing the 30th Division - veteran Blakist Militia, who are sitting in Coventry's mech works.
I was thinking a good mix of Blakist Star league era equipment, newer stuff and some Lyran designs
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What? Only one assualt mech made?....

Gimme a few days ok?

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Picture shows the shattered hulk of a dropship twisting through space. its armour is torn, rent and blackened but the Lyran fist is still clearly visible.
A Lucifer class fighter suddenly zips past it, the bright blue ion contrails spewing from its engine obscuring the shot.

REPORTER: We're here on board the Freya, a pocket warship attached to the LAS Fylgia over Coventry. Any minute now, a coalition of Lyran, Clan Jade Falcon, ComGuard and mercenary troops will commence their assault on the planet below - finally regaining its crucial Mech factories for the Lyran Alliance.
Only an hour ago, combat operations here in space finished, with the coalition destroying the bulk of the Blakist fleet. But it came at a terrible cost.

The picture shifts to a piece to camera. The reporter is short, dark and carrying about an extra 10 kilos around the middle. He's wearing a LAAF spacer's coveralls, with no rank or unit insignia.

REPORTER: Clan Jade Falcon - once our greatest foe - spearheaded the assault, with two warships going toe to toe with a waiting Blakist ship, alongside a host of smaller assault dropships and pocket warships.
While that action left one Falcon warship dead in the water, and two Lyran jumpships - both merchantmen dragooned into service as troop carriers - destroyed by nuclear fire, it was truly a joint victory.

Scene now shows a cluster of dropships burning in for the service.

REPORTER: Above Coventry, this is Hans Schneider for Solaris Broadcasting Service.

We're dropping in the first wave - the Lyran have never been backwards about getting the most out of their hired help, eh?
Ole Galen Cox has worked out a decent plan with what he's been given. The 8th Lyran Regulars are outfit known for off the wall sort of jobs, so they'll execute a hotdrop, setting down almost a carpet of troops across the Trollheim Hills down through the wood almost all the way to Port St William. Each battalion will be backed by a battalion of mercs - w're partnered with 1st batt under Kommondant Helga Steiner-Reece.
Our job is to smash through ammo dumps, supply points, key bridges and crossroads and any dug in positions without stopping - the Coventry underground is warned we're coming and they can tie up any static positions, etc. We're just there to raise hell.

The Falcons are coming down due east of us, coming down on the Cross-Divide Mountains and hitting the Blakists from the flank.
Ten hours after we first hit dirt- hopefully with the Robes all in a flap - the 7th Donegal, another regiment of assorted mercs and elements of the ComGuard's 1st and 4th Army consolidate our positions and roll over Port St William and the Coventry Mechworks.

What's more, Lieutenant Barret will be taking his lance, and some of the vehicles and hitting our side job. Guess, the rest of us will have to raise enough hell that our paymasters never notice?
I'm just hoping the ground battle doesn't go like the one in space. We stayed out of it, but that looked bloody - nukes flying around and warships going broadside for broadside just a couple klicks from each other. We could do without that kinda fighting on the surface.

- Felix Cavalli
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The burning fighter twists in mid-air, oily smoke and flames pouring from its rear and forming into a comet-like tail. For a brief seconds the aircraft holds in air before plunging into the treeline with a huge explosion.

Battlemechs advance through the towering trees - many bear signs of combat. Blackened and burned armour plates, a Nightky is missing its left arm, with just a tangle of mymour bundles now dangling in the breeze.

REPORTER: I'm here on the frontlines on Coventry as Lyran and mercenary troops take the fight to the occupying Word of Blake. Losses have been high in the past 12 hours of fighting, but the Word already seem to be falling back.
The bulk of the invasion force landed several hours ago and are ready to push on the capital and its valuable Mechworks.

An APC rolls past behind the reporter, a gunner hangs out of the top hatch, swinging her Machinegun about rapidly. The reporter is briefly obscured by smoke.

REPORTER: We've also had word that a Cluster of Jade Falcon troops under the command of Star Colonel Quinn Kerensky smashed a battalion of Blakists a short time ago.
This is Hans Schneider for Solaris Broadcasting Service on Coventry.

The first scenario on Coventry went well - two lances of Mechs with armour and BA support stumbled into a Level II of Blakist mechs and heavy armour as the Wobbies tried to ford a river in the woods. Despite the huge amount of fire expended, we came out with only minor losses: a Heavy Hover APC and three Battle Suits.
And we salvaged....
- Two FLS-9B Flashmans - both are little more than spare parts, but we can cobble together a whole Mech.... maybe.
- THG-11Eb Thug - in good shape. Well, apart from where Felix put an ER PPC through its cockpi.
- LRM Carrier (WoB)

Now, I'll run through the second scenario - Barrett's strike force will hit the CPM computer facility
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How's the OpFor doing?

Need adjustments?

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How's the OpFor doing?

Need adjustments?


Saving them for the final assault.
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You have my permission to run elements of my Whispers of Blake, if need be.

I also have a CHH mixed Binary with Nova abilities and Protos if you want a break in fighting Blakists.

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VOICE ONE (unidentifiable): Bushwack Three, watch that tower, there's a lot of fire still coming from that sector!

VOICE TWO (unidentifiable): Roger, lead! Moe is still down. I think that last burst wrecked his gyros.


UNKNOWN VOICE: MAD readings! MAD readings! They're freaking everywhere-

VOICE ONE: Keep pushing forward ****** it! Keep-


VOICE THREE (positive ID as Lt-General Daniel Voss-Steiner, 7th Donegal Guards);

Get them back on the comm, Fuller! I wanna find out who is doing all this advancing.

VOICE FOUR (positive ID as Kommadant Jeff Fuller, 7th Donegal headquarters staff):

Sir, it's not really an advance. It looks like a company or so have pushed through one of the auxiliary Mechworks sites.

Burst of static

VOICE ONE: swing past those turrets, looks like that Level II are packing up.


Voss-Steiner: Goddamit, THAT is the kinda fighting spirit I want to see! Find out who those kids are Fuller! If he's a Major he's bloody Colonel now!
By help me God, sure as shit!

Fuller: we are trying sir. But the ionosphere is playing hell with the radio gear.

Voss-Steiner: then get it the hell off the Comms, don't you know we got the game on here!

VOICE FIVE (female, unidentifiable): Barrett! We are moving in - looks like you cleared the front door for us.

VOICE ONE: Roger that. Everyone, this is Bushwack One. We hold position here. Infantry are moving in to grab the package and then we fall back.

Voss-Steiner: NO! Attack! Attack! We gotta keep pushing, this is the only spot we are advancing.

Fuller: Sir, we lost them. We lost the signal with those... people.

Voss-Steiner (now over Comms): This is Sabre Six Actual. I want ALL Tiger and Hawke elements to begin advancing on Blakist position now. General attack, over.

Tiger: Roger that.

Hawke: Roger Sabre Six. Be advised, we can see some sort of dust up to our front. Looks like someone is throwing a lot of ordinance at the Robes already. Over

Voss-Steiner: That's it! Hawke - you push in and HELP those boys. Sabre Six Actual out!

- the following recording from the 7th Donegal Guard headquarters position were never released to the public.
A subsequent advance on February 15, 3074  cut off large elements of the Blakist 30th Division, forcing the bulk of their forces to fall back on the capital.
It's believed this advance, and a subsequent mop up of the encircled elements shortened fighting on Coventry by as much as a week.
However, it causes significant loss of life on both sides, as the encircled Blakista fought to the last man.
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Somebody must have watched 'Kelly's Heroes' recently. I was waiting for the Marching Band/Graves Registration Unit to show up next
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Somebody must have watched 'Kelly's Heroes' recently. I was waiting for the Marching Band/Graves Registration Unit to show up next

Even the damn grave diggers are in on it!
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So this means Cavalli is Kelly? So whose Oddball and Crapgame?

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love the Kelly's Heros reference
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So this means Cavalli is Kelly? So whose Oddball and Crapgame?


Actually Teigh Barrett is probably Kelly in this scenario - he's leading the side job to grab the computer core. And somehow triggering a major offensive
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Alliance Medal of Honour recommendation

NAME: O'Connor, Rolf (no middle initial)
RANK: MASTER SERGEANT (SERGEANT at time of recommendation)
UNIT: 3rd PLATOON,  TEAM DELTA, 523rd Donegal Light Infantry, 7th Donegal Guards
WITNESSING OFFICER: COLONEL Rayburn Schultz, 524th Light Infantry, 7th Donegal Guards
CO-SIGNER: Demi-Precentor Annette Dawn, COMGUARDS 4th Army


RECCOM: During actions against the Word of Blake on Coventry on 16 February, 3074, Sergeant O'CONNOR showed extreme leadership and bravery against overwhelming odds.
While the initial push against the WoB defenders fared extremely well, a counter attack using chemical and nuclear weapons two days after the initial assault, threw Lyran and ComGuard forces back.
An hour after the initial counterattack, the 7th Donegal's fixed position were assaulted - first in the from of a large scale chemical weapons attack and the by conventional  means.
At the time Sergeant O'CONNOR was an acting platoon commander, assigned to TEAM DELTA - an armour heavy attachment to a light infantry battalion. The element had already sustained major casualties during the initial fighting (including the loss of O'CONNOR'S platoon commander).
TEAM DELTA and its parent battalion suffered serious losses during the initial chemical attack and quickly found themselves encircled by WoB Mechs and tanks. Despite this, Sergeant O'CONNOR continued to engage WoB forces from his Marsden II tank, destroying a Mercury Battlemech and an unknown number of enemy APCs from a dug in position
Directly his last remaining lancemate to fall back and provide supporting fire, Sergeant O'CONNOR engaged the enemy in a series of hit and run actions, claiming a Burke tank and a Brutus.
Pinned down artillery fire, which killed his tank's loader (SEE ATTACHED DETAH CERTIFICATE AND MEDAL CITATION) and damaged his radio, Sergeant O'CONNOR continued to engage the enemy, at one point exiting his tank and directing his lancemate via hand signals - despite the threat of further gas attack - as the pair assumed a new position.
Sergeant O'CONNOR's Marsden II engaged and destroyed a further two Brutus tanks and an unknown number of infantry before linking back up with friendly forces.
Now with further support, he took charge of several tanks and infantry squads and counter attacked into the WoB flank - his tank personally accounted for a Blakist Lightray, another Brutus and several infantry positions before being knocked out. During that time, his ad-hoc assault element pushed the WoB forces back and away from Lyran lines
His refusal to leave his position and his skilful direction of his comrades are to be commended.

The above has already been promoted to Master Sergeant, but it's recommended he also be further promoted to Lieutenant.
His nomination for the Alliance Medal Of Honour is PENDING per approval of the Archon.
The high command gives its full endorsement.

I dunno, I read the letter Galen Cox sent to Martial Steiner-Davion (and the unofficial follow up that didn't leak. Don't ask how!) and it didn't reflect the past four days of fighting.
It wasn't clean and over and done with with ease.
The Blakists fought for every metre - they used tac nukes and chemical weapons when they counter attacked and when we finally got into the capital on day three, they made us pay in blood for every street corner and rooftop.
I'm talking IEDs in the doorways to civilian apartment complexes, Mechs hiding in behind hospitals and all the rest.
And best of all - we matched the, atrocity for atrocity. Day three, we got tasked with destroying a power plant just outside Port St William. We hit the two Level IIs holding it and blew up the plant, sending radioactive material pumping into the nearby swamp and forest.
Later, we learned it powered the university district around the Coventry Mech Factory - that includes the second biggest teaching hospital on planet.
When ComGuard and Lyran air strikes hit shortly afterwards (they moved in ground forces shortly after) the five or six thousand injured civilians had no hospital to go to - it didn't have any power.
The Colonel seems fine about it - but I know he's drinking behind closed doors trying to blot it out.
Jesus, we are trying to help people under Blake - not show them the Robes are a better alternative!
- journal, Amber Mori-Paige
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Skye? Again? I love Skye! Those Isle ladies know how to party!
- Corporal Isaiah Hannick, Cavalli’s Cavaliere 1st Infantry Platoon

So, we have reorganised on the way to Skye. With a bit of salvage we managed to get everyone back in a Mech and get all our lances back up to strength.
It's good to be back on Skye - they remember our time here in'67. And from what we saw on the run out from the capital - Skye hasn't forgiven or forgotten the Word.

Huge swathes of  New Glasgow are just blackened ruins and much of the surrounding farmlands are still littered with debris and battle damage.
We are being shuttled into an outpost about 150k out of New Aberdeen - as an early warning system for the big Cyclops Plant. I got some garbled orders about a Lyran liaison officer and linking up with a  Clan Wolf unit nearby.

But it's bloody chaos - if the Robes attack now, we are done for. This is just a clusterfu-

Great, we have another move order. Seems like Skye's deep space detection gear has got some serious pings out near what could be a pirate point near the Nadir point. Looks like it's war.

- Felix Cavalli, 27 June 3074

The image is dark, lit only by flames reaching for the heavens. Quickly it can be surmised the camera is shooting from the open bay door of a VTOL.
The camera twists down, showing a town below, lit by flames.

There's an ugly, open pit mine cut directly into the green hill, a nearby hi-tech looking geothermal plant, linked by a railway down to the jumble of wooden docks on the river side.
A collection of 50 or so homes ramble between the mine and the docks - mostly thatched roof and rammed earth, along with a collection of plastic pre-fab and one Georgian revival style with garbled pillars and a broad verandah.
A fuel station and stacked logs, a seedy looking hotel, two bars and two churches - Tharkad Reformed and the Church of New Scotland - complete the picture.

The Shamrock bar, two of the adjacent houses and a stable are well alight. Along the docks, a steamer has sunk dangerously low in the water and oily dark smoke pours from its hull.

REPORTER: This is Nordhorne, a tiny village only valuable for its proximity to the Cyclops Incorporated plant. But tonight, it has felt the fury of the Word of Blake.
Several hours ago, the Word announced its return to Skye by kicking off a large-scale bombardment of the planet from space.

Evading the gathered Coalition ships, warships fired on the planetary capital and vital communications, logistics and industrial spot. It's believed the capital sustained major damage and a great loss of Life, while here in the Bugbottom District, several Coalition positions were bombarded.
It's understood several stray shells struck the undefended town of Nordhorne.

The camera shifts around, the VTOL levelling out. Flames fill the horizon, suggesting a huge blaze.

REPORTER: most of the barrage was aimed at nearby hardened positions taken up by mercenaries and Clan Wolf's Delta Galaxy.
We have since received word of Word of Blake troops dropping almost directly on emir position.
Shane! Shane! What the hell is that?!

There's a flash of light and the picture lurches to one side before turning to static.

- Skye News Service, reporter Jim O'Shae, July 2, 3074
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Camera opens with a hiss of static before forming into an image of a teenaged girl sitting cross legged on a pillow. She's obviously tall and willowy, with dark blonde hair pulled up into a pony tail. An errant couple stands show it's also streaked with blue. She's very attractive, with huge blue eyes and creamy skin.

She's probably about 16 but has inadvertently managed to make herself look younger by pulling a bulky flak vest over her jersey. The body armour fits her like an elephant skin on a cat and makes her look ridiculous.

Behind her, it's obviously a bomb shelter: all concrete walls and floors and dim lights. Small huddles of people and children speaking softly or moving about around several electric heaters.

"So, this is Greta Kramer... and I'm so bored. Dad's off fighting the Robes, mum's upstairs with the infantry. And me... I get stuck here with all the lames and losers.
When they told me we were going to Skye I thought like FINALLY a planet you can buy a decent dress at or get a decent blow dry... but NO. We get sent to Hicksville, SwampLand and I get forced down a bomb shelter.

"Dad said he's supposed to be a "mobile defence" outside some factory. Not the factory we are stuck under though. It's literally bombed to nothing, some other one still making vehicles."

The camera shifts, showing several people huddled around lamps, reading to children or just looking stunned. Outside there's a rumble like thunder... but not.

The camera switches around to show an older woman kneeling down over a backpack radio. There's a combat shotgun leaning over her shoulder. The radioman is similar: he wears what look like tech coveralls, with a flak jacket over the top and a snub nosed SMG sitting nearby.

The woman speaks into the radio's handset.

"Roger that, Echo. Bishops falling back. Still no activity here."

She notices the camera trained on her and hands the handset to the man as she moves towards the camera.
There a hiss of static as a hand obscures the lens.

While the native Skye troops and Stone's men get the majority of the credit when history speaks of the second Word of Blake assault on Skye, the contribution of Mercenary and Clan forces cannot be denied.
Take for instance, the spirited defence around the Cyclops plant - carried out by Mercenary elements and the Clan Wolf's 11th Wolf Guards.
After their assault forces broke atmosphere, the Word of Blake initiated a massive orbital bombardment to cover its landing.

Delta Galaxy of the Wolf Clan were responsible for much of the Bugbottom District, supported by the 2nd Skye Guards, local reservists and mercenaries.
While a formidable force, the initial bombardment shattered many formations - including Delta's 11th Guard Cluster and much of the local forces.

Tasked with holding the Falkirk Moors, which was an effective overland route to the Cyclops plant, a Mercenary unit named Cavalli's Cavaliere mounted a mobile campaign against Word forces. Acting independently, Colonel Felix Cavalli counter attacked the Word's forces and fell back into broken terrain.

His Cavaliere were one of the few units to ride out the initial bombardment and played. A game of cat and mouse with elements of the 18th Division for much of,the first night, before being joined by scattered elements of the 11th Guards.

Initially, the mercenaries had been tasked with 'breaking the teeth' of the Blakist advance by holding prepeared positions, with artillery and air support, but due to the heavy orbital assault and a lack Of time, the mercenaries were forced to adapt - relatively independent of allied forces.

When the 18th Division funnelled in extra forces, the Cavalliere fell back. Now supported by Delta Galaxy forces, the two units displayed a spirited defence for several days.
Finally, allocated artillery and air support (the mercenaries' aerospace fighters had been assigned elsewhere by Skye high command), the battle fell into an effective stalemate with both sides launching small sized counter attacks and spoiling assaults.
- A Merc's Life: Skye Free Press, 3089

July 7, 3074
Reserves have finally come up. Mostly the 3rd Skye Guards, who are a mix of reservists frocked back into the regular army and beardless children. Either way, a company of leg infantry has been dropped on either side of us and some mixed hovertanks are bending us in support
The Wolves failed to show - we were told that what was left of Delta Galaxy would relieve us soon. Either they got lost or are more damaged than high command is saying

Three days of constant combat has worn us down, but we are holding strong. I pulled Fire Lance off the line because we were out of LRMs (no one is rolling with full magazines now, no resupply) and Battle is down two Mechs.
Casualties among our armoured forces are high, but the machines themselves were all repairable. I feel like a total bastard writing that.

We are facing our old friends from Donegal - the 18th Division. I reckon they have been reinforced with a lot of green troopers, because, while they outnumber us - they're not that good.
My lance personally saw off three times our number last night - we hit them, fell back, hit them... and then they just broke.

Those Wolves better get here soon though - we are strung out and under supplied, holding two ruined villages (both copped a recent WoB shelling) and a long stretch of forest. But if we have to keep falling back we will back at the Cyclops Incorporated plant before long
Felix Cavalli
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 12 July 2017, 21:15:46
Also, just a little update on the roster:

Lucius Black now commands the 2nd Company's Dragoon Lance. The veteran warrior has grown into a crucial component of the unit and has put down roots after marrying Peder Hammerskjold in 3073. He's pushing his new team hard, but the benefits are already showing.

Antonious Cezar is one of the unit's newly graduated Mechwarrior apprentices, born on distant Lontano and brought to the Inner Sphere by the Cavalliere. When the unit returned from their misjump in 3059, they brought with them several platoons of native infantry, several former pirates and numerous dependants. Cezar and his companions are drawn from those dependants.
Cezar is a bullheaded, quick to anger type but a promising Mechwarrior at the controls of his Commando COM-5S in Dragoon Lance.

Bjorn 'Big Bear' Kramer is a former FRR warrior who's faith was shattered when his beloved nation willingly merged with Clan Ghost Bear.
The former 4th Drakon has wandered since his failed Trial of Position, serving as a merc mostly along the Lyran/Clan border, with his wife Roxanne (now a squad leader in the 1st infantry platoon), their 17-year-old daughter Greta, their Ashlain Mastiff Odin and his Assassin ASN-21.
Big Bear plays guitar in the band he, Lieutenants Black and Barrett have formed.

Sharni Kharti is a native of As Samik and comes from a long line of Mechwarriors, reaching back to the days of the United Hindu Collective. A classically trained ballerina, she can replicate similar feats of acrobatics at the controls of a Mech and spent years on Noisel, competing in the games. Her career as a Mech gymnast dried up as the Games shuttered up during the Jihad. Seeking new horizons, she signed with Cavalli but lost her Valkyrie on Coventry - it's been replaced by a Commando COM-5S and rounds out Dragoon Lance.

Bruno Allegra is another Lontano native - both his parents signed as Astechs with the departing Cavalliere and he was raised in the Mechbay. A handsome, well built figure he's already shown a worrying habit with dice, cards and and women - and is practically in love with The mysterious Raita Mbugua from the Command Lance.
He drives a GRF-6CS Griffin, captured on Coventry, in Fire Lance.

Ginnifer is the third of the young new apprentices, but is not actually a Lontano native, although her foster parents are. Half wild warrior woman Evelyn and her wife adopted the six-year-old war orphan when Cavalli's Cavalliere moved into the Chaos March. Ginnifer has managed to overcome her horrific early childhood on a battlefield and the death of her adoptive mother during a Cavalliere mission and develop into a skilled warrior.
Beautiful and lithe, she also bares the ritual tattoos of her late adoptive mother's Clan.
Ginnifer pilots a  Firestarter Omni, purchased on Noisel, in the Hunter lance.

Following the New Home campaign, the Cavalliere adopted a wayward lance of the shattered Legion of the Rising Sun. These stiff necked former Kuritians failed to gel with the unit and one by one departed during 3073.
The exception was Yasmin Keyes, the daughter of a Shin Legion ex-pat and a Capellan noblewoman. A born rebel she'd never fitted into either regimented society but found what she was seeking with Cavalli's men. For now.
Her Daikyu was destroyed on Coventry, but Cavalli readily compensated her with an upgraded (but still old) Dragon.
She fills out the Mauler lance.
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How's my favorite robot armed drunk doing these days? Chasing robed ghosts in the wind?

Needing some new foes to paint more skulls on the side of his shoulder to show off the babes with his skeleton moves? Or has he brooded over a cauldron for more UPGRADES? }:)

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Would we be able to get a current TO&E for the unit? It's been a while and there's been a lot of changes
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Actually, just typing a new TO&E now. Will post shortly.
Unfortunately, the latest clash on Skye just saw us lose a Mech and pilot.
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Stalemate - there is no other word for it. It's been almost a month and the lines have barely moved. Oh, every day or two we will have a dust up - a patrol will meet the bad guys. Two or three of our guys will die in an ambush. Three hours later, we'll creep up and knock out a Blakist machine gun nest.
Then some Mechs will blast a building and claim a couple BA suits knocked out.
Yeah... stalemate. I read some Terran history about their huge wars before fushion ... this sounds exactly like that. Miles of trenches, pillboxes and constant sniping.
We are dug in around New Aberdeen, actually... a satellite suburbs called Penrith outside the main city. His long can this go on? Who knows?
What do I know? I know this cellar we took over can withstand everything up about Sniper shells - they hit us constantly.
I know the Colonel is always there when we need Mech support - his big grey Marauder II with the broken broadswords in its hull.
I know I'm down to about three clips for this TK rifle because they've not resupplied us in almost a week.
- Corporal Isaiah Hannick, Cavalli’s Cavaliere 1st Infantry Platoon

Interrogation report JULY 17, Subject: CHING, JASON - ACOLYTE 18th DIVISION WOB

SUBJECT: seriously, you'd think you'd give a man a little water.


INTERVIEWER: Now, start from the top Ching. Tell us where you joined up.

SUBJECT (yelling): You son of a bitch! There was no reason to do that! You bastards already know all this! You piece of-


INTERVIEWER: Look, kid. Shut up. Tell us again. The guys who worked you over earlier were Lyran bully boys. We are ROM - or what's left of ROM. You will tell us everything. There no middle ground, no hiding. Only you, me and that wire taped around your balls.
Now... when did you join the Blakists?

SUBJECT:  all... al... alRight. When Saiph joined the Protectorate I was 21 and had just flunked out of university. I did a couple temp jobs and then got drafted into the Protectorate Militia. I was a rifleman for a year and then got promoted to assistant section leader. My hitch was up, not long after but a recruiter asked if I wanted to stay or maybe even join with the Word Militia. I looked at the options - I had no qualifications and my mum is a 75-year-old widow. So I went Word.

INTERVIEWER: where were you trained?

SUBJECT:  I did four weeks on Saiph in the capital - most of us were Protectorate vets. Then to Mars in the Terran system for two months of advanced stuff. That was something else. Terra on weekend passes.
Then New Earth for awhile and then onto Lyran space to meet up with the Eighteenth. Most of the infantry seemed to be new guys drawn from the Protectorate.

INTERVIEWER: Ok, now tell me-

SUBJECT: way I hear it, Blakist warships are coming back around the planet. You people are cooked! You're fuc-


INTERVIEWER: that will be enough, Ching.

We lost Dexter Liu today. He's dead, Homer Erbe's dispossessed and half our hovertanks are scrap. But we held. Two Level IIs used the Aberdeen River to sneak up on us, walking slowly along the bottom.
They came boiling out near the ruins of the old Joan Sutherland-Steiner Opera House while a mess of hovers came skimming in. They overwhelmed the Lyran positions and we had to scramble fast.
I took Command and Battle lances out to assist as they hit our light elements. But the Blakist arty was everywhere and things quickly descended into a series of point blank brawls amid the ruins.

I gutted a Grand Crusader in among a gutted factory and then called in for,arty support. The unit advanced almost into the teeth of the bombardment and forced the Robes back.
Three hours of hit and run and constant contact and we got the call: fall back and get ready to boost. We are being pulled back to New Glasgow. My men payed in bloody for ground we're now leaving to the Robes.
- Felix Cavalli
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Post by: snakespinner on 18 July 2017, 01:30:27
Joan Sutherland-Steiner opera house in Penrith, I think I have heard of that place. 8)
Another bloody battle with a loss. No luck on that one. O0
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This is the problem with playing against veteran/elite Wobbies who know how to use C3 and arty!
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June 21, 3074 Skye Broadcasting interview with Corporal Isaiah Hannick, Cavalli’s Cavaliere 1st Infantry Platoon.

The camera shows a young soldier wearing a motley collection of clothing and equipment - black Lyran body armour over fatigues that were standard AFFS woodland camo pattern in 3050. A standard issue Lyran helmet and a TK assault rifle over his shoulder.
He's wearing what looks like a civilian parka lined with the dark fur of some beast.

Behind the trooper snow covers the ground and leafless trees. An Atlas and Orion stand among the trees - both painted black with garish skeleton's bones motifs.

REPORTER: Corporal, can you tell us about today?

 HANNICK: today I finally did what I've been training my whole life for. When my kids ask me what I did in the war, this day will feature. Our unit helped Devlin Stone and his Lament meet the Blakists head on and smash their teeth in.

REPORTER: Two days ago the Word shifted all their efforts for a massive assault on New Glasgow, in orbit we have heard reports they similarly threw everything at Clan Wolf warships protecting the planet.

HANNICK: Yeah. And here in the New Tote Forest we stopped 'em cold.

REPORTER: and now?

HANNICK: now we do it all again.

REPORTER: You're in possibly the bloodiest war zone in the Inner Sphere. You bloodied the Robes today, assaulting directly into their advance. Are you afraid?

HANNICK: Lady, are you crazy? Yeah... I'm... yeah. I can hear their bombs going off from here. Half my squad is dead or wounded. For fu- you're going to ask me that? Of course, I'm afraid.  We are done here.

We are throwing everything against the Robes. We shifted from New Aberdeen and I'll admit I was pissed. Now that city and the Cyclops plant are held by the Word.
But the fight for New Glasgow is now desperate. We got dropped into the middle of the New Tote Forest - interestingly, the biggest public forest on Skye. The forest Primeval is owned by the duke himself and off limits to the public.
We dug in while the 3rd Skye Guards took most of the punishment and then finally got the word to counter attack, along with Stone's battalion and the Wolf in Exile troops.
We hit them hard and just kept going. Those 3rd Division troops were good but they clearly didn't expect to be punched so hard straight down the nose. 

That Stone... you have to hand it to him. He leads from the front.

- Felix Cavalli

June 22, 3074

Knight lead is down!

Knight two: This is two, say again, Knight lead is down. Request CASAVAC right now. Over.

Mauler two: DAD! What's going on, Joe? What's-

Mauler one: Knight two, this is Mauler lead. What's going on there Joe? "Down" can mean a lot of things. Tell me something, buddy. Over.

Mauler two: what's going on?

Mauler one: Shut it kid and clear the Comms. Knight two, this is Mauler. SITREP. Over.

Knight two: mauler, this is Knight two. The capo took a gauss round to the cockpit. We have rallied around. But we are still getting fire from hill 107. Over.

Mauler one: roger. We are moving to your LOC.

Knight two: No, Mauler. Hold your position. We have this.

Mauler one: Knight two, this is Mauler one. We are moving to your location. Out!

Dragoon one: hell of a lot of fire from across the ridge. Son of a bitch -'they're not giving up this real estate! Any chance of some arty?


Skull Six: stand by, Knight two. We will make pick up. We are just behind you. Wait. Out.

Knight two: errr... roger that, Stone.

Skye Broadcasting Service, July 23, 3074

REPORTER: In a touching display today, Duke Robert Kelswa-Steiner personally decorated half a dozen veterans of the recent conflict. In this field hospital just outside New Glasgow, his grace personally presented medals to wounded men and women.

"While, the Word of Blake struck at us, often razing our ability to produce war materials or raise crops - one thing they did not do was stop us from producing brave and courageous warrior", he said.

Chief among those decorated today, was Mercenary officer Colonel Sir Felix Alberto Cavalli, who had already been knighted by the Skye Province for his devotion during the FedCom Civil War.

Colonel Sir Felix took part in the entire Skye campaign, with his unit taking part in a crucial flanking movement In the battle's final hour.
That action led to Devlin's Stone's assault on the enemy command centre, which effectively ended the campaign.
Unfortunately, the diversion was quickly spotted by the Word and in the subsequent fighting, Colonel Sir Felix lost a leg in the brutal battle after a gauss rifle projectile struck his cockpit.
Today, his grace presented him with the Honour Of Skye Medal.

Vision shifts to a hospital scene:

The Duke stands before a hospital bed. In the background it's chaos: white clad staff are mopping up blood, more blood is splattered across the walls.
The duke is clad in his Lyran green uniform clustered with enough medals to form a type of body armour.
In the bed before him lays a man obviously on pain killers. He's dark haired and bearded, with a swarthy complexion.
His left arm is metal and it, along with the crude metal replacement for his left leg - from the knee down - stand out starkly to his tanned skin and the crisp, white sheets.

Otherwise, his body is a mess of scar tissue and wounds: the left shoulder looks like old minced meat someone spat out several times, a scar runs from his left eye to his jaw, one more runs from his throat to his right nipple, another cuts across his belly.
The right hand carries new scars: a dark, purple scar across the knuckles and when he turns the hand over, another two still healing injuries bisect the palm. There's a mass of gauze and bandages where his thumb used to be.

"Soldier, I'd like to give you my heartiest thanks and congratulations!"
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parts and parts...
time for a new leg
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 25 July 2017, 18:35:42
Somebody requesting something?


Say... Pain Shunt and a Type III Leg ( shin by the sound of it )?

Type Three: Prosthesis

Made from a dull, flesh-colored plastic these limbs are shaped and designed to operate like the originals. * snip * A person with a type three leg is able to run as normal, though not if both legs are replaced.

If so, I'd upgrade to an Enhanced Prosthetic-Type Three: Prosthesis as soon as possible equipped with a Vibro-Blade boot-style!

But that's just me...

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 25 July 2017, 19:08:31
See, I was actually thinking of keeping it as just a crappy looking Type III - lifeless and a constant reminder of the dangerous game we play...
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 25 July 2017, 19:22:06
[whine] But I thought you wanted more machine than man... [/whine]


Need any more OpFor?

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 25 July 2017, 21:45:20

So, we will eventually make our way to Tikonov where we'll face a mix of Protectorate Militia and occasionally elite 1st Division troops.
Just trying to get together a new to&e and work up a couple scenarios.
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Think you could swing a clan Trial or two?

Something Science Jade Falcony using " Super Elementals " and " Mini-Mechs "?

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The Word will kill Felix, one limb at a time
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Think you could swing a clan Trial or two?

Something Science Jade Falcony using " Super Elementals " and " Mini-Mechs "?


I don't see us heading to the Clan front anytime soon.

The Word will kill Felix, one limb at a time

He's too mean to die!
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The Word will kill Felix, one limb at a time
Nah each part they blast off will make him assimilate more and more in to the perfect cold blooded killing machine.  But Word of Blake will learn, "resistance is futile" to Felix
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The word can never kill Felix.
They can just force him to improve himself one limb at a time. :))
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He's not as frail as he used to be.
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July 31, 3074
St Kathrinesgrad, Tikonov

Captain Piotr Novakowski snappily returned the sentry's salute with a smile.
"Busy night, Steve?"
The sentry shook his head as he eased his bulk back into his chair positioned behind a row of flickering monitors.
"No sir, just the same - although that cold is playing havoc with me joints," he said.
The officer grunted: "Same with our sensors. The bloody wind keeps knocking sensors offline and we spend  half the time resetting them."
Taking in his reflection in the glass door of the Tikonov Protectorate Militia's headquarters building, Novakowski ran a critical eye over his dark grey duty uniform - peaked cap sitting at a slightly rakish angle, the two rows of decorations perfectly straight and dark pants bloused into boots buffed to a mirror shine.

"Heading home to the wife, sir?" The sentry asked, shooting a glance to the large digital clock display above his station.
It read 0108.
Satisfied with his reflection, the handsome captain ran a hand over his bearded jaw and shook his head.
"No, I'm going to grab a bite to eat and then wander home. These damn shifts make it just about impossible to see her."

With a final nod to the enlisted man, Novakowski left the building. The streets were dark, lit only by a handful of LED strips rigged up on building sides and traffic was almost nil as he crossed the road and headed deeper into the city. The surrounds changed quickly from steel and stone of the military enclave to garish graffiti, paper lanterns fluttering in the breeze and lurid electronic advertisements for bars and other pleasures.
An occasional stone guardian lion sat out incongruously in front of towering apartment blocks or run down department stores.

The darkened street he was wandering down was briefly lit up with false daylight as a pair of Nightshade VTOLs zoomed by, their rotary blades kicking up little tornadoes of rubbish and dirt. If you managed to squint past the harsh searchlights you could just make out the broadsword and planet symbol of the Protectorate Militia.

She found him about an hour later in a noodle shop that seemed to delight in forcing you to eat in almost total darkness. He was on his third beer.
"Looking for some fun, baby?"
He glanced back over his shoulder and took her in: all five-one of her - meaning she barely came up to his chin, even while he was sitting.
Her dark hair was piled up in a messy style affixed with a chopstick and she'd used something like kohl to show off her big almond eyes.
The cutaway mock-spacer's jumpsuit didn't do much to cover her up, only hugging her tiny frame and drawing the eye to her biggest assets.
"That depends," the Militia officer said, taking a swig of beer. "How much?"
"Only your heart and soul, sweetheart."

Every time a dropship took off from the sprawling Earthwerks plant nearby, the entire motel room shuddered, stark light briefly exploding through the askew blinds and illuminating everything in garish colour.
"How do you know they don't know you took it?" Linda asked, taking a long drag on her cigarette.
She was sitting up and had initially gathered the cheap print covers up around her neck but had lately let them fall away to reveal she was naked.
Novakowski was dressing hurriedly nearby. He'd managed to get his pants half on and was stumbling around trying to find his boots.
"Because I ordered a full reboot of the system - I'm just a concerned watch commander ensuring everything us up to scratch," he said.
"So, for close to 15 minutes while half of the system is offline and everyone is running out for a quick piss or coffee break, I was able to copy everything we need."
He'd finally found his boots under the bed and finished drinking.

Linda had finished smoking and was now looking sulky. "Are you sure you were safe?"
She looked up suddenly in alarm as Novakowski leap into the bed on all fours - the ancient and cheap plastic groaning in protest as he crawled toward her.
"You know I was," he said. He grabbed her roughly by the chin and drew her in tight, their foreheads touching before leaning down to kiss her long and deep.
"I'm just a Militia officer who knocked off his watch on time and headed into the seedy heart of the city afterwards for some fun. Nothing more.
"But the  information on that data wafer, " he said, nodding towards the bedside table where the tiny electronic disc sat, "that information has the power to bring down the entire EarthWerks plant's defences."
Linda smiled. "And then we can kick those bastards off our home."

"STEADY! Steady! Squad leaders, dress your troops. Keep it steady!"
The flames rolled across the pavement, turning the inky black alive with dancing colours.
Each of the Protectorate Militia Nighthawk suits were immune to the effects of the Molotov cocktails that had just come whistling from the baying crowd of rioters - but that didn't stop the troopers inside from breaking formation on pure survival instinct.
Or in one case, raising an arm to ward off the flying projectile as it shattered on impact against his armoured carapace, sending oily flames licking along his side.

"Here they come lads!"

Sensing weakness, the crowd had grown brave - several were charging forward At the Militia suits.
The bulk kept back just across the road from the EarthWerks site, a cluster of faceless protesters armed with signs... and who knew what else.
"Lawrence, traq yours," the platoon Sergeant's voice barked. "Schultz, move up and help"
One of the Nighthawks unholstered his tranq pistol - each one tonne suit could easily heft a heavy machine gun one handed. Ironically, all of them carried nothing more threatening than tranquilliser pistols tonight.
The pistol coughed four times and three of the charging protesters dropped instantly. A fourth managed to keep running, before falling into the arms of the waiting Nighthawk.

"New kid! Your one is in to close - drop him!"

One attacker had broken through the cordon and charged towards a suit,  machete held high over his head in both hands. Screaming he pelted forward.
The trooper waited until the last second, hunkering down slightly he then sprang forward as the giant blade descended - one armoured hand grabbing an ankle, while e other casually touched the torso and flicked.
The rioter somersaulted overhead, landing with a sickening crunch on the ground.
"Good work kid!"

VOICE OF TRUTH  BROADCAST AUGUST 1, 3074 Tikonov metro edition

Following a wave of insurrection and violence carried out by terrorists, Word of Blake planetary governor Precentor Robert Havsy has implemented tough new curfews and counter terror laws for our own safety.
From today a 2300 curfew is in effect in all of Tikonov's cities, additionally police and  Protectorate Militia will have new "stop and search laws" and the right to hold prisoners without charge for up to a month.
The new legislation was voted through Tikonov's parliament this morning unanimously, with the Tikonov Labour Party and Citizens for Tikonov shamelessly boycotting the vote.
"It's unfortunate that we have been forced to resort to these measures - I have always tried to run Tikonov with a fair and balanced hand,"  Precentor Havsy told reporters this afternoon.
"This planet has suffered from a wave of terrorism that has done little but harm innocent civilians and bring us to a halt. This ends now."
The sweeping new laws following a string of heinous crimes carried out terrorists, claiming to be acting for the Capellan state.
Last night a mob attacked Protectorate Militia outside the main EarthWerks plants, killing two soldiers, while earlier this week a bombing killed six civilians and injured 19.
Elements of the 1st Division Word of Blake Militia have now taken up key positions across the planet to back up Protectorate troops.
In related news, security forces tonight took 2000 citizens, including trade unionists, members of various clergy, politicians and business leaders into protective custody for their own safety.

And next up, all the goss from last night's red carpet event!
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So, here's out TO&E going into the September, 3074 campaign on Tikonov. Not much has changed apart from some new rides and reorganising.

While the unit continues it slate grey and maroon paint scheme, Cavalli has taken to painting his Marauder II in an off white similar to the Blakist Militia, picked out in black. However, the white coat is streaked slightly dark, slate grey suggesting a worn out or decaying appearance. The Mech's left arm and left leg are picked out in a glossy coat, slightly metallic.
Each torso of the hulking mech depict a shattered Blakist broadsword, the pointed end impaling a figure in a hooded, Adept's robe.

Command lance
Marauder II MAD-4S Felix Cavalli
Awesome AWS-9M Joe Paige
Thunderbolt TDR-7SE Conal Blai
Nightsky NGS-5S Raita Mbugua

Fire lance

Archer ARC-8 Peder Hammarskjold
Dervish DV-1S Electra Reva-Singh
Hunchback HBK-5M Jenna St George
Griffin GRF-6CS Bruno Allegra

Battle Lance

Awesome AWS-9M Antje Vermer
BattleMaster BLR-5M Benji Sukumaran
Dragon Fire DGR-3F Homer Erbe

2nd Company
- CPT Asha Akouayn

Hunter lance
Lynx LNX-9Q Asha Akouayn
Hussar HSR-500-D Fabiola Álvarez
Wasp WSP-1D Kylie-Leeza Smith
Firestarter FS9-OA Ginnifer

Pursuit lance
Wolfhound WLF-2 Lucuis Black
Commando COM-7S Antinious Cezar
Commando COM-7S Sharni Kharti
Assassin ASN-21 Bjorn 'big bear' Kramer

Mauler lance
Thug THG-11Eb Taige Barrett
Dragon DRG-5N Yasmin Keyes
Marauder MAD-5M Moses Cavalli
Flashman FLS-7K - Octavius Cavalli

Armoured company - CPT Amber Mori-Paige
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank

Zhukov Heavy Tank (WoB) - LT Saladin
Brutus Assault Tank"
Brutus Assault Tank
Zhukov Heavy Tank (Standard)

Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)
Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon

Heavy Hover APC (Standard)
Heavy Hover APC (Standard)
Heavy Hover APC (Standard)

Longinus Battle Armor [David]
Gray Death Standard Suit [Laser]
Gray Death Standard Suit [Laser]
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Felix might be carrying just a bit of a grudge there.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: truetanker on 04 August 2017, 15:37:25
Might need some new blood infusion!

Material inbound if needed...

Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
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Felix might be carrying just a bit of a grudge there.
What do you mean?  He just showing off his Mech 8)

Might need some new blood infusion!

Material inbound if needed...

Not new blood, new metal :))
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The resistance to Blakist rule on Tikonov can be seen as not just a battle against an occupying Invader, but a battle of class and race.
During the early days of the Jihad, the Word managed to take the economic and industrial powerhouse with relative ease - but it was during its occupation that it failed.
Tikonov had long been a hotspot of friction between local revolutionaries seeking independence, Capellan and Federated Suns interests.
Exploiting a growing distrust of all things Capellan and their Free Tikonov Revolution followers among the planet's upper crust, the Word easily appointed an anti-Capellan quisling government and Militia.
These collaborators were drawn mainly from Tikonov's more affluent Polish and Russian families who had suffered under Capellan rule in the wake of Xin Sheng.
In contrast, the pro-Liao rebellion was mainly drawn from poorer, blue colour inhabitants with Central Asian and Asian roots.
Skilled use of propaganda and media manipulation whipped up a planet-wide fear of all things Capellan the Blakists easily exploited.

This is not to say the Blakist rule was unchallenged. Rebel forces resisted the Word for its entire occupation, carrying out an irregular and later outright conventional campaign against the government
The anti-Blakist rebel movement styled itself as the legitimate Tikonov government in exile, complete with an exiled President, cabinet and support staff. IronicLy, as these pro-Capellan rebels gained traction and territory (some parts of Tikonov's northern continent were always considered no go areas for Word troops, despite almost constant fighting) House Liao on distant Sian became increasingly suspicious of it.

A stunning series of successes that eventually saw the partial destruction of several Battlemech factories in late 3074 was the last real contact rebels had with Capellan high command. By 3075 Sian had become convinced the rebels were fostering their own ends and unofficially cut support.
While the Chancellor praised their efforts in toppling the Word government that year, he didn't bother to send any additional support to the distant war zone. Nor did he bother to try and eject a Davion recon force that landed that year.

This made Tikonov a prime target for Stone as the Jihad wound down. Former pro-Capellans found a new hero in Devlin Stone and increasingly embraced him. While much of the old guard still supported Sian, the Capellans' growing hostility and outright aggression, including acts of terrorism throughout 3080-81 saw pro-Republic fever take over, with Tikonov eventually becoming part of the Republic of the Sphere.

 - except from The Jihad: Social Responsibility and Awareness, Western Sydney University Press, Terra, 3095

We are coming in covertly, disguised as a 1st Division Level III returning from Caph. Which is good because, there's a hell of a lot of hardware in system - pocket warships, fighters and some sort of sprawling base on one of the moons.
Here's hoping the IFF and codes the Cappies purchased hold up.
In about 20 hours we'll come right down on top of a Protectorate Militia depot the rebels have been desperate to crack for years.
We are supposed to meet up with the contact after that.
- Felix Cavalli
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So, these boys have been charging along for just over a year now - or 16 years in game!

What's next? I've tentatively mapped out the movements until about late 3076, with Cavalli taking more and more Stone contracts.
But I looked at what I'd sketched out next and it's got mw thinking...

Initially I'd slated them for Tamirad and helping hold back the raiding Federation, and even taking part in the joint Lyran-Duchy counter attack.
But looking back I realised we are still technically in breach of contract with the Duchy from back in 3071!
So - change to something else? Or maybe have Felix smooth things out with the Duchess Marik?
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Maybe Felix can show the Duchess how his new toys work, that should go down well. ::) ;) O0
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"I sear this thing had a blender setting! Oh... no... no, that's the magiritta nozzle"
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So, these boys have been charging along for just over a year now - or 16 years in game!

What's next? I've tentatively mapped out the movements until about late 3076, with Cavalli taking more and more Stone contracts.
But I looked at what I'd sketched out next and it's got mw thinking...

Initially I'd slated them for Tamirad and helping hold back the raiding Federation, and even taking part in the joint Lyran-Duchy counter attack.
But looking back I realised we are still technically in breach of contract with the Duchy from back in 3071!
So - change to something else? Or maybe have Felix smooth things out with the Duchess Marik?

I think the big issue is how dire was the contract breach? Failure to fill in the right forms bad or burned villages to the ground bad?
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It was packed up in the middle of the night and jumped ship because the Lyrans were holding all our dependents and used it to leverage coming across the border to work
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That's moderately forgiveable
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This placed is  all screwed up. After rolling over the Protectorate Militia depot we met up with the Tikonov Resistance, but instead of being unleashed we're holding position. Holding and waiting, tucked up in our hillside fastness.

The supplies we brought in is apparently the first munitions and such the rebels have got in more than a year - and sure, they're expending them, but they're not letting us at the Word. It's like they're afraid of damaging the hired help.
And that's pretty much how they treat us. I'm sharing a room with two other lieutenants who barely speak to me and when they do, they're very keen to mention my pay cheque or how I'm getting paid for this.

I dunno, I just don't get it. The rebels seem to actually resent our help.
- Taigh Barrett

Right. So I finally got unleashed - and I mean "I". It was a solo job.
We are working alongside the 2nd Guard Brigade - "Glorious Victory", along with some irregular infantry. To the north, another brigade is busily running near constant hit and run raids against the Blakist Militia. They call them "brigades" but they're mixed battalions at best.
And the CapCon doesn't seem to really care about these guys: I've seen whole squads sharing ration packs, and most of them are carrying only a magazine each.

Anyway, high command eventually found a job they were willing to throw to the hired killers - murder a Word of Blake Protectorate officer. Seems, a Major Sean Yargus aka The Butcher busily shot up a civilian protest last year and since then has personally led several retaliatory raids.
But the rebels don't want to do the deed - so it falls to us. The Colonel asked me to do it.
Yargus Is inspecting a couple of listening posts and minor firebases nearby and they want me to slip in discreetly and kill him. Not just defeat him. Kill him
- Taigh Barrett. 

It saddens me to report the death of one of the Tikonov Protectorate Militia's finest: Major Sean Yargus. The major was on a surprise inspection trip of several Militia facilities last night when he was ambushed and killed by rebels.

ATTACHED IMAGE: 2D image of a burnt out row of pre-fab buildings, an unmanned machine gun lays in the foreground, its barrel pointing skyward.

At approximately 2300, as the Major arrived at Fire Base Echo, a lone Thug emerged from the nearby hills. The area is well known for its high magnetic content and rebel activity is high in the region.
The Thug eluded one mobile patrol and quickly assaulted the base - destroying a gun turret and several buildings.

At this point, Patrol 2-5 turned back in an effort to stop the attack. The fact that the rebel attack waited until patrols were out answered managed to find a weak point in the perimeter points to an inside job.

ATTACHED IMAGE: it's a grainy, black and white 2d image of an 80 tonne Thug. One huge foot has punched right through the roof of a flimsy building, the other is partially obscured by the ruin
Both arms are up, the maws of the twin PPCs aimed at the camera.

Major Yargus then moved to intercept the intruder and was sadly killed. As patrol 2-5 returned to base, the Thug fled - firing several shots in the patrol's general direction.

ATTACHED IMAGE: An Orion lays on its back. Rents and craters pockmark its torso and its head is smashed in - possibly by a giant foot or fist. Picked out in black stencil just under the ruined cockpit is "YARG-"

While the Thug was engaged by a perimeter turret and briefly by elements of Patrol 2-7, it managed to slip back into the badlands.
Patrols from both the Militia and the 1st WoB Division were scrambled but the area is thick with caves and the enemy managed to elude us.
- Captain Milton Hewes-Yang, 1st Tikonov Protectorate Militia
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" Ya put your right foot in, ya pull your right foot out...
Ya put your PPCs in and shoot them all about... "

~ sang Barrett as he waltzed in...

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Finally something to do. We have been dragging our heels here on Tikonov for months as the rebels do a whole lot of nothing. But finally we are getting thrown at the Word.
Three objectives: one week. It's all part of a grand scheme to throw the Word off guard and draw them away from the big Ceres plant and the capital.

First I took first company and Amber's fast hovers in to blow a power plant and pumping station. It had a small Protectorate Militia force dug in, but we rolled over them and knocked out the plant. As we set charges to ruin all the pumps, Amber's scouts spotted a quick reaction force coming down the highway: a couple of those super up Lightning rocket boats, some APCs and a pair of Hussars and a Wolverine. A little further back looked like a whole Level II of Demon wheeled tanks.

So we set a little trap - the fast hovers came screaming in, opened up and then kept running. The Wobbies reacted like amateurs and started off after them - only to find Command Lance in their rear. Both Lightnings were burning and one APC was rolled when the mechs crashed into us.
Except Battle Lance had also arrived and very quickly all three mechs were down. We faced down the Demons on the roadway - by now, the remaining APC had fled, leaving a squad of BA to get burned down on the pavement.

Those Demons were tough but made the mistake of trying to charge us instead of hanging back.
After we killed two, the rest fled. Except for one that suddenly found itself stuck and surrendered.
Like I said... amateurs.

A day later, Asha led 2nd company in a raid further south. This time it was a supply depot they trashed. Except for the minefield and some dings from the static defence they got away. Lean.
Two successful raids without any losses.

Now it's a big POW camp and munitions works just outside the capital. This one will be harder - intel seems to indicate the Precentor running the show freaked out after and demanded the 1st Division actually, y'know... do something. Sounds like they're deploying to a lot more critical spots.
So it'll be tougher defenders time time.

When I mentioned it to our partisan liaison, Rim, he just shrugged and said the attack would coincide with a big push by rebel forces.
You'd swear these bastards didn't care if their all their money soldiers got killed.
- Felix Cavalli, September 20, 3074

The Sankalin Re-Education Through Labour Facility (better known as the Sankalin Gulag) was the site of numerous Blakist atrocities and serves as a reminder to man's inhumanity to man to this day.
Audiovisual guides (5 Stones for a day rental) can fill you in on the full list and the site's brutal history during the Jihad
The crux is: in 3071, desperate for munitions the Word expanded a small missile factory on the banks of the Volga and staffed it with criminals, political prisoners and other "undesirables". By 3074, a series of crackdowns had swelled the workforce to more than 5000.

It was dangerous, dirty work and a cheap way for the Word to make dissenters go away. Much of the assembly work was done without proper safety measures and anyone too sick or weak to work simply vanished.

In 3083, council workers discovered a mass grave nearby estimated to hold sow 300 bodies belonging to Gulag workers.

While the main factory was destroyed during the Jihad, revetments, bunkers and even gun towers that formed the plant's defence remain to this day.
- Tikonov History Guide 3094 edition
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Sang-Wei Hamish Basara desperately tried to get lower as the ground shook beneath him, deafening explosions - seemingly one after the other - left him deafened.
And then nothing - except for the high pitched ringing in his ears.
The young partisan next to him raised his head to peer over the edge of the shell crater but Basara knocked him down.
"Stay put!"
A second later the earth shook again, sending the Sang-Wei sprawling again.
This blast was longer and more sustained, more like an earthquake.

Cuffing blood from his chin the young officer now looked over the crater rim.
It was a scene from hell: the muddy ground ahead had been churned by explosions, the occasional string of razor wire or hunk of concrete the only remains of what seconds ago had been series of walls and fortifications.

Rolling on his back Basara fished the flare gun from his webbing. Like all his men he was clad in a mishmash of Capellan Army surplus and whatever gear was available: in his case Liao green fatigues and armour, complete with plasteel vest and vambraces. His webbing was Protectorate Militia issue looted a year ago and his boots were from a civilian hiking store.

The bright red flare hung in the air as it slowly arched over the battlefield.
"That's the signal, boys," he said.
"Everyone fall out!"
As infantrymen rolled out of their shelter the heavy "crump, crump" of Mech footfalls started.
First a lithe Wolfhound, its right arm laser shifting and moving constantly, then a pair of Commandoes.
Already travers we're starting to flicker out from across the churned up landscape

So that was the dress rehearsal. The partisans are building to a big final push on the Ceres plant, but first wanted us to smash open this work camp.
And smash we did!
First up, Aubrey Ito-Hostigos and her infantry overran an outlying post -. Pinned them down and then ambushed the relief column as it rolled out from the camp.

Then we let them have it -partisan artillery pounded the minefield and bunkers, clearing us a path.
It was still tough - we grounded the droppers nearby and advanced with a battalion or so of partisan infantry - a couple of Level IIs made us pay for every inch.

But we managed to pull something like 600 prisoners out and blow all the machine sheds and heavy equipment.
- Felix Cavalli

Dark smoke hung over the ruins. Several firefighting crews were still housing down hot spots and occasionally something would cook off with a series of explosions.
Clad in her long white robe, Spectre Precentor Delta Charlotte Logan barely noticed it at all. She didn't notice the black smut staining her robe or the smoke that forced most of the crews to squint their eyes shut
Instead, her oddly silver eyes were looking for other details: the giant Mech tracks, the entry and exit site through the minefield.

"Precentor, err... Precentor," the young Adept said.
Logan turned on the underlying, barely noticing him start and almost step back
She knew the frails found her disturbing - she was beautiful, with chocolate coloured hair, a heart shaped face and a shock of white hair.
But her eyes disturbed them.

The voice also got the frails: deep and buzzing. Like a machine.
"Precentor, we estimate we have rounded up most of the prisoners who weren't snatched from the facility. Although we believe there's still some stragglers in the forest. But we have patrols out," he said.

The Precentor Pushed her hood back, exposing both hands as chrome replacements
"How many do we have in custody?"

The Adept consulted his wrist 'puter. "Looks like 300 more or less. We have them all in the main mess area before we ship them somewhere else."

"No," the buzzing voice was low and chilling
"Liquidate them all. This place must be purified."
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September 20, 3074
Government Tower, St Katherinesburg

"So we can't do anything?" Precentor Robert Haversay roared, slamming both meaty fists down on the conference table.
Flicking his limp black hair back from his face, the head of Tikonov's security looked about - glaring at each face in the meeting room.
Civilian and corporate leaders, along with those from his Protectorate Militia and the 1st Division faced him - all desperate to avoid his eye.
The only person who would was the most disturbing. Precentor Logan sat, legs crossed and her white robe pulled close about her small trim body
"It can easily be fixed, Precentor," She said.

Her voice was oddly buzzing and harsh and set his teeth on edge.
Obviously he'd said nothing, one didn't complain the Hands of the Master irritated you.
She spun around to look at Haversay: her eyes were glassy like spheres of silver.
That always terrified him.

"These mercenaries seem to be the key to the resistance.
"Precentor, I suggest we set a trap and wait for these mercenaries to come to us," she said in that buzzing voice.
Haversay grimaced but pretended to look out at the sweeping window facing him - it showed the sprawling grey Ceres plant. His to protect.

"My problem is, Precentor - every time I plan to track or attack the rebels, it seems to leak out - almost straight away!"
The Word administrator brought a heavy fist down on the table.

"Easy". The woman said that one word and stood, her Robes not even making a noise as she extended one hand - Haversay noticing it was encased in chrome past the wrist - that suddenly flicked down at an alarming angle.

There was a soft cough and the Protectorate Militia colonel's head exploded in a fountain of brains and blood. The woman turned slightly and pointed at another officer who was clawing at her sidearm. The top of her head exploded off.

Slumping back into her chair, Logan smiled.
"I'm assuming no one else will talk."
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Nothing like a few MDs to ruin everything
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Newly promoted Major Piotr Novakowski flipped a series of switches and grinned with genuine pleasure as a glowing Heads Up Display filled goggles. The main feed showed the six lane highway that led directly to the St Katherinesburg's EarthWerks plant. Using his eyes he was able to flick through several other feeds - sites high in the mountain the plant was dug directly into, a feed from the sprawling, chaotic Minetown and even an eye in the sky fed from a drone above the adjacent open cut Stoya Mine.
It was truly a sophisticated system - heavily upgraded and advanced by the Word of Blake, since their arrival.
A former EarthWerks security officer before he joined the Protectorate Militia Novakowski was uniquely suited to operating the security system. Or breaking it

The officer slipped off the glasses as slipped them back into their protective case.
"Everything looks good Lieutenant, that will do me," he said, nodding at his subordinate.
The Major's early morning inspection had been a surprise, but his dedication was well known among the static defence troops and no one had grumbled as he went through every system

Little did they know his inspection had been triggered by an even earlier coded message ordering him into action. Or that he had introduced two seperate viruses into the security operation system during his shakedown.
Patting the lieutenant on the shoulder, Novakowski turned to leave the control room when a sudden voice blared over the PA.
"Major Novakowski, please report to briefing room three. Major Novakowski to briefing room three."
Had the lieutenant or control room technicians been faxing the Major they works have seen his jaw clench and his eyes widen dramatically at the summons.
Moving quickly he pulled on his jacket and opened the control room door - to walk straight into a pair of Word of Blake infantrymen in armour.
They were 1st Division regulars - not Protectorate Militia and both had wicked looking, snub nosed SMGs slug casually.
"Major, we were sent to escort you - Precentor  Logan is here and wants to see you. Right now."

It was a thousand meters of rocky broken ground from the bunker's lip to the beginning of the treeline. Protectorate Militia Lieutenant Stanislav squinted through the IR scanner and frowned in puzzlement. "Bravo 3-3, are you sure you've got no contact? My ultrasonic detector is going off the charts - there has to be something moving around out there," he bawled into his helmet mic.
"Bravo Six, this is 3-3. Just some deer and stuff, over."
The platoon commander sat back from the scanner and sighed. What the he'll was going on?
Suddenly, there was a flurry of movement in the trench next to him and a soldier dropped down next to him.
"Sir! Sir! Runner from 3-3," one of his headquarters troops barked.
The runner had pushed his helmet visor up, exposing a sweat drenched you face scarred by some sort of childhood disease.
"Sir! Bravo 3-3 reports major enemy contact to our front. We have infiltrators and what looks like heavy weapons teams flanking us," the runner blurred out.
Stanislav hurled his IR scanners to the ground. "What?! I just spoke to Hauber a second ago and he said it was nothing!"
The young private shoot his head. "Nossir! We are totally jammed up ahead - can't get a message in or out."
The realisation that he'd been speaking to the enemy - or a machine - hit the lieutenant about a second before the first shell dropped directly on his bunker.

This plan is way to complex - typical amateur partisans - but with a bit of luck it might actually work.
The Cavalliere will push down the main road, supported by what is optimistically called a motorised infantry brigade of rebels - really a company of tanks and about a battalion of infantry riding everything from captured APCs to civilian trucks.
We make lots of noise and slog our way through static defences and whatever the Militia throws at us.

The good news is that we have an inside man - a traitor has introduced a dead switch which will turn off the main mine field and ring of turrets. Sure, we'll still face a hell of a lot of infantry in bunkers and even some manned turrets and static guns, but for the most part the way is clear.

Meanwhile, the rebels supposedly elite Spetsnaz regiment has infiltrated the company town to the south east. They'll move in and sow some havoc and then with support from a leg infantry brigade (again... the name is much grander than it's real size) will assault through the town to hold a blocking position just outside the EarthWerks site while we directly hit it.

The rebels are also throwing as much artillery as they can - on both the main attack and the one through the town. I saw saw seriously large guns on the way in

The best part is the Comms - our mole in the hole has ceased communication for the Militia and even set up false broadcast

A lot is riding on that guy having down his or her job - I sure as hell do t want to be stuck in a mine filled when we discover we got double crossed...
Felix Cavalli

Knight six: We are clear from that initial minefield, rolling into the second ring now.  Still mopping up casualties from those damn towers. Over

Knight 1-2: Six, dropping off our BA. They're clearing house inside that damn chokepoint - still plenty of Wobbie PBI.

Six: Roger that. All knight elements, keep pushing forward. Leave the infantry for the Rebs. Out

Redleg: knight lead, this is Redleg - standy. Firing NOW!

Six: Redleg, Six. Drop 400! Say again drop 400.

Redleg: Rodger, drop 400. Bingo!

Six: Red, Six. Fire for effect! Let 'me burn! Six, out.

Cossack Major: all unit, all units. This is Cossack - setting is Cobra, say again - Cobra. Assume Comms are compromised and Proceed with code words from now. Out.

Cossack: Ben Bella, this is Cossack. What's your status? Over

Ben Bella: Cossack, this is Ben Bella. We are WHITE NIGHT, say again WHITE NIGHT. We are taking major major casualties pushing through here - snipers and heavy weapons teams and these bastards are making us pay for every building. We are-


Ben Bella: Cossack! Dammit Cossack, this is Ben Bella. Come the hell in, over.

Cossack: Ben Bella, this is Cossack. Go. Over.

Ben Bella: we are stuffed, man! They're waiting for us - it's a trap! The minefields are back on. Half my troops are stuck out there in the mines, THEY JUST GOT CUT APART! The rest of us are stuck here getting chewed up! It's bloody murder! We are getting-

Cossack: Pull yourself together, dammit. Hold position. Code is STALINGRAD! Do you hear me? STALINGRAD. Over.

Ben Bella: hold?! Hold with what? I have maybe a company of viables left? The leg infantry has already broken and I'm supposed to hold?

Knight Six: Mauler 1-1, are you sure? Over

Mauler: Boss, I'm more sure than anything. Those are 1st Division suckers coming out of that bunker. Yasmin stuck around just long enough to get vision before they took off her arm. Feeding you the tape. Over.

Knight six: roger. Lad, your code is SAXON. Say again - SAXON. You'll have help in a couple mikes. But don't do anything heroic. Out.

Knight Six: All unit, this is Six. I want all Alphas to execute HUSSAR, say again, HUSSAR. Mauler and his boys are stuck out there in the shit and need help.

Darkness 1-1: Boss, this is Darkness. We just ran straight into a minefield. The minefield is alive again and I can see multiple turrets targeting Mauler. Looks like the rebel armour just walked straight into the mines too. Over.

Knight: ok, sit tight, Black. We'll peel you out. Code is um, STALINGRAD - but don't get too comfortable. Six out.

Knight Six: Falcon, this is Six. We have guys who desperately need your help. How far out are your birds? Over

Falcon: six, this is Falcon lead. We are in bound - five mikes. Feed me the coordinates. Over.

Knight: you understand the situation? Feeding you coordinates

Falcon: roger! Mauler is stuck but ordered to advance and has all fire priority. Darkness is digging in awaiting support. Over.

Wolf Six: I see 1st Division regulars! These guys aren't Militia!

Cossack: report!

Wolf: Codes CORNUCOPIA an' HEPHAESTUS. The above ground warehouse and smelter areas are ours. Objectives sure but forces are not advancing Knight Force has our back but we can't find the underground Movement liaison and we are rapidly getting pushed back.

Cossack Keep looking, have to evacuate our people.

Wolf: Sure, sure, I'll keep looking. Bloody ****** hell!

Cossack: Problems?

Wolf Half my troops are dead in the ****** mines! The mines were supposed to be off!

Redleg: That's a negative Wolfhound, Redleg is moving to a new position. We can't comply with your request. Your code is SIDEWINDER. Out.

Wolfhound: Thanks, Redleg. This the revolution? Screw the revolution. Have a nice friggin war! Out!

Cossack Minor: All Marshall elements, Wolfhound is deserting the fight. Any elements that make it through the minefield are to be eliminated. Out.

Ironborn: Any units, this is Ironborn! My boys are burning out here! Anyone? Can anyone hear me? All units this is -

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This fight is taking a hell of a lot longer than I thought. So far, Cavalli's Mech elements, with armour and infantry support have pushed almost all the way into the factory complex, only to be held by first line Blakist regulars. Several breakout attempts have spread the attackers out but as yet they've failed to break through

Meanwhile, partisan infantry have been stopped cold in the adjacent urban ruins - two hours of fighting have turned the mine town into a twisted ruin of bombed out and shattered buildings.

With this, the Word springs it's trap.

Thin fog hugs the twisted landscape -  mud and earth has been churned up - which is pockmarked with craters and bits of dropped equipment.
Several Battle Suits cling to the lip of a nearby crater, tracers flicker and spit from an unseen enemy but die off as a massive mental figure strides into view.
It's a Battlemaster, picked out in grey and maroon - although it's armour is rent and burnt in several places.
It pivots and fires its arm mounted gauss rifle into the gloom and is rewarded with a distant explosion.

The image shifts as WLF03 moves forward. A flight of rockets surge past on thick contrails.
This time the image shows several bunkers built into the earth. Fortifications have been thrown up around them and infantry and armour can be seen dug in.
Suddenly, giant bay doors on the bunker's sides roll up, unveiling Battlemechs.
The first that steps forward is huge and hunched over, both arms ending gun barrels.
Twisted looking battlesuits pour out of the bay at its feet.
"Lead, we have Mechs pouring out here. Lead, I see one Archangel"

Tamarind SAFE report P00017X-MERC-0069

As discussed, the following information was gleaned from intelligence sources on Tikonov and from second hand sources in the Mercenary market.

After their advance into the EarthWerks facility stalled, Colonel Cavalli and his men found themselves in what appeared to be an untenable position. Supported by a battalion of Liao partisan troops they had become entangled between two minefields when the Blakists unleashed a further two Level IIs of Mechs and Battle Armour.

Nearby, a push by partisan infantry and special forces had found themselves stopped by dug in and determined Protectorate Militia and mainline regulars.

Colonel Cavalli then ordered a breakout, calling in his air support to perform several close support bombing runs, he cleared a narrow path through the mine field to his unit's front and engaged the newly arrived Word forces.
Among the Word troops was at least one augmented "Hands of the Master" using a Celestial design.

With their greater numbers, the mercenaries were able to breakout and encircle the Blakists, forcing them into a fighting withdrawal almost all the way into the factory gates.
Colonel Cavalli personally engaged the Celestial - his Marauder II well suited to the Archangel until he finally scored a killing shot with a PPC through its cockpit.

At this point, we expected the rebels to seize and hold  the factory - instead, we are informed the Liao partisans and Mercenary allies only briefly secured the facility  before retreating.
Several nuclear blasts were detected a short time later and it's understood the Liao rebels unleashed WMDs on both the Blakist garrison and its factory site.

SAFE's recommendation is to reach out to Cavalli's Cavaliere for future missions, despite our earlier bad blood with the unit. It's skill on Tikonov highlight how it has become a dedicated anti-Word unit and would be well worth employing for the Duchy's further operations.

They blew it up. We slogged through minefields and defensive nets, went toe to toe with MD.... and they blew it up.
After we breached the perimeter, the resistance high command put out the call - dig in and hold fast.
I was watching my sensors, so I saw it: one large multi stage rocket building speeding faster and faster from out back at the artillery park.
And it came right down on the main bunker in the middle of the factory - command and control and field hospital.
These rebels are cold blooded and I'm glad we are free of them.

On the other hand... lots of salvage.
- Felix Cavalli
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Smells like you could use a new OpFor soon...

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Clipperton is an advanced world, originally settled by a mix of South American environmentalists keen to go back to living as one with nature. On Clipperton, they found the sort of paradise they were seeking: soaring mountains, thick, dense jungles and shining seas.
Subsequent immigrations from Terra's Spanish and French regions took place, followed by a mass influx of immigrants from Gibson's African populations several hundred years later.

Since that day, Clipperton's residents have done their best to keep their footprint to a minimum: cities are built directly into the rockface of mountains or in the heart of jungles, while tens of thousands of people live in small jungle huts - their simplistic exterior hiding high tech satellite TV, high speed LinkNet connections and air conditioning. The majority of these communities either telecommute using the high speed connections or physically commute via VTOL.
This spread out population spared the planet the true horrors of the Sucession Wars- with little to target on world, Raiders were rare.

The climate is warm and humid, with a lengthy wet season. Tropical cyclones and storms are common, but locals have learned to adapt. The lightning storms are a well known tourist attraction.

In an effort to preserve Clipperton's beauty, most heavy industry is located on the two moons, Socorro, Revillagigedo including nickel, gold, silver and platinum mining and several manufacturing centres.
Clipperton probably has the potential to be another Marik breadbasket, but it's population never sought to exploit the planet's resources that much.
Of course, Clipperton's major industry is the orbiting Irian shipyards locates at the  L1 point. The sprawling orbital site dominates Clipperton's sky, complete with spider-like gantries and superstructure that manufactures everything from Jumpship cores to whole Dropships. The Irian plant is the size of a medium sized city and has annex facilities on both moons.

Clipperton is governed by a republic and technically a planetary duke, but the noble role has laid open since 3067. More focused on personal freedoms, voter apathy is a major problem and voter turn out is notoriously low.
The Word was a welcome guest in the late 3050s and did find local adherents (its mix of worship of technology and dedication to helping others proved especially popular in Clipperton's urban areas). More importantly, its technological gifts and knowhow was appreciated by Clipperton.
By the dawn of the Jihad, Clipperton was essentially a Blakist client kingdom in the same way as neighbouring Gibson.

Precentor Ogden Wiles tucked his magnetic boots into the railing and let out a contented sigh. Below him hung a scene to send the heart soaring: a glittering net of stars against the inky black and the greenish-blue ball that was Clipperton.

And most of all - the metal skeleton form of the shipyard. Jumpship sat tethered to the sprawling station, Dropships and shuttles moving back and forth on trails of ion.
Every day was hustle and bustle amid the stars above Clipperton.
Wiles eyed each of the ships before him: a cargo hauled making the run to the second moon, a Union-class security vessel, those shuttles making a hard burn for the station.

Wiles' eyes snapped back to the trio of 72A Buses accelerating towards the station at high speed.
"Alarm! Sound the alarm!"

Julian Dekker was desperate to not throw up in his helmet. Each bump and shock seemed to rattle through the entire cargo bay, now packed full of marines.
"Ten seconds!" The cargo master yelled as the whole craft gave a massive shudder.

You're no marine, what the hell are you doing this for? Dekker thought as he snapped the plastic visor down.
On either side of him former Eagle Corps troopers were also running last minute checks on their equipment. Alys Marik's resistance was going all out in its attempt to steal several Leopard Pocket Warships from the Irian yards.

With a sickening crash, the shuttle slammed into the station, throwing Dekker hard against the restraining straps.
Electronic bolts blew, blasting a hole directly into the floating dock.
It was show time.

Just thought I'd run a little space scenario, based off the TRO: 3075 entry on the Leopard PWS entry in the meantime.
Good fun and it introduces a character who will cross paths with the Cavalliere down the track.

Meanwhile, Cavalli and co are taking a short break before returning to Marik space.
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Felix Cavalli - November 8, 3074

So, we're back in the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey. I didn't think they'd be welcoming us back after we ran out on them a few years ago. Ok, so after we ran out on them because the Lyrans held our dependants hostage and forced us to raid the Word of Blake for them.

Either way, they're offering excellent rates for an aggressive garrison contract on the Circinus Federation border. Those pirates have been acting uppity again and it's now more than obvious they have help from somewhere - up gunned Mechs and equipment and more gear than a two bit pirate kingdom should have.

Either way, we can expect to face down some Federation raids at some point.
The strange thing is, the Duchy doesn't seem to be overly keen to get us into action - we are stopping on Tamarind to meet with High Command and make nice before even heading to our garrison on Edmonson.

The liaison officer is shuttling over to the Dropship shortly. Gotta go.

Grolliers' Guide to the Inner Sphere, 3067 edition.

Edmondson  is a feudal autocracy that has been fighting a losing battle to stay that way.
Planetary First Lord, Count Franco Nevarre rules over the planet and is sworn to the Duchy of Tamarind but is facing increasing public sentiment pushing for democratic reform. Numerous neighbouring planets transitioned to republics decades ago and Count Nevarre's regime makes liberal use of internal purges and secret police to keep order.
The planet also maintains a large Militia, including a Mech company staffed exclusively by young noble scions.
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Zanzibar, Tamarind
Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey
November 30, 3074

I still can't get over how beautiful is here. From the Dropship it just looked like deserts and rocks - apparently the planet has been so torn apart by constant war nothing grows here.
But when we got into the capital I was totally blown away - the city looks like an inverted cyclone, with each street closer to the centre higher and grander, all wrapped in glass and steel. And inside, all the buildings are so beautiful with split levels and floor to ceiling murals and hanging art.
It's like literally an oasis.

I heard the Colonel even met with the Duchess and her son Photon. He still looks super hot despite being way old.  This contract is going to be heaps better.
There's a rumour we are going to be shipped out to garrison an academy or something on the other continent. Which would suck - but at least there will be cadets there.

Greta Krame holo diary entry

I don't like being spread out so much like this, but the Tams are paying us top dollar and treating us nice. So what can we do?
Still no word on when we are supposed to move up - Marshall Brett-Marik (although I hear he's dropping the Brett now...) told m he wants us to increase security along the perif border, with the option of striking several known pirate strongholds.
But for now, they're shifting both Mech companies to Mal Kham to garrison the major refit and repair depot.
Of course, facilities are very basic over there so we are actually going to be billeted in what will eventually be the Jeremy Brett Memorial Academy or some such - at the moment it's some modular housing shipping container, mech bays and a lecture hall, so we'll be living rough on what is essentially a construction site.
We'll also be bunking in with the engineering battalion and civilian crews building the school.
That means we are leaving our dependents and armour here in the capital.
Like I said, I don't like being spread out.

- Felix Cavalli

Garrison and mercenaries... it always ends like this. For the past, I dunno... four years we have seemingly been in constant combat.
Now with down time, the troops are bored and getting into mischief.
There's been four brawls and a stabbing in the last fortnight and every Sunday the tavernkeepers and brothel owners of nearby Mal Kham present me with a bill for the broken furniture and smashed property as my people blow off steam

Normally I don't mind if they play rough (no murder, no rape, no that - ill hang you myself. Broken bones and furniture is ok) but it's started to have an effect. Barrett and Mo managed to get into a nasty blue over Ginnifer, one of the newly promoted apprentice Mechwarriors. Moses had a massive thing for the girl and didn't realise his lance commander was already secretly seeing her. I had to break that up and personally chew both of them out.

I'm also desperate for us to make a good impression on our paymasters here. The liaison officer Force Commander Zoe del Toro is very, very by the book and I don't want her reporting back we are a bunch of thugs.
- Felix Cavalli
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Oily black smoke rises to blot out the dusk sky. The camera is shot down a road that leads straight towards a chain link fence topped with razor wire and the shattered remains of a steel gate and guardhouse.
Beyond the wire the scene is abrupt desert, brown crags and jumbled rocks jutting up suddenly amid the sand

The gate is a mess. A white hovervan has smashed through the fence and now rests several metres inside the wire, the gate's remains still wrapped around the van's nose.
The vehicle is now a wreck, an explosion has gutted it, leaving backend and twisted metal and the body peeled open. The cabin's glass windscreen is shattered and starred by bullet holes.
The adjacent guard house is pretty much gone - one wall has collapsed and the roof has given way. Two bodies lay spreadeagled on the  roadway.

Tracers flicker near the fire, a large amount of ordnance is pouring out into the badlands and there's the occasional flash of explosion.

There's an explosion nearby, stirring up a whirlwind of gritty dust that obscures the camera's view. When the picture clears the camera is laying on its side, partially obscured.
Striding towards it is a hulking figure: he's huge, well over two metres and his muscles strain against his leather jerkin and Battle dress.
Black, geometric tattoos cover both cheeks and reach up the shaved sides of his head to the Mohawk.
But it's the cybernetic enhancements that are the most shocking - the left eye has been replaced by a bulbous, chrome replacement with a flickering red optic. Steel and wires run down the trooper's jaw and into his mouth.

The giant totes a light machine gun like it's a toy as he strides forward, one giant foot crunching down on the camera.

Zanzibar Now - BREAKING NEWS ALERT December 3

The screen shows a shot of a military base amid a desert landscape, the image appears to have been shot from a hovering VTOL.
Smoke and flame pour from the front gate and at least four of the pre-fab buildings are well alight -  tracers spit back and forth between several buildings.

The image pans to an adjacent refit and factory site - there's a smoking crater where the front gate once stood and and several smaller fires can be seen behind the main building. A hulking Archer in grey with maroon trim stands guard. There's black smudges around its LRM missile ports.

The crawl reads: Mercenaries repel raid on Vankateswara BattleMech Refit Facility, heavy casualties

The image is now directly over the refit facility. There's a row of bodies - all of them huge, bulky types who look... odd. Several Battle Suits stride up to the row and one casually flicks an arm up and sprays the corpses with machine gun fire.

The image changes again. This time it's an urban scene - a broad avenue of soaring glass and steel buildings. A Galleon light tank rests on its side, burning.

The crawl reads: Tamarind forces push raiders out of Zanzibar. Civilian death toll feared in hundreds.

The next shot shows a podium set in front of a bullet scarred building. It's a grand government building with towering columns in white marble. But that beauty is now marred by scorch marks and holes.

A tall, rangy man with a shock of black hair and wearing a FWL dress uniform strides forward holding a sheet of paper. He looks visibly distressed as he settles behind the podium and looks around.
Behind him stand four grim faced troopers wearing dark, hunter's green combat coveralls and green helmets marked with a single white stripe over the crown.
All keep their laser rifles held firmly.

The crawl reads: Marshall Photon Brett-Marik to address situation.

SAFE agent report-000021TYR-877-BRAVO
FRC-CMMDR Zoe del Toro


Attached is my report on the attack on Cavalli’s Cavalire as part of the wider assault on Tamarind. At approximately 1800 the mercenary compound was attacker by mortars and recoiless rifles.
A level of sophistication or inside intel is suggested, with the fire directed at the headquarters building and living quarters occupied by the unit’s CO, XO and infantry commander.

At approximately the same time, a vehicle-born suicide bomber attacked the compound’s front gate, killing two infantry troopers on guard duty.
With the compound now in chaos, the raiders commenced their attack on the adjacent refit and repair facility. Another truck bomb struck the main gate, while a smaller one attempted to plough through the fence on the eastern side.

It’s to Colonel Cavalli’s credit that he had concentrated the bulk of his defenders around the facility. Battle Armour and infantry managed to destroy the eastern truck attack and suppress an infantry attack that came in its wake.
The main truck attack caused major damage to the facility wall and killed a mercenary Battle Armour trooper and several civilian technicians.

The main attack then commenced.
Colonel Cavalli and I were in the headquarters building when the initial attack occurred. Despite the building sustaining major damage, he quickly had the non-combatants evacuated to nearby bunkers and started trying to coordinate the defence.

With a mixed squad of dismounted Mechwarriors, Techs, infantry troops and support personnel he established a perimeter around the building.
At this point, an estimated platoon of raiders pushed through the main gate.
The raiders were also still dropping mortar rounds into the compound, in an effort to keep the Mechwarriors from reaching the main bay.
The next three hours saw a mix of dismounted and irregular mercenaries support troops work with infantry and BA to push back approximately a company or so of raiders.
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Sounds like I might need to make a Free-FWL! militia OpFor...

Groovie man! O0

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After those Circinus Federation crazies hit us we got the old "hurry up and wait" routine. Full alert, sally out. Then back to barracks. Rinse and repeat.
Then a month ago we get the word - we are going to go kick some Feddie arse, get moving out.
I gotta say, the parade through Zanzibar, all those cheering civvies made me feel like a regular hero.

Then we sat on the Tarmac for four days after we got Word the Ramses had a helium seal crack. But the Duchy were all very accommodating and had us transfer to a merchantman waiting at the nadir while our ship settled into the dry dock.

And more waiting. Instead of going over the border and smashing the bastards who killed Aubrey and the others we landed on Edmonson on the border and... waited.
The Colonel said the Marshall changed his mind as we burnt for orbit - now we are protecting Edmonson in case of another attack, but I can't get over the feeling something more is going on.

- Taigh Barrett

Edmonson. I much preferred Tamarind. Or anywhere else. It's decent enough, Terran type planet - mostly jungle, desert and swampland. And it's hot and humid as hell.
But technology-wise, it's something from centuries ago... or the deep periphery.
The planetary count seems paranoid and fixated on a revolution, so he's desperately hoarding anything better than personal computers and vidphones for himself.
The rest of the planet is living in the 19th century, regularly dying of the plague or malnutrition.

We left our Armoured company on Tamarind to protect our dependants, meanwhile 1st Company is situated in Edmonson's capital and the rest of us are out guarding the water purification plants on the edge of the swamp. Fun.

The only interesting thing is how close the Colonel is getting with our liaison. I mean real close - the way they were all touchy after the Federation.
Force Commander del Toro is a total doll, but surely he's got to realise she's SAFE, right?
- Taigh Barrett
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Meanwhile, across the border...

Anyone remember this guy?

January 2, 3075
Enlightened Thought training camp, outskirts of Great Brown Desert

Gideon Larsen  centred his crosshairs over the man-shaped target and squeezed the trigger. The locally made Bell-3 SMG had a kick like a mule and while he put two rounds over the target's heart, the third and fourth were high and to the right as the recoil pulled his muzzle up.

Swearing under his breath he flicked on the safety and slung the weapon.
"Not bad, kid. Learn that in the AFFS?"

The Mechwarrior turned to face the hulking, dark skinned man. "Something like that, boss. Any chance the Major is going to unleash us on the League or Marians?"

For two months Barton's Boozehounds had sat on Circinus training and waiting. The rumour was they'd be training local recruits soon.
But Larsen wanted action - he's participated in one of the biggest military actions of recent history in the form of OPERATION SOVEREIGN JUSTICE, but since then he'd felt like he'd been sitting idle.
A stint in military prison and then three years scratching out a hand to mouth existence as a Mercenary not withstanding. Hell, Barton had plucked him out of a Galatea dive just as he was spending his last few credits.

"The word is we are taking in a new lot of local recruits today. Something big is being cooked up - hell kid, a couple tens of light years away people are fighting and dying? And for what?"

As his lance leader said those words, a sudden cloud of dust appeared on the horizon. Within minutes it had formed into a convoy of low slung hover trucks - each with a tarped over rear section packed full of people.
"Guess our work is about to commence."
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i remember
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BREAKING NEWS: Circinus raiders assault Poulsbo, Duchy forces scramble to respond.

Raiders from the Circinus Federation have assaulted and occupied Poulsbo, as well as several Lyran worlds in a string of overwhelming attacks over the border. Duchy authorities are yet to comment, only confirming this morning via a statement, that we are under attack.
The invasion comes only months after a Circinus sponsored terror attack on Tamarind itself.
More to come...

Recording: Edmonson Planetary Spaceport, Edmonson
Control room camera
2142 local time
May 2, 3075

Sensor tech: sir, that's another EMP surge - I would say that's another Jumpship. That makes four of them now. Someone has jumped a full on fleet on top of us.

Officer of the watch (Taige Barrett): well, if this equipment wasn't two centuries old we could probably tell more. Anyway we can up the power on those scans?

Series of clicks from the computer.

Tech: at this point we are getting only-

There's a whoosh as the door opens.

Two people enter: the man is short and heavy set with dark hair cut close and starting to grey at the temples. His beard is thick and dark. He's wearing jeans, boots and a flannel shirt that's half tucked in. But there's a large calibre pistol holstered at his waist.
The woman is petite and dark haired with her FWL undress uniform half buttoned up and in disarray.
The pair look very sheepish and are desperate to avoid eye contact with each other.

Cavalli: what's the situation?

There's a series of clicks and beeps.

Barrett: we detected multiple jump signatures at the nadir point a short time ago. Looks like a big fleet.

Del Toro: any IDs? Is it the Federation?

She steps into the frame: she's beautiful and very fine featured with dark hair and a heart shaped faced.

Tech: dunno. This system is so old I can barely make anything out. Ah! There!

A string of alphanumerics run across the screen. The tech starts typing quickly.
Cavalli leans in over his shoulder.

Cavalli: "Pride of Buena, Eisenburg, Bruno Heinmann" - these are Lyran ships. What the hell is Steiner up to?

Del Toro: Esos hijos de puta!

Tech: they're hailing us! Colonel, they want to speak with you!

I guess this means we are part of something historic. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to stand on Terra and kick the shit out of the Blakists... but this is good to.
A joint Lyran-FWL counter attack to retake worlds overrun by these Feddies in March.
And we finally get a little pay back.

When I say joint Lyran-FWL, that's not exactly true. It's the Tamarind Duchy's forces for one and dribs and drabs from the Buena Archonette.
We are burning in for Khon Kaen along with elements of the 1st fusiliers and the 4th Alliance Guards. We are a merry little multi-national team.
And down on the surface... who knows what awaits us
- Taigh Barrett
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Khon Kaen burns. It is The Master’s will.

While our forces are strong and loyal - not one of my men will retreat in the face of the heretics unless ordered - we face overwhelming odds.

Our mission was to unite humanity - at least we seem to have accomplished that. A joint Lyran/FWL Force is now tearing through our Federation allies.
The Precentor estimates the unbelievers brought a full Mech battalion, a light brigade of armour and a brigade of infantry against us, plus maybe close to a regiment of mercenaries. And their fighters... we have nothing to match the sheer amount of fighters raining death down on us.

They took Pattaya - the capital - after dropping almost right on top and smashing the Circinus battalion there. My people had spent months working and training those new recruits and now most of them lay dead before the unbelievers. Our mercenary companions - these Barton’s Boozefighters managed to fight their way free from that trap but took heavy casualties. I hear their XO was captured and they abandoned most of their armoured company when they ran into blocking forces.

I led my II out and we managed to briefly stall the Lyrans, but there were so many of them. Hornsby died when his Exterminator went critical and Leeza’s ejection was fouled.

Now the Precentor has pulled us back. Our Federation allies are still holding out around the main spaceport and along the industrial sector, but he’s already looking ahead. To defeat.

He took one battle group - mostly Circinus recruits and some of those ROM types - and skirted around the Waeng Ya port. I’ve got the other - the remains of my II, What’s left of the Boozefighters and maybe a Level II of brand new Feddie recruits. None of hem have received the “upgrades”.
We are to fall back into the badlands and start moving back to the hidden droppers.
Let the Word know what happened here.
We will have our revenge - the Master’s will will be done.

- Adept IX Markus Black
Khon Kaen, June 21 3075

That was rough. Real rough.
City fighting is never pretty - but when you're facing fanatics that won't stand down, won't give an inch, its brutal
When you're facing those kinds of fanatics in a city... and they're cyber'ed  up with combat implants and battle drugs... it's hell.
- Taigh Barrett

I'm sick of writing letters to families and loved ones that tells them their son/daughter/etc died under my command.
What's worse is when they're tied so closely to the unit like Ginnifer. After we rotate back I'll have to see her adoptive mother every day. The same woman who also lost her wife fighting for me.

Ginnie and two of our newly hired BA troopers fell taking that wretched city. All up, Big Bear also lost his Assassin and Electra's Dervish is gone. And all of us took serious damage. I think 2nd Company was more spare parts than Mech after their slug through the eastern suburbs.

We dropped directly into the Freddie positions - the Lyran RCT commander decided mercs would go in first with heavy fighter cover, smash out a beach head and clear the way for his troops. Meanwhile, the Tamarind troops dropped just outside and cut off any escape.
We might all be on we happy family but the Steiners and Hawks aren't exactly cooperating.

Anyway, us and two battalions of O'Gordon's Rifles came in hot but the drop was all fouled up - we were all mixed in and I ended up using Command, Fire, Hunter and Pursuit lances to push into the city. We faced a mixed battalion of Circinus troops - all dug in and willing to die.

Every block we smashed through - bombed out and burnt buildings - we found more of them holed up.
Battle Armour got Gin - pulling her from her Firestarter and shooting her in the street, Kramer got downed tangling with a Shootist and Electra was shot to pieces as we came down.

By the next morning we linked up with the remains our the Cavalliere and a battalion of Rifles and pushed deeper in.
Finally, our Lyran friends arrived to save the day. Meanwhile, we spent 40 odd hours fighting and dying.
- Felix Cavalli

The only upside is those O'Gordon's Rifles boys gave us first chop at the salvage. We picked up a Kintaro and a Falcon Hawk. Both Blakist jobs.
Plus a couple of Royal model Demon assault tanks.
My techs are already in there fixing both Mechs up. Word is that after we finish mopping up, we are going to scour some unpopulated planets the bosses think might hold more Feddies.
- Angella Rizzo

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Things are moving. Fast.
After smashing the Freddie raider, we were gearing up for another couple of attacks - take the fight to them.
Instead, we got an urgent message and the Colonel met with some guy - all,very hush hush.

Next thing I know, we're told our contract has been bought out.
Someone must have had damn deep pockets to buy our year-long contract from the Duchy of Tamarind - plus, whoever it is would have had to impress the Duchy significantly that the contract was against the Word.
- Taigh Barrett

When most people say "corporate gig" they usually mean defending offices and company headquarters. Maybe some close personal security for VIPs.
Mostly, nice and easy duty. Not this time.

Maybe an hour after the service for Gin and our BA troopers, the Colonel gets a message. Me and him were required to shuttle back to what was left of the capital where I thought we were going to get new attack orders from the higher ups.
Instead we met Morten Chandler - little guy in a crumpled suit with a chain smoking habit. I'd never heard of him but Felix said he's some sort of legend in FWL intel circles.
A spook, an information broker.

He was representing Irian Unlimited, who were discreetly working with Alys Marik's resistance.
Seems our contract has been bought out - and a substantial sweetener offered to Tamarind - and we are off to Irian.
Yeah, that Irian where we got our arses kicked not so long ago.
Now all we gotta do is help the on-world revolution kick the Word off planet.
- Joe Paige 

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Tower Control: roger that Sky Tracker, moving you to secondary.

Blessed Vision: Tower, this is Blessed Truth on final,approach. Submitting final clearance now.

Tower: we see you Blessed Vision. Wait one... your clearance checks out. We'll be taking manual control from you now. We are taking control remotely, now.

Vision: Roger. Thanks for the lift.

Lion: All units, this is Lion. We have IPL contacts in the wire. This is a general alert. Say again, we are on a general alert.

Vision: Err, tower? Are we coming down in the middle of a gunfight?

Tower: all good Vision, just some Irian Partisan League pukes. Security will deal with it in a second.
Now, lay back and take it - we are guiding you in.

Vision: we are down! Thanks for the ride, tower. Commencing pre-embankment checklist. Out.

Watchdog: Blessed Vision, this is Watchdog. Prepare for boarding for a routine customs and border clearance check. We are two minutes away. Please undo the T5 hatch and await further instructions.

Vision: roger that.

Felix Cavalli rested his chin in his hands as the last message came in. Like everyone in the Overlord class Dropship's bridge he worn the light grey coveralls stitched with IrTech across the breast.
"Let's hope the IPL know what they're doing," he said.
On the main screen, he could see a party of four people walking across the retractable bridge leading from the main building to their dropper.
Three were clearly classic corporate security in bulky armour and helmets, the fourth was rotund and wore a richly dressed blouse and cloak despite the extreme heat.
Beside him his hulking XO shrugged.
"If not, those people are going to get on board and find two companies of Mechs and an infantry company instead of water purifiers," he said.
Joe Paige stood and readjusted his pistol belt. The 10mm TK Enforcer looked tiny next to his bulk.
"And in that case, this is going to be the fastest rebellion ever."

So, we did it. We snuck in right under the noses of the Word of Blake thanks to the Irian Partisan League. It seems the IPL has the planet pretty well worked over.
Apart from the three divisions of Protectorate Militia keeping the Broadsword flying overhead.
We came in on a Marik ship with codes bought by Alys' resistance to say we were a regular resupply mission.
Our dependants, our own ships and the Armoured elements all remain on Tamarind - this is the sort of op that makes me worry about having to make a fast getaway and while I'd like to have the Ramses in orbit and our own Droppers nearby, it's just too dangerous.

Technically, we are employed by Arcadia Mining as an auxiliary security element. We landed on Irian at Kirin River as merchants and then marched off our equipment into a Maglev bound for a neighbouring Arcadia facility. The IPL are masters of manipulating the on world computer networks.
My only concern is that so are the Word.
- Felix Cavalli
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Tales from the Jihad on Irian

Saul Uriel smiled and nodded at the big man behind the cafe's counter.
"You need a copy?" The hulking server said, gesturing to the payment terminal. The man was huge and grossly fat, his stomach hanging well over his greasy trousers and straining the limits of his stained shirt.

Saul shook his head. "No thanks," he said reaching forward to tap his payment chit against the machine's side.
In a second there was a chime and the "PAYMENT APPROVED" message flashed up.
Stalling for a second and shifting awkwardly Saul looked around.
Beyond the greasy ball of lard the female cook hurriedly about the kitchen.

Pity, the food was actually really good.

"Well?" The fat man growled, crossing meaty arms across his ample gut.

Saul raised both hands, "all good, thanks again."

It could be any mid town Kirin River cafe, complete with scrambled Gruai eggs and Irian smoked bacon and surly service.
Except, Saul knew the fat owner was named Shrin Maldive and in addition to regularly clearing the cafe for Protectorate Militia troops he also passed on any information he had to his Blakist masters, selling out neighbours and customers for cash.

The customer pointedly didn't glance back at his recently vacated table or the bag he'd left there.

Stepping out into the street, Saul only paused to light a cigarette - shielding it from the light drizzle.
He was half way down the street and had already merged into the morning foot traffic when the blast tore through the cafe.

"GO! Go! GO!"
The apartment's door exploded off its hinges as the breaching charge went off in a cloud of dirty smoke.
Instantly, the crouched trooper leap forward and surged through the portal.
There was a brief chatter of automatic gunfire and then calls of "CLEAR!" From inside.

Commander Neko Stephens was the last to enter the breached apartment - although none of her troopers would ever consider her a coward. Five years leading Irian Technology's Hostage Rescue Team Two and she had proved her courage under fire repeatedly to everyone of them
There wasn't a man or woman on the team who wouldn't throw themselves on a grenade or take a bullet for their boss - knowing she'd do likewise.

Neko slung her AX-22 to use both hands to open up her helmet - clamshell style, with the advanced optics package shoved up onto her head and the breathing mask sliding down past her chin.
Her crew had taken positions about the apartment - each of them bulky to the point of ridiculousness in their armour and bulbous helmets.
IrTech's HRT and SWAT elements utilised the heaviest unpowered armour around and were equipped with a dazzling arrange of weapons. Two Gauss teams had been keeping overwatch and each of her troopers were loaded to bare.

Even Neko's AX-22 was a specially built upgunned model - computer jacks straight into her night vision goggles/HUD that fed her targeting info and told her how many rounds she had, flash suppressor, underslung 40mm grenade launcher and the extended 30 round magazine.

And all of it to do something the ****** Militia should be doing, she thought as she entered the room. Faced with a seemingly omnipresent and highly effective revolution, the three regiments of Protectorate Militia seemed reluctant to fight. Instead, while they managed the "planetary macro defence", the dirty work had been handed to IrTech's massive security agency.

While IrTech maintained a standing army bigger than some periphery realms and had long ago taken over the planetary police contract, Neko didn't like counter insurgency work.

Take this for example, she mused.

The front room of the flat was a mess: a Tri-Vid player resting on a stack of mouldering pizza cartons, a battered lounge and an overturned recliner were the only furniture. Empty beer and whiskey bulbs and bottles were scattered across the floor.
Neko strode over to the overturned chair - sprawled in it lay a man wearing old grimy shorts and three bullet holes puncturing his torso.
A fourth had taken off the top of his head, spattering blood and brains across the cheap carpeting beyond him.

Just out of the corpse's reach - presumably kicked aside by the clearing trooper - lay a compact pistol
Thor 7mm, Neko noticed absently. Used by cops and corp security across the FWL. And easy to buy on the black market

She passed through the kitchen and into one of the bedrooms. Two of her troops stood guard over a huddle of cuffed and shackled people while a third checked off names and IDs on a noteputer.
Staff Sergeant Vincent Wu had shed his helmet, allowing the commander to see the big man's eyes. They were pure silver, a result of his Cybernetic argumentation.
While cybernetics were heavily promoted by the Blakists, FWL prejudices ran strong and Neko was always slightly disturbed when she saw more of her countrymen embracing them.

The commander began her own survey of the prisoners - checking their names and faces against the images on her wrist comp. Each face was roughly pulled up to reveal a look of contempt and hate - or fear.
Two men - one in his 50s, the other about 35, a woman about the same age, two males about 19 and a girl who was maybe 15 or 16.
She stopped over the man in his 30s.

"Robert LeGraves, 37, mechanic, formerly of the Templeton District. Now Irian Partisan League bombmaker," she said, glancing at the screen on her wrist.
"You though hiding down here would save you, eh?"
She gestured and one of her men hauled the rebel to his feet and frogmarched him out.

Then her helmet chimed - it was a priority signal. Neko quickly took the call, dropping her visor back into place so she could watch the visual.
"Excellent work, Commander Stephens. LeGraves will be interrogated at once to determine what he knows."
Precentor Sharon DeSadt appeared to be sitting in her office, her white robe billowing out over the black office chair.

"We'll debrief the rest of the detainees here and then bring them in for questioning," Neko said, motioning at Wu to begin getting the prisoners up.

"That won't be required, commander. We only need LeGraves and the rest can't be allowed to talk. Dispose of them."

Neo began to protest when the image and audio went dead.

Wu and the other trooper had got the group to their feet when their commander told them to stop. And leave the room.
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Well, Jerome Blake came to Irian.
Militia took aim at me, though all I did was stare,
Blake’d Hang me for an IPL, so from Kirin River I took my leave o’there,
I fought those bastard on the ground, I fought them  bastards in the air,
Though Johnny Blake unleashed their nuclear flight, every man n woman will keep up the fight!

- Irian Partisan League popular song.
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Irian and the 37 martyrs: A blood soaked revolution
- Tamarind Catholic University Press, 3087

The prelude to Irian's December revolution started on November 17 with the arrest of Jian Carlo-Mindoro by IrTech security services as part of a random traffic stop.
Carlo-Mindoro was a metal worker at Dyson Steel and a longtime bootlegger and smuggler who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Stopped by IrTechSec, who were augmenting regular police patrols in Kirin River, Carlo-Mindoro pulled a snub nosed .38 revolver and opened fire as police stopped his car.
He injured one officer, before being pursued down an alley and shot 27 times by pursuing agents.
A later search discovered his car contained several kilograms of Oriente Black Brew coffee which had been illegally imported.

The death sparked widespread condemnation and triggered labour strikes and protests across Kirin River. The deceased was a member of the United Brotherhood of Metal Worker union, who walked out of numerous plants and founderies across the city.
Subsequent clashes between the UBMW and allied unions and government forces eventually saw the Protectorate Militia deploy several companies of combat troops.
In Kentwood, the sprawling western metropolis, strikers joined students and disgruntled citizens in a series of occupy protests that ground the city to a halt. Unable to escort strikebreakers into the primary garbage and recycling plant past hordes of jeering and often violet sanitation workers and students, a Protectorate Militia Stinger opened fire and killed 26 protesters.

That incident would trigger planet-wide protests and violent rebellion. Largely urban and well educated, Irian's population had previously been content to mostly allow the Word run their world as long as entertainer stayed running and climate control systems operated.
But now, thousand took to the streets - occupying Irian's Supreme Court complex, schools, universities and even government facilities
IrTech's production ground to a halt as workers rose up or walked out and vital systems across Kirin River and surrounds suddenly stopped running as technicians defected.
All of this was only further worsened as Irian Partisan League rebels launched sabotage and offensive operations - including sniper attacks and bombings against Protectorate Militia and WoB administrators.

Things came to a head on November 21. Ten IPL fighters had organised to meet unionists and students in a warehouse on Klein St, Kirin River to discuss the next move.
The Word of Blake would later allege the warehouse was a weapons cache and safe house and that the fighters were in the process of supplying weapons to rioters.
The IPL disputed this. Either way, as the meeting occurred Protectorate Militia troops struck, using infantry and Tornado power suits, supported by light tanks to assault the building.
The firefight would rage for five hours, required the deployment of Militia VTOL gunships and a lance of Battlemechs.
In the end, all 10 IPL fighters were killed, along with Dr Adolph Lee, a prominent union lawyer and organiser, and 29 Irian Protectorate Militia troopers.

The Militia and elements of the IrTech security would continue a string of anti-partisan operations throughout the  next week, rounding up thousands and burning homes and businesses deemed enemy safe houses
For the most part, rioters and rebels kept low until December 5 when an all out offensive struck.

When the uprising was triggered, the message was "remember the 37 martyrs".

The Comms were full of static. Static and false orders. After a week of relative calm, Commander Neko Stephens had almost convinced herself things had returned to normal.
Then this computer problem. Glancing at her comm screen set on her desk she could see a dozen contridactory messages flashing up. IrTech Security teams being ordered to muster at a certain place or stand down or do this or that.
And then the screen would descend into static and start all again.

It was 2300 and she was just about to call about the issue when her door crashed open.
Staff Sergeant Vincent Wu and two of her troopers strode in. She realised all three were in full armour and Wu cradled a Needler rifle.

"What's up?" She said. She'd worked with Wu for four years, sponsored his promotion to staff. Plus her sidearm sat on her desk in reach.
She wasn't worried.

Wu kept the rifle trained on her. His cyber eyes glowed silver in the light.
"IPL wants you dead ma'am. But it doesn't need to be that way. We are her to make sure you escape."

She was turning back to the comm screen when it hit her. This rebellion was everywhere - even her XO was in.
Nico spun back to the trio.
"But you... you're..." she inclined her chin at his eyes.

The NCO smiled.
"Don't let the cyber work fool you. It was just the best way to convince the Word I was onside', he said.
Then Wu reached out and cocked the ugly, blunt looking rifle.

"Nico, everyone on this team would follow you to hell. But this is our home, you come with us and we can get you outta here."

Nico nodded. She then dived forward and snatched her pistol off the desk. The 9mm caught briefly on the neo-leather holster. Just enough to add a second onto her dive.
The needler coughed - even this close up it just sounded like a dull grunt - and next thing she was flung backwards in her chair.
There was pain, White hot and tingling across her left side and shoulder.

Nico realised she couldn't make her limbs move, everything was so heavy as she tried to sit up.

There were heavy treads and Wu came into her vision. She realised she must have fallen off her chair because she was looking up at him.
Distantly, she could see his silver eyes were all clouded now, like a fogged up windscreen.
As Wu shot her again she realised he was trying to cry but those silver lenses had stopped him

Being held back to watch the transmitting towers while the rest of the unit rolls out to liberate Kirin River sounded really shitty last night.
Today, when the Protectorate Militia threw at company or so at my lance and a hodgepodge of IPL infantry... not so much.

We knew we had to keep those towers Broadcasting or this whole revolution was done. And so did the Word. About 0600, with the thick fog still hanging over the valley they tried to sneak their BA in. Luckily one of our pickets heard them and let rip
Otherwise, those Purifiers would have been all over us.

Next they dropped arty on us and tried to charge in from two directions.
I managed to bottle up a lance of their Mechs and some armour in a valley/canal, while we held off the BA on the left.
It was in close, but the jagged terrain helped.

In a couple minutes I'd holed a Bandersnatch and captured it and we drove off the BA. My ace in the hole was a couple of IPL Stygians we raced around their rear - we only had two but it convinced the Wobbies they were flanked and done.
And they fell back - leaving two tanks burning and the Bandersnatch in our hands.
Our IPL infantry buddies suffered, but otherwise it was clean and easy!
- Taigh Barrett

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December 5, 3075

Precentor Bernard Schleyer hurled the monitor across the room in disgust. The cheap plastic casing cracked open, exposing the machine's inner parks as the screen went black with a puff of smoke.
Glaring around the room he snarled.
"You people are supposed to be the representatives of the will of Blake's word on Irian... and this... this is what you bring me?"
He stared at each of his subordinates gathered around the conference table.

The head of the Irian Protectorate Militia pointedly starred at his hands steepled on the hardwood table, the chief of IrTech Security - actual the 2iC, no one could find the head since this morning's uprising - avoided his eyes while Word's chief administrator kept looking straight ahead.
Only Precentor Tobias Stephens, Schleyer's legal attaché would meet his eye.
The short, stocky little man just smiled as he indicated the holographic display that took up the opposite wall.
"We could just shoot the all?" Stephens said

Irian's Word of Blake head ignored the remark and turned to the display. From floor to ceiling, the far wall was a holographic display, divided into a dozen images.
In the centre several Protectorate Militia troopers and a Galleon light tank were falling back down a broad highway. Fighters in a mishmash of clothing and combat equipment pursued them, tracers flickering back and forth.

There, a Spartan stood surrounded by burning buildings. The vision zoomed in on a pair of fighters. The woman looked young - about 16 - and was wearing a bulky flak jacket over her thin frame. She was helping the man shoulder a man pack SRM launcher, which he quickly spun towards the camera.

Further over, a flaming barricade had been thrown across an inner city road. Figures crouched near the barrier and adjacent buildings. VTOLs zipped over head.

"Get out of here. Fix it," Schleyer yelled.

He slumped back into his chair as the group filed out the door. The noteputer in front of him showed a map of Kirin River - red spotchs showed suspected enemy positions.
A big red splash down the main arterial highway, blotches scattered about it.

Cavalli’s Cavaliere were in the thick of the brutal fighting for Irian during the December uprising.
Cavaliere elements supported the main thrust into Kirin River, tackling several command and strong points. Another part of the unit carried out a raid on an IrTech facility on the edge of the city - apart from a small loyalist elements, IrTech had overwhelmingly sided with the rebels.
The Irian Protectorate Militia mostly stayed loyal but increasingly found itself cut off and pinned down by IPL elements or even locked in battle with disloyal elements.
This prevented most of the Militia from mobilising.

At 0930, IPL and Cavalli’s Cavaliere assaulted an IrTech warehouse facility, brushing aside occupying elements of the Militia and securing a full squadron of older model Transgressors. The fighters had previously been earmarked for the HeavyHell Raisers, but were shuffled into storage after their defection.
These fighters were used by the Raisers and IPL volunteers to devolved a crippling blow against the Word.

Meanwhile, Colonel Cavalli led a direct attack on downtown Kirin River, capturing command and control facilities. This assault - while costly - allowed the IPL to quickly break out and secure most of the capital.
- The Merc Trade: Jihad Edition, 3081
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and to think, we held those streets while that crook Stephens ran. Later I heard him trying to tell people those brave boys from the 1st Protectorate Militia held the breach open while the wounded and civilians managed to escape, but all I saw was him and his cronies running while we died.
- The Jihad: The Word's stories. Vice Press, New Earth, 3091

Axxmann: By 1300 we were surrounded and desperate to break out. My platoon was down to maybe 12 effective and we'd run into some other odds and sods - more Protectorate Militia, some IrTech Corporate Security who'd stayed loyal - or hadn't managed to slip away yet - and even some Word civilians.
Most of us were reservists only equipped with a mix of stuff - equipment captured from the partisans, Word cast offs, even old Lyran surplus - and people were starting to slip off and try and return home when the next big push came.

Interrogator: But you held them together?

Axxmann: well I threatened to shoot anyone who broke yeah. At that point a Partisan Bulldog smashed through the opposite building. It walked right into our gun team who put a RPG through the side.
The blast was huge and the infantry behind the tank were totally stalled. It was another hour before they managed to push us out of those buildings. We ran with the Partisans hot on our heels.

Interrogator: How many were left?

Axxmann: Four of us broke out. I saw Bullard go down as soon as we broke cover. I dunno what happened to Penn.
I made it back to the next strongpoint with one other man.

Interrogator: And then?

Axxmann: And then they put me in charge of another 10 poor bastards and told me to get back in the line. A grenade went off about a foot from me maybe 20 minutes later and I went down. Then you lot picked me up.

- Log of interrogation with Lieutenant Eric Axxmann, 1st Protectorate Militia
Irian, December 12 3075

Captain Michal Ferić is to be commended for his actions in Kirin River, Irian between December 5-10, during which he led numerous assaults on heavily entrenched Protectorate Militia positions in an effort to liberate the city from the Word of Blake.
Piloting a Thunderbolt Battlemech and leading a battalion sized "commando" made up mostly of infantry and light armour, he was successful in capturing several Blakist Fire Control Centres that had been coordinating the city's defence. His bravery and quick thinking during this attack probably shortened the resistance's efforts by up to a week.
- Order of the Saber nomination submission submitted by IPL leadership.

Michal "Mike" Ferić (November 21, 3041- November 26, 3077) was a Free Worlds League soldier and rebel, best known fro his actions during the Word of Blake Jihad.

A graduate of the Legionary Training Academy, Newcastle-born Ferić was assigned to the 8th Free Worlds Legionnaires as a Lieutenant Senior Grade when the Word of Blake Jihad broke out. Despite chaffing under the Blakist yoke over the FWL, Ferić continued to take part in joint anti-insurgency work with the on planet 15th Division.

In 3070 he was promoted to Captain and personally awarded the Distinguished Service Award by Captain General Corinne Marik for his actions in destroying insurgent Knights of the Inner Sphere in conjunction with the Word of Blake.
However, shortly afterward Ferić became increasingly vocal about his distaste for the Word - his complaints became more frequent after watching Word troops open fire on protesting students in Atreus City. In October 3070 he was among 10 Legionnaire officers arrested as part of the "October plot", a planned attempt to kill 15th Division's commander Precentor Evelyn Jennings.

However, the Captain was spirited away from Word custody by his battalion commander and allowed to escape the detention centre. Later re-captured by Word security troops Ferić strangled a ROM guard and managed to escape again, later making contact with Alys Marik's Resistance.

It's believed he was taken to Augustine - the centre of anti-Blakist resistance in the FWL, trained in clandestine operations and took part in several actions against the Word over the next two years. In late 3073, Ferić was inserted into Irian to bolster the Irian Partisan League and to act as a liaison officer.

Ferić would participate in several actions as part of Devlin Stone's Coalition until returning to Atreus in late 3077 to take part in the eventual overthrow of the Blakists.
He was killed on the last day of fighting.
WikiLink entry
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When I was a kid back on Andurien, there was this vid show I loved. Dear old dad hated catching me watching "that crap" and seemed to think I should be learning how to rule or reading The Prince, not wasting my time.
Anyway, this show had this cat who would just get beaten up - every time - trying to do something or other.
And after every beating, every defeat, this mouse would ask if he was ok. That cat would roll on its back, heave a great sigh and say: "Just catching my breath".

That's like us - we've been through the ringer, but we are just catching our breath.

After three days of fighting, the IPL had effectively pushed the Blakists out of Kirin River - there was sporadic resistance around the dropport and the western suburbs, but for the most the Word was packing up or surrendering as quick as it could.
High command sent us on an end run around and into the Soapstone Mountains fearing the Protectorate Militia was trying to set up defensive positions and duke it out again.

We brushed aside some road blocks and a handful of stragglers - there were no fanatics in the mountains. Just retreating troops. Our main issue was handling the sheer number of Protectorate Militia troops surrendering!

The Word was finished by December 8: of the three Militia divisions, two were so compromised with IPL sympathy or were simply handed the wrong set or orders due to our monkey around with their computer systems they could not mount much of a defence.
The 1st Division fought well but just didn't have the manpower - and when the Word leadership up and fled for the mountains they started surrendering fast.

The remaining Shadow Division was thought dead in the first day's big assault by the HeavyHell Raisers. Those guys dropped fuel air explosives on the Shadows and strafed the remains. As always when dealing with the Shadows... they fooled us.

Like I was saying, we thought it was all but done when we got word the Blakist leadership had escaped into the IrTech plant and it seemed not everyone at IrTech was pro-rebellion, with a handful of executives and a decent whack of their security troops now holding the facility.

This is where things get strange. Technically, we are employed by IrTech... not the IPL. We got orders to clear the facility - but that would mean firing on our employers. I'm no guardhouse lawyer and the right thing to do was obvious, but none the less I kept trying to contact someone from IrTech as we linked up with the HeavyHell Raisers.
Finally someone responded. The lady eventually gave us the go signal - turned out she was VP for like public relations and was holed up in an office while pro-Word security scoured the facility around her.

We smashed into the Soapstone mountains and things got ugly. It's literally a maze of Mech-sized tunnels, factories and rooms cut directly into the mountains and deep underground. Our BA and the Hell Raiser special forces teams were the most help - but it was bloody.

We lost Homer to one of those remaining Shadows. Big Bear lost another Mech, Benji's Battlemaster is a wreck and he's in intensive care, while both Black and Cezar's machines were salvaged but badly damaged.
****** Shadows - they'd survived and were ready to make us pay for every corridor and room.

Things went worse for the HeavyHell Raisers though - that unit's dead. Their CO, Manu tripped a booby trap and bought it, almost all their remaining Mechs were destroyed and their infantry is all but gone. I offered all of them berths with us.

- Felix Cavalli

I wonder if the Colonel is writing about this right now? I imagine his account is very different to mine. The end of this campaign was pure hell... and for a second I feared it would shatter the unit.
Not the combat, no - the fall out.

Antje Vermer quit the unit, taking with her her husband (it's going to be hard to replace a doctor!), and several techs.
After we cleared the tunnels she blasted the Colonel pretty much in front of everyone - said he'd wilfully endangered Homer, that he should have told the IPL to stick this mission, etc.
She finished by saying his hate for the Blakists was blinding him and getting people killed.

He took it and told her she was free to go - with her Awesome.

That fight, deep in the dark had a lot of us thinking. I was thinking about you and the kids, would I come back. But it also got me thinking about the evil we're fighting here.
We're being routed back to Tamarind by command circuit - seems the IPL are likely linking up with the rest of the FWL Resistance and we get to catch a lift.
I can't wait to see you again, my love.

- HPG message between Joe Paige and Amber Mori-Paige
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Six hours after Cavalli's Cavaliere liberated the IrTech facility in the Soapstone Mountains, the unit was burning for atmosphere. IPL leadership skilfully kept the hired help away as they started rounding up hundreds of collaborators in the government and defence organisation. As the Cavaliere's dropships departed, the Word struck back - unleashing a nuclear firestorm on the plant just liberated by the mercenaries.
- Irian's Struggle, Blacknett Stellar Press, 3091

New orders. We're sitting above Dubhe waiting to transfer across to another Jumper. We were supposed to be heading back into Tamarind, instead we're standing by to head into Lyran space.
It seems Stone put out an urgent call for help via the FWL Resistance and we're it
A command circuit is supposed to get us to Galatea by the end of December - seems Ole Dev Stone bit off too much to chew there.

We'll drop Vermer and some of the others along the way. Still less than pleased we've had to leave our Armoured company back on Tamarind, I don't like this split.
- Felix Cavalli
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STATE OF EMPLOYMENT: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
DATE OF ISSUE: December 10, 3075

Cavalli’s Cavaliere
RATING: Veteran/reliable

The unit Cavalli’s Cavaliere currently consists of two Battlemech COMPANIES, plus a dedicated command lance, a Battle Armour PLATOON, a fighter SQUADRON and an oversized Armoured COMPANY with infantry support.

EMPLOYMENT: All Battlemech, aerospace and BA assets are now (as of December 10) contracted by private employee DEVLIN STONE (see contract holder statement 11/339-ZETA-000019).

The unit's infantry and armour assets remain contracted to the DUCHY OF TAMARIND and have remained on Tamarind since the start of September (see contract holder statement 01/878-OMEGA-1016619).
The Tamarind contract finishes at the end of December.
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December 23, 3075
We're one jump away from Galatea, having linked up with the Knights of St Cameron. There's more mercs about a jump behind us.
These Knights are... interesting. But they have good tech and a hell of a lot of fighters. And we're gunna need them.
Word is the Blakists struck ack earlier this week and have come down on the Coalition troops. Hard. Reinforcements re-took the Bastion-class space station and are using it to support the ground troops.
Meanwhile, the Coalition's commander was killed in a head hunter attack.

We are to jump in and clear the system as the Tooth of Ymir arrive and commence an assault. After we retake that damn Bastion we follow down.
Normally, I'd say this space battle stuff is out of our league - but our BA troopers are experienced boarders and this time we have some help.
A Leopard class pocket warship is leading the allied forces with us - seems Alys Marik managed to swipe a few of the PWS in a recent raid.
This time, we have the fire power.
- Felix Cavalli

New faces:

Some of the following new hires came on board as the Cavaliere served the Duchy of Tamarind, others were hired as that contract finished and they shifted to Lyran space.
A new TO&E will go up shortly, but they form a new Battle lance (replacing the departing members), fill some holes in other lances and form a new medium pursuit/skirmished lance.
So far, both new lances have been kept out of combat - instead, being run through training exercises an so back up duty. That changes on Galatea...

Yevgeny Yulik served in the 4th Sucession War as a 15-year-old CCAF boy soldier, then the Republican Guards as a Mechwarrior, before losing his sight during the FedCom Civil War. Spending his entire life savings on advanced optics to replace his damaged eyes, he found the mercenary market his only option but seemed to continually pick the wrong backers. He was actually hiding from his creditors on his homeworld of TIKONOV when the Jihad broke out and eagerly joined the Capellan rebels. Now piloting a Victor as part of the Cavaliere's new Battle Lance.
A jovial giant, Yupik is very cautious, fearing his creditors are still after him.

As a child Isaiah 'Hammer' Hendrix only knew being a fugitive from the Draconis Combine - his family still practised the banned Jewish faith and were frequently forced to move.
In the late 50s, the 16-year-old Hendrix watched his parents be taken by the ISF, never to be seen again. While serving a lengthy stretch in prison for beating up the foster home guardian who touched him, young Isaiah was introduced to the Yakuzza. Fifteen years later he's a Chu-I in the 10th Ghost Regiment but their mutiny prompt him to flee with his AS7-K Atlas - and that dishonour prompted his Yakuzza clan to declare a price on his head. After all, they spent good money getting him into the Ghost Regiments, who said he could leave, regardless of their disgrace?

Yulri Nikolayev was practically raised in the EarthWerks plant on Tikonov. While employed as a tech, his real dream was to become a Mechwarrior. His parents were killed by the Blakists in 3071 during the brutal suppression of a strike and he fled to the rebels, initially serving as a tech and later a Mechwarrior. He was disgusted with the nuking of civilians by his comrades and defected to the Cavallari with his 7M Shadow Hawk.
He’s deeply anti-social and terrible with people, machines being his own true passion.

Adrianna King is the former XO of Blakist employed Barton's Boozefighters but surrendered and requested a position after the fighting on Kohn Kean. Cavalli doesn't exactly trust her but she's been assigned Barrett's old Warhammer and swears years of incompetence mixed with Blakist atrocities has seen her genuinely defect. She's a full on pin-up goddess with bleached blonde hair and lots of tattoos, a former glamour model who had a reality tri-Vid filmed about her as a celeb merc/bounty hunter. King is 50 but looks about 30 due to extensive plastic surgery and a frightening gym schedule.

Esmeralda Rico has probably been bounced from more units than anyone else in the FWL in an 11 year career that has seen her go up and down the rank ladder numerous times. Her insubordinate attitude and outright disrespect of her commanders eventually saw her muster out as a Lieutenant Junior Grade in 3073. The daughter of minor nobility of Tamarind, she arrived in the wake of the Circinus Federation attack and signed up with Cavalli.
She pilots one of the new Retrotech Icarus, purchased from the Tamarins government.

Helena Polo-Cruz is a Sierra native and part of a Mech owning family. Sheninherited her Hermes II at a young age after Her father died in combat. Delighted to leave the chauvinism of her homeworld, she served as a freelance mercenary for several years before she was dispossessed fighting during the 3067 FWL/Lyran War. Limping towards home she ekked out a living as a tech and sometimes bar tender before joining with Cavalli. She pilots the other Icarus

Janos Nguyễn is a former St Ives Sentinel warrior who saw action during the St Ives-Capellan war but found it hard to re-integrate back into civilian life after leaving the military. He spent several years as a labourer before being drawn into the criminal underworld. On Denbar in 3069 he was arrested in relation to an illegal smuggling ring. Nguyễn had served as the Tong’s muscle and was sacrificed so his bosses could escape. A year later, the imprisoned former Mechwarrior was offered work by the Mask - drop into Tikonov as part of an expendable unit. He readily accepted but found the prospect of return too much and joined the departing mercs. He’s taken over the in stock Vindicator.

Eli Moss is the cousin of Elton Moss, a Cavaliere member who was critically injured fighting on Savannah in 3071. Recovering on Savannah with a very generous payout package from the Cavalliere, the older Moss spent the remaining of his savings salvaging his destroyed PXH-3S and shipping it to his distant relation who he had shared a close bond with. He then calmly killed himself by switching off the cybernetic stimulator that powered his two prosthetic legs and wading into the ocean.
Despite being 26, Moss is as green as grass when it comes to war and has given up his career as a journalist on Concord to finally embrace his dream of becoming a Mechwarrior. He caught up with the Cavalliere as they prepared to engage the Federation raiders.
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I should get this down on tape... while there's still time. My name is Adept Mary-Louise Yang. I'm an Adept with the Word of Blake's 4th Division. Praise Blake.
A week ago, my Level II and other elements were shuttled to Galatea as part of a counter attack - the unbelievers had assaulted the planet and our braves troops were forced into a bitter hit and run campaign of defence. We retook Galatea's system - destroying several heretic Jumpships and Dropships and even retaking the space station in orbit.

Hands of the Master then descended on the planet to punish the deserving.
My Level II and other elements drawn from the 4th and 3rd, as well as the remaining 11th fighter crews continued to hold the system until December 23.

A large fleet of this Devlin Stone's troops then dropped into the system and began their assault. My troops were in the van - ripping through fighters belonging to the Knights of St Cameron - Mercenary scum! As if they knew something the Blessed Order did not!
We held the advantage until more mercenaries arrived - Cavalli's Cavaliers or something. We sold ourselves dearly, but after learning the Bastion was destroyed, we were forced to pull back.

During the run for Galatea's orbit disaster struck as we were over taken.
My Rogue was critically damaged - and at least some of the missile blast tore into my cockpit, shredding my G-suit. With minimal power, no radio and little air..  I wait.
Eventually I'll freeze to death here, knowing we tried as hard as Blake could ask.
I'm so cold. So cold.

- the following was tendered at the hearing of Adept Yang during the Geneva Trials, 3080. Adept Yang was found by recovery crews about an hour after this recording.
She was sentenced to five years hard labour by the Geneva court, commuted to one year with time served on account of her disability sustained above Galatea.

We retoook space. With the jumpoint clear, more support is behind us, including the Tooth of Ymir. Normally, I'd say this was a good start - no losses, an easy drop into orbit. But Word from the planet sounds dire.
The ComGuard CO was killed in a Blakist head hunter attack last week and it appears the Word has dropped a good amount of their cyber soldier horrors on world.
It's still bitter house to house fighting and hit and fade actions on world.
In 11 days we'll be on the surface, dropping on the left of the ComGuards who are pressed very hard.
- Joe Paige
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So, I've killed for the first time. The pilot of that Mercury, the crew of that tank and I guess the Gurkha pilot too, although he ejected after I cored his reactor. He just didn't land right.
This is combat. It doesn't feel that different from the sims of the academy from like 10 years ago. The only difference is when you crack the cockpit later and smell that burned flesh and hair smell or see the bodies laying twisted where you killed them.

Our lance was tasked with pushing around the flank as the battalion pushed out from Galatea City - a couple Level IIs were playing hit and run in the muddy hills off the ComGuards' flank. Most of us assaulted them straight on, with ComGuard artillery support and even some heavy tanks. We got stuck with flanking - and ran straight into a Word Mech lance and some of those new stealth tanks and infantry.

It was only later we found they were defending a series of fortifications dug into the hills. They fought for as long as possible, even taking down the LT, but we pushed in close and then got some help from the ComGuards - a couple Demon tanks and BA.

Those Word stealth Bollas are damn nasty, at one point I copped a full burst of SRMs and thought I was done. Nyugen had my back and is probably the only reason I managed to get back up and send those fanatics packing.
Eventually they gave up and ran, we then helped the ComGuard troops engage the defensive positions - lost of spider holes and gun nests before we got the word: pull back.

Pull back, I said - unless you're dropping a company on this you're not cracking it. A half hour later these black VTOLs arrived and I shit you not, a bunch of leg infantry supported by honest to God Clan Elementals popped out. We heard the gunfire for a long time before they emerged and declared the place clear.
Just like that. The Colonel later told us we were getting credit for taking the complex out and finding a whole mess of intel and even POWs.
Funny... we got told to forget all those Clanners we saw. Hell, Clan special forces? No one would believe us anyway!
- Eli Moss

Camera focuses on short, stocky woman with dark brown hair and freckles. She's wearing LAAF field greens and a bulky flak vest with MEDIA stamped across the front in white letters.
Behind her, a half a dozen infantrymen crouch or kneel in a slit trench hastily dug into the brown desert rock. Camo netting has been thrown partially over the trench, only partially hiding the cluster of antennas sprouting from the trench

Reporter: in just a few minutes Operation Avenger will commence - the final Coalition push to liberate Galatea from the Word of Blake.

The journalist pauses to while sweat off her forehead - her uniform is stained with sweat around the armpits and neck line and behind her all of the soldiers in muted brown/grey body armour are obviously dirty and grimy. Many are unshaven and others sport hastily treated wounds.

Reporter: Behind me, infantry of the ComGuard 103rd Division hold the Green Line - the step off point for Avenger and will soon launch a broad offensive on the Pygmalion fortification - a stretch of Star League era fortresses and dug in positions, further developed by slave labour during the Word occupation into a massive strong point.

The camera pans to further down the trench. Just in shot you can glimpse the cloven metal feet of a Battlemech. Several figures stand speaking and peering out occasionally with binoculars.
One is a tall, lithe woman in a ComGuard jumpsuit, the other is an elderly man in a cooling vest marked with a fan of broadswords. Another Mechwarrior steps into frame - he's wearing a camo cooling vest and black shorts - with one arm replaced by a chrome prosthetic.
He's beaded and dark but grins at the pair as he nods his head out toward the desert.

Reporter: it's starting!

Suddenly, manmade lightening splits the air, followed by a series of booms and the flicker of laser light. All of it falling from the heavens.

Reporter: Coalition forces have commended orbital bombardment on the Blakist positions. And will shortly advance.
For Donegal Broadcasting, this is Phoebe Fox on Galatea.

Her last words are drowned out as dozens of Aerospace fighters scream overhead.

That fortress was a tough nut to crack. Three days of advancing through rubble, getting shot at the whole time. Orbital bombardment, arty and air support turned the whole mountain into a jumbled mess the fanatics could hide amongst.
I was talking to the ComGuard 1st Division guys and they were saying this was what Hersperus was like. I'm glad we missed that one.

We have orders to pull back to just north of Galatea City and wait for the inevitable breakout - the Skye Jaegers have one concentration of Wobbies bottled up, 1st Div the other. We have been pulled into a battle group that mixes us, some 1st Division infantry and the Battle Corps Legion, along with walking wounded from the Tooth of Ymir, ComGuards and those St Cameron guys.
If the Word tries to break out we are to move up asap and stop them.

Felix Cavalli, January 18 3076

We just got the word - saddle up. Blakist break out! We are going hunting
Felix Cavalli, January 21
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27km north of Galatea City - "El Diablo's Gulch"
Galatea, Word of Blake Protectorate/Lyran Alliance
19 January, 3076
0455 hours

Voice one: Pickaxe Lead, that canyon is clear. The Robes are pulling back.

Voice two: Roger that Hammer, those Battle Corps boys still with you.

Voice one: Pick axe, this is Hammer. They're a little dinged up but still here. We're moving up on your three.

Burst of static and muted gunfire

Voice three: Stand by, firing now!

0605 hours

Voice two: Son of a bitch! That Bola just wasted Fabs, swing wide. The Robes are dug in like ticks!

Voice four: all unit, all units be advised we have Droppers lifting in grid references 210034 and 210153. Press them before they escape!

So, only a handful of the Wobbies escaped. We pursued them through the desert, heat through the roof and guns going the whole time.
It was nasty - we lost Fab from 2nd company's command lance to an ambush. Somehow a contingent of the Robes got past us and made it back to their hidden Dropships.

We have been shifted back to Galatea City for occupation duties - keeping watch, guarding against sabotage and handing out food and clean water to the thousands of displaced citizens.
We might have kicked the Robes off planet but plenty ave faded back into the population to hit back
- Eli Moss
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A reporter wearing LAAF fatigues and a black flak vest with PRESS written across the front in thick white letters walks down a dusty street. Many of the buildings behind her show signs of damage - blackened and burnt spots, collapsed roofs, bullet holes.
All are coloured brown and the street doesn't look paved

Reporter: Weeks after hostilities ended here in Galatea, the fight to help citizens goes on.

Picture cuts to a pair of LAAF soldiers handing out MRE ration packs to a crowd of children. The scene shifts to one of the troopers. She's taken off her helmet to expose a long mane of white blonde hair. Children are playing with her bulbous helmet - trying it on, flicking the night vision mono lenses up and down. She smiles and laughs but keeps a firm grip on her TK Assault Rifle.

The scene shifts again: a dozen men and women wearing various states of work clothing are carrying out repairs on a building. All sport an eclectic collection of tattoos and scars and most wear sidearms.

Reporter: Coalition forces are now desperate to help Galatea after years of Word of Blake occupation, including establishing food and water drop off points and dealing with left over ordinance. What's not being discussed by the Coalition is the fact that Blakist insurgents are still fighting back - using unwilling civilians as suicide bombs and frequently endangering non combatants by sheltering among them.

New picture of a Phoenix Hawk painted in urban camo standing in a city square. A grey and maroon Knight chess piece is painted on its right shoulder.
Picture pulls out to show infantry moving past it.
Suddenly, gunfire rings out - one of the infantryman throws us his hands and drops to the ground.
His comrades drop and return fire - the camera pitches and rolls, dropping behind cover before popping back up.
The Phoenix Hawk strides forward as tracers flicker about. The hulking Mech levels one arm and the while scene lights up as red tracers explode from its wrist.

Reporter: this morning, an insurgent blew himself up at a refugee collection point in Galatea Heights. Eleven civilians were killed.
Yesterday a sniper killed two Mercenary troopers and another five civilians.
Coalition forces assure us that Galatea is getting safer.
For Donegal Broadcasting Corporation, this is Phoebe Fox on Galatea.

Look, I'm going to admit... I didn't believe the new kid Eli when he was blabbing about "special forces Clanners". Yeah, until we got assigned to this new taskforce.
All week we have been running counter mortar missions and patrols as this Blakist insurgency frustrates the hell out of everyone. High command is very keen to,act like Galatea is safe and Robe free... but everyday a Coalition outfit will take casualties from a sniper or IED. Sure, the Word might not have any Mechs left on planet - but they certainly have infantry and tanks. And there is certainly MD cyber zombies about.
Just ask those poor morons from the 91st Division who ran into the suicide bomber who couldn't die last week.

Anyway, the only good news as January turned into February was that the rest of the unit and our Jumpship turned up. We are all one big happy family. Living in a bombed out barracks that insurgents constantly mortar.

Back to Eli's Clanners. We got orders tonight to saddle up to do security for a big anti-insurgency op in the northern suburbs.
My lance and some of our BA. We got to the mustering area and met the operators doing the actual work... yeah. Clanners for sure. But not what I expected. More ROM or DEST than honourbound Clanners.
They'll slip a squad of infantry in - and all of these guys bar maybe their LT and Sergeant HAVE to be Elementals - and grab the target. A couple more squads are on overwatch and then a full on Elemental in armour squad are the initial door hitters.
We are just there to form a blocking element - but I'm getting the feeling we are just along for the ride to make it all legit.

I caught a bit of their convo - the main sniper is Lyran I reckon based on that accent. But his spotter and security man are both Clanners for sure. I heard themselves as "Headhunters" or "the Headhunters".
Either way, if this is how we kill Wobblies.... I'm in

- Taigh Barrett
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More than a month counte-insurgency work has taken its toll on the Cavaliere. Casualties have been blessedly low - lots of wounds and near misses but we have only lost a handful of people.
Which is amazing, compared to some of the other units.

We have been pulling joint patrols with the Skye Jaegers infantry and its been rough. IEDs and snipers are the worst part. The tin men up there in their machines have got it easy.
The only good news is the unit's all back on the same planet and we have even expanded some more. We picked up some stragglers from the Tooth of Ymir and even those oddball Knights of St Cameron, not to mention POWs and locals from Galatea who were keen to get some pack back.

The Colonel has been in conference with Duchess Alys Rousett-Marik all day - rumour has it we'll be shifted off Galatea eventually to raid deep into the Protectorate
 - Captain Hamish Basara

Recording: 150376-xx-DELTA-GALATEASPCPRT
VOICE ONE: This is Magpie, I mark three Dropships breaking for atmo. Confirmed as two Unions and a Fortress. Crest is Silver chess piece on maroon. That's Cavalli’s Cavaliere.

VOICE TWO: Roger that Magpie. Makes sense, their CO was spotted with Marik all week. Passing on to the Precentor.
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 We are burning in for Dieudonne III. It’s a tiny, cold ball of ice with minimum atmosphere. But it’s out of the way and a good hiding spot.
The main planet is supposed to be beautiful and while nominally a Marik world, it has stayed pretty independent of the Robes, so hopefully no one will be looking to hard.

From here, we split up and strike into the Protectorate. Alys Marik’s Resistance wants us to hit multiple planets along the FWL side and determine force strength, defenses and generally keep the Word defenders off guard.
While the Resistance has a pretty well equipped base on world, we won't be staying long - just time to equip and move out. The best thing waiting for us is our mission liaison, one Force Commander Zoe del Toro, late of the Duchy of Tamarind. Guess she got tired of the Duchess and wanted to kick some Blakists with the FWL Resistance. Or maybe she just wanted to see me?
- Felix Cavalli

Voice one: In and out. Remember that - we keep it loose and get out as soon as we can.
Voice two: Roger that. Scan the buildings, find the team and haul arse.
Voice three: And hope like hell the Protectorate Militia don't notice us.
Voice one: C'mon, Eli. You wanna live forever?
- Bull session: Support Lance, Cavalli's Cavalliere, Dropship Hobart
April 2, 3076

Mizar had not taken to the Word of Blake kindly and while active resistance has been minimal, citizens of the high tech world seethed under the yoke. That's why a nominally Lyran world was happy to deal with Alys Marik's FWL Resistance.
On world assets passed on intelligence and data to both Marik's Resistance and Lyran intelligence following the world's fall to the Word. But in 3075, Marik slipped a small team on world to step up anti-Blakist operations. Led by Captain Michael Burgh, "Burgh Team" carried out active sabotage and attacks on the Word garrison until it got too hot. They requested extraction in early 3076.
During the early hours of April 2, Mercenary assets slipped into the system to cover the extraction - Burgh team were holed up in an abandoned military base in the Solasia mountains.
Neither the Resistance or the Mizar Protectorate Militia were expecting a fight.

- Mizar: A planet's struggle. New Hope Press Inc, 3091
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They made us all watch today while they hung two supposed saboteurs. I have no idea if the two men - both factory labourers - had ever been saboteurs. But it was an object lesson.
The whole facility was turned out to watch, while Precentor Zedtwitz told us all how if we wanted to avoid the same fate, etc, etc.
They’re stepping up production and forcing us to work longer and longer. It’s almost ok for us here in the lab. but I can’t imagine what it’s doing to the labourers.
I dread to think of what they do to those who can’t keep up. I wish there was something we could do to stop this madness - but then I think of those two men hanging above the factory’s main floor.
- diary of Dr Hannah Misovich, researcher at Facility 12 - “de Kasteel”, Van Diemen

Campaign update of Force Commander Zoe del Toro - Operation Polip

The image forms into a small, very attractive brunette with fine, porcelain features and glossy black hair. She’s wearing grey FWL spacer coveralls And behind her a metal bulkhead can be seen.

“I’m still amazed ComStar is lending us the tech to report like this. And they swear it’s encrypted, so...”

She tucks an errant hair behind her left ear.

“Two days ago, a  Cavaliere lance hit Mizar to extract several operatives. They’ll be an excellent font of intel on defenders there. Unfortunately the lance was badly damaged during the mission. My understanding is the operative and his team were already under attack by infantry when the lance emerged, and stumbled right into a Protectorate lance.
Somehow we got everyone out."

The image shifts to show Del Toro holding a small plastic tablet. Its display shows a map of the Blakist Protectorate. Several worlds burn red.

“Further elements will now recon New Hope and Wing. We hope by spreading out we’ll throw off the Robes.
I’ll accompany the New Hope raid. Cavalli has given one of his lance commanders, Barret, an independent command to see how he goes. Two mercenary lances, a lance from the 12th Atrean and SF elements from Taskforce 101.
Their job is to slip into the system and test the defences by conducting a series of strikes.

“Colonel Cavalli will lead the Wing group. With a FWL rather than a Word garrison, he’ll attempt to avoid direct combat while scouting the terrain and delivering supplies to the on-world rebellion.

“Finally, we will strike Van Diemen IV with Taskforce 101 support. The resistance has reports of some sort of missile factory on world. Plus, there’s an unusually high amount of space traffic for a backwater. We are to determine what the Robes are up to in possible preparation for a further surgical strike.”
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After action report - Force Commander Zoe del Toro

I want to go on record and say that Barrett did everything right. It was a classic case of wrong time, wrong place.
On April 3 we dropped onto New Home. A storm front rolling in from the arctic circle hit us as we broke atmosphere and the whole drop was off target - we were supposed to come down in a tight grouping on a beach, but ended scattered badly.
After hiding the Damnthing in a jungle cove, it became apparent not everyone had made it - one of the 12th Atrean Mechs was last seen way off the coast, falling towards the ocean and we couldn’t make any contact.

After a detailed search, Barrett decided to push on - hiking the three Mech lances and the attached infantry through the jungle and into the Sel Trev Highlands. Our objective was a geothermal plant used to power several military installations.

With Black’s Pursuit lance in front, we moved in. Only for Black to come face to face with a company sized Blakist unit on the move.
Barrett’s lance moved forward to provide covering fire, while he sent the Dragoon lance around the left flank. This lance quickly ran into a lance of heavy and assault tanks dug in along the woodline.

It soon became apparent that we were facing both Protectorate Militia and a full Level II from main line Blakist Militia - I estimated we faced a level II from the 12th Division, based on the paint scheme, plus two lances from the local Protectorate Militia (one Mech, one conventional).

While Barrett worked to extract the besieged Pursuit lance, I accompanied elements of Task Force 101 forward to carry out sabotage on several of the plant’s outlying buildings. But it quickly became apparent we were overmatched and the Mech forces began a fighting withdrawal - with Barrett’s heavier lance holding the rear guard.

My infantry laid several demolition charges and retreated through the forest - allowing me to see what happened next.
Facing a King Crab, a Thunderbolt and a Crocket, Barrett singlehandedly advanced to draw fire and allow the rest of his lance to flee.
After destroying the King Crab, he attempted to fall back with supporting fire from his lancemates but was slowed by a destroyed foot.
Surrounded and badly damaged he ordered the rest of the unit to flee while he again threw himself at the enemy.
I didn’t see his Thug’s final destruction, but radio chatter captured from the Word later on indicates he valiantly kept up his attacks until destroyed.

It’s my belief that Lieutenant Barrett bravely sacrificed himself to ensure the rest of the unit could retreat.
All up, the Dragoons lost another Mech and all of the Cavaliere Mechs sustained major damage.

Interrogation log 4459-ALPHA-09

Camera zooms in on figure restrained in a metal folding chair. The prisoner is naked, exposing numerous scars running across his stocky, muscular torso. His right shoulder and arm are heavily tattooed.
His hands are bound behind him.

It's obvious he's been beaten - one eye is swollen shut and blood cakes the whole side of his face. Blood runs from his nose into his thick, dark stubble.
He's missing his left ear lobe - it's now just a bloodied nub.

Voice one: Barret, Taigh. Middle name Trevor. Lieutenant, Cavalli's Cavaliere. Trevor? You kidding me son! Daddy not like you?

Barrett rolls his head up into the light and then spits out a bloody mess.

Barrett: Yeah, he was a real prick. Gimme one of them hooded bathrobes and I'll sign up and we can go kill the bastard.

The camera blurs as swings as a fist whips forward and smashes into Barrett's face. A figure then blocks the view but the audio records several meaty crashes.

Voice one: you're going to tell us everything you know. Let's start with the bitch we found you holed up with in Outer Volga? Want to tell us about your little safe house?

The prisoner bucks almost out of his chair, straining against the restraints.

Barrett: you leave her out of this!

Interrogation notes prepared by Adept IX Curtis LeGrange
Precentor, the audio and visual of our session with the captured Mercenary are attached. After ejecting from his Thug, he managed to elude capture by our infantry and make his way through the mountains to the rural community of Bowral-Al.

Wounded during the encounter with our forces, we believe he then sought out the town's physician  - a Doctor Tamara Grace for medical assistance.
After several days of recovery she spirited him to an outer suburb of the planetary capital, possible in an attempt to escape off world.
That's where we caught them. Neither revealed anything particularly interesting - the Mercenary refused to talk - and will now be transported to the work camps on Van Diemen IV.
Peace of Blake
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Oh... my MD services might be needed again?


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Contrary to contemporary claims that Stone's Coalition had no foreknowledge of the Word of Blake's Space Defence Systems prior to Operation Scour, several early intelligence gathering operations exposed the deadly system. Somehow, the intelligence gathered by these raids was seemingly overlooked or intentionally buried, leading to significant causalities at the hands of these SDS on several Word of Blake Protectorate worlds.

Take for example Diemen IV. In May, 3076 a Mercenary unit in the employ of Alys Rousett-Marik conducted a punitive raid - striking several Word positions and then Evading pursuit and retreating off world.
That unit's findings caused enough of a stir among the FWL Resistance high command to warrant a second attack - this time in force - in mid-July, with  the same unit supporting elements of the well known Kell Hounds Mercenary regiment.
Following a bitter fight, on world Blakist forces abandoned  Van Diemen IV and fled off world.

Coalition forces found evidence of an incomplete ground-based system defence setup, including hardened launch sites, radio and guidance equipment and generators. A factory had also been setup to build missiles capable of being guided into orbit to strike at intruding starships.
All of this setup was hardened, underground and built by slave labour at a terrible cost. After discovering the thousands of prisoners - some military, most civilian dissenters - being forced to work under these shocking conditions, the Mercenary commander of the initial raid clamoured for a follow up strike.
Somehow, this intelligence was not shared throughout the rest of the Coalition, despite the proliferation of similar sites throughout the Protectorate.
The Blakist in charge of running Van Diemen was killed in that July attack, however many victims of the work camps and factory allege the real masterminds were never prosecuted (or escaped with short sentences) in lieu of providing the Republic with their knowledge.

- Military Affairs Journal, Volume IVX, New Earth Publishing, 3095

The following is a download taken from our snatch and grab team off Van Diemen. A joint Task Force 101 and ComGuard unit carried out the operation, with a Mercenary Mech unit providing support.


The image is a sickly green, shot through night vision goggles. It shows rough terrain - rocks and tangled, stumpy trees. In the distance there's bright sparks of light that show up white hot in the googles.

"Van Diemen IV" glows in the top right corner.

Suddenly, the image is moving - it bumps and stutters as the wearer crawls through the long grass.
Slowly it refocuses on the light sources: buildings, ringed by a chain link fence topped with razor wire.
There's movement inside and outside the wire - several cowled and cloaked figures patrol, carrying rifles and wearing bulbous, enclosed helmets.

A text box opens. In June, the Resistance made the decision to raid Van Diemen IV. After Mercenary elements under Colonel Felix Cavalli made contact with the on world resistance and learned of large scale prison camps, a small special forces element infiltrated in to take prisoners.

One of the Guards has stopped nearby. He's clutching his carbine loosely and appears casual. Suddenly, there's an explosion and the vision briefly blinks to compensate for the influx of light.
When it resumes, the guard is standing and staring towards the main gate which is a smoking ruin.
There's a distinctive THUMP, CRUMP of mortars and more explosions hit the compound

A gold reticle centres on the gaping guard. And then the top of his head explodes off and he slumps to the ground with a clatter.
The images surges forward as more mortar shells hit.

Now the image shifts. It's a top down view, showing 10 or so buildings laid out in a grid pattern. Figures dart between the buildings and there's the occasional flicker of tracers.

DRONE 001 flickers in the top left corner.

The image zooms down to where two figures are pulling an unwilling third along, one of the armed men turns on the third and cuffs him with his rifle butt.

NOTES: Your Grace, attached is the download of our operation on Van Diemen. Based on initial interrogations I'd recommend returning in force as soon as possible.
Our snatch and grab was carried out by a jointly commanded unit made up of our Eagle Corps and some of the ComGuard's remaining SF troops - our man LaCroix shared joint command with the ComGuard's Demi Precentor Nate Dexter - and for the most part was an overwhelming success.

After receiving intel from the local resistance they pinpointed an outlying facility as an easy target. It was a processing centre for raw materials being routed to the massive industrial project the Word has just outside the capital. Using mortars and recoiless rifles as a distraction, several teams moved in and took prisoners.

Three of the four detained were Protectorate Militia, but we have suspicions about the fourth woman - unfortunatly, she took the first opportunity presented to cut her own wrists and later died in surgery.

That level of fanaticism is usually reserved for ROM and suggests we are dealing with a bigger threat on planet that guessed.
The three remaining POWs were very helpful and I've attached all the relevant intelligence.
- General Nguyen Ngai

Flat 2D image shows a tall, thin and haughty woman with long blonde hair pulled back into a severe ponytail.
She's wearing the white robes of the Word of Blake and appears to be in a busy office - she's holding a noteputer in one hand and pointing with the other.
A giant Blakist broadsword is displayed behind her

We have a positive ID on Precentor Taya Mattihorn. Van Diemen IV's Word appointed governor. She appears to be a long term Blakist bureaucrat and held a variety of positions throughout the FWL and FedSuns. She arrived in Van Diemen in late 3074 but we believe she's little more than a figurehead.

The next image is a shorty, stocky man with jet black hair slicked back. He's got piggy little eyes and a mean mouth. In the picture he appears to be berating someone off screen.

This is Precentor Gustav Zedtwitz - we are fairly certain he's the real power behind the throne. He's also almost certainly ROM.
Born to Marik nobles, passed out of Sandhurst in 3049 and saw action against the Clans. Trained as a Mechwarrior, we're not sure when he defected to the Word but there's almost no records on him for the next few decades, suggesting he soon joined ROM.
We believe he's in charge of security for the Word's big project on world.

Third image is of a tall, blonde man wearing dark green fatigues and battle dress. He appears to be directing troops.

General Martin van Joop is a local native, appointed to command the Van Diemen Protectorate Militia. Previously a FWL officer, he readily joined the PM when his homeworld joined the Protectorate. We believe his appointment and rank is based more on loyalty than actual skill.

The last image shows a bullish, bulky man with a shaved head. He's wearing a lab coat and is talking with Zedtwitz. The Blakist broadsword is displayed prominently on his coat.

We have a name but not much else on this one: John Garrick. High ranking Wobbie who appears to be in charge of the actual goings on at this mysterious factory site.
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twll, thin, and naughty woman

How lewd.
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How lewd.

Ha! Love it. This is what happens when you write using iPad notes - it’s predictive text is rather... interesting
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It was like a scene from one of those sci-fi movies or a TriVid about the Planning of the War of '39. All of the bigwigs gathered in the huge command centre of the Duchess' Dropship.

The Colonel, Joe, me and Asha along with Colonel Joey Nicole and her exec from the BattleCorps Legion representing the mercs. There was the hulking special forces officer, Dexter, from the ComGuards, plus enough FWL officers and civilians to reform the parliament back on Atreus.
Most interestingly, I noticed this much older gentleman turn up late and take the Duchess' elbow. Snowy hair to his shoulders and a long white beard - he was dressed as a civilian in hose, tunic and half cape but he held himself like a soldier.
Later on the Colonel mentioned he was a former FWL Marshall - Albrecht Kiel - he'd been in forced retirement since the Blakists took over but had recently slipped his minders and pledged aligned to Alys.

We were all there to talk Van Diemen IV. The Colonel and everyone who hit that world wanted to go back desperately and finish off that SDS setup, while a lot of the inner circle were saying we needed to keep to the original plan. Rumour had it we were ready to deliver a series of deep strikes.

The argument had been going back and forth when I saw the Colonel's woman - Zoe -  slip in through a side entrance and she was leading a group.
Argument stopped as they stepped into the inner circle - it's not often people will talk over Kell Hounds.
Turns out Stone - the Man Himself - had heard about our little problem and allocated resources.
We're going back to Van Diemen.
- Amber Mori-Paige

Merlin Lead: Stay on it two, stay on target!

Merlin Two: Lead! They're all over me! I've got AC towers putting up flak and that damn Capitol is lighting me up!

Lead: Calm down Two! We need to burst that balloon or the whole fleet has had it! Now cover my arse, I'm going in
Magpie, Merlin flight is commencing attack run on the Capitol. Out.

Lead: Arming missiles! Oh, blutige Hölle! Fighters fighters! Two, get them off me!

Merlin Two: I see them, Karl. Wait! What?
The transmission dissolves into static

Lead: Merlin Two, this is Lead? You there? Hans? Shit, they're all over me!

Knight lead: Merlin, this is Knight. We've got your six - commence attack run.

Lead: Roger that! Thanks Knight, on way. Missiles away!

There's a burst of static.

Knight two: Merlin, I see your pups - they're both good hits! Good hits Merlin!

Knight Lead: Roger that, now lets get the hell out of here.

- audio recording above Van Diemen IV, Word of Blake Protectorate
July 10, 3076

The image shows a short, thick set man with a thatch of blonde hair and beard. He's strapped into a webbed chair and is wearing a pressure suit. Behind him is a grimy and rusted bulkhead.

Reporter: This is Simon Canning for Irian Broadcasting aboard the FWL Resistance troopship Penguin in close orbit above the Word of Blake Protectorate world Van Diemen IV.
For close to a decade this world has been in the clutches of the Word fanatics since they snatched it from the Free Worlds League.
Today that changes as a combined -

The whole camera junks about as the ship shakes. There's a guttural groan from deep within the ship.
The reporter wrestles the camera back around.

Reporter: a combined force made up of FWL Resistance, ComGuard and Mercenary forces assault the world. Above us, the battle still rages. Early this morning fighters from the famous 2nd Kell Hound regiment destroyed the deadly and heavily armed space station holding the Zenith jumppoint.
However, the fight continues with another Blakist base discovered on a nearby moon.

Below us, battle has commenced as Mercenary troops clear the way for the full invasion force.

New voice: Would you shut that thing off already?!

The camera pans to show a dozen men and women similarly webbed in, all clad in combat space suits, their rifles and equipment secured next to them.
There's a chorus of boos and groans from the troopers.

Camera fades to black

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Forcing the front door was the hardest bit - I can't tell you how glad we all are we had those Kell Hounds.
Three of our fighters were junked helping take out that damn space station, but thankfully we didn't lose anyone.
Other units weren't so lucky - and I heard the defences on that moon base were nasty too.

The whole burn down I was just waiting for the Word to fill the sky with nukes and Naval grade weapons - but looks like intel was right for a change. They still hadn't got that setup online.
We were supporting the Hounds' 2nd battalion outside the capital when we came across one of the camps. It was hell. After we chased off the guards we found the real horrors.
Mass graves in the nearby jungle and a couple hundred prisoners stuffed in huts which would normally only fit half that number.

From there we got news of another nearby complex - a work site where prisoners were tasked with assembling components for the big SDS missiles. So we saddled up and found the Hounds already heavily engaged with a Level II of tanks and Battle Armour.
Afterwards we found all the missile components stacked and ready - had we attacked in say a month or even a couple weeks, we could have been facing a working space defence system that would have gutted our taskforce.

And that's when we came across the real prize - Taigh Barrett. Our wayward lance commander, feared dead on New Home was among the prisoners.
I've got to say: he don't look good

In a couple months Barrett had lost almost half his body weight and had a nasty looking, unhealed leg wound.
But there was still a fire in his eyes. As soon as he recognised us he ambled over and saluted.
- Felix Cavalli
July 12, 3076
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You have my regiment involved the Battlecorps Legion.
Good to see more toasty arse being kicked. O0
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I think it's time for Whispers of Blake to show up... or at least a Level III of them!


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Precentor TT coming to share some toasty love. }:)
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Precentor Pi coming to share some toasty love. }:)

There... fixed!


No seriously, Ippopótamos is ready for deploymet.
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Punisher three: Those pirates are running, area secure.

Punisher one: Roger that three, dog them - but don't get to close.

Three: After what these bastards have done we should kill ‘em all!

One: A lot of people feel that way, but orders are orders kid. Out.

- audio recording, March 7, 3076
Remagen CrMM, Gronholt

General Francis,

I'm sending this straight to you because I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. It seems someone among the Death Consorts wants to give up his or her brothers. They've sent very informative data directly to me (suggesting they have a sophisticated level of data slicing knowhow) that reveals where the Consorts and their pals are. Gronholt
I've attached all the data, but we need to be quick. The traitor is going to slip away in a few days and the departure will probably tip the pirates off

MIIO internal memo intercepted by CCAF Counter Intelligence

Merc update MRBC Review - 3090
Barton’s Boozefighters/Duggan’s Dingoes

While this is an update report on Duggan’s Dingoes, one cannot mention “Black” Frank Duggan and his unit without discussing his origins with the now defunct Boozefighters.

While few - outside of bounty hunters, Republic intelligence and a handful of busybodies in the MRBC’s archives department care about the Boozefighters, a brief primer may be required.
A second string merc outfit which served dutifully but unspectacularly between its 3030 inception and the mid-60s, The Boozefighters took on a more sinister guise under the command of Brett Barton. He was an early employee of the Word of Blake as the fanatics expanded their Protectorate and during  the first few years of the Jihad, the Boozefighters were accused of atrocities on Direon, Hamilton and across the Protectorate.

In 3074, Barton’s actions would come to haunt him. Not only was the mercenary leader more than happy to turn a blind eye to the Word’s atrocities, he’d engineered the “friendly fire” death of a rival for the unit’s leadership some 10 years before. The deceased’s brother - Francis Duggan, who was serving as a lance commander in the unit - eventually puzzled that fact out and fled.

The next two years saw the Boozefighters sink lower and lower following a string of defeats and by early 3076, the unit was a mere combined arms company barely able to repair its equipment and regulated to the Circinus Federation for cadre duty.

That’s when Duggan returned. In March, 3076, the Federated Suns were handed an inside tip that finally brought their bloody, longterm border war with the pirates operating out of the Malagrotta Collective to a close. A traitor revealed the location of much of the Death’s Consorts, along with inside information about several supporting pirate gangs.
It’s believed Duggan had truly washed up with humanity’s worst in the form of The Rotten and their pirate queen Bonnie “Rotten” Raynor. And after two years, reportedly as Raynor’s lover and lieutenant, Duggan wanted out.

Frank Duggan was next sighted on Circinus, challenging his former commander for ownership of the unit. Barton was slain, the unit put through a strict new training regime and Duggan went on to lead them throughout the rest of the Jihad.
While maintaining the Boozefighters name, Duggan’s unit performed extremely well on the Capellan front and throughout the crumbling Protectorate.

But it was all for naught.
Effectively destroyed by Capellan forces, the remnants of the Boozefighters fought the Coalition one last time on Terra before vanishing.
It wouldn’t be until 3080 that Frank Duggan and his Dingoes (which sported much of the same equipment as the now destroyed Boozefighters) reappeared fighting for the Taurians.
Now running a single demi-company the Dingoes can’t be considered much of a threat.

STATUS: Wanted. Duggan is specifically wanted by the Federated Suns on multiple counts of piracy, slavery and murder alleged to have been committed between 3074 and 76.
Additionally, Republic intelligence still has an outstanding warrant for Duggan’s arrest over  his 3076-79 employment by the Word of Blake but has not rendered any specific charges.

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Duggan’s Dingoes is the best merc unit name ever
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Duggan’s Dingoes is the best merc unit name ever

Why thank you! I've been sitting on that for... a very... very long time.
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When we arrived on New Hessen, first thing we saw was the charred remains of the spaceport buildings and blackened Tarmac. The Word smuggled in a nuke about a month ago and let it off as a Militia tank battalion was rolling onto some droppers. They got the Dropships too - blackened bones scattered about are all that remained.
When we hit the deck, they still had the HaZmat crews out.
So much for a quiet garrison gig here on New Hessen.

Stone has us on retainer - sit tight and wait we got told. In the meantime, to pay the bills we've taken work with General Pat Hampton. I thought it would be a nice little security gig watching the New Hessen WorkMech facility they’ve retooled, instead there's a serious Blakist-backed rebellion going in here.
Good news is we managed to buy a fair bit of Hampton's Retrotech up at discount prices.

Bad news is: Hampton seems to be certified out and proud crazy. The former merc took over New Hessen in a supposedly bloodless putsch early in the war. Since then he's nationalised almost all of the on-planet industry, suppressed numerous groups he thought didn't like him, including the unions, students and the Buddhist temples and spent billions on military hardware.
- Felix Cavalli

- Buchvaal Examiner, 4th September 3076

Less than a month after arriving to assist in General Hampton's valiant efforts to make New Hessen a safer place, Mercenary battalion Cavalli's Cavaliere have blunted a serious Word of Blake push in the Niu Nat Delta region.
Early this morning Word of Blake regulars, supported by a large element of insurgents probed a Firebase X-Ray held by the mercenaries and New Hessen Militia.
At 0330 a heavy artillery barrage hammered X-Ray, destroying several Militia artillery pieces and killing six militiamen.
A short time later insurgents charged the base's main gate, overrunning several bunkers after an intense firefight, while Blakists Mechs and tanks started their attack.

A Word Exterminator, a Mercury and Gurkha pushed through the wire, while a pair of Bolla Stealth Tanks charged ahead. It was then that the valiant mercs struck back.
A medium Mech lance led by Lieutenant Esmeralda Rico moved to intercept the approaching Mechs.

In the ensuing battle, the  Mercury and Gurkha were destroyed, along with a squad of the Word's advanced Purifier battle armour. The mercenaries also managed to disable and capture a Blakist Bolla tank.
All up, Word casualties are estimated at 35 killed in action and another 12 captured.

MORE NEWS: Labour strikes bring Buchvaal monorail to a halt/Blakist insurgents nabbed in downtown attack/Imperial Flower Festival opens

So, that was a classic recon attempt by the Word on Support Lance. The way Rico tells it, the light show and mass of infantry were just a smokescreen for those Purifiers to snatch intel from the command bunker. All four Mechs are badly banged up (young Moss has been promoted to Sergeant after learning the best way to kill Battle Armour) but the Militia took a real beating.
We holed one of those damn fast Bolla stealth tanks bad with PPC fire and Rico said a whole mess of imsurgenta came boiling out equipped with Jump Packs and heavy weapons - thankfully, Moss' Ph-Hawk was about 90 m away engaging the advancing Purifiers.
Smart kid, he turned and oped up with those big .50 cals and chopped through the infantry like Branth Burgers out of Lopez.
That did however give those damn stealthy suits the chance to swarm him and he was forced to pry them off.

We came damn close to allowing the Wobbies the chance to ransack the command post but at this point they lost sight of their objective.
After that they started to fall back - the damn Mechs got stuck in the adjacent rice paddy and were easy shooting for Rico's lance.

I'll give Hampton one thing - he's generous with salvage. We're now the proud owners of one very badly used Bolla and four Purifier suits. Of course, everything needs a good hose out and God knows if we can actually get that fancy tech to work.
- Felix Cavalli

Writer's notes:
So, yeah. The Purifiers and the Bolla are a little munch.  But as you'll see soon, we've reorganised with a lot of Retrotech. I figure that mix of old and new balances out. Plus... that Track went very badly for the Word and they left a lot of equipment!

- Hampton: I'm portraying him as a bit whacko. Come on, he's a military dictator who freaked out New Avalon - and there's gotta be more to his sudden split with Stone.
Not to mention a portion of his own people actually sided with the Word of Blake against him.

- there will be a new To&e very shortly. We're now reorganised as a combined arms battalion
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"Seven years bad luck."
Teige Barrett let out a bitter snarl of laughter as his warped reflection grinned wolfishly back at him from the shattered mirror.
It took him a moment to link the stinging pain in his right fist and the growing pool of blood on the bathroom floor.
With another mirthless laugh he picked up the whiskey bottle and stalked from the room. His quarters were in disarray - the big lounge overturned, a table shoved hard against the wall and his Tri-Vid set rested amid a pile of pillows and spilled nicknacks on the floor.
Taking a long chug from the bottle Barrett surveyed the damage.
It had been like this since they'd sprung him from the camp - the only way he could sleep was to drink.
If he didn't, the  dreams came - twisted dark dreams mixing fact and fiction. The thing was... he didn't know where reality began and nightmare took over.

The things the Blakists had done to him were not unexpected. He'd known the beatings, starvation and windowless cells were coming when he'd been cornered by the pursuing Blakists.
It was the other things - inserting things into his brain and elsewhere that left deeper scars.

He'd talked. Of course he had. At first they'd worked him over with fists and sticks. A stun stick had been applied to sensitive areas.
But the drugs and things in his brain... there'd been no defence.

Later when they'd sent him to the work camp it'd been better - but also worse. Every day they grabbed someone for a random interrogation. And the waiting and anticipation had been almost as bad as the leather belt to the back, the cold, dark room where you lay in your own piss or the electrodes they wrapped around you.

Barrett drained the bottle as the knock at the door sounded.
He'd not every realised he was still wearing his big M&G Automatic in its shoulder rig - but he'd drawn it, chambered a round and centred it on the door without thinking.
The whiskey bottle dropped to the floor with a clatter.
"Lieutenant Barrett? Is everything alright in there?"

We've really kicked the hornet's nest. So, the 33rd Division and their local insurgents have been content to play hit and run with us since August. Early this morning more Blakist elements broke through the space defences and grounded near Buchvaal in an apparent attempt to help the on world forces break out.
They deployed, light fast movers tasked with assaulting the Munich spaceport, several outlying military bases and even went straight for the capital.
This coincided with a string of suicide bombers across the capital and insurgent attacks at numerous critical spots.
Overwhelming insurgent attacks hit the main base out in the delta again, while the capital descend into bitter street fighting.

I sought General Hampton's permission to launch an assault directly into the enemy advance. Once we secured the capital slightly, he agreed and 1st company, all of our infantry and BA hot dropped into the foothills of the Harz Mountain chain. Almost straight away we made contact with Blakist elements.
So, we stopped, dug in, called in fire support and made the Word break their teeth coming to us.
And we continued to do it, with other elements drawn from the Militia and Irregulars moving on both our flanks doing exactly the same thing.
Within 24 hours we had established five firebases - often not much more than a ring of wire, a cleared area and artillery dug in deep - that were all mutually supporting each other with guns.

The Word was desperate to escape - but to do it they needed to push past us. Meanwhile, General Hampton had encircled the new arrivals.
Desperate to push past us, the 33rd unleashed a massive assault along our left flank and when we didn't budge resorted to chemical weapons. Some sort of nasty blood agent gas that chewed through filter masks quickly and killed quickly - but not painlessly.
My men were lucky - we were all carrying decent NBC gear, but the Militia were woefully unprepared and died in droves.
It also allowed a small portion of the Word to slip by and link up with the new arrivals before that unit boosted.

Reinforced the next day, we assaulted deeper into the mountains. The Word seems to be on the run - but who knows what horror weapons they have waiting for us.
Tomorrow, we are going to strike at a Blakist-held village down just out of the mountains. We think a few Level IIs have been using it to repair and rearm their Mechs. I'll lead 1st company, while a Militia infantry battalion and attached armour will support.
- Felix Cavalli, September 3076

I was invited on one of General Hampton’s so-called “Eagle Missions” three days into the offensive against the Blakists. Mercenaries, backed by Militia troops has succeeded in pushing deep into the insurgent heartland but had run into trouble outside a village called Innesdrak. Heavy weapons dug in, plenty of anti-air and the ground was soggy and hard to move on after days of rain.

I went in in the first wave of the relief force. The mercs has been stopped hold about a kilometre outside the village and two companies of New Hessen Irregulars were dropped to their left to back up the next assault. I was with the infantry battalion that would drop on the far side of the village.

It was the 3rd Airborne - an elite militia unit mainly made up of light, air mobile infantry backed up by jump pack equipped troopers.
Big, heavy Torrent bombers had been dropping loads in the area for a day and a half and then our first couple helos in were gunships and they rocketed the hell out of dug in positions outside the village.

When we came into view it was just a charnel scene - blacked stretches of jungle and dead livestock. Even though we’d not been aiming for the ville, several buildings were just blacked remains or craters.
Several were on fire.

As we began our descent we took fire - the helo in front of ya just exploded and I felt our one shake and jerk.
We took several more rounds coming in before mercifully we landed.
Our company had come down in the edge of a rice paddy about 200 metres out from the village and the unit formed up and advanced - the Torrents had laid a smoke screen in front of us to provide cover - but the wind was up and soon tracers were reaching out from the buildings at us.

I had been told the plan was to assault the village in an arrow head - each company taking one edge - while the Mechs would provide a distraction on the far end.
But taking both small arms and light artillery from the village, the wind pushing the smoke into our face and the wet terrain soon turned the whole thing into a farce.
Eventually the infantry made it into contact with the fixed positions outside the village, but the Blakists has already fallen back and melted into the village.

I didn’t see one cowl wearing Blakist during that whole battle. Later I managed to talk to some of the prisoners before I was warned off by the officers. None of them were Word - all local insurgents.

As the sun set, the Mechs shifted north to clear the highway. Pickets were set and we dug in.
Then I heard the rapid “crack, crack” of gunfire, followed by the crump of a grenade and then more fire. I ran through the buildings and found the source.
A sniper had holed up and capped one of the combat engineers moving through the village disabling various devices left by the insurgents.
An infantry section managed to wound the sniper as she dropped from her spot and flee.

She was about 17, with big almond eyes and dark hair. One of the NCOs tried to interrogate her - slapping her, even though she’d been shot twice in the stomach.
When she spat at him, he calmly pulled his knife and stuck it into her gut. He kept asking her questions but she just ignored him.
He kept sawing until she suddenly died.
Afterwards, they spotted me and demanded my camera’s memory card.

- report from freelance reporter Cei Richards filed to Federated Broadcasting. The report was field at the New Hessen HPG centre but never transmitted.
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Happy birthday, happy birthday... to me.
- Felix Cavalli, November 20 3076

The Word caught us with our pants down - no doubt about it. Most of the unit is still supporting firebases north of the capital, with only the command lance and a ready reaction force back at Fort Berkenshire. On the 20th we pulled back for a special occasion - the Colonel's 40th. We left a skeleton force in the field and most of us gathered for the festivities - the local Porkers on spots, New Hessen greens, some sort of Capellan March chicken delicacy, and all the booze we could cram into the courtyard of a Star League era Castle Brian.
By mid-morning the next day, most of us could still barely move - which was not ideal when the Word of Blake attacked.

Command Lance, some BA and infantry and Saladin's assault tank lance saddled up (somehow... I've never wanted to throw up inside the cockpit of an Awesome so much before) while all our dismounted troops set up a scratch infantry perimeter with whatever they could find. We joined the base security element -  a reinforced company of Retrotech Mechs and tanks and infantry as insurgents, backed by Word regulars assaulted.

There were some... wild scenes. A "bunker" of Mech armour and scrap metal being defended by half a dozen Astechs, dismounted Mechwarriors and tankers blazing away with SMGs and carbines bringing down an insurgent conventional fighter. Command Lance with almost no ammo and maintenance hatches open and internals exposed squaring off against Blakist Mechs. And the local cooks atop the mess hall's roof armed with a pair of Spanner Heavy Machine Guns as insurgent infantry attacked.

We stopped a Blakist push going for the Castle's generator and fuel tank farm and then shifted around to cut off another attack as it overran a sensor cluster. Later we learned it was all a ruse - the Word were going for the Mechworks to snatch a heap of gear before lifting off.
- Joe Paige

Reporter: Behind me, as you can see, war has once again come to Buchvaal.

The camera pans to show a row of burning buildings, thick, black smoke pouring towards the overcast sky. In the foreground stands a small, petite blonde woman wearing a olive green flak jacket and speaking into a microphone.

Reporter: in a daring, daylight raid the Word first assaulted Fort Berkenshire outside the capital and then moved on the nearby New Hessen Mechworks. Casualties were high and fighting continues across the city as local forces root out hold outs

Camera shows a long line of soldiers walking past gutted buildings. All are grimy and smeared with soot and dirt. Several sport bloodied bandages hastily tied around d limbs or under helmets. Most also seem to be carrying a bewildering array of frightening close command weapons, including axes and swords, in addition to their rifles.
Several also have grisly trophies - necklaces of ears, severed heads, etc.
All wear a silver Knight's chess piece on a maroon shield stitched on their upper shoulder.

Reporter: its feared the Word of Blake made off with a great deal of equipment, including a company of Retrotech Battlemechs.

Camera pans to a row of prisoners clad in a mix match of uniforms. They're roped together and forced to kneel by several infantrymen. Suddenly, a broad form obscures the camera and a hand pushes the lens away.
The sound goes out just as the first gunshots ring out
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TO&E - on the eve of Operation Scour, this is how the unit's 1st Battalion looks. It's backed by a mixed light battalion of armour, infantry and BA and a squadron of aerospace fighters.

Cavalli’s Cavaliere  - 1st Battalion

1st Company - "i Vecchi"
Command lance
Marauder II MAD-4S Felix Cavalli
Awesome AWS-9M Joe Paige
Nightsky NGS-5S Raita Mbugua
Guillotine GLT-5M Aleksandra Lee

Support Lance
Icarus ICR-1X Esmerelda Rico
Icarus ICR-1X Helena Polo-Cruz
Vindicator VND-3L Janos Nyugen
Phoenix Hawk PXH-3S Eli Moss

Juggernaut Lance
Thunderbolt TDR-9M Jenna St George
Rook NH-1A Gustav Henrig
Rook NH-1A Marius Bertram Tung
Rook NH-1A Marius Bauer

2nd Company
Command Lance
ArcherARC-8M Peder Hammarskjold
Dervish DV-1S Electra Reva-Singh
Griffin GRF-6CS Bruno Allegra
Bandersnatch BNDR-01A Henri Chamoix

Assault Lance
Victor VTR-10L Yevgeny Yulik
Atlas AS7-K Isiah Hendrix
Warhammer WHM-6Rb Yuri Nikolayev
BattleMaster BLR-5M Benji Sukumaran

Security Lance
Avatar AV1-OA Conal Blair
Vulcan VL-2T Rex Manahi
Strider SR1-OG Kyle Manahi
Osprey OSP-25 Charity Lauber-Smyth

3rd Company
Command Lance
Lynx LNX-9Q Asha Akouayn
Hussar HSR-500-D Cal Sampson
Wasp WSP-1D Kylie-Leeza Smith

Pursuit Lance
Wolfhound WLF-2 Lucuis Black
Commando COM-7S Antinious Cezar
Commando COM-7S Sharni Kharti
Panther PNT-10KA Bjorn " Big Bear" Kramer

Battle Lance
BattleAxe BKX-8D Taige Barrett
BattleAxe BKX-7K Octavius Cavalli
Marauder MAD-5M - Moses Cavalli
Dragon DRG-5N Yasmin Keyes
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Lots of lovely Retrotech
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2nd Battalion
 Major Amber Mori-Paige

1st company

Sprint lance - Maj Mori-Paige
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 upgrade)
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 upgrade)
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Savannah Master Hovercraft

Crusher lance - LT Saladin
Zhukov Heavy Tank (WoB)
Brutus Assault Tank
Brutus Assault Tank
Zhukov Heavy Tank (Standard)

Support lance - Lt Mostafa Mirza
Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)
Heavy LRM Carrier (Standard)

Infantry company - CPT Angus "Gus" Howell

Headquarters squad + Saxon APC (HQ variant)
Scout foot platoon + Saxon APC (Standard)
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon

Commando company - Captain Hamish Basara

1st Platoon
Purifier BA Squad
Gray Death Scout squad
Gray Death Scout squad

+ Bolla Stealth Tank "Invictus"
+ Saxon APC
+ Saxon APC

2nd Platoon
Longinus Battle Armor [David]
Gray Death Standard Suit [Laser]
Gray Death Standard Suit [Laser]

1st Squadron - The Flying Knights
Captain Mira Fowler-Jenkins

Alpha Flight
TR-13A Transgressor - Mira Fowler-Jenkins
TR-13A Transgressor - Eryn Calosso

Bravo flight
SPR-7D Sparrowhawk - Lena Goldsmith
ZRO-114 Zero - Boris Jazenko

Charlie Flight
TR-15 Transgressor - Abdul Bin-Nadizir
TR-15 Transgressor - Roland Von Jankmon
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Stone’s Sellswords - special MRBC report, January 3, 3077

- the next unit is Cavalli’s Cavaliere, a mid-sized element raised by a former Marik nobleman who has served as a soldier for hire since his teenage years.
The Cavaliere have been expanded significantly since the dawn of the Jihad and now boast a full Mech battalion, a mixed armoured/infantry battalion and an Aerospace squadron.

Known for their hatred of the Blakists and their ferocious approach to combat, Cavalli and his men have been associated closely with Stone since the 3076 Galatea assault.
Previously, the unit was best known for its CO’s closeness to Duchess Alys Roussett-Marik (and his possible intimate relationship with the Marik Resistance’s leader following her husband Christian’s death).

ASSESSMENT: the unit suffered greatly in recent conflict with the Word of Blake and as such has made do with a great deal of replacement Retrotech gear (mostly purchased on New Hessen) and new recruits. While this has brought the overall unit readiness and skill level down, the close bond between officers and subordinates and strong leadership keeps the Cavaliere in good shape. We award the unit a Regular rating, but would happily upgrade that to veteran following further review.

FORCE COMPOSITION: Despite including the unit command lance, 1st Company is largely an untested quality, complete with new recruits and Retortech. Colonel Cavalli has spent much time drilling the company, but only combat will be the true test.

2nd company, under veteran Lyran officer Peder Hammarskjold is adept at defensive and assault tactics and has shown a particular skill at urban warfare. This company typically makes use of Thunder LRMs and even defensive fortifications.

3rd company is an experienced raider and flanker, Complete with lighter elements and the ability to fight in poor weather conditions.

2nd Battalion is a mixed bag and typically doesn’t fight as a whole. The two armoured lances frequently split off to support 1st Battalion Mech elements, while the standard infantry are usually kept back as rear area security or defensive troops.

Of interest is the specialist BA company, complete with a captured Bolla Stealth tank.
These BA suits are typically tasked with scouting and ambush missions, while the heavier suits frequently join the leg infantry as defensive troops.
Despite the best efforts of the Cavaliere techs, the Bolla is frequently down for maintenance or repair.

MISSION: Rumour has it Cavalli’s Cavaliere, who have been in retainer with Devlin Stone since last year, will be assigned to the Marik front of the supposed secret upcoming offensive into the Word of Blake Protectorate.
This would make sense based on the unit’s earlier dealings with Alys Marik and their CO’s lineage.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 30 January 2018, 19:17:18
The Manovota Mutiny, sometimes called the Mercenaries' Mutiny, was one of the last occurrences of resistance to the Word of Blake in the Protectorate before Operation Scour.
Disgruntled mercenaries (in the form of Holt's Bird Dogs) started rioting on December 1, 3076 after learning their pay would be delayed. Fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol following the Cor Caroli Craft Beer Festival, the mercs burned down their own barracks in Manovota.

While the Bird Dogs' officers desperately tried to restore order, they had little chance: the Blakist-employed mercs had suffered a serious defeat at the hands of Stone's allies earlier that year and upon learning they wouldn't get paid, tensions were high.

As the riot spread, Bird Dogs' officers inevitably threw in with the rebels. A Protectorate Militia lance tried to contain the situation on the morning of December 2, only to be defeated, stripped naked and marched outside.
Now starting to sober up, the mercenaries realised their predicament but later saw off another Militia push.

The next two weeks were tense: the mercenaries now controlled Manovota, while the Militia crouched outside unable to break through. On December 14, Duggan's Boozefighters dropped from a pirate point and descended on the city.
The Boozefighters refused all incoming calls and the entire world held its breath, unsure what side they'd come down on.

With a new commander and recently whipped into shape, the Boozefighters hotdropped on Manovota and smashed through the mutinous Bird Dogs. Over the next 12 hours, the Bird Dogs were utterly destroyed, with the remains folded into the Boozefighters who then boosted for orbit.
The destruction of the Bird Dogs and the damage done to the Protectorate Militia, left Cor Caroli vulnerable to Coalition attack a month later.
- The Manovota Mutiny: Big Book of the Jihad, New Earth Press 3086
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Post by: Deadborder on 30 January 2018, 19:26:05
Go the Boozefighters. I guess.
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 30 January 2018, 20:07:49
Go the Boozefighters. I guess.

If you can't beat 'em...
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So, this is it. The final big push. OPERATION SCOUR (although we’re not to say that name or write it down under pain of death!) is a go.
Two months of organising, training, running through drills and buying ammo and equipment and it’s finally time.

We’re assigned to the Free Worlds League axis of the attack, attached as a floating element. At the moment we’re designated Pioneer Battalion, assigned to Group III. That means we’re a mobile reserve and get plugged into holes, funnelled into the fighting where it’s thickest and generally get set to the trouble spots.
We’ve worked with Clanners before on Donegal and Skye, but Santin West And his Nova Cats are different. For one, they’re a lot more easy going than those frigging Wolves. Some are downright Blakist in their mystical garbage and prayer, but most are pretty normal. An alarming number of them seem to be good at poker or Blackjack too...

West is... well, let’s say I’m pretty glad to have him next to me when we hit the Protectorate. He’s good people and won’t bullshit you. That’s going to mean a lot in the coming months I think.
- Felix Cavalli

The Shortland Wetlands will be re-opened to the public this weekend, more than a decade after Acuben’s most famous ecosystems was rendered a no go zone by the devastating fighting during the Jihad.

Large quantities of unexploded ordnance, high levels of deadly chemicals and damaged infrastructure left the area, located 82km northwest of the planetary capital, off limits until now.

In January 3077, elements of the Word of Blake used the wetlands as a battlefield, seeking to hinder Devlin Stone’s Coalition in its bogs, sunken roadways and rough terrain.
Twelve days of combat devastated the fragile ecosystem.

Since 3081, when the Republic Department of Civil Conservation awarded a 9 million Stone grant to Acubens Federal Department of Parks and Recreation, staff have worked tirelessly to restore the the wetlands. Last month a Acubens Republic Standing Guard team gave the 500 hectare area the final clearance, declaring it safe.

The Shortlands Wetlands is seasonally saturated with water and home to 15 separate types of bird life, dozens of varieties of frogs and the primary ecosystem that supports the endangered Bua Superlamprey. But the effect of the Jihad left all of these animals struggling to survive or forced to migrate. The White Warbling Ibis has become the butt of a joke for urban Acubens residents in recent years, often derided as the “Acubens Bin Chicken” for its scavenging behaviour. In fact, this majestic bird has been forced into the urban areas because of the near total destruction of its wetland habitats.

Acubens World Government is proud to invite you to the offical re-opening of the Shortland Wetlands to the public!

- Acubens Federal Parks and Recreation Department press release, October 3089.
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Post by: Deadborder on 11 February 2018, 21:57:11
Wont somebody please think of the Bin Chickens!
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Post by: snakespinner on 12 February 2018, 00:15:52
Bin chickens, where's my shotgun.
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Guys, they’re an endangered critter made homeless by war...
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 12 February 2018, 14:57:31
Guys, they’re an endangered critter made homeless by war...
but for the real question are they tasty 8)
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Post by: truetanker on 12 February 2018, 15:42:48
Grilled, Fried or Baked?

Sweet and Smoky Bar-B-Que or Honey Mustard'ed Wing style?

TT  ;)
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Post by: snakespinner on 13 February 2018, 00:20:32
A homeless creature, definitely smokey Bar-B-Q then. >:D
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“Just keep shooting until they’re all dead.”
- Felix Cavalli

"It was hell, sheer bloody hell"
- Corporal Gustav Meils, 20th Marik Militia

The Coalition attack on Acubens - effectively the opening shot of Operation Scour - set the tone for the rest of the campaign.
Determined Blakist defenders, difficult terrain and poor coordination between the various allied forces saw the battle for Acubens stretch out for 21 days, despite initial estimations fighting would be over in a week.

Led by Clan Nova Cat Khan Santin West, Group III were able to re-position and assist Alys Rousett-Marik's besieged forces on Wasat in mid-February, but historians point out that had West been able to better coordinate FWL and ComGuard elements on Acubens, his assistance would have landed a lot earlier.
As it was, many ComGuard members - mostly veterans of the Clan front -  flat out refused to work with the Nova Cat troops, while Marik troops carried on in a childish fashion, put out by being regulated to a reserve role.

Several hours before Coalition forces broke atmosphere, pro-FWL partisans and Eagle Corps special forces operators loyal to Roussett-Marik struck, tying up Blakist troops across the planet.
Next, Nova Cat drop hot dropped on key positions - bridges, radar sites, headquarters and defensive positions, relieving the SF teams and effectively forming a blanket leading towards the planetary capital.
ComGuards landed on the far right flank and the Word of Blake Protectorate Militia quickly found themselves squeezed on two sides and cut off from the capital after four days of fierce fighting.

At this point, the momentum stalled as ComGuard and Clan troops were forced to work closely together as the Protectorate Militia fell back into the Shortland Wetlands, a swampy area around the capital.
Instead of one final push, the conflict bogged down into 12 days of bitter fighting.
The final push came in the form of a multi-battalion parachute drop by the 20th Marik Militia, supported by a frontal assault by mercenaries.

- The Jihad: A Review, New Earth Press Ltd 3088
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When we breached I just assumed we had come up too early. There should be a beach, not more water.
Turns out the Word had flooded half the wetlands, turning what land there was left into artificial lakes they could channel us into.
Either way, they expected us to keeping pushing up the thin finger of dry land...  not pop up behind them.
As soon as we breached we were into it - I was going toe to toe with a King Crab in hip deep water.

I sent one lance and most of our infantry, being carried by their hover APCs, around the flank to try and reach the Marik forces hammering away.
The rest of us just keep pushing up out of the water into the teeth of the Robes.
It was messy. One of the Gustavs bought it when his Retrotech Rook went up - poor bastard tried to eject but sort of splattered himself in the way out.
Turns out Retro ejection seats are... interesting.

We also lost two Saxons and a Savannah Master - no survivors after they got hulled and sunk fast. All of the vehicles were recovered though.

Officially, Khan West has declared the invasion over - but we are still out here. Patrolling and hunting for any left over Blakists, while the 20th Marik tries to keep order in the capital.
The rest of the invasion force is heading off world to help the Duchess.

- Felix Cavalli

So, that was a big game. With almost no land go play with, hat scenario had some interesting challenges.
I’m not 100 per cent sure where to next - the Cavaliere are a part of the Marik front, and I figured they’ll take part in the attack on Marcus next. But I’m still undecided.
Meanwhile, their “counter” unit - Barton’s Boozefighters are part of the Blakist counter attack that retakes Marcus for the Word.
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Zulu Base, New Foundland
New Halloran V
February 12

The shooting stars spat fitfully across the night sly like diamond gaming pieces hurled over black felt by a petulant hand.
But Gideon Larsen knew they were no throw pieces - each was a multi tonne, million C-Bill piece of technology sent tumbling down into atmosphere.
Some with human pilots - screaming, desperately trying to escape their metal coffins - while others were computer driven with no concept of life. Or death.

A day earlier the Capellan invasion fleet has jumped into the system, only to be beset by the Word's newest marvel - a fully functional Space Defence System of the like no one had seen since the Star League.
Beside Larsen, Frank Duggan took another deep swig of the bottle and handed it over.
Duggan's hawklike profile was illuminated for a second as the night sky lit up with a series of distant explosions.

"Don't know if I like machines stealing all my kills," the Mercenary commander said.

Larsen threw back his own slug of whiskey. "Bet you don't tell the Manei Domini that."

Without warning, Duggan turned on his subordinate and snatched the bottle from his lips.
"Don't even joke about that. Ever Larsen. Ever."
A mad light gleamed in his eyes for a second as Duggan stared at him before turning away.

Above them another shooting star was plunging towards earth with a trail of red.

"There's more at play than you know." Taking the bottle back, Duggan nodded out towards the snowy parade ground before them.
"Best get to work. You know the drill."

Larsen zipped his heavy field jacket up and stood. Without regular nips from the bottle he was suddenly starting to feel the cold.
"Bloody them, hold them, fall back. Do it all again until St. Jamias sends,us support, yeah I know."
He trudged off into the darkness, leaving his commander hunched over swigging from the bottle.
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Crump, crump, crump!

The freight train scream of artillery got closer and closer until Frank Duggan was forced to dampen his external pick ups.
A second later there was a geyser of snow, dirt and flames as a round hit to his front, peppering his armour with small hunks of shrapnel.

“All Bandit elements, start falling back,” he barked, before heaving his MAD-9W Marauder out of the snow drift. It had been years since he’d piloted  Mech newer than 50 odd years and he was still getting used to the smell of... clean in the new Marauder.

Standing up right with no obstruction he could now see the Cappies moving towards him. Four fast moving metal figures painted in shades of white and grey to match the arctic landscape.
“Bandits, I make one lance in bound,” he said.
"Remember the drill - hit 'me and fall back, all Bandits get to-"

The comm suddenly dissolved in a surf roar of static that set the merc's teeth on edge.
"Anyone hear me? This is Bandit Lead-"

Toggling a control Duggan zoomed in on the four figures racing towards him "Men Shen, Vindicator... Raven"
Stomping hard on the studs set on either side of his pedals, Duggan threw the Marauder skywards on flaming steaks of plasma.
The improved jumpjets could propel the big machine 150 metres at a time and the warrior took full advantage of that.

Coming down with a crash, he dropped into a low crouch and spun towards the Capellan Mechs. The Men Shen with its hunched over profile was close enough for Duggan to make out the knight in armour symbol of McCarron's Armoured Cavalry displayed on its torso - but it was the Raven he was hunting.
Further ahead, the bird-like Mech was almost strutting toward, its clawed feet kicking up sprays of ice and snow.
Two bolts of pure energy spat from the Marauder's arms and he followed it up with a burst of PPC fire that slagged off armour with barely a kiss. The two lasers tore into the Raven's arm, carrying off more armour and sending the lighter machine stumbling backwards.

Leaping again, Duggan threw the Marauder back into the sky as return fire streamed back.
The jumping Marauder rocked and bucked as missiles peppered its legs and feet and his hands had to grip the control sticks and fight for control as a laser caught him full in the face.

The Raven had desperately tried to fall back but quickly found itself struggling on the icy slope. It stood little chance when 75t of metal dropped directly on it.

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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 28 February 2018, 20:36:55
So, I ran our arch-rivals the Boozefighters through the orbital "Death by a Thousand Cuts" Total Chaos track and then a ground track. And they did surprisingly well - Word naval forces, using the SDS destroyed a great deal of attacking Capellan forces - even if I'm still a bit unsure what I'm doing when it comes to space battles.

In the subsequent Assault track a company of Boozefighters backed a mixed Protectorate Militia company against twice that level of McCarron's Armoured Cav and Lockhhardt's Ironsides and kicked the Cappies square in the teeth.

Historically, the Word's 48th Shadow Division arrives shortly afterwards and the fight continues until August when the Word finally pulls out. I want the Boozefighters to be part of the counter-attack on Marcus in July, so i'm saying they're pulled off the line in April/May and sent to rest and repair.

Meanwhile, back with the Cavaliere:

May 19, 3077
Outskirts of Charity Heights,

It's a darkened briefing room - a holo projection of a planet, done in muted browns, greens and blues dominates the room.
The figure at the lectern is hulking - well into his 60s, his dark hair is still inky black, if now totally receded from the
crown of his skull and he wears a full dress Lyran uniform - hung with enough medals to form an armoured vest.
"Khan Kerensky, General Kenan - your assessments on Colonel Brahe's plan?"

The tiered seats surrounding the holo display are about half full. In the front row a tall, copper skinned man dressed in a simple grey jumpsuit reclines like he's taking in the matinee at the holo theatre. His dark blonde hair is cut short and a beard fills out his jaw.
Beside him a younger woman in the FedSuns' white and gold shifts uncomfortably. Her blonde hair is pulled back severely and she seems nervous.
"Is it not better if the man who'll command the recon speaks first, Quaff?" the Khan asks, peering at the darkened ceiling.

There's some polite coughing from the audience and nervous shifting. The woman in the Suns uniform is now extremely uncomfortable and does her best to shift as far as she can from her companion.

Lieutenant General Paul Zardetto nods, smoothing a large hand over his balding pate before nodding to the audience.

Two figures emerge - one is obviously well into his 70s but moves with graceful purpose. His silver-streaked black hair is plated and reaches almost to his hips. He's clad in a simple black kimono.
The other figure is a full head and a half shorter and stocky to his companion's leanness.
The shorter man wears a slate grey uniform and has an obvious limp. Even in the dim light his left hand is obviously fake, the chrome gleaming.

"Thankyou General, Khan," the tall man nods.
"I've brought Colonel Cavalli with me, because this plan is as much his as it is mine."
Taking the holoputer's remote he begins.

Talk about a massive honour - the Kell Hounds thought enough of us while working with us on Van Diemen IV they've asked for the Cavaliere to back them up again.
This time, the target is Marcus - and we're going in ahead of the main invasion force to scout out the defences and generally raise some hell.
ComStar has been providing support and equipment to a small resistance force on-world and they've managed to smuggle out some limited intel to the Coalition, but for the most part we're going in blind.
Group IV wants to hit the planet by mid July, which doesn't give us a huge amount of time.
Elements of the Kell Hounds' 1st Regiment, plus our 1st Company will drop in, hit our targets and then get out to funnel the intel back to the Coalition.
- Felix Cavalli

Use a mix of Forest, Clear, and Hills terrain (see p. 263, TW).
The Defender chooses their home edge first; the Attacker’s home edge is the opposite. Place 3D6 Light Level 1 buildings
(CF 10) across the battlefield; each building should be at least 2 hexes from another. The Defender rolls 1D6 and secretly assigns that number of buildings (and location) to house weapons and ammunition.
Use a mix of Forest, Clear, and Hills terrain (see p. 263, TW).
The Defender chooses their home edge first; the Attacker’s home edge is the opposite. Place 3D6 Light Level 1 buildings
(CF 10) across the battlefield; each building should be at least 2


The Defender consists of the Marcus Protectorate Militia.
The Militia has Regular skills, equals 125% of the Attacker’s total deployed force, and uses any Militia RAT. The Defender may deploy up to 25% of its total force as Hidden Units (see p. 259, TW)
prior to the start of the track.

Track Cost: 500
+250 Traps: One-third of the buildings are trapped. When a unit comes in contact with the building or its rubble, they explode to inflict 20 damage in the building’s hex and 10 damage in all adjacent hexes.

+500 Overwhelmed:
The Defender has additional reinforcements
from the Marcus PM enter via Attacker’s home edge during the Movement Phase of Turn 6. They are 100% of the Attacker’s total deployed force and have Green skills.
hexes from another. The Defender rolls 1D6 and secretly assigns that number of buildings (and location) to house weapons and ammunition.
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REPUBLIC WORLD FACTS (A primer for 1st year cartography students, Terra Firma Educational Press)

Marcus is a hostile world with an oppressive atmosphere and  mountains squashed into mere rolling hills by the heavy planetary pressure.
Settled in the early years of the Terran Hegemony to exploit the abundant radioactive materials, Marcus eventually hosted Orguss Industries which was later destroyed by nuclear strike in 2837.
The capital city of Zotikos stands on the northern continent of Montezumia, and is host to the planet’s primary spaceport.

WOULD YOU LIKE MORE WORLD FACTS? Subscribe NOW to our exclusive LINKNet advanced learning package - only 99 Stones.


Due to it abundance of uranium and other metals, Marcus was repeatedly targeted by Lyran and Marik raiders during the so-called Succession Wars.
After centuries of raids and damage, the planet's economy was in serious decline and Marcus' future looked bleak. This led to a cult that encouraged suicide as a way of reaching "Culmination". The cult was short lived as its members eventually killed themselves, however it enjoyed a resurgence during the years of the Jihad and Blakist occupation.
Once again facing grim times, several thousand flocked to the new Way of Arme cult, under the teachings of "Grand Master" Georgio Baltas.
The Blakists cracked down on the cult - wrongly fearing it was plotting an attack - and destroyed the main temple in 3075. Several hundred cultists were also rounded up and imprisoned.

Excerpt from dissertation presented by political science major Angela Kordela, University of Zotikos, October 3087

While the Blakist overlords caused significant damage - with the latest Republic figures estimating somewhere between 350,000 and 460,000 causalities during the occupation - it's the scars of the civil war that raged on Marcus during that time that still haunts our planet.
More than half of the casualties, disappearances or wounding during the occupation can be attributed to ongoing conflict between residents of Marcus.

The origins of that conflict reach back to 3074 with the rise of the Marcus Peoples Army (MPA), a small insurgency mainly working out of the Athenian Highlands, who began a campaign of terror against the Word of Blake. Modelled along neo-communist lines, the MPA drew heavily from Marcus' working classes and enjoyed several minor successes against the Protectorate Militia.
Under-equipped the MPA did little however to actually lift the Blakist yoke and if anything, triggered increasingly harsher crackdowns from the Word.
By late 3075, another insurgency rose up - this time with funding and backing from Alys Rousset-Marik's FWL Resistance.
Clandestinely equipped with tanks, armoured vehicles and heavy infantry equipment the Free Marcus Volunteers enjoyed better odds against the Protectorate Militia.

Both elements refused to cooperate - and in numerous cases, actually fought among themselves, leading to great destruction and loss of life - until mid-3077 when ComGuard units arrived on world to warn of an upcoming invasion.
In June, mercenary elements employed by Devlin Stone's Coalition arrived as part of a recon raid and after running into heavier than expected opposition were forced to deal with the MPA.
The Coalition forces later reached out to FMV, triggering a planet-wide uprising to coincide with the Coalition's main attack.

But that unity soon fell apart in the wake of a determined Blakist counterattack and the perceived "abandonment" by the Coalition. During the second occupation, both insurgencies further splintered, with the various factions fighting each other and the Blakist occupiers.
Eventually liberated (again) the various Marcus insurgencies refused to come quietly - and in several cases were forcibly disarmed and even destroyed by the new Republic of the Sphere.
The Republic refused to deal with the MPA - labelling it a terrorist organisation after several minor clashes and instead turned to former government minister Napoleon Gillis to mediate a truce and eventual transition with the FMV. The MPA was hunted until the mid 3080s, at which point the planetary government offered far reach amnesty to most of its members.

- the above dissertation was removed from the university record by authorities in December 3087 and the author detained for questioning. She remains in SIS custody as of 3090.
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VOICE ONE [Female, no accent, English speaker]: "Tin Cannon Six, we are lifting - say again we're lifting, you need to get on board or -"


VOICE TWO [Clipped, obvious German accent, with a rather haughty tone suggesting upper class Lyran]: Hobart, you need to hold. The Colonel and 1st company are still stuck out there, we need to wait for them. Over.


There's a series of distant explosions and then a long burst of near contiguous, closer blasts.

VOICE ONE: We are taking fire, Tin Cannon - say again, Hobart is taking fire! Over!

VOICE TWO: Roger, we are - STATIC

VOICE THREE [There's a hint of an Italian accent, long suppressed]: Tin Cannon, this is Sabre. Get to the extraction site. Hobart, get them on board and boost for orbit. Over

VOICE TWO: But Sabre - Colonel, you're surrounded.

VOICE THREE: Peder, get the hello out. There's nothing you can do. Just come back for us, y'hear?

- Marcus Protectorate Militia radio intercept, outside Kalamark June 13, 3077.

So, this didn't exactly go to plan...
We hit the ground running - I took 1st Company, plus Barret's Mauler Lance and we rolled out. The Kell Hounds had committed a full battalion - two companies rolled out and made a feint at the capital, while one investigated an outlying installation.
Hammarskjold's 2nd company held the perimeter around our droppers while I took 1st company in to back the Hounds.
And I can see why Colonel Brahe went after it - a dozen or so buildings set out on the edge of the forest, surrounded by wire - turned out, it had about a company of Militia hiding in there and enough equipment stockpiled away to maintain a battalion.

We blew the hell out of it and pushed deeper to investigate a couple of similar sites. By that night, we were all taking casualties and meeting gradually increasing resistance. Colonel Brahe made the call to fall back, but we got stuck in around a town called Delphos - we had to hold the line while the Hounds made pick up on two of their ejected pilots.
Unfortunately, that left us hanging in the breeze - i don't blame Brahe or the Hounds, I'd have made the same call.
But they had to leave us.

We lost two Mechs and a pilot.  Gustav Henrig, one of our New Hessn hires bought it.
But we managed to throw off pursuit and pull back into the rocky highlands. Now, I guess we just wait for Group IV to finally come and invade this damn rock.
Felix Cavalli
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Camera zooms in on a beautiful, dusky skinned woman in a plunging peach coloured gown on stage at a glass podium. Her inky hair is a fantastic collection of tiny ringlets and she offers the audience a beaming smile.

Host: Welcome back to the Marcus of the Year Awards, where our planet recognises our greatest thinkers, artists, philanthropists and givers. Now, we turn to a darker chapter in Marcus' history - the Word of Blake Jihad.
And while it's a grim time, it does however, allow us to shine a light on the extreme bravery shown by Marcus citizens.

The camera spins over the audience to zoom in on a lean man with dark hair slicked back and a scar running from the right edge of his forehead down to his jawline. He's wearing a tuxedo - black and set off by the flared shoulders, turned up cuffs and velvet cravat that is the fashion in the early 3090s - and looks very uncomfortable.
The camera zooms back to the host.

Host: Nikos van Olsen fought bravely throughout the Blakist occupation of our world. In mid-3077, he worked extensively with a Coalition mercenary unit that found itself deep behind enemy lines, ahead of the initial effort to oust the Word.
For two weeks, his freedom fighters carried out near constant attacks, alongside Cavalli’s Cavaliere as they kept the Word off balance ahead of the Coalition invasion.

Of course, our very special guest is Major (retired) Raul Abiradda, the younger brother of Republic Armed Forces Commanding General Abiradda - who is in the audience tonight. Major Abiradda, is now well known as a best selling author and poet across the Republic and is now a professor of moral philosophy at the University of Technology, Sydney on Terra.
But he's also a veteran of the Word of Blake and served as a Mechwarrior with the 20th Marik Militia, before the Word counter attacked Marcus in mid-3077.
Major Abiradda spent close to two years working tirelessly with the Marcus resistance, carrying out numerous acts of sabotage and against the Word of -

- partial transcript of the Marcus of the Year Awards, 3092, Marcus
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Calling this place mad is the understatement of the century. Two seperate rebel groups (and a host of smaller, minor ones) fighting the Word and flat out refusing to cooperate.
After we got left behind, we led the Blakists on a merry chase through the badlands until we linked up with something called the Marcus Peoples Army, which had several platoons of infantry and some vehicles set up an ambush for the Word.
Seems we met the local cell under a guy called van Olsen.
Only later do we hear the rest of the MPA are taking a vote on if they should seize our equipment for their own use. We made contact with another group, called the Marcus Volunteers who only wanted to tell us how evil the MPA are.
This planet is mad. But it doesn't matter - we got the signal. Wolves, Lyrans and Feddies are burning in very shortly and we can get the hell off this rock!
- Joe Paige

Voice one: And then, out of no where they came in all guns blazing!

Voice two: please stick to the facts, Sergeant.

Voice one: Right. Well, I've been on Marcus four years and I've seen plenty of action against the rebels - beat up trucks with guns mounted on the back, ragged infantry with no shoes and taped together AX-22s. But never Mechs like this, no wonder you trashed our position so quickly.

Voice two: Sergeant, start from the top. What was your unit doing on the Deplhi Flatlands.

Voice one: sure. Well, those Lyrans had dropped right into the capital and were clobbering the PM. I'm actually glad we got sent out here and missed that bunfight.
Our company got sent out last week to help one of the Security Battalions -

Voice two: explain the security battalions.

Voice one: oh, right. Local troops, organised along paramilitary lines aimed at combating the insurgents. Honestly, they were brutal and good at kicking in doors and burning down villages. But in a stand up fight they sucked.

Voice two: hmm, go on.

Voice one: so, there's a new crop of insurgent problems, so we roll out with the security boys.
A day after you people arrived we get news of a big insurgent column moving to help, so, we saddled up.

Voice two: and this is when you ran into the Mechs?

Voice one: yep, that insurgent column was just a ruse - a whole damn Mech company, led by a big battered Marauder II came burning down on us. My Lineholder lasted about 15 seconds and I ended up here.

- interrogation log, 888&12-001DELTA
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So, they didn’t kill us and take our equipment. That’s always a good start.
After hours of arguing if they were going to even side with the approaching Coalition, the rebel band decided it was in their best interest.

We lured the local Militia in with a big push from our rebel friends and then stomped on their flank. As this happened we got word the Coalition had hit the deck and we moved to link up. Meanwhile, the rebels had mobilised the whole countryside - police and militia barracks were shot up, local Blakist officials were lynched, it was chaos - and it kept the Wobbies busy and off balance.

We - at the head of a probably regiment sized column of rebel armour and infantry - pushed on, fighting a series of minor actions against the Word.
Around Harney we started to run into trouble and had our arses saved by a Wolf in Exile cluster. Never thought I’d be happy to see Clan fighters zooming in on my position!

After that, it was mostly mopping up. Mostly just Protectorate Militia holdouts who were quick to surrender. There's always some fanatics though.
The real problem is the locals - every insurgent group seems to be settling old scores or just generally taking out their rage on those less fortunate.
It's a mess.
There's talk of keeping troops here - maybe some of the Leaguers. I'm just hoping we don't get left here.
- Joe Paige
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Visual record: XCOM-64NINER-TANGO

Camera zooms in on a column of squat, ugly armoured vehicles and trucks. The six wheeled AFVs mount light autocannons in open turrets, the gunner protected by a flimsy blast shield.
The trucks are packed with soldiers.

As the column approaches a huddle of dilapidated, ramshackle buildings that have been scarred and notched by bullets, a dozen or so people begin moving towards the column.
They're ragged and dirty - most are women and children - but several are men in torn and muddied clothing - and start to clamber up on the trucks. Others stand back and wave or cheer.

As the crowd approaches the column, several troopers reach over the side and start handing down ration packs and supplies, one kid clambers up atop one of the vehicles and the gunner in her hatch briefly reaches down to ruffle his hair.
One of the men, his skin is caked with mud and blood and his clothing is torn and ragged, reaches up towards the side of one of the trucks as if reaching for offered food. Instead he palms a blunt, black egg from his sleeve and drops it over the side with a clatter.

There's a scream from inside the truck. "Grenade! Grenade!"
Men in uniform start scrambling in the truck - but it's too late. There's a flat crack and flame and smoke blow the sides off the compartment.

Footage ends

God, I hate this place. I'm so glad we are lifting in two days.
Ever since we "won" here on Marcus, the chaos has got worse - two rebel armies fighting each other, still hunting down and settling old scores, Blakist fanatics and holdouts and a sullen population who don't know who to trust.
We heading back to Talitha for a brief R&R before the nets offensive.
Thank Christ we are not being left here as the occupation force - a 20th Marik Militia battalion, and a battalion each of their infantry and armour.
Good luck you poor bastards.

- Taighe Barrett
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This place just keeps getting better, doesn't it?
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This place just keeps getting better, doesn't it?

Well, it’s only another week or two until the Word counter attacks. So... yeah..
Welcome to Marcus. Stay for the... well, actually nothing. You stay ‘cuz You’re dead.
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From the campaign journal of  Lt Colonel Cameron Clarkson, XO 20th Marik Militia

August 5
No doubt about it, Marcus is a mess - no one else wanted this job. But it's a great show of faith that the Colonel gave it to me. Now I've just got to pacify a planet, disarm two rebel groups and defend it against the still active Blakist insurgency until the garrison forces arrive.

August 6
Not a good day. One of my patrols took fire while running a checkpoint out in the Massa-El hills. Real bandit country out there. One of the rebel groups used to be holed up in the hills during the Word occupation and I had my boys searching for caches of weapons and supplies and checking the waves of refuges coming in towards the capital for any insurgents.
Well, they found them. Two dead, three wounded after someone opened up on the check point and then suckered a squad into an ambush.
We scoured the hill but we just don't have the manpower.
One Napoleon Gillis  took up the rest of my day. He's the former interior minister  der the Word overlords but turned on them when he saw the writing on the wall.
But the bastard does have a sizeable personal army of "security troops". We disarmed them and confined them to barracks but he keeps pushing their worth I'm securing h the planet.
I can smell his ambition a mile away,

August 8
We picked up something odd on the deep space scanners. I'm hoping it's our relief come early. Something tells me no.
Like we don't have enough trouble.
I've had Abiradda out all morning trying to maintain order as riots flare up. Sanitation workers are striking, they have been joined by students - now the whole capital stinks and it's chaos.
Gillis keeps calling demanding I let his people restore order - if it keeps going, I'm going to have to let that toad loose on the city.

What a disaster. Blakists - well mostly mercs - hotdropped directly on us. 1st company and our Armoured elements took the brunt of it and the rest of us were lucky to escape at all.
With our heaviest troops pinned around the space port (I got one last report at 0330 from Captain Xanders, he was out of ammo and they were just waiting for the end) I pulled 2nd company, some tanks and our infantry back to a fall back position in the industrial zone - but those damn raiders were all over us and kept cutting away.
We left the city in ruins - God knows what the civilian casualties were like - these bastards would use infernos and artillery on whole city blocks just to flush out a retreating Mech.

I've gathered our few remnants on the city edge. Hell, the only reason we got out was because the raiders started fighting each other.

August 9
Before we abandoned the capital, I gave Gillis and his troops their weapons back. I figured he could buy us a little time.
He didn't - he took his equipment, gathered his troops and fled in the opposite direction.
We got Intel that these raiders have started fighting each other - disputes over salvage and rights to the city.
But it did give us the opportunity to fall back and rearm.

August 10
We have IDs on the Stealthy Tigers, Barton's Boozefighters and The Furies on world - along with some odds and sods. They've encircled us and now seem to be getting ready for their final push.

- Lt Colonel Cameron Clarkson was killed on August 11 when his Perseus was downed by massed fire. With that the 20th was defeated, but resistance continued for another year until Coalition forces arrived
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R&R on Talitha. Nothing like it. I could seriously get used to this. After the past couple months of getting shot at, rained on and generally thinking each moment could be my last... this is pretty good.

- Eli Moss, Cavalli’s Cavaliere
September, 3077

Don’t you know it? The brass could screw any dream up. We’re going back into the shit

- Eli Moss, Cavalli’s Cavaliere
September, 3077

Almost two months of downtime on what is basically a paradise. Talitha seemed well and truly pacified and the locals actually seem to like having us. No good thing can last forever though.
First up, it looked like we were off to New Canton. The Colonel had me running training and drills in prep for an assault alongside the Lyran Guards on New Canton. But honestly, we were mostly just enjoying ourselves.
Then we got orders to move up training because we were going to jump at the week’s end.
Hurry up and wait... hurry up and wait.
We settled back into a routine until we got the alert.
First we knew was the brass running around like headless Garza Lizards. The Colonel got called in and then sent me Word to get everything ready ASAP.

So, now we’re off to Chara. It was a rush job and we got sent off first because we have our own Jumpship. Hell, it looks like we’ll be the first in the door.
Still no idea what the hell has happened.

- Joe Paige,
Talitha orbit, September 3077

The Wolves really screwed the pooch. Bad intel, too many Robes. Whatever it was, they got hurt bad. Ran off Chara with their tails between their legs and left a lot of people on the surface.
I don’t have much love for the Wolves - first Mech I ever punched out of was a Sh-Hawk a Wolf Puma had holed back in ‘50 - but we aren’t going to let those Robes get away with this.

We’re going in first - scout out the terrain, link up with any survivors and prep the way for the rest of the force. General Lee is still scrambling together a scratch force, so who knows what kinda support we’ll actually get.
Either way - Chara is where we’re going. And we’re going to kick some Word arse.
- Felix Cavalli
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Eli Moss: Toughest battle i ever fought? Ha, that’s easy. People talk about Terra and New Home - and yeah, I was there for both, both were real bitches. But I’ll always say Chara. Late 3077, Chara.

Interviewer: Why Chara.

Moss: we dropped after the Wolves in Exile got their heads handed to them. Ahead of the main invasion force.
Very quickly, we learned what had killed the Wolves. Those Blakists had an elaborate space defence system that lobbed nukes and seemed to know exactly what you were going to do next. We didn’t come in with warship support and maybe that’s why we got as far as we did - slipped in under the radar.
But finally they did notice us - and threw everything at us.
One of our ships took a full broadside and barely made it through atmosphere. As it was, we lost half our armoured company and that Overlord was limping in, leaking fuel and air.
It also cost us two of our aerospace fighters, trying to outrun those drones.

Interviewer: Your unit took heavy casualties during the initial insertion?

And then when we hit the ground, the fun started all again.
Before we even got down, some surviving Wolves reached out to us. There were a few of them nearby - somehow our three captains had managed to Sheppard all three droppers down close together.
We pushed out - and ran straight into a Word push looking for us. I clocked some Protectorate Militia, but most seemed to be Steel Guardsmen.

Editor’s note: At this point Moss briefly started to cry and we had to pick up the interview several minutes later.

Interviewer: Can you keep going?

Moss: Yeah, yeah... sure. We checked the first probe and stared moving down a road to the last reported location of the nearest Wolves when the Word hit us with artillery.
Only it wasn’t HE... it was chemical. My LT, Esmerelda Rico just started coughing and choking, her  Icarus stumbling all over the place. Later we found out an earlier hit had cracked her cockpit slightly and she was exposed to the gas.
Let me tell you, it was even worse for the half a dozen dismounted Wolf troops hiding in the nearby hedgerow.
I’ll never get that sight out of my mind.

Interviewer: but you saved numerous Clan Wolf in Exile troops?

Moss: Oh, yeah. That fight there turned into a bit of a route, I’ll admit. The Word has us ranged and boxed in and we were forced back, leaving any possible Wolves there.
Second company had more luck as it circled around our flank and shattered a Word tank company. They tried their gas trick again, but this time they managed to drop it on themselves as much as our guys and the results were mixed.
Captain Hammarskjold was killed by Blakist battle armour swarming his Mech as he pushed the last of the Wobblies our of their positions.
All up, we managed to link up with 20 odd Wolves - dismounted MechJocks, Elementals without armour and some techs, plus two full points of Elementals.
Barrett moved up to take over 2nd company and I got support lance with Rico dead.

We pushed deeper into the wetlands and waited for reinforcements, fighting limited action for another couple days.
- Concord Nightly News Ch9 interview with mercenary Eli Moss, 3088
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That sounded like fun... poor Robes!   :'(

TT (  ;D )
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Adept IX Shin Morgan had never liked space - there was a sheer sense of... wrongness the ComGurd had never got used to.
Tucking his Velcro lined toes into the patches of carpet as he moved fitfully along the bulkhead, the big man weaved among the men and women crowding into the narrow compartment.
A pat on the shoulder here, a muttered comment and a grin, Morgan tried his best to offer some sense of comfort to all of his subordinates.
Finally he managed to bull his way to the front of the compartment - and see outside.
Stars stood out like white-blue pin holes against the black vastness. But it was the other, artificial,  lights that made a sick feeling rise in Morgan’s stomach.
Pulses and flashes as ships and men died in the coldness of space.

The whole ship junked around suddenly and the view shifted.
Now they could see the twisted hulk of what must have once been a starship. Torn and rended hull, a swathe of debris floating in its wake.
As the ship turned, Morgan could see the bold Steiner first painted defiantly on the hulk’s side.

“You were on Tukayyid, weren’t you sir? When the Heretics came, I mean?”
Morgan turned to the speaker - a shorter man with a shock of blonde hair and very blue eyes.
Shin Morgan had first tasted war as a 10-year-old when the now dead Clan Smoke Jaguar had invaded Nykvarm, a Combine world his ComStar technician father had been assigned to. Four year’s later - tired of his father’s collaboration with the Jaguars, he’d walked into the wilderness and joined the local resistance.
He’d been fighting almost constantly since then and realised the blonde Acolyte in front of him was probably a decade older than he’d been when he’d first taken up arms.
But why did they all look so damn... young.

“That’s right, I was with Invader Galaxy when this all kicked off. But that was different - this time, we’re the ones on the offensive,” he told the young Acolyte with a smile he didn’t feel.

Outside, there was a sudden flare of light as a ship exploded.

“Our warships will clear this shortly,” he said.

Suddenly, there was the harsh buzz of the ship-wide alarm.

“All personnel, general quarters - report to your duty station. All personnel-“

Zipping his white jumpsuit up, Morgan smiled at the gathered troops.
“Time to get to business.”

Thank God for ComStar’s 4th Army. A week of sniping and moving, waiting for relief and then finally we got cornered by the Word’s forces.
Thankfully the 4th dropped pretty much right on our heads and pulled us out of the fire.
The FWL’s Juggernaut regiment is off to our left flank and the Word has actually been forced to pull back in the face of the reinforcements.
Our friendly Wolves are still sticking close to us - nothing like supplementing your force with a “star” - ie: an oversized platoon of Toads, plus a lance or Exiles in captured Mechs.
I mean, the Wolf mechjocks have bitched and moaned about the equipment, but i only had to offer to let them sit out and...

We’re tucked in behind the ComGuards around a place called Breckenridge and the scuttlebug is we’re going to be part of the next big push to take Breckenridge and then sweep down onto Starpad, the biggest spaceport.
- Felix Cavalli

Grainy image shows the inside of a tent - green canvas walls form the backdrop but there is a host of high tech electronic equipment laid out on the table in the middle.
A small display beam up a hologram of a planet. The legend CHARA hangs over the planet and there’s a network of red lines and multicoloured icons spread across the globe.

Several people are clustered around - it’s a jungle of khaki, greens and browns.
In the middle a tall, red headed woman stand  nodding as an aide briefs her.
She’s pretty but currently scowling as she listens and pages through a data pad.
She waves most of those gathered out, apart from the aide.

Two men enter. The first is tall and broad shouldered, with steel grey hair cut stubble short. He’s wearing a white and grey jumpsuit.
Beside him is a much shorter, stockier figure with a full beard. Both it and his short hair are black, shot through with grey.
He limps, favouring his right side and his rolled up fatigue sleeves expose the chrome replacement for his left arm.

Woman: “Oscar, Felix. Good to see you.”

The woman waves off the pairs’ salutes and enfolds the bearded man in a bear hug.

He grins and steps back, keeping his flesh and blood hand on her back.

“General Lee, I can’t tell you how glad me and the rest of my Cavaliere are to see you.”

The woman is beaming and gestures to her aide who is already approaching with a bottle of scotch and three glasses. He busies himself pouring and handing out glasses as the new pair look at the central display.

Cavalli: “Hell of a thing - not being able to call in orbital support. Would have helped us on your way in.”

They all accept glasses, toast and drink.

The redhead lights a cigarette and waves away the trickle of smoke.

“We’re working on it. Bastards have this system sewn up with drones. But don’t worry, we have a plan.”

The taller man downs his drink as he peers at the table display.
“Maybe tell Webb to hurry up and knock out the ground based array or we’re all going to face a slog, ja?”

Lee takes a deep drag and nods at Cavalli who is now refilling glasses, shooing the aide out of the way with his ghastly metal hand

“That’s why you gentlemen are here. Marcel needs help pushing in and taking the facility. He needs a distraction.”

Fades to static
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Voice one (younger, male with a possible Outback or Taurian twang to it): Sunday, this is Foxhound. We have secured Objective Bravo, say again - we have Bravo.

Voice two (cool, clipped and female. No trace of accent): Foxhound, this is Bravo. What’s your status?

Voice one: I’ve got a Level I holding the apartment towers above Bravo, another I is pushing around the left flank - but we’re taking casualties from bunkers. I think the Wobblies are gearing up for another push.

There’s the crackle of gunfire and the occasional growl of explosions

Voice two: Ok Foxhound, wait. Out.

Voice two: Checkmate Black Six, this is Sunray. Over

There’s a hiss of static and distant, garbled voices.

Voice two: Checkmate Black Six, this is Sunray. Do you read? Over

Voice three (it’s high and panicky, there’s a distinct crump of explosions and near constant rattling gunfire in the background).

Sunray! This is Checkmate! We read out - signal is weak. Over!

Voice two: what’s your status checkmate? Where’s six?

Voice three: Sunray, this is Checkmate. The  Kommandant bough it. Hauptman Rosenberg is in the line.

Voice two (she sounds vaguely annoyed now): ok, Checkmate. What’s your status?

Voice three: we got across the bridge and took the first line of bunkers - but then those bastard Robes dropped some sort of gas right on us! They’d pre-sighted in their own bunkers, knowing we’d take them. They dropped a tonne of HE and then this red gas. Half the battalion’s dead. We hav-

The voice dissolved into static. A second later another voice emerges.

Voice four (it’s gruff and Germanic); This is First Leutnant Unther - I’m ordering a fighting withdrawal. The bridgehead is lost.
I’m feeding you pictures now.

There’s a hiss and a pop and a picture forms. It’s shaky and appears to be shot from a helmet mounted camera.

It shows a nightmare-scape of ruined and blackened vehicles. Green-clad men are moving amongst the blasted bunkers and razor wire, dressed in the distinctive bullet-headed Lyran helmets.
Tracers flicker in amongst the ruins.
Suddenly, the whole image shakes.
From the ruins a giant pair of metal legs step, each step shaking the ground.
One grey/white leg has a radiant broadsword Painted on its armoured shin.

The camera zooms up, revealing a vaguely humanoid shape, clutching a giant hatchet in one arm, the other arm ending in a collection of gun barrels.

The image fades to static.

Communications intercepted from the 4th Army (ComGuards) and 19th Arcturan Guards during the push across the Skipho River in Chara
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Sorry guys - I've been seduced away by the amazing Battletech PC game. But sis get the chance to dinish up the action on Chara.

We anchored our line on the old Methodist church on the hill and hunkered down, hull down along the ridge overlooking the river. General Lee had tasked us with holding her flank - no problem, right?
Three hours later we had faced two reinforced companies of Protectorate Militia, had gas dropped on us, rode out torrential rains and soaked up causalities. And watched fire and death pour from the skies, killing dozens of our enemies in their tracks and leaving charred, blackened terrain in its wake.
Thanks the Lord for orbital support.
- Felix Cavalli

About 0600 we watched the Blakists cross the river and take refuge in the thicket. Shortly after their scouts rolled out. And while the men were bitching and moaning about being hung out to dry on the flanks -  we'd been allocated a fair level of resources - including some nice FASCAM delivered mines.
We'd sown that muddy field with mines, which tore up those scouts. And just as they tried to fall back, me and the battle armour Platoon hit them.
Look, infantrymen hate the rain - but I cannot tell you how happy I was when it cleared and General Lee let loose with the orbital bombardment!
We were on the edge of total collapse when it hose clouds cleared and the fire came down!
- Captain Hamish Basara
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List of proscribed organisations -  Republic of the Sphere. RoTS Attorney-General’s Department, 3087

It is an offence to:

be a member of the following organisations
direct the activities of one
recruit for one
train or receive training from, or participate in training with one
acquire funds for, from or to one
provide support to one
New Terran Party: Founded by Terra Firma native Marius Verloewen in 3066 after years in exile. Terra Firma descended into anarchy following the 3057 “Chaos March” debacle and clandestinely fell under the sway of the Word of Blake, who used mercenary units to maintain order and sponsor a puppet government, thereby ensuring loyalty.
Restricted to covert control, the Blakist hold on Terra Firma was weak and the fanatics were powerless to stop a coupe in 3060 and the short civil war that followed.
Until that point, Verloewen had been a minor functionary in the pro-Blakist government but soon found himself in exile on Caph. For the next five years he moved about the Chaos March - slowly gathering a cadre of followers and loyal warriors. While charismatic and capable of convincing oratory his dreams would have come to little   if it weren’t for the Word who stepped in in late 3066 and offered him a chance to return to Terra Firma. With Blakist funding, weapons and agents on the ground Verloewen defeated the government’s military forces in a short campaign in 3067 - on world mercenary forces declined their paymasters’ demands to take the field and instead sides with Verloewen.
After the military defeat, he took the remaining leaders into “protective custody” and declared free elections would take place in the new year.
On the 1st of August, 3068 Verloewen was elected president - his first act was to petition to join the growing Blakist Protectorate.

Terra Firma Today: a special report from the Terra Firma Times, March 18, 3087

Ten years since our liberation by Devlin Stone, Terra Firma has one of the highest levels of citizenship and Terra Firmans are highly represents in all branches of the Republic’s military.
But in February 3078, Terra Firma was the sight of one of the bloodiest battles, with local forces desperate to oppose the advancing Coalition.
Millions died as Terra Firma’s Protectorate Militia turned the planet’s cities into ambush zones, complete with booby trapped buildings and last stand tactics.
For years, Terra Firmans had been bombarded with Xenophobic propaganda and had loyalty to planetary leader Marius Verloewen and the Word of Blake drilled into their heads.
That meant, when the Coalition - made up of slaughter hungry Kuritans, mercenaries and a motley crew of pirates, prisoners and periphery scum led by a madman, according to the Blakist propaganda  - arrived, Terran Firman citizens were determined to defend every street and suburb.
The Protectorate Militia drafted in thousands of citizens’ militia - poorly trained cannon fodder and seemed determined to fight for every inch of the planet.

We’ve been attached to Stone’s personal unit, Stone’s Lament. A prestige role, sure. But it means being in the very tip of the broken bottle as he pushes into the Protectorate.
We’re dropping into Terra Firma with Ryuken-Roku and the Lament.
Intel has it as just Protectorate Militia, so hopefully this won’t be too bad.
- Felix Cavalli
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Demi Precentor Nate Dexter stopped for a second on the crest of the ridge, glancing first at his wrist-watch and then back over his shoulder.
It was 0539; the barrage was due in eleven minutes, at the spot where he was now standing. Behind, on the long northeast slope, he could see the columns of black oil smoke rising from what had been the Blakists' supply dump.

There was a great deal of firing going on; he wondered if the Robes had managed to corner a few of his men, after the commando had accomplished its mission and scattered, or if a couple of Wobbie units were shooting each other up in mutual mistaken identity. So much for clear communication from the Toastee Lovers, he mused.

The result would be about the same in either case—reserve units would be disorganized, and some men would have been pulled back from the front line. His dozen-odd ComGuard regulars and Terran Firman partisans had done their best to simulate a paratroop attack in force.
Just in time for the Coalition to arrive.

Snapping hand signals with his left arm, while cradling the Federated Assault Gun in his right he stepped off. As they reached the scrubby treeline the night sky suddenly lit up - craning his neck, Dexter caught a glimpse off drive flares as Dropships descended.
"They're early! Come on," he hissed, throwing himself into the trees.

A second later there was freight train howl of orbital artillery and the ridge line exploded.
The liberation of Terra Firma had begun.
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Interrogation log 14-07-XL:
Falks, Dylan R
DOB: 1/11/3049
PLACE OF BIRTH: New VanOuten, Van Diemen
RANK: Acolyte (Word of Blake Militia)/Staff Sergeant (Terra Firma Protectorate Militia)

Subject surrendered himself to Coalition forces as the fighting in Marseilles petered out. With a visible arm wound he advanced on a Coalition position with the other arm raised.
In the confusion our forces resumed firing  and the subject was again wounded. He eventually made his intentions clear and a medic started first aid
However, the subject refused to leave with Coalition forces, insisting on leading them to where a portion of Protectorate Militia were holed up nearby - also intent on surrendering.
Fearing a trap, the officer in charge sent Falks ahead but kept a close eye on him.
The subject led our forces to a nearby basement where 16 Protectorate Militia - mostly newly drafted teenagers were waiting. The group promptly surrendered while Falks pointed out several nearby booby traps.

Voice one: Run through it again. How did you end up on Terra Firma.

Voice two: again? You realise I’ve been held here for days and you keep asking the same questions?

Voice one: none the Less. Let’s go over it again.

Voice two: alright, alright. Like I’ve said already - I was born on Van Diemen. I flunked out of college at 21 and was almost immediately drafted into the Protectorate Militia. That was in late ‘70.
I won’t say I loved the military but i found something i was good at and the pay was ok.
In 3073 I re-upped for another four years and was a Sergeant in the recon battalion in ‘76 when you boys came screaming in.

Voice one: why evacuate a PM soldier when the Blakist high command left?

Voice two: I can assure you I didn’t bloody ask for it! Our forces pretty much crumbled within a couple days - I got shunted between units. They were forming and reforming companies on the fly and i somehow ended up in a unit holding the remaining space port. One of our squad commanders tried to slip away but got caught and shot on the spot by the CO, so most of us figured we would just stay out and ride it out.
But turns out we got pulled into the rear guard and then oddly loaded up - seems the head honcho was a real Word Precentor, not a local, and wanted security all the way off world.

Voice one: and how did you end up being inducted into the Word?

Voice two: again! Not by bloody choice! We ended up on Caph. No one told us where we were going and anyone who asked usually got a bloody ear and a day in the brig. They pretty much just dumped us Van De lot into a compound and left us. After a couple weeks a Robe came around and told us we could stay there or join up. Honestly, I was just a little worried about what they’d do to any of us who didn’t sign on - plus, I didn’t have any real family left back home.
Most of us were battlefield replacements for the the 3rd Division, but I heard some people got shunted back towards Terra.
It was a pretty brutal training crash course - complete with a final exam of sorts hunting insurgents on Epslion E, where we got dumped for a while.

Voice one: and then Direon with the 3rd  Division.

Voice two: yeah. Yeah, Dieron was a real bitch. Those crazy Samurai were one thing, but the Bears were like demons from Hell itself.
Half the company I was with didn’t make it out and on the retreat out the APC I was riding in took a direct hit. Half the guys are dead, I reach over to pull the driver out and his head came away in my hands.
We had to run the last five klicks back to the LZ.
I don’t know how we got out.

Voice one; we will come back to Dieron. But how did you end up on Terra Firma.

Voice two; they dumped us here! We got this far and then anyone who could still get got going - running further into the Protectorate or just running. I woke up in a field hospital to find no med staff and half the patients dying from infection.
A little later a Terran Firma Protectorate Militia Major comes around and says anyone who is left has officially joined up.
They gave me a platoon and assigned me to some ad-hoc formation as you boys burned in.

The platoon were reserves and kids called up out of school. I had nine actual Protectorate Militia troops - but all were guardhouse types or older guys. The planetary chief had pulled all the front line troops back to keep him safe while we gave kids, cripples and granddads Inferno launchers and told them to fight to the end
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I almost went and gave Stone a piece of my mind - hundreds are dead, not to mention the thousands of civilians killed by the brutal city fighting. What those Nova Cat sacrificed now for - to save that bastard. I was actually approaching him - he was standing near his Atlas in the ruins of the city's public square - and then I saw his face. It was the same way I looked when the LT bought it.
Either way, I don't think we should keep blindly following this maniac to hell.
- Lt Eli Moss

New Home. It feels like so muhx of this started right here on New Home.
Years ago, we rescued some pirate war leader from a POW camp here and the universe changed as a result.

The last nine days have been brutal - no just the bitter block by block fighting here in Fidler to push those cyber freaks out, but the sheer toll it's taken on all of us. Watching friends and comrades die in front of you, desperatel wondering if Stone actually has a plan or is just making it up as he goes along.
No matter. It's done. We suffered serious casualties and now we're sporting a lightning battalion of Mechs plus our infantry and vehicles.
- Felix Cavalli

1st Company
Command lance
Marauder II MAD-4S Felix Cavalli
Awesome AWS-9M Joe Paige
Nightsky NGS-5S Raita Mbugua
BattleMaster BLR-5M Benji Sukumaran

Support Lance
Phoenix Hawk PXH-3S Eli Moss
Icarus ICR-1X Helena Polo-Cruz
Vindicator VND-3L Janos Nyugen

Juggernaut Lance
Thunderbolt TDR-9M Jenna St George
Rook NH-1A Gustav Henrig
Rook NH-1A Marius Bertram Tung

2nd Company
Command Lance
BattleAxe BKX-8D Taige Barrett
BattleAxe BKX-7K Octavius Cavalli
Marauder MAD-5M - Moses Cavalli
Dragon DRG-5N Yasmin Keyes

Security Lance
Avatar AV1-OA Conal Blair
Vulcan VL-2T Rex Manahi
Strider SR1-OG Kyle Manahi
Osprey OSP-25 Charity Lauber-Smyth

3rd Company

Command Lands
Lynx LNX-9Q Asha Akouayn
Hussar HSR-500-D Cal Sampson
Wasp WSP-1D Kylie-Leeza Smith
Dervish DV-1S Electra Reva-Singh

Pursuit Lance
Wolfhound WLF-2 Lucuis Black
Panther PNT-10KA Bjorn "Big Bear" Kramer
Commando COM-7S Sharni Kharti
Griffin GRF-6CS Bruno Allegra
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What's the TO&E of the vehicle unit and what type of Infantry your trying out now Nav_Alpha?

What's next, can't wait for the next installment after action report!

Need anymore * cough * mechanical body parts?  ;)

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Need anymore * cough * mechanical body parts?  ;)


Felix can always use a new part or 2   :thumbsup:
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What's the TO&E of the vehicle unit and what type of Infantry your trying out now Nav_Alpha?

What's next, can't wait for the next installment after action report!

Need anymore * cough * mechanical body parts?  ;)


Let’s face it - off to Terra, so he’ll probably need more limbs!

2nd Battalion
 Major Amber Mori-Paige

1st company

Sprint lance - Maj Mori-Paige
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 upgrade)
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank (3058 upgrade)
Savannah Master Hovercraft
Savannah Master Hovercraft

Crusher lance - LT Saladin
Zhukov Heavy Tank (WoB)
Brutus Assault Tank
Brutus Assault Tank
Demolisher Heavy Tank

Infantry company - CPT Angus "Gus" Howell

Headquarters squad + Saxon APC (HQ variant)
Scout foot platoon + Saxon APC (Standard)
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon
Mechanized Field Artillery Infantry Platoon

Commando company - Captain Hamish Basara

1st Platoon
Purifier BA Squad
Gray Death Scout squad
Gray Death Scout squad

+ Bolla Stealth Tank "Invictus"
+ Saxon APC
+ Saxon APC

2nd Platoon
Longinus Battle Armor [David]
Gray Death Standard Suit [Laser]

1st Squadron - The Flying Knights
Captain Mira Fowler-Jenkins

Alpha Flight
TR-13A Transgressor - Mira Fowler-Jenkins
TR-13A Transgressor - Eryn Calosso

Bravo flight
TR-15 Transgressor - Lena Goldsmith
ZRO-114 Zero - Boris Jazenko

As you can see, there’s a few holes from casualties in the armour/infantry battalion.
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Why did it have to be Hogarth?

We’re still recovering on New Home - and I mean that literally. Big Bear Kramer has been inducted into the prosthetic limb club after a Deva kicked in his Panther’s head and tore off his left arm.
He swears he’ll be right when the big push comes - but we all still have plenty of recovering time needed.

Stone has torn off on some jaunt. He was last seen boarding a ComGuard dropship. Meanwhile, the big whigs have been in conferences and meetings since.
A day later, the Colonel comes out and tell us - we’re joining up with General Thomas Bloody Hogarth when the push to Terra happens.
Great, just great
- Taige Barrett

Typical. Show you’re loyal, show you’re competent. And you get assigned to babysit a moron who only got his rank through family connections and a silver tongue.

General Lee’s master plan for taking Terra’s eastern hemisphere has two components. The primary objective is the massive Robe stronghold in Australia.
A secondary task is taking the critical choke points across Moscow and Asia.
We’re going to Asia.

We’ll be working with Hogarth as he comes down in Thailand before island hopping through Malaysia and into the huge Castle Brian in Singapore.
At least he’s got some decent troops to keep him out of trouble - the 1st ComGuard Army, 2nd Davion Guards, 5th FWL Guards.
But why do I feel like that buffoon is going to get us all killed?
- Felix Cavalli
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Ohhh!!!1  :drool: xp

Terran Robe OpFor, smells like you need some stuff... PM me ASAP if you need a unit or two.

I've cooked up a few Terran units.  >:D :thumbsup:

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Ohhh!!!1  :drool: xp

Terran Robe OpFor, smells like you need some stuff... PM me ASAP if you need a unit or two.

I've cooked up a few Terran units.  >:D :thumbsup:


I did think of you TT!
How do you go building TerraSec forced? The best bit is - the location is the home of the Purifier Terra (police) from XTRO: Phantoms. Al kinds of fun
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Lush green foliage whipped by as Eli Moss threw his Phoenix Hawk forward in a rush.
Spinning the medium machine around he faced back the way he’d come through the jungle.

Thick tendrils of fog clung to the jungle trees, almost totally obscuring his vision.

“C’mon, c’mon... where are you?”

Almost in answer, Moss’ radio crackled.
“Looks like they took the bait, boss,” his lance number two Janos Nyugen said.
“We saw two Mechs - both lights - and battle armour rolling out after you so rudely burst in on them.”

“Roger. Get a make on those lights?” Moss asked in reply, slightly shifting his Hawk’s torso from side to side as he scanned the jungle.

“No, boss. Scans pegged them as 25 tonnes or so, but they were small and hunched. Dunno what they were.”

Moss was just starting to relax when twin beams of amber light pulsed from the thick fog, narrowly missing his Mech.
A second later, the lasers were joined by a stream of tracers as a heavy machine gun probed the jungle.

Moss was dropped the Phoenix Hawk into a low crouch, raising the right arm - which ended in the rifle muzzle of his large laser.
Pulling free of foliage, first one Mech stepped, then another.
It took the Mechwarrior a second to realise the hunched, squat forms were actually four legged, with multiple gun barrels sprouting from their stubby little arms.

“What in the hell-“

The pair shambled forward, tracking Moss with their guns, but there was something distinctly odd about their movements.
Something... inhuman.


I’ll spare the stories of the horror approach into Terra. There’s been plenty written about it since the Liberation of Terra. Suffice to say - it was brutal.
When you’re strapped into your Mech inside a metal coffin, tucked in the depths of a Dropship’s hull you have no idea that outside in the cold black, people are fighting and dying.

We all knew it was going to be bloody - the casualty lists and records show that. But all I knew was that I was strapped into my Panther’s command couch trying not to throw up as the ‘ship bucked and kicked.

Turns out we were lucky - all up, the Asian taskforce lost something like 10 per cent in fighters and ships coming in - the Word had focused their heavier weapons and screens on the Australian taskforce - ironically where I’d end up next.
A buddy of mine in Charlie Company bought it when his ship got hulled, but otherwise the Kentares DMM got off pretty easy.

General Hogarth wanted to play a slow and steady game in the move on Singapore and brought the bulk of his command down around Phuket, while a smaller group game down on the island of Koh Samui to destroy the big TerraSec supply depot.
We, along with some ComGuards and a couple smaller merc units were tasked with taking the depot - we quickly discovered the TerraSec troops were hardly the third line garrison nobodies we’d been told to expect.
Instead, they were tough defenders with the home side advantage who knew how to hit and run through the jungles and beaches.

To make matters worse - they were operating a variety of drones, piloted from out of the way bunkers and BA we’d never seen before.
As soon as we thought we had them beat - they would pop out of the jungle anew and open fire.

Everyone fights hard when it’s their homes they’re defending. If it were my home, foreign invaders coming for my family - I’d have fought Like that too.

- partial transcript of a speech delivered by Harrry M Braverman at the Dieron College of Applied Arts, March 11 3085
Mr Braverman is a RAF Standing Guard (reserve) Major and a former officer in the AFFS’ Kentares Draconis March Militia

Background: A native of Kentares in the Federated Sun, Harry M Braverman joined the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth in 3059 and was assigned to the 1st Robinson Rangers, he subsequently saw combat against the Draconis Combine and throughout the FedCom Civil War. The younger son of a Mech owning family, Braverman served as both a Mechwarrior and later as part of the Rangers’ public relations staff. Discharged in 3067, Braverman returned to Kentares where he penned a memoir before joining The Robinson Press Agency, which saw him report on a variety of issues including the Draconis March’s growing refugee issue in the wake of the civil war, human trafficking and crime. In 3077, he was a senior sub editor for the Kentares Telegraph and re-enlisted in the military after being endowed a distant cousin’s Panther Battlemech. As part of the Kentares DMM he took part in Operation Scour, before again resigning and offering his services to the nascent Republic of the Sphere.
Braverman would go on to serve as part of the Republic military during the Capellan incursion and was critically injured during the attack on Tikonov, which saw him shipped to Dieron for extensive rehabilitation. Following his almost year long stay on Dieron he fell in love with the planet and culture and vowed to return as he departed to rejoin his unit. Wounded again during the fighting on Wei, Braverman retired to a reserve roll.
His Panther was gratefully accepted into Federal hands as part of the Military Material Redemption Program. That donation secured him Citizenship and a sizeable sum of money, which he used to open a charity on Dieron assisting orphans and refugees of the Word of Blake Jihad.
He now splits his time between Dieron and Formahaut.
Braverman is now working on his second book.
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Singapore with Hogarth. I see no way this could end badly at all.
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ATT: Hogarth, Thomas LT GENERAL
CC: Lee, Belle GENERAL
FROM: Cavalli, Felix COLONEL
SUBJECT: Unusual equipment deployed by WoB - Thailand

Generals, during recent operations in and around the Mae Nam region in the Thai Gulf region, Cavalli’s Cavaliere have encountered several previously unknown Mechs and Battle Armour deployed by Word of Blake/TerraSec troops.

After making landfall four days ago my unit were initially resisted by conventional infantry and vehicles before we, in coordination with the Kentares DMM pushed deeper.
One of our lances encountered several of what we’re calling Revenant drones - Light Battlemechs that are controlled by remote.
Initially we believed their odd movements were the result of a new form of MD - but after knocking out two we discovered otherwise.

The picture is grainy and obviously shot from a Battlemech that is bending several metres over the scene.
It’s a jungle clearing, but the lush trees and ground is marred by black scorch mark and churned soil.
In the centre a mass of metal lays sprawled - it’s obvious it was preciously a multi legged, spider-like machine but it’s now torn and twisted.

Several men and women in a mix match of combat equipment and body armour stand around it - rifles ready. A short man with close cropped dark hair and three days’ worth of stubble stands among them.
But he’s dressed in the brief shorts and cooling vest of a Mechwarrior. He holds a pistol loosely in one hand.

“Alright Corporal, crack her open!” The Mechwarrior says, gesturing with his pistol.
His voice has the twang of the Silver Hawks region of FWL space.

At his command, two soldiers run forward while another trio cover them.
One trooper clambers up onto the shattered Mech’s hull plants a small charge atop it, while the other feeds her a length of det cord. They scurry back and a second later there’s a puff of dirty, white smoke and a muffled crack.

The camera zooms in on the blast zone to reveal a small cupola filled with now charred electronics and wiring.

“That’s no cockpit, Lieutenant!” One of the soldier bawls.


As you can see, these drones appear to be controlled from afar. So far, we’ve encountered only two lances or so and while they’re brutally effective against our infantry, they’re little match for real Battlemechs.
Next up, I’d like to draw your attention to several new variants of Battle Armour we’re encountering.
It’s appears local TerraSec forces have modified the Purifier BA - so far, we have seen two different variants: one solely dedicated to paramilitary and police roles and another, high-tech variant that has been frighteningly effective.


It’s a muddy field, thin streaks of fog still hanging to the ground. The camera is shaky and bounces about as it moves forward.
Suddenly from the fog bounds a hulking armoured figure - an insect like head set atop sculpted torso and arm. The right arm ends in the wicked muzzle of a laser. As it strides forward it gestures with the last and a sudden stream of ruby darts pour out.

Both have shed the mimetic stealth armour that made the original Purifier an excellent infiltrator and raider for conventional armour.
However, our initial tests show the upgraded new version is actually carrying Clan-grade armour and weaponry.
This is even more of a disturbing discovery because POW interrogation reports suggests the advanced equipment was manufactured locally.

My force is now advancing to Ko Pha Ngan to clear out a nest of TerraSec holds out. I’m expecting to face more of the same.
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5 September
The Kentares DMM have left us, bound for the fight in Australia. Sounds like it's a real bloodbath there.
Despite the soaking monsoons, jungles full of creatures and humidity I'm glad we were tasked with Thailand and not Sydney. Not only is it an unspoiled, pristine beauty of. Place - the duty is light.
So far, we've mostly policed up surrendering TerraSec forces and flushed out insurgents.
The first couple days saw some heavy combat but it has eased right off.

7 September
Five days of patrolling deep in the jungle with my demi company and I cannot tell you how keen I am for a flush toilet and a warm shower. We caught some fleeting contact out near a place called Haad Thein and followed it through the jungles to the other side of the island. Half way through our coordinating company of Kentares DMM got pulled off and we had to go it alone - days of constant movement and occasional sniping in the fetid green. Eventually we caught them - maybe a Platoon of local TerraSec infantry and BA, with two badly damaged Mechs. It was short work after we finally cornered them - I hulled the Ph-Hawk with a spray of SRMs and Yasmin ran down the Nexus. As we circled around them, there were a few scattered shots and then their commander radioed to surrender.

8 September
Infiltrators breached our perimeter here at Haad Yuan late last night. They must have swum from around the cove an up on to the beach - gutsy move.
They killed the four troopers in an LP on the beach and moved in.

Suicide bombers hit the main Mechbay, our ammo dump and one of our barracks.
Charity Lauber, the Osprey pilot in the security lance and Henrig were alone in the barracks - everyone else assigned to that building was on duty.
Charity lost both her legs in the blast and we've not found any trace of Henrig.
We also lost four astechs and a couple locals who had been hired as support staff.

We were lucky - officers were assigned quarters in the big resort just off the beach and enlisted were staying in three big dorms right on the sand. Not for any elitist reason - the resort gave us room for planning and operations and a full blown headquarters set behind concrete walls.
But a heavy storm the night before caused leaks in two of the dorms, so we moved most of our people up into the resort.
Those buildings were right next to the ammunition dump, which went sky high.

9 September
Me and my big mouth - just as I saw we're glad we're sitting in paradise, we get the move order.
The 2nd Davion and the 1st ComGuard Army are commencing a push on Singapore.
Seems someone finally woke Hogarth up!

10 September
Hurry up and wait, hurry up and wait. We're still holding fast awaiting the go signal. Can't complain though!

14 September
Oh boy. Sounds like the 1st Army ran into real trouble - they've been pulled off the line after making the initial push into Singapore. Sounds like suicide attacks, dug in forces and even Blake's ****** cyber zombies.
The 2nd Davion and the 5th FWL Guards are now being funnelled into the meatgrindger. And who gets to be tip of the spear this time?
Yeah... us

- CPT Taige Barrett
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October 17 - comm intercept #001XP-Alpha

Slugger Six: We are falling back, the 5th Guards have had it and our right flank is wide open.

Sunray Minor: Roger that. Stay frosty Barrett, we are seeing reports it's 19th Division - regulars, not TerraSec.

Slugger Six: That explains it - these SOBs are playing for keeps. Conal had to punch out and I'm sending most of his lance back for a refit. They came in hard.

Hiss of static and garbled voices.

One Magpie: Castle! Castle! Dammit, they're all over us! We're being overrun everywhere! Oh, God - where are they coming from?

The transmission dissolves in static before returning. This time, it's just a guttural scream.

One Magpie - but the voice has changed. This one is low and deep with an almost buzzing tone:
Peace of Blake be with you, infidels.


Slugger Six: What the hell is going on, Joe?

There's repeated explosions and rapid gunfire.

Slugger Six: Sunray Minor, what's happening? Where's the Colonel?

Sunray Minor: They've taken the Castle Brian. Bastards popped up everywhere - they've overrun the CP and I'm shifting anywhere I can find to this map reference. Link up if you can.

Slugger Six: what's Sunray's status? Joe, where's the Colonel?

Sunray Minor: He's taken a scratch force north to find Hogarth - the Word sent a hit team after him. They're trying to break through.

There's a sudden boom, a rolling rush of sound and then the line dissolves into static.

Transmission lost

June 23, 3084
Hunter Valley, Australian continent, Terra
Republic of the Sphere

"Look at this guy!"
Julian Dekker extended his arms wide as the gathered knot of men and women grinned at him, admiring the dark blue dress uniform and the golden commander's rank insignia at his throat.
Dekker made the round of hugs and back slaps among the group.
A good head and a half taller than everyone else in the group, Joe Paige - Lieutenant Colonel Joe Paige - was dressed in a matching uniform and was the last to step in for an embrace.
As he pulled back he flicked the silver miniature version of a Interdictor class pocket warship on Dekker's breast.
"How's it feel to command the fleet's newest ship?" He asked, stepping back.
Dekker couldn't keep the joy from his face as he accepted a flute of sparkling wine from a waitress.
"She's a beauty - just a shame we're missing out on all the action against the Cappies."

Everyone now had drinks - it was a wedding reception after all - now and Dekker looked around. Paige and his wife Amber - her in a green satin dress and him in uniform.
If you didn't look too closely you didn't notice his left hand was smooth and pink, in contrast to the rest of his sun darkened skin. Modern prosthetics were pretty believable.

Taige Barrett was in civvies - a dark suit with wine red cravat - but still looked like the Mechwarrior he was. The Republic didn't like having mercenaries inside its borders, even those who had served under Stone, and Barrett was smart enough to not flaunt his profession here on Terra.

Asha Akouayn was also in civilian clothing - a cream pants suit, belted tightly at the waist and a shawl of shifting, iridescent colours.
She excused herself, crossing the lawn to take her wife's arm. Liberty's senator June Lee was a petite Asian woman with a gorgeous mane of straight, jet black hair.
The Senator looked over at the gathered knot and nodded.

Moses Cavalli appeared at Dekker's side with a glass of sparkling wine. Unlike his CO, Barrett, he was wearing the slate grey uniform and highly polished belt the RAF spacer remembered from his time fighting alongside the Cavaliere. Apparently Cavalli didn't care what feathers he ruffled even here in Terra.

"Being here with all of you," Paige began, addressing the group, "it does make me think back to not so long ago. When we were all together."
The big man raised his glass.
"To the Colonel."
The response was instant.
"To the Colonel!"


Sunray: Anyone who can hear me, this is Felix Cavalli. Form on my position, all units - on me. That's the only way we're getting through these bastards.

Vixen Four: We hear you, Sunray. We are to your 11 - holding against them. Soaking up casualties and could use some help.

Sunray: Can you come to us, Vixen?

Vixen: No, we have too many casualties to move. We do, they die. Squirting you coordinates.


Sunray: On way!

"The Colonel!"
Moses Cavalli knocked back about half his drink in a single swallow.
He was desperate to hold back his tears and was doing pretty well until Barrett dropped an arm around his shoulders and squeezed.
"It's ok kid," Cavalli's Cavaliers' CO whispered.
Cavaliers - that was something new - gone was the near unpronounceable name for something snappy in a new era of slim pickings for mercs.
But the surname had stayed - held for one day when he or Occy took over the unit.

Hiss of static and occasional explosions.

Kaiser: Cavalli! I need you right now - the gottverdammt swine are all over me! I need help

Sunray: Hogarth, we're the only thing holding this line - if we start tearing off to save your arse, the Word walks straight through here. We are-

Kaiser: I don't want to hear any more excuses - I'm being torn to pieces here, give me assistance. That's an ORDER.

Sunray: I'm moving to your position.


Two Slugger: they're falling back! They're breaking off!

Slugger Six: You hear that Joe? The Word is breaking off all over our position.

Sunray Minor: I know, something's up.

There's a massive explosion and the line is filled with static.

There's a mash of voices and static.

The next voice is obviously strained, each word is a drawn out rasp and obviously difficult.

Sunray: Joe? Joe, I'm down. The Word lit off the Castle's self destruct codes.

Sunray Minor: Colonel! We're coming! Hold on!

Sunray: No. it's unstable, this whole area is about to go up-

Slugger Two: Dad! Dad we're coming! It.. it's ok.

Sunray: Stay put Mo, don't come up here. I love you, I love you both - if you ever see your mum, tell her I understand.

Slugger Three: We're coming! Hold on!

Sunray: Joe, the unit's your-

There's a huge secondary explosion and the line dissolves in static.

Transmission lost
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UH-OH!    :-X

Can't fault my designs, but Uh-oh....

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Wow. Not what I was expecting at all.
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TT it should be oops I did it again. ::)
Not a good situation and just after they ordered all new body parts for the Colonel.
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I’m going to say - it was tough killing Felix. I knew it was coming - I’d planned it for awhile.
Ran through the End of Day scenario (the battle for Singapore) and while we took some hits, it was an easy win for us.
But you can’t fight the Robes blowing up the whole damn island!
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Camera zooms in on a long line of Mechs and vehicles boarding two Union class dropships. The outline of a city can be seen behind.

The dateline scrolls across the bottom: Bangkok, October 15

The scene shifts -  now the boarding machines are in the background, ground crew can be seen running this way and that.

In the foreground stands a prim, blonde man with a feather duster of groomed hair and a pencil thin moustache.

“For almost two weeks these mercenaries have rested and refitted here in Bangkok after the brutal fighting in Singapore. While they defeated the Word of Blake forces there, the victory came at their cost of their commanding officer. A bittersweet victory, considering much of Singapore was destroyed in the Word’s spoilsport counter attack.

Now, these brave troops are being asked to go back into the meat grinder. The target: Sydney.”

The camera shifts to B-roll of techs working on the knee joint of a Battleaxe - power cables have been plugged into various jacks and access panels hang open, exposing wires and Mymor muscles.
The next image is a tall dark skinned Mechwarrior climbing into his Phoenix Hawk’s cockpit. He looks grim and deathly tired as he pulls the hatch closed.

“The war for Terra still rages across the globe, but General Lee has run into a particularly rough choke point in Sydney as the Coalition battles to take the massive Mech Works there.”

The image is back to the reporter. The line of Mechs troops on behind him.

“In Bangkok, this is Brett Mason-Crouchhead-Cox for New Avalon Broadcasting”.

As the reporter offers a dazzling smile to the camera three grimy, dirt smeared infantrymen step into frame behind him. All have slung rifles and two wear massive knives - almost short swords - at their belts.
“Why don’t you get a real job?” The burliest of the troopers growls as he shoulders past the reporter.

Pinwheeling his arms, the blonde reporter falls backwards and lands in a muddy puddle.

The camera pans around and zooms in as he mutely lets out a string of expletives.

- unaired footage
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Wow they killed the Borg known as Felix
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Wow... I need to make my OpFor harder to die... took what 2 years time to kill Felix off after his arm got replaced?  ;)

I gots more if you'll have 'em Nav buddy!  ::)

Just say the Word...  >:D

TT  :thumbsup:
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Recorded interview  - FedSun Civil Affairs Branch. Interview compiled by 1/115th Civil Affairs Battalion, attached to Kentares DMM

INTERVIEWER (Sergeant Major Holly Byrnes): Please state your name and occupation for the purpose of the recording.

INTERVIEWEE: My name is Ryan Masters-Smith. I'm 33 and I'm a digital archivist influencer here in Sydney, Terra.

BYRNES: err.. what does that involve?

SMITH: I spend my time scouring the HubWeb - one of Terra's biggest social digital networks and when I find a moment in history or someone's personal timeline, we upload it and companies buy advertisement around it and we generate revenue based on the number of people virtually reliving that moment via the Hub.
But my real passion - work only takes a day or two a week - is my art. Right now I'm experimenting in 3D custom work in artificially made Martian gravity -

BYRNES: Ok, can you just tell us about the day in question?

SMITH: Well, I live in Newtown in Sydney's old area. Early that morning, I'd got up to jog - your troops had been camped out on literally my lawn all week and I knew I'd have to spend an age getting through all that extra security.
As I came out of Gowrie Street I ran into the first checkpoint - half a dozen soldiers rigging up razor wire and a tank doing its best to destroy the footpath.
They'd just waved me past when the whole road shook. Next thing I know, the whole apartment complex on the corner sort of sags and collapses and Battlemechs come pouring out.
Later I saw the building had collapsed over the top of a plug or hole that dropped straight into a tunnel.
Five years I've been there and I never realised the place across the road was sitting on some sort of military tunnel system.

BYRNES: The point of this interview is to determine if you're liable for any form of compensation, Mr Smith. You were injured, is that correct?

SMITH: That's right! First one Mech came screaming out of that hole on jets and then more. One of them turned on your troops and let loose with this stream of flames from one arm. I felt the heat from across the street.
Those poor men turned into human torches, staggering around and screaming.
I started running when an explosion lifted me up and threw me over a low wall into a front yard - that's what saved me I guess.
I only woke up when your troops returned

- partial interview

Voice one: Sierra Echo Four, this is Badger. Can we get a SITREP?

There's a stream of static, broken only by muffled voices and occasionally the deep bass noise of blasts.

Voice one: Sierra Echo Five - this is Badger. Any SITREP?

No response.

Voice one: Sierra Echo -

Voice two: Badger! Badger, this is Oscar Tango Two! We are under heavy fire and cut off! They're killing us Badger.

The voice is wild and seems on the edge of panic. In the background there's near constant gunfire.

Voice one: Oscar Tango Two, this is Badger. We read you - can you tell us what the hell is going on?

Voice two: The Robes came out of the freakin ground! Tunnels just opened up in the street and they came out - Mechs, infantry and BA. The LT lost contact with half our posts - but he's gone out to check the next position over. I don't know where he is!

Voice one: Calm down, so. Help is on the way. Wait, out.
Yardbird, Yardbird this is Badger - proceed to the LOC we've just squeezed you. Seems like the Blakists have cut King and Alice streets in half - move up and support our positions.

Voice three: Roger that, Badger. We're moving. Alright, Fire Lance - let's roll!


Voice three: Badger, this is Yardbird. We are picking up some strange readings here
MadScan is off the chart.

Voice one: keep moving Yardbird.

The line is cut off by a series of explosions.

Voice three: Smitty! On your right, dammit! Quickly! Someone hit that damn Mercury!

Voice one: Yardbird, what's going on?

Voice three: Hit him again! Again!

The line is overcome by static, Yardbird can be heard yelling orders in the distance - as if speaking from deep inside a well.

Voice one: Yardbird? Please respond Yardbird. Yardbird, please respond
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And with that our part in the battle of Sydney is over. There's still fighting - General Lee has her forces gathered around the last bastion of Blakist Resistance. The Word is mostly deep underground or under the ocean.
God, I can't imagine how awful that must be - crouching underground waiting to die.

We're being re-deployed: Antarctica. The Word has an airbase there they're using to hit targets across Australia and Asia.
But we're not going in alone - at 0630 tomorrow the FSS Admiral Micahel Saille will unleash hell on the base from orbit.
I've heard rumours Stone and Lee have been screaming at the Clanners to provide orbital support but they've refused to fire on holy Terra - so we had to wait until the rest of the task force was in position.
Once they drop their load, we'll move in and scout out whatever's left. The Rasalhague Freemen are already in position and have fed targeting data to the Saille, we'll drop in behind them and clean out any remaining Robes.
- Joe Paige

I'm going to say it - I feel like they're grinding us down piece by piece. First Singapore and we lose the Colonel, then Terra where we get ambushed on day one. And now down south to kill Blakist hold out.
Anyone left after we blast them from orbit is going to be mighty fanatical - and pissed at us.
- Taige Barrett
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Talk about an anti-climax.
- Eli Moss

The vision is shaky - the camera jerking around with every bow legged step.
The vision shows hard packed ice and a blazing sun rising in the horizon.
Nothing else - just kilometre upon kilometre of white.

A flickering red light and REC glow in the top right corner of the picture, while the elapsed time rolls across the bottom.

Voice one: Echo lead, I’m approaching the ridge line. Moving up.

Voice two: Rodger Two, I’m just behind you. Let’s do it.

The vision shifts as the Mech mounts a sudden rise. All that can be seen is white as the camera rolls back and forth.

Then it shifts, the white falls away to expose a scene of detestation.

Voice one: Bloody hell...

The snow is pitted with blackened craters - steam and smoke drifting lazily from many.
Shards of metal and pieces of ruined equipment are scattered about haphazardly.

Small flames gutter and flicker among the ruins.

As the camera pans around, the full scene is revealed.

There were obviously four large buildings in the centre of the mess. All four are gutted and charred by flames. Two longer but low slung buildings are closer to the camera - one is a crumpled mess and the other is still engulfed by flames.

Next to it a fierce fire is twisting and snapping in the breeze. Around it there’s twisted shards of metal that look like they might have once belonged to storage tanks and pumping equipment.

Furthest away is a long, narrow stretch of blacktop - a run way.
It’s littered with twisted metal wrecks.

Nothing moves among the carnage.

Voice two: Reaper, this is Echo. We’re here - looks like the orbital support has done all the work for us.

It was a mess. Almost nothing left. Just survivors who were in no shape to put up a fight. Orbital bombardment sure makes a mess of unhardened targets.
High command was convinced a counter attack was coming, so we got orders to dig in.
We processed the POWs, helped the wounded and waited. And waited.
By December we finally got word - the war was over. The Robes had surrendered!

It was strange. Ludicrous. Here we were digging in and waiting for an assault when the war was over.
- Joe Paige
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Grainy image shot down an alleyway. Rubble and bits of litter are strewn about. Graffiti - most of it Cantonese - is scrawled on the grimy walls.

A short, stocky figure moves down the alley - he’s wearing a long, dark overcoat and has his head pulled down so it’s obscured.
The black and white image makes out dark hair as the figure moves past.

Second image shows a stairwell. Somehow, the interior scene is actually dirtier than the street.
Overflowing garbage bags have been dropped in a corner and there’s liquid weeping across the landing.

The same figure climbs the stairs, two at a time. This time the image is clearer and he man’s features are briefly illuminated by a flickering wall light. He’s early 30s with dark hair cut very short - complete with shaved patches over his temples and across the back.
The figure also has a couple days’ worth of thick, dark stubble.

The image flickers into static as the man walks by.

The third image is in colour and in contrast to the past two scenes shows a clean, if dimly lit scene. A wooden bar runs down one length of the room, while a busy kitchen can be glimpsed in the background.
The same figure from earlier enters via a steel door and sheds his coat. Underneath he’s wearing a plaid work shirt, jeans and boots. The shirt hangs open slightly as he leans over the coat rack to reveal medical tape and bandages over his left shoulder and chest.

The image shifts, the man is now sitting and nursing a beer at the bar.
A minute later a woman appears - she’s tall and lithe but surprisingly broad across the shoulders, wearing grey cargo pants that hug her shapely thighs and rear. Over the top the brunette is wearing a bulky tan spacer’s jacket without insignia.


Voice one (deep and masculine, faint trace of a FedSuns’ Capellan March or even Taurian accent): Glad you came. But you a drink?

Voice two (husky and feminine but very flat. Like someone who has spent time and lessons on erasing an accent):

Gideon Larsen, How is it that every time we meet you’re in trouble? And mine is a PPC - Marik.

There’s muffled conversation and then after several moments the clatter of glasses on wood and some more muffled comments.

Voice one: Cheers

Voice two: cheers

Clatter of glasses

Voice two: so, you want off Liberty. It’s not going to be easy.

Voice one: I know, that’s why I came to the best. I can pay.

Voice two: How’d you get stranded here when all your buddies fell back to Terra. Last I heard, you were the Boozefighters' golden boy, I even heard you and the CO were-

Voice one: I didn’t want to die in an unmarked grave on Terra or find myself facing a kangaroo court. So I’m here, enough said.

Voice two: it’ll be tough, this might officially be part of the Terran Protectorate or whatever they’re now calling it, but you might as well be in Cappie space thanks to their blockade.

Voice one: like I said, I came to the best. I need you to move me and my Mech to at least Nanking. Further if possible.

Voice two (raised, agitated): Woah! Woah! No one said anything about a friggin Battlemech! I don’t care if Stone has his boys in the capital, the CapCon has ships at both point and they’re checking every hold manifest. Not to mention, Coalition troops going around looking for anyone suspicious - like, I dunno, a former Blakist Merc trying to move his Mech offplanet.

Voice one (hissing, almost whispering): Keep your voice down! I know, I know.! The Mech is non negotiable. It’s going with me. Plus, I have a sweetener.

Voice two: well, it’s going to have to be the secret location of the Master or what kinda lingerie Alex Kerensky liked to wear under his cooling suit, because nothing is getting a Mech off this rock.

Voice one: I know what the CapCon are busy doing here on Quantico. I’m thinking Stone’s people will pay very handsomely for it - or at least look the other way while I scoot outta here.

- Recording ends -

Weeks of sitting here waiting and then High Command has a mission for us. Off the books, very hush hush.
Seems the war is over but not everyone has surrendered. They want us to go to New Home to clean house - and more importantly, investigate rumours the Blakist holdouts have a cache of WMD - nukes and chemical weapons.
In 3072, the Word used chemical weapons to horrific effect on rebels. Rebels we personally helped.
So, I think we’re happy to head back and finish all this.
It means officially finishing our contract with Stone - this whole mission is off the books, meaning we get paid out and sent off before heading to New Home.
- Joe Paige

No thanks, nothing. And we’re off to another war zone to clean up Devlin Stone’s mess. Just great.
The colonel gave his life for the man and he can’t be bothered with us. Instead, we are packed off to some sideshow to root out remaining fanatics.
Yeah, the same fanatics who dropped chemical weapons on their own countrymen not even 10 years ago.
But Stone’s not sending his precious Clanners or Lament. No, it’s us mercs.
- Eli Moss
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DATELINE: New Home, February 30, 3080
Interstellar Press

A SERIES of coordinated terror attacks have killed at least 30 people and injured hundreds in New Home's capital city of Findler.

About 10am a Flashman class heavy Battlemech emerged from a stormwater canal in the city's eastern suburbs and opened fire on the Dixon St polling station. After using its flamer to set the building alight, the Battlemech opened fire on several surrounding buildings.

At approximately the same time several car bombs exploded at a polling station on Ian Davion Ave. An hour later a suspected suicide bomber attempted to enter a counting and ballot return building on Eve St when he was stopped by security forces - the man then detonated a suicide vest, killing himself and two security troops.

Emergency services remain at all three scenes but government sources say the death toll stands at about 35. Another 150 people have been injured - including severe burns, and shrapnel wounds.

The Flashman used in the initial attack fled the city, pursued by security forces - including a lance of Mechs from the ComGuard's 3rd Army, on planet to oversee the elections.

New Home's elections - the first since the Word of Blake was ousted last year have been marred by violence, including bombings and sniper attacks directed at government buildings, candidates and electoral workers.

Last week, Labour and Unity Deputy Leader Sonja Markal was found murdered in her home. The Word of Blake have taken responsibility for the killing, along with other violent attacks.

In a recorded statement, the Word of Blake insurgents called the elections "illegal" and "an affront to years of wise leadership under the Word".

ComGuard Third Army commander Precentor Michael Tarly urged New Home's voters to not be put off by the violence.

"It's unfortunate - but we can protect you," he told reporters today.

"Do not let them win. Turn up and vote."

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Following the fall of Terra to Coalition forces in late 3078, New Home sat on a knife's edge.
One of the first worlds to be colonized, New Home was colonized by industries looking to exploit the various chemical, mineral and metal resources on the planet; the industries landed scores of young settlers looking to colonize a new world, and many of these new colonists chose to settle on Spina Planetia.

Weathering the Sucession Wars, New Home found itself trapped in the Chaos March as the Federated Commonwealth fractured and began to collapse in 3057, and without any external direction the planet lapsed into chaos. When the Word of Blake came to annex New Home the population offered almost no resistance, as the Blakist fanatics were considered a better alternative than anarchy.

The Jihad initially treated the world kindly - but increasingly draconian reprisals and crackdowns isolated much of New Home. A revolution in 3072, which led to the ultimately disastrous Fritz Donner scenario, was bloodily put down with liberal use of chemical weapons.
The 72-78 years saw increasingly strict policies, mass arrests and show trials as the Blakist puppet government tried to cling to power amid growing unrest.
An increasing number of New Home citizens flocked to the ranks of the growing insurgencies.

Shortly after midnight on the night of March 11, 3078 traitorous elements of the New Home Protectorate Militia rose up and gained control of the capital and other key facilities. Approximately four hundred Blakist soldiers and administrators were killed in the initial uprising, almost all while sleeping in the quarters they shared with locals, who used knives and bayonets.

This coincided with a general uprising and strike action, which crashed much of the planet to a halt. Loyal Blakist Militia elements were killed while standing guard or patrolling throughout the following morning and resistance fighters rounded up key government figures and known Blakist collaborators.

The Protectorate Militia fractured along pro and anti Word lines - with the bulk going over to Stone. Cut off, the remaining loyalists pulled out of the capital.

On the surface, New Home seemed like a classic example of a pro-Stone Revolution throwing off the Blakist yoke after years of misrule and abuse, with a Coalition task force led by Devlin Stone himself landing a few days later.
However, it was all a ruse - with the Master happy to sacrifice loyal elements to trap his greatest enemy with his elite Shadow Divisions.

Partisans and former Militia units played a key part during the brutal fighting and suffered severe casualties against their former overlords.
While New Home was eventually free, the destruction was enormous; dozens of farms went up in flames, cities were gutted and  damage was later estimated at ten billion Stones.

Stone quickly moved on - leaving a token ComGuard force - to assault Terra, and partisan forces continued to consolidate their hold over New Home, intent on punishing their former oppressors.

While Governor Boris Jachenko - a former partisan - was intent on moving his planet past the Jihad, he was forced to bow to public demands for war crime trials and a boycott campaign aimed at companies that had supported the Word of Blake.
That aggressive stance - or a fear of how extensive it could become  - led many former Protectorate Militia units holed up in New Home’s Spina Mountains who would have otherwise surrendered to carry out a low level insurgency.

The insurgency lasted until early November 3079, although conventional fighting trailed off in March after the largest band of Blakists were cornered and destroyed deep in the Spina Mountains.
Between April and November, operations were confined to car bombings and sniper attacks directed and government forces and infrastructure.
On November 11, the remaining handful of Blakists agreed to surrender their arms and come in outside the regional city of New Delphi, in what would later be called the Delphi Peace Agreement. Key to the agreement was a general amnesty for 90 per cent of the remaining hold outs, while the ring leaders were sentenced to varying terms of between two and five years behind bars.
New Home had had its fill of war.
- New Home, New Start: How One Planet Survived the Jihad, Barcelona Press, 3086

Unconventional Warfare in the post-Jihad Era: A Primer
Special Warfare Studies curriculum - Sanglamore Acadamy (The Marcel Webb Special Operations Annex)

Between mid-3079 and the Capellan’s invasion of the Republic of the Sphere in the fall of ‘81, unconventional warfare came to dominate the battlefield - especially along the Tikonov border.
There are two components to this - first is the continued operations by remaining Word of Blake insurgents, who continued to carry out a campaign of terror against both Republic military forces and civilian targets. For further information, CLICK HERE to read about New Home's Blakist insurgency.

On a larger scale was the clandestine war being carried on between the Republic and the CapCon, which carried out insurgencies on more than a dozen worlds.
In many cases, these insurgencies were long established affairs - rebels who had unconventionally battled the Word of Blake for more than a decade.
Terrorism - including bombings and assassinations - was coupled with irregular warfare by these Capellan partisans and Coalition (the Republic had yet to officially form and was still a collection of loosely allied and donated military commands and administrators) forces were ill equipped to deal with attacks.

In the wake of the Terra armistice, several of the Coalition’s irregular commands were shifted to the Tikonov front, including Stone’s Trackers and Task Force 101. These units initially provided a force multiplier for regular troops but were quickly tasked with beating the CapCon at its own game.
These units - experts at irregular and unconventional warfare after years of fighting the Word of Blake - trained their own pro-Stone partisans to carry out the same unconventional wars House Liao was carrying out.

The prime example of this method is Liberty between 3079 and 3081.
Contested by Warrior House Imarra and a cluster of our own Nova Cats, along with Federated Suns militia troops, Liberty was an early flashpoint between the still forming Republic and the Confederation.

The Word of Blake had faced a bitter and well organised pro-Liao insurgency since 3068 and Coalition forces quickly found themselves the new target following Liberty’s liberation.

In mid-3079, elements of Stone’s Tracker arrived on world and after several skirmishes with the irregular Liao forces began organising cadres of local partisans to carry the fight.
While conventional forces - in the form of Imarra and elements of the Nova Cat’s Alpha Galaxy faced off in a largely bloodless Cold War, irregular troops fought and died on Liberty’s island chains and rainforest basins.

After 3081, the irregular troops who had battled Liao across the region were rewarded with citizenship and mostly went back to civilian life.
However, the success of the various partisan groups were kept in mind by the next generation of Republic personnel

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- it was at that point that Major Kelly Walker, GSO1 of the New Home assigned 84th Avalon Light Infantry’s 3rd battalion sought permission to form a counter-insurgency unit to combat the Blakist guerrillas. A veteran of the Scour Campaign, she sought to utilise the experience available from the former anti-Blakist insurgent fighters who had been integrated into the world’s standing militia. Her unit would be eventually known as Burma Force.[3]

Walker's new unit would operate in two groups. Each group would typically be composed of four teams or sections. Each team would be composed of 12 soldiers - usually made up of six regular AFFS troopers or former Protectorate Militia troopers (usually it was a mix of the two), five former irregulars and a local liaison officer. Each section was commanded by an experienced AFFS NCO, while there local liaison was typically a veteran irregular and usually served as the squad’s 2iC.

Burma Force became operational in March 3079. Operating in the mountains and forests, the teams would typically rely on local trackers and guides to find Blakist camps. Once the camps were located, Burma Force teams would set up ambushes, waiting for guerrilla columns along suspected infiltration routes or designate potential artillery targets to be later destroyed.

However, when guerrilla strongholds were too large to assault, the lightly armed Burma troops would call in assistance from attached mercenary troops who came to work closely with their local counterparts.

While New Home’s defence was entrusted to ComStar’s 3rd Army and a Davion infantry unit that would later former the nucleus of the Standing Guard, it was this irregular Burma Force and mercenary units that effectively destroyed Blakist hold outs.

New Home was devastated during the tail end of the Jihad and Stone was clear the planet and its people needed to be cared for. As such, conventional forces spent the majority of their time protecting a mix of AFFS and ComGuard combat engineers rebuilding roads and bridges, repairing power plants and rendering the huge amount of un exploded ordinance safe. As such, these troops were mostly reactionary.

Although the Burma Force groups were successful against the Blakist guerrillas, their greatest enemy was the New Home government and (later) the Legate’s office. There was much debate among the commanders favouring large unit actions to sweep and clear areas and those who preferred small unit tactics focusing on specific targets or persuading the Blakist to come over to the nascent Republic’s side.[8] Additionally, there was concern about the allegiance of some members of Burma Force by the regular establishment of the Republic Army. Some of the Burma Force members, because of their Jihad work with the resistance, had ties with the eventually banned New Home People’s Front.[9] In the end, Burma Force was too unconventional for New Home’s first Legate Lila Whitman.

Colonel Walker retired from the New Home Standing Guard in 3086, later joining Senator June Lee’s staff as chief of staff.

Unconventional Warfare in the post-Jihad Era: A Primer
Special Warfare Studies curriculum - Sanglamore Acadamy (The Marcel Webb Special Operations Annex)

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Well, they knew we were coming. Despite all the secrecy about our hiring and the off the books nature of our arrival, someone told the Word of Blake holdouts we were coming.
We grounded all three droppers at the main port - on the way down we could see the scars across the city from the fighting last year. Hell, you could even see the big ruined fort on the hill where we thought we were making our last stand.

Within minutes we got reports a car bomb had hit the port's main gate, killing a dozen civilians.
Half an hour after touching down a ground crew technician walks into the hold of the Spada and sets off an explosion. Collapsed a leg strut and caused untold amounts of internal damage - we are damn lucky that centuries old Fortress did explode and take a Company of tanks and infantry each with it.
As it is, the repair bill will damn near wipe us out.

Not long after that, the insurgents tried a full push across the drop field - infantry backing suicide bombers. Our infantry caught one of the poor bastards and we found he was wired up and brainwiped. Had no idea what was going on before he hit the trigger and took two of our guys with him.
A little afterwards we get hit with rockets from somewhere inside the city - too much metal for us to track them back. Took out Sgt Kameson's tank.
And here was me thinking the Jihad was over!
- Joe Paige

New Home, welcome to New friggin Home. We were off the dropper ten minutes before some Toaster worshiping nut drove his truck right up to us and exploded.
We lost one of our tanks about a minute later when rockets came pouring out from a nearby building.
Then someone takes out one of our droppers by walking right in and hitting the clacker on his suicide vest.
If Terra was hell, than this is 10 times worse. Welcome to Hades.
- Eli Moss
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Image opens with a crackle of static.

It shows a room laid out like a conventional classroom - desks and chairs and a lectern at the head, flanked by a combination holo/sketch board.

Except instead of students, the classroom is filled with men and women in a variety of uniforms, many with weapons and equipment piled at their feet or strewn across the aisles between desks.

A balding man in his 40s steps up to the podium. He’s wearing a white/grey camo pattern coverall with a ComStar insignia on the shoulder.

Voice one; Alright! Listen in, listen in. This is officially Operation Tiger Claw.
I’m Demi Precentor Rufus Beer. So let’s get down to business.

He shifts some papers and looks around before continuing.

BEER: As you all by now know, your objective will be to locate and destroy the remaining Word of Blake forces on New Home. Intelligence and logistics will go through a lot of the actual nitty gritty but i will run you through a very few things quickly.
First up, this is a joint op. So we are all in this together.
First up, is our recon element - Sergeant Myers, could your Burma Force troops stand up so everyone else know who to hide behind when the shit hits the fan?

A group in the front row stand. They wear a mix of AFFS tiger pattern fatigues and older green uniforms. All are grim, hard looking people. Most are still wearing slung rifles or SMGs.

BEER: ok, our security element is provided by the boys from the 84th Avalon under Captain Longstrom.

He indicates a short, dark skinned man in AFFS undress with a clipped moustache. The captain waves.

BEER: Next up, the muscle. Colonel Paige and his Cavaliers will be the primary combat force. Colonel, you’ll close and destroy the enemy after Burma Force have found them.

He nods at a group towards the back. All are wearing the dark green fatigues issued to Coalition troops during the Scour campaign. Some have unit insignia showing a grey Knight’s chess piece on maroon.

A big man at their head stands up and nods.
As he sits down he whispers something in the ear of the dark, bearded man missing an ear next to him.
The bearded man nods and makes a note on his tablet computer.

BEER: Lastly, we have our boys from the  Auxiliary Objectives Force, who are very interested in what our insurgents have been hiding away-


Blackjack Six: Feeding you Sigma-V, Sabre. I think that’s all of them.

Grainy, black and white vision appears.
It shows a cluster of wooden buildings and a warehouse hunkered along a gravel road.
Flames pour from the warehouse and two of the adjacent buildings and the camera zooms in on a trio of crumpled bodies laying in the road.

The camera lurches forward, zooming in on an infantry squad crouched near a building.

Then it lurches again, twisting around an alleyway to show the gutted remains of a tank.
The turret has been blown off and smoke and flame pours from the blackened scar where it used to be.
A broadsword has been painted prominently down the front of the hull.

Magpie One: Blackjack! Blackjack! We are taking fire on the outside of the ville - looks like more of them dug in around the old church. Taking-

Hiss of static. Muffled screams.

- intercepted transmissions

At approximately 1330, elements of the Coalition made contact a band of Word of Blake outlaws in the Spina Mountains foothills.
Initial contact was made by recon elements of Burma Force and during the firefight, one Burma trooper was wounded by small arms fire. A second was killed by an improvised explosive device and Coalition forces advanced on the Word position.

Burma Force, now with assistance from its security element advanced under enemy fire and secured a row of ruined buildings the insurgents were using as cover.
Four enemy insurgents were killed during that engagement.

A short time later, the security platoon’s attached transport (six Apocalypse Rovers) we’re moving toward the point of contact when they were hit by an improvised explosive device and small arms fire.
Two troopers were killed and one of the vehicles was destroyed before Battlemechs from Cavalli’s Cavaliers arrived and drove off the insurgents.

Burma Force scouts tracked the retreating insurgents they had engaged to a nearby village and quickly established a perimeter.

At 1345, the scouts advanced into the village with supper from Cavalli’s Cavaliers.
Mercenary Mechs destroyed two Word of Blake tanks (a Burke and a Demolisher) in the initial advanced and provided fire support as infantry forces engaged dug in insurgent positions.
A Sentinel and a Firestarter, along with a Magi tank then engaged our forces, killing four infantrymen. All three insurgent elements were destroyed by mercenary forces.

Another Magi tank was damaged by mercenary troops before surrendering to Coalition forces.

At this point, the Word of Blake insurgents attempted to break contact with a Gunslinger, another Magi and two Rhinos fleeing the village. Sniping from the village, Captain Barrett called in an air strike and elements of the ComGuard’s 3rd Army quickly scrambled. Aerospace fighters dropped several high explosive and inferno bombs on the retreating elements, inflicting major damage.
The serving insurgents then surrendered.

An estimated 33 insurgents were killed, four tanks and three Mechs were destroyed.
Coalition forces captured 19 prisoners and seized a cache of small arms, manpack rocket launchers and two crew serviced auto cannons, along with several thousand rounds of ammunition.
No weapons of mass destruction were seized in this operation.
- New Home Standing Guard media briefing, March 19 3079
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Interstellar News Network, March 20, 3079
New Home

Only two days after Coalition forces declared they had smashed the Word of Blake resistance on New Home, bomb attacks have caused major loss of life across the planetary capital Finlder.
On Tuesday, Coalition elements seized several ammunition and weapons caches and captured a large number of Blakist insurgents, with Coalition commander Precentor Michael Tarly declaring the insurgency "effectively over".

Early this morning coordinated suicide attacks struck military and civil targets across the city, with authorities putting the death toll at more than 200, including Coalition troops, first responders, government employees and civilians.
In one incident a bomber detonated an explosive vest after boarding a MagLev tram in the Downtown Centre, derailing the vehicle and killing 40 passengers.

However, in a major blow for Coalition forces, Colonel Joesph Paige - the commander of mercenary unit Cavalli's Cavaliere, which coordinated the recent assault on insurgent strongholds - was critically injured in an attack on the planetary government building.

Colonel Paige was taken to Sisters of Mercy Hospital in a critical condition, a government spokesperson said.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: DOC_Agren on 15 August 2018, 21:01:04
Hard to be in the upper command of the Cavalli's Cavaliere, this campaign all most targeting them
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 15 August 2018, 21:56:30
It must be the bullseye the commander is required to wear on his forehead to signify command status. ::)
Another one down, was that just bad luck from the dice gods.
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 16 August 2018, 07:49:20
Well, we are moving from the Jihad to the glorious Republic era and I was keen to transition the unit - a lot of folks are going to retire or join the fledgling Republic.
In Paige's case, I wanted him out of the way to make way for a new generation. Plus, we had an earlier scene (set a couple years from the most recent update) where he's a RAF colonel with a missing arm...
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I pity whoever inherits the position
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Post by: Nav_Alpha on 18 August 2018, 09:29:59
"******, you know I didn't want this job - especially not THIS way," Taighe Barrett growled.
Jorge Calosso couldn't help but grin at his new commander.
Barrett was sprawled in the swivel chair behind his desk, his slate grey uniform unbuttoned enough to reveal a thick thatch of dark chest chair and just a hint of lurid tattoos.
Standing on two bionic limbs, Calosso towered over his new commander. But he didn't need the metal replacements to be huge  - at 6'9, the Kendall native was considered only average size on his homeworld.
Barrett scratched at the three bars of a commander at his collar.
"How's the boss? Any news?"
The unit's weapons master sobered up quickly.
"He's still weak. They'll fit him for a new arm soon," he said.
Barrett tried to stop his eyes flicking to Calosso's own metal and my or right arm.
"Ok, well... lets get into these budget reports.
The older man man nodded.
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So. I got off Liberty - with my Mech.
But I kinda made a mess.
- personal notes, Gideon Larsen
June 15, 3079

Liberty V - Live at 5 breaking news alert, August 14
There's been dramatic scenes in downtown Dronane as an unknown Battlemech rampaged across the city before boarding a Dropship, which then made an unauthorised burn for atmosphere.
About 11am, the Mech - understood to be an 80 tonne Victor emerged from a warehouse in the Riverside district. Coalition forces from Clan Nova Cat moved to intercept the rogue Mech and a fight ensured.
One Novat Cat machine was destroyed an another crippled as the Victor continued its run towards the drop port.

As more Nova Cat elements gathered, CapCon forces launched an assault on the city - with artillery striking key military installations across the capital.

This allowed the rogue Victor to make the safety of the drop port, where it boarded a dropship. Coalition aerospace fighters were otherwise engaged with House Immara and the 'ship broke atmosphere a short time later.
It's unknown if the escaping Mech and the Capellan attack are linked.

We're still here on New Home. The government extended our contract after the ComGuard 3rd Army got orders to shift to Sheratan where fighting is still ongoing.
Hell, the fighting is still ongoing here!
Blakist bombings and sniper attacks have continued and we're supporting local security forces as the go house to house looking for infiltrators and insurgents.
The Colonel is still in the hospital and we've finally had "the talk". He wants to retire - he and Amber are done with the merc lifestyle - who can blame them - and want to raise their kids somewhere safe.
So, until Moses or Octavius are ready to take over, the unit is mine.
I don't know how I feel about that.
- Taighe Barrett
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 21 August 2018, 20:32:04
 >:D  The Col is a Quiter  like there are safer places then a Merc Unit to raise your kids.   ::)

Oh and Taighe find a nice bunker to run the unit from, might save you from the new CO badge you have on (
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Well, death has got to be better than ending up more machine than man like the original CO...
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: snakespinner on 22 August 2018, 02:01:31
I don't know about that.
If the machine parts are useful like a bottle opener or an internal bar fridge that would be good. :beer:
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The Coalition - or Terran Protectorate or whatever the hell they are calling themselves now - has extended out contact until November.
The ComGuards are picking up and will depart New Home any day now, leaving us to protect the engineers and construction troops desperately trying to help this blighted planet.
Local elections have wrapped up and the new government quickly rushed through a wave of trials and executions of Wobbie war criminals.

While we are contracted until November 1, we already have other employers sniffing around. We got a tentative offer from Kallon on Nangking - their security detail is up for renew about same time and they’re not happy with the current lot of hired guns.
Corporate work would be damn fine after this shithole and the fighting on Terra.
Otherwise, various elements in the shattered FWL have also got offers floating around.

And of course, Stone’s reps have been on us to sign on with them full time and go House troops. Well, maybe not House - but whatever you’d be serving Stone and Co.
- Taighe Barrett
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The Coalition Intervention Force to Sheratan was one of the final actions of the Word of Blake Jihad and pitted an international force against Word of Blake hold outs in mid-3079.

Planetary info:

Sheratan is an agricultural world. The land is arranged in a single continent with several large inland seas. This continent is covered in forests, jungles, and farmland.
Sheratan is described as being a beautiful world, sparsely populated, with forests and jungles around the equator. The forests created large fertile areas, and agricultural concerns moved in, bought land, cut down the forests and planted fruits and vegetables from across the Inner Sphere.

Sheratan was used as a baseworld by the Word of Blake's Fifth Division during the late 3060s. In 3070 the world was raided by the Thirteenth Stalking Horse and Wild Geesemercenary commands. They inflicted serious damage on the Fifth Division, which was on Sheratan to recover. After this raid and the removal of Grim Determination, the Fifth Division staged a military coup and took control of the world. Precentor Garin Latronis conscripted civilians into "volunteer engineering groups" to repair infrastructure and fortifications on the planet. By the end of 3070 the Precentor had created work camps all over the world and deposed the planetary government, establishing himself as a despotic ruler. Labor strikes were put down with lethal force, and a peaceful protest of 100,000 citizens turned into a massacre.
In 3073, the Opacus Venatori arrived on Sheratan. They removed Precentor Latronis from power (by killing him) and punished those Word of Blake militia members who had engaged in crimes against humanity. Their job done, they left the world in the hands of the native Sheratanians, who quickly re-established pro-Word, but relatively moderate junta and tried to get back to normal.

The Intervention:

In July 3079 a multi-national force made up of the remaining Level III of the ComGuard's 3rd Army, a armoured assault battalion from the 7th Donegal Guards, elementals of Clan Wolf-in-Exile’s Alpha Galaxy, elementals of Clan Nova Cat’s Delta Galaxy and the 17th Benjamin Regulars arrived. This task force was also assisted by the relatively new Auxiliary units, tasked with securing Blakist technology, WMD and even key personnel.

A month earlier, onworld elements of the 5th Division (WoB) and elements of the Sheratan Protectorate Militia vacated the capital of Gallen's Heights and pulled back to the Addicks Agroplex where they took up key defensive positions throughout the heavily wooded Southern Highlands.

This mobilisation coincided with a split among the ruling junta - most of the government were keen to simply surrender and hand over Sheratan to Stone, while other more conservative elements feared prosecution and advocated fighting a rear guard action in the hope of retreating off world.
Militia and national police elements took part in several running gun battles around the capital district, which saw dozens - including five senior junta members killed.
A new planetary President was sworn in during a midnight session and the conservative elements quickly carried out a wide spread purge of “defeatist elements” as they seized power.
In the end, about half of the Protectorate Militia mobilised to oppose the Coalition, while the rest quietly deserted or barricaded themselves in their barracks.

On July 6, Coalition forces landed and after taking up key positions outside  Gallen's Heights struck at the remaining Blakists. After overrunning the first line of defence, ComGuard and Clan Wolf-in-Exile forces broke through and forced the Blakists out of the capital five days later.
A Nova Cat blocking force trapped the fleeing militia, who surrendered after a short firefight.
In the capital, planetary president Olsen Luke attempted to rally his troops in a series of fiery Holovid announcements. At 1700, the state run station went off the air. At 1900, Wolf and Kuritan troops smashed through to his fortified palace. At 2100, Kuritan infantry found the president’s body hanging from the rafters of a nearby barracks.

Across the capital and surrounds less  fanatical Protectorate Militia troops surrendered in droves - cut off and hammered by air and artillery support.

It was at that point that the Coalition turned its attention to the dug in 5th Division and renaming militia, still occupying the key agricultural district.
Three days of hit and run fighting followed until the Coalition finally pinpointed the defenders’ location.
A blitzkreig attack spearheaded by the ComGuards, with Lyran support and Kuritan reserves saw the Word pushed out of the  Addicks Agroplex and into the surrounding forests.

After 12 hours of combat, Word of Blake Precentor James Devlin radioed Coalition forces to surrender the remains of his men.
Lyran and Kuritan troops would continue to hunt down Blakist stragglers and hold outs across the heavily wooded region for another six weeks, including taking several heavily defended and reinforced fire bases and forts.

Precentor Devlin was tried and found guilty of war crimes in 3080 and sentenced to 22 years behind bars. He was released in 3091 due to ill health. At his trial, his counsel repeatedly pointed out that the Coalition has taken dozens of ruling junta members but failed to charge more than a handful.

- WikiLink entry: Sheratan
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"In 3073, the Opacus Venatori arrived on Sheratan. They removed Precentor Latronis from power (by killing him) and punished those Word of Blake militia members who had engaged in crimes against humanity. "

you know things have gone over the top when WoB takes out thier own guys,

 "dude your shit is out of control" click, bang!!
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"In 3073, the Opacus Venatori arrived on Sheratan. They removed Precentor Latronis from power (by killing him) and punished those Word of Blake militia members who had engaged in crimes against humanity. "

you know things have gone over the top when WoB takes out thier own guys,

 "dude your shit is out of control" click, bang!!
My thought exactly...
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You have to give the Wobbies that much credit, though - their Internal Affiars department does not do things half-assed.
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With the 7th Donegal, Sheratan – Lyran Army Times
There were five or six of them standing in the mud around a fire that the drizzle kept low. They were a grimy lot from the Boys of Munster ie: 7th Donegal Guards – just back from a “mopping up patrol”.
Behind them stretcher-bearers were carrying a wounded man back down the trail – the forests were so dense no vehicle had been able to make it this far.

Nothing Spectacular

There is nothing spectacular about the mop-up operation. It is the forgotten phase of a battle. The newsmen go away, the public looks toward the next battle, and everything is passed off as being peaceful and quiet. That would be very nice except that troops continue to die in skirmishes waged in wooded canyons and rice terraces.

The patrol leader, Senior Corporal Kelly Morgan of Tharkad shows us a sharply rising hill in the distance.

“There’s a pocket of Toasters up there – maybe 10-20 of them – I dunno, except that we ran into six of them earlier and killed two,” he tells us, leaning on his TK assault rifle.

“They’ve got mortars, machine guns, and plenty of ammunition. And at least one man portable laser. The worst part is they have this entire valley scoped out.”

Kelly and his squad fought throughout Operation Scour and paid dearly on Mars, in the Terran system.

“There we killed more than 3,000 of the bastards after blowing a hole in the dome.”

Now, these veteran fighters are tired – but still in the fight.

It is a tough, methodical grind, this mop-up by the 7th Donegal’s armoured assault troops.
Maneuvering Difficult

The approach to most of the Word positions is confined to trails covered with machine gun fire, portable lasers or even light autocannons. There is little room for maneuvering because of steeply eroded gulches and almost impassable scrub fern on the sides of the trails, which the rainy season has turned into the quagmire.

While it’s a deadly game – these boys are happy things are different on Sheratan. On Terra and New Home the Toasters have used every trick in the book – masking as civilians, planting grenades in vehicles, even rigging booby traps in schools and hospitals.

On Sheratan, most of the Word surrendered after a brutal couple of days of combat. Now, it’s just the hold outs. There’s also rumours of arms caches hidden by the retreating fanatics.

“Yeah,” Private Lukas Kruger says. “I wish a mop-up was as easy as people think it is.”

He’s the squad Gauss rifleman, tasked with carrying the huge gun around and spitting 12 inch spikes of magnetically propelled lead down range.

“Maybe we can get off this rock by Christmas and go home.”


Officially, Sheratan is pacified. We took the capital in record time - in fact, the ruling junta was ready to surrender as soon as we made landfall.

Only a chance firefight that escalated between one of our SF teams and some retreating militia triggered any real combat.

When we heard the heretics had pulled back into a redoubt I feared the worst, but while casualties were higher than feared they stared surrendering pretty quickly.

We keep running into 5th Division hold outs - mostly guys digging in, thinking help might eventually come. We have also cleared out a couple weapons caches - seems the Word figured they could fight a lengthy resistance here on Sheratan but the troops lacked the heart.

I’m glad we have not seen the sniping and bombing we did on New Home. But the locals just don’t seem to care either way - the whole place gives me the willies.

- Demi Precentor Michale Tarly
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"The patrol leader, Senior Corporal Kelly Morgan of Tharkad shows us a sharply rising hill in the distance.

“There’s a pocket of Toasters up there – maybe 10-20 of them – I dunno, except that we ran into six of them earlier and killed two,” he tells us, leaning on his TK assault rifle."

sounds like that hill just classified as a artillery target, waste the hill, giving the infantry a day of rest while more units circle around, then close in

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Need my Omega Tau help?


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"The patrol leader, Senior Corporal Kelly Morgan of Tharkad shows us a sharply rising hill in the distance.

“There’s a pocket of Toasters up there – maybe 10-20 of them – I dunno, except that we ran into six of them earlier and killed two,” he tells us, leaning on his TK assault rifle."

sounds like that hill just classified as a artillery target, waste the hill, giving the infantry a day of rest while more units circle around, then close in

And THAT’S why rhI squad carries a manpack TAG unit.
“Redleg, Redleg this is Three Sierra Tango. Fire mission, I say again. Fire mission. Over.”
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Need my Omega Tau help?


No I'm sure they don't need that...  EVIL
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* Throws circus peanuts at DOC *

Quite you.... last person disappeared... you could help me find the shovel, again.

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Post by: snakespinner on 04 September 2018, 01:20:47
Was Doc asking for Omega Tau to visit him for some religious rituals. >:D
Now back to the circus peanuts. ::)
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* Throws circus peanuts at DOC *
Good I was almost out of snacks!!!  FREE SNACK FOODS
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Good I was almost out of snacks!!!  FREE SNACK FOODS

*dangles a bag of peanuts in front of DOC*

Next chapter, please.
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Forces operating on Nanking (a Kallon Industries security primer)


Elements of 2nd McCarron's Armoured Cavalry (Mech Battalion, command lance,  armoured battalion, two infantry battalions)
Elite - Fanatical
Sang-Shao Rhamses McCarron

Aung's Chindits (mercenaries)
Mech Company, Armoured Company - regular - reliable
Captain Augustus Aung

Home Guard
Armour Battalion, two infantry battalions, fighter squadron - green - reliable
Zhong-Shao Marisa Nyugen

"Coalition" - technically deserters and renegades
One mixed Battalion - Veteran - questionable
'Major' Cal Washington

Yangtze Rifles (Anti-Liao insurgents)
Two infantry companies - Green - reliable
Henri Liu

Independent forces:

The Cold Cash Commando (mercenaries)
Mech Lance, armoured company - Green - questionable
Captain Francis Zimmerman

Von Martini's Flying Aces (mercenaries)
Two aerospace flights - Veteran - reliable
Captain Ursula Von Martini

Kallon Industries internal memo

As 3079 turns to 3080, the situation on Nangking remains volatile. Both the Coalition and House Liao claimed the world following the Jihad and skirmishes and conflict continue on world.
General Devlin Stone has not officially denounced forces fighting in his name here, but their lack of support and state of disrepair speaks volumes.
There remains considerable opposition to House Liao's rule, but an effective crackdown by MacCarron's Armoured Cavalry in mid-79 has left these insurgents undermanned.

Several unaffiliated Mercenary units also operate on Nanking. Between these units, the insurgency and rogue Coalition troops the planet is considered unsafe for Kallon employees and assets.
As such, management has decided to boost our own security here.

Kallon Industries security circular
All corporate security elements are to be advised to be alert for the following Persons of Imterest.

Zao Taofang is to be considered a potential threat to Kallon interests on Nanking. A member of the Maskirovka's feared direct action unit, Taofang has undergone extensive argumentation - including sub dermal myomer armour and triple strength myomer replacement - and served as one of the Mask's top enforcers and killers throughout the Jihad.
One of his favourite tactics is to use his enhanced strength to tear his opponent literally limb from limb.
It's unknown why Taofang is onworld, but he is to be considered a possible threat.

Gideon Larsen is to be considered a potential - but unlikely - threat to Kallon interests on Nanking. A mercenary Mechwarrior who most recently deserted from the Word of Blake Protectorate as it crumbled, he arrived on world recently one step ahead of the Coalition, who are still actively hunting those who served the Word.
So far, Larsen has sunk into the criminal underworld but our sources believe he is in the possession of an assault class Battlemech, brought with him from Liberty.
What Larsen intends is unknown at this point. However, he warrants watching.

Self-styled "Major" Calvin Washington - and doubtless that name is an alias - claims to be a former Stone's Lament officer who fought on Terra and has the backing of Devlin Stone himself in a quest to take Nanking.
None of that is verified - and its more likely Washington is a deserter left here during the initial threeway clash for the planet.
Charismatic, driven and with battle skills to match, he's raised a Battalion size force of Mechs, tanks and infantry around him and forged considerable links with the anti-Liao insurgency.
Washington's troops are believed to be operating out of a former CCAF supply depot in the foothills above the capital.
His troops have clashed repeatedly with both McCarron's troops, the Home Guard and even independent mercenaries.

Nanking, A World Explainer (Terra Firma University Press)
- following the uncovering of Davion-backed corporate espionage in 3080, renegade Coalition troops and anti-Liao rebels would launch a coupe, seizing Kallantown and declaring the world part of the new Terra Protectorate.
'Major' Cal Washington, a former Coalition soldier sent a request for help to Terra, but no help was forthcoming.
The Coalition troops would be destroyed and Washington vanished, presumed dead.
Nanking would continue to change hands back and forth between Liao and the Republic several more times before the Truce of Tikonov was signed in 3085.

Dammit, it's hot on Nanking. We might have been dodging bombs and fanatics there - but gimme the alpine forests and mountains of New Home any day.
We won the Kallon security tender and arrived a couple days ago. They whisked me and most of our senior leadership up to this corporate retreat on the amazing coastline for three days of get to knows you and whatnot.
We just got back to the sprawling arcology - it's part corporate, part residential and part factory and is the size of a city - right up against the capital.
You could literally go days and still be inside the Kallon enclave.
Looks like we'll mostly be augmenting the corporate security and guarding weapons handovers, etc.
Easy work - sadly, this planet is a mess and it is inevitable trouble will break out somewhere!
We've had a major re-structure of the Cavaliers. I like to think we have streamlined for a new age - two Demi companies, backed by an armoured company, battle armour, a tank lance and fighters. Among other things, Roxanne Kramer has taken over the infantry assets and will be my XO.
I have my eye on Moses eventually taking her place, but for now the kid is my number two on the battlefield.
- Taigh Barrett
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Post by: DOC_Agren on 13 September 2018, 18:08:29
Roxanne Kramer I hope you can duck and dodge well
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The camera image opens on a pseudo-leather lounge with papers, binders and bags strewn across it.

Suddenly it spins around so that it’s pointing at a young woman - somewhere between 18 and 21 - who is holding it out at arms length.

Her hair starts jet black at its roots before running to honey blonde with electric blue streaks as it reaches down around her shoulders.

“Hiya, it’s Greta Kramer here again. This time on Nanking.”

She spins the camera around at a dizzying speed, taking in the lounge again before settling on the long, floor to ceiling glass windows that offer a spectacular view of a bustling metropolis. Skyscrapers frame the horizon and traffic zips this way and that. As she pans, a sleek black VTOL screams past the KALLON INDUSTRIES logo painted proudly along its tail.

“This places beats the hell outta sleepy New Home. Although, if you look Close you can see how hard the planet was hit,” Greta continues.

She steps forward and zooms in. Almost directly below there’s a cleared space among the towers and then a stretch of blackened, twisted buildings.

“Kallon got hit really hard during the fighting and has been leaking cash like a sieve. Not only that, they’ve been unable to keep up their supply and have lost a lot of customers.

“That’s partially why we are here - Kallon needs to ensure it can make its upcoming deliveries and has called in us as additional muscle.”

The camera flicks around as a door opens. A man - medium height but built heavily enough he looks a little squat - with dark hair and a short beard enters.

He’s wearing a slate grey uniform with Mark-style Captain’s bars.

“I hope you’re not giving away any sensitive intel on that thing, kiddo,” he says with a grin.

Greta spins the camera around to face her again.

“The captain’s just upset because he’ll miss me when I head off to Cella City Polytechnic on Genoa next month,” she says grinning.

Suddenly, there’s a boom and in top corner, behind her multi-hued hair a cloud of oily, dark smoke rises above the city.

“Get down!” Barrett barks and pushes the camera down.

Well, we got to see our first taste of the wonderful world that is Nanking. I’d just come back from meeting the Cappie Home Guard CO and McCarron to talk defence when rogue Coalition troops struck a supply depot.

Seems a Mech lance, backed by fast hovers and infantry smashed through the Home Guard troops on site and started looting. When Cappie mercs finally arrived the bandits fell back - but not before knocking out two of their Mechs.

CCAF command were very keen to write these guys off as just bandits left behind by Stone, but today showed they have skills.

It was a good op for us though - I got the unit on yellow alert and we got into defensive positions along with Kallon’s rent-a-warriors. Good practice if anyone comes after our employer’s assets.

- Taigh Barrett
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Voice one (slight Taurian/FedSuns' periphery border accent): Ok, we're here. Let's get this show started.

Voice two (flat and clipped FedSuns accent): Thankyou. Captain Barrett, Lieutenant Kramer, as you say - let's begin. Tomorrow at 1100 hours your Mercenary unit will accompany a shipment of arms and equipment bound for Marik space to the handover point and ensure the whole process goes smoothly.

Voice three (female, Germanic accent): We have been dealing with assistant director Chee up until now. Why the sudden Cha-

Voice two: Chee is not required for this part of your contract. Moving on.
The shipment will take Gate Three from the Kallon facility to the space port. We do not expect any trouble - but it's always good to be prepared.

Voice one: I'll notify the CCAF Home Guard - their second battalion has elements along this proposed route.

Voice two: That will not be required. We wish to keep Free of Capellan... entanglements.
There will be substantial rewards for getting this job done quickly and quietly.

- Recording ##P-00145 Kallon Industries arcology
January 29, 3080

The camera image is grainy and black and white. It's shot from roof level and shows the corner of a restaurant. Narrow booths line the two visible walls, each with ageing lattice work and Chinese calligraphy picked out. A grimy window in the far wall shows the room is several levels above street level and a riot of LED lights and signs can be seen.

In the corner booth a heavily built Caucasian man with several days worth of stubble and short cut dark hair leans back. He's wearing a dark leather jacket and is sipping tea.

Another man enters, he's rail thin and Asian and is wearing a conservative cut suit. He sits down opposite the other man, back to the camera.

Voice one: So good of you to meet with me, Mr Larsen.

Voice two: Hmm.. like I had a choice, mr mysterious.

Voice one: No. On-the-run Blakist war criminals don't have a huge amount of choice, do they? But I'm here to maybe make your life a little easier, no?

Voice two: Speak your piece then.

Voice one: Very good. Straight to business. Much as our dossier suggests - you're surprised you have a dossier. The Mask has a dossier on everyone. Everyone, Mr Larsen.

Voice two: Good record keeping, then?

Voice one: yes, hmmm. Now, simply put - we'd like you to carry out a series of jobs here on world. Jobs that will take your particular talent.

Voice two: How much?

Voice one: no, no Mr Larsen... you see, we hold all the upper hand here. You work for us or we tell the right people exactly where you are. See how fast the local authorities snap you up. Or, maybe even Stone's people grab you in the night? Either way, you're removed from the equation.

There's a shifting in the camera, Larsen is now leaning over the table and th other man appears to be desperate squirming.

Voice two: That's right slick. That's a .50 cal Martial Eagle S-series poking into your junk - one of the biggest hand cannons ever made in Marik space.
So shut up and listen. I don't appreciate being threatened by two bit secret policemen and I sure as hell don't work for free!

The taller man practically falls out of his seat and stumbles out of frame.

Recording - Nanking, January 25 3080
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Crusader One: We are rolling out - scout elements just cleared Kallon's outer marker. Let's get this convoy moving.

Squire one: Crusader, we are moving down Shu Motorway now.

Crusader one: Nice and easy, boys. No need to rush it.

Squire two: Keep up, slowpokes!

Castle: Crusader! Private channel - go to Present 2.

Crusader one: Ok, we're on private. What's up Roxanne?

Castle: Boss... security just found Assistant Director Chee dead in his room. Looks like a professional job - two rounds to the head, one in the chest. Krystal also looked at his workstation, she reckons someone worked it over and tried to wipe their trace clean.

Crusader: Shit! Did security see anything at all? The timing is feeling a little too bloody convenient.

Castle: the cameras in that section were all running on a loop for most of the morning. We're going into lockdown.

Squire one: Bandits! Bandits! I mark four MAD readings at grid reference 2345-six-niner.

Crusader: Dammit! Rex, Kyle - ping them with your probes. All Saracen elements, drop back but be ready to move. This smells most bad.

Squire two: Captain, they're not reading as Cappies and they're sure as hell not Kallon. Son of a bitch! That's-


Crusader: squire two come in! Squire two-

Squire one: Barrett! Aerospace fighters! They just buzzed Kyle, he's down. And those MAD scans are moving our way.

- recording:  January 30, 3080

Cavalli's Cavaliers
BattleAxe BKX-8D Taige Barrett
Dervish DV-1S Electra Reva-Singh
Firestarter FSF9-0F Rex Manahi + attached Purifier squad
Strider SR1-O Kyle Manahi + attached Longinus squad

Zhukov (WoB)
Zhukov (standard)

x12 Partisan Air Defence Tanks (no ammo)

So, that's it. Goodbye cushy corporate gig. We did everything right and it still went wrong.
As soon as we got outside of the Kallon defence cordon, Rex and Kyle ran into a lance of Mechs - all running no IFF and painted in primer grey. Fresh primer grey.
Next, two fighters come pouring from the sky's and drop a load on Kyle, downing his Owens. Somehow his BA squad survived and managed to pull him from the ruined cockpit.
We found ourself harassed by the fighters as the Mechs sniped from the adjacent block.
I quickly pulled our surviving Mechs into a laager around the convoy and waited for the next fighter pass - one Eagle was badly holed, leaking smoke and they broke off.
By this point, our mystery raiders threw a fast hover lance at the convoy, trying to grab the Partisans but they ran into the crossfire of our dug in BA and my lance.
At that point, Saladin's tanks arrived off their left flank and we gave it to the Mechs.
They lost a Vindi and had to drag a Jagermech home because I'd shot off one leg at the hip and torn off an arm.
We let them go and pushed into the drop port where the merchant was waiting.

Two hours later Kallon informs us that it wasn't a merchant - it was pirates. The whole thing was a sham and they're trying to pin it on us: piracy, theft, murder and beach of contract.
My first contract as CO and I'm looking at jail time.
Taige Barrett

Kallon has paid up. Barely. And we are in the clear. Sort of.
The corporate suits are obviously both terrified and pissed there's some sort of industrial espionage up the wazoo going on.
Good news: They recognise we were taken for a ride by rogue elements in their company.
Bad news: They've paid us out the balance of our contract (sans combat pay, salvage and bounties) and politely told us to vacate by the end of the month.
We'll barely beak even, but at least we're not branded pirates.
The captain, however is bent on revenge - or at least finding out what's going on.
- Roxanne Kramer

The image is fuzzy and poor quality. A red REC legend flashes in the top right, alongside JAN30-3080-0139

It shows a street scene, it's dark and the road is slick with rain, reflecting rainbow patterns at the camera.
A man and a woman emerge from a doorway and start to cross the street. They're entwined and the woman has her head on his shoulder, her dark hair falling over the lapel of his leather jacket. As the woman pulls ahead, glancing back coyly at the man, a hover car suddenly surges forward.

The woman is well clear but the man is struck full on and sent rolling across the hood before hitting the pavement. Two men quickly emerge from the vehicle, one rushing towards the crumpled figure - a pistol drawn.
As he tries to manhandle the injured man up, the figure lashes out - a leg scissors out and brings him down, followed by a fist to the face.
The second man raises his own pistol at the man who took down his companion - there a cough and the man crumbles to the street.

The image is sharper. It shows a dim room. The legend INGTION ROOM#2 glows in the bottom screen. 0301 flashes up under It.

In the middle of the tiled room a naked man is seated in an office chair. His hands are zip tied to the chair's arms, while other ties secure his legs to brackets set into the floor.
His right arm is a garish colour explosion of tattoo from shoulder to elbow, while his left shoulder is a maze of old scars.
Right now, his face is a bloody mess - dark liquid has streamed from his nose and coated his moustache, while his mashed lips drop blood onto his chest.
A nasty bruise is already forming across his right hip and thigh.

VOICE ONE: Speak up, Mr Larsen. I'm afraid we didn't catch that.

LARSEN: I said, you planted the girl at the bar, right? Had me all staked out.

VOICE ONE: Indeed, and this time there will be no theatre, no waving around of your giant gun. Just you answering me.

Larsen spits a glob of blood out.

VOICE ONE: Now, back to it. What do you know about the stolen Kallon shipment?

LARSEN. Only what I read in the Kallontown Express. Why don't you tell me, Mr Spy?

VOICE ONE: Enough games, Larsen. Agent Taofang

A hulking figure enters the frame. He's gigantic, with arms the size of rice bags and a shaven, bullet head seated atop huge shoulders.

VOICE ONE: You will tell us what you know, Mr Larsen. Taofang's talent lie in his prestigious strength, acquired as a result of extensive and expensive augmentation.

The huge man wraps meaty hands around Larsen's ribs and squeezes.
Larsen is quickly screaming.

VOICE ONE: With just a few pounds of pressure, his specially crafted muscles can break bone and even steel.

The screaming tails off. Larsen is panting, he's visibly pained and shaking.

VOICE ONE: Pull his left arm out of its socket.

The giant moves with uncanny speed and with one deft move, tugs Larsen's wrist, tearing off the zip tie and shattering the chair arm.
The Mechwarrior throws his head back and screams.

VOICE ONE: the other one.

LARSEN: Enough! Ok! Ok! Rumour has it, Washington and his men were working with Kallon to snatch the gear. But that's all I know!

VOICE ONE: Very good. So, Stone's Coalition is engaged in gunrunning on a House Liao world. Interesting You will infiltrate Washington's people and verify this.

LARSEN: You want me to what?

VOICE ONE: This hearsay must be verified. Now, from the top
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Amateur drone footage obtained by the CCAF. Audio has been pulled together from intercepted transmissions

The shot shows a broad, flat bottomed valley. A four lane highway runs down the middle of the valley, keeping relatively straight.

The valley juts up dramatically about a kilometre or so on ridge side of the road, the grasslands quickly giving way to steeply rising, thickly wooded forest.

The footage dips and surges forward along the highway until it slows down.

It is obvious a battle has taken place - and in parts is still going.

A dozen hover trucks are scattered across the road, some parked while others have been overturned onto their sides.

Smoke briefly obscures the footage before it’s restored.

Now a Scorpion light tank, painted in Capellan green rolls down the tarmac, it’s autocannon winking flames.

Mechs move among the chaos – painted in a patchwork of colours and hastily repaired armour plates.

Voice one: They’re all over us, we’re bugging out – these bastards can have the convoy!

Voice two: Dammit, Oscar Lead. You can’t leave those trucks.


After zooming above the smoke, the scene now shows the lance of Mechs carolling the remaining trucks. Several CCAF tanks lay burning on the highway as two Shadow Hawks and an Enforcer begin looting the trucks while a Locust stands guard.

Voice three: Unidentified Mechs, stand down! This is Sang-Wei Gibson, we’re moving to intercept you now. Power down immediately.   

The camera shifts, panning down the valley.

Four House Liao Mechs, backed by a lance of vehicles stride down the roadway.

-          Intercepted phone call
March 1, 3080

Voice one (heavily accented Asian accent, older): Larsen! You double crossed us, you’ll pay for-

Voice two (Slight FedSuns or possibly Taurian accent): I did no such thing. If anything, I double crossed Washington and his people.

Voice one: Enough of your games! Tell me-

Voice two: Alright, seeing as you need it explained. I reached out to a contact with Washington’s people, just like you told me too. But they needed a demonstration before they were going to trust me. So, I slipped them the location of that convoy

Voice one: Wha-

Voice two: And then, I told you guys the Coalition was planning on hitting said convoy. And then it was just a simple matter for me to warm up my Victor and join the fun. Now, you’ve got an agent inside Washington’s troops who has proved his worth. Exactly as you demanded.

-          Taigh Barrett
Well, call me a cynic but I never believed in Good Samaritans. Maybe I do now, though?

We got an anonymous tip off about the location of our stolen shipmen of Kallon equipmen. Turns out all the vehicles were loaded onto a merchant ship but it didn’t boost for orbit. Instead, the Dropship came down in the boondocks and is standing by to be offloaded by these so-called “Coalition” troops. This Good Samaritan filled us in on the details and suggested we strike in the next couple of days before Washington and his merry men make pick up.

It’s all very mysterious, but will get us back in Kallon’s good graces.
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Well, talks about pay back being a bitch!

Our mysterious benefactor shot us a decent mock up of the Ti-Sho civilian space port out in the middle of no where. It’s supposed to be a civilian port hat takes the minimal overflow traffic from the nearby Kallontown port. No military, nothing of interest.

Except, our recon put a lance of Mechs, backed by an armoured company with infantry support, guarding it. Just a little suspicious.

And best of all; sitting on pad one was our missing Dropper.

At 0300 our BA, who had spent the night infiltrating to within metres of the perimeter, called in an artillery strike on supposedly empty warehouses. Except we had discovered they were full of AC and LRM munitions. The place was lit up like a bonfire as my two Mech lances came screaming across the open field, artillery dropping ahead of us.

I called on the Dropship to surrender and empty up their cargo bays. The only response I got was a flight of LRMs and a brace of lasers into my torso. So we lit it up - not aiming to destroy it, even after the Jihad and the tech upheaval of the 3050s and 60s, destroying a Dropship is still taboo. No, we blew a couple turrets and started in on the landing legs.

Meanwhile, Mo took his lance and squeezed the enemy Mechs up against our BA - now dug in among the ruined buildings.

After one dropper leg started to crumble, the ‘Coalition’ called back saying they were willing to talk.

All of Kallon’s Partisans were on board. We also grabbed the logs and code books to turn over to Kallon. Seems like they have a traitor - a highly placed one who was actively working with the Davions of all people. Seems destabilising Nangking - be it Liao or Stone ruling it - is good for business.

That intel got us cleared and as a good faith offer, Kallon even sold us a pair of Ontos tanks at a discount.

But seems lighting up half a space port without even a by your leave has pissed off the Cappies. We probably won’t be showing our face in Liao space for awhile - they even escorted us to the jump point with a couple fighters.

Funnily, while we were desperately burning away our scopes picked up another ship. Seems the traitorous Kallon exec was also desperate to get the hell off world.

We’ve heading to New Canton - there is what passes for a hiring hall there. Hopefully we can get work quickly - this whole cloak and dagger fun has been costly.

- Taighe Barrett
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Cavalli’s Cavaliers TO&E as of March 3080

1st Demi Company

BKX-8D BattleAxe CPT Taige Barrett
GRF-4R Griffin Lt (Jg) Octavius Cavalli
AWS-9M Awesome Yasmin Keyes
BCN-3R Buccaneer Raita Mbugua
Black Hawk-KU (alt-A) Rex Manahi
GRF-6CS Griffin  Bruno Allegra

2nd Demi Company

MAD-5M Marauder LT (Sg) Moses Cavalli
WLF-2 Wolfhound Lt (Jg) Bjorn "Big Bear" Kramer
Firestarter (OmniMech) Primary variant Kylie-Leeza Smith
DV-1S Dervish Electra Reva-Singh
COM-7S Commando Sharni Kharti
CRD-6M Crusader Dillon Mosiro
Air Cavaliers
TR-13A Transgressor  Lt (Sg) Mira Fowler-Jenkins
TR-13A Transgressor Eryn Calosso

Cavalli’s Revenge - Lt (Sg) Roxane Kramer
1st Infantry platoon (Mechanised field artillery - Small Arms, semi-portable autocannons, 1 towed Thumper)

2nd Infantry platoon (Mechanised field artillery - Small Arms, semi-portable autocannons, 1 towed Thumper)

Lt (Jg) Hamish Basara
Purifier BA Squad
Longinus BA Squad

Saladin’s Skirmishers - Lt (Jg) Saladin

Ontos (Light Gauss)
Ontos (Light Gauss)
Phalanx Support Tank
Phalanx Support Tank
Zhukov (WoB)

Chief tech: Lt (Sg) Krystal Calosso
Weapons Master: Sergeant Major Jorge Calosso

Naval assets:
Invader-Class Jumpship ‘Ramses’ - CPT Axl Larson

Union-class Dropship - ‘Hobart’ - Commander Meredith Schmidt

Union-class Dropship - ‘Damnthing’ - Commander - Commander Fran Molloy
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God bless Devlin Stone for toppling the Word of Blake - but he's sure not done mercs any favours! Work has seriously dried up.
We spent weeks on New Canton trying to line up a contract, but the pickings are slim and we were quickly racking up debt and bills.
Finally, we hashed out a deal to extract a corporate operative and some samples off Bernardo - just across the FWL border.

It's all very deniable: Seems our paymasters (who are Marik Commonwealth-based but desperate to hide that) were engaged in a little corporate espionage against EarthWerks FWL but got caught. Their agent has been languishing in custody for three months while they dither trying to hire mercs at cut price rates.

But it seems EarthWerks are now getting ready to move the agent to a more secure facility - read corporate black site where they can make her talk.
We are to swoop in, grab the agent and if possible crack open the EarthWerks site and grab whatever samples she was snooping on.
Easy, right?

Taigh Barrett

Bernardo is almost unique in high-tech planets with multiple manufacturing sites in that it survived the Jihad almost unscathed. The onworld 10th Marik Militia deterred raiders and pirates and the Word was happy enough to receive regular shipments of equipment from Kallon and EarthWerks in tribute.
However, the departure of the 10th Militia later in the Jihad left Bernardo vulnerable and it suffered several subsequent attacks.

WikiPlanet - INN resource, Jan 3081

Transmission intercepted by SAFE (Marik Commonwealth)

TO: Dela Cruz, Pieter
CC: Wing, Jefferson, Santos, Bradlee
SUBJECT: Bernardo Militia readiness


The deadline for presenting our readiness report to the Planetary Director is Friday, as you well know.
I’m still expecting certain reports from both of you and this is a gentle reminder to get them to me no later that 1700 today.

At this stage, I’m prepared to say that the Bernardo Legion (as we are now branded, following last week’s announcement) consists of four battalions spread across the planet.
With the final delivery from Kallon, we now boast two full Battlemech companies, which will be used to supplement our conventional forces.

Those new Mechs will be spread across  points on planet prepared to defend various crucial objectives.
As you know, the deal with Kallon requires us to supplement the security at a variety of their sites

The crucial part of the operation falls to my Demi-company. We’re going to ambush the Earthwerks convoy after it leaves the facility, snatch the prisoner and make a run for the extraction zone.
Our employers have managed to get the inside intel on the route and such and tonight we’ll be setting up in the El Ray Valley - we scouted it today and it’s this utterly huge valley with these towering rock formations. My plan is for our BA dig in, hit the convoy and then the Mechs will burst out of a steep sided wash nearby and smash the defenders.

In addition to some corporate goons driving Fleas, we know Earthwerks has hired some heavy armour, so we’re expecting some tanks.

Meanwhile, the captain is going to raid the facility the convoy just left. He’s going to have to move quickly so they don’t get a call for help off. Not only is there a militia post nearby, but if it the convoy gets a signal out when we hit it, we could be facing long odds.

Captain Barrett and his element are will drop fast and use a small town that skirts the facility on one side for cover. He’s hoping defences will be lighter there on account the locals don’t want mine fields and static gun emplacements in their backyards. He will then jump the wall and bring down the comm tower before snatching the samples.

This whole thing is going to take some precision timing.

- Moses Cavalli

We did it. If it's stupid and it works, it ain't stupid.
The kid's convoy ambush worked perfectly and as soon as he had the package he bailed.
My element came down on the facility like a thunder clap and quickly blitzed past the guards and grabbed the prototype.
We were on our way to the LZ when the local militia caught up with us - four pristine EarthWerks Mechs, which was nasty.
Those bastards pursued us for kilometres until we managed to finally throw them and link up with Mo.
All in all, a good result with no casualties.
Best thing, as we waited at the jump point to get out of Bernardo we got a message offering us a new job.
Seems the director of Orhensen wants to talk to us about some lucrative work chasing off some pirates.

Taigh Barrett
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From ‘Around the FWL - a brief look’
3087 edition, Marik Federal Press

[2941] Captain-General Samuel Marik was not above using subtle (some would say treacherous means) to win his battles for him. On the Liao front, the Marik scored a clever diplomatic coup when his agents convinced Vincente Sian-Marik, a distant cousin of the Marik line and Administrator of five worlds in the Sarna Commonality (Ohrensen, Ventabren, Suzano, Zion, Kyrkbacken) to sign a treaty transferring his allegiance to the Free Worlds.
Marik forces occupied these worlds in 2941, but not before the departing Liao garrisons made the Free Worlds League pay dearly for its cleverness. The Capellans conducted a brutal "scorched earth" operation that caused widespread destruction and saddled the Free Worlds economy with a major - and costly rebuilding effort.

[3025] One of the League’s youngest provinces, incorporated in 2941 by Samuel Marik, Ohrensen fought bitterly to maintain its independence. The result was a province culturally and politically related to nearby Zion (both regions being “liberated” in the same political gambit that centered on the defection of Vincente Sian-Marik from the Capellan Confederation to the FWL), but which retains control of its own political and economic affairs. As an added benefit, sundering the former Capellan worlds into competing provinces undermined Sian-Marik’s power base,

Brutalized by Capellan scorched-earth tactics during the secession period, when withdrawing CCAF forces razed almost a third of the towns on the main continent, Rossonia, Ohrensen received massive investment in the mid-30th century, though endemic corruption siphoned off much of the money that flowed into the region. The net result was a world (and province) with a functional industrial and economic infrastructure, but whose population subsisted in conditions well below the League norm. The criminal gangs that sprang up during this era came to dominate planetary politics on Ohrensen and neighboring Ventabren, though today these so-called firms hide their activities behind legitimate businesses.

Through divided by bitter infighting (which frequently leads to a high body count), these groups acknowledge an overlord, Director Loew, who serves as the de facto planetary and provincial leader. Loew’s enforcers maintain a semblance of order within the “thugocracy” (which the federal government regards as a civilian dictatorship), though recent years have seen growing conflict with Capellan criminal groups seeking to expand their operations into “traditional Capellan territory.” Only in the wilds of the Padderborn Highlands on Rossonia and on the wide-open continents of Ulm and Salva do the criminal gangs have no influence. Here, however, the gangs’ violence and intimidation give way to pure lawlessness that leads most farmers and miners to go about armed. The summary justice of these regions is a stark contrast to the peace-by-intimidation of “civilized” Ohrensen.

[3083] Reports published in late March 3079 indicate that Ohrensen was subjected to a raid by Word of Blake forces on the 6th of February, one of five worlds within the Duchy of Oriente to be raided in the space of a few weeks by a Blakist task force consisting of units from several divisions with WarShip support. The Blakists used nuclear weapons to destroy the defending Essex-class destroyer FWLS Schrack in the Ohrensen system before making a ground assault which badly damaged the 1st Marik Militia and destroyed the planetary HPG.

Current update: Following the almost total destruction of the 1st Marik Militia, Ohrensen considered itself an independent entity. The Blakist assault sparked a bloody round of political unrest, until Director Gustav Henderson, Director Leow’s handpicked successor and adopted son, managed to restore order.

The remaining 1st Marik Militia assets were absorbed into the Orhensen Security Forces and Director Henderson suppressed any pro-Oriente feelings among the population by a series of public executions and show trials. A hand was quickly extended to Ventabren, which joined in a political partnership dubbed the Orehensen-Ventabren Free Trade Alliance. Ventabren has long been a political dependant of Orhensen - mainly due to its shipments of grains and rice - and quickly fell in line.

Caught up in its own affairs, the Duchy of Oriente didn’t bother trying to regain the planets.

Director Leow had always held expansion plans and he passed those designs on to his adoptive son, who quickly embarked on a campaign to draw the old Ohrensen-Zion Province back together - pressuring neighbouring planets to fall in line under his leadership.

He had little success, with Kyrkbacken’s ruling count declining to meet envoys, while Suzano’s planetary congress voted to remain independent, with the option of later requesting admittance to the Duchy of Oriente.

Soon after, however, Capellan raiders stuck both planets - going after industrial and military targets. These attacks, plus the subsequent plague on Suzano, eventually saw the formation of the Ohrensen-Zion Province on January 30, 3081.

Critics did point out that before House Liao raiders even struck, both planets were suffering under Ohrensen’s draconian sanctions and tariffs on imports, which triggered the economic shutdowns on both worlds, along with widespread rioting.

Additionally, both planets quickly found themselves subject to Ohrensen’s style of leadership, which saw certain companies “nationalise” many of their critical industries such as public transport, water supply and  most of the media.

Count Barkos Nevare of Kyrkbacken resisted these measures, even after his planet had voted to join the province. He briefly mounted a resistance campaign until defeated by provincial forces with mercenary support. He escaped to take up exile on the Lyran world of Solaris, until his subsequent murder in 3082.


In mid-3081, most of the worlds of the Province were incorporated into the Republic of the Sphere as part of OPERATION GOLDEN DAWN.

Initial fighting on Orhensen was heavy as security forces bitterly defended the capital and surrounds. However, on adjacent planets Republic forces actually received assistance from the general population and even defecting defenders keen to throw off the yoke of Orhensen.

Later, for political reasons the Republic assisted in the easing in of Director Mary-Ann Berkowitz into Orhensen’s leadership role. Berkowitz is a former close advisor to Henderson and the Yeow leadership before.

While her election had caused widespread unrest across several adjacent planets because of her ties, Terra considers it the best option for moving forward.


It feels like we’ve been travelling at a snail’s pace - but we are finally on the last burn into Orhensen.

We stopped at Asuncion along the way to recharge, only to have an outbreak or electrical faults throughout the Ramses. While Larson’s people spent 10 days hunting down the issue and fixing it, I gave the crew some shore leave.

While dirtside, I had an interesting encounter with a wandering Clan Diamond Shark merchant. Tallulah Horn is a former Elemental turned merchant who travels the stars looking for profit.

Unfortunately for her, her jumpship had also blown a helium seal - something we had the tools, people and expertise to fix, while she was left with a depleted crew.

I offered her a good deal and over a lot of drinks and she told me what she knew about our new employer.

Seems Orhensen has dreams of expansion amidst the chaos of the League’s fall and is not above some pretty underhand things.

It looks like there is more to this straight pirate hunting op than though. We’ll keep our wits about us.

- Taigh Barrett
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What's their current TO&E look like? It's been awhile...

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What's their current TO&E look like? It's been awhile...


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They really did their best to try and convince us we were actually going to be chasing pirates on neighbouring worlds. But it was just so damn obvious. And our liaison quickly changed his story - instead of chasing pirates, we were carrying out preemptive strikes to ensure neighbouring worlds didn’t attack Orhensen.

I don’t know if they get it. We’re mercenaries - we don’t care who we’re fighting if you pay us!

- Bjorn “Big Bear” Kramer

First Demi Company will ship out straight away for Suzano. Our first jump will take us to an uninhabited system within spitting distance of the target where we’ll repaint our equipment in House Liao colours to throw the blame on them. Orhensen is also hoping the threat of the Cappies will see its neighbours ready and willing to join forces out of fear.

Suzano boasts about a company of older Mechs, a couple tank regiments and plenty of infantry scattered about. There’s reports of some mercs too, but we’re not too sure.

Not like Orehensen - that blighted place has been hiring mercs and building equipment seemingly without stop since the League crumbled.

They’ve got a good battalion plus of Mechs - some planetary militia, some mercs ok long term contracts and interestingly a lot of equipment salvaged from the graveyards left by the 1st Marik Militia when they got wasted by the Word.

That’s on top of a decent amount of conventional forces and some mercs, including a battalion of heavy/assault tanks called Dread Treads.

I hate splitting our troops like this - but while we hit Suzano, Mo will lead half his troops to hit Kyrkbacken. The other half has been tasked suppressing a minor revolt on Orhensen.

Kyrkbacken seems pretty split along feuding, feudal lines - I’m hoping Mo can drop in, carry out a very quick smash and grab and get away with almost no real fuss.

That’s splitting our Mechs, BA, armour and infantry three ways - which i don’t like - but Orhensen has set a strict timetable.

- Taigh Barrett
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Com message
ATT: Barrett, Taigh
FM: Kramer, Bjorn
Orhensen Central HPG

Boss, the techies tell me you’ll get this just before you jump. Here’s hoping.
So, Boss... we got a problem.

I led Electra and the new boy out to put down these rebels early yesterday as planned.
Rebels is a bit much - they are just a bunch of farmers who decide they were sick of paying taxes to the director, only to have then still buy off his cops and the local government man, and so on and so on on this wretched planet.

Backed by Saladin’s new pair of Ontos tanks we followed down an arroyo and popped up on top of the agro complex the rebels were using. Saladin blow holy hell out of the buildings while we charged in - I left a Scorpion burning and Dillon and Electra were laying down suppressive fire on their sorry excuse for infantry when more rebels burst from hiding - two Scorpions with an ancient Demolisher flanked by a couple clapped out hover trucks full of infantry.

But coming in behind them was a Marshall. All black and obviously mounting some serious mods.
The Mech then radioed us - telling us to hand Dillon the new boy over to her because he has a contact on his head and she was there to collect.
I obviously told her where to go, despite that rich throaty voice of hers.

She backed that up by saying our comrade was a Wobbie and that she’d even cut me in for 10 per cent.

I let her have it with a full salvo.

The Marshall was high tech - ATMs over pulse lasers and it kept jumping about. Electra knocked out one Scorpion but then got swarmed by the infantry. And that damn Marshall knew when to strike - she jumped in close to Dillon and fired off some sort of Taser.
I shit you not - a dart from the arm, attached by a cord and then Dillon’s Crusader just flashed with this blaze of lightning.

All the electronics blown. The kid was sitting in a metal statue.

But, while it shut him down - he’d fired off one last desperate burst of missiles that carried off the Marshal’s arm and ripped up its torso.

Not so gently I placed my ER Large Laser’s muzzle against her cockpit and told her Dillon wasn’t going anywhere.

Smart girl. She agreed and the remaining rebel tanks didn’t stand much of a chance without Mech support.

We let the bounty hunter go - but, I’m attaching a pic now.

The screenshot is very grainy but clearly shows a jet black Mech skylined against a dim sky and desert hills.

The machine is missing its right arm at the shoulder - leaving only a twisted mess of wires and blackened muscle.
Painted over the upper right breast is a red circle with a black snake biting its own tail inside.

Image fades out.

Afterward, I asked around. Turns out she’s called Le Serpent Noir - the Black Snake. A bounty hunter who started working FWL space a couple years ago, working for and against the Word. Rumoured links to Canopus - but that could just be the Mech. And that Taser is some sort of Blakist weapon she must have picked up along the way.

Anyway, the strangest bit is our new comrade - Dillon. He’s staying close lipped but he was obviously a Wobbie or worked for them previously.
I await your orders, Captain.
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I Likes this Dillon...

He needs any moderations???  >:D

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I Likes this Dillon...

He needs any moderations???  >:D


He does have a Dark Past. It was fun playing a Dark Age variant Marshal (and sharing the yet to be developed TSEMP was in fact a salvaged Blakist Taser).
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Nothing like a good colourful Bounty Hunter to really get things going
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We burned into Suzano in Liao green. Hell, we even stencilled the Katana and fist and wrote crap like “Sang-Shao Khan” on our Mechs to complete the image.

The director wanted us to blow a power station connected to one of Suzano’s medium sized cities, show off the House Liao paintjobs and get out fast.
It went mostly right. Until it didn’t.

We dropped into the middle of a decent sized snow storm and used it as cover as we approached San Miguel, the target city.
We rolled through the outer suburbs, shooting up the regional spaceport and blowing a fuel depot as way of distraction before hitting the power station.
The Suzano militia managed to throw a lance of tanks into our way and some VTOLs made a couple passes but we easily knocked past them and blew the plant’s  control building and a couple pipe lines - not enough for the plant to go critical or anything like that.
But enough to plunge a million or so people into darkness for a couple of hours, and force the city to rely on back up generators and fuel cells for a week or so.

We’re mercs, not monsters.

As we retreated back through a frozen series of valleys, we ran into Mechs. Liao Mechs heading right at the city we had just hit.

I was confused as Hell, until I saw the insignia - green falcon in flight, tethered by a chain.
Ambermarle's Highlanders are about two jumps away and far down the Liao supply priority list.
Looks like they’d decided to go on a little smash and grab raid for supplies and loot.

Octavius was on the comm asking what we should do - the Highlanders were marching straight towards us through the snow, while we were holding cover among the tree line.

We could have walked away and left them be. But I  kept thinking about the city we had just left without power. A city, whose meagre defenders were probably now determined to fight to the last. With hospitals running on emergency power.

We let the Highlanders have it from cover. We put a Locust down and sent a Vindicator rolling down the hillside with a crippled arm.
I kept raining down until I ran out of LRMs, leaving the big Crusader at the centre stripped of armour.
Yasmin managed to headcap a Men Shen - putting three PPCs straight through the cockpit.
The double lance pulled back after that and we let them go.

As we were boosting for orbit, we learned  two other cities got hit by the Cappie raiders.
But, like I said: We’re mercs, not monsters.
All in all, our string of raids plus the actual Cappie attack was enough for Suzano and surrounds to start listening to Ohrensen’s demands for a mutual defence treaty - even if they don’t trust them.
Ohrensen offered us a retainer to stay with the newly formed Ohrensen-Zion Province, but we turned them down.
- Taigh Barrett
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We’re not working for the Regulans. We’re not working for the crazy, nuke happy Regulans.
The boss has repeated that so many times, he’s almost got me believing it.
Instead, we’re working for the Regulan Free States, who just happen to be a fully incorporated Protectorate of the Regulans. Ie: the Regulan Hussars have annexed all their worlds and the “free state” can’t do much about it.

Since the Ankh was firmly placed over these three worlds, the former Free Staters have been heavily restricted in what kind of arms their military has access to, not to mention its size and training.

That makes it extremely hard when separatists - including a decent chunk of former Free Stater militia - take to the hills of Diass and start trying to throw off the yoke of Regulus.
The 4th Hussars are on world, but they’re officially assigned as peacekeepers and security for the planetary government, key industries and alike - all desperate to make it feel like the Regulans aren’t occupying their bloody planet.

That’s where we come in -  RSS agents reckon Diass is the main separatist stronghold. We’re to work closely with the local militia, such as it is, and destroy the rebels.
All in all, looks like a nice easy six month job.

Of course, being Regulans, our employers’ overlords have made us sign all kinds of insulting agreements and waivers stating that if we overstep our brief the Hussars will take us down and our equipment is forfeit, etc.

Crazy Regulans.

- Roxane Kramer
APRIL 3, 3080
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I see nothing that can go wrong here at all
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Indeed. They are not working for the regulans after all.
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Indeed. They are not working for the regulans after all.

No problems what so ever...
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Recording, April 5 3080
Zenith jump point, Diass
Regulan Free States (under Regulan occupation)


Voice one: We’re being pinged, 10 seconds into the system and we’re getting pinged like crazy.

Voice two: Bogies coming in hot - I spy two, no, three making a hard burn right for us. And they’re reaching out with active sensors.

Voice one: Who the hell are they?

***Alarms wail***

Voice two: Sensor lock! Sensor lock. One of them has painted us with something.

Voice three: Captain, could we jump out of here?

Voice one: Is this old tub? The Ramses is barely holding together, Barrett. Trying a hotjump would rip us apart and spew us into the void.

Voice two: They’re hailing us!

SIGNAL: Unknown jumpship, this is Commander Lanba of the RPS Tulwar, you have unlawfully invaded Regulan space and we have capital weapons locked onto you.

Voice two: Holy crap! That’s a Leopard Pocket Warship, and it looks like a CV and another Leopard behind it-

SIGNAL: Tulwar, this is the jumpship Ramses, owned and operated by the mercenary unit Cavalli’s Cavaliers and we are under contract to the Regulan Free States. I’m squirting our credentials to you now.

Voice three: They’re deploying fighters. Interesting they’ve parked a whole battle group over this planet. The insurgency must be stronger than they’re letting on.

SIGNAL: Stand by, Ramses. We are assessing your credentials.

Voice two: Four fighters on approach, here’s hoping they’re just getting visuals.

Voice one: We’ll find out in a second.

SIGNAL: Stand by, Ramses. You’re verified but we’ll be conducting a routine sweep with our marines. Stand by and prepare to be boarded.

Regulans! Mad, bad and dangerous to know! The bastards are probably reading this and plotting how to paint me as a Toaster lover right now!
As soon as we dropped into the system they were painting us with capital weapons.
The Regulan Navy have parked their Shiva’s Swords squadron over the planet - a Leopard PWS, a CV and some sort of retrofitted Leopard with a full complement of marines.
Something tells me this “low key separatist group” is anything but.
Me and Roxie are shuttling down to the planet ahead of everyone else to meet the liaison and get the ball rolling.
Turns out we’ll be working with both a Lieutenant Shan Abdulin from the militia and a Captain Indira Singh, from the RSS.
This is going to be a fabulous balancing act, I’m thinking.

- Taigh Barrett

The boss and I are shuttling down dirtside now. The Regulans kindly “offered” to escort us down in one of their shuttles, complete with a squad of marines and a very young midshipman named Hansen. Turns out Hansen is practically a local - he’s from one of the “loyalist” families on Olafsvik that actively welcomed the Regulans seizing control. There’s loyalists here too.
Wheels within wheels.
Stupid kid didn’t know when to shut up (until the marine noncom politely suggested he do so) and told us all about how the 4th Hussars are hamstrung by orders and can’t put the rebellion down - they’re out on hearts and minds patrols wearing no armour and carrying no weapons bar their fancy knives.
Seems high command is desperate for this to be a Hand’s off occupation.
- Roxane Kramer

This tiny federation has a similar history to Gibson, with one major difference. Following the “scouring” campaign of Gerald Marik in the Principality of Regulus, this three-world province broke off and established a pro-Marik civilian government. Over the course of time, however, Regulan intelligence has infiltrated the government to the point that the province is no more than a Regulan satellite today. As such, it belongs to the opposition coalition in Parliament.
ROM report, 3025

UPDATE: During the later half of the Jihad, Regulan forces took all three worlds by force, quickly defeating conventional forces and urging the planetary governments to toe the line.
However, anti-Regulan and pro- nationalist sentiment would continue to run high for several decades.

The Regulan Free State - WikiWorlds Compendium
Born from Captain-General Gerald Marik’s war against the Selaj’s that he believed killed his family, this small federation bought its loyalty to the Mariks and hastily installed a pro-Marik government. The Free States soon discovered, however, that freedom on paper was worth little against constant meddling in their politics and economy by their former parent province. Not until Thomas Marik passed the Addendum to the Incorporation in 3037 did the Regulan Free States finally gain the power to chart their own course.
Since then, local cultures and planetary economies have undergone a vibrant renaissance. No longer strangled by Principality trade embargoes, Free State industry and exports are thriving. The Mongol and Kazhak languages, outlawed in the early days of secessionist rumblings and then rendered virtually irrelevant by Principality dominance of local life, have made a striking comeback to become the primary languages in this tiny province. Norwegian is also widely spoken on Olafsvik, site of a sizeable Norwegian enclave since the earliest days of human settlement.

Diass is governed by a feudal autocracy and the centre of Kazhak nationalism.

3079 UPDATE: While Prince Khalid El-Aliyev formally accepted Regulan rule over Diass, he attempted to milk numerous concessions out of his new overlords - namely that Diass would continue its free practice of Islam and Kazhak culture without interference.

While the mostly Hindi occupiers found local customs slightly distasteful, they largely obeyed directives from command to let the locals do as they liked.

However, hardline elements including Count Askar Telpekbaaya (who was also a well regarded Mullah) and Colonel Mohamed Omar - the Commander of the planetary militia’s famed 1st Cossack Regiment - railed against Regulan “interference” and quickly began a campaign of protest. When Colonel Omar’s son’s religious school was raided by troops from the 4th Regulan Hussars during a bungled arrest warrant, the militia officer was pushed over the edge.

After gathering a local corps of militia officers, he attempted to seize power but was quickly arrested by loyalist elements.

Within the week Omar was cashiered from the Militia and, along with his family, vanished from Diass City.

It’s suspected he, Count Telpekbaaya and Mohamed Ospanov (the former Defence Minister, prior to the Regulan invasion) then established a separatist organisation, calling themselves the Free States Liberation Army.

The FSLA has climbed credit for dozens of bombings, shootings and cyber attacks across the planet’s major cities, as well as several ambushes of Regulan troops.

FSLA carry out ‘coordinated attack’ on Diass Militia compound: Exclusive Photos
9NEWS LinkNet online news, April 4

Separatist troops from the Free State Liberation Army have handed the planetary military a bloody nose, overrunning a major military facility and then defeating a subsequent counter attack.

Early Tuesday morning FSLA fighters killed 27 Militia troops in the initial assault on the base in Shindand District.

Najibullah Mohebi, a member of the BenRaat ProvincialCouncil, said the fighting lasted for six hours, with the FSLA using infantry and several heavy tanks to overrun the facility.

Troops from the 4th Armoured Battalion and 1/21st Mechanized were dispatched to the scene a short time later, but quickly came under attack from IEDs and ambushes, Mr Mohebi said.

A government spokesman said 18 militia troops were killed in the series of clashes with infantry.

However, 9NEWS has obtained exclusive footage of separatist Battlemechs and tanks shattering both battalions

VIDEO BEGINS:  A dozen or so soldiers are huddled in a ravine. None are firing, instead they’re clutching their rifles and looking terrified.

The camera pushes up over the lip of the trench to show a dusty expanse, broken up by occasional scrub patches. Mountains dominate the horizon.

Two tanks rumble past - both Scorpions sport a mix of rusted plates and new ones, paint applied to some bits, while other bits are just sprayed with grey primer.

Both are firing their machine guns full blast

Suddenly, a Jagermech comes charging up behind them - Autocannons blazing.

The image fizzes into static.

A later push by militia forces managed to reach the braided base, but  not before rebel forces had captured 19 troops, Mr Mohebi said.

A FSLA social media channel posted video of several captured militiamen being held in a room later that night.

Some of the troops appeared wounded. 9NEWS could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.
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Oh this will just be an easy mission, I mean how difficult could this be to deal with a simple religious separatist movement in only 6 months.   ::) 8)

after a cake walk like that, you guys might want to face off against TT designed force   :D

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Free States Liberation Army - Force assessment, 3080

The following is considered TOP SECRET and should not be distributed to anyone without DELTA level clearance. The attached brief is up to date as of March, 3080. However it has made significant use of secondary sources and intelligence subject to change.

The FSLA is believed to operate approximately eight Battlemechs. This number is a combination of Diass Militia defections and Mech owning nobles who have disappeared (with their equipment) from our radar.
Additionally, Count Askar Telpekbaaya (see below) has access to a lance of four heavy Battlemechs we believed have joined the insurgency.
Recent intelligence suggests, the FSLA may have also hired a lance of mercenary Battlemechs. Our forces are yet to confirm this.

In addition to BattleMech assets, milita defectors made off with a full company of armour - mostly Scorpions, Galleons and a handful of heavier machines.
A recent audit or militia artillery assets found two Sniper pieces and a supply of ammunition had vanished from stores. It’s presumed these items are now in insurgent hands.

Our best guess puts infantry numbers at a reinforced battalion of defecting or retired militiamen and recently recruited insurgents. Most of these troops operate purely as light foot infantry equipped with a range of small arms, mortars and anti-tank weapons. However, we have noticed a recent upsurge in the number of “technicals” - wheeled or hover civilians vehicles with support machine guns, recoilesss rifles or light missile launchers bolted on.

We estimate the FSLA also have close to full battalion of poorly trained - but fanatical - volunteer troops who make up the bulk of the urban ambushes and attacks and operate in a cell structure. These irregulars routinely conduct bombings and attacks on “soft” targets, such as banks, markets and shops.

Count Telpekbaaya also operates a full company of household troops, who utilise APCs and even some VTOLs. It’s unknown if these have been actively committed to the insurgency however.

LEADERSHIP: Count Askar Telpekbaaya portrays himself as the “loyal opposition” and has so far been careful to not overtly throw in his support for the insurgency. However, intelligence suggests that from his fortified, mountain landholding, he coordinates the entire separatist operation.

A skilled Mechwarrior, Telpekbaaya served initially with the 25th Marik Militia and later the 1st throughout the 3050s and even took part in Operation Bulldog. Returning home after the death of his older brother in a hiking accident in 3066, Telpekbaaya underwent religious training and was considered a wise but relatively moderate mullah until the death of his father, requiring him to take up the mantle of leadership.

As a count, he advocated hard for the Regulan Free States to seek true independence and financed extensive  natural gas exploration and mining throughout his fiefdom.

Rejoining the militia late in the Jihad, Telpekbaaya played a key part in the fight against the invading Regulans and lost his right eye when his Orion was knocked out. Retiring to his fortified holding, Telpekbaaya continued to preach (literally) for an end it Regulan rule, but has so far avoided implicating himself too far.

Colonel Mohamed Omar is the public face of the insurgency. Former commander of the milita’s 1st Cossack Regiment and has held a variety of infantry and special forces commands within the militia.
He coordinated the ultimately fruitless defence of the planet against the Hussars and quietly stewed about the indignity of serving the invaders, until his son was injured in a botched Regulan counter terror raid. The 14-year-old was blinded by a Regulan commando’s grenade, when the unit mistakenly stormed a school instead of the house next door.

After his aborted coupe, Omar and some loyal officers fled to the Swaa-At Valley to begin their insurgency. His record and charisma was key in swaying many defectors to the insurgents.

Mohamed Ospanov, despite being the former Regulan Free States’ defence minister, is not a military man. Instead, his extensive business connections, family network and ability to wheel and deal has helped fund and maintain the insurgency.

Ospanov grew up poor - intelligence suggests he grew up in a mud hut with no running water in the Swaa-At Valley. Obviously intelligent, he was picked for a scholarship in the capital at a young age and quickly worked his way up through the planetary government, holding a variety of roles before moving into politics in the early-60s.

Morbidly obese with a limp, Ospanov serves as the money man and backroom dealer for the insurgency.
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FSLA audio intercept #3300A

Voice one (rough and masculine with a hint of Taurian or FedSuns’ Capellan March accent. FSLA intelligence suggest this is Captain Taigh Barrett):
Sit down, sit down. It’s bad enough this place doesn’t have any climate control, don’t be standing.

Voice two (feminine, heavy Germanic accent. FSLA intelligence suggests Lt Roxane Kramer):
Ja, most of my boys are wilting in this heat.

Voice three (masculine, no noticeable accent): It’s only going to be hotter up north.

Barrett: Exactly, that’s why you’re here. You know most of this already and it all be detailed at the 1600 briefing, but I figured we should go through it now. First up, drinks?

There’s a series of thumps and the sound of ice clattering and liquid pouring.

Voice three: Gods, this planet doesn’t have much to recommend it. Chiefly, that most of the population thinks alcohol is forbidden.

There’s a chuckle and the sounds of glasses clinking.

Kramer: The local boys are coming along well. I know the Regulans don’t like us training with them, but it’s obviously working - they’re improving each day we work with them. I’m assuming it’s time they’ll put that practice into action?

Barrett: correct. The day after tomorrow at 0545 we’ll move on the Swaa-At Valley, the effective home of the separatists. We’ll be teamed with three battalions of militia infantry and some limited armour. Every half day’s March or so we’ll stop at the most likely, easy to hold spot, and drop off a half company of infantry and attached artillery. I’m hoping that very quickly we’ll have developed a series of interconnecting strongpoints that can support each other with artillery.

Voice three: and what about us?

Barrett: We keep advancing until these rebels face us. It’s either directly hit us or let us overrun their holdings or attack into the teeth of a dug in position that can call in artillery support. Plus, we’ll be able to wheel back and support. And on top of that, as we go in the militia will mobilise just south of us and secure an old airstrip. Our fighters, plus a squadron of local conventionals will be able to run bombing support for most of the valley within a day or two.

Voice three: But why this valley - why do we think they’ll fight here and not just keep moving like they have for the last few years? There’s a reason the locals haven’t sorted this out yet.

Kramer: But they never hit them where it hurts.

Barrett: The XO’s right, Moses. The Swaa-At Valley means something to this insurgency. Half their leadership has family ties here and can’t be seen as weak among those clans. It’s a matter of pride - for what, two to three years, even the Hussars have not dared enter the Swaa-At it’s that in the hands of the rebels?
Plus, our good count has extensive farming, grazing land and natural gas exports throughout the valley. We figure he’s feeding and funding his insurgency largely from this valley. Take it and he’s suddenly desperate.

Kramer: ok, but how come we came take it? You just said even the Hussars didn’t go into bandit territory - since when are mercs like us the shit?

Barrett: (laughs) I figure no one else made the rebels play by their rules. They always ended up dancing to the enemy’s tune. We’ll be different, we’ll keep our cool. Plus, Hamish’s battle armour and some of your better men are going in tonight and will truely show these bastards what war is.
(Recording ends)
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Yep, this will all end in tears
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Lieutenant Junior Grade Hamish Basara used his tongue to toggle between night vision and MADSCAN and then back again, depicting the rough, broken, terrain ahead in various shades of greens and blacks.

He looked at the top left of his Purifier suit’s HUD. 0328 hours, according to the clock - coming upon time to report.

"Andy, rig the tightbeam," he said. Andrew Debass was a Cavaliers veteran, who'd previously spent most of the Jihad fighting with Duchess Alys’ FWL resistance.

"Isn't that a risk?" one of the squad’s newbies, Johns, asked; in a whisper - they were using external speakers turned right down to maintain radio silence.
“Not much," Hamish said. "Line of sight from the blimp."

There were several patrolling along the valley. "Nothin' sent back or forth except clicks, until they lock in—feedback loop. And it's all coded anyway." Tightbeam to the blimp, blimp to satellite, then satellite to whoever needed to hear it.”

“Ready to go, sit,” Andy handed over a thread-thin optical fiber link; he plugged it into a socket on the inside rim of his helmet, and then ducked back outside to the watch position.

 "Close the tarp," Hamish ordered. They made sure it was light-tight, and then the Lieutenant touched the side of his helmet. It projected a low-light map of the terrain on the poncho folded over the uneven dirt floor of the hollow.

"Archangel? Archangel? Mic-four-niner, location"— he touched the map his helmet was projecting, automatically sending the coordinates—" over.

 "Reading you, Mic-four-niner. Signs of life?"

“Roger that! We are dug in on a rocky outcropping above Map Reference Birddog and I count upwards of 40 bad guys camped out in the open, all laying outside their bunkers asleep.
“Just where we thought they’d be.”

"Call it off."

“Fire mission. Offset three hundred forty, bearing two-niner-five, moving. Offset four hundred forty-five, bearing one-seven-five, stationary. More to come."

“On the way." A long pause, then a flare of light somewhere off toward the distant, advancing friendlies.

A big rocket flashed high, arced toward them. "Comin' in, peg 'em."

A timer glowed softly on his sleeve. Fifty-five seconds. Fifty-four. "Impact in fifty seconds. Estimate where they'll be when the balloon goes up."
He grinned wolfishly.

Dropping special forces deep into enemy-held territory and infiltrating under the cover of darkness, Regulan and mercenary forced quickly seized the initiative over their FSLA opponents.

Two mercenary battle armour, along with four squads of mixed mercenary and Diass military infantry were dropped deep into the Swaa-At Valley by VTOLs and then proceeded to stalk and monitor insurgent positions and patrols.

At 0330 they unleashed hell. Artillery hit eight FSLA positions scouted out by these special forces teams, destroying key command and control positions, hidden radar arrays, munitions dumps and large concentrations of troops.

Almost as soon as the bombardment ceased, mercenary aerospace fighters and militia conventional craft began their own attack runs on known insurgent positions - destroying several bridges and command positions. In a stoke of luck, Lieutenant Basara - fresh from calling in a strike on an insurgent position - and his men were falling back through the valley’s north when they spotted a convoy of trucks and cars.
After identifying the vehicles as FSLA, they called in a strike from militia fighters, providing accurate TAG guidance.

Four fighters dropped three laser guided bombs and several tens of thousands worth of cluster munitions on the convoy, destroying three trucks, four “technicals” and three jeeps.
Oscar Saayid, the FSLA number three - and a former militia major - was in one of the vehicles. His death played a major role in our success in the Swaa-At Valley operation.

Fighters continued to hit targets of opportunity throughout the morning , guided by special forces teams and at 0415, a militia airborne attack seized three key passes leading into the Swaa-At Valley. Infantry then established a perimeter and began an interdiction of all traffic.
This seizure also captured a stretch of the M-93 Highway, which would serve as a makeshift runway and advanced base for mercenary and militia aircraft as they provided further air support.

At 0545, the bulk of Cavalli’s Cavaliers, supported by three battalions of militia infantry and an armoured company began advancing into the Swaa-At Valley.
This column quickly brushed aside some limited resistance and pushed deep into the enemy’s heart.

Of course, these tactics were not without casualties. Once alerted to the effectiveness of the special forces teams, the insurgents struck back in force. Two infantry teams were overwhelmed and destroyed, while two battle armour troopers were killed when the VTOL they were attempting to board was hit by volley of rockets and destroyed.
Three militia conventional fighters were also shot down later in the morning.

- unofficial Regulan Free States after action report

"Every half-day's march we drop off one company and two mortar batteries on these locations,” Barrett said, looking around at the circle of kneeling officers.
It was just getting light outside, but here underneath the tent it was daylight bright thanks to the various electric lights.

Hilltops with good fields of fire, available water, and favorable placing to act as patrol bases.

"With rocket-assist, the heavy mortars will give overlapping fields of fire all along the route. As reinforcements come in, we feed them up the line and relieve the dropoff units to rejoin their battalions.
“We are calling this here Forward Operating Base Alpha.”

The fighting so far had been easy. A dozen roadblocks and some scattered insurgent units who had been swept over quickly. No tanks or Mechs so far.

And there was little chance the counter attack would fall here. Barrett had 12 Mechs standing around the fire base, plenty of infantry while his armour pushed forward.

 "By the time we reach here"—he placed a spot of light about three hundred and twenty kilometers north, the enemy'll have to either fight or run; in either case, our satellite observation will spot them as soon as they're forced to move substantial units and we can reconcentrate and either destroy them or chase them west into the Salabur  foothills.”

“Sir!” The runner shoved her way through the assembled officers, raising grumbles and complaints.
“Sir! Task Force Scorpion reports FSLA BattleMech advancing across the valley towards them. A full lance, with armoured support.”
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Small Wars Journal - 3080 edition

The growing phenomenon of smaller conflicts, marked by increasingly combined arms actions was demonstrated recently during the fighting in the Regulan Free States.
Mercenary Captain Taighe Barrett and his Cavaliers were attempting to dislodge insurgents dug in in the Swaa-At Valley when they encountered insurgent Battlmechs, armour and infantry.

Outnumbered, the mercenaries and their Free State allies pinned two insurgent Mech lances in place with artillery and armour while they concentrated on the third insurgent Mech lance.
Mercenary and Free State infantry advanced rapidly across the open ground, supported by armoured lances.
They were soon joined by Mechs advancing across the dusty valley.

In the end, combined arms tactics carried the day with the insurgents losing five Mechs, two tanks and close to 50 infantry.

The high-pitched whine of a busted servo has started a half an hour ago as Bunny Montaigne painstakingly dragged her Enforcer back to camp, its insides howling like a wounded WazzaBack Ape.

“Good thing, the Regs aren’t tracking us by sound,” Butch Ballantine quipped from his perch atop a crate of small caliber auto cannon ammo.
Sitting up, the mercenary captain caught his first glimpse of the damaged Enforcer as it dragged itself into the wadi they were using as a forward operating base.

The Medium Mech was dragging its left leg, each stumble-step kicking up a cloud of fine brown dust.
“Or sight for that matter,” Butch growled as he hopped down from the crates.

Around him a beehive activity had been stirred up as grey coverall-clad techs scurried forward, some directing Bunny’s Mech to park by the others, other techs snatched up tools and gear.

With a great sigh the Enforcer shuddered to a halt next to Butch’s Awesome. The Banshee  was missing its left arm - cut off brutally at the elbow where a bunch of wires and ropy muscle now hung. There were also great rents across its torso and legs.
Hui’s Jagermech lay facedown a short distance away, technicians crawling all over it and the massive still glowing  hot crater where it’s gyro used to be.

Arthur hadn’t made it back. His Centurion was still out there in that ****** valley and they’d all heard Art’s screams as the flames engulfed his cockpit.


The mercenary watched Bunny climb out of her Enforcer’s cockpit, careful not to touch the hot metal around the hatch rim, as she delicately kicked out the chain ladder.
Lacking almost any new equipment, the tall blonde was wearing just her cooling vest, tall plast-Steel boots and a pair of high cut black briefs and her commander watched her climb down the ladder with great interest.

“Butch, call for you.”

He turned to find his XO Jerry Sanders holding out a handheld comm array.

The conversation was brief. And heated.

Throwing the comm back to Sanders, Butch swore.

“Fanatic bastards. They want us to rearm and go straight back in there. Looks like this push has seized half the valley and they need us to save their arses.”

Sanders shifted awkwardly. He’d been with Butch when the pair had fought the Word and their mercenary proxies in the Chaos March, he’d been there in the camps with Butch and throughout the Jihad. Even when Butch went merc, Sanders has stuck with him.
“Did you remind them we just took a beating too. And none of their promised supplies have reached us.”

There was fury in Butch’s eyes when he turned on his XO. But it quickly faded.
“Yeah, and the fact that they technically only hired us as a cadre and rear area security force too.”

“What’s the score, sirs?” Bunny practically bounced up to the pair.
Behind her, a tech had pulled open an access panel on her Enforcer’s damaged leg, letting out a cloud of black oily smoke that saw the workers recoil in horror.

“We’re pulling out. That’s the score. If these idiots want to fight a holy war like this, they’re welcome to it,” Butch said.
He turned to Sanders. “I want this camp packed within the hour and we pull back to our last jump off point. At Least that we can hold while we repair.”

There was a sudden sonic boom and two aerospace fighters streamed overhead. Butch has never been great with fighter recognition and they were moving too damn fast, but he caught a brief glimpse of the black horse’s head chess piece on the tails to know who they belonged to.

There was an explosion to his rear, followed by a caustic wave of heat.
Screams followed.

Sanders and Bunny has hit the deck, but Butch remained standing as more explosions boomed.

“Butch? You got another call,” Sanders yelled, holding the comm overhead.

“It’s the CO of Cavalli’s Cavaliers. He’s offering terms.”

As Butch watched a string of explosions flare across the valley, he nodded
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 13 January 2019, 22:42:43
Colonel Mohamed Omar raised himself to his hands and knees. His ears were ringing and he could taste coppery blood in his mouth. He could feel something warm and wet rolling down his shaved head and when he reached up to cuff it away his hand cams away slick and red with blood.

Around him his headquarters staff were doing the same, righting pieces of equipment that had toppled when the salvo landed practically right outside the cave.

"Location - find who the hell just hit us,” he barked. His face was once again impassive, a square chiseled blank.

"Here, ah, here, sir," the plotter said, drawing a black circle on the plastic cover of the map, once the easel was back up. The young insurgent officer was very pale and wide eyed.

There were screams from outside, from men and the worse sounds of wounded mules and horses. They grew louder as wounded were dragged inside and carried over to the improvised aid-station on the other side of the big cavern. Corpsmen with red crescent symbols on their jackets scurried among them, sorting them for triage and slapping on hyposprays of anesthetic. Outside a slow series of rifle-shots gave the pack animals slashed by shrapnel or pulped by blast their own peace.

“Too damn far away,” Omar said. The militia didn’t have much in way of artillery - mostly heavy mortars on par with his own equipment. But the damn mercs had brought heavier gear and it appeared their Regulan paymasters had even loaned them some Arrow IVs. That would explain their devil’s own luck.
That and their damned special forces teams deep in our rear, Omar mused.

Watching aides plot the enemy advance with red marker pens across the liquid display, Omar sighed. It had been easier when it had just been the lick spittle loyalists to fight.
Now, these mercenaries had changed everything. Now, there were just too many of them, and clearly they intended to pound him to bits before advancing.

They'd be inserting those Battle Armour teams across his retreat routes, too. No dangerous subtleties or daring sweeps, just a straight hammerblow, rolling northwest and then veering northeast toward the exact location of his position here in the Nazir Hills. The loyalist columns were coordinating well, with intensive patrolling between.

Mostly they were bypassing or punching through any screen he put into place, the lead element of Mechs and tanks encircling the FSLA blocking forces for the foot-infantry marching up behind to eliminate.

And the whole time, artillery or fighters swooped in on any gathering of his forces. That’s why they were using horses, mules or even those three horned Vtechs off Lopez as pack animals. Apparently ANY vehicle was open season once spotted by the enemy.

It shouldn’t be like this, he thought. When the enemy had started its big push into the valley the FSLA should have dispersed and scattered - striking back in piecemeal. He’d argued hard for not playing the loyalists’ game but he’d been overruled.

He remembered his last communication from Count Askar. The Mullah had remained cloaked in darkness during the audio recording and there’d been a distortion program making his voice and of Omar was being honest, he didn’t appreciate the theatrics while he was on the line getting shelled and dodging gunfire.
The rebel leader had ordered him to delay and hold the loyalist for as long as possible. He’d then dropped the bombshell that he was pulling their remaining lance of Mechs back to his estate as a “critical reserve”. Plus his own household lance, that gave Askar two lances.
Meanwhile, Omar was left with little more than a battalion of infantry and three tanks that had all been earlier knocked out and rushed back to the front with minimal repairs.

Small arms fire crackled outside, followed by the bass roar of a grenade’s explosion.  Omar looked up sharply, estimating distances.

“Evacuate," he snapped. "Major Gimbowitz."
The chief of the field-hospital looked up. "You have the enemy wounded here as well?" The doctor nodded, swallowing; he knew as well as the commander what came next.

"We cannot take prisoners or wounded with us," Omar said regretfully. "I must ask for medical volunteers to remain with them until the enemy arrives. They will have permission to contact the loyalist commanders once their troops are in the immediate vicinity. Unofficially, I’d recommend contacting the mercenaries over the militia.”

That made it unlikely the FSLA wounded would be slaughtered. For the most part wounded men and medics in an organized setting were reasonably safe. But who knew how the militia would feel about them. The mercs had already show their willingness to accept surrender.

He turned. "Quickly, please," he said. "Sandina, please see to the demolition charges on the equipment we cannot remove."

Omar buckled on his pistol belt, glancing around at the chaos. Few of his troops would survive the attempt to fall back, he knew that.

We are most certainly winning. We effectively hold the entire Swaa-at Valley and have defeated the majority of the rebel FSLA army in the field. They started strong. - we’ll dug in and determined, but that quickly changed. And it wasn’t until we debriefed those surrendering mercs that we worked it out most of their leadership has bugged out.

The troops left behind were supposed to sell their lives dearly. Some did, but it's beginning to sink in that they're fighting for a lost cause, and leaders who've run away.
When the mercs surrendered, they were bitching that rebel leadership wasn’t supporting them and didn’t seem anywhere near the front. Three days later POWs were furious that most of their leadership had literally done the bug out boogie and left them.
We are seeing both individuals and organized groups looking for amnesty - whole platoons dropping rifles and surrendering. Others have scattered into the wastelands, but with not much more than they can carry.

The planetary government are dead keen on going after Count Askar, convinced he’s the head of this whole insurgence but the Regulans are dragging their feet. Desperate not to rock the boat and have the whole planet rebel.
So, for now, we are holding position and rounding up die hard insurgents and any left overs.

For the most part, the fight is out of them. Colonel Omar, the leader of the FSLA military wing is dead. We over ran his CP and found him nearby. He’d been shot in the head in what looked like an assisted suicide. Poor bastard couldn’t handle losing, I guess.

But for now, this previous insurgent hot spot is all but pacified.

Taighe Barrett
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April 19

A wave of bombings have struck Dias City, in the wake of the operation against the FSLA insurgents in the Swaa-At Valley.

Two car bombings struck the government sector, killing 11, this morning. While a third car bomb struck the Municipal Court building, killing three after the driver was spotted and shot dead by security forces as he approached the building.

The attacks follow the bombing of the Anchor Tavern - a known hangout for mercenary troops from Cavalli’s Cavaliers last night, which saw seven mercenaries and five militia soldiers killed.

Mercenary and loyalist units have remained on high alert since their return from combat operations in the Swaa-At Valley three days ago. A considerable amount of troops remain in the former insurgent stronghold, but for the most part combat operations are over.
A FSLA spokesman declared the recent spate of attacks were in response to the recent “aggression and unlawful occupation of the-

April 23

Prince Khalid El-Aliyev wounded in sniper attack, FSLA launch major assault on capital

April 24

The FSLA have claimed responsibility for a wave of suicide and car bombings that killed at least 100 in early morning attacks on government buildings and military facilities.

April 27

Prince Khalid El-Aliyev has made his first public statement since emerging from a coma after a terror attack, urging the entire planet to “resist the fear and hatred peddled by the so-called FSLA and their leader Count Askar Telpekbaaya”.

April 27

The Regulan Free States have issued an arrest warrant for Count Askar Telpekbaay, accusing him of murder, terrorism and crimes against humanity.

April 28
We are going back. This time, via our own Dropships to link up with militia forces in the valley and then we keep marching to take the good Count into custody.
He’s dug in, on his own terrain and knows we are coming.
But here’s hoping it brings a close to this wave of terror attacks.
Taighe Barrett

INN Exclusive interview with Count Askar Telpekbaay, April 28

Camera shows first a middle aged man. He’s dusky skinned and has a thick, black beard and dark hair pulled back in a tight bun. Both are dusted with silver.
A black, silk, patch, covers his left eye and he’s wearing simple, brown robes.
Overall, he’s handsome, warm and smiling.

The shot shifts to a woman with grey eyes and considerably fairer skin. Her hair is hidden by a dark blue hijab. She holds a microphone in her hands.

Reporter: Count Askar, the Regulan Free States have declared you a terrorist. Are you a terrorist?

Askar: A terrorist? No, Kimberley I am a patriot - the same kind of patriot I was when I served in the Marik Militia against the Clans and the Federated Commonwealth. I’m also a father, a husband, a member of this planet’s ruling landholders and occasionally a pianist. The last one, not so much in company.

Both laugh

Reporter: You’re accused of orchestrating bombings across the planet, not to mention violence in the Swaa-At Valley. How do you respond?

Askar: Several years ago, Regulan forces invaded our home. They took our planet from us. They killed protesters to their occupation, seized political prisoners and made anyone even accused of resisting vanish without trial. I have always been vocal in resisting the illegal Regulan occupation and the rule of the collaborative regime they installed. I have never advocated violence over negotiating for freedom, but if brave citizens choose to become martyrs or take up arms, that is their decision.
I will always support them with my prayers.

The count stands, the camera tracking him. It becomes obvious now that he’s rather tall. The robes have fallen open slightly to reveal the cooling vest underneath.

Askar: And now,  government forces and their mercenary lackeys are coming to invade my lands. Illegally. This shows us the true face of the Regulans.

Reporter: So, what is your response to the planetary council issuing a warrant for your arrest? There’s also talk of stripping you of your title, even before court proceedings are underway.

Askar: Come and get me!
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The last push, eh?
The Captain is banking on that - he’s hoping.
The militia have lost numerous VTOLs to anti-air missiles trying to get over those mountains and into the good Count’s lair, so we decided to drop on the closest side and march.
We don’t know if they’ve got anything that can hurt the Droppers, but the Captain didn’t want to find out.

The militia, along with our infantry and armour will keep pushing out of our AO and straight over the mountains - they’re already facing IEDs, sniper attacks and, ambushes as they push forward. Our infantry and armour will support them. I know Saladin is getting mighty sick of catching ambushes.
Meanwhile our Mechs flank around, hopefully drop in behind Askar and take him from behind.
He’s still got eight Mechs. But we have 12. I like those odds.
- Bjorn Kramer

Diass Militia recording #303_TY01

Grainy black and white image shows a man kneeling, head down to the ground. The image is bad, but you can see he’s wearing dark robes and a small skull cap.
Another man enters, takes in the scene and hesitates in the doorway.

There’s a long pause before the kneeling man sits up and nods.

Voice one: Forgive me, pasha. No one told me you were at prayer.

The kneeling man unfolds himself so that he’s seated comfortably.

Voice two: It’s fine Abdul. You have news of the invaders?

The second man steps into the view of the camera now. He’s wearing a light tan uniform, pistol belt and boots under dark brown robes. His beard is cut short and it’s obvious he’s very young.

Voice one: Pasha... the mercenaries have come over the mountains. While the Regulan lapdogs continue to grind against our troops on the valley floor, the mercenaries have landed a starship on the mountains and march here.

The bigger man stands, revealing his height. He quickly sheds the robe so that he’s clad in only a cooling vest and shorts. His limbs are dark brown and traced with old scar tissue across both biceps.

Voice two: Ready my lance. We hunt.


Crosshairs scan across a desolate mountain range. It’s brown and rocky, with the occasional sprout of brown/green foliage amid the rocks.

The crosshairs swing back, zooming in on a speck of haze.
That haze rapidly becomes thick, brown  dust, billowing heavenward. Similar dust clouds appear on either side before the crosshairs zoom in closer, revealing Mechs striding across the ridgeline.

Voice one: Cloud Control, this is Watchdog three - I see four Mechs at grid reference-

As the voice speaks, the four machines become clearer: A Hermes II, a Spider, a Flea and a Clint. All painted in desert camouflage of browns and greys.

Voice one: hollleeeee crap - correction, Cloud Control. I see four more of ‘em! Make that eight Mechs on the move. Looks like Count Askar is coming to visit.
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I am writing this webbed up like some sort of fowl in the butcher shop. The medics had me sedated for 36 hours and only now, two days later, am I in enough shape to write this.
I’ve got a cracked collar bone and my right arm snapped like a twig. Apparently I broke the hand too, but the whole limb is so wrapped up I have no idea.
Oh, and a decent dose of radiation poisoning from rising a Mech with a crippled reactor to the ground.

It is done. The insurgency is effectively dead. We met Askar and his two lances - one light led by a medium and one all assault and heavy - on the slopes outside his compound. Not much cover and lots of broken ground that can easily trip you up.
We had the numbers, but they knew the terrain.

In the first couple salvos we had pretty much stripped the light lance down to the bone but that heavy lance was dishing it out. Rex stopped at least two gauss rounds and a couple PPCs and was hurting.

I pushed Bjorn, Sharni and Kylie forward and they pretty much broke the back of the lighter lance’s charge. We poured on the LRMs at that point and it all sort of degenerated into a brawl.

I gutted the Spider - SRM barrage in close and then double tap from my lasers. It sort of exploded and fell down hill like a windmill, one arm flying off, while both legs seemed to crumple up as it rolled. Then I got hit with what felt like God’s own hammer.

If that was the hammer, then the anvil came next - LRMs tipped me over on my arse and I did my own stumble down the hill.
Spitting blood out from a bitten tongue I managed to right the Battleaxe, but the cockpit was lit up with failure lights.
Seems that first shot nicked the engine shielding.

It was Count Askar himself in his Orion. Only this was no standard model. It looked brand new and my computer was struggling to ID it.
It pegged the giant gun that dominated the right/centre torso as a heavy gauss rifle and the missile launcher as some sort of extended range thing. So I was well outclassed.

We both hooked into each other and I had managed to wear one arm down to the bone when Askar started backing up. First on step back, I hit him with another full spread of missiles, then another and then he was in full retreat.
I burned off some of his rear armour and gave chase, only to get blind sided by a Banshee.
The assault Mech had been mixing it up with Yasmin but saw me and decided to help the Count. The Banshee ripped through my damaged side and then charged, putting two giant battle fists into my head and shoulder.
I went down hard.
Taighe Barrett

The camera has been set up in a Mech bay. Grease and coolant stains the concrete floor and in the background a Marauder is hunched over, access panels across its torso and legs open. The harsh light of an arc welder flashes across the bay as coverall wearing techs crawl over the Mech.

Voice one: What a butcher’s bill.

Voice two: At least we won, Krystal.

Voice one: Yeah, but at some cost. Three Mechs trashed - including the Captain’s.
And Rex is missing an arm AND an eye. They’re saying he might even have to retire.

Voice two: At least everyone came through the fight. The way things have been playing out the past few weeks - suicide bombings and snipers, I figured it was a matter of time.

Voice one: Yeah. Hand me that alignment level. No, the big one.

Several grunts. There is the high pitched whine of a drill.

Voice three: Lieutenant Colosseo! Lieutenant!

Voice one: Settle down kid. We are not much one for rank in the bay. You’ll learn than.

Voice three: urrrr.... yes ma’am. But Lieutenant Kramer set me over. He said to get a crew together.

Voice one: What in the hell? Bjorn knows how busy we are. You sure it’s not one of the Cavalli boys trying to yank my chain?

Voice three: No ma’am. The LT said they’d found an Orion intact in the enemy encampment. Looks like that count ran back home and just ditched it. It’s not even fully shut down.

Voice one: And?

Voice three: And and he told me to tell you it’s an ON3-MX. Brand new.

Voice one: Why didn’t you say so, lad? Marcus, get a team together. We are rolling
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Ouchie... Broken collar and hand, now that's got to hurt and a free sun tan.

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Minutes from Cavalli’s Cavalier company council meeting, June 6 3080

Voice one: “Well Captain, it’s more about the families hoping to put down roots somewhere. They’re tired of dragging their children everywhere across the old League. Apart from the price, Westover it perfect.  It is close to ideal here. Not just the weather and the food—"

There’s a round of chuckles

Voice one: “And no religious restrictions like on Diass. The Regulans treated us well, but Diass was not somewhere we all wanted to stay.”

Voice two: “Very well, Mrs Allegra. I think those are all valid points. It seems the council is overwhelmingly against the motion to head to Galatea?”

Voice three: “T, as much as opportunities would be better there I think we are agreed.”

Voice one: “Captain, we like it here. In fact, we've made more friends here than on planets we've stayed on for years. If it wasn't for the break up of the Free Worlds League . . ."

Voice two: “We wouldn't be here”


Voice two: “Based on this, I strongly suggest the Cavaliers leave their dependants here on Westover while we carry out our upcoming contract but actively look for a source of income that comes with a more permanent home.”

This Maxwell job worries me. Brooks Inc is very upset an upstart company called the Maxwell Planetary Defence Consortium decided to rip off a lot of their designs. Through the Jihad they didn’t notice and then later when they did there wasn’t much they could do thanks to a total lack of government oversight and no interstellar communications.
Now the matter is locked up with lawyers. But management figures it will be years before anything happens.
And they might not even win.
Instead, they decided to hire some mercs to shoot up the Maxwell plant.
A sort of ultra violent cease and desist letter.

My main concern is that the Duchy of Tamarind obviously values the equipment they get from Maxwell, regardless of the legality. Plus, elements of the 2nd FWL Guards are stationed on planet.
I’m just hoping we can get in, hit the facility and get out before the 2nd even notice.
Taighe Barrett

Amazing news! We just got word the 2nd FWL Guard have rotated off Maxwell, apparently bound for the periphery to hunt Blakists.
This makes the job a hell of a lot easier.
We are linking up with a Brooks Inc team half way there. They’ll make the actual in person assault on the facility and grab the data core and her generally mess up the main building while we blow up other stuff.
No one expects Maxwell to stop ripping Brooks off. But they’re sure as hell going to regret it after this.
Taighe Barrett
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This sounds like a good plan. I can't see anything that could possibly go wrong.
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From Oscar’s Around the Sphere Guide: 3088 edition

The Maxwell Pride Festival is an annual event not to be missed, as tens of thousands pack into the Free Worlds League planet to watch the fabulous parade.
The first parade was suppressed by Maxwell’s more conservative founders and the early years were marred by mass arrests, police brutality and riots. Soon, a more enlightened planetary government realised the event’s economic potential and now it’s considered the premier-

We’re going to use the massive pride festival as a cover. The whole planet is packed with strangers coming and going. And according to the Brooks Inc intel, damn never every cop, militiaman and corporate security goon is drafted into providing security and crowd control for the festival. And those that aren’t are having the time of their lives.
We will come in on the Damnthing, posing as retainers of a wealthy Marik lord excited to see the parade. The day after the parade when everyone is still drunk, stoned or hungover and tucked up in bed with their new lovers we strike.

Taighe Barrett

We’re dirt side. Unfortunately, we have had to come in light - the five Mechs from our first demi company, the armoured elements and infantry. Tanks and armour will hold the spaceport and our line of retreat while the Mechs escort the Brooks Inc strike team in.
The Captain even found a way to smuggle half the Mechs and the Battle Armour suits in close to the Maxwell facility. He bribed some port officials to letting us load them into crates marked “sound systems” and got it dropped off half way down the parade route. Now Octavius and his elements are just over a kilometre from the facility and swoop in fast.
Tonight some of us will spread out and look like we are soaking up the parade, but mostly we are scouting and conducting recon.

Roxane Kramer
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Well. We won. Damn near every Jock is wounded. All our Mechs and tanks are more twisted wires, fried internal structure and blown weapons than armour. And half our BA had to drag busted suits back to the LZ.
But we didn’t leave anyone behind - not those two armoured infantry troopers and not the crew of that Zhukov who burned up when the stopped a full flight of Infernos.

And we got home with the objective.

Brooks Inc sold that smash and grab as an easy in and out raid. They didn’t mention it was their second attempt. So the rent a warrior security was tight. After we smashed through the half arsed militia, we had to face some pretty damn determined corporate security.
All of whom were armed with brand new Maxwell equipment.
We carried off two of those damn strange Galleon battle taxi things. The techs are having a field day with them. Strange side door pod things to hold armoured infantry suits.
My new Orion did damn well. Although I ran through almost old those bloody expensive ERLRMs.

The Brooks boys got their memory core and we got paid. Plus, Brooks threw in two of their old Thumper vehicles. So we are building up a nice little arty lance.

I’m keen for a decent rest or a cushy garrison assignment.
Taighe Barrett
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Looks like we found that home we were looking for. Stotzing seems like a great place. And they’ve got us on an open ended anti-piracy contract: defending here and neighbouring planets, working with the militia.
There’s the chance for some hunting and offensive work, but so far the Prime Minister and government don’t want to stir up trouble.
So, we are just cooling our heels, earning decent money and settling in our families.
Roxane Kramer

Look, who wouldn’t like this place? It’s nice and cool, the people have been repeatedly troubled by pirates so they’re damn happy to see us and are more than happy to buy a merc a few rounds. But best of all, they’ve retained some of their Star League era tech.
Well,  it much in the way of tech, but plenty of text books and caches of circuits and small time items. It’s funny, the most energy grid, fusion plant network and comms setup is this rats’ nest of jury rigged equipment.
Krystal Calosso

Look, I’m really glad everyone is loving Stotzing. But I’m more worried about the impending threat of pirate raids.
Stotzing and a coalition of neighbouring planets: Kogl, Valil'yevskiy and Kutludugun, have banded together to hire mercs following a string of pirate attacks. In the final couple years of the Jihad, these planets were hit almost every three or so moths by raiders who came for slaves, cash, water, food and tech. Hell, one time on Kogl it looks like a band came just to shell the suburbs.
They think there’s probably three main pirate bands operating either out of Marian space or one of the uninhabited systems beer by. Stotzing’s government is convinced the Space Romans are funding and supplying the raiders, but can’t prove it.

This place just fought a decade long civil war, supposedly over Blakist ideology or something. In reality, I’m thinking it was more about one continent wanting to rule itself.
But that has left the planet with a pretty damn tough militia. But even they can’t tackle constant pirate raids.
Taige Barrett
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Boss, here’s what I pulled off the militia’s servers. I mean, if they’re not going to straight up give us the facts we’re basically obligated to go and steal them, right?
Anyway, like we suspected we are facing multiple pirate bands operating possibly out of Marian space and preying in the old League worlds.


Formerly based off the pirate world of Tortuga, the Rotten grew infamous for their reign of terror along the Federated Suns’ periphery border during the mid-3070s. Under the brutal leadership of Bonnie ‘Rotten’ Raynor, who was reportedly born and raised in the Deep Periphery, the Rotten raised and enslaved for years until they were effectively destroyed on Gronholt at the hands of General Raymond-Roger Marsin at the tail end of the Jihad. A born survivor, “Rotten” Raynor and a cadre of her most veteran pirates managed to evade capture and spent several years licking their wounds. They re-emerged in 3079, raiding worlds along the Marian/former FWL border and quickly proved they had lost none of their reputation for wanton carnage.
Intelligence suggests the Rotten are staging from an uncharted or dead world in Marian space and the amount of Marian equipment and citizens among their force suggests they’re getting covert funding from the hegemony.

Average Experience Level: Veteran
Unit Composition: 1 ’Mech company, 3 aerospace fighter flights, reinforced mechanised infantry company

UNIT SPECIALISATION: The Rotten have modified all of their Dropships so their cargo holds can be quickly converted into slave pens to transport stolen chattel during raids. Many of the Rotten’s hover APCs are similarly converted to hold abductees in sturdy cages.

CO: Mistress Bonnie “Rotten” Raynor
Beautiful and deadly, Raynor seems cut straight from a teenaged boy’s fantasy with long blue-black hair and a curvy body almost totally covered in lurid tattoos. Raised by pirates in the half barbarian worlds of the Outworld Wastes, Rotten is reputed to have killed her first man at 12, was running with slavers by 13 and commanded her own band of raiders by 16. Deadly with bladed weapons, small arms and her bare hands the Rotten takes great delight in offering captives the chance to escape and then single handedly hunting them down for sport.

The Armageddon Rag [PIRATE]

Notes: Made up of former Word of Blake Protectorate Militia deserters, mercenaries who served the Blakists and other flotsam, the Rag has eked out an existence over the past years raiding its way across the former FWL.
Most of this band were draftees or reluctant volunteers in the Blakist army and abandoned their posts when they saw the writing on the wall. Anderson Blaire, a mercenary serving the Word on Bryant, had the charisma to gather likeminded individuals together and head for greener pastures. Over the course half a dozen raids across the crumbling Word of Blake Protectorate and into the former FWL, the raiders developed their signature incendiary tactics - making spectacular use of looted infernos and flame based weapons.
The Armageddon Rag take their name from these tactics, which typically leave charred towns and burning landscapes in their wake.

Average Experience Level: Regular
Unit Composition: 1 ’Mech lance, 1 armour company, 1 infantry company

CO: Anderson Blair
An NCO with the Kathil Militia when the FedCom Civil War broke out, Blair allowed survival instincts to overcome patriotism and decided to sell his company's position to the Lyrans. Already implicated in a black market scam, it’s likely Blair was about to be drummed out of the service anyway and gladly fled to Galatea. Broke and out of work, he eagerly signed on with the Word as it began the early expansion of its Protectorate in the mid-60s. It’s believed he first discovered his talent for incendiary and terror tactics assisting the Word put down revolts and riots on Epslion Indi, Hall and Caph.

The Kelly-Scott gang  [PIRATE]

Notes: Not all that long ago, the Iron Suit Irregulars and the Moonlite Rangers were reputable, if not terribly well off, mercenary units. No one would mention either merc outfit in the same sentence as the Kell Hounds or Wolf’s Dragoons, but they could probably remember the Rangers’ deep raid on Murphid on the Irregulars bitter defence of Black Rock Station. However, for every mercenary unit that succeeds, ten fail - and that was the case for both these units.
In the early 3070s, both units had been shattered by the Jihad and Captains Maree Kelly And Rufus Scott met in a Nipos bar. Both were down to the last C Bills, with both readying themselves to dissolve their family units. Instead, they teamed up hoping a new leaf would see their prospects rise. It didn’t and within two years the Moonlite Irregulars were broke and branded pirates after a contract disputes. Since then they’ve raided and pirated through Canopian and Marian space, before turning to richer pickings in the old League.

Average Experience Level: Veteran
Unit Composition: 2 Mech companies, 2 armour lances, 1 infantry company, Aerospace flight

CO: Maree Kelly and Rufus Scott share both joint command and a bed, although it’s rumoured their disfunctional relationship is the reason the unit rarely coordinates particularly well. The captains each run their companies like independent commands and warriors have even opened fire on each other, squabbling over loot or captives.
Despite this, the Kelly-Scott gang can not be discounted, because of its size and experience level. Individually, these pirates are excellent warriors, but thankfully they struggle to work together.
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Colourful pirates are the best pirates. I can't wait to see them in action
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Great stuff in your hands. Playing a version of the fronc reaches turning points?
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The camera pans across the blackened and charred facade of several buildings.
Flames flicker here and there, but for the most part it appears the fire is over.

Suddenly an olive drab tank crashes through the nearest blackened frame, toppling renaming wall and dilapidated roof.
The tank is low slung, with a boxy turret that supports two stubby little machine gun muzzles and a long main gun.

The tank shifts, it’s turret whipping back and forth, surging off screen.
The vehicle is replaced by a compact woman  in her 30s, with white-blonde hair cut in a stylish bob. She’s wearing a dark green flak jacket, with PRESS stenciled across the breast, over a cream pants suit that is now smudged with soot and dust.

“Outside the capital, newly arrived mercenaries stopped the pirates cold - forcing them almost all the way back to their Dropships. But here in St Hadrian’s Cross  it was a different case.”

She indicates off to one side and the camera pans around, zooming in on a seeming towers of flame, wreathed in oily black smoke.

“That’s the remains of the Main Power Plant, destroyed by raiders after their main attack was stalled by Cavalli’s Cavaliers.”

The camera shifts back to the reporter. She seems on the brink of tears, cuffing one of her eyes with a perfectly manicured hand.
Behind her, hazy ankle obscure most of the town. But gutted building can occasionally be glimpsed.

“In an apparent fit of spite, a portion of the retreating pirates came here to St Hadrian’s Cross and unleashed hell. Buildings were torched, the local power plant was razed and its highly toxic contents scattered into nearby fields. And seemingly at random, pirate troops attacked several nearby farms and even killed the livestock.
“Authorities put the human death toll at around 3,000, although they’re still counting.”

The camera has now zoomed in on a lance of light tanks cruising pasted the ruined town. None show signs of battle.

“The question being asked by the survivors is: “why?”. The mercenary cavaliers and local militia were positioned several kilometres outside the capital, on the prime minister’s orders. There they handed the pirates a series of bloody defeats.
“But inexplicably, they were ordered to halt their pursuit of the retreating pirates.
“Several hours later, those same defeated pirates took out their frustration on St Hadrian’s Cross here.

“Reporting from a graveyard, this is Sonia Lynch for 5 Nightly News”.

Voice one: Redleg, this is Jericho Six - drop 400 and fire for effect. Lay it on lads!

Voice two: Roger that Six, on way.

Voice one: C’mon, Occ. What do you see?

Voice three: Six, this is Sampson. Sorry about that, we got caught up with some pirate stragglers. Looks like the way is clear. You can forget about those carriers. I’m looking two burning in the creek and another one rolled over on the far bank. These bastards are on the run.

Voice one: Roger that, we gutted our pocket over here and now I’m pouring in the arty.
Voice four: Jericho Six! Six, this is Three Delta. Over

Voice one: Come in Three. Whatcha got?

Voice four: Sir! They’re running, I can see two lances of Mechs and scattered armour running like Hell out of the valley. Over.

Voice one: All units - command override. This is Jericho Six, the enemy are in retest. Everyone push forward. We have them!

Voice five: Jericho Six, this is Adler. Stand down. I say again, stand down. You are not to advance past the line I’m now uploading to your maps. Do not leave the valley.

Voice one: What in the hell are you taking about? General - we have these pirate bastards in the ropes and we can finish right now.

Voice five: I gave you an order, merc. You stop your advance or I will order the militia troops to fire on you.
Now, what’s it going to be?

Voice one: (long sigh) Cavaliers... stand down. I say again, stand down.

It was pretty much a set piece battle. As soon as the pirate dropships were spotted descending we pretty much knew how they were coming at the capital. On orders from Militia high command we deployed a few klicks out - closer than I argued for, but eh.
Good terrain: wooded hills overlooking a broad valley made sodden by a week of heavy rain.

I deployed our artillery on the hillside with a solid armour force opposite them. The Mech coming stayed hidden in the woods. When we saw the pirates, I quickly threw up our aerospace fighters and some of the armour, making it look like we were dug in to the west. The pirates took the bait and blundered straight into us in the valleys.
Militia hover tanks and infantry held them and then we rushed them.

In a panic the pirates tired to break across the valley - but quickly found the flooded plains slow going. And what targets they made for our artillery and masses fire.

We had them right there. We could have destroyed the whole band, but I got orders to hold in place.
Hours later, Big Bear realised it. To our direct rear were some of the flashiest estates around.
It didn’t take long to discover they belonged to the likes of the prime minister, the finance minister, the attorney general and a host of other political cronies from the in power coalition.

We had been tasked specifically with defending their homes and told to hold in place while the pirates went and sacked an entire town.
Taighe Barrett


Voice one (rough and deep, possible FedSuns accent): You’re late.

Voice two (also masculine, but higher. Slight Germanic accent) : And you reneged on our deal. You’re only supposed to hit the Umgebung continent. I thought we had worked out all of this?

Voice one: There’s nothing left to steal there. You’ve sold us a pup and you know it - you dickheads pretty much scorched earthed the place to the dark ages and now you want us to keep picking at it? I don’t think so.

Voice two: Damnit! We had a deal! We provide the intelligence and you only make a show of troubling us. It’s an election year, next year you know?

Voice one: Pfft. Don’t count on me for a vote then. And our terms have changed slightly - you think you’re the only rock hiring mercs? These Marik Defenders are bad news and none of the intel you’re supposedly providing has mentioned them. Hell, some of the planetary info you’re peddling about your neighbours is decades out of date!
So we needed to branch out.

Voice two: But we had a -

Voice one: Be glad you’re dealing with me and not Bonnie. Today was just a lesson to remind you to hold up your end of the bargain.

Transmission lost
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Elmoth on 25 April 2019, 15:36:29
Nice twist on the perfect planet. :)
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 06 May 2019, 02:14:45
We just intercepted a pirate Union trying to slip into the system. Our aerospace fighters dogged it through the atmo and then managed to get a lucky hit on the engines. The damn thing dropped like a stone and scattered all over the Old Barrens. We are moving to intercept and see if there’s any survivors.
Fly overs show Mechs and armour deployed outside the main wreckage and based on earlier encounters, they’ll still want to fight.
Here we go.
Taighe Barrett
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Elmoth on 06 May 2019, 02:24:50
I can fully grasp a few mechs making a combat drop and surviving the crash, but those are some tough tanks to survive a several km plunge! Unless it was a ruse, of course, and the Union never got an engine hit
Title: Re: Cavalli’s Cavaliere
Post by: Nav_Alpha on 19 May 2019, 23:00:57
It was a trap. Of course it was a trap.
From the intercept, to spotting the pirate dropper out in the Old Barrens, it was all too easy and our employees were a little too eager to push us out to go find trouble.

- Taighe Barrett

It was full court press - the whole company, plus armour and infantry assets on the two Dropships, roaring in to snatch the prize.
Backing us was a full infantry battalion and a light battalion of armour with VTOL support from the militia. We figured it was the perfect opportunity to smash some of these raiders and take prisoners and intel.
- Moses Cavalli

I was convinced everything was going well. Until the first shells started dropping on our LZ. And when my radioman reached out to hand me the commlink, only to be gunned down form behind.
By a militia trooper.
- Roxane Kramer

Stotzing Militia And mercenary forces are engaging pirates in the Old Barrens, after a raider Dropship was shot down earlier this morning.

A nest of pirates have been destroyed in the Old Barrens after a horrific battle. Militia troops were also forced to destroyed the renegade Cavalli’s Cavaliers after the mercenary unit went rogue and attacked government forces.

Six senior cabinet ministers have been taken into custody and counter terror police have launched raids across the capital in an effort to crack down on what the prime minister is calling “subversive elements playing an outright coup”.
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Oh, dear.....

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The video is grainy and every few seconds shudders with a flicker.
It shows a classic Dropship bridge, expert rust seems to stain every surface.

Half of the monitors are blank and many of the workspaces are stripped back, exposing circuits and wires.

A short, shabby man stands in the centre of the room. He’s dressed in grimy blue coveralls and sports a Mohawk and heavy ink across the bald parts of his scalp and neck.
He’s holding a radio receiver connected by a looping wire to the main comms station.

But the man is surround by three figures bulky with black combat armour, Night vision googles and face mask rendering their faces vaguely insect- like.

The radio crackles: “Blackbeard... Blackbeard... are the mercs destroyed? Let us know, over.”

The grimy man looks nervously about, only to have the largest commando place the barrel of his pistol against his temple.

“Tell him yes,” the man says, his accent thick with a a rough Tikonov accent.

“And convince them. Or you’ll die.”

The smaller man swallows. He puts the comm to his mouth.

“Prime, this is Blackbeard. Confirmed. All the mercs are dead. Over.”

The big man chuckles.

“Good work.”

He pulls the trigger.

Voice one: This is, of course, an informal hearing, Captain Barrett. Just to establish the facts of last month.

Voice two: Of course.

Voice one: Specifically, the events of May 17, and 18 which saw your unit engaged in combat with our own planetary militia.

Voice twi: Of course, sir.

Sounds of water being poured and a heavy glass clunking against wood.

Voice two: Sir, at approximately 0400 on May 17, Cavalier aerospace fighters conducting low level combat patrols spotted a Union class Dropship, without the proper authorisation about 1500km north of the capital. After hauling it repeatedly, they requested permissions and engaged the craft-

Voice three: Captain, much of the earlier testimony has gone over this. Please feel free to skip ahead a few hours.

Voice two: Of course, your honour.


Voice two: After the pirate Dropship was brought down, we were ordered into the field by our liaison.

Voice one: Colonel Mosby, correct?

Voice two: Yes, Colonel Mosby - I believe we can also refer to him as the defendant? Or one of the defendants?


Voice two: As I said, the Cavaliers were sent to take the craft, along with militia support. At about 0800, we encountered pirate forces. It quickly became apparent, that rather than a crashed and demoralised band of survivors, we were facing well dug in and disciplined troops from the so-called Kelly-Scott gang.


Three Keystone: Dammit, Mo! I am getting flanked here!

Zero Alpha: Keep pushing, I see targets in the open.

Three Keystone: Anyone! I’m taking fire! Anyone!


Zero Alpha: Keystone Lead, gimme Sigma-V. That friggin hill is still in the way.

Image appears:

It shows a long line of brown, dusty hills topped with thin, gnarled trees and shrubs. Behind it, the steel-gray half crescent of a Dropship can be glimpsed.

Along the crest of the hill fortifications have been set up - sheet metal and slabs of amour, obviously cannibalised from the ship.
Slit trenches run between each armoured bunker and gun barrels poke through.

Reaper: I spy two pirate lances forming up behind that hill, guys.


Voice two: Our artillery laid down smoke and HE, while we advanced close behind. Militia armour and infantry were to flank and swing in around behind the pirates as we attacked.
Voice one: That flanking effort did not materialise though? Did it?

Voice two: No. we lost three tanks and a Mech as we assaulted through the pirates’ fixed defence and encountered close to a full company of Mechs.
By this point, we were also taking fire form the grounded Dropship - which was relatively undamaged, despite the cosmetic work to make it look so.
I pulled my unit back into the cover of the tree line and demanded to know where the militia was.
Militia VTOLs had been carrying out strikes to our front, but the infantry and armour was nowhere to be seen.

Voice one: and then?

Voice two: I heard the radio signal.


Saxon: Irene! All units, the code is Irene!

Four Alpha: Son of a bitch! I’m taking fire! What! That’s the militia shooting at me! The fuc-


Zero Alpha: All Cavaliers, rally on me! Find out what the hell is happening!



Voice one: and what did you do then, Lieutenant Anderson.

Voice two: I respectfully declined the major’s order to attack our mercenary allies.

Voice three: Gentlemen, I’m looking at the submitted transcript and it states that Lieutenant Anderson suggested Major Schultz could go and make love to his mother, in a most unconventional manner. But he certainly did not use those words.
If it pleases the court, perhaps we just stick to the Lieutenant’s actions?

Voice one: please continue, Lieutenant.

Voice two: My platoon of Scorpions was locked in to the left of the mercenaries - despite our earlier orders to advance and flank the enemy.
After the major gave the order, Kessler’s lance and his attached infantry began firing on the mercs from behind.
After a short exchange with my TCs, I decided we couldn’t allow this to continue.
I ordered the platoon to wheel around and we engaged Kessler’s lance. We quickly destroyed them with mercenary support.

Voice three: According to recordings form the battlefield, Lieutenant - you placed the barrel of your laser against Lieutenant Kessler’s turret and fired until the tank exploded.


I still don’t understand exactly what happened. Or how we survived.
Not long after encountering the pirates, the militia turned on us.
Well, some of them did. Seemed not everyone was in on the fix.

Orders came in from on high. We needed to be taken out. Initially, we were getting hammered from both sides and just trying to fall back when the militia fractured.
See, we had lived and trained alongside these guys for months and most of them saw politician wrangling when they saw it.
It wasn’t long before I was on the line to several lieutenants and a Captain who said they either would fall back and not target us, or went all the way and joined us fighting the  pirates and militia.

Made sense - these guys had watched these raiders rape their home again and again and were now getting told to to help them.

We crushed the main militia resistance and then turned on the pirates. They didn’t expect all of us and it was almost an anti-climax as we poured every gun into that Dropship, forcing the crew to quickly surrender.
A lot of pirates managed to flee the area and escape though.
But we had slightly more pressing issues.

- Taighe Barrett

Voice one: After your truce with the militia forces, you discovered the evidence, that’s correct?

Voice two: Well, yes. Eventually. It took a while to secure the area and work out what the hell was happening. Things were very tense. A short time later, a joint militia and Cavalier group searched the dropper. The radio was tuned into a militia frequency - with a militia callsign demanding to know if they had crushed us mercs yet. Later we found all the message back and forth between the pirates and government house about where to strike to do the most political damage, all the intel on other planets to direct the raiders there.

See, most of the militia was just told we had gone rogue. They weren’t in on it. But they still refused to pull the trigger on us.
A short time later we learned the government had used the opportunity to crack down on everyone else who had ever opposed them.
We knew what we had to do.


News at Nine - Breaking News

Fighting has broken out across the capital, with reports of Mechs and tanks clashing across the western and southern zones.
It comes just hours after the prime minister announced a massive crackdown on dissidents, claiming rogue mercenaries were working with the Greens Party and Labour Movement factions to orchestrate a coupe.

Nine has confirmed at least 10 MPs, along with hundreds of government department heads, along with unionists, members of the clergy and activists were arrested in raids this morning. There are also unconfirmed reports of trials and subsequent executions at government square, but all media organisations have been banned from the area.

News at Nine - Breaking News

Fighting continues across much of the capital, with authorities claiming the city is under attack from pirates.

This contradicts an earlier broadcast by Militia deputy commander Major General Hans-Otto Zilchmann, who earlier declared the government “corrupt” and “actively working with the pirate raiders and their Hegemony masters”.

He went on to urge citizens to rise up and actively fight the government before going off the air.

No word has been heard of him since.

There are also unconfirmed reports of militia troops firing on each other.

The Blakists are back! - The Marc Sidney Report

The Blakists are back! Remember how we fought a decade of war to keep the Robes from taking our planet and smothering it with their filthy pro-tech dogma a couple years back? Yeah, well... they’re back and they’re attacking us right now! Umgebung sold us to the Robes years ago. And now they have called their evil overlords back!
Fight them! Fight them, my people! Support your government!

Stotzing’s new government sworn in after day of savage fighting. New Prime Minister Boris Schmidt calls for unit after predecessor’s collaboration with pirates revealed.

So, that was it. Armed with the evidence the planetary government was actively selling nearby planets to the pirates and had been allowing them to target select areas of their own world, most of the militia decided it was time for a change.

They managed to reach out to the few remaining members of the opposition, after the PM’s little arrest frenzy.
And, so we marched. It wasn’t easy - plenty of local troops refused to believe the evidence. Others probably knew about it all along and weren’t going down without a fight.

It was bitter, nasty and will continue to cause problems for a long time.

But that is the new prime minister’s issue.
And our’s I guess, too. We have re-signed with the government of Stotzing. After this shitfight, they desperate need help.
Not to mention, they’re offering a landhold and incentives to stay - and even pensions and retirement bonuses.
The Cavaliers aren’t going anywhere. But we are changing.

I spoke with Mo and Occy after the new PM was sworn in. Mo is certainly not keen to settle down just yet and I pushed him to go and do something for himself before taking over the reigns of the unit.

He’s petitioned the Marik Protectors over on Maxwell for a slot. They’re bringing him in as a lance commander, but reckon they’ll have a captain’s job coming up in the next year. He can go and learn more about command at the knee of some seriously experienced and honourable commanders.

Octavius, well he surprised me. He’s met a local boy and actually wants to settle down. The new planetary government has already offered him a job trying to reorganise everything and he seems amazingly happy.
 The age of the Mechwarrior is coming to and end Occy is a testimony to that. Good luck, my son.

Jesus, I’ve come to look on those kids as my actual children. I really hope Felix would be proud. I know he would.

I also like to think he’d appreciate what we are doing here. We are going to continue to protect Stotzing, make it a place where people can be free.

I joined this unit mid-way through the Jihad and I’ve already seen a host of fallen. I’m tired of war, purely because my employer wants it. All of us are. This is maybe... hopefully... an age of peace

Colonel, where ever you are - I hope you’re happy with what I’ve done with your unit.
- Taighe Barrett
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Oh, dear.....


Hey Craig, hope you enjoyed. Big fan BTW!

So... guys... it’s done.

I started this unit just shy of three years ago as a MegaMek project and it become something else along the way.
Thanks to everyone who commented and stayed with it over the years.

A strange thing is... it’s been a little like therapy for me. The Cavallire or Cavaliers have been there through some bad patches in my life.
Veterans of this thread may remember, my mum died early into this project. The funeral, the grief and then the strange experiment of renovating and selling her house all got kind of channelled into this story.
And oddly, my wife and i’s Adoption of her cats also factored in - they are named Moses and Octavius... and yeah, her “children” did kind of become my children.
I’m aware how mad that sounds...

Anyway, it’s been a long stretch of playing this unit and I loved taking them from the Chaos March through the Civil War to the Jihad and eventually into the Republic era.
Killing Felix off during the battle of Terra was a huge emotional movement for - I felt like he’d been with me for a very long time.

I hope you all enjoyed these guys as much as I did!
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What a final battle. Great work. :beer:
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Blakists are back..  the Cavaliere will have to deal them  8)
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Oh Nav...?


Message reads: " Reliquum est, ut infirma. "


( Rest is for the weak... )  :whip:
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Thank you very very much for this. Its been a wild ride, and I've enjoyed it from start to finish. The end seems apt for the time period to; the age of the Merc is ending, and it's time for everyone to move forward into a brave new world.

Fantastic stuff
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Thank you very very much for this. Its been a wild ride, and I've enjoyed it from start to finish. The end seems apt for the time period to; the age of the Merc is ending, and it's time for everyone to move forward into a brave new world.

Fantastic stuff

Thanks mate. These guys became a bit of a labour of love. But all good things need to end