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Author Topic: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132  (Read 997 times)


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Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
« on: 01 March 2021, 04:34:44 »

July 27, 3132, Berenson NewsNOW Update

Berenson’s government is under fire, with the planetary HPG network still silent  three days after officials announced it had mysteriously ceased functioning.
With no outside contact to the rest of the Republic of the Sphere, trade has plunged to a standstill, triggering fears of a recession.
Berenson Farmers’ Federation President Anton Galván said tens of thousands of tonnes of corn, wheat and winefruit were now sitting going to waste as interstellar trade shut down.
“That’s millions of Stones going to waste, workers going without pay and our economy hanging by a thread,” he said today.
“All that waste because our government can not get the company to fix their IT problems.”
Berenson is a major exporter of corn to surrounding planets, while the Winemelon is considered a delicacy across the Republic and much of the remains of the Free Worlds League.

July 29, 3232, Berenson NewsNOW Update

A day after Berenson’s HPG sprang back to life, Planetary Governor Kathryn Adams hit back at critics, urging unity.
Ms Adams singled out longtime political opponent, Berenson Farmers’ Federation president Anton Galvan, calling the one time senatorial candidate would-be “a political opportunist scoring points while the people he’s supposed to represent suffer”.
While there is still no official explanation as to why the planet’s HPG network shutdown for four days, Ms Adams said ComStar was investigating the outage.
Earlier, Ms Galvan savaged the government over the incident, reigniting the long running feud between him and the governor.
Two years ago, the BFF president pushed to take up Berenson’s open Senate slot, citing rarely used planetary rules around electing commoners into representative roles typically held by the nobility.
It is understood, the governor applied considerable backroom pressure to sink the push, creating a serious political enemy.

July 29, 3132, Farm News - the e-update for Farmers’ Federation members

BFF Vice President Juan Aragon has a blunt message for our governor - “pipe down”.
The six generation Winemelon farmer fired a broadside back at Ms Adams today, saying “just like the gorgeous Winemelons of Aragon Agriculture, my family and Anton’s grew here, that bitch flew here”.
“When the Jihad raged, it was Aragons and Galvans fighting back, not surrendering our planet, and while I support Stone and Redburn, they sure as hell could have picked a better governor.
“Maybe a patriot and a local next time?”
Mr Aragon and Mr Galvan still enjoy one of the highest popularity rates among members, ever recorded by the BFF, but have both been attacked for heavy handed responses to criticism and jingoism.

(Editor’s note, Bobby - take that out before publication. seriously?)

Mr Galvan has been engaged in an ongoing war of words with the planetary government since his aborted Senate run and has copped flak from many members over his handling of the 3131 “Make it Berenson, grow it Berenson” trade campaign, with many saying he could have worked with the government to get the ill fated deal over the line and potentially save thousands of agricultural and manufacturing jobs.

(editor’s note - yeah… no, cut it)

Mr Galvan has also been twice called before the Planetary Assembly of Deputies to answer allegations the BFF’s security elements have sucked up more and more of the industry group’s funds, including allegations of black market purchases.

(editor’s note - Jesus, Bobby, get your arse in my office. What is this? Youre fired obviously)

Buena Vista Social Watch
Wedding bells? Solaris prize fighter on world in rumoured proposal

Count Rainer Monaco, eldest son of Ingress’ planetary governor and sole heir to the family’s extensive holdings has arrived on world, reportedly to ask for the hand of Isabella-Inez Damaris, heiress to Berenson’s major shipping and fishing monopoly.
The count, 34, is not only one of the Republic's most eligible bachelors, he's also a veteran gladiator of the Solaris game world.
Last season, the count racked up an impressive fight average of four wins, six losses and a single draw, all the while dating a string of models including, Ashanti Akai, Glenda of the Bekkers, Toni Lash, Tonya Lahoya, Ginger Lee and Sally McMasters.
Isabella-Inez, 26, was holidaying with friends in the Daylesford County and unable for comment, according to her office.
Rumour has it, the dahsing count managed to secure special approval from Terra to bring his Centurion Battlemech to Berenson and is now ensconced in the sprawling Demaris south coast estates.

2 August, excerpt from the Berenson Free Trader, editorial
Berenson doesn't need a knight in shining Battlemech

Last night’s arrival of Knight-Errant Nilus Johanesn is exactly another prime example of Terra’s over simplification of planetary affairs. This Sir Nilus appeared unheralded, driving his Battlemech - which i am told by military sources within the Berenson Standing Guard is a Koshi Battlemech, not an OmniMech, and the government declares he is hunting a smuggling ring.
Why could this not be handled by local forces? Our excellent Standing Guard maintain a full lance  of Battlemechs, not to mention a full brigade of tanks and infantry.
Why has Terra decided a knight needs to interfere with local crime?
And yes, before i am attacked for not acknowledging the knight’s peerage, i freely nod my head to Sir Nilus and his family’s heritage and its service to the Free Rasalhague Republic, his father’s service as part of the Republican Freemen during the Jihad and his own decade long service with the Sentinels before being selected for knighthood.
All I ask, is why we need federal intervention when we are obviously doing so fine?
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
« Reply #1 on: 01 March 2021, 17:36:01 »
Well you hooked me with the date and time alone. Interested to see where this is going
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Agree with Deadborder, it will be interesting to see where you go with this. :thumbsup:
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
« Reply #3 on: 05 March 2021, 05:42:37 »
Beauna Vista News at 5, August 4

The newsreader is a dusky skinned beauty with raven hair and dressed in a demure dark grey business suit over a bright green blouse.

“In dramatic scenes today, newly arrived Republic Knight-Errant Nilus Johanssen led Beauna Vista Constabulary officers and elements of the Standing Guard on a daring raid to take down alleged weapons smugglers in the heart of the capital.
These are exclusive images from the scene.

Scene shifts to drone footage showing the city skyline, before focusing on a row of warehouses screened by a chainlink fence.
Suddenly, two dark blue VTOLs thunder into view, both marked with “BVC” in white across their broad bodies.
The Peacekeeper VTOLs bank sharply as they sweep low over the fence and land several hundred metres apart.
A second later, a Giggins wheeled APC screams into view, weaving in and out between debris, dumpsters and piles of rubbish scattered across the road leading to the compound,
The tall vehicle smashes into the heavy steel gate of the fence and carries on through, half of the chainlink gate still climbing to the Giggins’ front dozer blade.
Figures wearing dark body armour begin pouring from the VTOLs the second they touch down.

Voice over: Specialist police commandos, led by the Knight-Errant hit the complex in Peron Heights this morning, seizing tens of thousands of rounds of small arms ammunition, hundreds of military grade firearms and up to a dozen Mech-grade Autocannons and missile launchers.

The image shifts to a press conference, reporters and photographers rise - there's a sudden flurry of camera shutters snapping and the babble of voices intensifies until a man takes the stage to stand at the lectern. He is flanked by the flags of the Republic and Berenson and in contrast to the host of blue clad men and women trooping into the room to represent the Constabulary, he’s resplendent in the dress uniform of a knight - steel grey tunic and britches, trimmed in scarlet and gold and tall boots polished to a mirror sheen.

Johanssen is tall and rangy with dark blonde hair worn long and pulled into a messy bun and his darker skin and eyes denote his eurasian heritage.
His smile is warm and calming as he takes his place.

“Thank You everyone. Obviously, Colonel Liu has laid out the main points of this morning’s operation, including the arrest of 16 individuals and the seizure of a substantial cache of illegal weapons being moved through Berenson as part of a multi planet smuggling ring.
“I can also confirm we have frozen several bank accounts tied to this ring, effectively seizing several hundred million in Republic Stones, all of them dedicated to betraying the peace and unity the Republic of the Sphere stands for.
“I will now take questions.”

There's a general clamour before Johanssen points out a reporter.

“Sir Nilus, is this the end of this ring?”

“Sadly not. Alongside a team of Intelligence Secretariat agents, I have been tracking this particular organisation for three months now. I cannot go into detail, but we have made a string of off planet arrests that led us to Berenson.”

“And will there be further arrests on Berenson?”

 The knight shrugs. “We expect so, but i can’t go into any further detail. Yes?”

“Sir Nilus, you personally led one of the Constabulary assault teams this morning, but we have this vision of militia Mechs supporting the operation.”

The camera zooms in as the besuited reporter raises up a mini drone, complete with a 3D display unit.
The display shows a familiar urban setting, as VTOLs hover over warehouses an almost hunchbacked Ghost Battlemech stalks into view, to take up a position opposite the scene.
In the background, another Mech is glimpsed as it swiftly moves between buildings.
This one appears almost slight a delicate, oversized wings extending off its shoulders.
A spider.
Both are painted in the green and tan of the Standing Guard.

The reporter continues. “I think many people are wondering why you didn't use your Battlemech in this morning’s raids?”

Johanssen shifts his gaze to the reporter. Until now he's maintained almost an “aww, schucks” half smile.
Now the knight’s expression turns very serious.

“It’s not my Koshi. It belongs to the Republic of the Sphere and the people of that republic, not me.
“That’s why I’m here on Berenson, striving to ensure people don’t take up these sorts of  dangerous weapons to use as they wish.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Buena Vista Real Estate Report - Proposed Development Lot #66 - aka The Wasteland

Development Lot #66, better known as The Wasteland, has been stuck in limbo and providing an eye sore for capital residents for more than 40 years.
Located 58km south west of Buena Vista’s Central Business District, the lot is bordered by the Nestrel River on one side and and is just further west or the San Sebastian Housing Development, a low income satellite town of Buena Vista, constructed in the early-3070s and then greatly expanded in the 90s as part of the large scale wave of post-Jihad immigration.
The vacant lot was once home to several medium density industrial parks, a collection of factories and attached worker housing, built alongside a series of rolling, wooded hills.
Today, it remains a stretch of vacant buildings, ruins and churned up concrete partially reclaimed by the surrounding foliage.

While the industrial area was repeatedly cited for pollution of the nearby river and woodlands, a series of clean up efforts during the early days of the Jihad under the newly installed Blakist overlords, saw the area flourish and the establishment of the adjacent Sean Sebastian housing development, which attracted many young families and workers priced out of the inner city.

Tragedy struck during OPERATION SOUR, as Coalition troops sought to liberate Berenson from the Word of Blake. The area was infamously the site that convinced Alys Rousset and her Group I force that Berenson was too hard to crack without additional forces.
In the rocky hills outside the industrial complex, Coalition forces were repeatedly ambushed by battle armour and regular infantry as artillery rained down from inside the factory area.

When Rousset and her forces finally broke through, they faced a deadly game of cat and mouse among the warehouses, machine shops and factories, with twisting streets becoming ambush zones and explosives and pre-sighted artillery turning the very buildings into weapons.
After a day and a half of fighting, the Coalition had lost a company of Mechs and numerous vehicles in the area alone, while across the planet few initial objectives had been met.
As Rousset, the mistress of insurgent tactics shown her match, started to fall back the Word struck back with a huge nuclear firestorm.
Several tactical nukes were set off in the complex, levelling most of the buildings as well as doing decades of ecological damage to the surrounding area.
Thousands of civilians were killed by the onslaught, along with at least two battalions of Protectorate Militia troops. By a stroke of luck, Coalition casualties were relatively low as they had mostly pulled back out of the blast zone.
Two days later, the Coalition organised a fighting retreat and would later return with more forces to reclaim the world.

Following the formation of the Republic, an extensive clean up operation was pursued around the area, rendering it once again safe by 3100. The Blakist commander responsible for the nuclear attack, Predator Nathaniel Drax was caught by a Republic hunter team in the 3080s and served a 10 year sentence.

Today, the San Sebastian development continues to grow - with builders and residents occasionally coming across relics of the Jihad, including long buried munitions and equipment, while the adjacent industrial zone languishes as an undeveloped block.
Over confident developers did construct a complex of eight warehouses and detached support buildings in the Wasteland’s southwestern edge in 3109, only to subsequently sell back to the planetary government at great loss when the development was hamstrung by zoning issues relating to unexploded ordnance and radiation lingering on the site.
Today, “The Wasteland” stands empty apart from some derelict buildings and the occasional desperate squatter.

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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The image blinks to life, the green shade of night vision turning everything into greens and black.

There is a burst of static and the picture shifts to show two Peacekeeper VTOLS sprinting above the ground. Far below the landscape is rendered almost alien in green and black but trees, hills and the occasional bright sparks of household lights can be glimpsed.

As the VTOLs scream forward, the ground changes, it is now open country, broken by the occasional collapsed or torn up fence or huddled ruin.

“Sidewinder-Six, this is Two. We are on final approach to the L-Zee.”

“Roger that Two, scopes look clear.”

The two choppers bank and turn. Suddenly, there are several bright bursts of ultra bright light from the ground.

“Six, I have what looks like a missile launch. Woah, multiple launch at GR1034. Six, i have multiple missiles in the air!”

“Say again, Slick? We shouldn't be seeing any-”

The conversation is broken up as two missiles surge up and straight into the VTOL, obliterating it in a huge blast.
The second chopper drops like a stone and begins hasty evasive movement.

“Six, this is three. Slick is gone. Say again, Sidewinder Two is gone. I am taking evasive action.”

There is another bright spark on the muted green landscape. A second later a second, then a third. Then fourth.”

“Shit! AA missiles inbound.”

The Peacekeeper waits until the last possible second and then rolls left, dropping rapidly and then springing upward. One missile barely passses the moving VTOL by centimetres, while another goes well wide.

“Looks like you dodged them, Three. Damn, look live, You have two more inbound.”

The VTOL once again dives low and banks hard but this time it isn't as fast and the missiles clips the rear rotor blade.
There is a puff of oily blxk smoke and the Peacekeeper junks around suddenly.

“Woah, woah. That hurt… but i think we are ok. I am getting a lot of resistance on the stick… my pedals are ok… we are ok.”

The helicopter is once again hovering upright. Smoke continues to pour from the impact site.

“Max, you are blowing a lot of smoke there. You do not look good.”

“I got this, i got this… Hauber, check that. I am still getting resistance.”

The image shows the fourth AA missile come sliding low over the tree line as the VTOL wobbles back and forth. Thick, black smoke is now pouring from the rear rotor, partially obscuring the image and there is the occasional lick of flame, which shows up as vivid white liquid on the camera.

“All instruments read we are ok, taking evasive-”

As the long craft junks to one side, it suddenly bucks and heaves. The rear rotor explodes, plumbing the VTOL into a spin just as the second missile hits it full broadside.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit… we are going down.”

The VTOL is awash with flame and smoke as it spins.

“I am bringing her down, Hauber is dead. I have many casualties in the back. We are coming down hard. Oh Jesus…”

The VTOL comes down on its belly somehow.

The camera zooms in. It is maybe 300m from one warehouse, a collection of slapped together shacks and lean to’s form a shanty town on the opposite side.

“Sidewinder Three is down.”

The camera picks up movement - shadows move among the warehouse and shantytown

Then there is the sudden ripple of tracers from the bowls of the downed VTOL. It is quickly answered by overwhelming fire from around the warehouse.

“Six, this is Three. We are taking fire from the-”

The comms cut into static.

“Three...three this is six, come in. Three, come in please. Three this is six, come in-”

The gunfire has died from a roar to the occasional crackle of shots.

“All units, this is Johannsesn, override. Execute Phase Two, I Say again. Phase Two.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
« Reply #6 on: 07 March 2021, 22:42:32 »
You have real talent for this style of writing. Very much goes with the style of the Jihad books. I found the series you did for your old merc unitit very enjoyable, particularly the flavour enemy units.


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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
« Reply #7 on: 08 March 2021, 02:55:26 »
You have real talent for this style of writing. Very much goes with the style of the Jihad books. I found the series you did for your old merc unitit very enjoyable, particularly the flavour enemy units.

Hey, thanks a lot man! That means heaps to me! Hope you enjoy.

“Okay, okay!”
The buzzer only seemed to intensify as Gabriel West rolled out of bed, the cheap frame groaned in protest at the shift in his tremendous body.
Fumbling on the night stand he found his phone and flicked off the gradually intensifying alarm.
Shaking his head, the big man stretched - at 6’8 or 182cm, his head almost hit the roof and his beefy outstretched arms filled the cheap apartment’s bedroom.
As West began hunting for clean clothes he glanced at the blanket covered lump on the other side of the bed.
“I take it you’re not getting up then,” he said, giving the blankets a playful tug.
When his only response was a muffled moan, West grabbed a handful of the bedding and pulled harder.
This time there was a scream of protest as Sasha wrapped up the covers and pulled back, her head of dark curls polling out from under the sheets.
“No fair - you’re the one who kept me up all night,” she replied, smiling as she pulled the blankets over herself.
“I can’t deny that,” he said, leaning into to kiss her.
“But, it certainly was fun.”
Blankets slid back, she melted into him as he wrapped her in his arms - only for a loud buzzing to echo through the apartment.
“She’s early,” Sasha said, pulling back and then suddenly pushing him towards the door.

Muttering, West dressed quickly in a pair of old jeans worn through at both knees and a relatively fresh work shirt proudly stamped with the symbol of the Berenson’s Planetary Union of Dock Workers on the left breast and “STRONGER TOGETHER” in giant red letters across the back.
Charging downstairs as the buzzing continued, West was slightly disconcerted to see the apartment's steel stairwell wobble under his bulk.
Cheap housing didn’t typically cater to the Freebirth sons of Elementals, especially ones who maintained a pretty serious weights and cardio regime.
Really need to talk to the super about those stairs he thought as he almost bounded to the front door.

Outside the bell gave another buzzing cry - almost conveying the frustration of the person pushing the button on the other side.
West glanced in the mirror by the door quickly - his short black hair was cut too short to be sleep tousled and his beard was still well groomed.
Next to the mirror sat a small glass faced display cabinet - on the top shelf sat a hardcopy of his Republic citizenship alongside a holopicture of West accepting the certificate in full Standing Guard dress.
The second shelf was a mess of objects tossed together: a hardcopy photo of a teenaged West and his father - a hulking giant of a man - and mother, dwarfed between the pair, posing in front of their first house, a scattering of old ribbons, medals and memorabilia weighed down by an enamel cat’s head surrounded by a galaxy of colours and even two scorched and chipped metal fingers from a Battle Armour suit.

He threw open the door to find a petite, dark haired woman and a small child with matching hair worked into braids.
“We’ve been out here forever, what took so long?” his ex-wife began as the child threw herself at West to wrap her  arms around his waist.
Half dragging, half carrying his daughter into the house, West beckoned the woman in.
“You’re early.”
Oblivious to the icy setting the little girl continued to prattle, while clambering up her bear like father, eventually resting in the crook of his meaty arm.
“The studio has called me in, there’s something breaking and we’re down two other general news reporters,” Monica Santiago (West had found out via her byline she’d dropped his name) said.

“Look, we need to-” West began speaking, only to be interrupted by the distinct chirp from his phone indicating a military band.
Reserve duty.
Balancing his daughter he pulled out the phone and  read the message.
“Monica, I… I’ve gotta go, I’ve been called up,”
If looks could kill, even the advanced armour of his two tonne Kopis would not have saved him from the arctic glare the dark eyed woman speared him with.
“It’s an emergency reservist call up - not a drill. I have to go.”

“I came here to drop your daughter off and all you can think of is going off to play soldier?” Monica almost screamed, throwing her arms up in the air.

His reservist duty had been a continued point of friction during their 10 years of marriage. It wasn’t the reason they’d split, but it added ammo to the fire she could throw at him.

It was at that moment that Sasha came down the stairs, a sheepish look on her face. Not helped by the fact she was wearing one of West’s PUD sweatshirts, with “Stronger Together!” emblazoned across the front.
“Hi,” she said, raising one hand.

Six-year-old Honour West took that opportunity to launch herself out of her father’s arms to wrap her arms around Sasah.

Monica turned on her ex husband, her eyes somehow now more enraged.
“Oh, so our daughter has met your… woman. But I’ve not. And I presume you’re about to suggest our daughter stay with her while you play soldier?”

Glancing from woman to woman, open mouthed like one of the prized 10 pound Purka fish caught offshore, West struggled to speak.

The phone chirped again.

“You guys sort this out, I gotta go.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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“All units, this is Johannsesn, override. Execute Phase Two, I Say again. Phase Two.”

With that, the camera surges forward - it’s obvious the Mech is now running. Small twisted trees whip by as the Mech pelts past.

“MASC engaged,” the voice is cool and feminine and very robotic.

“Alright, Alpha lance. You hold position like discussed - we took all those semi-guided LRMs from the last raid, now’s the time we use ‘em for good.
“Bravo, I’m feeding you new coordinates. Wait until we clear these gun trailers and then come in hot, we’ve got people dying on the ground.”

Ahead, there’s a bright spark on the horizon. The bright blur circles around and angles straight towards the Koshi.

“Knight Leader, this is Echo One… we come in and we are blown by those AA launchers, we’re toast.”

The image shifts as the Koshi drops into what appears to be a huge drainage trench. Gigantic concrete walls rise up on either side and then ahead a tiny layer of tepid, sluggish water flows along.

“MASC disengaged.”

There’s a sudden explosion above and the view shifts upwards as flames and smoke stream from the lip of the culvert.

“Eccho One, if we don’t knock out those launchers we’re all dead. Get moving!”

Excerpt of the After action report submitted by Knight-Errant Nilus Johannsen on August 5 to Terra (please note, due to a backlog of priority signals the following was held over until August 7 and subsequently not sent due to the Republic-wide HPG Blackout.)

After dropping into one of the sizable disused canals leading up into the complex, I was able to not only avoid incoming fire but move a considerable distance closer to the enemy.

I had determined we were taking fire from at least two mobile Gun Trailers equipped in the Arrow IV/AA configuration, which would make our planned VTOL assault impossible.
Fortunately, I had taken the liberty of “acquiring and redistributing” some of the equipment seized in the recent raid, including Semi-Guided LRMs.
Alpha Lance - two Joust tanks and two Condor Multi-purpose Tanks (Standard plate) - had been equipped with said seized munitions.
Popping out of the culvert, I discovered two Gun Trailers set up on a low ridge line and engaging my MASC to avoid further fire, I used my TAG to paint one target.

Subsequent LRM fire left one target destroyed and the other damaged. At that point I rushed forward and destroyed the remaining Gun Trailer in a single volley of my Heavy Small Lasers.

Drone footage again - it’s grainy and painted in shades of green and black.

This time it depicts a fat bottomed Cardinal VTOL moving in, both lift fans extended. Beyond it, two smaller Lamprey VTOLS descend much faster.

“Knight One, this is Echo. We’re down. Kopis squad and two squads of Quirinus are down and moving to the crash site. Infantry platoon is holding our LZ. Echo lifting off. Give ‘em hell lads!”

The drone pulls back, Battle Armour are pouring out of the three grounded VTOLs and taking up nearby positions, but it pulls back and shifts around to the right.

Zooming in, a Koshi can be seen stalking forward. There’s two burning craters at its back, rendered to streams of white blobs by the camera.

Suddenly four objects zoom forward to take up station behind the Koshi - four tanks, well spaced out, dodging in between stands of twisted and gnarled trees and the occasional gutted building.

White fire erupts from the warehouses to their front - heavy gunfire spits out towards the Koshi, but it easily dodges to one side. Further tracers reach out and slam into one of the Condors.
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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“That’ll stop ‘em, right?”
Big Ruger stared down at his subordinate huddled in the trench.
“Boy, that is a Mauser 160-Oh Semir Portable Autocannon,” he growled, biting down hard on his cigar.
“It will chew through infantry and if you’re very bloody lucky, will maybe kill some Battle Armour. Now, you betta shut up, keep feeding rounds into it and leave me the hell alone.”

Ruger sighed and sat back down behind what his misfit platoon of weekend warriors gone bad, wannabes, two bit hoods and out and out crazies had dubbed “the big gun”.
He’d been a mercenary across half the damn IS for close to 25 years and now he was here after accepting what a broker called “a nice easy in and out to protect some equipment exchanging hands”.
The ebony skinned man turned to his 2IC, only for the woman to suddenly slump in his arms, her face of red.
Dropping into his position behind the gun, Ruger screamed out for support.
Around him he could hear screams and shouts.

Putting his eye to the optics he watched in horror as Battle Armour advanced towards him, many jumping on streams of steam as others dropped to the ground and fired.
“Platoon, prepea-”
Ruger never saw the shot that killed him.

Radio intercept

“Knight One, this is Bravo - we’re moving to the crash site. But we took decent casualties. I reckon we just pushed through a full company of infantry, dug in with heavy weapons and mines.”

“Roger that Bravo. Can you make it to the crash site?”

“Roger that, Knight. We broke through. Thank God West was there, his sergeant took a full burst of AC fire but he rallied the squad and put down some serious fire. We’re mopping up and will move to crash site. ETA Ten minutes.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Vision captured by unknown drone and distributed via pirate channels

The shot is dark and murky as the drone zooms in one the warehouse, only lit by sporadic fires and the occasional tracer of weapons fire.

The area is suddenly bathed in radiance as multiple spotlights are engaged, illuminating the squat, chunky legged Koshi charging across the open field towards the warehouses.
Four tanks zip along ahead of it when a burst of heavy caliber weapons fire, followed by a stream of missiles spear out form in between the biggest two buildings and slam into the lead Condor.
The tank stops cold as it’s engulfed in a sheet of flame.

From the shadows of the warehouse four hulking forms emerge - hunched over, their bulky toross further engorged by bolted on weapons.


Three are the same type - long armed, hunched over Carbine ConstructionMechs, topped with bulging smokestacks. Two are equipped with multiple machine guns slung over gripper claws and boxy SRM launchers above their glassed in cockpits, the third mounts a large autocannon, it’s barrels still spinning after that last devastating salvo.

The fourth is taller and more streamlined. It hangs back, the almost comically large gun barrel hanging from its right arm occasionally licking flames.

As the knight’s Koshi rushes forward, that fourth mech spews forth a sudden spay of liquid fire that engulfs the crippled tank.

Knight-Errant Johanssen’s report (cot’d)

Watching the four IndustrialMechs walk out of those warehouses, I knew we’d kicked a real hornet’s nest.
All our intelligence had pointed to Mech-grade weapons being stolen from the military and shifted via the black market - nothing had prepared us to find some of those weapons bolted onto Mechs.

That bastard in the Strongarm ConstructionMech MOD didn’t need to hit our crippled tank with his flamer. I was determined to make him pay - but first up, I was faced with the two Carbines bearing down on me.

Slowing my speed I hit the nearest one with two of my Heavy Small Lasers. Like miniature suns, they burnt through the gun arm and exposed the torso.
For good measure I hit it with another laser - it bored straight through the centre torso and junked that bucket of bolt’s IC engine.
The big blocky Mech started shaking and shuddering as oily black smoke started pouring from the hole.
And then it just sort of dropped to the ground.

I was yelling at the rest of the tank lance to flank and get some range where their autocannons and LRMs would be more useful when the other Condor hit a churned up section of concrete and slipped a track.

Those two other Construction MOD pounced - SRMs and autocannon rounds hammered through the side armour and leaving it dead in its tracks.

Radio intercept

Voice one: “Bravo lead, I’ve just reached the crash site”

Voice two: “What’s the situation, Two?”

Voice one: “Sir… it’s a mess. The pilot is hurt bad, The rest of the crew’s dead and I’ve got another six who can’t be moved. Another 10 who are walking wounded.
“We’ve got the rest of the platoon to help us set up a perimeter - but we’re still taking fire from those buildings.”

Voice two: “Ok, roger that. My squad is moving to you now, West and Bravo Three are holding our six. Dig in, triage the wounded and wait for us.”

Voice one: We can hold, lead.. But what about these - Rogers! On your three o’clock! RPG team!”

Muffled blast.

Voice one: Like I said - what do we do with the wounded?”

Voice two: Hold, treat who you can. That’s all we can do.”

Drone footage:

The Koshi rushes to stand over the crippled Condor as the two Carbines lurch forward - a stream of autocannon slam into the 25-tonne Mech, knocking it back on its heels.
A second later, the other IndustrialMech fires off a salvo of SRMs - three slam into the Koshi in a wave of flame and smoke, while another chips away leg armour.

The Koshi visibility sags under the battering, only to respond by firing a full salvo - six ruby beams light up the scene.
Two tear the leg off the nearest machine, while another spits it directly in the torso, knocking it back.
Either by skill or physics, the final burst spears into the side torso suddenly bared by the fall - a second later there’s a gush of flame as the SRM magazine ignites.
Missiles spit in all directions from the gutted machine as a massive fireball engulfs its torso.

A second later, only the legs remain.
Armour runs like melted candle wax from the centre and left torsos of the remaining Carbine as his remaining two lasers hit home.

As the incredible light show plays out, the remaining two Jousts speed off, heading into the darkness.

Knight-Errant Johanssen’s report (cot’d)

My Koshi had taken a real beating - armour pierced over my torso in two places and my left leg was pretty chewed up. Enough that I didn’t want to risk turning my MASC on again.

What’s worse was I needed to stay in place and keep taking the punishment - the Condor crew were trying to bail out, including carrying out their wounded driver.

I pretty much crouched over the top of the tank and hunkered down as that remaining Carbine charged forward.

As that turns out - that wasn’t the greatest idea. In the thick of it, I’d forgotten about the killer Strongarm.

The IndustrialMech came running out of nowhere and slammed into my side - the blow shattered my right arm and knocked me down.

I lay there half stunned after the fall.
The HUD was lit up red with warning lights and the computer was telling me the three right arm lasers weren’t responding.

Like it couldn’t get any worse - the bastard then turned his Flamer on me.

There was an ungodly roar and then heat flooded the cockpit - that was bearable for the first second, until I realised the physical blow had cracked open my cockpit and actual flame was pouring in.
I screamed in pain and everything was black with smoke. Although I knew I was probably finished, I grabbed up the manual fire extinguisher and got working - there wasn’t much good I could do without being able to see.
I could barely move - every tiny movement was agony, sending hot pokers off along my right arm and shoulder, my leg felt sluggish and hard to move.

It took a few seconds, but I beat back the flames, allowing me to finally see again.

I almost wish I hadn’t bothered - that right arm was junked and I had more red than green or yellow across the entire heads up display.
Standing over me was the Indy, its Flamer raised level with my head.

Between the Flamer and my earlier liberal use of Lasers, I was shut down and laying on my back ready to die when suddenly the sky lit up with laser flames - multiple scarlet beams connected with the looming Strongarm’s head, blowing it clean off.
I’d been saved by the distant Kopis squad - dug in on a hill just at the edge of their medium lasers’ range.

Drone footage

The Koshi staggers to its feet - blue and white sparks flicker from the mangled right arm, which hangs limp at the Mech’s side.
Oily, dark fluid leaks from several holes across the torso, looking like streams of blood running from wounds.
The Mech moves jerkily as it steps away forward.

Ahead, the remaining Carbine is also moving, smoke pouring from its engine exhaust as it charges towards the Koshi, its Auto-cannon arm raising.

There’s a flash of light as the Koshi fires - two beams connect with the Carbine’s head, evaporating the glassed in bubble cockpit.

The third snaps past, missing cleanly.


So, that was a bloody encounter - but I got to play with some of the new goodies in TRO: Irregulars. Turns out, you shouldn't stand and fight with a Koshi, you should use that speed to run rings around slow, portly IndiMechs.

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Lesson learned: the Koshi 3 is awful

Great work there. I can't wait to see what happens next
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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okay you got an interesting story concept here..  will there be more?
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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okay you got an interesting story concept here..  will there be more?

Oh yeah!

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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‘No truth’ to Berenson HPG outage: ComStar

Berenson’s ComStar administrator Precentor Miranda Izeuki today issued a statement, denying claims the planetary HPG grid has once again crashed.
Late last night, as news filtered in of fighting occurring outside the capital, several media outlets carried the claims the network had gone down.
Citing various government sources, the outlets claimed some sort of virus or malfunction was blocking the HPG from contacting other networks.
Precentor Izeuki denied the claims this morning-

‘We got it wrong’: ComStar precentor admits HPG is down, sparking riots

Berenson’s HPG uplink - our primary tool with communicating with the rest of the universe has once again crashed, sparking widespread unrest and riots across the planet.
ComStar’s on-world spokeswoman Precentor Miranda Izeuki was this morning forced to apologise, claiming she’d been mistaken when she earlier declared the equipment “working fine”.

The revelation has triggered unrest, with the Berenson Farmers Federation refusing to load grain and corn stocks bound for the capital, citing a need to “conserve supplies while we assess the situation”.
The stoppage triggered clashes with union workers at the Buena Vista Dropport and several out of town sites, with union officials demanding their workers be paid, despite the stoppages.
Ugly scenes saw four killed in clashes at the San Diego Regional Aerodrome as Farmers Federation Security and workers clashed.

In Buena Vista, angry citizens took to the streets with large-scale rallies in Devenport, Geo and Las Madres districts. Police estimate a crowd of 5,000 marched on the capitol building, bringing transport to a stop and leading to more than 100 arrests.
Emergency services say more than a dozen police officers were injured during one particular brutal melee on the capital building’s steps.

Wake up Berenson - early edition, August 7, 3132

The female presenter is glamorous, with a mane of long dark hair and bright, red lips.

“We’re here today with ComStar’s on-world spokeswoman Precentor Miranda Izeuki to discuss the planet-wide outage of communications.”

The guest is a petite Asian woman,  wearing the white robes of a ComStar official. She appears to be in her early 30s and sports hair in a radical style for conservative Berenson, one side of her head shaved short in an undercut, the rest long.

“Thanks for having me, Monica.”

The host keeps her plastic smile set.

“Now, Precentor - earlier your organization denied the Berenson HPG had crashed and claimed nothing was wrong. Please explain?”
The Precentor smiles and brushes an errant lock of hair behind her ear.

“That’s because the HPG never crashed. Unlike the previous outage, the HPG continues to function perfectly fine - “

She’s cut off by the local host.

“But we’re suddenly cut off from the-”

The Precentor surges ahead.

“That’s correct. At this point, we appear to be cut off, but not because the Berenson site is down. It appears the other planets around us are not broadcasting.We are still equipped to receive, but no one is saying anything.”

The host now has a shocked look on her face.

“You mean that-”

“At this stage, we’re in negotiations with the Berenson planetary government at the captain of the free trader Jumpship the Star Sparrow to jump to neighbouring Zion and determine the situation.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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It’s a party.

Berenson’s fashion runs to fairly conservative lines - lots of boxy suits in dark colours, with a smattering of loud cravats or official sashes. The women get off a lot easier, it’s mostly sheer fabrics and flowing gowns.
There’s also a considerable Asian influence for both genders, thanks to Berenson’s history of back and forth between Houses Marik and Liao.

Lots of jewellery seems to be the go to - Berenson is a water-rich world long on agriculture and low on industry with minimal mineral deposits. To show you can afford off world gold, silver or gems shows wealth and taste.

The party is happening in a well appointed room with a gorgeous view out over the wide, shallow bay that Buena Vista is built along. Looking out through the floor to ceiling glass you could almost be forgiven for thinking Berenson is devoid of humans, bar the gathered luminaries in the room - the rich blue water of the bay dominates the view, while around the leftmost edge, the craggy grey mountains are covered in thick jungle in vibrant greens and reds.
The function rooms of the Buena Vista Social Club command some of the best views on the planet.

Near the bar, two uniformed men stand - Sir Nilus Johanssen wears the dark grey and silver chased uniform of his office, while the other man is shorter and heavily set.
The knight's right arm is set in a modular cast and his face along the right side of his jaw and higher up along the cheek are angry, red and raw.

The shorter man wears the green and tan uniform of the Berenson Standing Guard and his bulky torso is studded with enough medals and decorations, they could act as a form of light body armour.

“Damn fine work out there in the Wasteland, Sir Johanssen. Very solid work stopping those smugglers,” the big man says, signalling the bartender for another drink.

The taller knight is sipping on his first single malt.

“Unfortunately, it cost the lives of 37 local police officers and four members of the Standing Guard,” he responds, taking a heavy swallow.

The bigger one waves it away.

“Unfortunate. But I know all of Berenson feels safer knowing you bagged those smugglers. Now, about the matter of the equipment seized-”

He’s cut off by the approach of a younger couple. The man is short, but still taller than the big uniformed man, and sports a mane of dark curls and a well trimmed beard. He’s wearing a dark suit cut along military lines, complete with epaulets.

“Legate Jarman, Sir Johanseesn, it’s a pleasure to meet you,” he says.

“Allow me to introduce my fiance,  Isabella-Inez Damaris.”

The young woman is gorgeous, with thick dark hair piled top her head in an elaborate series of braids and her dark blue dress is form fitting and plunging.

The Legate shakes hands with the newcomer and kisses the hand of Damaris.

“Sir Johannsesn, this is Count Rainer, who is currently courting this lovely lady and making our dreary world, just a little more exciting.”

The looks exchanged between Johanssen and Rainer are less than friendly as they exchange greetings.

“And you, m’lord, are a prize fighter back on Solaris?”

Rainer puffs up like a peacock as the knight mentions his career.

“Indeed. Although I’m planning on taking the year to consider my options,” he says.

“And we’re going to tour Terra,” his finance exclaims, accepting a glass of sparkling wine.

At that point a uniformed aide appears by the legate’s side and hands him a flimsy.

While the noises around the room continue, the conversation amid the small party stops as the big man reads.

“An unidentified Dropship has broken through atmo. It’s not responding to any hails but sent one tight beam message on the same frequency your smugglers were using when you hit them out west,” the legate explains as he folds up the paper.

“Where are they coming down?” the knight responds.

“The La Jara Foothills, it's a national park. Looks like they’ll come down near a small logging town, Belvis La Jara. It’s hours away, damn near a full day by road.”

The Knight settles his drink on the bar. “My Leopard can be there a lot quicker, with a little luck we might even intercept them.”

“And take what? Just your Koshi? A scratch lance from the militia? I can’t spare much more than that - the capital is in lockdown thanks to these damn riots.”

The lean, dark count steps forward.

“Sir Johanssen, the La Jara Foothills are on the border of my soon-to-be father-in-law’s holdings. In fact the national park was established by his father in the wake of the Jihad to give back to the community.”

The other two men stare at him.

“What are you saying, my lord?”

“Fill up your Dropship with a scratch lance, but include a seat for me. Get me to the Damaris estate and I will join you in my Centurion and we can force these interlopers from our land.”

It’s a briefing room, a large topographic map is displayed via the holographic projector.

It shows a half crescent of heavily wooded hills, encircling a broad plain that’s cut through by several streams. The plain gets increasingly swampy until turning into wetlands that eventually giveaway to a broad river.

Almost in the middle of the plain, screened by some light trees sits a collection of buildings.

Voice one: Ok, based on that Dropper’s trajectory, she’s going to come down pretty much on top of the old mill.

The collection of buildings are suddenly circled in red.

Voice one: That’s the best landing spot for some ways as most of the ground is boggy or heavily wooded. The Damaris estate has a decent air strip for the family’s various aircraft, but we estimate it’s probably an hour’s march to the target.

Voice two: That’s the closest we can get?

Voice one: Looks that way, sir.

Voice two: Ok, I’ve cleared it with the legate to loan me an armoured lance, plus a couple squads of Battle Armour under the kid who saved my arse during the last outing.

Voice one: Sir, is that enough?

Voice two: Apparently, every other asset is holding the capital together in case these riots get any worse.

Voice three: Sir! We have a transmission coming in - military band.

Voice two: Put it through.

Voice four: This is Lieutenant Commander Donna Patel of Berenson’s Coast Guard.

Voice two: Come in Commander Patel, what can I do for you?

Voice four: Well, sir. My squadron is currently running some drills down the La Jara River. We saw that ‘ship coming in hard and heard all the noise. We were wondering if you needed some marine assistance?

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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The plot thickens!
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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Leopard group
X2 Kopos squads in Maxim MkII
X2 Regulator Mk11 (RAC)
Zibler fast strike tank

Republic Blue Water Navy
Hexaareme HQ + Sea Fox squad
X2 Sea Fox squad mounted on hydrofoils

X2 Drake Medium Stealth Fighters launched from offshore

Local county forces
Centurion (omni)
2 Platoons of motorised infantry

Drone footage ONE

The dark-painted Leopard roars over the swampy ground, broken up by the occasional stand of short, stubby trees. Hatches roll open while the giant ship is still descending and a hunched over form drops the remaining few feet, landing in a three point stance - two chunky legs and one clawed arm supporting it.
Just beyond the Leopard touches down and immediately, hatches fly open - two Regulator hovertanks, a Zibler and finally a big Maxim Mk!! Surge down ramps to meet the now standing Koshi.

After action report supplied by Knight Errant Nilus Johanssen

A study of the site had revealed several possible drop zones very close to the smugglers’ staging area - unfortunately, all of them were swampy and couldn’t support much more than my 25 tonner Koshi or hovercraft.
That counted Rainer and his Centurion out - we dropped him at his family’s estate, with a promise to meet up on the battlefield - while my scratch force made a run at the smugglers.

Fortunately, we had backing from the local marine unit on exercises nearby.
As we spotted the Dropship - a civilian refit Mule - and its surrounding forces, I knew again we’d bitten off more than we could chew.

Helmet camera-0X04-SEAFOX

Bubbles wizz past the helmet mounted camera, which can barely see through the murky water.
Outside, the occasional shadow or waving water plant can be glimpses as the camera moves forward on a relatively flat trajectory.
Slowly, the motion levels out and there’s a shake and spray of bubbles as the suit settles on the river bottom.
The camera sways back and forth as the suit walks forward, slowly the river floor and bank become visible and the water starts to slough off the camera as the Sea Fox breaks the surface.

Topside, it’s a scene of chaos - a hulking Dropship dominates the view, standing over a collection of pre-fab buildings and a large warehouse.
Explosions light up the area, tossing soil and flames about as smoke obscures much of the muddy field.

“Fox One, hit them hard.”

After action report supplied by Knight Errant Nilus Johanssen

Initially my lance pinned the smugglers’ up against their dropper - a lance of Demon tanks with infantry in support - we deployed our Kopis squads and hammered away at them, until a Bulwark Assault Vehicle and paired Carbine MODs came rolling down the Mule’s ramps.
A flurry of gauss and PPC rounds and one of my Regulators was destroyed and at least one Kopis was out.
Even with the Sea Fox suits popping up in surprise, we were at an impasse and had to fall back.
I made several runs and even crippled one of the Carbines but lost most of my armour again.

From a safe distance, we could see exoskeletons and an Exo Haulermech moving arms and equipment back onto the Dropship - already exhaust was pouring from the Mule’s ports and it was obvious they were going to run and take all the evidence with them.
Reluctantly i accepted the assistance of a flight of marine Drake II conventional fighters - deploying from offshore, the two jets were equipped with cluster and inferno bombs and could junk all the equipment.
Of course, that was all evidence - but it was better than letting them run free.
That’s when we got the call - Rainer was en route.

As told to Kathleen Underwood, Bernardo Tattler, by Count Rainer Monaco.

Well, that’s when I arrived to help the knight - you see, Sir Johanssen had been beaten back by the defenders and it looked like these smugglers were set to escape when I led elements of the Damaris County Guard onto the scene, from the cockpit of my Centurion.

Long Range Missile after LRM pounded that heavy tank keeping the knight at bay and when I got closer I opened up with the Heavy PPC (it’s my own personal variant of the C11-0 Centurion) and blew straight up its rear.

I hit the Haulermech too, just as it picked up a load of munitions and the whole thing went up like fireworks.

After that, it was pretty much over - Johanssen and I swarmed that last Carbine - really, industrialmechs have no part on the battlefield - and I finished it off with a PPC blast through the cockpit.
And just like that, I saved the day.

After action report supplied by Knight Errant Nilus Johanssen

While Count Rainer has continued to play the hero for the past few days, his actions destroyed a great deal of evidence. Additionally, his subsequent interviews have failed to take into account the brave actions of the local Standing Guard forces who actually carried most of the battle.

BREAKING NEWS ALERT - August 7, 1630

Smugglers defeated by visiting Count Rainer Monaco and Knight-Errant Nilus Johanssen in surprise raid

BREAKING NEWS ALERT - August 7, 1715

ComStar admits all HPG communications with the rest of the Inner Sphere are down,

BREAKING NEWS ALERT - August 7, 1935

Planetary Governor Kathryn Adam calls for calm as riots spread across the capital, Beaunu Vista, following word of HPG outage.

Report by freelancer Luther Wesley, Beaunu Vista, August 8

The sandy haired, stocky reporter is wearing a dark green flak vest emblazoned with PRESS across its right breast, over jeans and a button up shirt.

“Behind me, you can see the latest efforts by Berenson Constabulary and Standing Guard forces to keep the peace as the riots enter their second day.”

The camera shifts to zoom in on a row of charred and blackened cars -both hovercraft and wheeled vehicles.
Smoke rises from several of the vehicles to obscure the rest of the street.

“Earlier, this caravan of vehicles attempted to block off Main Street, which leads to the capitol building as rioters clashed with police. When the convoy burst through Constabulary lines, several vehicles and Battle Armoured troopers from the Standing Guard opened fire.
At this stage, casualties among the rioters are believed to be in the dozens.”

The image shifts to file footage shot earlier. Constabulary riot police clad in visored helmets, plastic and kevlar coats and welding plastic shields stand several rows thick.

They face off with thousands of protesters - smoke hangs heavily over the scene and bricks, bottles and other debris fly through the air towards police.

Suddenly there’s a crackle of shots, the police line buckles. A second later a bottle flies forward, exploding on impact.
Flames curl around the police, breaking up the phalanx and the crowd of rioters surge forward.

“The Constabulary issued a statement this morning claiming 14 officers had been killed by rioters and a further 40 injured.”

More images- this time a Standing Guard Scorpion tank slowly moves down a city street, most of the windows devoid of glass and most of the surfaces blackened or burnt out.

“Berenson Farmers’ Federation President Anton Galván used the chaos to attack the government, saying the governor had not foreseen the problems or made adequate contingency plans.”

The image now shows a big, meaty man in his 50s. He wears a dark blue blazer over a checked shirt, worn open at the neck. A ten gallon, broad brimmed hat is set on his head.
He’s standing in front of a group of workmen who appear to be filling and hauling sandbags.

“Governor Adams sat on her hands for the past five years - we have smugglers playing in our own backyard, we have dangerous criminals coming out of the woodwork here.
“And what has she done? Nothing - nothing until it’s too late and then she unleashed the militia on her own people, killing hundreds.”

The reporter is standing in the same staging area - a sandbag wall can be seen behind him, now topped with razor wire and a mixed group of paramilitary types stand guard.

“Governor Adams has been unreachable for comment so far, but a high-ranking Standing Guard source did say the riots seem to be abating now, thanks to overwhelming force from the oneworld militia.”

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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Voice one (male, 50ish, gruff, Spanish accent standard to Berenson): If it’s done, it has to be done right.

Voice two: (male, younger with a Terran or inner Republic neutrality): Mister president, I don’t think anyone is suggesting we BOTCH the murder of the planet’s legate.

Voice one: Idiot! I mean, we have to ensure we are completely successful or all of this will be for naught.

There’s a jingle of ice against glass and a heavy swallow.

Voice one: that means - it can’t happen in the capital, it has to look like an accident and we all need to stay well and truly free of any entanglement.

Voice three (it’s another male with the local dialect, but softer and more polished): Si, Anton. The Legate is a known drinker, an accident while he’s on his estate would leave no one the wiser. Especially as it would be investigated by our paid for County Police and not the Constabulary.

There’s a round of laughter.

Voice one: Done right, it works. What about the Knight? Surely this Johanssen will investigate?

Voice three: so he investigates. What’s he going to find? Besides, I can almost feel he’s going to be recalled to Terra or the CapCon border soon. This HPG outage must have Terra very spooked.

There is more clinking of glasses and the splash of liquid onto ice.

Voice three: And as we all mourn the dearly departed, the Planetary Assembly of Deputies will reluctantly pressure the governor for a replacement to keep us safe in this time of need.

Voice one: So, Mirabella? How does it feel to know you’ll soon be Legate of Berenson?

Voice four (much younger than the rest, female. Her accent is very Terran, but beneath it the lilt or a native Berensonian): Very good, President Galván, very good. Almost as good as knowing one day very soon you’ll be governor of this whole planet - and maybe more.

There’s laughter and glasses clink.

Voice three: A toast! To Colonel Mirabella Lopez, our soon to be Legate and Anton Galván, because the future lays at his feet!

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Re: Dateline: Berenson, Republic of the Sphere, 3132
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It was a bad enough situation already, but then the Blackout has probably blown it up like nothing else. Also, yay for Industrial MODs

Can't wait to see what happens next
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