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Author Topic: Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation  (Read 448 times)


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Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation
« on: 14 June 2021, 16:34:57 »

Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation
Protecting Paradise

Eden's Guard is a player-created Mercenary unit on the Battletech play-by-post game, Battletech Mercenaries. BTM has an alternate history, where the Jihad never occurred, because the Second Star League decided to push out the Word of Blake, instead of dissolving.

In the AU of BTM, Captain Cinead Trumbull of the Northwind Hussars died the same day his daughter, Penelope, was born, in the midst of Operation: Bulldog. Born on Northwind, Penelope would eventually call Terra, now led the capital of the Star League Protectorate, home. Growing up on the stories of her father and seeing the success of the Star League in its peacekeeping missions around the Inner Sphere, as well as its successes in Operation: Lorelai against the Jade Falcons, there was little question what she was going to do when she was finally of age.

Following in her father's footsteps, she studied hard and worked hard, and ended up a Mechwarrior of the 2nd Star League division, serving under Colonel Osaze Adeyemi, who quickly became her Mentor. The 2nd Division would serve alongside Clan Wolf-in-Exile against further Jade Falcon raids. She worked her way up until she was a Lieutenant in the 2nd Division, and everything would change when they were sent on a peacekeeping mission on the Suns-Combine border, where the beleaguered world of Marduk had exchanged hands multiple times. Deployed alongside the 22nd Division, the whole mission ended in disaster when the 2nd Division sided with House Davion, and the 22nd sided with House Kurita.

Disgusted with the fact that her unit was engaging in a war of mutual obliteration with a sister Star League unit, Captain Trumbull packed up her Company and left. Colonel Osaze would later follow with what remained of the 2nd Division. The remnants of the 2nd Division were shuffled into another unit, and assigned to fight Clans Star Adder and Cloud Cobra who had taken over the Tortuga Dominion and were invading the Davion Outback. She quickly grew fed up with the anti-Star League rhetoric, and was reassigned on the Lyran-Combine border. Penelope became radicalized as Kurita and Davion actions continued to weaken the Star League, to the point she recommended the Star League go to war with the two recalcitrant Houses.

By June of 3085, the Star League dissolved, and retreated into a handful of worlds, becoming the Liberty Holds, led by the wife of the late Victor Steiner-Davion, Isis Marik. With no Star League to serve, Colonel Osaze and other like-minded officers created the Terran Defense Force from some remnants of the SLDF, dedicated to defending Terra itself from foreign intrusion, as ComStar reorganized the ComGuard. To the TDF's horror, ComStar invited the Free Worlds League to act as Terra's defender, as well. Captain-General Alys's TerraCorps endeavor was a disaster, as the Federated Suns deployed several divisions to Terra in response, and a number of battles were held in Turkey and Egypt, where Davion and TDF forces fought the Free Worlds League soldiery, who quickly left the planet.

Disgusted with ComStar treating Terra like a prize to be polished and shared, rather than their homeworld, many of the TDF left their homeworld in disgust. Penelope vowed to have the adaptability to respond and anticipate future events like this, and turned her unit of the TDF into the Eden's Guard, a mercenary unit dedicated to upholding Star League ideals, and showing a better path forward.

The Eden's Guard is a combined-arms Mercenary Battalion, with a Company of Battlemechs, a Company of Battle Armor, and a Company of support units including VTOLs, infantry, and artillery. In addition, they operate an additional Battalion's worth of combat and civil engineers, the Dirty Devils, as well as a hospital's worth of medical staff.

The Eden's Guard specialize in long-term deployments, and employers are hiring more than just soldiers; they're getting a whole care package. The Eden's Guard will focus on building basic infrastructure while on deployment, usually starting at their deployment zone, of course. They have been known to deploy in response to natural disasters, as well as providing recovery in recent battle zones, helping refugees settle into new shelters and rebuilding their communities.

That is not to say the Eden's Guard is entirely a relief organization; the Eden's Guard boasts everything from Battlemechs to Special Forces, even wet-water naval assets. This allows the Eden's Guard to provide a full suite of security options for local planetary leadership, and jump-starts occupational governments on recent planetary acquisitions.

Since their full accreditation by the MRBC in 3097, the Eden's Guard have largely deployed in opposition to the new Captain-General, Agatha Marik, who, in 3095, swept through the region around Terra and seized those worlds, including Terra itself. Since then, the Eden's Guard has staged a coup on the world of Ohrensen for the Capellan-Canopian union, the Confederated Magistracy; helped ComStar catch its breath in its war against the League on La Blon; broke into a Castle Brian on Sabik; and most recently, provided security for a Liberty Holds diplomat holding talks in the newly independent Confederated Systems of Tikonov.

If you're interested in the Eden's Guard, or any number of other units created for Battletech Mercenaries, check out the website or our Discord.
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Re: Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation
« Reply #1 on: 14 June 2021, 20:32:59 »
Eden's Guard Point Lances: An Overview

After a long career in the Star League military, and later as a Mercenary, Major Trumbull had been exposed to a great variety of ways of organizing combat formations, from the standard Inner Sphere Lance to the Clan Stars, the Air Lance to the Augmented Lance.

The Eden's Guard's experiences on Ohrensen convinced their leadership that restructuring was required; they could not longer adhere to the standards that guided conventional military organization. Combined arms strategy was far too essential for modern military operations, and the logistics of operating a mixed Mercenary unit like Eden's Guard did not lend itself to the conventional parameters for the sake of tradition.

By studying history, trends in modern military philosophy, and the different models applied by various militaries in known space, the Eden's Guard devised a hybrid system that accommodated multiple definitions, while allowing for units to be as varied or specialized as they required.

The Point

Borrowing from Clan sensibilities and tradition, the first change that the Eden's Guard undertook was to redefine how different units were weighed. After having difficulty organizing their infantry and vehicles under traditional models, under which they would end up with a Battalion's worth of Engineers after hiring a handful of crews, and struggling to justify underpowered Lances consisting of low-firepower vehicles, the Eden's Guard borrowed the concept of weighing units based on their relative strength under a 'Point' system, with the understanding that, generally, 1 unit was 1 point, regardless of what kind of unit that it was. A few exceptions were made, but the system was engineered to look as such:

  • 1 Point Units
    • Battlemech or OmniMech
    • Aerospace Fighter
    • Fixed-Wing Aircraft
    • Combat VTOLs with weapons weighing greater than 2 collective tons
    • 30 Ton+ Ground Vehicle
    • Transport capable of carrying at least 2 Points of Infantry
    • Transport capable of carrying at least 1 Point of Battle Armor
    • Infantry Platoons less than 30 soldiers
    • Any transport capable of carrying at least 1 Point of non-Infantry equipment faster than 25 kph
  • 2 Point Units
    • Infantry Platoons of 30 or more soldiers
    • Transports capable of carrying at least 4 Points of Infantry
    • Transports capable of carrying at least 4 Points of Battle Armor
    • Vehicles exceeding 100 Tons
  • Half-Point & Lower Units
    • Infantry Platoons less than 20 soldiers
    • Transports capable of carrying less than 2 Points of Infantry
    • Transports capable of carrying less than 1 Point of Battle Armor
    • Vehicles between 20 and 30 Tons
    • Any transport capable of carrying at least 1 Point of non-Infantry equipment at speeds less than 25 kph
    • "Extralight" vehicles less than 20 tons are considered 1/4th a Point, if considered at all
    • Anti-Infantry fixed gun emplacements (such as mortar trailers) or trailer guns are 1/4th a point
    • Other fixed weapon emplacements or trailer guns, are 3/4ths a Point
  • Units larger than 2 Points
    • Infantry Platoons larger than 39 soldiers add +1 Point for every 10 men (So a 40-man Platoon is 3 points, a 50-man Platoon is 4, etc)
    • Vehicles larger than 100 tons add +1 Point for every 50 tons
    • Non-ASF Space Naval Forces are not currently weighed under this system

Combined Arms Organization

With the Point system defined and weighed, Organization-level formations followed more traditional definitions, albeit with a twist: Formations aren't described at the Lance level, but rather at the Company level, as the whole intention of the system is to combine different units filling different roles under the same command structure. As such, the 'Basic Command Formation' is generally at the Company level, rather than at the Lance level, with Companies sub-organizing themselves as their commander sees fit.

A Standard Company is defined as being 18 Points, but is considered anything between 15 and 20 Points, which accommodates nearly all traditional and experimental subdivisions.

A Standard Lance is 6 Points, modeled after the Capellan Augmented Lance and the Star League Air Lance. However, the Company Commander is given liberty to define these however they wish. The essential idea is that 2/3rds of the Lance are frontline Combat units, and the remaining Third is some sort of support unit, such as Artillery, transports, scouts, or some other kind of fire support. As such, an Infantry Company might consist of 2 Lances of 3 full-sized (greater than 20 soldiers) Platoons each, with the third Lance consisting of 6 armed APC's capable holding those Platoons.

The standard model is ascending in 3's: 3 Lances to a Company, 3 Companies to a Battalion, 3 Battalions to a Regiment, 3 Regiments to a Brigade, 3 Brigades to an Division, 3 Divisions to a Corps, and 3 Corps to an Army. Of course, most of these are theoretical, as the Eden's Guard are the only ones that use this system, and they are, themselves, currently only a Battalion, consisting in no small part of support elements including Engineers, which inflate their numbers somewhat even by their own standards.

A basic guide, and some alternatives, are described below:

Standard Pointed Formations
  • Standard Lance: 6 Points
    • Air Lance: 4 'Mechs, 2 Aerospace
    • Augmented Lance: 4 'Mechs, 2 Ground Vehicles
    • Double Light Lance: 2 groups of 3 'Mechs
    • Air-Covered Lance: 4 Ground Vehicles with 2 VTOLs
    • VTOL Squadron: 6 VTOLs
    • ASF Squadron: 6 ASF
  • Standard Company: 18 Points, or 3 Lances
  • Standard Battalion: 54 Points, or 9 Lances, or 3 Companies
  • Standard Regiment: 162 Points, or 27 Lances, or 9 Companies, or 3 Battalions
  • Standard Brigade: 486 Points, or 81 Lances, or 27 Companies, or 9 Battalions, or 3 Regiments
However, this system covers other types of formations, as well, especially with the definition of a Company simply being defined as between 15 and 20 Points. The only major difference is the weight given to Infantry platoons, which non-Inner Sphere formations do not weigh as much, and it is a simple matter for them to adapt their systems by weighing a 20-40 soldier Platoon as 1 Point.
  • A ComGuard Company perfectly lines up as being 3 Level II formations, except that this system gives Infantry more weight. As such, a Level III-a ComGuard Battalion-is simply 2 Companies.
  • A Clan Trinary would be 3 5-point Stars, at 15 total Points
  • A Clan Supernova Binary would be 4 5-Point Stars, 2 'Mech and 2 Elemental, at 20 total Points
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Re: Eden's Guard Security & Logistics Corporation
« Reply #2 on: 14 June 2021, 20:49:13 »
Uriel Company
The central combat company of the Eden's Guard, Uriel Company is designed as a more or less traditionally-styled SLDF Battlemech Company, albeit replacing its third Lance with an Artillery Company instead of 3 Mech/Air Lances.
  • Company Commander: Major Penelope Trumbull
Apple Lance
Apple Lance is an Air Lance with C3 Master/Slave Battlemechs, designed quite traditionally with 2 ASF Fighters, 1 Light 'Mech, 2 Medium 'Mechs, and 1 Heavy 'Mech. With a decent amount of firepower, Apple Lance makes for an apt Command Lance, and a flexible Strike force.
  • Lance Leader: Major Penelope Trumbull
Cain Lance
Cain Lance was an early addition to the Eden's Guard, made from restored Clan IIC and SLDF Battlemechs captured in Operation BULLDOG. Supported by a pair of Aerospace, Cain Lance provides a massively heavy punch while being able to cover and support its elements over an extended period.
  • Lance Leader: Master Command Sergeant  Shyama Patil

Deluge Lance
Instead of a third Lance of Battlemechs and Aerospace, Uriel Company has opted for a fire support model, bringing 6 artillery pieces to inflict area denial on their enemies. A trio of artillery spotters assist the unit in landing shots properly. The Danai vehicles double their firepower by bringing artillery trailers.


Wolf Company
Led by Captain Garrick Trumbull, a Clanner-turned-Highlander, Wolf Company has a focus on Battle Armor supported by a lance of Battlemechs. Battle Armor transports ensure that the Company is never separated from itself.

Alpha Lance
Wolf Company's Battlemech Lance, it has a focus on speed and coordinated fire to out-pilot their enemies.
Gardener Lance

Seraph Lance
Focused on rapid deployment, infiltration, and support, Seraph Lance is a fast-response Battle Armor and VTOL combination lance.
Additional Wolf Company Assets that to not yet fit into the larger unit structure
Gyges Company
The Infantry Special Forces company, Gyges relies on APC's and high altitude paratroopers to infiltrate and counter non-armor assets, as well as provide local wetwork assets for Eden's Guard

Team Lotan
Aquatic Special Forces
  • 2x Frogmen Blue Water Marine Response Team Inf
  • 2x Blizzard Hover Transport (Black)
  • 1x Blizzard Hover Transport (Black 'IT')
  • 2x Sea Skimmer Std.
  • 1x Silverback Coastal Cutter Std.
  • 2x Mantis Light Attack VTOL (ECCM)
Team Harpy
  • 6x HALO Paratroopers (Lyran) Inf
The Dirty Devils
The Dirty Devils are the Eden's Guard Engineering corps. With a great deal of experience and heavy equipment, the Dirty Devils, originally the 57th Dirty Devils Engineering Battalion, are capable of everything from battlefield salvage to road construction to digging trenches.

1st Dirty Devils
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII Standard
Combat Engineer Inf
Field Engineering Platoon Inf

2nd Dirty Devils
BattleMech Recovery Vehicle Tracked
Combat Engineer Inf
Field Engineering Platoon Inf

3rd Dirty Devils
Combat Engineer Inf
Field Engineering Platoon Inf
BattleMech Recovery VTOL Recovery VTOL

4th Dirty Devils
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII Standard
Combat Engineer Inf
Field Engineering Platoon Inf

5th Dirty Devils
Buffel Engineering Support Vehicle VIII Standard
Combat Engineer Inf
Field Engineering Platoon Inf

6th Dirty Devils
Tunnel Rat I / II Exoskeleton (Armored Glove + Salvage Arm) BA Squad
Field Engineering Platoon Inf
Firefighter Hellfire Firefighting Inf
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