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Author Topic: Imagineer Bluewater Pocket Battlegroup (All custom)  (Read 1597 times)


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Imagineer Bluewater Pocket Battlegroup (All custom)
« on: 29 March 2016, 10:26:30 »
The Imagineer Bluewater Pocket Battlegroup is a new collection from Carrion Combat Industries.  Capable of performing any Naval Role with a small, efficient and excellently priced Task Force.  Need more naval power?  Buy a 2nd or a 3rd battlegroup.  At 312 million for 37 vehicles and 28 battlearmour suits capable of patrolling hundreds of kilometres of water these groups are a bargain at twice the price.  (Approximately the same price as an empty Avenger dropship or a company of Devestator Battlemechs)

The entire battlegroup can be housed inside the hull of a single Naval Submersible – the 8500T Imagineer Light Support Cruiser, designed to fit in Rapier cradles in modified Mammoth dropships, acting as base of operations, landing platform, command and control centre, repair, maintenance and supply depot and all around mothership to 36 smaller vessels some would say would be enough but on top of that the Imagineer has sub capital launch capabilities able to strike orbital targets from a submerged position, underwater combat capabilities and anti air capabilities.  While it has these capabilities it is advised to keep the Imagineer out of the firing line, at 191million cbills a piece this single vessel is worth nearly twice the value of all the craft that come as standard.

4 Marlin attack submarines provide underwater superiority ensuring any underwater threat is intercepted.  With a long loiter time CCI can highly recommend a second lance of Marlin’s and using the Marlin bays at double occupancy (1 lance in the water at all times) if significant submersible opposition is expected – these craft often roam many kilometres from the Imagineer in search of threats and targets of opportunities

2 Cutter patrol Hydrofoils can fill many purposes, from captains launch to boarding actions these craft are fast and well armed easily capable of anti-piracy and anti-smuggling deployment and a large multipurpose hold can be used to deploy infantry or confiscate cargo

4 Baby Boomer (FA variant) missile subs provide close in defence for each imaginer, with long range torpedoes, ADA arrows and Surface Arrows the BB’s are able to punish any enemy attempting to engage the Imagineer

4 Switchblade Hovertanks (SK Variant)  add a more conventional armoured element for surface, land and amphibious operations

8 Slick Omni VTOL – with tank busting, combat infantry insertion, fire support, search and rescue and heavy lift configurations available for every VTOL and 2 state of the art electronics package scout configs the 8 Slicks give a battlegroup serious flexibility

2 Screamer missile Hydrofoils – these high speed arrow platforms can quickly put fire support where it is needed most

2 Guppy Naval Industrial Mechs – excellent machines for work or fighting each is packaged with 4 battle-rifles chosen by the customer – recommended selection is LRT15, LRM15, LB2X and 14LMGs for a wide variety of encounters

2 Nessie Logistics WIGE – these heavy transport vehicles have enough internal space for any light vehicle and a little to spare and are able to quickly restock the fleet

2 Smasher fire support Hydrofoils (FA Variant) – these heavy Hydrofoils bring the long range guns – each carrying a tom tom for extreme range fire on land or sea, perfect for striking at inland bases or large surface vessels while minimising return fire.

6 Monsoon Naval Fighter – a conventional fighter launched from the helipads or the surface water the Monsoons primarily rely on external ordinance for firepower but do have some integrated firepower for dogfighting or strafing when the external ordinance is spent.  Engaging air targets with LAAM, submersibles and naval targets with torpedos and ground targets with conventional bombs the Monsoon can even carry the Anti Ship and A2A Arrows allowing them to engage orbital targets to a limited degree.

24 Jack PA(L) – the basic infantry suit gives the Imagineer a significant advantage in infantry operations – able to jump 90 meters to board nearby ships and swim underwater with ease the Jack troopers make boarding actions and amphibious assaults significantly safer.  Small Arms equipped pirates don’t stand a chance

4 Minnow Light Underwater BA – The minnow suit is a highly specialised unit quicker than some surface vessels and heavily cloaked in stealth technology the Minnow races through the water bringing it’s small but deadly laser to bear.
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Re: Imagineer Bluewater Pocket Battlegroup (All custom)
« Reply #1 on: 01 April 2016, 20:01:43 »
Buy one and your next contract is guaranteed to be on a desert world.