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Author Topic: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks  (Read 4427 times)

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Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« on: 18 June 2017, 23:32:19 »
There's a few units in my AU that have been provided by others or that I've borrowed over the years.  Many people see the names come up and wonder what I've done with them.  So I'm going to post them all in the same place along with some other unit's I've built up myself over the AU's history.

Starting with the Charlestown Chiefs created by JA Baker

The Charlestown Chiefs
   A Lyran-based Mercenary unit specialising in Arctic-warfare, the Charlestown Chiefs hold the record for most reprimands from the MRCB over unnecessary brutality and violence in combat, a fact that is not help by the units wish to add hatchets to most of its Mech's. The units Mech's are normally painted blue with white and yellow stripes, with the word CHIEFS written across the torso somewhere.

   The unit is co-owned by its members, including the support staff, a situation that arose after their previous owner attempted to run the unit into the ground so it could be written off as a tax-loss. The means that remain unclear, the Chiefs CO managed to get the owner to agree to sell off the Mech's and other equipment, including their DropShip, for a fraction of their market value. The others have remained unflinchingly loyal to Captain Dunlop ever since.

   They defended Antares from the Jade Falcons and added a Swallow WiGE Company to their ranks in 3091.  In 3093 along with Millie's Marauders mercenary command they defended Great X.  The unit lost the Blackjack of the second lance while salvaging a damaged Viper 3 BattleMech. 

   After resting and refitting the unit survived a bloodbath on Great X in 3103 at the hands of Clan Jade Falcon losing five BattleMechs and their pilots.  They fell back to Galatea station to rest and refit while they considered their next move while technically under Lyran Contract they were not called upon to serve further before their contract elapsed in 3105.  During the two years on Galatea Station they had time to recruit five new warriors while Reggie Dunlop dug into the units savings to purchase two new BattleMechs for warriors who didn’t have machines.

   In late 3105 the unit accepted a new contract this time with the planet of Hazeldean in the District of Gibraltar of the Free Worlds League taking up garrison in early 3106.  They served on Hazeldean for a year into 3107 seeing only a little combat as they got used to their new MechWarriors before returning to Galatea Station arriving in late 3107.  With no casualties on Hazeldean the unit immediately accepted a two year contract with the Isle of Skye taking up station on Kirkcaldy in early 3108.

Captain Reggie ‘Reg’ Dunlop
In the last few years he has rebuilt this unit after losses taken against Clan Jade Falcon but in doing so he has visibly aged as the stress of what the Chiefs have gone through the last few years.  With the loss of his fiancé on Great X he has withdrawn from personal relationships although his unit is still fiercely loyal to their CO.  When on Galatea he almost emptied to Chiefs reserves to purchase the Axman piloted by Pope and the Berserker piloted by Delgado but with the contract on Hazeldean the unit has enough money to cover operational costs.

MechWarrior Jermaine “Reverend” Paul
Where MechWarrior Paul gained his highly modified Thanatos BattleMech, where MechWarrior Paul gained his habit of reading last rights to fallen enemies and why a MechWarrior of fifty years was on Galatea Station without a unit in 3104 when he joined the Chiefs are all mysteries.  Paul appears to be on very good terms with Dunlop leading to many of the others wondering if Dunlop wishes to pass command of the Chiefs to him in the future.

(Thanatos MRM launcher replaced with a Large Vibroblade, no medium pulse laser)

MechWarrior Bryan “Adept” Alonso
Alonso is a former member of the Word of Blake, Alonso is not a former member of the Word of Blake.  This question has surrounded Bryan Alonso since joining the unit and for his part the warrior does not suggest either is the correct answer instead if the question comes up he states he’s a member of the Charlestown Chiefs.

Captain Reggie 'Reg' Dunlop, GHR-5M Grasshopper
MechWarrior Steve 'Time-Out' Hanson, Viper 3
MechWarrior Mara “Crusher” Pope, AXM-3S Axman*
MechWarrior Jermaine “Reverend” Paul, Thanatos Reverend

Lieutenant Denis 'Lock-Out' Lemieux, AS7-K Atlas
Corporal Jeff 'The Goon' Hanson, CPLT-C1 Catapult
MechWarrior Javier “The Mexican” Delgado, BRZ-B3 Berserker*
MechWarrior Summer “Blood-rain” Rain, Lycurgus

Lieutenant Monica “White Witch” DeCarlo, Wasp IIC
MechWarrior Bryan “Adept” Alonso, BCN-3R Buccaneer
MechWarrior Flavia Sousa, NX-80 Nyx
MechWarrior Martin Boyega, SCB-9A Scarabus

Lieutenant Dima Tchercova, Swallow Attack WiGE (Original variant)
Tank Commander Steen Petraneck, Swallow Attack WiGE (Original variant)
Tank Commander Hana Seung, Swallow Attack WiGE (Original variant)
Tank Commander Benjamin Cotton, Swallow Attack WiGE (Original variant)

Lieutenant-Commander Walt 'Bus-Man' Comisky, Union class DropShip Lady of Spain
-   Lady of Spain lacks aerospace launch facilities instead the internal arrangement of the ship has been changed so four light vehicle bays have been added to support the Swallows which joined the unit on Antares.

Original unit
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The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #1 on: 18 June 2017, 23:43:07 »
* Waits patiently for his contribution to arrive in order of appearance. *


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #2 on: 19 June 2017, 00:08:16 »
Created by JA Baker

The Alpha Team

   A renegade SLDF lance from a unit that was framed for the massacre of gang members and civilians on Devil's Rock.  The unit went AWOL in early 3091 turning up on Westover in September of the same year they offered their services as mercenaries for hire to the Rim Association which was accepted.  Although they have had opportunities to expand beyond lance strength they have so far not done so instead each of the four MechWarriors each use highly customized BattleMechs which play to their MechWarriors strength.

   The unit accepted a contact with the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth defending Brodon in 3093 from the Isle of Skye intrusion.  They escaped an SLDF unit led by Colonel Hank Lynch by stealing an Overlord-class DropShip assigned to The Thunder Road Mercenary Command.

   Knowing that Lynch would not be far behind them The Alpha Team decided to head away from SLDF territory accepting a contract with the District of Regulus world of Avior (landing in late 3097) who were facing having their world taken over by a corporate entity who wished to strip mine a nature reserve.  Using tactics intended on causing as few deaths as possible Alpha Team frustrated the corporation for nearly six months before a response from Regulus arrived in the form of a Battalion from the First Regulan Hussars.  While the mining would still go ahead it would be controlled by Regulus and the intention was for little to no damage to be done to the people.  Colonel Smith promised the people that if he heard that the strip mining had gone ahead he’d ensure that the leaders on Regulus paid a dear price.

   Nearly two years late in 3099 the Alpha Team showed up again this time on the Magistracy of Canopus leisure world of Gallis when a pirate band attacked their compound cutting them off from their BattleMechs.  The four MechWarriors and a group of civilians from Gallis raided the raiders camp in a daring night attack using modified civilian vehicles to resist the attacks from the raiders vehicles and Mechs.  Although several of the civilians were killed the Alpha Team were able to regain control of their Mechs and went about destroying every single raider BattleMech and armoured vehicle taking control of their DropShip launching an attack on the raider JumpShip several days.  Nearly two months later the Alpha Team dropped on Astrokaszy and finished the job of destroying the remaining raiders at their base on the world.

   It was on Astrokaszy the Alpha Team seemed to find their place defending the Tycho Station (a small town with nearly five thousand inhabitants and a water source) from raiders.  With a Union-class DropShip for their use to cross the planet if they needed to (the crew stayed on the JumpShip left for a pirate haven elsewhere).  Both Smith and Peck married and had children during their time on the world.

   Unfortunately as is the way of things in 3107 an SLDF Pirate Hunting unit arrived on the planet.  As the Alpha Team are still wanted criminals the unit chose to move but this time they have not left alone.  Taking the Union-class DropShip they acquired from the pirates and nearly a dozen modified vehicles along with nearly fifty dependants the unit left heading into the Marian Hegemony.

Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith – Banshee Hannibal
Captain MC “Howling Mad” Murdock – BattleMaster Howling Mad
Lieutenant Tempest “Faceman” Peck – Cyclops Faceman
Sgt Bosco Albert “BA” Baracus – Atlas BA

Captain Jonathan Silberberg, No End Theory, Union-class DropShip
-   Modified has four BattleMech bays, no aerospace bays all else turned over to cargo

A dozen modified civilian vehicles with crews
-   Carried as cargo onboard No End Theory

Original unit

Their Mechs in my AU
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The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #3 on: 19 June 2017, 00:27:06 »
The Wolf's Dragoons got an Intelligence Report so I won't repeat them all here instead I'll post a link


Wolf's Dragoons

Commander:                General Sean Dorran
Commander of WolfNet:         General Stacy Church
Territory Held:               
           Outreach (Chaos March)         Home (District of Bowang)

Alpha Regiment - Elite - (Dragoon - 140% norm)
   - 2 Air Wing      - 2 Armour Cluster   - 1 Artillery Battalion
   - Full Elemental Cluster
   Engaged Word of Blake on Caph in 3064.  Lost about half a Battalion but salvaged several Blakist C3i and iNarc systems.  In 3067 accepted in members from almost every deactivated regiment bringing it back up to full strength.  Has full armour regiment organized along Star League lines, a cluster of Battle Armour warriors, mainly Elementals, and two air wings for support.

   Were badly battered during Operation Downfall and are hovering at half normal strength, have retreated to Outreach, they are also without a commander at present.  The unit moved to Talitha in 3091 to secure it under contract of the Star League Defence Force.

   The regiment destroyed the Sixth Capellan Defence Force and the Fifth Liao Lancers on Old Kentucky in 3108 supported by the WarShip Athena.  Since then the unit has been seen on Outreach indicating its service to the FWL was a brief one.

Beta Regiment - Veteran - (Dragoon 140% norm)
   - 2 Air Wing      - 2 Armour Cluster   - 1 Artillery Battalion
   - Full Elemental Cluster
Landed on Liao in 3074 helping the AFFS to steal over a regiment of armour and Mechs while severely damaging the Capellan Confederation’s Holdfast Guard and Warrior House Ijori.  Participated in Operation Downfall and were far more successful than Alpha Regiment securing Jacson with little loss and supporting the fall of Madras.

   Unit was destroyed in 3084 by Jade Falcons.  In 3094 the Dragoons began stockpiling equipment to rebuild Beta and Delta Regiments.  In 3097 the Dragoons announced that Beta and Delta Galaxies were to be re-registered with the MRBC and would be ready to take contracts in early to late 3098.

        The Regiment has since served with the Draconis Combine and Federated Suns.  The unit is currently on Home.

Gamma Regiment - Veteran - (Dragoon - 140%)
   - 1 Air Wing      - 2 Armour Clusters   1 Artillery Battalion
   - 1 Elemental Battalion
   Participated in Federated Suns actions against former Chaos March worlds under Capellan rule in 3075.  Though there was no major actions for the regiment it did give the inexperienced unit some much needed combat and cohesion.  Though it was not needed the regiment were seen moving through the Elgin system running hot with WarShip support and hot-dropping onto the planet’s surface, this exercise proved the unit’s ability to work together over anything else.

        The unit has been seen in the Free Worlds League's District of Marik.

Delta Regiment – Veteran – (140%)
   - 1 Air Wings      - 1 Armour Clusters   1 Artillery Battalion
   - 1 Elemental Battalion
        In 3094 the Dragoons began stockpiling equipment to rebuild Beta and Delta Regiments.  In 3097 the Dragoons announced that Beta and Delta Galaxies were to be re-registered with the MRBC and would be ready to take contracts in early to late 3098.

        The unit has been seen in the Lyran Commonwealth on Coventry and is currently registered with the MRBC as under a contract that will last five years ending in 3110.

Zeta Cluster - Elite - 5 Trinaries
   Participated in the Final Battle for Terra on the Plains outside Sandhurst in the United Kingdom.  Joined the Beta Regiment in assaulting Liao with AFFS forces in 3074 helping the Federated Suns capture over a Regiment’s worth of Mechs and Armour.

   Participated in Operation Downfall in 3074 with Alpha and Beta Regiments supporting Alpha Regiment like the Wolf Spider battalion they received only small losses during the conflict.  Securing all their objectives and several Capellan Stealth Mechs.

   Deployed along with the Seventh Kommando and the Athena to Clipperton in 3094.

        Currently the unit is on Outreach.

Black Widow Cluster - Elite - 5 Trinaries
   General Stacy Church

   Destroyed  during the worldwide riot on Outreach by the Blakist subverted Broadsword Legion in 3067 the Wolf Spider Battalion made famous as the creation and command of Natasha Kerensky during her time with the Dragoons have only recently been returned to duty and full strength.  With the Wolf Spiders serving as General Maeve Wolf’s own command during the Wolf Dragoon’s Civil War the General had ensured that the Wolf Spiders get the best equipment and any warrior they request in their efforts to rebuild.

   Participated in Operation Downfall in 3074 with Alpha and Beta Regiments supporting Alpha Regiment like Zeta battalion they received only small losses during the conflict.  Securing all their objectives and several Capellan Battle Armour suits and a single vehicle equipped with Stealth Armour.

   When the Clans enlisted the Dragoons to take care of the Opacus Venatori the Wolf Spider Battalion was selected which led to the Wolf’s Dragoons newly acquired Fredasa-class Corvette Widow’s Lair.  To further the search John Cavell took the unit off Outreach to Galatea to give the unit more access to a greater amount of sources.

   On Galatea they suffered great losses, nearly a full company of Mechs and people, when the Opacus Venatori tracked their ground base and ambushed them during a planning session several warriors lost their Mechs and Tarantula Trinary was stood down following heavy losses.

   Retreating to Arc-Royal to regroup the unit purchased several Mechs from the Kell Hounds intent on returning to the field with even more hurt for the Opacus Venatori.  These purchases brought several brand-new/experimental designs the Kell Hounds had been working on and saw an opportunity to try them out.

   Engaging the Opacus Venatori on Brasha in the Outworlds Alliance the unit took the Opacus Venatori by surprise as they attacked a Snow Raven depot.  Unfortunately Berith, leader of the Opacus Venatori tracked down John Cavell pinned the Wolf Spider’s leader to the ground under his Archangel and executed the Dragoon Major.  Captain Stacy Church leader of the Black Widow Company was able to rally her troops around her and stop a rout but the Opacus Venatori were able to escape once more.  Captain Church took command of the search and what was left of the Battalion.

   In 3080 following several more encounters between the two forces the Black Widow Company and Opacus Venatori met one last time on Kyeinnsian in the former Free Worlds League near a Clan Sea Fox trade base.  There the Opacus Venatori were destroyed by the combined forces of the Black Widows and the Sea Fox defenders.  Berith himself killed when Elementals broke into his cockpit and ripped his cybernetic systems from what remained of the man.

   Returning to the Dragoons triumphant the Wolf Spider Battalion was officially retired from Wolf’s Dragoons TO&E with the Black Widows returned to full operational status.  In 3107 along with Zeta Battalion the Black Widows were rechristened as a Cluster reflecting the unit's make up.

       Currently the exact location of this unit is unknown however Star League Protectorate Media Sources stated elements of the unit were on Mars in 3108.

7th Kommando Division - Elite - Five Platoons out of Five - Fully Operational
   - Exact Strength of a Seventh Kommando platoon is unknown

   - Come under direct command of WolfNet, the most organized intelligence organization available to any Mercenary and an organization better organized and financed than some states intelligence organizations.

–   Has access to the best equipment the Dragoons can offer including several techs pilfered from other states/organizations legally or illegally

–   Deployed along with the Zeta Battalion and the Athena to Clipperton in 3094.

   Full JumpShip, DropShip and Tech Support.

   DropShip fleet includes a Conquistador-class vessel gained from the Federated Suns and used as Alpha Regiment’s command vessel.

   Two Recharge Stations in Outreach system.  Two orbital defence stations above Outreach - both rumoured to be equipped with naval weapons.  Rumour suggest the Dragoons wish to place stations over Home as well.

   Blackwell Industries on Outreach provides Dragoons with Mechs for their use only, it is also produces Clan OmniMechs.  Recently they began to build Stealth and Templar OmniMechs as part of an agreement between the Dragoons and the Federated Suns making the Dragoons the first organisation outside the Federated Suns and Star League to field these units in large quantities.  Blackwell is known to produce Adder, Timber Wolf and Dire Wolf Clan OmniMechs in limited quantities along with various armoured vehicles.

       Home facilities have been steadily increasing in size although they do not match those on Outreach.  All factories serving the Dragoons on Home are owned directly by Blackwell.

   Rumoured to have a Genetics Repository like those in use by the Clans, likely how the Dragoons field so many Elemental Warriors.  It is unknown if Home shares facilities with Outreach or if these have remained on Outreach.
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The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #4 on: 19 June 2017, 00:58:40 »
Originally I found this in Field Manual Non-canon which was on the forums somewhere.  Not too sure who originally built them.


   The Obsidian Lancers were founded in 3035 based on the RCTs that were appearing in the Federated Commonwealth. The complete combined arms package of the group led Steiner and Davion commanders to frequently use the Obsidian Lancers independently to tackle secondary targets while House RCTs handled the primary objectives of a major operation. During the War of 3039   the Obsidian Lancers gained a great deal of respect for its performance on Kessel, despite the ultimate withdrawal from the planet. During the Clan Invasion, the Obsidian Lancers was quickly dispatched to the front lines. Unfortunately, in the face of the Clan juggernaut the Obsidian Lancers found itself constantly re-assigned in transit as their destination worlds fell.    After the Truce of Tukayyid the Obsidian Lancers roamed the Jade Falcon border as a fire brigade, occasionally executed major raids.  The Lancers were tapped for Operation Bulldog where they served as a strategic reserve, bolstering assault forces that met stiffer than expected resistance.

   In 3081 they were part of a joint House Steiner and Mercenary force that unsuccessfully defended Pandora and were forced to retreat.  Since then the Lancers have been among the most vocal of supporters for an assault to take the world back.

   The unit supported the assaults on the Capellan Confederation in 3093.  And then they supported assaults against the Rim Collection by the Draconis Combine in 3100

   The command spearheaded an assault against the Stone Spirits in 3102 striking against the planet of Elba in a dawn raid.  The unit uses its Clan equipped units to break through the Stone Spirit lines securing the planetary capital for the Lyran Commonwealth.   Later that same year they were on Lost as a civil disturbance broke out the unit was ordered to put down the rebels resulting in dozens of casualties.  The unit was then struck by the Rim Collection forces who had arrived to bring about a peace.  After years countering the Rim Collection’s moves the mercenaries attempted to counter the Collection units but were unable alone due to extensive aerospace support from the Rim Collection’s naval forces.  They were later replaced by house troops.

   In 3107 the unit accepted another five year contract this time with the Draconis Combine landing on Irece in late 3107.  Since then they have spent a considerable amount of money buying additional BattleMechs and armoured vehicles all equipped with C3 systems.  These have been added to other units within the command to form the 1-4 Battalion.

MRBC Rating: A*

   Colonel Melissa Collishaw, though young, shows promise at having inherited leadership abilities from both her parents. Her command, the 1-3 Battalions, is fanatically devoted to her. For some reason, the First Light Regiment is also fiercely devoted to her. If her career arc continues in its current fashion, it seems inevitable that she will eventually command the Obsidian Lancers with no accusations of nepotism following her.  She took command in 3100.  Since the passing of Clifford McEwen she has shouldered the command of the Lancers alone.

The Obsidian Lancers specialize in major unit actions where it can maneuver and engage the enemy with its full strength. Thus the Obsidian Lancers prefers relatively open terrain, but is quite comfortable in any environment. Most members of Obsidian Lancers have fought together for a long time and now operate reflexively together on the field; forming ad-hoc combined arms forces in the middle of battle without needing coordination from their parent units.

The newest C3 Battalion of First BattleMech appears to be an experiment which the Regiment may, or may not, decide to employ throughout their command in the future.

First BattleMech
Reinforced Regiment/Elite
1-1 Battalion: Colonel Melissa Collishaw
1-2 Battalion: Major Michael Restler
1-3 Battalion: Major Obst Willets
1-4 Battalion: Major Hattori Huagi

   The First BattleMech Regiment follows their commander’s lead and prefers a mix of medium and fast heavy designs. The First Battalion has a large collection of Clan equipment in the though very little in the form of Clan OmniMechs. The 1-3 Battalion is a pathfinder formation that uses a variety of drop methods to land at the forefront and secure an LZ for subsequent units.  The newest unit in the Regiment is 1-4 Battalion wish specializes in the use of C3 technology to coordinate its two BattleMech and 1 vehicle companies.

First Light
5 Battalions/Elite

1-1   Battalion: Colonel Bill Lee
1-2   Battalion: Major Anton Pierre-Louis
1-3   Battalion: Major Dieter Beiter
Battle Armour
1-4   Battalion: Major Francisco Ortiz
Battle Armour
1-5   Battalion: Major Cameron Redford
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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The Medusans: Looks Can Kill

   Formed just before Operation Bulldog, as a temporary command, to ensure that the disparate Mercenary DropShips that were being used did not become piecemeal for Clan Smoke Jaguar WarShips the Medusans unlike other such units stayed together, adding ground forces for additional security during a contract.

   In 3067 they took on a 5 year contract with the Federated Suns Capellan March, under Duke Hasek’s, own bank-roll supporting Capellan trade convoys and military exercises.  These included operations into the Pleiades Cluster against Taurian Concordat forces in 3068 where they saved the SLDF’s Sirian Lancers from destruction and in 3070 when they found Taurian Nuclear weapons.

   In 3072 when this contract lapsed the Federated Suns offered the unit better terms keeping them within the Federated Suns on a broader contract supporting state efforts.  This saw them travel  between Galax, Kathil and New Syrtis supporting Federated Suns Naval efforts.  This has also given the unit preferential attention at the Federated Suns Shipyards at cut down prices.

   In 3076 following several years of convoy duty the unit was called to assist the Federated Suns incursion into the Capellan Confederation, targeting six former Chaos March worlds.  Here he unit found itself escorting the Lucian Davion, one of the Federated Suns prized Avalon-class Cruisers, and the Third Robinson Rangers RCT.  The mission went well to start with however the surprise intervention of the Capellan’s Thera-class Carrier, Chancellor’s Pride, temporarily drove back the Federated Suns forces.  Driving forward the Lucian Davion supported by Hydra Squadron forced the Chancellor’s Pride to vacate the system though at a cost of three DropShips to the Hydra squadron.  This was offset by the capture of the CCSS Shen Zhen, a Kuan-Ti class Assault DropShip, from the Capellans and the Federated Suns offered to sell them a Conquistador-class Troop/Command DropShip at a discounted price.  Though the Medusans did not need the vessel’s massive transport capabilities Rear Admiral Henry H. Harwood, commander of the Hydra squadron had other plans for the vessel and the Medusans accepted the offer, the Illustrious was quickly added to Hydra’s TO&E.

   During the time with the Federated Suns the unit evolved to two full squadrons with the Belfast, a Sub-capital cannon armed Arondight-class Pocket WarShip, two blockade runner variants of the Conquistador, the Cloud Errant, a Special Operations variant of the Gazelle-class DropShip, and the Act on Instinct, a Vampire II-class DropShip have all been added to the unit's TO&E.

By 3102 the unit has rebuilt to two full squadrons of DropShips including several Davion Pocket WarShip designs they have also added a Starlord-class JumpShip, an additional Mammoth-class Cargoship, three Aurora CV-class DropShips, two Aurora Tanker-class DropShips and two Overlord-class DropShips.  Medusan DropShips and aerospace fighters escorted AFFS ground troops to Minnacora in 3107.

During “peacetime” operations the Medusan squadrons are often deployed separately to critical systems of the Federated Suns Capellan March with Ziliang and Indicass often patrolled by their units which frees up FSN assets to patrol further afield.

When it comes to combat the Medusans prefer to be deployed together during operations with both Hydra and Basilisk Squadrons deployed against the same target isolating an element of enemy operations.  The unit prefers to attack in waves with Hydra striking first and being followed by Basilisk from a different angle while Aerospace Fighters and Small Craft often strike between these units assaulting from different angles keeping an enemy unprepared for the next attack.

The one thing the Medusans lack is a WarShip which Admirals Jellicoe, Harwood and Beatty have all approached the Federated Suns at different occasions attempting to purchase a vessel from the Succession State and have been rebuffed.  However in a universe with the number of active WarShips are there currently are in the Inner Sphere the Medusans know they are going to find themselves outclassed if they cannot purchase such ships.  Fortunately the Capellan Confederation’s WarShip fleet is small and relatively ineffective compared to other nations units.

Illustrious (Conquistador-class DropShip)
Although the vessel appears to be a standard Conquistador carrying the same weapons as the parent class internally the vessel has been largely gutted with the regular cargo of BattleMechs, Aerospace Fighters, armoured vehicles and infantry replaced with small craft bays and additional Battle Armour Marines.  While the vessel’s medical facilities have been maintained a Naval Comm Scanner has also been added adding additional capabilities to the vessel.

Command Squadron

   CO: Admiral John Jellicoe      Heart of Midlothian, Starlord-class JumpShip
   XO: Vice-Admiral Samantha Harrington
   7 Invader-class JumpShips
(Canterbury, Necromancer, Sutherland, Liberte, Nathan Hale, Lufti Djelil, Macedon)
   2 Quetzalcoatl-class JumpShips
      (Pluto, Pike)
   1 Scout-class JumpShip
   2 Model 97-Octopus tug - Technical Support
      Glasgow, Edinburgh
   2 Buccaneer-class Cargo Ships
   2 Mule-class Cargo Ships
   2 Mammoth-class Cargo Ship
   1 Behemoth-class Cargo Ship
   3 Aurora CV-class DropShip
   2 Aurora Tanker-class DropShip
        4 Monarch-class Liners
Hydra Assault Squadron: Many Heads Make Light Work

   Rear Admiral Henry H. Harwood      

   1st Division: Commodore Patricia Woodhouse
      Ajax (Fortress, Command), Cumberland (Fortress)    
   2nd Division: Captain Isabella Parry
      Petard (Kuan Ti), Prince George (Conquistador Blockade Runner)
   3rd Division: Captain Shaun Traphagen
      Illustrious (Conquistador), Belfast (Arondight SCC)
   Harpy Fighter Wing: Major Robin “The Greek” Demetriadis
   Minotaur Marine Battalion: Colonel Eric Vandercamp
      Starfire, Overlord-class DropShip
   Gargoyle BattleMech Battalion: Lt. Colonel Kenny White

Basilisk Assault Squadron: Winning the Staring Match

   Rear Admiral David Beatty

   1st Division: Captain Robin Ingles
      Victorious (Conquistador Blockade Runner), Skye’s Cinder [Aurora BA)
   2nd Division: Captain Robert Arbuthnot
      Acasta (Avenger), Active (Avenger)
   3rd Division: Captain Kirsten Tevez
      Cloud Errant (Gazelle SpecOps), Act on Instinct (Vampire II)
   Gryphon Fighter Wing: Major Lee “Big Wing” Mallory
   Manticore Marine Battalion: Lt Colonel Victor Ekenberg
      Jaureguiberry, Overlord-class DropShip
   Chimera BattleMech Battalion: Major Ezekiel Hazard
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For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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I wonder if the Medusans have ever considered a raid to borrow someone else's Warship.
Or just buy one using the WD as a broker or from the Sea Foxes. Money talks. ;D O0
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Another canon unit that's changed a bit and essentially become three different entities but it survives beyond its days in canon.

Gray Death Legion
   Ordered to Hesperus II in Early 3066 to help in the defence of the Defiance Industries plant from the Free Skye Movement troops the Gray Death Legion found itself attacked as they assembled near the Glengarry Spaceport.  Forced into the wilderness by two regiments of the Tikonov Republican Guard, who had joined Free Skye, the Legion lost Lt Colonel Lori Kalmer-Carlyle in the opening engagements, the loss of their commander so early was a devastating blow however they were boosted soon after as Lori’s husband and founder of the Gray Death Legion Baron von Glengarry Grayson Death Carlyle came out of retirement to save his world and his Regiment from destruction.

This morale boost was short lived however when Grayson was also killed by the Tikonov Guard forces and the Legion looked ready to break but Alexander Carlyle arrived with a company of warriors from the First Royal Guards RCT to assist his command.  Although he was AWOL from the LAAF Alex took command of the Legion without a challenge and immediately threw himself and the Legion at the Free Skye Forces driving them back off Glengarry and then assisted the Lyran Military in ending the Free Skye threat.

Following this crisis the regiment returned to Glengarry and said a proper good-bye to their founders and began to look to the future as Alex Carlyle was dismissed from Lyran Military service and became the full time commander of the Legion during this time they also merged with the Denebolah Warriors Mercenary Command and celebrated Alex’s marriage to Samantha Logan the Warriors CO.

   At the very end of 3072 Alexander Carlyle contacted the Lyran Alliance High Command and informed them that the Gray Death Legion was now prepared for duty with the Lyran Alliance and should they not need their services then the Legion would travel to Outreach to look for a contract within a week the LAAF had found them an assignment and by early 3073 they were on the Marian Hegemony/Duchy of Tamarind-Abby border on the former Cirincus Federation world Baltazar III acting as the Lyran’s primary unit in the area holding the newly claimed Cirincus Federation worlds.

   In 3074 after fighting off several Marian Hegemony probes and a heavy raider force the Gray Death Legion were due to be replaced on Baltazar III by Lyran House troops however they were a month late.  The Lyrans gift four modified C-MK-O Malak OmniMechs, a design found at the secret factory on Baltazar III, these Mechs lack the C3i systems and use a regular cockpit instead of the original designs small cockpit.  These four OmniMechs are far more advanced than anything the Legion have, and they become the first unit to field them in the Inner Sphere.  During the rebuilding on Glengarry the Battle Armour Company was expanded to a full battalion of suits mostly Bruce Assault Armour, and Lyran made quad Rottweiler designs.  The Fighter wing was also increased to a full wing.

   In early 3079 Samantha Logan-Carlyle gave birth to a baby daughter Dana Lori Carlyle on Glengarry at the Legion’s main base.  At the same time around half the Gray Death Legion agreed to take a contract with the Star League Defence Force for one year in training duties with the local forces of the Star League Protectorate.  The first time a Gray Death Legion command has taken a contract outside the Lyran realm since the beginning of the Fourth Succession War.

   On returning to Glengarry in 3080 Colonel Alexander Carlyle was invited to the Kelswa Family residence on Skye.  There Alex was offered a contract with the Isle of Skye helping train the new Training Battalions with his Gray Death Legion acting as opposing forces on individual Battalion basis.  Alex accepted to contract his Battalions out to the Isle of Skye one at a time for the entire year while keeping at least three units on Glengarry for defence.

   One of the Legion’s Battalions was on La Blon a few months later when the Draconis Combine launched an assault against the world.  In any situation one battalion against a full DCMS Regiment would surely be long odds however the attacking unit was the Sixth Sword of Light and only newly formed the experienced Legion troops were able to force the Sword of Light Regiment straight back to their DropShips.  Unfortunately a second DCMS regiment arrived in the system just days later forcing the Gray Death to retreat.

   During the unit's extended deployment along the Jade Falcon border in 3094 they test several squads of Gray Death Infiltrator Suits for Gray Death Industries.   By 3100 they had been rotated to the Wolf border shoring up Lyran defences.  During one such raid against the Wolves three battalions of ground forces led a Lyran attack but the mission cost the Legion Alexander Carlyle and his wife Samantha who were killed during the fighting.

   The Legion continued to be rotated onto the Wolf front over the next three years however when Baroness Dana Carlyle was captured by Clan Wolf the remaining two battalions of the command rotated back to Glengarry.  The Legion remained on Glengarry licking their wounds and lobbying the Lyran Command to allow them to attack the Wolves to try and rescue Dana who was confirmed to be alive within the Wolf Empire.  Dana gained her freedom from Clan Wolf in 3104 and chose to sell the unit to the Brewer family of Hesperus II distancing her from the mercenary life.  The unit continues to train with the Carlyle Family Guard, and many members of the Legion have served in the Guard, but the unit is now based on Hesperus II with a third Battalion of heavy and assault Mechs added to the unit’s roster by the Brewer family.

Gray Death Legion    3 Battalions       Veteran      Colonel Michael Rosenburg

Saint Malo Invader-class JumpShips, 6 DropShips, 100% Tech Support

Carlyle Family Guard   

   The unit was formed in 3104 after the Gray Death Legion were sold to the Brewer family of Hesperus II.  They are based on Glengarry with the sole purpose of protecting the Carlyle family.  The unit often trains with the Gray Death Legion and Glengarry Militia so it has not lost its elite Status.  As part of an agreement with the Brewer family members of the Guard can apply for positions within the Gray Death Legion while members of the Legion can also request a transfer back to the Guard.

   Baroness Dana Carlyle officially owns and commands the family guard but while she is a qualified battle armour operator she has chosen not to involve herself in the day to day running of the unit instead trusting it to Colonel Craig Boyd.  The battalion strong family guard uses four companies of BattleMechs, Armoured Vehicles and Battle Armour with a company of each type and one mixed company of BattleMechs and vehicles armed with artillery weapons.  All of the Guard’s units are post-3050 designs with two using Clan weaponry.  All four of the Legion’s Malak OmniMechs were retained by the family guard despite attempts by Defiance Industries to gain the OmniMechs.  The Guard also has six aerospace fighters, two per DropShip, and these are used exclusively for DropShip/JumpShip defence. 

When Carlyle sold the Legion she retained one of the unit’s JumpShips and three of the DropShips.  As the Family Guard does not need all of these assets these are often utilized to increase Glengarry’s trade with nearby worlds which has increased the Baroness’ standing with the local population.  The JumpShip is often utilized by Gray Death Industries to deliver its products to customers who are willing to pay.

Carlyle Family Guard    Reinforced Battalion      Elite      Colonel Craig Boyd
Persephone Invader-class JumpShip, 3 Union-class DropShips (Dirk, Loris, Pele) 100% Tech Support

Other facilities
Gray Death Industries
In late 3063 Defiance Industries of Hesperus II proposed a deal with Grayson Death Carlyle over the ownership rights to the Legion’s unique Battle Armour which have become popular with many mercenary units.  Apparently Grayson countered this with a proposal of his own suggesting that Defiance and the Gray Death Legion go into business together and build a Battle Armour Factory on Glengarry.

   In Mid 3064 Gray Death Industries Factory opened on Glengarry, the factory owned by Defiance but all staff and designs patterned and owned by the Gray Death Legion with profits split equally 50-50.  The first Battle Armour produced at this plant is expected in 3065 and will be available to all Mercenaries before House Units due to the Contract deal between Grayson and Defiance.  Gray Death Industries also lobbied to build a unique Battle Armour for the Lyran military but were beat out by competitors.

In 3072 Gray Death Industries, a Battle Armour Production Plant run by former Gray Death Legion warriors, on Glengarry produced the Bruce Assault Battle Armour suit in a joint effort with Cosara Weaponries of Northwind.  The Gray Death Legion instantly received two platoons of the new suit which went a long way to shoring up the Gray Death Legion’s TO&E. 

   When Baroness Dana Carlyle chose to sell the Gray Death Legion to the Brewer Family she retained her family’s stake in Gray Death Industries and in 3109 convinced Defiance Industries to sell her the other half of the business with an agreement that anything developed by Gray Death Industries in the future would be shared with Defiance Industries at a discounted market price.  The factory has continued to work under Dana’s control selling Battle Armour to the LCAF, the SLDF and to mercenary forces throughout Lyran space.  For an additional price the Carlyle Family’s JumpShip can transport a delivery directly to the unit purchasing their products.

Produced by Gray Death Industries
Gray Death Standard Battle Armour
Gray Death Scout Battle Armour
Gray Death Heavy Battle Armour
Bruce Assault Battle Armour – shared production with Corsara Weaponaries of Northwind
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Not ever merc unit is a success story

Broken Sword

   Colonel Harold Kerr, formerly of the First Chisholm's Raiders, formed the Broken Sword Mercenary Regiment following the Varnay Crisis staffing the command with personnel who hated what the Federated Suns had become under the leadership of First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion.  During the early years Harold Kerr kept his command together through sheer force of personality, or the force of his fists.

   Immediately after leaving Federated Suns service they signed a three year deal with the Rousset-Marik Alliance requesting a posting to Van Dieman IV so they can have the possibility of combat against the AFFS.  The command remained in the Free Worlds League following the expiry of their contract first working for the Regulan Fiefs and then the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth.   Before accepting a contract with the Isle of Skye in 3090 during which they participated in an Isle of Skye attack on Clan Wolf in 3091.  The attack cost the unit a Battalion of troops and Colonel Harold Kerr who was ripped from his BattleMech’s cockpit by Wolf Elementals in a swarm attack.  Unable to take a contract with the Federated Suns and unwilling to turn to either the Draconis Combine or Capellan Confederation and with the Free Worlds League offering low rates of payment the regiment resigned on with the Isle of Skye for another five years which took them through to 3100.  Unfortunately the power vacuum caused by Kerr’s death led to another battalion abandoning the command during the duration of the contract.  With the disruptive elements gone from his command Lt Colonel Robert Foucault was able to complete the Isle of Skye contract without further losses to his personnel.

   With only two combined-arms battalions remaining the Broken Sword were unable to command higher payment rates from any of the succession states without accepting front-line combat assignments directly raiding the Clans.  Instead Foucault travelled to Galatea Station after consulting with several of the negotiators there and agreed a contract with the Lothian League who was offering the rates the Broken Sword expected for garrison and cadre missions.

   Unfortunately during the first five year term in the Lothian League the two combined-arms battalions of the Broken Sword were on separate worlds for almost the entire duration of their contract leading to a further break in the command as the Broken Sword and Gladius Battalions emerged from the ashes of the command with Lt Colonel Foucault’s Broken Sword remaining within the Lothian League (they are now little more than Lothian troops garrisoning Paulinus) and Gladius leaving Lothian territory to join the ranks of the Marian Hegemony after being offered massive money deals for their equipment and loyalty.

Broken Sword   Veteran      Combined Arms Battalion    Lt Colonel Robert Foucault
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Created by Wrangler

The Thunder Road

Commander:      Colonel John R. Wrangler

   Supported Marik-Stewart forces on Brodon in 3092.  They fought on Emris IV in 3094 against Principality of Regulus forces while under contract with the Oriente Protectorate.  In the Emris IV raid they destroyed the Tenth Regulan Hussars Regiment and captured a production run of WHD-10CT Warhammer BattleMechs for the Oriente Protectorate.  As part of their payment the Thunder Road received two of the captured Warhammers.

   They then moved onto the world of Bowang in early 3095 accepting a contract to train Bowang defences and assist in raiding operations that also netted them a small land hold in the form of a run-down fire-base on Bowang near the capital.  In 3100 they accepted a second contract with the District of Bowang this one described as an ‘open ended’ contract with Bowang on a year long basis.  Under the contract Bowang or the mercenaries must give a year’s notice on termination of the contract should either decide they wish to end the association between the two.

   By 3109 this contact has been renewed nine times and neither Bowang nor the mercenaries seem interested in ending the association.  The Thunder Road have added a Light BattleMech company, additional infantry security forces and a company of fuel cell combat vehicles.  The infantry and vehicles primarily are used on Bowang to guard the Thunder Road’s dependents and the expanded facilities the unit have built there.  There is a continued rumour that The Thunder Road will become House troops belonging to the District of Bowang but Colonel Wrangler has continually refused these claims.

   Each year of the unit’s contact brings a new world, more recently Thrace on the periphery border, the Thunder Road typically spends a month learning all they can about a planet then they act as an OppFor for the defenders in training exercises often with part of the Thunder Road assigned to the defenders forces to help guide them on their best practices.

   During the course of a contract up to a company of the Thunder Road’s warriors can be assigned to Bowang either on medical leave or taking personal time to ensure his unit is never short of pilots Colonel Wrangler has hired an additional companies worth of warriors who officially do not have BattleMechs instead they fill in if other members of the unit are on leave or otherwise missing.

   Hiring local support has brought the Thunder Road up to full support status while warehouses on Bowang have enough spare parts to allow the Thunder Road to rebuild any of their BattleMechs almost from scratch though it is believed they lack the resources, facilities or expertise to construct full BattleMechs.

   On Bowang and not listed as part of the unit’s combat assets are four ultra-light BattleMechs purchased from the Twin Sons system which are used for training future members of the Regiment.  A full school programme has been established for the unit’s dependants on Bowang.

   The unit has access to only a single Overlord-class DropShip, Stonewall, which means if they choose to leave Bowang service and the district order them to abandon their firebase they will have nowhere near enough transport assets to remove all of their equipment and personnel.

Thunder Road – Regular - Reinforced BattleMech Batalion
Command Company – Colonel John Wrangler Thunder Hawk Assault Mech.
      A reinforced heavy/assault company with fifteen BattleMechs

Heavy Company – Major James Wilson
      12 Assault Machines

Flanker Company – Captain Allison Carlyle
      12 Jump capable Heavy Mechs.  Captain Carlyle is no relation to the Gray Death Legion's Carlyles and takes it as a personal offence should she be compared to them.

   Light Company – Captain Jessica Ridley
      12 Light BattleMechs all capable of a minimum of 100kph

Infantry Company – Captain Roland DeBaku
   1 company of unarmoured infantry – security for the facilities of Bowang.  The unit has recruited heavily from Bowang’s population but is completed trusted by the Thunder Road.
   1 platoon of Battle Armour troopers – all Inner Sphere designs

Vehicle Company – Captain Enrique Neu
   12 Fuel Cell Powered Combat Vehicles – assigned to Bowang in defence of the firebase and other facilities.

Stonewall, Overlord-class DropShip

   The unit has a firebase, training facilities, accommodation for their dependants and support assets on Bowang.  As part of the training facilities there are four ultra-light BattleMechs.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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That's cool write up!  8) I hadn't thought i see the unit again with profile. I was hoping the regiment opened a bar / restraunt on their base called the Road House where Rowdy members blew steam with the locals.  ;D

Thank you again keeping this little touch of vanity of mine in your universe!! In your saga of Battletech!
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Well any things possible in this AU
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Really enjoying reading these.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Anyone who hasn't visited OBT while this website was on the fritz has missed out here's some more merc units from my AU

McCarron’s Armoured Calvary
   Mercenary command or House unit?  The recent history of the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry has been dominated by this question.  When the brigade joined the Capellan Confederation it was thought that the unit’s storied mercenary past was behind it but the brigade was slowly whittled down and forced into a merger with other Capellan Cavalry units until the unit’s identity was beginning to fade.

   That changed in 3075 when a group of officers deeply loyal to the McCarron family and to the unit’s history chose to act to save the command by tearing it from the Capellan Confederation and putting it back into the mercenary trade and the hands of the McCarron Family.  With assistance from the AFFS a little more than a regiment of the command escaped the Confederation signing a contract with the Federated Suns as a mercenary command registering with the MRBC in 3076 with Colonel Elizabeth McCarron taking command.

   Looking for a change in 3082 the unit agreed a new five year contract with the Lyran Commonwealth garrisoning the former Free Worlds League borders.  Their contract went off largely without incident until the end when Elizabeth accepted a side contract with the Interstellar Expeditions organization.  The unit travelled to the dead world of Haddings which was destroyed during the Second Succession War.  On the planet they find a cache of equipment from Light Particle Cannons, advanced armour plates and electronics enough to upgrade a Battalion of forces.  On the world they also encounter an unknown force who used white BattleMechs including one massive BattleMech that is well over 100 tons.  The McCarron's force escaped from the planet with the majority of the equipment.

   In 3087 they agreed a contract with the MRBC to defend Galatea and the Hiring Halls Elizabeth McCarron ensured it would be a short contract since she wanted to see her unit in combat maintaining its experience and reputation.  During this short contract the Armoured Cavalry split into two Regiments of two battalions each taking a step towards reclaiming their position as one of the premier mercenary brigades of the Inner Sphere.   Within a year later the unit's position on Galatea was secured as the MRBC renewed their contract and gave them a land grant on the world despite Elizabeth’s misgivings about being tied to Galatea the base was good for the unit.  With the First secure on Galatea the Second McCarron's Regiment accepted a contract defending Bowie Industries on Wyatt.

   Continuing to take contracts in 3089 they countered a Free Worlds League push into the New Kyoto system of the Lyran Commonwealth.  Following the death of Angel Bodez Elizabeth McCarron re-took command of the two units essentially merging the Second unit with the First while continuing to fight back against the Marik-Stewart forces.

   After major rioting on Galatea in 3091 Elizabeth McCarron decided to withdraw her forces from Galatea abandoning their land hold in favour for retreating back within the Federated Suns seeking Faith Steiner for assistance with a new contract for the unit.  In 3092 after months of jumping through uninhabited systems they reached New Avalon accepting a contract with the Federated Suns to check through the uninhabited star systems throughout the Crucis March for internal threats to the Federated Suns a contract with little chance of heavy combat and a chance for the Cavalry to regain their feet.  After months of escort duty the unit was ambushed by a very well equipped pirate force retreating to Point Barrow the unit had lost more than two lances of Mechs and had severe damage to several others.  In response Elizabeth McCarron requested that the AFFS High Command move her unit to a combat assignment as her unit had become complacent.

   In 3095 Leftenant Ariana Steiner, daughter of the famous Clan War Hero and Federated Suns Marshal of Armies Reinhart Steiner, joined the command piloting her father's Warhawk OmniMech.  She fought her first battle with the unit in 3096 in a raid on Small World.  However in 3100 Elizabeth McCarron was killed when a raid on Helen in the Draconis Combine went wrong and Elizabeth had to fight a rearguard action.

Following their regrouping in the Federated Suns her husband Malcolm Hague inherited command of the unit taking the rank of Lt Colonel he stated that until his son came of age the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry would not have a Colonel and that in future generations the rank was exclusively reserved to members of the McCarron family in honour of his wife.  While other officers could raise to command the mercenary unit only descendants of the McCarron line could become Colonels commanding the regiments of the brigade.   In Elizabeth’s will Ariana Steiner was named as one of Grant McCarron’s guardians charged with supporting Malcolm Hague in raising the child much to Ariana’s surprise.

   Later in 3108 they were forced from Ozawa and then attacked on Ronel by the DCMS repelling the attack with the Second Robinson Rangers RCT.  Following these twin battles Colonel Hague requested a posting off the front-lines so the unit could rebuild further.  In early 3109 their request was approved and the unit was transported to the Capellan March manufacturing world of Warlock and given the choice of equipment on the world at manufacturing prices.

   Based on Warlock the McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry have again reformed their Second Regiment showing their desire to see the brigade reborn.  The Second McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry are only a combined-arms regiment in strength but are growing in strength daily.  The unit’s commander newly promoted Lt. Colonel Drake Calhoun has stated he intends on taking his unit out of the Federated Suns to diversify the Armoured Cavalry’s customer base and experiences.

   The McCarron’s Armoured Cavarly are a fast moving unit with primarily heavy rated units which mix speed and firepower to put an enemy on edge.  Unfortunately fighting against the Draconis Combine and their heavy use of C3 grids has put the unit at a disadvantage time and time again resulting in losses that should have been victories.

   To combat these losses in rebuilding the Armoured Cavalry have bought multiple assault BattleMechs from the factories on Warlock and refitted units in every lance with ECM suites to combat C3 equipped units.

   The rebuild regiments are dominated by Federated Suns designs with a sprinkling of units originating from across the Inner Sphere with the Capellan designs dating back to the unit’s house unit status and the other nations examples of battlefield salvage or that bought during their time on Galatea.

The McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry have preferred status within the Federated Suns, a holdover from the time when Reinhart and Faith Steiner support the command, meaning that they have access to AFFS technical support during their contracts.  As a result much of the unit’s native support has been assigned to the Second Regiment as it prepares to head towards its first contract.  The Armoured Cavalry have enough DropShips to transport their entire command but only have two Invader-class JumpShips of their own having sold other ships to free up funds to rebuild to their current strength.

1st McCarron's Armoured Cavalry             Lt Colonel Malcolm Hague
   1st McCarron’s BattleMech Regiment (2 Batts)      Lt Colonel Malcolm Hague
1st McCarron’s Armour Battalion         Major Vince Freeman
1st McCarron’s Infantry Battalion         Major Danny Albert
1st McCarron’s Special Forces Battalion (Battle Armour) Major Cathleen Stark
1st McCarron’s Air Wing            Major Lou-Adriane Grojean

   Lt. Colonel Malcolm Hague – Battlemaster – he is formerly a member of the Eridani Light Horse and was married to Elizabeth McCarron before her death.  He took command of the unit in 3100 and declared that only members of the unit descendant from the McCarron line could hold the rank of Colonel.

   Major Ariana Steiner b. 17th June 3070. Warhawk
   Twin of Richard Steiner, a Colonel in the AFFS, and the daughter of Reinhart and Faith Steiner.  She joined the command in 3095 to escape New Avalon and get away from the loss of her parents; following their death in the vehicle she drove.  She brought with her the Warhawk piloted by her father during the Clan War.  In mid-3096 she was promoted to the rank of Captain despite Elizabeth McCarrons misgivings about her stability after several questionable decisions.  Following Elizabeth’s death in 3100 she became a guardian to Grant McCarron an announcement that surprised her.

   Grant McCarron b. 2nd April 3091 – he was born on Galatea.  In 3108 he became a MechWarrior for the Regiment when he fought against the Draconis Combine on Ozawa taking control over a Bandersnatch BattleMech.

2nd McCarron’s Armoured Cavalry
Combined-arms Regiment/Veteran            Lt Colonel Drake Calhoun
2nd McCarron’s BattleMech Battalion         Major Eric Daniels
   2nd McCarron’s Armour Battalion         Major Sawyer Fredricks
2nd McCarron's Infantry Battalion         Major Cassie Drier
2nd McCarron’s Battle Armour Company      Lt Colonel Drake Calhoun

Lt Colonel Drake Calhoun
A veteran of many of the Armoured Cavalry’s battles before and after leaving Capellan Confederation service he commands the unit from his Infiltrator III Heavy Battle Armour suit at the head of the Elite Battle Armour Company as often as he does the unit’s specialist command vehicle.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Update for this unit originally provided by DOC_Argen I've updated the original unit thread as well but this is where I'm going to put all the merc units so it's all in the same place.

Original unit

Korbin’s Kommandos (Update)

During the 3100s the Korbin's Kommandos became very adapt at putting out brush fires in the depths of the Lyran Commonwealth helping control the numbers of raiders, criminals and hostile enemy elements from penetrating the nation while Lyran House units and larger mercenary units continued to hold the border worlds.  The Kommandos were the Lyrans primary force operating behind the lines in the Lyran's battles with the Brotherhood of Cirinnatus being the primary force that led to the destruction of the rogue Lyrans in 3103 the Kommandos lost more than half of their infantry platoons, four combat vehicles and three BattleMechs.

The losses taken against the Brotherhood saw the Kommandos laid up over 3104 and 3105 as Burt Korbin recruited new officers and enlisted and purchased new combat units.  Several of the new Mechs were actually advanced OmniMechs purchased from the Lyran Commnand as they retired them for newer Mechs.  During this time Korbin also chose to completely remove the standard infantry troopers investing in Battle Armour upgrades for all the unit's infantry.  This has seen the numbers of Battle Armour double within the Kommandos with the Hammerfall modified to accomodate the additional units losing some of its vehicle bays.  While several of the original Infantry Strike Company balked at upgrading to Battle Armour units Korbin was the first to point out for special operations they didn't need to use the heavy clumbersome suits.

Ready for combat in 3106 the Kommandos were sent to Arcadia where they assisted in repulsing a Clan Wolf raid losing several BattleMechs but claiming a Summoner OmniMech, a Puma OmniMech and several weapon upgrades.  In these battles the Kommandos new Battle Armour units proved their worth fighting against Clan Wolf.  Later in that same year the Kommandos took part in several raids against Clan Wolf's territory being paired with an Invader-class JumpShip the Willow Queen.  These raids were generally successful with each time the mercenary command unsettling the Wolves but also losing units with Korbin forced to replace units with what was made available leading to the vehicles becoming more and more standardized with Manticores and Myrmidons dominating the vehicle ranks while the Kommandos first VTOL craft were added four Aeron Strike VTOLs providing limited close air support when the aerospace fighters were busy while a second Mobile Long Tom Artillery vehicle was also added.

In 3107 the command accepted a one year contract out of the Lyran Commonwealth moving into the Endvynn Province on the Lyran periphery.  Some suspect the unit agreeing to this contract was actually a Lyran Intelligence Operation but truth be told no-one knows for certain.  During their contract the Kommandos helped repulse several raiders from pirate bands and the nearby Clan Fire Mandrill in Rim Collection territory before returning to Lyran territory taking up station on Westerstede in 3108.  They remained there until the Jade Falcon invasion in late 3109 when they engaged some of the Falcon's newest "Bird-Mechs" during the defence of the world.

Under the command of Col Burt Korbin

Fortess Dropship - Hammerfall
   11 Mechs
      1 Avatar Artillery Mech
      1 Hauptmann OmniMech
      2 Warhammer 9D (C)
      1 Summoner OmniMech
      1 Thunderbolt 5SE (C)
      1 Stealth OmniMech
      1 Phoenix (C)
      1 Wolfhound 2
      1 Talon
      1 Puma OmniMech
   4 heavy Combat Vehicles
      4 Manticore
   12 light Combat Vehilces
      12 Myrmidon     
    6 Battle Armour Platoons

Assault Triumph - Knightwatch
   16 heavy Combat Vehicles
      1 Hi-Scout Drone Carrier
      2 Mobile Long Tom
      2 Schiltron
      2 Manticore
      4 Alacorn
      3 Partisan Air Defense Tank
      1 Partisan Lance Command
      1 Musketeer TAV
   12 light Combat Vehilces
      2 Chaparral
      4 Myrmidon
      4 Aeron Strike VTOL
      2 Maxim infantry variant
   6 Fighters
      2 Eisensturm A
      2 ThunderBird D36
      2 F95 Stingray
   6 Mech
      1 Wolverine 8D
      1 Zeus 9s Dual Cockpit
      1 Rampage 4G
      1 Viking 2G
      1 Pillager 3Z
      1 Thug 11eb
   6 Battle Armour Platoons

Union - Pit Bull
   9 Mechs
      1 Battlemaster 1Gc upgrade with Clan Tech weapons
      1 Falconer
      1 TMP-3M2 "Stormtempest"
      1 Stromcrow OmniMech
      1 Bushwacker
      1 Pack Hunter
      1 Rattlesnake
      1 Nighthawk
      1 Owens OmniMech
   2 Fighters
      2 Eagle EGL-R9
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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With the main site seemingly down again I decided to complete the write up for another unit that is down on it's luck but one with a famous name.

Brotherhood of Randis

   Although the original Brotherhood was folded into Clan Nova Cat’s Touman when the world joined the Nova Cat’s Den a select group of warriors chose to keep their Brotherhood together within the three Brotherhood Clusters formed on the renamed world of Hope.

   In 3080 things came to a head for these warriors and they attempted a coup de etat on Hope wiping out a Nova Cat Cluster in the process.  Knowing Clan Nova Cat would not stand for this Grand Knight Amy Frews grand-daughter of previous Grand Knight Galahad Frews, the one who had sparked the rebellion with her return, abandoned Hope with a dozen of her closest allies leaving the remaining troops and Hope for its fate.

   By 3090 the unit had made its way to Astrokaszy where they defended several of the tribes on the world for several years before Amy Frews decided that the unit needed to move from Astrokaszy or be swallowed up by the constant civil war there.

   In 3094 the unit landed on Lindassa in the Lothian League where they accepted a private contract to defend the world from external threats.  Unfortunately their time on Astrokaszy had taken its toll on the unit and only twelve of the original fifteen Clan BattleMechs remained operational with several of them modified with Inner Sphere technology.

   Six years of garrison duty on Lindassa has seen the unit further whittled down with now only ten of the original BattleMechs operational and only eight of the original Brotherhood warriors who followed Amy Frews.  To supplement the unit’s forces Frews sold the wreckage of the lost BattleMechs to the Twin Sons system in the Free Worlds League gaining five of the Twin Sons Ultra-Light BattleMechs and a company of armoured vehicles all of which are piloted by natives to Lindassa nearly a battalion strong infantry unit under the direct control of the Lindassa government also defend the world.

Grand Knight Amy Frews
   Amy Frews is beginning to feel her age with the aches and pains caused by being on the run from Nova Cat hunting parties for ten years while she tried (and failed) to drum up support to retake Randis (Hope), another four on Astrokaszy and the last six on Lindassa she knows she has failed to live up to her name or the Brotherhood’s legacy or her famous name.  With her original supporters being killed one-by-one in pointless skirmishes depression has also struck the Brotherhood’s current commander.

   Frews has spoken several times of leading the Brotherhood on one final quest away from Lindassa and return the unit to it’s routes fighting for communities in need and prosecuting those who cause harm to the innocent but in her current state few believe this will ever happen.   

Brotherhood of Randis      8 BattleMechs, 5 Ultra Light BattleMechs, 12 Combat vehicles
   Grand Knight Amy Frews
   The main unit is equipped with eight Clan BattleMechs of medium to heavy class.  Most have replaced some of their weapons with Inner Sphere equivalents due to battle loss.  Supporting the BattleMechs are five ultra-light BattleMechs which are used to support the main unit’s BattleMechs and attack vehicles or mass attack enemy Light BattleMechs.

Transport            1 Union C-class DropShip, 1 Invader-class JumpShip
   The unit’s Union C has been nearly completely stripped of Clan weapons and had them replaced with Inner Sphere equivalents these weapons have been sold on the black market to support the unit.  With the mercenary unit mostly based on Lindassa the DropShip Captain often hires on as independent transport for other units in the Lothian League.  The work does bring additional cash into the command but has also given the DropShip’s crew several ideas about their future away from Lindassa.

The unit’s JumpShip now operates as an independent trader moving goods around the Lothian League and into the Free Worlds League while loyal to the unit the JumpShip is rarely available for immediate use by the Brotherhood.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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This was not originally one of my units this unit was originally made by Terrace and adopted into my AU

The Junkyard Dogs

   The unit was formed in 3091 following heavy fighting with Clan Jade Falcon the Junkyard Dogs are a raiding unit which most often paints their Mechs in a gunmetal Gray with fake rust patches.  The MechWarriors hail from four different units while the DropShip used to run cargo along the border before their parent company was captured on the world of Antares.
        A botched raid in 3093 on Koniz resulted in the loss of Stanley Wrigley's Bushwacker.  On returning to Arc Royal the unit was able to purchase a non-standard Stealth STH-6X which the Lyran Commonwealth had been experimenting on.

   In 3094 and 3095 the unit took part in several assaults into the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone each time escaping by the skin of their teeth often with their BattleMechs badly damaged but repairable.  Over the course of the year both the Maelstorm and Black Hawk KU were refitted with Clan technology making the Junkyard Dogs more effective.

   In 3096 the unit took some R&R on Noisel, known for its BattleMech sized games of skill and chance, there after five years of flirtations Brian Coulson proposed to and married Captain Svetlana Gritsenko the commander of the unit’s DropShip, Dog House.  Spending nearly six months on the Niosel the Junkyard Dogs modified the Dog House with the help of the Chaos Irregulars Tech Support converting the Aerospace Fighter Launch facilities into a fifth BattleMech cubicle and expanding the passenger quarters to support the unit.  With the additional space Brian Coulson brought on Stephanie Worchester in her personal Vulcan II BattleMech which she’d brought all the way from the Free Worlds League’s Regulan Hussars.  With the Vulcan II able to keep up with Wrigley’s Stealth they now make up the unit’s heavy scout element with the Vulcan II modified to carry a Clan Active Probe matching the one on the Stealth.

   With the lance reinforced Captain Brian Coulson accepted a Lyran Commonwealth contract to raid Stone Spirit space.  The contract began with a raid against the bandit clansmen on the former pirate world of The Rack in 3097 in which the Junkyard Dogs destroy several defending vehicles and supplies disrupting the Stone Spirits control over the world.  It was on The Rack that Worchester gained her call sign “Eyes” after she spotted an incoming Stone Spirit BattleMech force.

   The Junkyard Dogs raids against the Stone Spirits continued through 3097 through until 3099 when double tragedy struck the unit.  First on the eve of battle against the Stone Spirits Svetlana Coulson suffered a miscarriage with her first child by Brian Coulson and then on the world of Jibbet Lucas Jameson was killed in action as his Maelstorm was gutted in combat and Brian Coulson’s Timber Wolf was badly damaged in the following retreat.

   Exercising an escape clause in their contract the Junkyard Dogs returned to Niosel where Brian Coulson tried to pull his unit and relationship back together.  By the time the unit arrived on Niosel Brian and Svetlana were sleeping separately and barely talking following the pain of losing their child and a valued friend in Lucas Jameson.  On Niosel Captain Svetlana Coulson severed her ties with the unit abandoning the Junkyard Dogs signing up with The Howling Valkyries Mercenary Command who were heading for garrison duty along with Wolf border of the Lyran Commonwealth.  The Junkyard Dogs themselves remained on Niosel for the next six months seeing out 3099 on the world competing in several of the games on the planet during this time MechWarrior Stan Kaufman was brought into the unit along with his PRF-1R Prefect BattleMech as Coulson tried to replace the lost Maelstorm with a BattleMech of similar capabilities.

   In January 3101 the Junkyard Dogs finally were ready to accept a contract when word came to Niosel that The Howling Valkyries had been wiped out on Autumn Wind and that the prisoners were all being placed in POW camps on the world.  Instead of taking a contract Brian Coulson announced he was going to Autumn Wind to rescue anyone who had survived the fighting and rescue his estranged wife.  The Junkyard Dogs moved across the Commonwealth hooking up with two other small mercenary commands including Millie’s Marauders they launched their own independent assault on the planet on 12th September 3101.  The mercenaries hit in waves attacking from different vectors which cumulated in the complete destruction of a Wolf Cluster and the rescue of nearly one hundred survivors including Svetlana Coulson, the majority of her crew and some others, a captured Union C-class DropShip and a Shadow Cat II BattleMech recruiting Gwen Kielyr a former Howling Valkyrie warrior to the command.  With Svetlana Coulson once again agreeing terms with the Junkyard Dogs they named the DropShip the Dog House II after their lost Leopard the Junkyard Dogs and headed back into the Lyran Commonwealth this time turning towards Galatea Station to look for a new contract.

   During a brief spell on Galatea Station which saw the unit see in the New Year there before accepting a contract with the Erdvynn Province on the Lyran border hunting down pirates in a three year contract that they hoped would allow them to recover from the troubles on the Clan borders.  Arriving in June 3102 Brian Coulson was annoyed when the unit ended up on Garrison Duty of Monthey for nearly a year while Erdvynn claimed to lack a JumpShip capable of transporting them beyond the system.

        For the first time since their formation the Junkyard Dogs found themselves in the same place with little need to do anything but train and maintain their formation.  Brian Coulson was sure that this downtime would be the death of his unit believing that such a small unit like his needed to be constantly on the move and have a mission to make a difference but as it turned out their duty on the planet did the complete opposite.  During the year stuck on Monthey Coulson himself was able to repair his relationship with his wife and the two successfully brought their first child into the world Andrey Coulson, named for Svetlana’s father, while several other members of the unit began relationships and collectively the unit got over the losses of Lucas Jameson and of The Howling Valkyries.

        In November 3103 the Junkyard Dogs were finally able to secure transport off the world and go on a pirate hunt, the original intent of their contract, while the command were well within their rights to abandon the Edvynn Province due to the problems that had led to the unit being stranded on Monthey Brian Coulson announced that they would see out their contract and engage some of the raiders which had plagued other worlds while the unit was on Monethy.  Striking at a unnamed system the Junkyard Dogs found what remained of the Heart of Blake Mercenary Command a unit of former Word of Blake warriors who had been targeted by extremists in the Free Worlds League following the Manei Domini Crisis in the 3092 and gone rogue soon after disappearing from sight.  Finding the unit in the state it was in Brian Coulson decided to attack what remained of the command and in a nearly eight month long campaign the Junkyard Dogs attacked the larger command relying on their Clan technology to keep ahead of the rogue mercenaries before fading away and moving around the planet using their DropShip and then striking elsewhere.  When the Junkyard Dogs were finished with the Heart of Blake the rogue mercenaries were destroyed and the Junkyard Dogs had added two BattleMechs to their command, a Toyama and Gurkha.  Returning to Monthey and Brian Coulson decided to hire two locals from the world that had helped his unit heal to fill the two BattleMechs as Apprentice MechWarriors bringing the Junkyard Dogs to two lances in strength, double of that they were when the originally formed.

       By 3107 the newly expanded Junkyard Dogs had returned to Galatea Station and were ready for their next contract.  Looking for a change of pace and not relishing a return to the Clan borders the Junkyard Dogs accepted a contract that would take them back to their routes as a raiding force for the Federated Suns striking against the Draconis Combine.
In 3108 the Junkyard Dogs fought across the Draconis March raiding behind Draconis Combine lines and striking at the flanks of DCMS assault forces.

   The Junkyard Dogs do not participate in front-line assaults but as a rule do not accept garrison contracts.  Instead the unit attacks an enemy where they least expect them.  Unlike other units which try to act as a sword for an employer the Junkyard Dogs are knives that can be stabbed into an enemies rubs and twisted until they are felt.

   Generally in combat the two lances act separately from each other however Brian Coulson is comfortable commanding both units together.  If there are weaknesses to the mercenaries it is their lack of experience in working alongside conventional infantry and armoured forces and their complete lack of aerospace support.

   The Junkyard Dogs steady increase in strength has allowed their support to keep pace and as a result they can fully support their BattleMechs and equipment despite having a large amount of Clan technology for a unit of its size.

   As a Union C-class DropShip capable of transporting an entire trinary of BattleMechs the Dog House II is far too big for the unit’s eight BattleMechs as a result the top Mechbay is currently used to transport the unit’s dependents with a series of cargo containers turned into additional living quarters.  When the unit is on a planet the DropShip often contracts out as a bulk carrier ferrying cargo between systems to make extra cash for the unit.

Captain Brian Coulson
Brian Coulson’s force of personality brought the original four MechWarriors together and convinced a DropShip captain to sign on and support them on Arc Royal in 3091.  Eighteen years later Brian Coulson is still the glue that holds the unit together while his relationship with Captain Svetlana Coulson is one that shouldn’t work with two strong personalities in charge of the command and its transport that is the story of the unit’s existence with the Junkyard Dogs a unit brought together when other units failed.

The year on Monthey was unexpected but exactly what the Junkyard Dogs and what Brian Coulson needed after the years of raids against Clan targets and the losses the unit had taken during that time.  The time allowed Coulson to fix the cracks in his marriage and allowed his son Andrey to be born without the stresses of moving from contract to contract.  Every time Coulson speaks about the backwater world he does so in a very fond way.

Timber Wolf - Captain Brian "Terrace" Coulson
PRF-1R Prefect – MechWarrior Stan Kaufman
Black Hawk-KU - MechWarrior Sarah "Sticks" Wrigley
Toyama TYM-1A – Apprentice MechWarrior Marta Kamen

Stealth STH-6X - Lieutenant Stanley "Apple" Wrigley
Shadow Cat II – MechWarrior Gwen Kielyr
Vulcan II VCN-N3 – MechWarrior Stephanie “Eyes” Worchester
-   This BattleMech is from TRO3063 and replaces one Small Pulse Laser with a Clan ECM Suite.
Gurkha GUR-2R – Apprentice MechWarrior Sabine Vesprey

Captain Svetlana Coulson, Union C-class Dropship, Dog House II
   Andrey Coulson b. 5th July 3103
   He is the first child of Svetlana Coulson and Brian Coulson

The original unit
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Another canon unit that's been featured in the AU quite often

Hampton’s Hessens
Rebuilt from their previous near destruction during the Succession Wars the Hampton’s Hessens defended New Hessen in 3067 from an attack by Free Capella.  Hearing of this Field Marshal George Hasek hired them for a five year rolling contract with the Federated Suns Capellan March where they have remained for the last forty years.  When negotiating the contract General Kurt Festerling was able to win rights to station one regiment on New Hessen permanently during the contract allowing the Hessens to rotate their forces at their leisure.  Unlike other mercenary brigades that have been hired by the Federated Suns in the past the Hessens have avoided falling into debt with the Succession State and so remain completely independent of the AFFS command structure outside their contract.

   The unit is given generous prices on the Rook BattleMech developed by the New Hessen Mechworks facility.  Many of the original proof of concept Rooks which use primitive technology are deployed in the First New Hessen Irregulars while the New Hessen Armoured Scouts are receiving the newer advanced Rooks just recently developed by the factory.  With the Hessens as a constant customer the Mechworks have been looking at developing further designs including concepts of a light design for the Armoured Scouts.

   During their time under contract with the Federated Suns they expanded their Battle Armour units to an entire regiment being assigned to each unit with Federated Suns and Capellan designs dominating the ranks thanks to cut down prices in the Federated Suns and combat salvage against the Capellans.  Following the heavy fighting against the Capellan Confederation in 3103 the Second New Hessen Irregulars has overtaken the Armoured Scouts to be some of the best mercenary warriors on hire by the AFFS with the Second increasing in strength to near brigade levels all on their own.  They also have significant numbers of Capellan technology making them a good OppFor unit.

General Pat “Ton” Hampton
Following the retirement of General Kurt Festerling in 3103 General Pat “Ton” Hampton took command of the unit which bore his name an action that many thought was long overdue but a position that Hampton always knew would be his.  Hampton continues to hold each unit as part of the Federated Suns contract but as each unit has slowly increased to the size of a brigade there has been pressure from his sub-ordinates to allow the other units to break off and take their own contracts as the Wolf’s Dragoons and Northwind Highlanders did for decades.

Hampton has already declared on several occasions that New Hessen must be protected by one of their units regardless of the future of their units.  While dedicated to the mercenary brigade he also considers himself to be a patriot to the Federated Suns and more specifically New Hessen.  He hates everything that the Capellan Confederation stands for.

All three units operate independently of each other taking up positions along the Capellan Confederation border with the AFFS placing complete support in their capabilities and often them leading operations for AFFS LCTs.

The Armoured Scouts continue to hold onto speed as their primary friend with their aerospace forces specializing in close air support operations.  Their Support Battalion is a recent development with artillery and heavy long range missile load outs common among their BattleMechs and vehicles while the Battle Armour units are stealth specialists used for scout and infiltration.

The First Irregulars prefer close combat operations and being in the thick of the fighting.  Both the Mech Regiment and the Urban Defence Regiment are equipped with multiple heavy and assault loadouts.

The Second Regiment is now a full brigade in strength all on its own and is capable of matching nearly any Capellan unit they may be expected to fight.  The unit also has significant numbers of Capellan units making them the choice OppFor unit for AFFS units on the border.

The brigade can completely support their units during battle and with transport.  Many observers have noted that the mercenaries could add a fourth independent brigade if they so desired.

New Hessen Armoured Scouts Regiment   Elite      Colonel Fillippe Asaeu
Star Buccaneers   Wing            Elite      Colonel Melissa Broodah
Scouts Fire Support Battalion         Veteran      Major Damon Biemler
Scout’s Battle Armour Regiment         Elite      Colonel Katya Van Dees
   They were invited to participate in the Federated Suns assault against the Capellan Confederation in 3075, helped secure Byrant from Capellan Confederation forces.  In 3077 they assisted the Federated Suns in their assaults against the Capellan Confederation on Tall Trees.
   The unit assisted in the defence of Zurich in 3093.  They deployed off Sirdar in 3101 with two Syrtis Fusiliers LCTs to help rescue the Kathil Uhlans.

First New Hessen Irregulars Regiment      Veteran           Leftenant-General Murray William
1st Irregulars Aerospace Wing         Elite             Major Anamaria Marinca
128th New Hessen Urban Defence Regiment   Veteran             Colonel Peter Diamandis
1st Irregulars Battle Armour Regiment      Veteran             Colonel Malcolm Fitzgerald
   The First joined Wolf’s Dragoons in raiding Liao in 3074.  Joined in assaults on the Capellan Confederation in 3093 the unit was later recalled to New Hessen as both other units were deployed against the Confederation.

Second New Hessen Irregulars Regiment    Elite              General Pat ‘Ton’ Hampton
2nd Irregulars Aerospace Wing         Elite                 Major Tessa-Anne Wagner
2nd Irregulars OppFor Regiment         Veteran      Colonel Lealand Spade
2nd Irregulars Armoured Regiment      Veteran      Colonel Leonid Gritsenko
2nd Irregulars Battle Armour Regiment      Elite      Colonel Irina Morozova
    Based on Jacson in 3080 they are unable to stop a sniper assassinating the local AFFS appointed Governor.  The Sniper also eludes capture.  The unit was badly damaged in the retreat from Jacson in 3103 however all of its surviving troopers are considered to be the best in the Hampton’s Hessens.  The regiment has dozens of Capellan designs, made up of vehicles, BattleMech and Battle Armour suits, which are arranged in a single “OppFor” Regiment.  The unit assisted in attacks against Kaifeng in 3107 supporting units of the AFFS.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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I can't remember if this unit was made by someone or where it came from when the main forum come up I'll have a check

Millie's Marauders
   The unit was formed in 3094 by Millie Milovich, granddaughter of Susan Barber commander of the famed Barber's Marauders, and John G. Miller II, grandson of Grisson Miller the original founder of the unit.  With generous prices from the Wolf's Dragoons the unit was able to purchase a pair of Marauder II BattleMechs, one of which (Millie's ride) was upgraded to Clan technology.  Both Milovich and Miller share command of the unit working nearly seamlessly together.

   They defended Great X in 3093 from a Jade Falcon assault in conjunction with the Charlestown Chiefs mercenary command and like the Chiefs they were forced into retreat losing several personnel including all four of their Stronghold and their LRM trailers which were left on the world.  By 3105 they had replaced all four Stronghold trailers and added four more all of which have been purchased from a weapons firm on Millerton in the Lyran Commonwealth.

   In 3101 the unit support an independent mercenary assault on the Wolf held world of Autumn Wind trying to find survivors from the shattered mercenary regiment The Howling Valkyries.  The Marauders were by some margin the largest of the attacking units taking from battle a Timber Wolf OmniMech and two Arctic Wolf II OmniMechs which all replaced losses they also took enough weapons to modify their remaining Inner Sphere designs with Clan weapons.

   The Marauders spent several months on Dar-es-Saleem licking their wounds following the mission to Autumn Wind.  During this time the Marauders took the surprising step of selling both Arctic Wolf II OmniMechs and some of their Clan weapons buying in six Fennec BattleMechs (five slave units and one master C3 variant) from Corean Enterprises of Augusta in the Federated Suns.  While signing a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth the Marauders modified their new purchases with more of the excess Clan weaponry taken on Autumn Wind and some purchased from Clan Sea Fox, much to the displeasure of Clan Wolf.  After nearly five years on Dar-es-Saleem the unit redeployed to Cavannah II in 3109 where they currently watch for incursions from Clan Wolf and from the Free Worlds League.

Unit Composition
   Like the original Miller's and Barber's Marauders the unit is based primarily around the Marauder chassis.  Overall the unit is broken into five distinct areas.  Assault Star commanded by Millie Milovich is where the unit's true fighting power comes from with five Assault Mechs three of which are either purely Clan Mechs or upgraded with Clan technology four of the five Mechs are built with Clan technology while the fifth is currently a salvaged Timber Wolf OmniMech.

   The second unit is a C3i based unit, a Word of Blake/ComStar developed technology which is uncommon in other realms units.  All six of the BattleMechs have been heavily modified with Clan technology with superior firepower coming from the same weapons, heavier armour and superior heat dispensation.  The six BattleMechs are all built on chassis which originated with the Marauder with the Rakshasa the furthest departure from the Marauder line.

   The third Mech lance is the smallest and possibly most distinct led by John Miller II's Berserker which he piloted as a Lyran Commonwealth MechWarrior.  This unit has suffered some losses but has been reinforced since the sale of the Arctic Wolf II OmniMechs with a pair of Fennec BattleMechs all of which have been equipped with clan weapons.

   The fourth Mech element of the unit is a new formation built up since the sale of the two OmniMechs to Corean Enterprises.  Comprised of for Fennec BattleMechs they like Miller’s unit are equipped with C3 technology.  With two lances of C3 equipped BattleMechs there has been talk of investing in a Company command unit or C3 masters for the vehicles.

   Supporting the Mechs is the fifth unit which is based into two sections, although in some ways they are the same unit as one is dependent on the other for transport.  Based around a Clan star sized formation or armoured tanks.  The ten armoured vehicles four Ontos assault Tanks, two Shoden Missile Tanks and two Joust Tanks have origins with Clan Nova Cat which is strange and two Rommel Howitzer Tanks.  Supporting these ten armoured vehicles are ten towed Gun Trailers a relatively new developed weapon concept.  Several of these units have a built in infantry element allowing them to effectively garrison any base.

   The unit's insignia is a Green triangle with the Roman number III.

Major Millie Milovich
A descendant of the original Barber’s Marauders she believes in the firepower of a heavy or assault BattleMech.  Milovich relishes combat against Clan opponents but as time has worn on has begun to feel the strain of losses taken against the Wolves and Falcons.  She hopes her daughter Willow will take over the command in the next couple of years.

Major John G. Miller II
Although technically a Co-commander of the Marauders he has no real desire to command instead he is purely driven by revenge against the Clans for the deaths they have caused.  As a result Miller allows Milovich to make 90% of the contract and command decisions only becoming involved during battle if Milovich is out of communication range.  He can often be found in the thick of the fighting carving through enemy formations with his BattleMech’s hatchet and Clan grade weapons.

MechWarrior Nikki Hall
A Clan Wolf bondsmen who was taken on Autumn Wind along with her Timber Wolf OmniMech she has adapted to Clan life quickly becoming an integral member of Milovich’s Assault star.

They primarily deploy offensively as a walking wall of metal with the armoured vehicles and trailers holding their rear areas.  Defensively the BattleMechs mix with the vehicles hold the line against anything up to a fully equipped assault unit.

The Millie’s Marauders struggle to maintain support for all their Clan technology managing 80% of all support from their core support staff with the MechWarriors and tank crew themselves forming the rest of the support.  In a drawn out conflict the unit’s performance will be degraded due to a lack of maintenance without outside support.

The unit has an Invader-class JumpShip, a single Fortress-class DropShip, a Union-class DropShip and a Mule-class DropShip.  The unit’s trailers are transported onboard the Mule as cargo meaning they are deployed slowly following landings.

Assault/Command Star:
Major Millie Milovich      Marauder II C
Lieutenant Willow Milovich   Mad Cat Mk II Enhanced
MechWarrior Daisy Eagle   Mad Cat II
MechWarrior Ross Sloan      Mad Cat II
MechWarrior Nikki Hall      Timber Wolf

Second Lance
Captain Olympia Creed      Marauder 9W
Lieutenant Jun Grunsfield   Maelstorm
MechWarrior Laci Locker   Marauder II C
MechWarrior Sally Barker   Dragon Fire 3FC
MechWarrior Ellie Tomkins   Marauder II C
MechWarrior John Muriciano   Rakshasa - MDG-2A

   All C3i Lance Mechs are modified with a C3i and with Clan weapons with saved tonnage with additional heat sinks and armour where able.

Miller’s Lance
Major John G. Miller II      Berserker - C3 Master
Lieutenant Wendy Laskey   Marauder 9W2
MechWarrior Mahalia Barnes    Fennec FEC-3C   
MechWarrior Sergi Kolbe      Fennec FEC-3C

   All are modified with C3 systems and Clan weapons

Scout Lance
Captain Sean McDonald      Fennec FEC-1CM
MechWarrior Pietro Sousa   Fennec FEC-3C
MechWarrior Holly Tanaka   Fennec FEC-3C
MechWarrior Andrew Vickers   Fennec FEC-3C

   All have been modified with Clan weapons

Tank Star
CO: Captain Darius Hillhouse
4 Ontos Light Gauss
2 Shoden Advanced Tactical Carriers
2 Joust Main Battle Tanks
2 Rommel Howitzer Main Battle Tank

Trailer Star
(Each trailer is classed as an independent unit – see Stronghold description below.)
8 Stronghold Gun Trailers
2 Thumper Gun Trailers

The Stronghold variant is a twenty ton tracked chassis protected by four tons of standard armor. To protect the rear it carries a pair of Machine Guns (one either side) fed by half ton of ammunition and a pair of Vehicular Grenade Launchers mounted rear. It also carries a Light Autocannon/5 in a turret. The LAC/5 has two tons of ammunition. The Stronghold also has a four ton Infantry Compartment, which allows the Stronghold to act as a mobile checkpoint as well as an infantry support vehicle.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #19 on: 13 July 2017, 03:35:32 »
Another updated mercenary unit

Integrated Combat Support Services

   When you say the word “Mercenary” to the average citizen of the Inner Sphere, the first image that comes to mind is usually a BattleMech striding across the battlefield wreathed in gun smoke, or a heavily armoured tank crushing all underneath its treads. Some might even think about the infantryman running to the sound of the guns.
   Few think about the less glamorous, but critically necessary support troops. The supply clerks and transporters that keep the troops in the line supplied with all that they need... the medical personnel that keep the warriors healthy... the engineers, preparing both fighting positions and barracks, building bunkers and bridges, and tearing down other structures that impede the mission.
   ICSS fills those needs for other units that lack the internal resources to do them themselves. They are also commonly called upon to help prepare for, or recover from, planetary invasions. Either shoring up defenses, or clearing away the rubble to start fresh, ICSS is ready to go to work. ICSS has also been called upon in the past to respond to large scale disasters, either natural or manmade.
   ICSS does not accept direct combat assignments, and maintains only a nominal self-defence force. Fighting positions, bunkers, and bases constructed by ICSS however, have turned the tide of battle on more than one occasion, to say nothing of their more direct resupply and medical services.
   In 3092 the unit took its largest contract to date with the Star League Protectorate to help rebuild the world of Terra Firma following the Manei Domini crisis.  For the next ten years the unit remained on the world helping local authorities to try and rebuild some semblance of order on the world.  During this time the unit added a Teppo support vehicle to help command and coordinate its efforts on the ground and switched many of their combat vehicles which had been modified to dedicated support craft.
   Following the Star League contract the unit took a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth trying to reinforce defence lines which had been ravaged by the Stone Spirit incursion into the successor state.  During this time they added a quartet of Buffel VIII Engineering Support Vehicles replacing older vehicles.  During this period the unit was attacked directly by a Stone Spirit unit resulting in the loss of all four of their Arbiter SecurityMechs and two Po Heavy Tanks.  Although the LCAF compensated Integrated for their losses the lack of true BattleMech support concerned Integrated’s senior officers reconvening their forces on the inner Steiner world of Australia the commanders agreed that they needed proper escorting units or they couldn’t accept the more lucrative contracts.
   Withdrawing to Galatea in 3108 the unit’s current commander Director Chloe Piller approached Captain Mike “Buck” Bremen the commander of Bremen’s Commandos a company sized unit of heavy and Medium BattleMechs and hired them to act as Security forces for the command accepting the rank of Major Bremen is currently second only to Director Piller in command of the unit.  Accepting a contract with the Son Hou Theatre of the Lyran Commonwealth the unit moved to support newly colonized worlds.

Integrated are run more like a company than a military unit with Director Piller leading from one of the DropShips or from their recently added Teppo.  This is all well and good for construction or disaster relief but unfortunately when it comes to military situations the unit is found coming up short.  Director Piller hopes that with the addition of Bremen’s Commandos a more militaristic approach can be taken when situations require.  Landing on the world of Baltazar III already there has been tension between the new “military” element of the command and with the more traditionally minded Integrated personnel as Major Bremen would prefer that his company fully secure areas before Integrated set up their support elements.

Director Chloe Piller
The Director, or old lady, is sixty-two years old and is beginning to embrace the idea of retirement.  She had planned to retire following the rebuilding of defences on the Stone Spirit border but losses taken during that operation meant she was not comfortable with that course of action.  Resisting the urge to convince the unit to join the Lyran Commonwealth or to sell out to a larger mercenary unit Piller is attempting to set Integrated into its future and praying she has found its future commander.

Major Mike “Buck” Bremen
The commander of Bremen’s Commandos twenty years ago he served in the Lyran military and saw only light combat duties before becoming a mercenary.  Now he is the commander of a mercenary command with little reputation other than they have served several planetary governors supplementing their planetary guards.  Bremen’s unit has never left the Lyran Commonwealth, they have also never fought a front-line assault or a pitched defence instead they have completed anti-piracy missions and stopped criminal gangs.

Now aligned with Integrated Bremen has authority over the unit second only to Director Piller unfortunately he knows little about building worlds and little about running a support command.  Already he has got on the wrong side of the civilian workers of the unit by suggesting that Integrated need to invest in more combat capable units over and above his own forces.  The current leadership of Integrated believe Bremen wants to turn the unit into a military unit.  Bremen has tried to explain that Goblin Infantry Vehicles or something similar would give the medical teams far greater capabilities and support but so far those holding the purse strings of Integrated have refused the move.

Integrated Combat Support Systems
Commander: Director Chloe Piller

DropShips: Commodore Duncan Hogebloom
Seeker-class DropShip: “Suez Canal”
2 Mule-class DropShip: “Panama Canal” “Kiel Canal”
Aurora-class DropShip: “Goddess of Mercy”
Module Configuration: 4 Lt. Vehicle Bays (200 Tons), Hospital Modules (300 tons)(Infantry Support + Supplies: 100 tons)
Union-class DropShip: “Thomas Price” – Transport for Bremen’s Commandos

Construction-Mech Force: Captain Amy Chastain
K-3N-KR4 Kiso
3 RCL-4 Dig Lord
3 WI-DM DemolitionMech
2 LM4/C Lumberjack
2 JAB-66D "Construction Variant" Jabberwocky EngineerMech
2 FWL-3R Fwltur SalvageMech
SKU-197 Sokuryou SurveyMech
8 SC Powerman LoaderMech

VTOL Transport Section: Captain Caitlin Breyda
2 Tonbo Super-heavy Transport
2 Bishop Transport VTOL
2 Trimere Infantry Transport
2 Pion-Laurier Cascatelle Fire Fighting VTOL
2 King Karnov Transport Aircraft

Vehicle section: Captain Rodney Close
Teppo Support Vehicle & Bokkusu Support Trailer
4 Buffel VIII Engineering Support Vehicles
6 Savior Repair Vehicles
8 UL-Series Construction Vehicles
6 RRV "Rock Rover" Half-Tracks
6 J-27 Ordnance Transporters

Medical Section: Captain Antonia Heue
2 MASH trucks
1 Cal-Boeing RTC-215M Skytram
12 G-14 Tornado Power Armor (light) (Combat Medics)

Self-Defense Force: Lieutenant Sebastian Ascari
2 Partisan
2 Po Heavy Tank
24 G-14 Tornado Power Armor (Light)

Bremen’s Commandos
Major Mike “Buck” Bremner

Command Lance - Major Mike “Buck” Bremner
DFN-3S Defiance
FLC-8R Falconer
CPLT-C1b Catapult
ARC-2S Archer

Battle Lance – Lieutenant Grace Asakaze
TDR-7M Thunderbolt
CTS-6Y Cestus
BSW-1X Bushwacker
PHX-3S Phoenix Hawk

Cavalry Lance – Lieutenant Zaja Chi
SHD-11CS Shadow Hawk
MON-266 Mongoose II
SNT-04 Sentry
ENF-6F Enforcer III

2x CHP-W5 Chippewa
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #20 on: 14 July 2017, 16:56:53 »
I really like this idea, a logistics command, a regiment of mud movers and wrench benders.  Considering that really, the IS's logisitical approach to warfare is lacking (see Der Tag for an amazing write up on it) then this lot could be in serious use.  Also they have a use outside of warfare as they can probably be hired to do less military work and more civilian sector related works.  You'd also probably be able to corner the market for salvage and recovery in hostile terrain/atmospheres etc.
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #21 on: 15 July 2017, 21:34:58 »
Thanks I'm trying to use these merc write ups to tell different sides of my AU and maybe explore areas I've not previously covered much of
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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dont forget the Daniels Avengers.
Daniels Avenger                Clan Coyote
General Jennifer Daniels    Galaxy Commander Jim Skyes
                                        Omicron Galaxy
Clan Wolf in Exile
328th Assault Cluster(the Lion Hearted)
Star Captain James Sword

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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I haven't I've got a few more I want to work through them included
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Koblenz's Wildcats

A mixed battalion consisting of 12 Battlemechs, 12 Armored vehicles, 6 Aerospace Fighters and 2 Companies of Mechanized Infantry. Transport provided by a modified Overlord (only 12 Mech cubicles and 24 heavy vehicle cubicles) and a Seeker Dropship. A Merchant-class JumpShip provides Interstellar Transport. Formed in the early 3060s it has evolved to its current state. One of the Infantry companies is equippd with 64 Battle armor suits organized into four platoons of 16 suits. Suits are of vatious manufacture with 32 suits being of Grey Death manufacture. It has been contracted to the Lyran realm since its inception.
Consigliere Trygg Bender, ZEU-6BL Zeus, The Blazer Mafia
Takehiro 'Taco' Uchimiya, VND-1R Vindicator 'Taco', Crimson Oasis Trading Company
Tai-i Shizuko Lofgren, Third Infantry Company, Oniwaka

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Nice unit I can use thanks
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #26 on: 16 July 2020, 12:06:35 »
McCoy’s Malcontents
Schuyler is the son of Joost McCoy a St Ives Compact MechWarrior who went rogue when St Ives joined the Federated Suns wholesale.  He took with him his Archer and several like-minded MechWarriors and headed and headed into the periphery.  After several years of striking through the Capellan Confederation, Magistracy of Canopus and Free Worlds League they landed on the world of Wittington which was unofficially part of the Marian Hegemony.  Fol-lowing the passing of Joost McCoy and the fall of the Marian Hegemony Schuyler find himself and his heavily modified Archer with plentiful target worlds around them.

   They defeated the Cemetery Wind on Algenib in the deep periphery capturing Amanda Cavalcanti in the encounter as well as salvaging her ultra-light Mech.  When Cavalcanti’s people abandoned the world, she was kept as their prisoner.

Captain Schuyler McCoy - Archer ARC-3Rb (3/3)
First Mate Morgan Adams – Blackjack OmniMech (3/4)
Power Monkey Hector Barbossa - Vindicator (3/5)
Quartermaster Tom Ayrton - Vindicator (3/5)

Gunner Pieter Von Cleef - Urbie (4/5)
Gunner Faris Scherwiz - Urbie (4/5)
Gunner Elaine Marley - Urbie (4/4)
Gunner Sneaky Pete - Urbie (3/4)

Amanda Cavalcanti, Ebony Snake (3/4)

Union-class DropShip
Merchant-class JumpShip

This unit was born from the miniture by Andrew Derton which was posted on Facebook.  I have also posted the customized Archer here
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The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Cemetery Wind
   The Cemetery Wind Mercenary unit are relatively new on the scene as of 3114.  Formed on Lesnovo the MechWarriors are all former District of Lesnovo pilots having left active service and bought their Ultra-light Mechs from the service.
        Their first contract was to support the Exploration Ship Spirit of Northumberland in its mission to the periphery where they encountered the pirate force McCoy’s Malcontents on Algenib their they lost their commander Amanda Cavalcenti when her Ebony Snake was flattened by the Archer of Captain Schuyler McCoy.

MechWarrior Dave O'Connor, Mammoth
MechWarrior Tuppence Middleton, Knight
MechWarrior Anupam Kher, Hunter
MechWarrior Vladimir Rubiyov, Rattlesnake

Mammoth, Knight, Hunter and Rattlesnake are all produced on Twin Sons, I will post them sooner rather than later.
The below link leads to a wiki page created by Wrangler.  It has links to the various pages of my AU.
For those looking for everything online I've also got them on the OurBattleTech website
As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #28 on: 16 July 2020, 21:23:36 »
you mean this Rattlesnake?
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #29 on: 17 July 2020, 00:27:59 »
I like how McCoy's Malcontents have a power monkey Hector Barbossa
I take it a power monkey is a chimp on steroids. :thumbsup:
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