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Author Topic: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks  (Read 6110 times)

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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #30 on: 17 July 2020, 00:37:33 »
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.


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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
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Nope the one on this thread
Had to ask, I have a friend who is down right scary when using one
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Re: Mercenary Units of AU with thanks
« Reply #32 on: 16 April 2021, 06:47:52 »
This unit was created by Wrangler for the AU.  I've posted it before but now it's had a bit of an update.

The Thunder Road

Naomi Renee Wrangler

   Originally formed in the Lyran Commonwealth in 3090 the Thunder Road were created by John R. Wrangler and members of other mercenary and house units that came together on the world of Noisiel.  Signing a contract with the Lyran Commonwealth as a Reinforced Battalion of Mech and infantry forces they joined assaults against the Steward-Marik Commonwealth.

   Supported Marik-Stewart forces on Brodon in 3092 where they suffered the embarrassment of the Alpha Team briefly stealing their Overlord-class DropShip Stonewall which they used to effect their escape.  The unit then fought on Emris IV in 3094 against Principality of Regulus forces while under contract with the Oriente Protectorate.  In the Emris IV raid they destroyed the Tenth Regulan Hussars Regiment and captured a production run of WHD-10CT Warhammer BattleMechs for the Oriente Protectorate.  As part of their payment the Thunder Road received two of the captured Warhammers.

   They then moved onto the world of Bowang in early 3095 accepting a contract to train Bowang defences and assist in raiding operations that also netted them a small land hold in the form of a run-down fire-base on Bowang near the capital.  In 3100 they accepted a second contract with the District of Bowang this one described as an ‘open ended’ contract with Bowang on a yearlong basis.  Under the contract Bowang or the mercenaries must give a year’s notice on termination of the contract should either decide they wish to end the association between the two.

   By 3109 this contact has been renewed nine times and neither Bowang nor the mercenaries seem interested in ending the association.  The Thunder Road have added a Light BattleMech company, additional infantry security forces and a company of fuel cell combat vehicles.  The infantry and vehicles primarily are used on Bowang to guard the Thunder Road’s dependents and the expanded facilities the unit have built there.  There is a continued rumour that The Thunder Road will become House troops belonging to the District of Bowang but Colonel Wrangler has continually refused these claims.

   John Wrangler’s wife passed away in 3111 from pneumonia leaving only the Colonel and his daughter Naomi Renee Wrangler.  From this time forwards Naomi took more and more command of the unit.  In 3114 a battalion of the Thunder Road under Naomi’s command combined forces with the Chaos Irregulars to hunt bandits on behalf of the District of Bowang.

   In 3115 Naomi officially became the commander of the unit with her father’s retirement.  As part of his retirement and her taking command of the unit Naomi oversaw the merging of the Chaos Irregulars with the Thunder Road adding the smaller mercenary command to their numbers.

   The Thunder Road have signed a multi-year contract with the District of Bowang to garrison and train units within the District.  Each year of the unit’s contact brings them to a new world and new people to train and develop into effective warriors.  The Thunder Road typically spends a month learning all they can about a planet then they act as an OppFor for the defenders in training exercises often with part of the Thunder Road assigned to the defender’s forces to help guide them on their best practices.

   In 3115 the addition of the Chaos Irregulars brought new strategies and tactics to the command with the First Battalion of the Irregulars preferring unconventional tactics and often wild seeming charges.  While the Second Battalion prefers slower more considered approaches.


   Thunder Complex – a multi-acre basing facility on Bowang which the Thunder Road have full control over.  This has facilities for housing all members of the command, support and training facilities for the unit and most recently opened in 3114 the Wrangler Training College.

   Wrangler Training College – a Training School which acts as a Secondary Education facility for the people of Bowang with training certificates recognized across the world of Bowang.  Graduates from the school are welcome to join the Thunder Road following graduation.

   Grand Hall – the Thunder Road’s main ceremonial hall inside Thunder Complex which is styled on the Lyran Throne Room and large

   Maintenance and Storage Facilities

   On Bowang and not listed as part of the unit’s combat assets are four ultra-light BattleMechs purchased from the Twin Sons system which are used for training future members of the Regiment.  A full school programme has been established for the unit’s dependants on Bowang.

   The unit has access to only a single Overlord-class DropShip, Stonewall, which means if they choose to leave Bowang service and the district order them to abandon their firebase they will have nowhere near enough transport assets to remove all of their equipment and personnel.


Colonel John R. Wrangler (Rtd) – Thunder Hawk - He stepped down from command of the unit in 3115.  He resides at Thunder Complex on Bowang.

Colonel Naomi Renee Wrangler – Black Watch OmniMech - Following the retirement of her father in 3115 Naomi took full commander over the Thunder Road.  She continues to command the unit from the Second Battalion.

Lt Colonel Jocoam “Jake” Chowla – Deva – Former Co-commander of the Chaos Irregulars Mercenary command which merged with the Thunder Road in 3115. Once the surviving commander of Sorenson's Strikers the remains of his commander merged with Peregrine's Hussars to become the Chaos Irregulars.  He is a capable leader and warrior who often leads his people from the front. His wife was killed on Wallis fighting a former faction of the Word of Blake the Whispers of Blake when the Whispers called in orbital weapons fire on their position.

Lt Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simpson – Huron Warrior - Former Co-commander of the Chaos Irregulars Mercenary command which merged with the Thunder Road in 3115. Once the surviving commander of the Peregrine's Hussars remains of her commander merged with Sorenson's Strikers to become the Chaos Irregulars.  Gifted neigotiator and capable MechWarrior she often allows Jake Chowla to take control of leading the Chaos Irregulars units’ forwards while she keeps a handle of the unit’s main body holding the line and protecting the advancing unit’s back.

Thunder Road – Veteran

1st Battalion – Lt Colonel James Wilson
Command Company –
      A reinforced heavy/assault company with fifteen BattleMechs
Heavy Company –
      12 Assault Machines
   Light Company – Captain Jessica Ridley
      12 Light BattleMechs all capable of a minimum of 100kph

   2nd Battalion – Colonel Naomi Renee Wrangler
   Command Company –
      Heavy Assault company
Flanker Company – Captain Allison Carlyle
      12 Jump capable Heavy Mechs.  Captain Carlyle is no relation to the Gray Death Legion's Carlyles and takes it as a personal offence should she be compared to them.
   Light Company
      12 Light/Medium Mechs

1st Chaos Irregulars Battalion – Veteran – Lt Colonel Jocoam “Jake” Chowla – Deva
Primarily made up of heavy BattleMechs with fast movement profiles and jump jets

2nd Chaos Irregulars Battalion – Veteran - Lt Colonel Ariel Peregrine-Simpson – Huron Warrior
A medium/heavy and assault unit primarily of slower machines with heavy armament and armour.  No Mech is smaller than 50 tons.

   The Chaos Irregulars attended The Thunder Road’s Command ceremony in 3115 which saw John Wagner stepping down and his daughter taking command of the unit.  As part of the ceremony the unit became part of the Thunder Road.

Garrison Battalion – Regular - Combined Arms - Major Roland DeBaku
3 Infantry Companies
2 Vehicle Company
1 Battle Armour company
Security for the facilities of Bowang.  The unit has recruited heavily from Bowang’s population but is completed trusted by the Thunder Road.
Stonewall, Overlord-class DropShip
Below are links to my fan fiction pages.

As always please enjoy and if you have any questions about my AU (or want to chat about ideas I could incorporate into it) feel free to PM me.