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Author Topic: Project LEGION: 1ST Cassini Brigade  (Read 1299 times)


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Project LEGION: 1ST Cassini Brigade
« on: 26 September 2021, 13:26:54 »
The 1ST Brigade of the Cassini Division is a reserve division of the Terran Hegemony-in-Exile raised from the rough and hardy people of the dangerous jungles of Cassini.  The people of Cassini trace their heritage back to the peoples of Australia and New Zealand.  The mix of Anglo, Aboriginal and Maori peoples brought a unique flair to the Hegemony-in-Exile and during the reorganization and rebuilding of Project: LEGION, Duchess Alexandra Ryan decreed that the Cassini people should retain their unique Terran identities and not be forced to assume the lineage of one of the North American units.

This freedom resulted in the reestablishment of the Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Regiments along with other traditional organizations to include a combined ANZAC Special Armed Services Regiment.  In 3067 the Cassini reserves would be called upon to serve in the War against the Word of Blake.  Assigned to reinforce the world of Kittery in the Federated Commonwealth along with the 2ND Royal CAAN Marine Regiment, the 1ST Cassini Brigade and its jungle warfare training would complement the Kittery Borderers in dissuading the Word of Blake Militia from striking at the system which was increasingly becoming important as a critical logistics node in the FedCom war effort. 

The St. Ives Compact and Capellan Confederation also relied upon supplies being moved through Kittery as they faced the Word of Blake's asymmetric warfare campaign being waged against the Capellan and St. Ives supply network.  This was such a critical link that Duchess Sarah Ryan agreed the moment that when the military commanders of all three nations approached their liaisons she approved the order dispatching forces to the system.

The 1ST Cassini Brigade consists of the following:
  • 1st Cassini Regiment (Medium BattleMech Regiment)
  • 2nd Royal New Zealand Regiment (Jump Infantry)
  • 5th Royal Australian Regiment (Light Infantry)
  • 7th Royal Australian Regiment (Light Infantry)
  • 8th Battalion, Royal Australian Artillery (Air Mobile)
  • 1st Cassini Combat Engineer Regiment
  • 5th Aviation Regiment (1 Aerospace fighter Group, 2 VTOL Battalions)

1st Cassini Regiment consists of 3 Battalions with a command lances. 

2nd Royal New Zealand Regiment is a jump infantry regiment of three battalions and a command company which operates closely with  2/5th Aviation Regiment's Vector and Cheyenne VTOLs.

5th and 7th Royal Australian Regiments are both identically organized with three battalions of three light infantry companies and one beast mounted weapons company.  The weapons companies mount support ppc's and gauss rifles mounted on sauropods native to Cassini's jungles.  Tamed and domesticated by the people of Cassini and utilized for everything from agriculture to transport through the dangerous jungles of Cassini.  The Cassini reserve command began utilizing them for the military about 150 years ago.  Two species are common in this role.  The elephant sized lizard called the Cassini Ankylosaur and the hippopotamus sized Dino-Oxen.  The latter normally carries a support gauss rifle that can be dismounted and setup on a tripod.  The Ankylosaur transports a support particle cannon and its power packs along with other needed equipment.  Able to dismount the weapons for the defense the Ankylosaur like its Terran namesake has an armored plated hide with a club like tail and the riders of this mount have learned how to coax the creatures into using it with surprising accuracy. 
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