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Author Topic: Project LEGION: Ryan's Hoplite's  (Read 924 times)


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Project LEGION: Ryan's Hoplite's
« on: 11 September 2021, 13:34:13 »
During the opening years of the First Succession War.  Duchess Alexandra Ryan reached a deal with First Prince Paul Davion to build a factory within the Federated Suns Periphery to produce BattleMechs, weapons and other munitions.  To defend these facilities and other sites across the Suns Duchess Ryan "formed" the Hoplite's.  Really only Mechanized Infantry Brigades detached from their parent divisions and reinforced with artillery, aerospace fighters and support elements.  They were assigned to defend sites that didn't warrant a full presence by the AFFS but instead could be defended by a reduced force.  The Hegemony-in-Exile assigned 3 Mechanized Infantry Brigades, a combined arms battalion command group and a rapid response force to reinforce any of the locations under attack within thirty-days of detection. 

In 2803 the Hoplites 1st Brigade was operational on Brockton in the Crucis March.  By 2804 the 2nd and 3rd Brigades were also deployed elsewhere in the Crucis March and the rapid reaction force known as the Phalanx and the Command Group were likewise stationed on Brockton. 

[NOTE]This formation ceased to exist during the Fourth Succession War having used the loss of HPG services to disappear from the Inner Sphere stage and return to the Homeworlds.  Similarly the Dark Storm Legion would likewise do the same thing during the Clan Invasion.[/NOTE]

Command Group
  • BattleMech Company
  • Armor Company
  • Attack VTOL Company
  • Mechanized Infantry Company

Standard Hoplite Brigade x3
  • 3x Mechanized Infantry Regiments
  • 3x Medium Tank Battalions
  • 1x Light BattleMech Battalion
  • 1x Field Artillery Battalion
  • 1x VTOL Battalion
  • 1x Aerospace Fighter Group

Phalanx (4th Hoplites)
  • Command Company
  • Heavy BattleMech Battalion
  • 1x Heavy Armor Regiment
  • 1x Cavalry Regiment
  • 1x Jump Infantry Regiment
  • 1x Air Mobile Artillery Battalion
  • 1x Aerospace Fighter Wing
  • Field Artillery Battery
  • Special Forces Company

Hoplite Transport Group
  • 1x Colossus-class
  • 6x Lee CVT-class
  • 2x Lee BR-class

Phalanx Transport Group
  • 1x Lee-class
  • 8x Lee CVT-class
  • 2x Lee BR-class

The only mobile element is the Phalanx.  The other three brigades share the same transport group along with the Monolith-class JumpShip Athens.  The Phalanx is transported aboard the Monolith-class JumpShip Sparta.  The rest of Ryan Heavy Industries is supported by Trans-Star Interstellar's JumpShip and DropShip fleet.  Which is nothing more than the JumpShip fleet of the Terran Hegemony-in-Exile.  Most of these ships would be removed from the Inner Sphere as JumpShips were destroyed in order to protect them and to keep them from being conscripted into service of one of the great houses they were moving through.