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Author Topic: Scorpion Empire Trinary ca 3144  (Read 1644 times)


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Scorpion Empire Trinary ca 3144
« on: 16 March 2021, 12:36:02 »
Preemptive Mini-FAQ
Q: Why are some of these units on this list?
A: I know things (and you will too... soon)

14o Granadaros (Assault Trinary)
3rd Imperio Guards, Omega Galaxy - Scorpion Empire

After redeeming earlier failures during the Hanseatic Crusade via audacious (or, as some said, reckless) assaults on Hansa positions, then-Star Commander Ross was invited to trial for the Star Captainship of the newly formed 14o Granadaros of Omega Galaxy--a forced combination of Nueva Castillian and and Umayyadan pilots. Tensions run high and morale low as generations-old enemies attempt to reconcile their fate as bickering siblings under the eye of their clan foster parents. Further heightening the Umayyad pilots' grievances, Castillian pilots received preferential selection of equipment.

Further increasing difficulties without sufficient Elemental pilots or suits, Ross has also been saddled with an irregular combination of clan and inner sphere suits with variable levels of mobility. Thus far he has been able to bargain for the use of Svotovits and Kirghiz Cs from other cluster elements for tactical mobility, but this may not always be an option. Until the Empire's industrial capacity reaches greater levels of production, the clusters of Omega Galaxy will be forced to make due with a hodge-podge of mismatched and suboptimal equipment.

Though only nominally an Assault Star, Star Captain Ross hopes to replace girth with bravado.

Heavy Battle Star
Summoner C - Star Captain Ross (3g/3p)
Black Python (Standard) - Myra (3g/4p)
Predator (Standard) - Carlos (4g/5p)
Naja   KTO-19b-EC - Julia (4g/5p)
Lightray LGH-4Y- Rodrigo (4g/5g)

Medium Battle Star
Perseus P1A - Star Commander Atiq (3g/5p)
Hoplite HOP-4Bb - Durra (4g/3p)
Initiate INI-02 - Rahat (4g/5p)
Blacjack BJ-1 - Wasil (5g/6p)
Mongoose MON-66 - Maymun (5g/5p)

Battle Armor Star
Elemental Point (Laser) - Star Commander Alphonse (3g/4am)
Corona Point (Standard) - Point Commander Olivia (4g/5am)
Purifier Point (PPC) - Point Commander Zamora (4g/5am)
IS Standard Point (Laser) - Point Commander Esteban (4g/5am)
IS Standard Point (Flamer) - Point Commander Urbina (5g/5am)
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Re: Scorpion Empire Trinary ca 3144
« Reply #1 on: 14 October 2021, 07:29:57 »
Teviving this (i was looking for umayyad stuff in theforum) to point out that it should be Granaderos, no granadaros. Granaderos is genadiers in Spanish.