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Author Topic: The Walking Dead  (Read 1621 times)


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The Walking Dead
« on: 04 June 2019, 12:35:19 »
I am going to post up a Non-cannon Merc Unit of my own making. I give you the Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead

Initially created following the fall of Wotan in the starting skirmishes against the Clans. The walking dead were created from the Planetary Militia and the remnants of the Lyran Regiment stationed there. While many were trying to get the then Prince victor off the planet, 2nd Battalion was fighting a loosing battle on the other side of the planet. Commanded by Kommandant  Hendrick Jeager of Tharkard, a relative Minor Noble, he set the 2nd Battalion to guard the withdrawal of the citizens and as many others to the commercial dropships located near his location. The Battalion as a whole lost over 90% of its forces, while allowing only 2 battered lances and a handful of Civilians to escape, the majority of his promised support shifted to save one individual on the planet.

Angered at this, he resigned his commission left Tharkad, his loyal troops following him. Hendrick jeager from that day on swore that he would never share the field or support Prince Victor, this he also passed on to his son Fredrick, who blamed the Prince for the death of his mother. Hendrick and his son,a young 14 year old Fredrick, traveled to Galatea. While most believed he would waste away on Galatea, Hendrick instead formed weakened Battalion of Mercs, all of which were either from the LC side of the conflict or Refugees of the FRR. Training up the Battalion and re-equiping them with loans and the sell of his lands and title, Hendrick Jeager threw away his promising future as a noble to the murky and often times short life of a merc. The Walking Dead then served several years fighting pirates and raids from the periphery to standing on Garrison duty along the Arc-Royal Defense Corridor. The Walking Dead have a Fanatical hatred of the Clans, refusing to leave the Field until the objective is secured or death finally claims them.

After the Wolf-in-exile joinned the ARDC, Kommandant Jeager argued with Morgan kell about the the wolves but after a few battles in which hard won lessons in the wolves warden beliefs the walking dead accepted the wolves as Allies against the rest of the clan threat. At times though the Wolves and the Walking dead come to blows at the local bars if they are stationed in the same area. Many a bar requesting that the mercs and clanners take their feud outside. By this time in 3058 the Walking dead were 2 companies of mechs with one company of Vehicles, and one Company of infantry and field Artillery.

During Operation Bulldog, the Walking Dead stayed in the ARDC to launch raids against the Jade Falcons. While not instrumental in said operation, the ARDC units like the Walking Dead let the Star League focus on the objectives knowing that the Lyran Commonwealth flank was secure and in good hands. At this time Fredrick Jeager was seconded to Liason with the Kell Hounds. During one of the faithful raids, Kommandant Jeager was killed trying to peel off a Star of heavy and assault Mechs from the Jade Falcons. The Battalion command and control went down to Hauptmen Jerri Platzer, A Young woman who had trained in Arc-Royals War college alongside Hendricks son, Fredrick. Hauptmen Platzer rallied the men and women and accomplished the objective as well as taking a Mad Cat Mk II salvage.

When they returned to Arc-Royal Space, Fredrick Jeager and the rest of the Staff sat down and voted who should lead the Battalion. Much to some surprise Fredrick voted Platzer to be the new Kommandant, feeling that the Battalion would trust her more as she had lead the Battalion, while he had only led 3rd Company's 'Death knights' and even then not recently. However, Jerri Platzer refused the honor, believing instead that the Battalion should be led by a Jeager. She Voted for Fredrick to led the Walking dead, having lost the honor grad position to him a few years earlier at the war college and believing in his tactical acumen. With that Fredrick took up the reins of leadership, but choose Hauptmen Platzer to be his XO. Shortly after this some of the old hands left but not before handing their reins over to their children or relatives. It was time for a new generation of Walking Dead to hold the line, just as they had in the past. With rumors going around the Katrina and her brother, Victor, coming to blows over leadership of the Federated Commonwealth, many of the Walking Dead wonder if the new Kommandant will side with Katrina or Victor when the time comes. Despite the bitterness towards Victor from the Walking Dead, most wonder if Katrina is any better.

Unit To&E

Command Lance
Kommandant Jeager: Thor Prime
Sr. Sergeant Major Sue Walcott: Mad Cat MK2
Sergeant Daulat Khei:Axman -1N
Sergeant: Joanna Tru Mongoose-66
1st Company 'Wendigo'
Assault Lance
Hauptmann Jerri Plazter: Hauptmann-O
Sergeant Lorri Lomeyer: King Crab-001
Sergeant Mathius Herde: Cerberus V3
Sergeant Hansl Heffner: Highlander-732
Recon Lance
Leutnant Sherry Gruber: Raven 3L
Sergeant Halima Kigongo: Razorback 9T
Sergeant Dieric Lipskerov: Spider 5V
Sergeant Diogo Viegas:Valkyrie QD

Calvary Lance
Leutnant Fergul McKendrick:Penetrator -4D
Sergeant Cindy Vesey:Starslayer-3D
Sergeant Osgur Macintosh: Uziel 2S
Sergeant Gulistan Hatlam:Chimera 1S
People of Note

Kommandant Fredrick Jeager
Unit: Thor Prime
Skills: Elite, Tactical Genus
Bio: Was born Sunday June 27, 3036 to Hendrick and Frey Jeager. He was raised as if he was just a normal kid by his parents, not a noble. Every duty station his father went to he and his mother were right behind him. When he was three years old and the war of 3039 kicked off he was sent back to tharkad till the fighting ended. In 3050, when he was just 14 years old the clans attacked. During the fighting he watched as his mother was gunned down by clan battle armor as they tried to make their escape to the dropships. He carried his mother to the hatch only to be scared forever by an SRM missile fire. No one knew who had fired it, but it left his face permanently scared. His hatred burns hot when facing the clans due to holding his mother as the last of her life drained from her body at such a young age.

(taking a break for hot moment.)
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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #1 on: 04 June 2019, 12:48:58 »
* Tai Dai Cultist toes a rock over in the corner, mumbling "they shoulda been called the Hootsforce...".


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Re: The Walking Dead
« Reply #2 on: 06 June 2019, 21:33:15 »
Nice start. Can't wait for the follow up.
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