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Author Topic: Reykjavik Municipal Police Department Rapid Response Team  (Read 915 times)


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Reykjavik Municipal Police Department Rapid Response Team
« on: 17 September 2021, 12:09:22 »
Reykjavik Municipal Police Department Rapid Response Team

The Rapid Response Team was an ad-hoc unit put together by the municipal police department of Reykjavik during the Ronin War. At the outset of the Declaration of Freedom the capital world of the Rasalhague Republic was the site of a great deal of fighting. Nowhere was that fighting more vicious than the capital city of Reykjavik.

In March of 3034 a nation was reborn. The Principality of Rasalhague had been invaded and conquered by the Draconis Combine in 2330. Over seven hundred years later it was reborn as the Free Rasalhague Republic following negotiations between ComStar and the Combine.

Hard liner members of the Kuritan military did not take this well. Though their Coordinator had clearly given his support to the new nation, many in the DCMS found the idea of an independent Rasalhague to be anathema.

This extended even to the capital of the Republic itself. Rasalhague IV and its capital Reykjavik were the site of battles immediately following the Declaration of Independence on March 1st of 3034. Elements of the 12th Sun Zhang Military Cadre clashed with the 1st Tyr in the city itself, then broke up into smaller units and scattered.

This left the Reykjavik Municipal Police with a problem. Rogue DCMS elements remained on world and continued to cause trouble While the 1st Tyr was a well-equipped military force, they had little experience in operation within a dense metropolis like Reykjavik, and no experience at all in dealing with insurgent tactics like the use of IEDs and the taking of hostages.

While the infantry elements of the 1st Tyr would do what they could, the RMPD already had some personnel in place who could deal with some of the issue brought on by the rogue Kuritans. They had long maintained a tactical team, and also had on hand a dangerous ordinance disposal unit. It was decided to combine these temporarily into a Rapid Response Team that could be applied to crisis situations within the city.

This team actually consisted of two fire teams, each of 7 men. A 5-man tactical quad would escort a pair of ordinance disposal technicians. In addition, these technicians would be cross-trained in the use of a support weapon to enable their use in tactical situations. In such a situation the two-man ordinance team would use the recoilless rifles they normally used to remote detonate IEDs in a support role. Accordingly they were issued specialty ammunition such as fragementary, stun, and even inferno projectiles for use against military targets.

The rest of the tactical team was issued submachine guns of Kuritan manufacture. Strangely, these weapons were not those that had been maintained by the tactical team before the Declaration. Instead the weapons were KA-23S models, and integrally suppressed version of the weapon normally carried by Kuritan DEST teams. It is not known how the RMPD came into possession of these arms.

The Rapid Response Team was formed very shortly following the outbreak of fighting on Rasalhague. Their first operation was an attempted seizure of high value assets at the compound of the rogue Kuritan leader, Marcus Kurita. Though Marcus had long since fled Rasalhague, he had stashed a large cache of valuable art, LosTech, and precious metals in an undeclared sub-basement of a skyscraper in downtown Reykjavik.

This sub-basement was defended by several automated traps, as well as a few private soldiers that Marcus had used for security. It was discovered during the raid that a destructive fail-safe was build into the vault that could have cause serious damage to the building had the Rapid Response Team's ordinance disposal technicians not been able to disarm it.

While this was by far the highest profile operation performed by the team, they continued to operated for the next four months. The 1st Tyr were able to remove the remaining Ronin forces in July of 3034. The 1st Tyr departed to respond to other on-going battles. After two months of relative calm in the capital, the Rapid Response Team was disbanded in September of that year.

Code: [Select]
Tech Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tech Rating/Availability: D/X-D-D-D
Transport Weight:  1.5
    Primary Weapon: 12 Submachine Gun
    Secondary Weapon: 2 Recoilless Rifle (Medium)
    Armor:  Ablative/Flak, Standard
Battle Value: 30
Introduction Year: 3034
Cost: 2,023,739.82 C-bills
Notes: None

Platoon Type (Specialty): Foot (None)
    Ground MP: 1
Platoon Size (Squad/Platoon): 14 (7/2)
Armor Divisor: 1
To-Hit Modifier (Range in Hexes):
    +1 (0 Hexes)
Maximum Weapon Damage (# of Troopers):
    4 (14-13), 3 (12-9), 2 (8-6), 1 (5-2)