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Author Topic: Trailer Use  (Read 1102 times)

Col Toda

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Trailer Use
« on: 05 May 2021, 00:34:18 »
By definition trailers are a support unit . I like to give Manticore tanks a real upgrade with a trailer hitch PPC , and 2 MML 9s . The 20 ton trailer I put on tends to have an ELRM 15 with 6 shot one ton of ammo . The idea is to shoot off the entire ton of ammo by the time the enemy gets into long range for the PPC and LRMs . A lance of trailer armed tanks adds range to them and disconnects the trailers before the reduced mobility becomes an issue  .  As trailers have different tonnages to minimizes tge mobility of the pulling unit it makes sense everyone who designed them is very different.  What is your go to trailer weight and weapons on it . Another of my go toos is 6 LRM  10s on a 50 ton trailer  for smoke and mine laying purposes .