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Author Topic: B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit  (Read 1103 times)


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B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit
« on: 18 February 2022, 16:48:30 »
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B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit

Mass: 200 tons
Frame: Unknown
Power Plant:  ICE
Cruising Speed: 21.6 kph
Maximum Speed: 32.4 kph
Armor: BAR 3
Manufacturer: Unknown
     Primary Factory: Unknown
Communication System: Unknown
Targeting & Tracking System: Unknown
Introduction Year: 2750
Tech Rating/Availability: E/E-F(F*)-D-X
Cost: 4,935,125 C-bills

Type: B-52Z6X Stratofortress
Technology Base: Inner Sphere (Standard)
Tonnage: 200
Battle Value: 100

Equipment                                          Mass
Engine                         ICE                   72
Safe Thrust: 2
Max Thrust: 3
Structural Integrity:         0                       
Heat Sinks:                   0                       0
Fuel:                         330                  16.5
Cockpit                                              20
Armor Factor (BAR 3)          52                      1

     Nose                    16   
     Wings                 13/13   
     Aft                     10   

and Ammo                           Location   Tonnage  Heat   SRV  MRV  LRV  ERV
2 External Stores Hardpoint          RWG       0.4      -      -    -    -    - 
Recon Camera                         NOS       0.5      -      -    -    -    - 
Satellite Imager                     NOS       5.0      -      -    -    -    - 
Satellite Imager                     NOS       2.5      -      -    -    -    - 
Cargo (60 tons)                      BOD       60.0     -      -    -    -    - 
Communications Equipment (1 ton)     BOD       1.0      -      -    -    -    - 
ECM Suite                            BOD       1.5      -      -    -    -    - 
2 External Stores Hardpoint          LWG       0.4      -      -    -    -    - 
Satellite imagers are IR and High Res

"A curious model of aircraft which still occasionally pops up in the periphery, serving the governments and militaries of some of the more stable planets. Records on Terra trace the name stratofortress all the way back to a model of atmospheric bomber which served with distinction in the Western Alliance, though how the name was able to find its way onto this class of vehicle is unknown.

The model we examined to write this entry had a number of plates with the number 1961 stamped on them. We believe this to have been done in jest, but when we notified the owners of the possible vandalism, our agents only received a wry glance. Nevertheless, it is an interesting view of the kind of technology which continues to float around the periphery to this day."


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Re: B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit
« Reply #1 on: 18 February 2022, 18:45:36 »
I can only see the meme at this point.  :))


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Re: B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit
« Reply #2 on: 26 February 2022, 18:14:47 »
you mean these birds are still flying...  won't any system let these birds retire in peace
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Re: B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit
« Reply #3 on: 26 February 2022, 20:26:29 »
Went a bit different on my version of the B-52, with quad MGs representing the rear 20mm or, perhaps, quad-50s of the B-52G.  For electronics, I went with 7 tons of communications equipment, which allowed it to do ECM and ECCM.  More external hardpoints and lower internal cargo (matching the real bird's internal bomb bay), though part of that is shifting cargo towards fuel.  I also went with higher BAR armor, to represent the B-52's durability.

Overall, though, yours is also a pretty good interpretation.
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Re: B-52Z6X Stratofortress Next Next Generation Refit
« Reply #4 on: 01 March 2022, 18:08:30 »
I like your interpretation. It's perfectly fine.
Though I wasn't really trying to be 1 to 1 with it. I was trying to make something of a Battletech version of the B-52 which had been continuously SLEP'ed for literally more than a millennium.

And I didn't really give it that much armor because they really aren't that durable. If you shoot at it in earnest, It's gonna blow up, but it can take a bit of rough handling which warrants a few points to represent that.